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First off, this is an IC only board. Please do not post unless you are playing. Out of character comments, questions or what have you should be posted here.

For those in play, the top part of a post will be the story elements. In a separate paragraph, and preferably in italics feel free to post the mechanical parts of your post.

An example.

Biff Barbarian, ducks under the blade of the Orc swinging his great-axe with all his might. Bone and meat were split in a gory crunch as the blade made contact.


Biff's armor class is 14 so that roll of 8 from the orc didn't hit. The orc's AC of 10 was below Biff''s attack roll of 17. Biff hit for 13 points of damage. The orc is at 3 HP.

End mediocre example.

And with that, Let's begin.


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4707 AR.

Along the Western shores of Varisia, on the Lost Coast nestled against the Varisian Gulf was the town of Sandpoint. Built around the ancient Thassilonian tower known as "the Old Light" the town had grown over it's four decades of existence into a relatively pleasant town mostly free from danger.

The 22nd Day of Rova. Sunday Afternoon.

Sandpoint is planning to celebrate the Swallowtail Festival today and continue through tomorrow, Moonday. Armed men from Magnimar, roughly fifty miles Southwest augment the dozen or so members of the Sandpoint guard. But today there seems to be little trouble.

Mayor Kendra Deverin welcomed everybody to town as she ran over her brief welcoming speech. Sheriff Belor Hemlock warned everybody to stay out of trouble if they wanted to stay out of the holding cells. The third speaker and local nobleman Lonjiku Kaijitsu wasn't able to speak due to a sudden illness that kept him from attending the festival. Luckily Cyrdak Drokkus, owner of the Sandpoint Theater is on hand to explain the festival is extra special this year, with the new cathredral being built after the old had burned down just five years prior. Drokkus also takes the moment to promote his new production of "The Harpy's Curse" starring none other then the diva, Allishanda! Finally the head cleric, Father Zantus comes up to speak offering a quick prayer before officially declaring the celebration underway.

Numerous games are taking place including sack races, weight lifting challenges, boasting contests and a the local favorite "Bean a Goblin" Of course the Goblin is a troupe performer dressed up as one of the foul beasts.

Stalls sell food, drink, trinkets and snacks. The local taverns are selling everything from the Rusty Dragon's curry spiced salmon to the Hagfish's lobster chowder and the White Deer's peppercorn venison.

Kids are playing, adults are enjoying the last warmth of the season and it seems that Sandpoint is the happiest place is all of Golarian.


Any players who want to actually play these games, feel free to inquire.

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Izabel drew her cloak around her shoulders, exhaling a small breath. Despite being the last warmth of the season, the sorceress felt a small chill inside her bones, though she was easily able to ignore it. Embrace the lack of heat in her barely-living body, as it were.

The white-haired, pallid-skinned witch had wandered into town just two nights past, and remarkably had met with little resistance or distaste. Her lack of apparent weaponry caused people to be more comfortable right away, and due to the festival even her exotic appearance and plentiful tattoos marked her as a performer or foreigner, rather than a possible menace. It was better this way, she mused -- she meant these folk no harm, and perhaps if she established her presence during this time of merriment she could find a sort of acceptance before wanderlust inevitably gripped her once more.

Her soft, toeless black boots shuffled across the cobblestone as she observed site upon site, drinking in the games and the festivities and the... the energy. It nauseated her slightly, made her stomach tense -- the same feeling a normal human might get upon wandering into a cemetery or crime scene. She ignored it, as she had learned to do so long ago. This was a time for fun, not dwelling upon her own uniqueness.

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Bailey Kaer trudged into town weary from road North along the Lost Coast. The sounds and smells of fun carried far and the archer decided this was a most excellent place to stop and rest. An added bonus was setting up camp would be infinitely easier when it consisted of locking a door rather then setting up booby traps and praying that he didn't set them off when he got up to pee.

Bailey nodded greetings to the gate guards and after a few minutes of good natured joking got directions to an inn with a spare room (and at half price for a good adventurer story as the Rusty Dragon advertised he'd make out like a bandit!) and made his way there. Winking at a few comely lasses, the trip through town didn't seem all that bad. The scenery was quite pleasant.

Shortly thereafter a gear dump that found his armor,bow, backpack and quiver in the safety of the Rusty Dragon, Bailey found himself back outside, wondering where to begin. Chicken legs? Bread with butter? That attractive brunette giving him a once over?

If people said one thing about Bailey Kerr it was that he was incorrigible. He might as well live up to the title.

Ok, used the barmaid for the brunette Bailey is going to run a line on. Diplomacy check. Starting attitude is indifferent. That gives her a DC of 16. If he makes her friendly, I have no clue if I'll use to my advantage, but I wanted to roll something and show how the mechanics should work.

Roll 14+1 Diplomacy=15. And a fail. Failure by 1-4 has no change on her attitude. So she'll remain indifferent. D'oh!

Tune in next time for Bailey and the declining brunette!

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Swing... and a miss.

Izzy let out a soft chuckle as she watched the archer swagger confidently to a festival girl, and watched that swagger slowly get less and less confident as the brunette began to increasingly think of him as just a friend. The barmaid was cute in a human way -- not, perhaps, the sort of beauty that songs would be written about, but few possessed such.

"Better luck next time, perhaps?" the warlock purred softly. Her accent was implacable for the most part; it suggested a life of travel from a young age, exposure to various cultures. A stewpot of influences.

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"So.I have some Old law Whiskey in my room. We could have a fine time." Bailey poured a smile over his pickup attempt as he awaited the brunette's answer. She smiled a bit as she replied. "Well if I don't drink with you that's twice the amount you'll have to drink to help you get over me." And as Bailey tried and failed to think up a retort she walked off.

Of course somebody else had to notice! Better luck next time? "Well, I hope they don't all do that." Bailey shrugged and looked to Izzy. "I get by. So are you enjoying the festival? And do you want a drink because I sure as a halflings uncle do. "

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"I don't always... react well to it," the pale girl said, tilting her head briefly. "But if you're buying, I'd certainly take one." Izzy allowed herself a small smirk and stretched out, folding her loose, tattered robes around her. The only decently-made thing the girl was wearing was her leather choker, which was honestly a work of beauty.

"The festival is... nice, so far. Or perhaps quaint would be more fitting. Certainly not as decadent as some of the ones I've seen; then again, it's a good deal more hospitable too, I'd say."

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Well criminy, somebody to drink with! Bailey turned to a stall and ordered the drinks as he listened to Izzy's halfhearted praise of the festival. "The lady will have a 'Damsel in Distress' and I'll have a shot of whiskey and a mug of Barley Stout if you have it, local ale if not." With a wink and an exchange of coin for the drinks, Bailey shot back the whiskey before picking up the mugs and turning back to his newest friend.

"White wine and pomegranites. You'll like it." Bailey raised his mug in toast. "In honor of the Drunken Hero, Cayden Cailean." Taking a sip Bailey replied at last to Izzy's comment. I agree. It's nice but a festival for Desna is not going to be as much fun as a festival for ol' Cayden or as raunchy as one for Calistria. Never before have I seen so many nak-"


At just that moment a terribly loud crack like thunder is heard and then random people begin screaming. A yelp is heard as a dog near Izzy and Bailey falls down in a pool of blood. Just what in the Nine Hells is going on!?


Ok. Roll a perception check DC is 12. Also roll initiative just to save time.

Bailey rolls a 8+9 perception=17 Success!

Init roll 15+9=24

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The pale girl arched a brow, sipping from her drink with an expression of slight indignity. She opened her mouth to say something about her ability to order for herself, until she realized that the drink was on Bailey's tab. Besides, it was actually pretty good, and--

Her half-opened mouth was put to use in her sudden exclamation. "Infinite Layers of the Abyss--!" she yelped out, and within moments her black-nailed, tattooed hands began to glow with a hazy, smoky aura, charging with some sort of sinister power that came from within and didn't need to be summoned by words or gestures -- the girl was a walking artillery.

Perception check -- 15 + 4 = 19, success :D

Initiative -- 13 + 4 = 17, not bad! :D

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Shrill scratchy voices rung out, many in a ethnic tongue neither Bailey or Izzy knew, and some in Common. It was a wicked little ditty to be sure.

"Goblins chew and Goblins bite. Goblins cut and Goblins fight. Stab the dog and gut the horse, Goblins eat and take by force! Goblins race and Goblins jump. Goblins slash and Goblins bump. Burn the skin and mash the head, Goblins here and you be dead! Chase the baby, catch the pup. Bonk the head to shut it up. Bones be cracked, flesh be stewed, We be Goblins! You be Food!"

Goblins leapt out of a wagon that had been covered. They came from in between buildings and from the rooftops. They came out of the damn woodwork. Those Goblins on the roof leapt off, a lucky few even taking down human enemy in the drop. Others got distracted by the food stalls and began stuffing food into their leather armor for later. A few were using torches to light stalls, buildings townspeople and even each other on fire! The majority of them began attacking random people, and their sudden appearance even seemed to have them besting many of the guardsmen.

Six of the bunch seemed to be making a beeline toward Izzy and Bailey with a trailing seventh Goblin war chanter singing that disturbingly catchy Goblin song on repeat.

Init Goblins 16, Goblin War Chanter 7

Turn order is Bailey, Izzy, Goblins 1-6 and then War Chanter Goblin.

War Chanter AC 18, Touch 15, Flat footed 14 HP 9

Goblin AC 16 Touch 13 Flat footed 14 Hp 6

"Sweet Barleybrew!" Bailey exclaimed as he noticed Izzy's glowing fists o' doom. Just when you thought you knew a person. At any rate the Goblins were the obvious enemy and here the archer didn't have his bow on him. Good thing he had a Katana at his hip. Pulling it from it's scabbard he rushed at the Goblins and planted his blade in the throat of the nearest Goblin with a hearty thrust. The Goblin collapsed, dark blood pooling around his twitching body as the others prepared to retaliate.

Round 1.

Goblins have 30 feet between themselves and our heroes.

Bailey makes a move action and draws his sword as a free action during this movement. He then attacks Goblin 2.

15+7+2 charge=24 vs flat foot AC of 14. Hit.

Roll of 7+4+6 sneak attack due to the Goblin being flat footed=17 damage. Goblin falls with -11 HP. Bailey has an AC of 13 for a round due to the charge.

Six goblins and war chanter remain.

S=Stalls, W=Wagons. Goblins are numbered from left to right, top to bottom.

Map is ugly, but meh.

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Hazy, brass-colored eyes began to fog up slightly as the dhampir girl focused her mind and her energy. There was a small chill just around her as she called upon the dark, sick energy of her bloodline, and she began to chant. "Sal ka'esk..." she began, her body shaking slightly. "Moroll'han esk ayl-alnath... sara'han: Dass."

The heinous power of the Word burst forth from her, creating a thin ripple through the air as it advanced, finding its target unerringly. There was no way to resist it, no way to withstand it. No way to do anything but feel the agony that the creature deserved. The war chanter began to twitch as he was assaulted by the dark spell.

Casting Power Word: Pain on the Goblin War Chanter.

He'll be taking it for 4d4 rounds: 3+3+2+4=12 rounds.

For the first round, he shall be suffering a most delicious and succulentiful 5 points of damage on mah d6.

Awwww yeah.

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The Goblins shrieked and snarled as they were met with spell and steel. Two ran from the group at Izzy one swinging their Horsechopper blade with deadly intent. The second hung back a little waiting for an opening. A third swung at Bailey and found it's blade parried by his own as two more attempted to flank him so that they could kill him all the more swiftly. Both blades lashed out and Bailey dodged as best he could though steel nipped at his skin and drew blood. The Warchanter continued it's bardic performance as it obviously tries to cast a spell. However Izzy's word of pain is too much and the Warchanter gives up on doing anything but guzzling down a greenish hued potion.

Goblin 1 swings at Bailey. 8+3=11 vs AC of 13. Miss.

Goblin 2 will attempt to stabilize. 9+1 Con=10 vs DC 21. Fails. Drops to -12 HP and dies.

Goblin 3 charges 35 feet in a straight line and attacks Izzy.16+3+2 charge =21 vs AC 14. Hits. 2+1=3 damage.

Izzy has 11 HP left.

Goblin 4 follows the goblin staying just a bit behind. It saves it's attack action as a readied action (if Izzy moves into melee range it will set off the readied action which is a melee attack. )

Goblin's 5-6 will both move to flank and attack Bailey. 13+3+2 flank=18 vs AC of 13 Hit 1+1=2 damage, 12+3+2 flank=17 another hit. 3+1=4 damage.

Bailey is down to 28 HP

The warchanter will continue bardic performance as a free action. It will also use a standard action to attempt to cast cure light wounds on itself. First it must make a DC 16 concentration check to do so due to the pain/damage it is taking from Izzy's word of pain. Con check 7+1 caster level +1 cha=9 Fail. Spell fizzles. Uses move action to then drink a potion of cure light wounds.Is healed 8+1=9 Hp Can't go above max HP so Warchanter is at 11.

. Almost quicker then the eye can follow, Bailey's blade sings and first fall one, then two Goblins. Throats opened up and blood spraying out as little feet stamp against the cobblestones in some ridiculous temper tantrum against death. With this Katana before him, Bailey takes a quick step back and looks over his shoulder to see how Izzy fares.

Bailey uses a Ki point to get an extra attack at full BAB. He then attempts to attack Goblin 5. 19+7=26 vs AC 16. Hit. Attack was a Critical Threat. Confirm roll 7+7=14 vs AC of 16. Critical unconfirmed. Damn. Deals 5+4=9 damage. Goblin 5 falls at -3 HP. Bailey then swings on Goblin 6. 13+7=20 vs AC 16. Hit. Deals 7+4=11 Damage. Goblin 6 falls at -5 HP Bailey then 5 foot steps back from Goblin 1.

Little white X's mean a character has moved. Full grey X's are for the dead and dying.

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Sssst. The witch-girl drew in a sharp, pained breath as a blade dug into her. It didn't do much serious damage but it was definitely enough to sting, and a trickle of slightly-too-thin, slightly-too-dark blood began to leak from her pierced shoulder. So much for proper use of Mage Armor before a battle began, but she had always been a reckless one... spending precious time to set up barriers seemed cowardly.

A small smirk crossed her face when she saw the warchanter lose focus, desperately gulping down a potion -- likely his only one. Good thing that the spell wouldn't wear off until he was dead, no matter what he did.

Still, she had other problems to deal with, like the sudden rush of goblins. The man she had spoken to seemed to be doing well for himself -- quite well -- so she decided not to worry too much about him. She took a quick step to the side, away from the goblin who had shown the insolence to pierce her pale, tattooed skin. There was another small, hazed effect over her eyes as she called out another incantation; though this time her hands moved along with it, beginning to flash with power.

Seconds later, a pair of bolts sizzled forth. They looked... unsettling, in a way. Like a pair of long, ghostly hands, stretched and distorted, and reaching forth unerringly with gashing claws and yanking fingers. They launched themselves at the goblin who had dared touch her... and ripped him apart.

Five foot step to the side (to the "right" on your map).

Pair of Magic Missiles on the front goblin, dealing 2d4+2 -- 8 points of damage, dropping his punk ass.

Meanwhile, Power Word: Pain continues to do its thing for another 6 points (woo!).

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The Goblin Izzy tore at with her ethereal claws screamed as flesh was torn and organ and blood covered the cobblestones. Then he fell silent as his broken form collapsed for the last time. A Goblin leapt from a rooftop a reasonable distance from Izzy, howling as he and his blades came for her heart. Sadly the Goblin had jumped at a target too far from his perch and a crunch was heard as his skull rebounded off of the ground. Crazy little Goblins.

The one Izzy had not killed looked back at the War chanter then to Izzy. It was only a split second hesitation before he stepped past his fallen brethren and waved his dog slicer at her with violent intent.

The Goblin that was nearest Bailey rushed to keep on top of the young man, swinging madly and with furious resolve. Though his weapon is mostly deflected, the tip snags on Bailey's thigh.

The War chanter continued to chant, voiced deeper from the searing agony it was obviously going through. It still managed to point at finger at Bailey and speak some nonsensical words of power. It waved a feather in the air that it quickly produced from it's bag for some reason. Bailey looks at the Warchanter confused then chuckles. He wipes at his eye as he begins to laugh harder. Then all of the sudden he finds himself lying on the ground unable to breathe he is laughing so damned hard.

Goblin 1 swings at Bailey. 16+3=19 Hit. 4+1=5 damage. Bailey is at 23 HP

Goblin 2 is DEAD.

Goblin 3 needs to make a DC 12 save to stabilize. 10+1 Con=11 failed. Down to -3 HP.

Goblin 4 will move and attack Izzy. 11+3=14 Hit. 1+1=2 damage. Izzy is at 9 HP.

Goblin 5 needs to make a DC 13 save to stabilize. 3+1=4 failed Down to -4 HP

Goblin 6 needs to make a DC 15 save to stabilize. 6+1=7 failed. Down to -6 HP

Warchanter is at 5 HP. Concentration check DC 17 16+1 caster level +1 cha=18 Success. Casts Hideous Laughter at Bailey. Will DC 12 to resist. Bailey rolls a 5+1 will=6 Fail. Bailey falls prone laughing.

Bailey spends his turn prone, laughing.

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Izzy steps to the side with a sigh of exasperated roar, weaving and bouncing out of the way as the little goblin nicks at her, drawing blood from her delicate skin once more. The sound of the war chanter's anguish finally bringing him to the grave is music to her ears, however, and spurs her on for more spellcasting -- another pair of magic missiles that launch themselves at the goblin who touched her. The stretched, clawed hands each grab at one of the critter's jaws, yanking in opposite directions until its foul head bursts.

I'm getting really lucky with my PWP damage. Six points putting the war chanter down.

Magic missile for six points.

Five foot step to the left.

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The Goblin that had been harrying Bailey didn't attack. Once the Warchanter fell silent he glanced over his shoulder to see she had indeed fallen. Fear now prompted the Goblin to run for his life. Taking a controlled step away from the human he was planning to stab, he turns and runs away. He doesn't get too far when a city guard clotheslines him with an axe, removing his head.

Even with it's head torn asunder, the crazy little Goblin that is attacking Izabel doesn't realize it should fall down and swings at her again. The attack was horribly wide and had no chance to hit her. The Goblin's body finally took the hint and collapsed face down, Blackish blood pooling around it's head. The war chanter also collapsed, it's inspirational chanting now nothing but hellacious screams.

Bailey rises, the magic induced bout of laughter over. He looks to Izzy and half smiles. "Thanks for scaring that last one off!" He then quickly scans the battlefield and notes the warchanter has a bow and quiver on her back. He rushes over to remove the equipment as he calls out to Izzy. "You feeling up to routing that group over there?" Bailey nods in the direction of a Goblin mounted on some rat looking dog beast and his flunkies who seem be terrorizing a handsome well dressed man and his dog.

Goblin 1 withdraws from combat because his morale is broken with the removal of the War chanter. Goblin uses the withdraw action so Bailey doesn't get an attack of opportunity. NPC guard kills him and then uses a coup de gras action to ensure he is dead the next round.

Goblin 3 needs to make a DC13 con save to stabilize 9+1=10. Failed. down to -4 HP.

Goblin 4 is staggered. He makes an attack action that causes him to lose a hit point. Falls at -1 HP 8+3=11 vs AC 14. Miss. Izzy still at 9 HP.

Goblin 5 needs to make a DC 14 con save to stabilize. 10+1=11 Fail. -5 HP

Goblin 6 needs to make a DC 16 con save to stabilize. Natural 1. Auto fail. -7 HP

War chanter needs to make a DC 11 con save to stabilize. But can't make the check as it's taking constant damage from the Word of Pain. -1 HP

Bailey remains at 23 HP He uses a move action to stand from prone. Free action for a passive perception check to notice the bow and arrows on the war chanter. DC 0 for visible creature+2 for 25 feet of distance=DC 2. Success "Taking 10" 10+9=19. Bailey uses another move action to move to the war chanter. The short bow will be inappropriately sized and thus bailey will take a -2 to his attack rolls. He'll also only do 1d4 base damage.

Goblin 2 dead

Goblin 1 dead via NPC.

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Izzy cracked her neck to the side, briefly folding her arms and glancing to the archer. Why did she always get into these sorts of situations? Did it follow her, like a sort of solitary storm cloud? Was it her fault, or did she simply have a knack for finding it where it was? She furrowed her brow and offered a stern nod. She was running rather low on actual spells, and she'd be relying on her less-powerful eldritch blasts before too long. She'd be okay, probably -- these goblins appeared to be simple foes, without little to no actual organization or leadership. Attacking their central members had caused the entire group to scatter like rats, and the witch-girl liked it that way.

She rushed to meet up with Bailey; her long, tattooed legs showing remarkable pace and her form showing an even more surprising degree of grace. She began to speak under her breath, her hands working furiously as soon as she caught up. She was casting another spell, though the target of this one was Izabel herself -- Mage Armor.

Pain Word deals 6 points of damage to the war chanter (why am I rolling so well on that? I've gotten nothing but 5's and 6's, I swear I'm not cheating)

Move action to catch up with Bailey, standing right behind him.

Standard action to cast Mage Armor for a +4 to my AC.

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Bailey hooks the quiver over his shoulder as he looks at the man in blue finery hiding behind a barrel. The man's dog is barking and nipping at the Goblin commando but stops as the commando's blade severs it's throat.. The dying dog drops to the ground while the Goblins seem to grow more confident, preparing to exact a grisly fate upon the terrifed noble.

"They don't see us. I'm going to shoot the leader. You keep doing....whatever it is you are doing." Bailey winked at Izzy as he crouched and made ready to move up to attack. An arrow nocked and ready to be loosed upon the goblin horde.

Bailey uses a full round action to remove the quiver from the dead goblin, toss it over his shoulder's and nock an arrow.

Rolling init for next fight. PC's get to go in surprise round. goblin's do not.

Bailey 4+9 init=13

Goblin Commando 6+3 init=9

Goblin1 7+3 init=9 Commando goes first by virtue of being the boss.

Goblin 2 3+3 init=6

Goblin 3 10+3 init=13 Bailey goes first due to higher dex.

And the dead and dying...

Goblins 1-2 dead.

Goblin 3 DC 14 stabilization check. 13+1=14 Success. Stable at -4 HP

Goblin 4 DC 11 stabilization check. 13+1=14 Success. Stable at -1 HP

Goblin 5 DC 15 stabilization check. 17 +1=18 Success Stable at -5 HP

Goblin 6 DC 17 stabilization check. 12+1=13 Fail. -8 HP

War chanter can't make check due to constant damage. -7 HP

Misc OOC

I hate maps. Needed evil but so much work for such ugliness.

Note, we generally don't bother checking this stabilization for unnamed npc's round by round and I am curious how many would live. Since I'm not on a clock I'm testing. I may decide not to bother after this point. For the next segment of the battle, I'll be reusing goblin numbers. Don't worry. Dying goblin 1 isn't back from the dead.

Also, can you link to Izzy's chara sheet on this page? I have to go to the other thread to look it up. As a matter of fact I'm thinking that a link per page of this thread may be a decent idea. Keep bouncing back and forth to a minimum.

Lastly if you beat Bailey's init this time, feel free to act as it is the surprise round as part of your next post.

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Izzy focused, starting to summon up her internal energy once more. Why in the world were there so many goblins? Had they slipped past the city's defenses to quickly and easily, for there to be this number of them in the streets themselves?

She was running low on spells -- only two left -- so she'd have to make sure to utilize them well and save them for exactly when she needed them. Fortunately, she herself was an arcane artillery that never ran out, even if her reserve blasts weren't quite as powerful or efficient as her actual spells. The damphir wound up her body like she was throwing a physical ball and cast forth a dark, stretching bolt of pure, deathly energy at one of the side goblins .

1 point of damage from Pain to the war chanter. *shrug*

Init: 3 + 4 = 7. Poop.

But, hey, surprise round, so --

Eldritch blast! Too far away, so no point blank shot, but: 5 + 5 = 10 (ranged touch, I think it still misses because of the goblin's small size). Targeting the gobby on the top (to the far right)

in case it does hit (unlikely with such a piss-poor roll) damage is 5

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Bailey held up the small short bow and adjusted as best as he could for the size. He drew back the bowstring until the bow flexed into strain. Estimating for distance and wind he let loose the arrow. It went wide to the left, clanking and breaking as it hit the side of a building. "Damned Goblin bow!" Bailey hissed.

Hopefully Izzy would do better. As it was the Goblin horde had been run off and defeated as a whole. A few pockets of resistance jeopardized citizens like the man in the blue overcoat. Bailey didn't want the weight of that death on his conscience.

Bailey uses an attack action and shoots at the commando from within first range increment. Too far for sneak attack damage though the baddie is flat footed.

Natural 1. Automatic miss.

Not updating map as no movement was made.

Be sure to keep up with Word of Pain damage.

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"Ladies and gentlemen, an archer to rival the elves themselves," Izzy snarked, then stopped to giggle. "That rhymes. 'Elves themselves.' Hehehe." She snorted and shook her head lightly, now showing almost unrealistic confidence with her Mage Armor in place, despite the burning sensation in her few small wounds. She then curled up and whipped out another eldritch blast at her last target, which missed wide and smashed Bailey's wayward arrow into bits.

Her giggling paused slightly. "Maybe we should get closer."

NATURAL 1. WTF. Automatic miss on the eldritch blast.

PWP however, does 6 points.

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Bailey looked at Izzy after she called out his lackluster shot. His expression pretty much spoke for itself. 'Can you do better?' Here he was using a bow sized for a big headed but small bodied goblin and life and limb depended on his accuracy. Bailey watched as the sorcerer chucked a magical effect at his arrow, destroying the existence of his miss.

"Yeah. We should get closer. Also, I don't know if the God's are showing you humility or if we both bit off more then we can chew." A small smirk found itself on Bailey's lips as he added "I'm guessing it's the first one."

Without waiting on a reply, the archer quickly skulked forward to where he could get a better shot, the dumb goblins not yet taking advantage of the sad exploits of our heroes. Drawing back on his bowstring again, Bailey lets loose an arrow that embeds itself into the skull of the Goblin Commando. It falls off of it's mount landing face first on the ground.

A second arrow is nocked nearly faster then the eye can follow and Bailey puts this one into the chest of a Goblin turning to see what had killed it's boss. It goes down too. Bailey was compensating pretty well for the crummy bow, and shot off another arrow, this one taking out the Commando's mount by embedding itself into the goblin dog's neck. Bailey shot off one more arrow, this one somehow missing the gigantic Goblin head it was meant for. You can't win em' all.

Bailey moves closer and shoots at the commando, rapid shot+deadly aim. 18+7-2=23 vs Flat footed AC of 14 Hit. At this range Sneak attack damage is a go. 6+7+6 sneak atk= 19 damage. Commando falls at -7 HP

Second attack with rapid shot+deadly aim is at Goblin 1 10+7-2=15 vs flatfooted AC of 14. Hit. Sneak Attack is a go at this range

3+7+1 sneak attack=11 damage. Goblin falls at -5.

Bailey uses his last Ki point to get an additional attack at his highest attack bonus. Using Rapid Shot and Deadly Aim. The Goblins are too far out to hit with Sneak attack, but the dog isn't. Bailey goes for the dog and Goblin 2.

12+7-2=17 vs Flat footed AC of 11 Hit. Sneak Attack!

8+7+3 sneak attack =18. Goblin dog falls at -9 HP

Second attack with rapid shot+deadly aim at Goblin 2 6+7-2=11 vs Flat footed AC of 14. Miss. Damnit!

Bailey has fifteen arrows left for his small stupid Goblin bow.

One of the remaining Goblins' rushed at the Archer who had thinned his numbers down to nearly nothing, blade ready to take the archers head off. Thankfully the Goblin stumbles and nearly faceplants, his windmilling arms being as close to as an attack as he makes.

Goblin rolls a nat 1. Miss!

Also, the warchanter died. Let's take a moment of silence...

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Izzy tapped one finger to her chin, tilting her head before extending the same finger. Bailey seemed to be amazingly efficient with a bow (embarrassingly so), but with a goblin nipping at his heels, he'd end up having to compensate for his shot. The witch-girl decided to be a good samaritan and cast one of her few remaining spells; another Magic Missile. The pair of arm-like bolts screamed out to clutch and tear at the goblin who had just stumbled, bringing an end to his already-bad day.

Magic Missile does 8 points. :D Izzy then holds her position behind Bailey, figuring he'll take out the next goblin easily enough since he seems to be a badass.

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The last standing Goblin watches as tendrils of magical force tore his fellow apart. He hissed and perhaps due to bravado or stupidity he charged straight for the woman who seemed to be able to command forces beyond his ken. As he passed the Archer, the man tried to snag him and failed, the green skinned Goblin easily bypassing the attempt. Drawing an arrow, Bailey attempts to shoot it before it can harm his scary magic using new friend. Sadly the arrow zips low, clipping the ground and hurting no one. Bailey quickly draws again and fires, this arrow punching through the back of the Goblins' head, the arrowhead pushing through the squishy eye. It stands for a moment, arm raised to hurt Izzy then buckled forward face down in the dirt.

Bailey looked around and didn't see any living Goblins about. It seemed the threat was over. With an easy smile Bailey sauntered over to Izabel. "Looks like we make a decent team. I've got to say that you are one I wouldn't want to meet on a battlefield." After a few moments of converation the man in the blue jacket ran to our heroes, grabbing Bailey's hand and pumping it hardily. He then would attempt to kiss Izabel's hand. "I'm Aldern Foxglove! Oh thank you for saving me! I thought I was a goner!" Foxglove seemed to go on an on Bailey just giving a "Uh. Um. Yeah. You're welcome." in the moments that Foxglove stopped to breathe.

The town around them seemed to be catching it's breath as well. Soldiers finished off dying Goblins' until told to stop by an officer. Clerics healed the most grievously injured while other citizens helped one another bind smaller wounds. Gallows humor could be heard here and there, the guards laughing now that the threat was behind them.

Goblin that Izzy mangled is at -2 HP

Bailey does not get an attack of opportunity regardless of the fluff. He is unarmed. Goblin charges Izzy.

4+3+2 charge= 9. Vs AC 18 Miss.

Bailey fires arrows using rapid shot and deadly aim. 6+7=13 vs AC 14 Miss 19+7=26 vs AC 14 Hit. 5+7=12 damage. Goblin falls at -6.

XP Award 1,007

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"You weren't so bad out there yourself, y'know," Izzy said, tilting her head slightly and offering a cheeky smirk. The woman had a sort of smouldering aura about it, though it didn't seem to be a conscious air -- merely the way she moved, and spoke.

When Foxglove came over to gush over the pair of misfit warriors who had saved his life, Izabel did her best to endure him for as long as possible. Of course, this began to wear thin as he continued to waffle on, but the witch-girl offered a smile to the blue-coated man and attempted to offer a curt nod. "Honestly, it was our pleasure," she insists half-heartedly. "I'm sure you would have done the same for us, yes?"

1,007? Nice! With out level system that right there is a ding! :D We level up now or at a set point?

Also, casual Diplomacy check: 14 +5 = 19

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"Oh indeed. Indeed. Listen, You two should go hunting with me in a few days. We can get some horses and have an enjoyable afternoon. I know that heroes and beautiful women deserve the best." Bailey flexed the Goblin bow a bit as he shrugged. "We'll see what's going on." Aldern nodded. "Ok. I must go for now." And with that he smiled very intentionally at Izabel. "I can't wait to meet again." He turned and walked off very obviously infatuated as he stopped twice to look back at the sorceress.

"I think I might be able to get used to this." dropping the bow and removing the quiver Bailey extended his hand to Izabel. "Bailey Kaer. Rogue, archer, teller of tall tales and master swordsman. Seducer of women, and inspiration to the kiddies. Upholder of justice and drinker of fine liquors. Pusher of luck and changer of fate. All around good guy. It's a pleasure to meet you." Bailey bowed dramatically and added "Also now a hero of Sandpoint."

Aldern is successfully diplomacied. He was already maxed out, so expect flowers and an engagement ring.

1,300 XP is level up. We're pretty close. Probably at the end of our next XP producing sequence.

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"Heroes and beautiful women?" Izzy parroted when the man wandered off, arching a brow. "I hope I'm included as both, rather than merely the latter." She shrugged casually when the archer turned back to her, and stifled a snicker at his lofty introduction.

"Izabel Ravencourt, the witch-girl of Calhana, Daughter of the Dead," she paused and tapped a finger to her black-striped bottom lip for just a moment, tilting her head as she considered a few of her other, less flattering, titles and nicknames. Monster came to mind. Demon-hag. Seductress. The last one wasn't actually all that terrible, now that she considered it. "Call me Izzy, if you like. It's what my imaginary friends call me," she offered a playful smile and and cracked her neck to the sound, making an oddly dry snapping sound. "So I suppose we're joined in heroism now, are we?"

Shit! Damn Pathfinder and its randomly different rules.