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Rútur's Workshop

327 West 85th Street, New York. There one can find the workshop of one Rútur Egilson. Pictured is the main workshop. Here, one can find plenty of materials and equipment for any technological problem that they may come across. There's even a gigantic fan. It gets pretty warm in the workshop, especially in the summer. On the wall are framed posters of different superheroes, with a poster of Ulfberht holding the place of honour above Rútur's work desk. Scattered around the workshop are several toolboxes carrying plenty of tools, just in case one Rútur is using breaks. There's also a first aid station next to Rútur's desk, just in case. This is just one part of the workshop. There's one area of the shop not many have seen, particularly if they don't fight crime.

Something For The Cape-n'-Tights Crowd

Though constantly cluttered, this secret chamber is a tiny bit more sophisticated than the workshop the public sees. His father's super friends assisted in putting together this "super-workshop". It is down here that Rútur does most of his inventing. There's a firing area against one wall for testing weapons, a mannequin, should he ever wish to attempt making a suit of armour, and various bits of more advanced machinery donated from Ulfberht and his techie pals. Two mobile robotic arms named "Hugin" and "Munin" aid Rútur in his work down here. There are no posters down here, just a picture of Ulfberht with his arm around a younger Rútur. There's all sorts of sensitive technology around, most of it in pieces, not to mention...a mini-bar! Being a mechanic is thirsty work, after all.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Above the workshop, Rútur has a studio apartment, decorated to resemble his family home in Iceland. It's got all the standard parts of an apartment: living area, kitchen, dining area, bedroom (which doubles as a study) and bathroom. A large bookshelf lines the wall adjacent to the kitchen, full of novels and boxes of comics old and new. An organised DVD rack is positioned above the TV. The fridge can be found by the kitchen, and is filled with food and drink. Rútur has attempted to make the apartment seem welcoming for any visitors.

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This is pretty badass.

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@ranra: any possibilities of delivery services?

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So is it like a personal workshop? Or can anyone show up, throw down some specs and blueprints, and get something built for them?

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Iceland! He's from Iceland! I was wondering what's up with the names and words.

I should probably come visit.

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@ramjam: Yes, you should.


The workshop's open to the public. The lower level is for superheroes and other crime fighting-inclined peoples only.

@strongarm: I hadn't thought of that. It might be a good addition.

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@ranra: Awesome. I may look you up

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@ranra: If I agree to be your delivery boy and stuff can I get stuff discount? (Read: Free.)

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Nice layout, simple and clean.

Now go do some cold-calling, time to find some clients :)

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@ranra: Detroit needs jobs, GM motors left them for dead and villains have picked up where the banks have failed them

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@ramjam: That depends on the stuff you want for free.

@armistice: Ah, cold calling. The best part of the job :P

@strongarm: Perhaps, but New York's a lot safer for the average mechanic.

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@ranra: You'll say that until we become good friends! Then we'll look out for each other and I'll handle all the dangerous stuff while you do all the other stuff that explodes or electrocutes without malicious intent. That is until you become active yourself. Say, what's your moral stance on actions and inhibiting restrictions?

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@ramjam: Yay friends! And if it doesn't severely hurt the person whose restrictions are being inhibited, then it's a-ok.

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@strongarm: This is true. It might be a good idea to set up a secondary, more secure workshop there.

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(First character postage! Nananananana!)

On his return to New York after an eventful trip to Ireland, the man currently knowing himself as Mickey O’Riordan wandered into the engineer’s workshop out of a newfound curiosity and a sense of urgency regarding finding clues to his past. Especially since that woman who claimed to know him (and so rudely didn’t give a name) was stacked in the tech department. Even without cash he figured he could peruse the shop and maybe find some way to acquire materials. Maybe even catch some sympathy for his unsavory appearance, tattered clothes and messy hair.

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@ranra: I would not call it 'secure' but it does have advantages compared to government controlled areas

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@ramjam: Rútur had just received a sheet of steel from his supplier, and was in the process of inspecting the strong metal. It was good quality, perhaps better than some of the other sheets he had bought. It would definitely find use in his many projects. Of course, being so wrapped up in admiring the shiny new steel, that he initially didn't see the prospective customer. It was only because he looked at the sheet metal lengthways that he saw him. Immediately, he straightened up and cleared his throat.

"Can I help you, sir?" he asked aloud, the Icelandic accent still prominent in his voice, even after living in New York for close to 11 years now.

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@ranra: Mickey strolled into the shop glancing casually over the wares and materials on display. "Aaah maybe," he said, shrugging nonchalantly, thick Ireland green running through his voice. From even a short glance it probably didn't take someone of his analytical mind to surmise that this guy was pretty geniusy, and maybe into a little hero worship. A pure smile on his face, he extended his hand for a shake and introduced himself. "Mickey O'Riordan, and I'm guessin' you're this Ru...Rú...I'm guessin' you own the place. Nice little shop you got here. I'd like it if you could help me with a bit of a material problem I'm havin', if you catch my drift."

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@ramjam: "Rútur. Rútur Egilson at your service." Rútur corrected him. This guy wasn't the first to mispronounce his name. It was pretty difficult to say for someone who hadn't grown up in a Norse environment. He shook the customer's hand graciously. "A...material problem, you say?" He raised an eyebrow. If this guy was talking about what Rútur thought he was talking about, then here wasn't the right place to discuss it. "Well, if that's the case, then I suggest we move this discussion somewhere more private." He headed past his desk and tapped a concealed button beside a model of a peculiar-looking plane. The wall next to the desk slid open, revealing a lit elevator. "After you, but be quick." he said.

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@ranra: A single second of eye contact was all that was needed for the two to reach an understanding, though the conspicuousness on Mick's behalf was more for theatrics and his own amusement than actual secrecy. He gave an approving nod of the mechanism bringing the elevator and stepped in, speaking at length whatever thoughts that came to his mind. "Ah, fancy system you got here Mister Eagleson. Bet yer real handy with the goods. They really appreciate you, don't doubt that one bit. But I bet you could probably use some renovatin'. Ain't too much to look at, first glance. But that's alright. Long as it works, eh? I see endorsements galore in yer future."

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@ramjam: "Egilson, and this is supposed to be covert." Rútur said, hitting a button which caused the elevator to descend. "Endorsements? Perhaps for the public workshop. Down here is a sort of private affair for certain customers, such as yourself." The door slid open, and the lights of the secret workshop flickered on. The workshop was in a far better condition than the one upstairs. It was a lot cleaner for one thing. Hugin and Munin were busy welding silver plates to a body-shaped frame and painting them red. Rútur strolled over to the mini-bar and opened it. "Can I offer you a drink, Mr O'Riordan?"

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@ranra: One look at the private room and a huge grin spread across his face like a kid in a toy store. “Makes sense. Heroes, they get a lotta enemies. Wouldn’t want you with a bullseye on yer back fer the help.” He shoved his hands in his pants pockets and meandered around the area in a leisurely way. “A drink? Course you can! Whatever you got’s good, stronger the better. And please, feel free to know me as Mick.”

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@ranra: (Question, you said that the lower level is for heroes or people who intend to fight crime. What If say someone evil with malicious intent comes in and pretends to be a hero? Would they be able to then access the lower levels? Reply at your own convenience, I'm in no hurry.)

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@ramjam: "Sure thing." Rútur said, pulling two dark brown bottles from the mini-bar. "Hugin, flaska opnari." He said in his mother tongue. One of the robotic arms scooted over and pulled the caps off the bottles, deposited them on the ground, and returned to its work. Rútur handed one of the bottles to Mick. "So, Mick, how can I help you out? I've got plenty of tech down here. Feel free to browse through blueprints." He gestured to a drawer in the left-hand wall.

@lastpyre: I should have mentioned this in the initial post. There's a password that customers wanting to go down to the lower levels use to tell him that they're crime fighters, "material problem". He's shared the password with members of the hero community.

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@ranra: Mickey was already halfway through the bottle before remembering his...odd physiology. Because he could not naturally achieve an altered state of mind but could also do so at his own will, all the fun of drinking was diminished to him. He paused briefly before shrugging and downing the rest and proceeding to peruse blueprints while communicating. "Well if we're bein' honest, I'm sorta down on my luck. Just got back from Ireland, met a chicky from my past. Angry villainy ex, you know how those are. She totally fried me clothes and all. And now, I ain't really got no funds to...fund my extracurricular activities, nor no tech to help me out. And that's just bein' upfront about it."

@lastpyre: (You were also the guy who attacked and burned down the Liberty Statue. Not too subtle.)

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@ranra: (That's quite clever using a pass code. But lets just say you told everyone that you know is a hero the code. What if a new hero came along? How would they find out said code?)

@ramjam: (Last Pyre has two forms because he and Peter, (the boy he shares a body with), are bound together. He does not look like the villain who burned down the Liberty statue, in fact Peter is a completely different person. No one knows that Peter carries around Last Pyre so there would be no way to know unless he told you or he transformed while you were looking.)

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@ramjam: "And you need a tech expert to back you up." Rútur said in between swigs of drink. He set the bottle down on his work desk, and leant on it. "Well, I can make tech sufficent enough to help you out." His situation did sound pretty dire, though. He wanted to help the poor fella out. "Unfortunately, it's not exactly for free." He was running a business, after all. Still, it sounded like the guy literally didn't have any more money to spend. "How would you eventually pay for all the tech you want?"

@lastpyre: They would have to ask another hero for it.

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@ranra: (That's also reasonable. But what if someone with bad intentions convinced a good guy to tell him the code. Through either threatening, mind control, or just telling them that they are a hero. I don't have mind control powers BTW, I'm just making an example.)

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@lastpyre: Then they'd be able to get in. It's a security issue that he has yet to address.

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@ranra: (It's still a good system. Besides Last Pyre would not know any heroes in New York, so the flaw in the system doesn't really apply to him. Besides he can still get some things from the upper floor anyway so it is not a total loss for him.)

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@ranra: A broad grin quickly settled on Mick's face. With no money, it was pretty much assured he would get that response and luckily the owner was a good enough guy, at least to heroes, so he'd planned accordingly. "Aaahhhh...you familiar with bartering? Yeah! We could work somethin' out. Whatcha need? Help around the workplace? Security? Pick up supplies? Delivery boy? I ain't too bad myself with the handyrifics."

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@ramjam: Rútur had to think about that. A lot of the skills he was offering, he already had around the shop. "Well, Hugin and Munin here give me enough help around the place." At which point, the robotic arms gave them something close to a wave. "There's a fair bit of security in the shop, especially down here." He clapped his hands once, and two heavy-looking guns descended from the ceiling. He clapped again, and they disappeared into the ceiling. "Although...it can be a bit of a hassle to get some of the heavier equipment and materials delivered here. You got super-strength in your repertoire? Because that would be helpful. And I could use a delivery boy for any out-of town orders."

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@ranra: Admittedly, the robotic arms lent themselves to the thought he might have help, but a guy had to try. The final offer was where the money lie, so to speak, and Mickey responded accordingly. "Ah, you kiddin'!? I got strength fer days!" Flexing his muscles jokingly. "Super strong, super fast, super tough as hell!" Maybe an exaggeration of the mannerisms, but first impressions...

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@ramjam: "Hope so." Rútur said. "But, hey, even if you don't, I've got a prototype for a strength-enhancing exoskeleton in the back." He pointed to the mannequin Hugin and Munin were welding metal plates to. "Put that on and you'll be as strong as Thor. Might be a good place to start for your tech needs." He'd never had to hire someone before, but he knew basic protocol when it came to new employees. "Plus, I hope you don't mind if I perform a background check on you. I need to be careful about who works for me, after all."

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@ranra: Having gone without any job-hunting experience in memory, the last bit caught Mick completely off-guard and he was confused and dismayed for the first time in their conversation. He knew nothing, or next to nothing, about himself. Only, if the girl with the armor was to be believed, he had been in cahoots with a pretty dark group before losing his memory, and still didn't know anything about what he was doing before waking up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He thought to himself, 'Well, let's just be glad those baddies were more of a secret agent type. Hopefully they gave me a nicely crafted backstory'. "And how you go about doin' this background check?" he asked the owner.

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@ramjam: Rútur fired up the computer at his desk and opened up Google. "I'd ask you a series of questions, and then I'd search for any credentials you may have. Unless you have a resume on hand, because that would be great. Now then, I had a list of the questions around here somewhere." He rummaged through a drawer and pulled up a piece of paper with some official looking questions and lines on them. "Here we go." he said, looking at the first question. He already knew this guy's name, so he noted it down. "Let's see...do you suffer from any mental disorders or have any lasting mental damage? Compulsive lying, amnesia, stuff like that."

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@ranra: Being without any such possessions on him since the incident, he definitely didn't have a resumé so Mickey shoved his hands in his pockets and shrugged. He knew it was only a matter of time but when he heard the first question he burst into a fit of hysterical laughter before straightening up for his answer. "Aha—ah—AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA—haa....noooo. Nooo. Not to my knowledge, no. Oh! I did a bit back at some martial arts school. Do? Did?"

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@ramjam: Rútur was forced to raise an eyebrow at the statement. "I guess that's a good enough answer." he said, noting something down. "Now then, I need to know what sort of credentials you have. Education, any other jobs, that sort of thing." He handed Mick a pen and a piece of lined paper. "You can write it down, then I'll file it away and consider taking you on as an employee." He dropped his empty bottle in the trash can by his desk and rolled over to the wall, where he picked out a blueprint and compared it to Hugin and Munin's focus.

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@ranra: Cheering on the inside, Mickey breathed an internal sigh of relief while taking the materials. 'College grad. Studied human biology.' It was a lie as far as he knew but he knew enough to at least get away with a number of things, even though he was unaware of how he acquired the knowledge. 'Fujian School of Wing Chun. Graduated top of the class. Travelling experience; by foot, hitchhiking, stowaway experience. And brilliant. Not bad with the techie stuff either.' Post filling out a basic profile of bare knowledge he slammed his pen down and stood triumphantly.

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@ramjam: "Right." Rútur swiped up the paper with an unexpected vigor and began to read. He stopped reading once or twice just to check if "Fujian School of Wing Chun" was a real place. Turned out it was. "And brilliant." He read aloud. "Is that a professional qualification?" He laughed for a second, then went back to reading. After a moment, he set the paper down, appearing to be in deep thought. "Well, your education checks out okay." There was a moment of silence as he thought again. "Consider yourself sworn to secrecy, and hired as my delivery boy." He extended a hand. "All I ask is that you be completely honest with me, okay? And, uh, tell no-one about this level, unless you know they fight crime."

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@ranra: "Ah, well, just so you know I c'n handle myself. Not no worry about me getting cheated, nah uh!" Then he got tensely silent while watching the mechanic's face for cues before hearing the news. With a smile Mick slapped him five with a single firm shake. "Ya don't gotta worry about me givin' away no secrets. This mind's a steel vault. Tougher than steel. Uncrackable. Heck, I won't even tell 'em if they DO fight crime! Unless I was tricked into it. But the chances of that happenin' are...it's highly unlikely." His manner was complemented by a mock salute and a wave of the hand.

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@ramjam: "Hope so. I'd hate to have this workshop compromised." Rútur grinned. "But my gut instinct is telling me that you can be trusted. I hope I'm not wrong on that count." He stood up and opened the drawer of blueprints. "So, back to your tech issue. I think...this is a good place to start." The tech in question was a set of sturdy body armour. "I get this request almost every week from crime fighters just starting up their careers. It's a set of hardened kevlar weave plates. Should protect well against gunfire, easily concealable under clothing."

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@ranra: "Ah, well in't that nice? I see the use. Only, truth be told, I don't need it. Y'see..." After considering for a moment he motioned back toward the ceiling where the guns had been previously. "Just gimme yer best shot."

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@ramjam: Rútur was forced to raise an eyebrow. "You sure?" Then again, he seemed sure enough. Rútur clapped his hands again, and the guns descended from the ceiling. "Miða boðflenna." he said, which, in Icelandic, translates roughly to "target the intruder". The guns complied and aimed right at Mick's chest. Then they let loose a hailstorm of bullets.

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@ranra: At his questioning Mick simply ushered the guy on until the guns were levelled at him and the command was given to let loose. At that the storm of heavy gunfire tore through him as if moving clean through the air itself, his Swiss-cheesed body soon lying on the floor before Egilson. Only seconds after they stopped, the holes in Mickey's body began to fill in, his torn away bone, muscles, and skin coming back into place, good as new. Standing to his feet he took a dignified stance, showcasing his now bare chest. "See? No armor required, so ye ain't even got to waste no time nor no money on that fer me. Not yet at least. Gotta wonder, though, whatcha got fer offense? Pretty good with just about anything you can imagine. Swords, knives, sticks, firearms...coins. Though I may be a bit lacking in that area."

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@ramjam: "Holy..." Rútur's eyes grew wide. "A healing factor. No doubt that's come in useful." he observed. "I guess armour's out of the question. I can do things for offense, though. I've been learning how to smith swords, and firearms should be no problem." "He can use coins as an offensive weapon? Darn." he thought. Rútur fished out a few more blueprints. These ones were for weapons of different varieties. "Take a look through these, and see if anything takes your fancy."

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@ranra: 'Think I just found my best friend.' Mickey looked over the blueprints with a smile. Had he the right materials and with the blueprints in mind, he figured he could probably craft some things at least pretty close to these himself. "'ey, you ever need extra storage space, you let me know. Be a real good help. Y'know, case anything gets lost in a fire or there's just too much or anythin'." Glancing over the blueprints he decided for now to start simple until settling into his job. He picked out two. One which looked like a modified firearm and another appearing like a kind of fancy staff. "I'll take that one and...that one. But I'd like a few mods to make on that one myself, personalize for one of my...talents."