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severalthe sun is hot as it beats down on the desert. a breeze slightly picks up some sand and carries it away towards a wondrous pyramid. inside the pyramid it is like a maze twisting and turning end over end. as you would travel through the pyramid you would Hieroglyphs on the walls showing what may lie in the future.  thousands of pictures drawn in blood telling many different stories of war and death.

inside what seems like an alien space ship deep within the pyramid stands a monster of a man. the being stood almost 7ft tall his face was as pale as a ghost and he had several marking on his skin that only he would know the significance. En Sabah Sur stood infront of what looked like a large glass tube that was big enough to hold a human being. apocalypse smashed on several keys as he stood in front of the apparatus.  the monster shouted many curses as he continued to smash down on several keyboards. suddenly a deep voice was heard from behind the massive being. "master our preparations are almost complete and im happy to please you by letting you know our first project is ready!" the servant said as he spoke to En Sabah Nur. Quickly apocalypse turned around wrapping his fingers around the throat of the servant. "Never speak of my children as if their just a science expirement now take me to her" apocalypse shouted as he released his grasp dropping the servant back to the ground.

apocalypse followed his servant through the narrow hallways of the enormous pyramid. Once they reached what looked like the same room they were just in a sinful smile graced the face of the monstrous one. slowly apocalypse walked over to the glass tube that held a female within it. as apocalypse stood infront of the tube he placed his hand on it smiling as he spoke to the seemingly sleeping female inside. "Ah my young feral nova i could have never asked for a better daughter" apocalypse said as he slowly pulled his hand away from the glass. the servant walked up next to apocalypse nervously speaking sire when do you want me to ready her for our your plan!" the servant said as he readied himself to be struck. slowly apocalypse took his eyes off of his marvelous creation and glared at the servant. "As soon as we have collected the rest of my children we will be readying our attack NOW LEAVE ME BE!" apocalypse shouted out as he turned back to face his horsemen of pestilence.


the room was dark and seemingly empty as the dark one stood in the shadows of the corner staring into the bed of risky. apocalypse had many powers which he would always use for his own enjoyment but as for entering the Zero tower he found teleportation to be the best way. slowly apocalypse began to read the mind of the young woman that lay in her bed sleeping as if the world was at peace. the dark one could read thoughts of her father and how much she missed him. apocalypse could tell that she would make a fitting horsemen with her inner anger and her love for war. slowly apocalypse began to warp her dreams within her mind. he would slowly bring forth her father and quickly take him away. then he would morph himself within her dreams giving himself a fitting appearance and promising her everlasting power and the one wish she could ever ask for. apocalypse would promise to bring her father back from the dead.

slowly apocalypse left her mind and her dreams once again he glared down at the sleeping beauty admiring her battle scars. "sleep well my child for we have a world to conquer." With that being said the monster was gone without a trace of ever being there. but every night he would make his return and enter the dreams of risky until he could control her mind and manipulate her to his likings.