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These are the hallmarks of a country in turmoil. Vietnam is one such country, or rather, was. A new president of the Socialist Republic has taken the seat of power after his predecessor's admittedly convenient assassination. His name is Nguyen Binh, a veteran of the tumultuous 60s and 70s that rocked the small Indochinese country from the inside-out. His first step in establishing Vietnam as a world power was the incorporation of advanced science first designed by the Nazis, and then perfected through his own ingenuity.

Water became clean as soon as it left the rivers and lakes. Rice production skyrocketed with floating gazebos and greenhouses. Cities expanded and the lush jungles were preserved in magnificent hanging gardens. The heart of this cultural and technological expansion resided in Saigon, the ancestral capital of the small nation hidden on the peninsula. Here, the people finally experienced a heightened sense of reality by merging with the modern age, or perhaps something beyond it.

Poverty, literally erased, by the explosion of commerce. Sickness, destroyed, by futuristic hospitals and medicine. Famine, already addressed by the monolithic spike in food production. Yet the two most prominent problems commonly addressed by any utopia still remained. People still died unjustly, and revolution always stood on the horizon.

Many call Nguyen a prophet. Others, a hero. There are groups that retain the memories of the past and haunt Nguyen's footsteps, hurling slurs like "coward" and "murderer" behind his back. Many think he is a madman, perhaps even a borderline dictator. His policies have always been for the ultimate good of Vietnam, and its economy has never been better. However, in order to protect that economy, a disturbing increase in military strength has to be maintained.


Enter the Stormtroopers, soldiers literally programmed with the tactical genius to overcome any obstacle while being cybernetically augmented to accomplish those feats. Even one is more than a match for the average street-level vigilante, a population that has sprung up in droves in the last few years. Stormtroopers are equipped with a very distinct uniform that combines maneuverability, protection, and insulation. They are greatly resilient to heat, cold, and gas attacks in all their forms.

The Stormtroopers make their main base in Saigon, but some barracks do exist outside of the illustrious metropolis.

The most common weapon available to the Stormtroopers is the TR-67 assault rifle. Completely automatic with adjustable settings for burst and single-round dispensing, its .45-caliber ammunition is specially designed with a nano-mechanoid tip. Each bullet is inherently acidic to metal, but only upon a distinct impact. Once it comes into contact with enemy armor or shields, the microscopic nanobots start to burn through. These machines are programmed to instinctively "eat" anything that is not already coded with a specially designed series of intertwining barcodes, meaning that they will not corrode Stormtrooper armor or anything native to Stormtrooper architecture.

These firearms are able to change ammunition at the touch of a dial, meaning that a squad can simultaneously suppress a crowd with rubber bullets and gas pellets while also fatally shooting key leaders.

Despite Nguyen's best efforts, Vietnam is still not a utopia. He has made it safe enough for those in Saigon, as well as many other cultural centers, to enjoy a prosperous life. But it seems that the Vietcong have turned on him. Once, he made good friends with their leaders against the Americans. Now, the guerrilla war is on his shoulders. Though he has fought it before and knows the tactics of his people well, he finds it difficult to manage a growing civil war.

Heavier support comes in the form of the UAD Juggernaut and Medusa-class walker drones. These walking automatons are controlled through a suitable pilot's brain after unfortunate accidents or death befall them, which is often the case in the inhospitable killing fields of Vietnam. These dreadnoughts patrol the landscape, preserving their hosts like ancient war sarcophagi while also commanding the battlefield. They are often controlled by deceased officers or elite bodyguards, such is the case with Nguyen's personal Centurions, which are comprised of one-hundred of the best UAD warriors science and natural selection has ever conceived.

The UAD Juggernaut is, as the name suggests, almost impossible to stop outside of Class 100 and above blockbusters. Even then, they are extremely difficult to deal with due to their calculating strength factors up to ten, which allows them to multiply the acting forces within their mechanical husks up to Class 1,000. Weapons on the Juggernaut are severely limited due to their reliable strategy of bashing apart enemy lines. Mostly contained within the forearms, these guns and various other ballistic launchers are purposely hardened at the end so that they can operate like fists in melee.

Meanwhile, the Medusa pattern UAD is fitted for ranged combat and ranged combat only. Forming the first line of land-to-air defenses, UAD Medusae are fond of heavy autocannons, flak blasters, and the tried-and-true plasmoid molecular disruptors when taking down aircraft, missiles, drop troops, and any other manner of aerial threat. However, Medusae are not entirely exposed while on the ground. Their legs are fashioned to be heavier than the Juggernauts' and they can simply step on armored vehicles, crush and kick soldiers, as well as turn their heavy weapons suited for taking down reinforced aircraft down on much smaller and easier to hit targets.

Terrifyingly enough, there is an equator between the Stormtrooper and the UAD walkers. These are classified as TWs, "big f*ckers", or, more professionally Thunder Warriors. Armed with antimatter gatling rifles (which are typically mounted on tripods for Stormtroopers), Thunder Warriors are also equipped with armored plating rivalling that of the UAD. What makes them different from the UAD walkers is that they are not merely brains in a robot body, but rather entire torsos or other, more salvageable, remains of promising soldiers. The Thunder Warriors, curiously, do not cover their faces - nor do they need to. Their skulls have been reinforced to the point where headshots are simply indications of where the enemy is. Chemical weapons do not affect their mechanized breathing tubes or optics. They are a perfect blend of man and machine, and once the Thunder Warriors descend on a foe, there are no survivors.

Furthermore, Thunder Warriors are able to become amphibious just by holding their breath. Their increased lung capacity exceeds even that of the hippopotamus and they can march across entire riverbeds in minutes. What makes them even more terrifying is that they can literally pop up out of thin air due to advanced dropship technology. Loaded into large artillery guns like shells, a squadron of Thunder Warriors can be aimed and fired upon an enemy position, crash-land, and emerge from the debris without even flinching from the force of impact.

What makes and has made the armies of Vietnam so difficult to face time and time again is that the country itself relies on guerrilla warfare and has perfected it to a science. Millions of miles of tunnels run through the rolling hills and twisting jungle corridors. There have been dozens of wars fought primarily underground and for supremacy of these tunnels. What Nguyen has accomplished in improving these hidden roadways is that he has changed them from dirt to metal, revolutionizing Vietnamese warfare by turning its landscape into one enormous bunker. Stormtroopers, Thunder Warriors, and even the towering UAD walkers are free to roam from place to place, unimpeded by ambushes due to their undeniable dominance in the tunnels. It is said that Vietnam will always stand if its people can find a way underground. Thanks to Nguyen, his rule over the country will not shake easily.

But Nguyen does not want to rule Vietnam with an iron fist. He targets those revolutionaries who have gone out of their way to destroy what he has built up for his people. Those ungrateful rioters who tear down schools and hospitals because they were funded by Nguyen's bank administrators are frequently those massacred by the Stormtrooper battalions. He is eager to sit down and talk with those who simply want to have their voices heard, and their concerns met. It is only when violence reaches a fever pitch that Nguyen is forced to meet it with the unrelenting hammer of justice. Even when he does send his Stormtroopers out to kill, he personally holds a funeral for those lost in the crossfire and offers to give those families affected free housing.

Symbol and Policy

Many have criticized Nguyen's usage of the swastika, calling it "unethical."

"Look around you. There are no smokestacks here. No chimneys leading down into furnaces where there are bodies instead of firewood. I do not endorse the practices of Nazism. They were foolhardy, ignorant ideals. Besides, I am of half-Vietnamese ancestry. I would not be considered 'Aryan' no matter how hard I tried. I use the swastika turned the way it is because that is the way the Buddhist god Kali is represented. He is the liberator of souls, and a wise sorcerer. With such practitioners like Madame Rose and Doom, I do not think that there is any room to argue that magic isn't real. The swastika has existed for thousands of years before the Nazis slandered it, and it will exist for thousands of years after they have gone. It is a geometric shape. One does not criticize the triangle for being a triangle, after all."

Nguyen only wants what is best for his people. He has seen them through their worst time in modern history, and now he is leading them through what is possibly their most prosperous age to date.

Only time will tell if he is successful.



  • Typical location rules, stick to the site guidelines and we'll be good.
  • No destroying of anything that has conceivable value. A few buildings here and there are fine.
  • Sell the security. They're not something you can knock out with one or two punches, especially if you find yourself against a Thunder Warrior.
  • Have fun, and stay out of trouble :P
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Holy crap this is awesome.
But awesome.

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I can't decide between this guy and Doom, who should be my evil-ish dictator-type guy?

Not that either of them are evil dictators. Doom is Doom and Nguyen is honestly a good man.

But I digress.

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@split_second:I can't answer, I'm biased, I love Doom :P
Well, they both seem like the type who'll eventually be driven to evil because everyone already believes they are

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After a few rounds with Nguyen, I might hold a vote about who should stay and who should go, then hold an RP based on that :P

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@split_second:You better just remember who gets to kill ol' Doomy if he is gonna die at all. :P

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That's all up to the people once I get into the swing of using Nguyen :P

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@split_second: Well luckily for me there are ton of songs about the Vietnam War that I can post here to express my enjoyment.

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Well now, look at this sh!t

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@warsman: Great job with this. Currently trying to think of a decent excuse to visit with one of my guys, lol

<- Eclipse

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@emperor_von_doom: True, but then I'd have to figure out which of my guys is stupid enough to get involved in a civil war xD

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@allegiance: Want me to reply and finish that thing with split second today? I actually forgot about it >_>

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Nazi... F$cking Nazi, works every time.

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@warsman: *stomps on multiple platoons of thunder warriors*

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Muy bien :)

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I remember this.

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He wanted to look away. He really did.

The sight itself, however, just grabbed his attention and shook his insides around. His guts were in a blender. This was sick. People died seventy years ago to bury that flag and now it flew by the hundreds over the very city he left behind in '75. He remembered watching people clinging to the helicopters, holding their children up for American soldiers to take away. Back to the mainland. Back to safety. The Vietcong were bashing down the gates to the embassy with their tanks at that point. No more room, they said.

No more room.

At least now, Saigon was quiet. It seemed unreal. The same place where he saw good friends fall face-first in the dirt was the same place where people walked or carelessly threw down trash. Jason Aberdeen didn't matter, did he? What about Teddy Kennedy? No. Just faces now, remembered by an old fool still clinging to the memories. He didn't make a point to hide his uniform. His size at nearly seven feet tall would attract attention anyway. Instead of paying any mind to the awestruck stares, he pressed onward, straight to the presidential office. The bastard was packing his bags for Venezuela soon, according to local intelligence. No more running for Nguyen "Red Death" Binh.

The reinforced doors were meant to hold against battering rams from riots and crowds of angry protesters. A few swift kicks from the Star Spangled Super Soldier, and they went down like wet cardboard. The halls were empty, void of life, and he wondered if he was too late - for about half a second. Faint and soft claps echoed across from the entryway. Then, the man in red showed himself and advanced with hands folded behind his back.

"Welcome, Allegiance. It has been a while,"

"Shut up. What are you planning this time, Nguyen?"

The skull-faced butcher lost his smile.

"I am planning nothing except the prosperity of my people, Allegiance. It is the purpose of any real leader,"

Before he could continue, James went on the attack. They had legendary duels for nearly fifteen years, each one at the precipice of a new disaster. Battles were waged and wars won, but rivalries never died. A solid right hook clocked Nguyen's jaw, sending him reeling - but did not floor him just yet. That came when Allegiance rammed his spine into a statue bust using his shield as the driving force. Nguyen slid down to a slumped sitting position, but James did not stop. He could not. This madman had to be stopped, or another World War would explode out and millions would die for no reason. Again.

Always more death.

Always more killing.

He stayed his fist, and dropped the shield. Nguyen spat out a mouthful of blood, laughing once.

"What's the matter?"

James backed away from the man he hated. This was not the way to stop him. This method didn't work for this long, and it would never work. The clatter of his emblem didn't even register to his trained muscles.

"I...I can't..."

"Finish me? Of course you can't,"

James expected Nguyen to clobber him, and tensed up instinctively. But instead, the former Vietcong just put his hand on James' shoulder in a reassuring manner.

"We are some of the last of our generation. We have seen the same horrors, weathered the same atrocities. While you have bottled up your anger, your self-doubts, I have simply given them up. Your fists are fueled by hatred, and hatred will always be the fuel of more hatred. It is the way of humanity, my old friend. We can be part of that cycle or we can break away from it, and become something more,"

"Don't give me that sh!t, Nguyen. I know you better than that. You're building an arsenal to police the streets. I've seen the Thunder Warriors and your walkers. This is turning into a worse dictatorship than Hitler's regime,"

Nguyen finally struck him, and it hurt - a lot. The All-American rolled for almost twenty feet before finally hitting the back of his skull on the wall, opening a hole in the process. He hadn't been hit like that since...since Brahma Bull...

"Only the dead have seen the end of war, and we are not dead yet. Once the world sees what I am doing here, they will certainly try to take what I have worked for. Imagine what the Americans would say. Possibly my military exercises are 'preparing for global conflict' or my people are 'rioting in the streets'. What riots there are, I try to solve peacefully, for at the heart of a riot is a core of people who are upset about something. I speak with the leader, or leaders, and come to an agreement about what needs to be done. That usually helps instead of throwing tear gas bombs. Perhaps your government can take humility lessons instead of asserting dominance over disgruntled college students or farm workers,"

Nguyen popped his neck and walked over to James, holding out a hand to help up one of the last pieces to the puzzle of the Vietnam War that he could touch and talk to.

"I am trying something unique, and it is working. The lessons of the past teach us that violence only breeds violence. Using that logic, shouldn't peace breed peace? And yet there is still social strife, civil conflict, and fighting. Fighting for resources, ideologies, religions, anything. Even now we were fighting for a political system, and what have we accomplished? The same thing we have accomplished for forty years, Allegiance. Absolutely nothing,"

James staggered to his feet using Nguyen's arm as a crutch, still reeling from the punch he felt earlier.

"It will never stop, so I simply left the system and established my own,"

"I heard you were going to Venezuela. Why?"

Nguyen paused.

"I want to see what others define as a utopia. I want to travel to Elysia as well, one day. The havens across the world for different races and peoples are...interesting to me, because some of them only apply to one specific people. I can understand, because if the gates were totally open then refugees would flood in and the economy would suffer. But when is the line between an economy and our sense of humanity? When do the downtrodden become a burden?"

He shook James by the shoulders, but not forcefully. Dripping. The salty tears must have stung on contact with his burns, but he must have been holding them in for decades.

"Who is wrong? Who is right anymore? Does it really matter? I have built a bastion for my people, but so many others are suffering and dying. I have seen too much, Allegiance, as I know you have. I still remember friends I knew since school, villagers I grew up with, shot down. Boys, Allegiance, just children! They never had a chance to live, and why? Because someone held the reins of power, someone who didn't deserve them! Why is it that so many good people die for that reason?"

James did not know what to do. Deep down, he hated Nguyen. But on an even deeper level, they were really the same. They were scarred, destroyed people. He gathered the president in his arms and held him in a close embrace. It was really all he could do.

"I know, Nguyen,"

It was like comforting a dying comrade holding up pictures of his wife and kids before bleeding out.

"It's going to be okay,"

He wanted to say something different, just like back then, but the first time he watched someone die in his arms didn't measure up to this. Someone he hated, someone who killed his friends, someone whose friends died in the thick of battle, suddenly breaking down and sobbing in his hands. The last of his brothers, forged in war, a brother he never knew he had.

"I promise."

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Skellbrieg wasn't really going anywhere and I felt like doing something with this location, so...


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@allegiance: Not a problem. It's good to see you active. We haven't been in the same circle for ages.

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@allegiance: Definitely. I'm sure we'll figure out something soon.

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With Nguyen visiting Venezuela, it definitely opens up some unique opportunities.

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@allegiance: Visiting Venezuela will get you in trouble with the boss lady. Just saying.

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You don't know what Nguyen is gonna do there, though :P

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@allegiance: Y'know Allegiance representing his president would be fun. We should talk about that.

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What account is Warsman on? PM me when you see this Warsy!