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Formed in 1941 by Generals Deadman and Quinn, the Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage and Logistics Directorate's initial purpose was aiding the allies in WWII with regards to superhuman threats, utilized solely as a small black ops unit of no more than fifteen men that specialized in eliminating opponents a great deal more powerful than themselves.

After the war, there were motions made to dismantle the unit by Quinn, but these were overruled by Deadman, who insisted the world would continue to require the Directorate's assistance. His words rang true as a post-WWII surge of superpowered beings hit the earth and metahuman terrorism increased exponentially, the tide quelled only by the experienced machinations of S.H.I.E.L.D and her then twenty-three operatives. Thirty superhuman threats were terminated, with only two casualties suffered by the unit throughout it all.

S.H.I.E.L.D flourished.

The Helicarrier

Constructed by some of the history's most intelligent minds, the colossal airborne structure became S.H.I.E.L.D's base of operations, the directive becoming so large that eventually several of these were built, purposed for several continents so as to ensure global protection by the unit, which now consists of hundreds of members.

It is comprised of technology the world has never seen before, designed by both General Asher Deadman and Anthony Stark, two of the world's leading technological pioneers. It possesses several functions which set it apart from most military grade aircraft, these come in the form of an advanced cloaking mechanism that renders the titanic construction almost non-existent, with both visibility and sound disappearing, security forces the likes of which are a league unto their own, and an array of versatile environments in which it can manoeuvre itself. It also withholds enough fire-power to level a small city.

Helicarrier 67 serves as S.H.I.E.L.D's primary headquarters, at least double the size of all others. It consists of several layers, each serving an individually tailored purpose with hordes of both scientists and operatives spanning each sector. It is able to fit numerous aircraft carriers within it's spacious confines, a sheer testament to it's magnitude.

Sectors aboard the Helicarrier include:

  • A Docking Area - Aircraft land and are launched from here. There are two aboard each helicarrier, one upon the surface of the airborne structure and one at it's base.
  • Training Areas - These are a series of rooms designed to fully render and materialize any environment the trainee wishes to utilize, deemed restricted to rookie operatives as a result of it's lethal capacity.
  • Laboratories - General Asher Deadman's home away from home, these are used to create weapons and gear from which S.H.I.E.L.D's operatives may benefit, each sections divided into alternate fields ranging from combat to medical ailments.
  • Infirmary - An on-board medical facility used to rehabilitate injured field operatives, lead by some of the world's most capable doctors and scientists.

Director Asher Deadman

Grandson of founding member General Paxton Deadman, the small framed scientist was groomed into the military by his Staff Sergeant father and rose to prominence as one of the youngest generals of all time, managing to reach the position at age 26. From there he was appointed Director of S.H.I.E.L.D and has been running the international unit ever since, known by his subordinates as Amphetamines as a result of the incredible mutation he possesses that allows him to transform into an eight foot, green skinned behemoth. Triggered by stress or anger, the transformation process was held at bay with immense amounts of medication as the man grew up but as he settled into power as one of the world's most successful generals he began to utilize the strange ability to his advantage and became his own indestructible weapon. He now wears a permanent suit of armour that regulates his medication intake and enables him to change into and out of his monstrous state at will.

S.H.I.E.L.D Operatives

These men and women are the world's most prominent soldiers, individuals that have surpassed their peers and proved that they have what it takes to combat superhuman threats. There are several ranks within the directive's operative force, and all are of international excellence. Their numbers range in the hundreds.


  • I didn't care enough to go too in-depth with this as most of you are aware of the Helicarrier's features already.
  • Not sure if this is a practical idea but needed a base of operations for Amphetamines >_>
  • Feel free to visit, but have an extremely good reason for it if you aren't a bad guy trying to break in or a superhuman dropping by to chit-chat.
  • You can break in, just really really sell the defences.
  • Not sure if people would be interested in joining S.H.I.E.L.D as an operative or whatever, but as it is a team of sorts, if you have any inclinations towards joining with a character, PM @amphetamines.
  • As of the impending war, Anthony Stark has made the directive's existence public.
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Wow, good going!

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@riley_rivera: I think that's the first location thread I've ever made... What a hassle :o

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@riley_rivera: Hehe I don't need success, this is just a physical manifestation of SHIELD from where I can hone Amph now, I didn't want him running around saying he was director of SHIELD without some back-up.

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@amphetamines: I mean you don't want the thread dying down so soon :)

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This is really cool, Stark'll probably visit!

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I'm impressed. That's a good OP.

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Nicely done nino :)

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Very well done Amp. Gotta give you kudos of the well written OP. I rarely take the time for indepth OP on bases lol

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PM me. Im possibly interested >.>

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Solid idea. Should've hit me up I had a helicarrier that needed repurposing.

I'ma keep an eye on this. If it works out I might throw in dead Evander.

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Holy shit!

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@amphetamines: just got a few ideas that sparked, will hit u up tonight when i get back from work.

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@Amphetamines: Looks like a challenging place to break into- I mean, work. Count on Madge to make an appearance!

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Look who's standing in my way...


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Potentially you if you join this team :)

We'll have so much fun being arch enemies!

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@warsman: mmm-hmmm. Fun. Loads and loads.

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@warsman: I suppose it'll be time to... Degreen your combat skills >;D

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@amphetamines: Becoming Vice President of the United States allowed Daemon many things, a few of these things were the ability to know what was going on all around the world at any given moment. At this moment a particular band of soldiers and protectors arose, they were known as S.H.I.E.L.D . Basing there creation on the protection of the world, and those who wished for its protection. Daemon knew that someday someone would go after him through his children, Dresden aside he had countless students at Serenity and Hope. Each needing to be protected, and his own defenses had there limits thus he quickly made an appearance in front of SHIELDS leader.

Asher Deadman had been running up the ladder of notoriety very quickly in the passing weeks, Since Daemon had become VP he heard his name even more so. So during the morning hours Daemon appeared in the sky above everyone atop the Helicarrier. Smiling to the guards who saluted him as he stepped onto the massive ship. He wore a dark purple suit, with a almost blindingly white shirt underneath. Glasses covered his eyes for a brief moment before he removed them, showing off his bright crimson red eyes. A solider saluted him again before addressing him "Mister Matthius Sir! What pleasure do we have in your arrival?" Daemon nodded and gestured for the soldiers to discontinue saluting. They did hesitantly as Daemon spoke "This isn't a formal meeting boys, I am Daemon Matthius at this moment. Not Vice President Matthius, all I wish is company of Asher. Will you please tell him of my arrival, I wish to have a look around this magnificent beauty." As the soldiers dispersed Daemon began to make his way around the ship.

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@darkchild: WHOA! Who's that look you're using? It's so cool/perfect!

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@darkchild: If you ever switch to another one could I possibly use it for something in the future?

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@amazingangel: LOL sure. There are alot of Darkness pics actually, i bounce alot so im sure ill change in like a week or two lol

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@darkchild: There are a bunch of Darkness pics and I swear I looked at all of them before, no idea why I never figured out they would be the perfect look for (revealing later), IDK maybe it's just the new batch the added.

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@darkchild: Maybe I'm just blind then. =P

One other quick question, in the mutant human war coming up are you the figurehead for mutant kind? Like if say someone would want to have a political meeting they'd talk to you right?

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@amazingangel: Seems that way yes. Daemon could be seen as that yes. Wanna take this to pm?

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General Asher H. Deadman, the esteemed Director of the world's single most powerful defensive force, swivelled round in his chair and reached up with one hand, removing his spectacles and giving the man in the pristine laboratory door a hesitant smile. He motioned for the S.H.I.E.L.D operatives that had escorted the Vice President to his favoured spot upon Helicarrier 67 to leave and they obeyed without further ado.

"Matthius, what brings you 'round here? I haven't seen you since I was captain."

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@amphetamines: Daemon smiles as he enters, smiling to the soldiers as they leave and more importantly towards Asher. A man who until recently was nothing but a name on the grand scheme of things. But in a short time he was able to make SHIELD the bonofide defense system for the world. Removing his own glasses Daemon stepped forward and leaned onto a railing, looking out into the sky as they soared high above. The ocean water below them he replied to Asher "We have yet to officially meet each other, but I am sure you have seen me before. I hope it was in a good light, these skin conditions my kind have can be very unflattering on camera." smiling he stands up and offers a hand to Asher

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@strongarm: pfft u think ive not thought of this?

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@darkchild: Not sure if you want to crash helicarrier to uptown gothic

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"Your kind? Are you referring to mutantkind, Matthius?"

The Director chuckled, shook Daemon's hand firmly and then set to tinkering with a small orb upon his workbench, multi-tasking with the cognitive capabilities of a mastermind as he conversed with the unexpected Vice President, who had crossed the laboratory and stood gazing out over the world below them.

"Should I remind you that I'm a mutant myself? Or haven't you ever seen my green little friend on the news?"

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@amphetamines: Mutant? Isn't SHIELD always looking for mutants to help them?

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@_stretch_: Hmm. Not quite. They exploit mutants.

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@amphetamines: Huh...Well I wanna go a round with the big green sometime if that's the case.

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@_stretch_: See, they aren't like some recruiting organisation that just lets mutants pitch up and say "I wanna fight for you", normally if they pick a superpowered being to work for them it's after studying the individual for a while and vetting him etc. They only really exploit the bad muties whom have no other option but a super-prison, or the good muties that they really want and can't get to join under normal circumstances.

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@amphetamines: Thaaaaat still makes it sound like I'll more than likely get on there bad side soon enough...What with me helping out my band mate in Antarctica :D