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Nighthunter started walking around the ICE mansion, walking across the great halls of the inmense mansion until he found the room he was searching for and entered it. Now infront of him Nighthunter saw the training room of the ICE dragons, a place that was equiped and designed to create any possible battle scenario in  a way that made the danger room look like if it had been designed by a 5 years old boy.

Nighthunter went to the computer keyboard and programed it to make the battle scenario like a big rainforest of Africa and then went to the center of the area to prepare himself for the battle he had arranged with his friend and teamate Ronin, putting a few traps to make his opponent have a hard time just to reach him and also preparing his equipment for the fight.

Nighthunter stopped for a second and then formed a smile as he noticed that his opponent had already entered the area, Nighthunter then sat next to a tree and grabbed his sword and gun to prepare himself for when Ronin reached him, knowing that even if Ronin didn't know it he would be ready.

"Suit on" said Nighthunter and then hundreds of nanobots started to appear from his skin and forming a powersuit that gave Nighthunter both extra protection and helped him in many diferent ways when confronting an opponent.