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The Rise and End of Paradise

Once upon a time there was a woman who held prominence in the eyes of all who kept her company. She had this unadulterated vision of loyalty, respect, and harmony. A land where prejudice did not exist and heroes were responsible for their powers as well as citizens living within a country so profound. Dubbed Utopia for its many entitlements for the average fellow; a team known as Trinity would be born. From the mind of Ziccara did perfection come forth. And soon star crossed lovers Maya Lopez and Mister Mercury with the addition of the intellectual maestro called Clue would cement the validity of the Trinity.

However, their togetherness wouldn't last forever. After the increasing appearances of nefarious hooligans became overwhelming, the pinnicale trio decided to let their doors open for what was called Trinity Foundation. Stationed in New Jerusalem the likes of Emerald Canary, Olympian Champion, Hi Voltage, and Closure were openly welcomed into the beginning of an awe inspiring era. In due time the ranks would double but like every family, sometimes togetherness isn't always progressive. Clue's disappearance left everyone without answers and Maya Lopez would leave abruptly. Her one true love, Shinji Tzukazaki was in turn appointed as the next leader of Utopia.

Months later renamed the Nippon Empire, beauty returned to a country once believed near finality. Angeni, Surkit, Stryke, Slight, and Son of War joined the ranks of Trinity when the revitalized country went public after time away from media outlets. Although destined for greatness something never quite fit. After allowing Clara Mass membership into the cohesive family of unique personalities; everything changed for the worse. Members departed, relationships torn, and soon the murder of Mister Mercury at the hands of an unknown assailant. Trinity had dissolved without a fight. There was nothing to fear but fear itself.

Son of Thunder

Excruciatingly trained since birth to one day rule the world with an iron fist; Noah Rochelle Adams instead sought out a future where his actions could benefit society instead of causing hindrances. Traveling to the Americas this yellow eyed optimist took the surname of his fallen father (Zeraz) and intended on bringing closure to unfinished lives. Since the early age of seventeen it has been his dream to cause actual change in a society stuck in an endless loop of rinse and repeat.

For about six years he's followed the direction of legendary leaders like Chaos Agent, Kurrent, and Gambler but their visions have either been too narrow or naive. Although the world is filled with complicated grey areas there is still a necessity for heroism. With the assistance of America's previous administration as well as thee Iberian Empire; the self proclaimed "Earth's Last Hero" has retaken the empire in his own vision of perfection and equality. Designated as a constitutional monarchy the many souls of Santo Rey believe their messiah will do what is right for the future. His dedication to giving a voice to the unheard has catapulted his political prowess tenfold.


I don't like liars. I don't appreciate pretenders. I rule this nation not as a heartless monstrosity but instead the voice of the voiceless. I believe the world needs to know the grievances of man and woman alike. I don't care for your nationality, religion, background, or features so long as your humanity is still intact. I believe in the progression of civilization in its entirety. Evolving intellect, ethics, and morals as best as can be. Our empire will abide by its previous incarnations, existing without prejudice, and forgiving those who left our borders unprotected. However the only requirement we demand in return is for respect. A concept lost on our younger generation. A word that shall be taught hence for. People of the Santo Rey listen closely, we are here to stay and we will combat whatever endeavors may arise in the future but in order to rebuild we must first weed out the wrongs and aim for greatness. Darwin's theory of evolution had its many intricacies and together we'll break the mold. We'll show the world we are deserving through longevity, determination, and undying loyalty. Now raise your hands in support of our nation!

National Anthem

I pledge allegiance to the flag of Santo Rey

And to the philosophy for which it stands

One nation under our Messiah

Indivisible, with integrity and prosperity for all.

National Security

Gods Watchful Eyes

An homage to his late father's past the watchful eyes are a tight knit trinity of trained combatants devoted to the philosophy of their fearless emperor. The Watchful Eyes patrol Noah's magnificent mansion protecting the palace and it's residence with their lives. They posses superlative skill in various form of martial arts, stealth and assassination techniques. They've survived all opposes and intend on preserving the emperor and his pure dream.

The Justice Department

Noah has reinstated the common procedure worldwide Police Departments with technology and code. Like the previous incarnation the city police are trained in Kenjutsu, Hand-to-Hand combat, firearms and SVN (Special Vehicle Navigation) through the Justice Academy Program. City police patrol the streets in flying cars and advanced motorcycles with exclusive vehicles license prohibited to civilians. Each police is equipped with Naito advanced armor, advanced Firearms (photon. laser, special ammo clips) and a standard wakizashi blade. The Naito armor emits a high velocity shield that deflects fast objects like flying bullets.

Electromagnetic Fields

Zeraz Incorporated electromagnetic fields ensconce the entire Santo Rey diameter, the fields are always active and during state of emergency situations the shields are visibly apparent. The fields are programmed to clear city registered vehicles are ships and anomalies are powered down with an EMP pulse as it slips through. In those rare State of Emergency situations the electromagnetic shields harden and either deter the ships or destroy them on impact--registered vessels slip through a liquid substance in the latter situation.

OoC Rules

  • This is a preexisting nation so no bad talk
  • Free roam so make it fun!
  • Remember if you come here with ill intentions than you must write a bad ass introductory
  • Its a new location for everyone to just explore their inner selves and whatnot
  • I'm willing to give you guys freedom to create little cities where you can set up camp so long as you don't do any godmodding
  • If you decide to interact with Noah...he's usually walking around acting like a normal citizen so nothing to serious
  • If you'd like to create a city just pm me and i'd be more than willing to assist
  • Keep this thread alive. I wanna see some people challenging my logic
  • Still a work in progress but I had to put this up :D
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I dont remember ever being on a team with Closure lol

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Sentinel City! This is cool, I was always looking for some direct information on the Nation.

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I contest this! We fight!

I am kidding. It's all good, except for that one CM Punk/Paul Heyman image.

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@Matriix: That's foul

@Fottiti: haha I don't really have any comic looks. if you got something better give it

@Ethan Starks: A platform you can use if need be

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I will open diplomatic relations in the future

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@Closure: It looks tight though so its a moot point :)

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@Fottiti: okedokes  
@Matriix: thanks 
@Rumble Man: awesome 
@agentxx: Good. We can do something involving your corp sometime this week 
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@Closure said:

@OxeRed: Thanks. Maybe Red could set up camp lol
@The_Assassin_: That'll be good.

Huh, you know what that is actually a pretty good idea. ;)

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@OxeRed: If you got an idea just pm me or write something fancy.

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@Closure Just ate some fried chicken... And watermelon with some orange soda. But yeah, I've got some room for you.
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@_Sojourn_: If you win the election I may have to visit you after all

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@Closure Duly noted, and I wait in anticipation.
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@Closure: Not sure which character I want to bring here yet...

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Trinity was created by Sha, not Maya

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@Angeni:You are! LOL! I know it doesn't make an sense. Angeni is awesome is my overall point. Anyone has a problem with that, and I say they lack taste.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: LMAO!!!! Awwwww, I wuv you. ;3

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@Duchess said:

@Ziccarra_Liafador: Hey sexy

How you doin? ;)

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@Duchess: Not much really, school; buying stuff for my apartment. LW.

Haven't seen much of you around, busy?

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Not really, just wanted a break lol.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador said:

Trinity was created by Sha, not Maya

Gasp. I've been lied to! I'll fix soonish :)

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@Duchess: Oh yeah say no more, I know whatcha mean.

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Starks sat at the airport, listening as his phone rang in his ear. "Hello? Where the hell are you? Well hurry up." Closure was late and Ethan wasn't the most patient of people.

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@Ethan Starks: For months he's spent time away from friends, family, and the so called heroic community.  Regardless of his personal feelings the Santo Rey Empire had become a certain facet of his persona.  Since its unveiling there had been much praise showered upon his chivalry but not one ally had visited.  And of all those he treasures there is one man who stands beyond the rest - Ethan Starks.  Whilst avoiding the attention of fanatics and photography, vibrations emitting from his underpants alarm every sense.  "Hello? O-Oh I'm almost there" he said, heightening the company phone's volume.  Abruptly stopping his new found friend the Son of Thunder smugly chuckles, ending the phone call.  "Patience is not your strong suit.  Is it?" 
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Ethan ignored the question with a simple grunt before hanging up. Closure's lateness was forced Ethan to continue to listen to the ramblings of an old lady who sat beside him as they awaited their rides. "Just kill me." He whispered as the grandma continued on with her blabber about nothing.

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@Ethan Starks: Undeniable annoyance plastered onto his face.  Understandable of course but pleasantries have no affect on his attitude.  Politely shaking the hand of a kind old soul the yellow eyed emperor persuades her to wander elsewhere.  "If I kill you, I might get a gold star for success" he jokingly whispered in reference to Ethan's many issues with numerous individuals.  Peeling back his beige hood there's a sense of peacefulness exuding from his pours.  "Mister Starks, we have much to discuss.  Might we go somewhere private?"  He walks forward hoping his friend will willingly follow along.  Outside a limousine awaited their prestigious presence.
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"Depends, will there be drinks?" Ethan asked, only half serious as he rose up from his seat, his features relaxing a bit. The limousine, a common luxury to two men such as themselves was opened through the high tech computer systems of the later incarnations of cars. The heroes stepped inside and shut the doors behind them before beginnig to speak again. "I kind of want that drink though." Ethan repeated, his mouth salivating at the thought of a taste of some Ciroc.

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@Ethan Starks: He'd grown accustomed to this lifestyle since childhood but hadn't met others who fit into this category.  Unlike commoners the Son of Thunder found nothing special about his more royal accommodations.  Not because he is ungrateful but because it represent normalcy for his overzealous living.  Nonetheless the duo found themselves hovering above architectural masterpieces, enjoying one another's company as best as can be.  "Don't let me stop you." Noah retorted, alcohol residing on either side of the two.  As the vehicle descended onto a metallic platform, the imperial mansion in view, he took a swig from a transparent bottle of grey goose. 
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Ethan grabbed a glass and popped open the bottle, testing out the aroama before indulging. "So what is it we have to discuss. You said something about a proposition?"

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@Ethan Starks: He wasn't one for many words but still withheld an underlining grandeur.  Chuckling at the mentioning of proposition, Noah can't help but feel he's become an entirely new man.  Stepping onto the silvery platform the aspiring emperor embraces his superb surroundings.  "Yes, I have much respect for all you've accomplished" he gently spoke whilst gleefully striding toward a steep staircase.  Spinning around toward his esteemed guest the Son of Thunder speaks bluntly.  "I'd like for you to run Santo Rey's justice deparment."
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Ethan spit his drink. "What?! I mean what an honor! By justice you mean police right? I'll do my best." Ethan was both elated and eager to begin.

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@Ethan Starks: Through his support and assistance, Ethan had attained a genuine trust from Noah Rochelle.  Bowing his head in agreement the stocky brawler slides a tooth pick into his mouth.  "I'd like for the commissioner to be a man who's ethics and morals represent this empire's leader."  Emperor Noah wasn't one for seriousness but time had changed his outlook.  Instinctively smiling the youthful hero is pleased to hear such a welcoming response.  "I really do hope you're hope for the job.  I'd hate to be disappointed." His words though hopeful still held a tinge of uncertainty.  And as the sun settles on the far horizon the maidens of the mansion walk down steep stairs, withholding a golden badge and measurement tapes for their profound justice enforcer.  "If you'd follow them inside, the fitting shouldn't be to long." 
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Having heard news on a recently erected empire of prestigious artistry and heroic philosophy, Iberia's crown princess found curiosity tapping at her ever evolving mind. Gracefully strolling the streets in her characteristic royal attire, the Yuansu Prodigy examined the architectural brilliance of her surroundings with mesmerizing golden eyes, a pleased smirk of cockiness and pride manifesting on her lovely face. "Hmm not bad, not bad at all", she thought.