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    The money was good. Electronic transfer of funds that were already withdrawn and placed into the right bank accounts. Some small time drug dealer needed a witness taken care of. She must have heard or seen too much. Didn't much matter, just that the money was good. Vain carried the cadaver over his shoulder as he sludged through the wetlands. Too many skeeters for his taste, Vain quickened his pace. Sooner he turns in the treasure the sooner he can be on his way home. Somewhere cool, not as humid as the south.

    The door opened before Vain was finished climbing the steps to rickety porch. The client eagerly motioned for his watchmen to inspect the body.
"It's good senior." Vain made sure to try and annunciate. He had little enough patience with listening to the broken english of these central american pushers. The man handed to Vain a small piece of paper with access code for the funds. Quickly Vain typed into his cell the code, sending it to be verified. Almost instantly the response came back as a simple "VERIFIED" text message.  Turning around Vain faced the swamp, devoid of it's usual ambiance. Something had caused the wildlife to be a little more discreet.

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The impact came before the sound reached Vain's ears. The kinetic force now flowing through Vain's skull accelerating his mind. The feeling was glorious, and it had been too long. He let the impact resolve, not knowing where it came from, allowing his body to go limp and let physics dictate his landing. His body fell with his head half covered with the mud from the ground beneath him. The bullet had pierced his skin, but that was as far as it got. Blood poured into the damp ground quickly, and just as quickly the wound healed itself. But there was enough blood to fool just about anyone from a distance. Nary a sound escaped Vain. His breath silent as space, no chest movements, though his eyes were open and alert, they did not move, lest to give away any hint that he was still alive. It seemed that someone had laid a trap for him. Now Vain waited for the hunter to take the new bait.

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"He's down lets move out guys, nice shot Davian" the voice came from the scout closest to the body and the team revealed their positions, getting up on their feet for the first time today without any stress. Davian was still hidden within the tall grass of the marsh packing up his gear. "Thanks, i have to admit that the intel on this job was exaggerating the potential of this guy" Davian spoke softly into the microphone, he then raised to his feet with his rifle leaning against his shoulder and started to head back to the extraction zone. Suddenly he turned around and aimed his rifle in the direction of seemingly dead body of the target. "Something's not right"
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"He's down lets move out guys, nice shot Davian" was all Vain needed to hear. It was a team effort. At least three, with one's position given away, and the name of the shooter, with a general position known from the impact of the shot. Sounding off so soon, instructing to move "out" not "in", either these guys weren't that experienced, or they were over confident. Sounds of others getting up could be heard, though soft enough not to make total targets of them. Vain was ready, playing dead tricked them into giving away a few pieces to this puzzle, how many more could he get out of them. If he stayed put long enough they might just walk away, allowing Vain to stalk them as his own prey, though if they are good, they'll check their work.

"Something's not right" The voice came from the general direction of the shot, could be the shooter, or maybe just a spotter.  If he comes in, he'll force my hand. Just as Vain was thinking over which weapon to strike with, his cell interrupted.


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The entire team turned around when the sound of the cell phone was heard, "i'll check it out and you all get to the extraction point" Davian's instincts were telling him that everything was not as it seemed and things would get really bad if the target was still alive. Without a response, the team moved off out of the area while Davian sat down his rifle and took off his heavy ghillie suit. Moving closer to the body, his paranoia was beggining to take over his instincts, clouding his judgement. He stopped a little over ten feet away from Vain, being closer, he could tell the body seemed lifeless. "Maybe that cell phone could lead me to more targets..." so Davian walked up to the body and picked up the phone, searching through the contacts list...

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Vain heard as one man moved in, and the others headed out, and he could feel the tension build. His mind had now slowed to just above a normal pace, and Vain was getting restless. The moistness of the ground was starting to soak into his clothes and permeate into his leather boots. Soon enough though he would pounce. Take out this man first, then track the rest down to see who was foolish enough to orchestrate this move.

The man stopped just short of Vain. While pondering whether to strike now or wait to see if the man would get closer, the man edged forward and grabbed the phone. So he wasn't coming in to check the kill, but going for the phone. No more time to wait, Vain couldn't take a chance that this man would get any information leading back to his employer.

Striking quickly, Vain placed one leg overtop the mans foot, and swung his other at the back of the knee, intending to drive the man to his knees, while simultaneously retrieving three darts. Activating one, Vain threw it at the cell phone. Upon impact it triggered an incendiary burst frying the device.

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It all happened too fast, the target had been setting up for a retaliation since the bullet went into his skull and now Davian was the hunted. It started with a trip which brough Davian down to his knees in surprise then the cell bursting into flames which also caught his glove on fire before letting the device go. "Agh!" Davian pushed himself back fell down into a pound thankfully taking out the flame but the burning sensation had remained since most of the glove was burnt through leaving his skin vulnerable to the flame. Looking back at the target he could see that the bullet wound had disappeared but the blood on the man's face was still present. Davian started to chuckle.

"Heaing Factor..."

Getting back onto his feet Davian began to study his opponent, looking for weak points in this seemingly immortal form. Looking down at his side, he pulled out a long-bladed machete and dragged the edged blade along his arm, the expression on Davian's face was full of pain but he wanted to display a special trait of his own. Almost instantly, his wound started to stitch itself back together only leaving a scar.

"Your not the only one with a healing factor, except mine's alot different, i know this will bore you but i take such pride in this specia ability... The origin of this healing ability is known as Larraman's Organ. This organ manufactures Larraman Cells. These serve the purpose of platelets but act faster and more effectively. When i become wounded, Larraman Cells are released, attached to leukocytes. At the site of the injury, they form a skin substitute of near-instant scar tissue, effectively preventing massive blood loss and infection. Anyways, i have a job down in Rio, seems like i cant stay long."

Davian ran towards his target with speed beyond that of a natural athelete, jumping into the air, he swung his massive blade downwards aiming for the top of Vain's skull.

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The moves struck home, and gave Vain some leeway to get into an actual fighting position. The man in front of him though, fell away and just out of immediate striking range.

"Healing Factor" Davian said. That was part of it, Vain thought, though if he doesn't know, I'll keep the rest a secret. Keeping one hand up for a guard, Vain positioned his right upon the handle of one of his 18 inch dirks.ready to draw from the sheath concealed within his pant legs. As he looked over the man in front of him, Vain listened as he explained his own healing factor. Seemed to be an organ implant, released special cells to fix him up. Probably a limited supply in there. What that limit was, Vain would soon find out.

The attack came swift, incredibly fast acceleration, which impressed Vain, which was followed by a jumping downward strike. The strike was very well delivered, though it was the jumping that gave Vain time and an opening. Quickly he drew his dirk positioning it to block the attack at the hands of his foe, perpendicular to the strike line, and pivoting the left side of his body around his right foot, to try and jam one of the two remaining incendiary darts into the man's stomach. Trying not to betray any sort of emotion, Vain inquired of his foe.

"Are you Davian, are you the shooter?"

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The blade attack was successfully blocked. It reverberated through his arm a little, the kinetic energy being absorbed and subsequently metabolized. The dart also struck home. Vain could see a burning pain inside the mans eyes, though that would pass in time as his special organ looked as though it was starting to heal the wound already. It was kind of impressive, Vain thought to himself.

The man nodded in reply to his question. Davian, the shooter and the only man who went in on the target. He was probably the most skilled, if not the highest ranking of the attack group. After he finished up with Davian, the rest should be easy as pie. "

Three dart flew at vain, one missing by a hair, another hit his left shoulder, stricking deep into his tissue, and the third would have hit his eye if Vain hadn't blocked it with his left hand. It stuck into his skin at a weird angle and lodged itself slightly under his muscle. So it wasn't a fluke, and this guy was pretty fast. Were there a trick to these darts? Vain grabbed the one in his hand with his mouth and hastily spit it at Davian's leg. Vain activated the vibro function on his dirk, and reached for his other dirk with his left hand.

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Looking down at the dart which was spat to the ground before him by Vain, Davian knew he should've added a little "kick" to the weapon, something that could take down Vain but davian was ill-equipped for this battle, he had relied mostly on his rifle which layed twenty feet behind him. Seeing Vain preparing his un-natural weapons, all davian could do is grab his small commando knife, his last weapon he had on other than the many weapons which were reserved in a large bag beside his sniper rifle.

"ok.... this is it..."

He started to walk towards Vain with his blade down by his side, as he came closer and closer to the target , the tension grew stronger. This would probably either men's last fight of their lives but reviewing the battle, Vain had the upper hand since Davian had gone to visit the body. All was not as it seemed, a few mintues ago, in secret, he had pressed an emergency alarm which could call for immediate heavy support. Help was comming.

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As Davian crept closer, Vain unsheathed the other dirk, holding both it and the last incendiary dart in his left hand. Seeing Davian draw a pig sticker, he took time to re-measure this man. Though he had the upper hand, making a mistake would be quite costly due to his opponents speed and skill. If he waited to much longer though the others would either get away or come back for him while they were still fighting. That would sure make things interesting. Vain now started a slow circling patern to his left side. The fight had been one of Vain's best in a long time, he hated to end it so soon, but, there were more important things than keeping a combat high going. Besides, if he ups the ante, and this Davian can match, it would make it all the more interesting.

Vain kept his patience though, and waited until Davians weight was on his left foot. Vain feigned a left strike. Instead though, he made a left handed upward slash at Davian's torso, and made a forward roll to his right, slashing at the back of Davian's left foot's achilles tendon. Vain ended in a low crouch position behind where Davian stood, looking to see what damage was actually inflicted.

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Things did indeed get interesting. Quite a bit of support showed up. This would make things much more difficult, but it was still within the realm of possibility to win. Vain would have to focus on confusing the feilds of fire, and positioning himself so that his enemies would be targeting themselves should they fire at Vain. A couple different strategies seemed to stick out in his mind. That was until Davian spoke again.

 So he was both a man of honor and of mission. He would fight Vain to the death, but still try to ensure the success of the mission even should he fail. A very interesting man. Most would choose one or the other. Alright, I'll take him out and then destroy the rest. Vain repositioned himself into a more suitable guard stance. He could feel the wetness all around him, and the mud on his back. Davian grabbed the machete and motioned for Vain to try and finish the battle. Vain slowly moved in.

"Your move Mr. Davian" Vain said, as he brought up his Dirks to a new position, his right one pointing forward from his waste and the left at a 45 degree angle across his front.
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Disappointed, Davian placed his hands on his hips. he had hoped that he would not move in for the attack again, suddenly he felt a familiar form conealed underneath his clothing on the right side of his hip. Reaching under his shirt, he pulled out a Beretta 92 semi-automatic pistol. He sighed softly and looked to his men which were reforming their positions along with the gunship, covering Vain backside from over twenty feet away. He started to run tows Vain, while firing all of the eleven rounds within the mag and moved in for a swift, low strike at vain's knees with his machete.

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Davian had pulled out a pistol, and began firing upon Vain. Most of the rounds struck Vain in his chest, hitting hard, but never puncturing through his organic vibranium rib cage. Though one hit his shoulder near his neck tearing through the muscle and another grazed across the left side of his torso. It had been a while since Vain had felt any real pain. It was just as wonderful as he had remembered. It distraced him just long enough that he couldn't really avoid the knee strike from Davian's machete. Though he was able to raise one leg in defense, blocking the blow with his shin. The machete, cut through the skin, but all the energy from the blow was absorbed by his enhanced bone structure. More and more Davian was filling him with energy. Vain's healing factor took care of the bleeding quickly, though it would take slightly longer to get full movement of his left arm back. Vain forced the energy to boost his speed for the most part and some to increase his strength. Jumping up Vain aimed his knee right at Davians jaw, and flipping backwards, Vain used his blades to slice at Davian's armpits. The right one with a slow hum of the vibro feature built in, but the left one was without alot of the striking power, due to the damage to Vain's left side. Vain landing in a half kneeling three point position with his left hand braced on the ground and his right horizontal across his view for defense.

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To davian's surprise, he was actually gaining a better position in this battle, most of his bullet had made contact slowing down his opponent and his strike to the leg was a partial success as he cut through the skin only for the blade to be stopped by Vain's bone structure. Looking up, he caught the blunt force of Vain's knee to his jaw knocking him backwards, thankfully missing the strikes of the mysterious weapons that vain weilded. Unlucky for davian's he had landed on what seemed to be a mine placement, he only realised what the metal plate was when it was too late. the detonation sent Davian's flaming body flying into the sky. Landing hard on the ground he couldnt move, if it wasnt for one of his implants, all his bones would have been broken and he'd be a dead man as his support thought.

"Davian's Down! Davian's Down! Open Fire on the target"

The  soldiers started firing at Vain's backside while the Gunship flew around pouring high caliber rounds in the small area. He could hear the screams of anger and fear in the sodiers as they shot at Vain, they had witnessed a glimpse of what this mutant was and it seemed like there would be no end to it.

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Vain watched as Davian tripped a mine. Seeing what remained of Davian blown through the air, Vain quickly took note of the situation. Rounds came pouring in from all directions whilst a gunship started pumping in hot lead from the sky. There was too much firepower for Vain to avoid it all. Vain rolled behind a tree. Quickly he took off all the weights planted in his clothes. He had to make a quick escape and these would just slow him down, and combined with the wounds he had sustained, would bring him down. He shed nearly 3 quarters of a ton from his weights. The gunship though was still tailing him, with round pumping into him. Though most hit him full on in the back, giving him more energy, a single burst tore into his left arm, shredding nearly all the muscle. It hung limp at his side. His accelerated healing, even further accelerated from the kinetic energy being metabolized from the enemies attacks was barely stopping the blood flow. Vain put everything he had into one last burst of speed. He rushed up a small hill and down a slight cliff, and tumbled down the hill into a river. Fortunately, though it looked calm, it was fast flowing underneath, away from the strike force. Vain stayed under as long as he could, only coming up to get a gasp of breath. It was several miles later when he got to a small village. Pulling himself out of the water, he made his way towards Panama from there. This whole thing had been a set up. Was it from his own merc agency, or was it another company trying to take them down? It was time for some answers, and he was going to get them.


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The half-dead Davian had started to get back on his feet when the soldier had come to check on him, believing he was dead. At first he was believed to have been saved by a miracle but since the target had escaped, he would explain his fortune while they waited for new orders. When he cncluded his story to his fellow comrades, he explained to them that it was his last mission as an agent of CSIS, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and he was a free man. from that point, Davian had left the area alone on foot with his gear and his rifle heading in the same direction where Vain had escaped to. Many believed he left because he wanted to finish his task and kill the target Vain, but the truth was that he left to find himself a new place in the world, as a "Superhuman" as many had calld him before.