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History of the Elves

Many mythological historians date the birth of the Elves as far back as the creation of the Earth itself. Those who dispute this theory have no real explanation to where they came from. However both groups can agree that the first notable appearance of the Elven people was in Prehistoric Europe. The Elves lived in Europe alongside many other fabled species, their noble disposition and talent for the arcane arts placing them as one of the most intellectual races of the time alongside the hardy Dwarves and fearsome dragons. For millenniums these races lived alongside together in relative harmony, each working together to ensure their own people would grow and thrive. However with the appearance of the modern day man, everything changed. Men proved power hungry by nature, with no value placed in Mother Nature or her inhabitants. Their unrivaled ability to adapt quickly proved threatening to the ancient races of Earth, the dragons quickly killed off while the Dwarves fled to strongholds deep within Earth’s mountain ranges. For many ages after the Elves attempted to live alongside humans, eventually choosing to reside deep within their sacred forest Białowieża. Bialowieża, before becoming the common forest it is today, existed as the most permanent home of the Elven people in Europe. Home to the majority of Elven cities and landmarks, its protective wards concealing its secrets from the rest of the world are still in existence in modern times. As the human reign grew so did the depletion of the Elven people until the few that remain were forced to seek shelter within one of the last Elven sanctuaries left in the Bialowieża Forest: the Elven capital Rivendell.



Rivendell was constructed as the Elven capital since the race very first made Bialowieza Forest their home. Located in the heart of the forest, many who have tried to find it grow insane from traveling through the mysterious and ancient landscape before ever reaching the city. Those who manage to make the journey often find themselves disappointed, not having a strong enough mind to see past the millenniums of protective spells and enchantments designed to conceal the city from the outside world.

Due to their expansive lifespan, Elves tend to possess an unparalleled meticulousness to their work. Thus the architectural design of Rivendell exceeds that of the most marveled human creations. The city itself is built in accordance with the forest it resides in, giving Rivendell an ethereal, otherworldly grace and beauty. While the heart of the city displays roads and buildings similar to those of human metropolitan areas, many of the more traditional Elves take to homes built within the trees of the forest itself, creating smaller communities of Elves who have chosen to live strictly within the confines of the wild.


Even the weakest of Elves is built physically superior to a human. This includes enhanced strength, speed, durability, agility, reflexes, and stamina. They are entirely resistant to poisons and while can be killed through violence, will not die naturally. They also share an innate connection with the Earth and magic, proving to produce the most powerful mages on Earth.

The Elves, by nature, are a prideful race. They take great care to make their heritage as well as physical and intellectual superiority known. However this pride does not include arrogance. Instead the Elves would rather live in secrecy, a trait only fueled by the human’s presence. They take great care to produce only excellence in their working, making the best weapons, armor, jewelry, etc. Traditionally Elves will pursue jobs such as harvesting and gathering, tailoring, blacksmiths, etc.

Sometime around the first appearance of man, many of the Elven people began to change. While they’re physical and mental attributes remained, their appearance began shifting to that of strikingly beautiful humans. Many of these humanoid Elves, sometimes referred to as Altmers, used their human appearance to travel to other parts of the world, settling primarily in South Africa. The Altmer are the only other race the Elves consider worthy of equal respect to their own, due to identical heritage.


High Council Member and Family

Within Rivendell stands the tallest building within the city: Weldenvarden. The extravagant palace serves as the home to the High Council, commonly known as the head of the Elven government. The Council consists of some of the oldest and wisest living Elves, or any Elf who has served to earn a position within the Council. While each member of the High Council has a heavy input it Elven affairs, the government ultimately models that of a monarchy, with the King/Queen making final decisions.

In recent centuries, the High Council has unanimously decided to keep the Elven people as secluded from the outside world as possible. This has provided a serious topic of debate throughout Rivendell; many of its residence believe change is necessary to move forward as a culture. While things remain peaceful for now, the tension between opposing viewpoints on the matter grows steadily.


Although the Elven people see no need for violence and prefer to avoid connections with it, they are not ignorant and have developed groups within their race to fight against any who wish to harm them.

Arcane Wards

The entire Bialowziela Forest is protected by ancient and immutable wards and spells placed by unrivaled mages. These spells are designed to subtle tear at the sanity of any who enter the forest with intent on harming or corrupting the Elven people. Few have proven strong enough to remain sane long enough to reach any of the Elven cities located within the forest, and those who do are treated with great respect for their physical and mental aptitude.

Rivendell Guard and Arch Mage

The Rivendell Guard

While any Elf can choose to practice using weaponry, the Rivendell Guard is regarded as the pinnacle of combat training. Any Elf wishing to join the highly revered must decide to do so at a young age, for training takes many years. This training is unequivocally rigorous, as any wishing to become an official member of the Guard must refine their body as well as mind. Most Rivendell Guard members are equipped with a slender sword to utilize their graceful fighting style as well as a bow for ranged assaults. An untrained Elf has a natural ability to utilize a bow to its full potential; while a Guard trained Elf has maximized this ability to the fullest. Rarely put into use, the Rivendell Guard would prove a fearsome army against the most famed militaries in history.

Arch Mages

Those Elves who choose further study the arcane secrets of their natural magic affinity often aspire to the title of Arch Mage. Rivendell’s Arch Mages have existed for millenniums, before even the formation of the Rivendell Guard, as the undisputed masters of the arcane arts. Before closing themselves from the rest of the world, sorcerers from across the globe would travel to the forest city in hopes of receiving training from the Arch Mages. Before their seclusion, many young Elves would travel to the infamous Phoenix Academy to receive the pinnacle of arcane training; however none have been seen at the school for centuries. Now the Arch Mages remain content with exploring more of Earth’s secrets within their forest, waiting for the day their talents will be called upon to protect their people.

Important Places



Standing as the tallest and most opulent structure within Rivendell, the palace is home to the High Council, their family members, and any ambassadors to the capital. Its creation took the longest to complete, due to unparalleled meticulously which produced a breathtaking work of architecture. Various jewels and stone flow together to create regality that remains obedient to the simple beauty of the forest surrounding it. Its southern end is built into the waterfalls of Rivendell, enhancing its presence in comparison to the other buildings of the city.

College of Elenwen

College of Elenwwn

College of Elewen is the headquarters for the Arch Mages. Originally built into one of the largest trees (founded by an illustrious mage by the name of Elewen) near the city, over time and influence of magic practice and architectural advancements it has become a medium sized school built directly into the vegetation. After completing training at the Phoenix Academy, only the invited were sent to further their arcane training at the College of Elenwen. Here the Arch Mages explored the undiscovered of the arcane world while training their successors. The College is one of Earth’s center mystic energy points.

Summerset Barracks

Summerset Barracks

Within the cliffs of the Summerset Waterfalls on which Weldervarden is built upon exists the Summerset Barracks. Here is the headquarters of the Rivendell Guard. While none of the Guards training or meetings commences within the underground Barracks, it is where their weapons are held as well as their sleeping quarters. While Elves prefer to stay within the forests, any necessary evacuation is executed throuugh a series of underground tunnels all leading from the Summerset Barracks and ending in various locations throughout Bialowieza. Any meetings, dining, or other Guard affairs take place on the ground level where a series of formidable yet elegant buildings stand at the front of the city.

Phoenix Academy

Before the Elves seclusion in Bialowieza Forest, almost every young mage was eager to travel to Rome to study at the Phoenix Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Founded by the Altmer who originally traveled to South Africa, the people of Rivendell hold the Academy in the highest respect. Unknown to anyone but the Phoenix Academy Headmistresses (Enchantress), a sorceress whose lineage in famous in both Elven and human history, and her most trusted associates, there is still communications between the ancient city and the Academy. For this reason and other the Academy is often considered the bridge between the modern world and Bialowieza Forest.


  1. Standard CVnU Rules apply
  2. The city and race is designed to be a secret from the rest of the world, but for sake of stories, you can discover it. However you must sell the journey there as well as some explanation as to how you subdued the Elves into allowing you to stay.
  3. Try and limit any NPCing of the Guard or Mages
  4. Sell the Guards and Mages
  5. Enjoy
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Standing on one of Weldervarden's highest balconies, Amora looked out over the city, the moonlight shining through the towering trees to create unnaturally enchanting shadows throughout Rivendell. A warm summer breeze, the only season Bialowieza Forest experienced, tossed her hair lightly into the air as she turned around to head back into her quarters for bed. Closing the French door-styled entryway behind her, she delicately removed the lace lingerie with garter she had been wearing to slip into the soft white sheets of her bed, quickly slipping into a blissful sleep.

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