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Place: New York, Alley Way

Time: Night

Weather: Rain

A cold dark night set the tone, A hellfiery figure sat patiently atop his harley davidson as the rain battered on his head. The rain did'nt even extinquish his flames as he sat, He was thinking, pondering, and waiting for his oppenent Risky to arrive.

The man slowly stepped off his bike as he put up the kick stand and unsheathed a motorcycle chain that was coiled around his motorcycle jacket.

As he held it is hands, It glowed with Hellfire. He gripped it tighter as the rain beat harder.

"Are you ready Risky? Let's Waltz"

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Rain poured down on her as if the heavens themselves cried. With her hat drawn deep into her face and the trenchcoat shielding her off from the rain she stepped into the alley where she would meet Midnight Lantern. Her opponent had already arrived it seemed. Even from afar she could see the flames waver and grow when he grabbed his chain. Normally this would not mean much to her, his blazing skull would just be another target in the scope of her sniper rifle...

But this was a different issue. This one was a issue of honour. They had been team mates for a short while and even the fact that they didn't make it to get to know each other better would not change that. She was not here to kill him. She only intended to hurt him a bit, teach him a lesson. Teach him humility. All of her weapons were loaded with highly fire resistant rubber bullets. Not deadly but painful nonetheless. The only exception were the two little surprises she had packed in her favourite sawed off. The reason for this was his bad talking about her new team, the Wildcardz. A mercenary team is always dependend on it's reputation and they couldn't let him go with that without showing everyone he was wrong. And Risky would be the woman to do so. Many others would have felt fear as the flaming figure of Midnight Lantern turned towards them, his hollow eyesockets concentrating on them and burning with a dark inner flame. She was not like everyone else. The adrenaline body produced on that sight that made others to flee just let her enjoy the oncoming fight more. No running, no hiding as Midnight Lantern was so used to... It made her go on.

A lighting flashed as she entered the alley to confront the Hellrider. His jaw clapped on and off as he spoke his challenge

"Are you ready Risky? Let's Waltz"

"Hope you still know the steps, Lantern!"

The two combatants focused on each other violence hanging between them like an invisible veil. None of the two could say what held them off for the first few seconds when they began to judge each other. Risky herself was impressed. She had heard a lot about the intimidating presence of the burning skull but it was a totally different thing to meet him toe to toe.

Her fingers got busy under her trenchcoat and tried to reach the smoke grenades at her belt without betraying anything to Midnight Lantern. The tension was at it's pinacle now.The violence was now more than a simple promise. It was a certainty.

Suddenly the signal came. They had not talked about one but when it came both warriors were in unisolo about it. As the next lightning tore through the dark starless nightsky Risky brought her hands back from under her trenchcoat and hurled two smoke grenades at once at Midnight Lantern hoping he would fall for it...

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The rain was hard, The tension between the two was harder, As Risky walked onto the scene, She made sure her presence was known. The cavernous eye sockets blazed with fire and went down into his soul, Telling a tale of a young boy and his ascent into a babtism of blaze.

Lightning and thunder clashed as Midnight made his challenge known, "Are you Risky? Lets Waltz" His hollow jaw snapped.

Risky responded with a quick "I hope you still know the steps Lantern"

"Hmmm, I like em' Feisty" ML under his cold hellish breath.

As Midnight said this, The violence and fire in both their eyes was brimming to the top. Anger boiling, Bloodshed was for certain and it was guaranteed, Hell was to be unleashed tonight.

Risky and Midnight only cut looks at each other, circling each other and taking their time to know their combatant. Slowly Risky's fingers went to work under her long coat, Trying to rip the smoke grenades off their holsters on her belt. and as the lightning once again began to tear itself through the blackened night, This was a signal like the drums of war.

The gloves were off as Risky threw the smoke bombs into the night air, only hoping that Midnight would fall for such an attack.

Each of the grenades hit and a thick grey fog covered the air, The rider waved his hands and coughed alittle trying to cut the smoke.

But a plan slowly formed in his head.......

Midnight held tight to his chain as he spun around with it, Trying to both attack his enemy and cut the fog if possible.

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The grenades were off and reached the ground. That was good. What was bad was that Midnight Lantern's chain was coming right towards her. She had not thought of such a quick reaction but that wasn't a hindrance for it to come. And she had to dodge it quick. The only thing she could think of was a quick backflip. As she brought her body back she thought

Oh man, this thing is coming too fast. It's...

The chain rushed over her face as she was in the mid of her backflip. Although she had feared it at first it didn't hit her. But it came near enough that she could see every flaming link of it as it passed only milimeters over her face. The immense heat almost bruned her face and she doubted if it was a good idea to use nonlethal weapons but he had to live on to tell the story. No one could insult the Wildcarz and go on unpunished.

There were times to think and times to act. Instinct took over as she rolled the backflip off. Lantern's chainswinging would soon dissipate the smoke coming from her grenades but now he managed to get the smoke even higher in the air. For the next precious moments it would form an almost impenetrable wall for sight before it would disappear. Almost.

The world reached a new quality as she donned the infrared goggles. The little heat signatures of cats and mices were fleeing the alley as they feared this battle. But in the middle of the alley there stood a big glowing signature. This could only be Midnight Lantern. At least for a moment she was invisible to him while he wasn't done with his chainswinging which meant an almost priceless advantage for her. While unrolling from the backflip she reached for her holster and drew her IMI Mark XIX Desert Eagle .50 Express. she usually disliked handguns that big but it seemed the perfect choice to stop a creature from hell. The weapon almost sprang out of her hand as she fired two highly fire resistant rubber bullets towards his knees.