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Anyone out there? We might could battle.

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Powers and abilities.

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X-Force on my account.

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@explodingpineapple: You could transfer that over here too. Just go to settings and paste it in the About Me section.

Evan was born into a family with a great history, his ancestors were kings, queens, and warriors. His dad died in a fire but his mom barley escaped but left her son if fear that the ones who started a fire would harm her only son. After that he went to live with his uncle in Japan, one of the last samurai in the world. He lived and trained with him until he was nine years old, and when Evan found an ancient Japanese secret in an old samurai underground base it changed his life. What he found was a time traveling device, he went through time not purposefully the first time and but on his return from his journey he loved to experience history in person. And so he traveled, eventually he landed somewhere in time that he loved. And there was a woman or to be more accurate a girl of 13 years of age that when he was the same age he fell in love with. He spent a year in that one time zone but time started to reject him being there, and when he feared it would mess time up terribly he left. He then had to realize that they had to live the rest of their lives with their relationship as history. At the age of 14, he became a hero with his best friend Jericho and the worked for money and lived on their own. Jericho's family also being deceased, they were having some of the best times of their life but on one crazy mission Jericho fazed into a wall and was stuck with the thought that he was dead by everyone else. He then continued to live his life as a hero joining multiple different teams and gaining experience. At the age of 15 Jericho who they thought dead was rescued, and they have since started working together again off and on. He is now 16 and has recently discovered that his mom is still alive, and at fist even through evidence she will not except. But as time wears on she welcomes him into her life and they spend some time together but it is not near a close relationship. X- Force now fights alongside his best friend Jericho as hero's who work for money as long as they agree with the cause.

Alignment: Neutral

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height: 5' 6


Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Gray- Orange when using powers

Suit: Mainly black with gray

Equipment: Swords, shurikens, smoke pellets, metal pellets

Powers: Energy manipulation, chi manipulation

Current Team Membership: None

Overall Power Score: 23

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Energy/Chi manipulation is kinda broad. Do you mean like Iron Fist, Vulcan, or something small? It can mean a pretty big difference between street-leveler and powerhouse, imo.

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@_zombie_: I think he means a blend of Iron Fist and Gambit. But thats just speculation.

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@new_age_outlaw- That is a good way to look at it I guess. But he is still different too.

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Destructive capacity? Speed? Durability? Striking strength? Actual powers? Special techniques? Weaknesses? These are important, you know.

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@web_flotsam- Enhanced speed when using energy, same with durability and strength, actual powers energy manipulation and chi manipulation, he can also heal faster using energy, trained in the way of the samurai with a samurai for years, weaknesses he is still human-ish so human weaknesses.

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@explodingpineapple: So by enhanced do you mean below wall durability and destructive capacity, and below supersonic speed? Also, does he have any abilities beside healing?

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@web_flotsam- below super sonic speed, he can make stuff explode, and I guess healing is the only other thing, what do you mean by destructive compacity?

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I am pretty close to you.

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