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"Assaulted by the pain of my sins, I continue forward. Not for Justice, and not for Destiny, but for Tomorrow." - Sakara.

Name: Sakara

Age: Unknown(looks 23)

Gender: Male

Eyes: red

Date of Birth: Unknown

Nationality: Caucasian

Faction: Good

Affiliation: none

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 165 lb

Specialty: swordsmen, Alien

Aliases:Haseo Yashimora

Place of Birth: Planet Ishtar

Race: Zavrakk'ii (alien)


Faction: Good

Affiliation: Alliance Federation Of Planets (member) SWORD(leader)

Theme song

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Haseo is a highly intelligent individual who is also calm, sophisticated, and arrogant due to his aristocratic upbringing. Haseo a lot of charisma and he is a great strategist, able to create very complex plans that are able to predict people actions and thinks very little of himself. But due to his manipulative nature, it is hard to question if his intentions of defeating evil is his true goal, or something else.

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AX-R30 is an anti- mutant/immortal gun, the rounds where specifically designed to kill mutants/immortals and has 6 rounds per clip

Haseo's main weapon, for being a master at bladed weapons he grew fond in the sword, hence the name of the organization got its name. the sword is made from a compound called, Xitram witch fused with 4 other alien metals became indestructible and can never brake, as well as cut threw any solid object known to the human race.


Gravedad: Haseo has the ability to telekinetically move and levitate his trademark weapons exclusively, with the use of magnetically-charged gloves.

Zaprialli:Zaprialli is a mutant ability that steals the powers or abilities of a user, for a very short period of time. Since this ability physically exerts too much energy, Haseo will need to rest before using it again. Because of this, the hero prefers to use Zaprialli as a last resort.


Fast-Forward: Built like a cheetah, Haseo's superior physique allows him to sprint up to 100 Miles Per Hours. However, there is a catch. If he abuses his body to the maximum, the results will be costing. Haseo could seriously tear a vital ligament. Worst cause scenario is dying from a seizure or a heart attack, which is why he must take short bursts.

Enhanced Regeneration: Haseo can heal rapidly from any physical injury; the rate of recovery is three times as fast as the normal human. Wounds heal in a matter of minutes. Severed or missing body parts may be replicated in a matter of hours. However, if Haseo suffers mortal wounds too grave to heal with time, he may die.


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whats the Alliance Federation of Planets? http://haseoyashimora.deviantart.com/art/Alliance-Federation-of-Planets-307834097

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