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Another red dot lit up on the holographic globe, causing her to sigh in frustration. It wasn't suppose to fail. She had taken every precaution, double checked her work to make sure it had been flawless, then checked it again. Claire Swanepoel closed her eyes and took a deep breathe, pushing back a few strands of blonde hair in an attempt to calm her anger. Whoever allowed this to happen would be disposed of the second she fixed it. Turning from the holographic globe she walked over to a section of the room that was strikingly different than the sleek styled area where the high tech equipment was placed. Bookshelves with ancient looking journals and scrolls lined the walls, candles placed throughout the arcane sanction and an old purple rug with a mystic symbol laid on the floor. Trailing her fingers along the spines of the books she stopped on the particularly ancient looking journal of an Egyptian warlock. Flipping through its delicate pages she returned to the holographic globe, setting the book down momentarily and placing her hands on the glowing outline of two hands connected to the machine. Her magic powers being synced to the machine, she closed her eyes and allowed her mind and soul to explode out of herself and fly across the globe in a matter of seconds, working as a magic radar. Opening her ice blue eyes again another red dot appeared on the projection, somewhere in Russia. "Dammit" she hissed. This should be impossible. But the evidence was in front of her, and the threat was too dangerous to ignore.

All the while the Vogue Vixen had been scanning the earth for magical disturbances, two elite martial artists had been sparring in the last third of the sectioned multipurpose room. A tall man with lean muscles and raven black hair landed an uppercut to the stomach of a tall and toned brunette while she brought her foot to the side of his head in a powerful roundhouse. Both sparing partners recoiling from the force, Jasper Hunter and Madison Vaughn quickly recovered and laughed at their fourth stalemate in a row. Madison, commonly known as Kalliste, moved to a corner of the room for a bottle of water while Jasper hopped over the rope of the boxing ring, a wide gleeful smile covering his usually stone cold face, and wrapped an arm around Claire's shoulders. "Come on Claire, you've been working on that all day. Take a break and relieve some stress and spar with us," he said lightheartedly. The trio went farther back than nearly anyone she knew, and all three could let their usually cool composure down around each other. But not now, there was too much at stake. Pulling his arm off her she picked the journal back up and flipped to the page she had been reading, holding it open while handing it to him.

"They almost couldn't stop him the first time. He left a wake of destruction nearly unparalleled in magic's history. There is great good and great evil on earth, but he is purely chaos. We have to stop him," she told him as he read, his previously amused face slowly replaced by a grim expression. Shutting the journal he cursed under his breath before looking out the window with desperate determination burning in his ocean blue eyes. "Then what's the plan? Our family's will only be of so much help, we'll have to contact others," he said turning to look at her, but she wasn't paying attention. He recognized the look on her face, her mind was in multiple places at once: thinking, planning, calculating. Returning to the present she began making her way to the loft's exit, calling over her shoulder, "I can think of another capable family. I have a few calls to make, fill in Madison and the Hand," and before he could fit in a "be safe" she had disappeared.

Pulling out the London mansion's driveway in her Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, she had made it to the highway leading to a private train station as a massive beast rammed the luxury vehicle with an unexpected and ear shattering CRASH and sent it flying off the road and into the treeline beside it. A lifetime of combat instincts activating, Enchantress automatically put up a force field to soften the landing. The beast must have been extremely strong, they had landed some distance away from highway road in the heavy woods next to it. But she didn't have time to think about where she was, only the growling and thrashing of the beast attempting to make its way into her car. Its massive hands were covered in brown fur, but resembled that of a human, only with long razor sharp claws in place of fingernails. One clawed hand narrowly missed an attempting grab at her face, the beast still trying to fit more than one arm into the vehicle. Holding up a hand of her own a vibrant green light pulsated from it, sending the beast flying back and crashing through several trees with a loud whoosh. She could hear the disoriented beast howl in rage as she quickly used the blasted hole in the car to escape. Standing firmly an estimated ten yards away from the beast, an open clearing had been created by the trees destruction. Recovered from the blast she could fully see the beast. It resembled a massive wolf standing on its hind legs, similar to a children's story werewolf. With demonic red eyes to complete the horrific beast, she became well aware of its origin. Pushing her hands forward a continuous beam of emerald light shot towards the demon. Raising its arm to block the attack the demon started to be pushed back, but gained the strength to ignore the attack altogether. Enchantress dropped her hands in shock, some of the world's greatest wizards wouldn't have been able to block that attack. The beast must have possessed magical resistance. Before she had time to think about the possibility, the wolf-like demon was charging forward, clawed hands extended for her throat.

Coolly she held her ground until the last possible moment, her superhuman agility allowing her to jump forward swiftly, jack knifing over its massive body with finesse. However the beast was quicker than she estimated, and while flying directly over it its hand clawed the air, tearing her clothes and leaving a gash down her side, starting just below her breast and ending just below her hip. She grunted in pain, landing behind the demon with one hand clutching her injury. She was loosing blood fast, and the immediate danger caused her adrenaline to fully kick in. "This fight, is over," she snarled to herself. Her mind lashed out and gripped the confused beast like a whip, causing instant damage while fighting to subdue it into unconsciousness. Its mind reminded her of Final Arrow's, like fire, burning with visions of hell unseen by mortals. But after a battle with the Lord of Hell himself, Enchantress was able to fight the pain and knock the demon unconscious with one final push from her mind.

Finally allowed to let her guard down, she let out an exhausted gasp of air. Still clutching her side she gazed around the ravaged clearing: broken tree branches scattered the torn up grass, and her magic energy had left the ends of foliage singed. Scrunching her face in pain she psychically activated a healing spell that would help minimize the wounds long term damage, but something about the demon's own magic origin blocked her from healing it completely. Limping towards the less-damaged passenger seat of her car, she reached through the broken window and grabbed her iPhone out of her Louis Vuitton bag. One button was all it took to call the speed-dialed number. Three rings and he picked up, "Kastiel" she winced, "how does a family activity sound to you?"

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Hovering silently in the empty blue skies of a scorching hot desert, Alceus, otherwise known as The Champion, pensively wonders of the recent supernatural events that have transpired in the world. His mysterious yet intricate energy-senses have managed to involuntarily detect disturbances in the flow of the ambient nature of the entire environment. "Usually they're subtle, nothing ever this prominent", he thought to himself, concern for his immediate environment manifesting. As he continued to focus his maximum efforts into the utilization of his sophisticated energy-senses, mighty Alceus detected subtle but clear perversions in the balance of the natural energies of the world, it was an odd discovery. "Hmm, I need to investigate this situation more thoroughly", Alceus decided, before slowly unfolding his arms. "I may need assistance with this".

Spreading his arms out wide, lionhearted Alceus is on the verge of accessing his energy manipulating powers for a particular skill he has yet to master but has somehow managed to attain a degree of aptitude with. Extra-dimensional energy soon began to pulsate from the Golden Hero's hands, violently flinging grains of nearby sand into the air. Managing to tear open a dimensional rift, The Champion instantly pulled out his favored mystical weapon, an adamantine hybrid of a war ax and hammer. Aware that the radiating dimensional energies would soon physically impair him, The Champion replaced his lack of skill in controlling these unearthly energies by channeling them into his hammer, absorbing them into a limitless adamantine container. Guaranteed a secure passage into his next destination, the Son of Olympus walked into the pulsating rift and instantly, it vanished. Emerging into an otherworldly realm infested with incomprehensible energy-based constructs of a limitless variety of shapes, Alceus had found himself in the dimension whereby all of the Earth's ambient energies are generated. A location that the heroic Olympian visits only in dire situations.

Wandering around the dimension, following only the instincts of his energy-senses. Arriving at the concentration of supernatural or magical energies, The Champion put his energy-detecting powers to use, his overwhelming concern for the disruptions in the energy balance rising as the seconds go by. "Okay, let's see what's really been happening here", the Golden Hero murmured, his eyes glowing blue as he detected numerous breaches in the barriers between different dimensions that serve as the gateway to Earth. However, one thing instantly caught his attention, an enormous, no, monstrous energy-signature of demonic origin making its way towards Earth. "What the hell is that?", he asked, his chilling blue eyes widening with shock. "Damn, this is one of the most intense energy-signatures I've ever detected", he admitted, "If that thing is really heading towards Earth, I'm gonna need help to stop it. I can feel the malice from here", he murmured. Whatever this entity was, it was one of extraordinary power, not unlike the most powerful of opponents that the Son of Olympus has faced.

It's power is of such a terrifying magnitude that even the several mystical barriers protecting Earth from external threats could not halt it's march towards the unsuspecting planet. The growing realization that he would require a great deal of help to stop this mysterious yet powerful threat. It seems as though he would yet again be required to save the world, but soon his warrior's pride emerged at the thought of battling such a powerful opponent, twirling his large adamantine hammer, a smirk grew in his face, "I can't wait for this. Can't wait for this fight", the bearded warrior-god chuckled before leaving the mysterious realm, returning to the skies of Earth, hovering above the city of Athens. "Helena, there's something I think you might be interested in knowing about", Alceus called via telepathic message as he descended from the skies, gently landing outside his fiancee's palace. "I'm outside your palace. Come see me. We'll need help dealing with what I've learned".

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There was rarely an occasion when he had time to relax, however, he has recently taken a liking to the wilderness of the Alaskan Tundra. Keeping the same company as those of assassins, backstabbers, and cutthroats, this was one of those rare occasions where he did not have to constantly look behind his back but those of his youngest as well. The moment he had the opportunity to get them out of New France he did. With several noticeable track records that some of most notorious members of New France kept it was hardly an environment suited for children and this is coming from a Symaarian of all people. Then again the current activity he was participating in with Thomas would surely earn disapproving looks from his mother. It should not. After all Thomas asked for it. He would never force a child nevertheless a baby into anything. Thomas just happened to find interest into several subjects outside of his age. "Criss-cross applesauce, Thomas. No need to get blood all over your little footies." They were starting off small today. As he got older if he still showed interest he would move up to larger game. Even the more stoic sibling showed disapproval at skinning a rabbit. Apparently he forgets he is no taller than a ruler. It was as amusing as Aliana thinking she would get her way all the time around Kastiel. "Always start at the neck with a cut and then work you way down until you reach the end. If you must, you might have to break the legs before you get all the goodies out." He would keep this as clean as possible despite Thomas's hidden maturity. He rarely giggled like his sister or had the need to bounce around to play games. It worried him as the role of the father. Somehow these thoughts transitioned to Andy and Kastiel had no idea how. In the past few days he became melancholic whenever Aliana or Thomas reminded him of her. He could recall the few times he was on the verge tears. It was guilt eating away at him. He managed to put it aside without her presence in this universe. Now they were separated by mere miles and it all hit him so fast as if he committed the horrible atrocity just yesterday. All she wanted to be was just like him. She was doing what he taught her and suddenly he nearly killed her for it. He caused her heart bleed and never gave her a reason. Much to his dismay he would even dream about it or even have flashbacks in his worst of days. This time he had a lifeline to pull him out of it.  
"Claire?" She was obviously in great pain trying to hold back how damaging it was as she spoke. "Pick anyone, I'm sure either wouldn't mind. Though by the sound of you I wish I fathered a nurse. I'll be there shortly. Try to stay conscious." He hung up and picked up Thomas without hesitation. "We'll get back to it, promise." After all it wasn't a real animal. Just enough to satisfy Thomas' curiosity and trick that clever mind of his. They were going to grow up as normal as possible. Kas was going to stick that. After all it was all about choice. That's all his mother wants out of the both of them. 
Surprise, suprise when he comes home and his house is in shreds. No doubt Aliana pretended Raith was a horse again. Stepping over several discarded books he placed Thomas in his crib so Raith wouldn't antagonize him with his back turned. "Aliana!" Then it got absolutely silent. She always loved to play these games. Slowly he crept upstairs careful not to put all his weight against the wood of his steps. Little did he know, he already passed her the moment he stepped through the door to his bedroom. She was hanging from the bookshelf toward the back of him. Out of the corner of his eye he caught her but with a smile he carried on and walked into the bathroom. "Gotcha!" She squealed in delight as he spun her around. "Nope, can't read that just yet. You're too young." He took the book away from her and placed it back on it's self. It was a wonder how everyone was quick to rummage around his personal journals. "But how about you pick out what Daddy wears, hm?" That wonderfully got her attention toward his closet as he held her in front of the knob. With her tiny hands she managed to pull it open. "So I'll need your expert advice. Pretty sure we're dealing with magic so go all out or a little bit of subtly?" Her pretty little eyes analyzed what was laid out before her. It only took a minute. "That one." Interesting choice, enough armor for protection, but just enough not to hamper his agility. "That one it is then." 
With the children's needs taken care of he ventured out toward Clare's location not sure what he would find. On this planet he ran into more surprises that accounted for most of his lifetime. Who knows if this would stay within Europe like before or if this was an entirely new conflict altogether. Kastiel could only piece together so much. He has been around magic most of his lifetime, however, it always ended up different with each encounter. And it was always worst than the last. Maybe the streets of London could excite this deadly trip. 

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Andromeda Roxom was in the middle of a shopping trip in the fashion district of New France when her iPhone had begun buzzing against her hip. The Symaarian slid the device out of its hip holster and held it up to her ear. "I'm in the middle of some retail therapy, Claire. This better be more important than a brand new pair of Christian Louboutin's." It took only seconds for her to ascertain the tone of her friend's voice. It was distressed and Andy knew firsthand what it took to shake Claire's rock steady composure and poise. "I'll meet you at the mansion." She paused for a few seconds before Claire told her who else was coming with her. They may have become quick friends, but Andy had yet to disclose the tumultuous nature of her relationship with her father. He believed she hated him, and she had, but now it was simply a farce perpetuated with the intent of frustrating him.

It took her less than an hour to arrive at the mansion and to settle in in one of the parlors. She was fully suited in her Symaarian armor, the armor and weapon that her father had given to her with the belief that she'd use them to kill him. She hadn't, though, through no fault of his own. Jean Luc LeBeau, standing in the face of all opposition during the assault on Earth had been the one to show her the measure of man, the measure of humankind, something her own father hadn't been capable of doing.

The dark and luxurious interior of the room catered to all of her decadent and somewhat newly developed tastes. The nearly statuesque woman lounged back in the chair, resting her feet on the lucious leather ottoman in front of her and absentmindedly played with a dagger until she heard the door open and the unmistakable cadence of Claire Swanepoel's and her father's footsteps on the exquisite marble floor.

Her arm whipped out and grabbed the bottle of Symaarian liquor that she had pillaged from her father's poorly hidden cache in Florida. The second that Duchess and Kastiel walked through the door, Claire leaning against him slightly, Andromeda's eyes narrowed. It was quite obvious that her friend was worse for the wear, yet she still somehow managed to look near perfection, if just a bit less so than normal. She rose to her feet, liquor in hand and approached the two.

Walking out of the shadows, she captured her father's attention, his eyes going wide and a nearly audible gasp escaping his lips. "Daddy." Her voice was cold and curt as she handed him the bottle, not waiting for his reaction. She stepped closer to Duchess, gently resting her hands on the woman's shoulder as she looked into her eyes, searching for clarity and cohesiveness. "Claire, darling, you've seen better days. And, unfortunately, so has your wardrobe." She kissed first one cheek, then the next, the familiarity of the two more than apparent.

Brushing Kastiel off as if he didn't exist, she focused purely on her friend. Frankly, it was frightening that something had been able to rattle her this badly and that set all of Andromeda's reflexes on red alert. "Let's see about righting the wrongs done and beating the holy hell out of whatever's done this."

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The sound of feet and fist being thrown took control of the room, Jasper ducked as Madison sent one of her long legs speeding over the top of his head, the attacked was returned with a jab in Madison's ribs, she even heard a few crack, and as the ribs broke she sent another kick, this time the assault landed perfectly on the side of Jasper's head. Yet again a tie, drenched in each others sweat and blood the two fighters separated Jasper hopped out of the ring to check on a worrisome Claire while Madison returned to the ring's corner, she sat down on the wooden stool and stretched, the stretch caused all the ribs to crack again, once in place they began to heal at a superhuman rate. Once the broken bones had set Madison overheard a conversation between Claire and Jasper, she didn't hear the whole thing but from what she had heard, there was a problem and it was urgent.

Madison ran to the other side of the loft, it her her section, there was no magic, no stress, just guns and such. Madison had always felt out of place at headquarters, most everything and everyone were magic and she was not, she enjoyed being surround by others like herself much more, if her best friend Claire had not been apart of the group Madison would have never considered joining. Even to this day she questioned if her choice to join was the proper one. She snapped out of thought and instantly stripped down to her bare golden skin as she reached for a suit hanging in her closet, the suit was all black, made of shimmering spider silk infused with adamantium, the suit was extremely durable and allowed for quick, nimble movement. Madison zipped up her boots just as she hear the garage door opening and she launched over stair railing, she landed on the cold floors perfectly and sprinted for the garage.

The door slammed into the wall as Madison burst into the sleek garage, it was filled with millions of dollars worth of tools, guns and of course cars. Madison first went to the ammunition rack and lifted the powerful H&K UMP submachine gun and grabbed two Grizzly Win Mag pistols, the pistols were cold in her hand but holding them warmed her body, whenever she held a gun she felt as if her and the weapon had a bond, that they understood each other, the bond she felt allowed her to grasp an understanding for the weapon and she was able to utilize each death machine to it's full potential. After selecting her weapon, her hair was put in a ponytail resting upon her head and draping down her back in an undulate manner, as she spun her new ponytail flew through the air like a whip. As she focused her vision her eyes landed on a beautiful black Ecosse Titanium Series RR Limited Edition super bike, she jumped on the back and revved the engine, a wall of smoke rose from the floor as the tire continued to spin against the floor and she finally spun around on the bike and shot out of the room.

At first she had to drive cautiously weaving in and out of cars, she checked her gps only to realize that Claire's car was already out of town and on a larger road, Madison took the next exit and increased her speed to over 150 mph, as she went faster and faster the trees began to blend into one solid blur, the gps began to beep and Madison pulled onto the roads shoulder, the gps beeped and beeped yet no car was in sight, that is until Madison saw a shred of the black glossy car, embedded in a fallen tree off the rode in a densely wooded area. Without blinking an eye Madison was already at the site, examining her surroundings she found the rest of the trashed car, destruction, and no Claire. Then a rustling occurred, leaves shifted and a huge beast became visible.

The creature was one of the if not the most frightening sights known to man. Madison shot the beast and almost no damage was being done, the beast retaliated with magic, Madison felt it in hear body and soul, she had never been attacked with magic, but her body pained extremely and her body went numb, after a few moments the pain was bearable, she felt the beast push harder and harder, but her body adapted to the assault, and the beast appeared shocked, he let out a piercing wail that broke the cars remaining glass and then disappeared into the woods, Madison was going to need to find everyone to let them know what just happened, and more importantly, she had to make sure Claire was still alive.

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Helena was seated on her bed reading an ancient book about Achilles when suddenly a mysterious woman appeared in front of her with the most beautifulest smile. The woman in front of her hadlong, wavy black hair with large brown eyes. She wore a wheat golden dress and had dried grass braided in her hair."Do you not recognize me dear?".The mysterious woman asked with a polite tone that seemed motherly-like."Demeter? You use to take care of me when mother and father were busy on Olympus".Helena said, placing the book down on her bed and approaching the major goddess with a smile."How adorable you remember me. I am still upset that you never use to eat cereal as a child".Demeter smiled warmly.Demeter is the major Olympian Greek Goddess of the harvest and agriculture, who presided over grains, the fertility of the earth, the seasons, and the harvest.

Demeter was swallowed upon her birth by her father Kronos along with Hestia, Hades, Poseidon and Hera, who were later saved by Zeus in order to help defeat the Titans. After the war, both Zeus and Poseidon tried to marry her, but Demeter instead devoted herself to her duties as the goddess of the harvest. Though Zeus was married to Hera, Demeter had a relationship with him that resulted in a daughter, Persephone. Though the affair ended, Demeter was very happy as she had a beautiful daughter all to herself. Persephone grew up without want, always staying close to her mother and sharing some of her power over the earth.

Demeter came to find her beloved daughter missing and began an epic tale of searching for the young goddess, even said to have told the earth to not reproduce until the girl was returned to her. Helios, the sun god who sees everything eventually told her of what happened. Zeus, seeing the hunger and anguish of the mortals eventually forced Hades to return Persephone.

Hades complied with his brothers wishes but before Persephone was taken back up by Hermes she was given a kernel of Pomegranate. Since she ate six of the seeds she must stay within the Underworld for six months out of the year since the Fates decreed that anyone who ate or drank in the underworld must live there for all eternity.

She also presided over the foremost of the Mystery Cults which promised its initiates the path to a blessed afterlife.

Helena remembered when she was a child that Demeter wassomewhat fussy and overprotective but seemed to be absent-minded. Possessing a caring nature, Demeter insists upon advising healthy eating and hard work as every mother would."What brings the Goddess of Harvest to Athens?". Helena asked before changing into her breastplatethat had a eagle motif on the chest which was integrated with a stylized Double-W, and her blue shorts patched with white stars. Demeter stared down at the floor for a moment until she began to explain her reasons of visiting Athens."I am here today because the adviser has taken away my job as the Goddess of Harvest and made me herassistant."Demeter said, her eyes becoming watery.Helena, fueled by the rage over what Clarice has done, punched through her bedroom wall which startled the elder goddess."I promise you Demeter that I shall speak with my fiance and end this madness."Helena hugged Demeter tightly before pulling away with a serious expression that meant she was going to put a stop to this even if she had to beat Clarice down all the way to Tartarus."The prophecy chose wisely. I thank you and Alceus so much."Demeter gave the young goddess one last hug before teleporting out of the room.

Helena took a deep breath and sat back down on her bed but before she could pick up her book to begin reading she was sent a telepathic message by her fiance."Helena, there's something I think you might be interested in knowing about. I'm outside your palace. Come see me. We'll need help dealing with what I've learned".Helena knew whenever her fiance needed help dealing with something it meant something bad was happening and she wasn't the one to walk away from a challenge or fight."I wonder if the earth is facing a new threat again?".Helena asked herself before exiting her palace and meeting up with her fiance."What's the problem my love?".She asked with a puzzled look.

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"I'm fine Andy. It'll heal." She said with unnecessary curtness. She knew her friend was only trying to help, but the day's events had left her frustrated and irritable. Standing up she ignored the pain in her side, unwillingly to allow Andromeda or Kastiel to see her weakened. "Please excuse me for a moment, I need to change." She said heading towards the parlor's exit, hissing under her breath, "wretched mongrel." The Hellfire Club's business hours were strictly at night, leaving the mansion eerily silent and empty during the day. She paced the long hallway leading to the massive double doors of her bedroom, slamming them shut behind her. Green energy began smoking around her balled fists before she shot one hand forward, releasing a blast of energy that shattered the targeted mirror in a clamorous crash. Breathing heavily she took one final deep breath to subside her anger, regaining her poised demeanor. There was still time, despite less than she anticipated, and she could still have her way. Sunlight streamed in through the bedroom's window, out of place in the grim situation. Opening her expansive closet she moved passed the designer clothes and instead changed into her traditional green magic uniform. Heading to exit her room her hand rested on the doorknob, collecting herself to ensure she didn't try to destroy anything downstairs.

Just as she lifted a foot to exit the room, a searing pain set her mind on fire. Instinctively her hands flew to her head, every telepethic defense she had fighting to defend herself. But her attempt was in vain, and a deep threatening voiced echoed, broken, through her mind."Promised...betrayed..." visions of fire and misery flashed in front of her eyes, visions of eternal suffering and the bright red eyes of evil itself, "burning...imprisoned...revenge." The last word sent a particularly painful wave through her, causing her to cry out in agony. Her breathing had become gasping, and her eyes were wide open in horrified shock. He was getting stronger with every hour. Even though the message had been weak and his body would take several more days to be ready for travel, her time was quickly slipping through her fingers.

Finally managing to breathe properly she readjusted her hair and gathered herself. With one final breath she was completely poised and began heading back towards the parlor to explain the situation to Andromeda and Kastiel. With less time she would have to be even more careful now, the slightest mistake and she'd be fighting a two front war. The last thing she needed now was allies turned enemies. With each step she took down the stairs and towards the parlor she grew more confident, the horrific visions ebbing from her mind.

Entering the parlor once more, both Andromeda and Kastiel looked up at her with puzzled expression. Too angered to notice it before, the tenacious tension between the two was nearly tangible. Debating whether to question them about it, she decided she was first in line to answer questions. Floating around the room she spoke without making direct eye contact with either of them in an attempt to hide any form of concern about the subject. "You both are probably wondering why I've called you here. And Kastiel, what left me in the condition you found me in." She leaned against the parlor's bar while maintaining her posture, finally making eye contact with both of them. "Unknown to the majority of the world, save for us three and an associate of mine, is the knowledge that the consequences of Final Arrow's actions are not completely at rest. Through my own studies of the activity of inter-dimensional portals, I've become aware of the rise of a very old and very powerful demon." As she spoke her original casualty and transformed into dead seriousness, her eyes now completely frigid. She would only guarantee their help by instilling too much fear to refuse. "His original name was not of this language, and so old it has been forgotten by those who spoke it. The Ancient Egyptians, the first people of earth to experience his wrath, named him Ragnarok," another pause, "and he brought an unparalleled bane of destruction among their people. From the journal of an ancient warlock my family has collected I have learned the habits of his power, however, unfortunately, he died before Ragnarok was stopped. Mystic in nature but demonic in practice, he siphons the life force of any living creature and uses it to strengthen his own abilities. Once drained of life, a human soul will be transformed into a demon-beast under his own control. Once a planet is drained, it is left a barren wasteland void of any form of life," the usual alluring charm in her voice was absent, "and he moves onto the next."

Allowing the startling information to settle she began the conclusion of her speech. "He is currently too weak to travel dimensions, but that will change shortly. Once entering earth he will only have to power to drain one target at a time. That, is our only time to strike. Once his power is restored there will be no stopping his destruction, and our planet will be left as lifeless as every other he's obliterated."

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Waiting patiently for his fiancee, Alceus playfully twirled his large adamantine hammer in a circular motion. Whistling rhythmically to himself, Alceus' sophisticated energy-senses constantly alerted him of a massive supernatural force crossing dimensional barriers, steadily making its way towards Earth. "Very rarely do I ever feel power like this", he murmured, leaning against a marble pillar in boredom. Fortunately, Helena emerged from her lavish palace the following three minutes. She was quick to ask him of the problem he had learned of, honestly, there was no time for greetings at this point. "Earlier today I was in the dimension where all of the planet's ambient energies come from. I don't usually go there but today when I was searching for anything strange in the energy balance of the world, I did find something very strange", The Champion paused before continuing, "It was so strange that I had to go to that dimension to make sure that what I was detecting was dangerous. And it was". Alceus continued with his explanation, "What I found was a very powerful supernatural entity trying to break through the many dimensional barriers that keep Earth safe from external threats. And this entity is succeeding", he revealed.

Not too long ago, both Alceus and Helena were tasked with facing and defeating the deadliest and most terrifying being of Ancient Greek history, Typhon. And while monstrous Typhon managed to fall before the combined might of the Olympian duo coupled with some useful aid and planning, this new threat, whatever it was, more assistance would be required in order to simply halt this supernatural being, stopping it would perhaps require the aid of an expert in the field of magic. "I don't know what it is. But I know that it will come here and destroy everything if it isn't stopped. We'll need help dealing with this, and I believe I know some people who can help us", he assured, "Powerful sorcerers who probably know about this situation, they might have even learned of this before I did". There were several candidates that he considered. Perhaps his first choice was none other than Charmix, however, due to their complicated relationship, he could not rely on her aid, while powerful and perhaps virtually peerless in her knowledge of the supernatural, Charmix could not be trusted, at least not by Alceus. The next choice was obvious, it would be Umbra, however, he was much too young for a situation of this magnitude and his knowledge was possibly not enough to offer any effective help against this sort of threat. The final choice, the one he considered last was a friendly acquaintance of his. She was powerful, and her expertise of the supernatural like Charmix's was virtually peerless.

She shared different moral values than his, yet somehow, the two managed to avoid confrontations regarding them, and remained, almost unusually on relatively good terms, perhaps due to limited interaction with one another. "I've singled out the only one who I believe can help us", lionhearted Alceus said, on the verge of informing his fiancee that their only option would be to contact Claire Swanepoel, otherwise known as Duchess. "The only other person that I can rely on is Duchess from the Court of Owls. Umbra is too young for this kind of problem, and Charmix can't really be trusted", he elaborated, "I'm going to contact her now". Suddenly, in a heartbeat, the Golden Hero's light blue eyes began to pulsate a vibrant blue energy as his energy-senses relentlessly searched for Claire's energy-signature, soon locating it, enabling The Champion to use his latent telepathic talents to send his intended ally a telepathic message, "Claire, this is Alceus. I don't think I have to tell you what is going to happen to the planet soon. I need your help", he requested, certain that Claire was already aware of the dire situation at hand.

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Trees left in ruin, car totaled, and Claire Swanpoel still managed to keep some ounce of grace despite being left for dead. "You don’t have to pose, honey. You’re bleeding." That earned a curtsey glare from Claire as he bent over putting his arms underneath her. Carefully he held the wounded side against him as to not expose it to the elements or if someone else decided to attack them. The pair kept quiet the rest of the way. Kastiel could tell Claire was trying to steady herself and make plans of the situation that lay before them. A girl her age shouldn’t be such a schemer but Kastiel never questioned it. 

 Once they arrived Claire decided she could make it on her own two feet and there was no objection. Carefully he set her down providing leverage as she stepped inside. The Symaarian kept eyes on Claire knowing or rather assuming no one was here but them. Surprise, when he saw his daughter and it was anything but pleasant. His heart beat increased, words left his mind, and all he could do was stare in shock seeing his eldest daughter once again. Her voice was cold toward him. It wasn't the same sweet little girl he had come to know and love. The same with how he felt as well, guilt. He never had this emotion until he became a parent again. Just an hour ago another daughter adored him and now one hated him. With Claire gone a moment passed between them and then salt added to a wound. Absently he bit his tongue as he held back his strength to keep from crushing the bottle. Turning his back he walked toward the far side of the room knowing Andy would ignore him until Claire left their presence.

So, this is your leftovers from your little activity with Vatok, is it? I see you took a swig but it was probably too strong for you. Never wanted you to drink…among other things." He walked toward the bar and grabbed himself a glass though not without offering his daughter one as well. "What is this anyway? Some little rebellion to piss off, Daddy?  I mean aren’t you passed that little teenage stage already? Oh and let’s not forget your little Keresh that you kissed." He downed the whole glass without hesitation and began to pour another. "I’m keeping an eye on you two. Just fair warning." On the inside he was relieved that it wasn’t someone else. Compared to the first Vatok wasn’t even on his mind. Keresh or not anything was better than his worst nightmare. "And since we got that out of the way how was your day, Andy? We could go shopping together or spend time as father and daughter once in a while." He had a soft chuckle as he walked passed her to take a seat on a couch. It was hard to tell if that was sarcasm or not. However, it was clear there was intent to annoy her.  The tension between the two Symaarians was soon coming to a dangerous level. Anyone entering the room now could sense that with ease. Thankfully the presence of Claire was a most pleasant distraction for him.

Her words, however, were not. Roxoms and magic was always a strange combination but it always seemed to happen. None were magic users but they all had connections to the most powerful and the most deadly. From Charmix to Cassandra to Claire they were all quite formidable in the magical arts. Still that did not quell the seriousness of this ever present situation. "Now I know you’re not telling me that Final Arrow’s presence erected another old demon to use Earth as his little restaurant? Thankfully he isn’t here yet because, otherwise, I would take the important people and drag them to Symaar whether they like it or not." He put his shot glass down crossing his legs as he rested against the couch. "Until then it seems we’re taking a trip to hell and back literally. Either that or travelling to the realm of the gods. Which realm seems to remain a mystery. This Ragnarok as you call him seems to be a hybrid of sorts. Personally I hope you are aware that any god on the immortal plane can match a Symaarian or Kryptonian’s capabilities. Magic can also not be that effective so if we do intend to leave this Earth I really hope that we do remain on our P’s and Q’s."

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Helena had jet-black hair which looked unusually smooth, thick, and silky, giving her locks an almost liquid quality. Her low healing factor kept her skin smooth and perfect despite the considerable abuse from wounds, high-speed flight, the sun, burns, and shearing. As she listened carefully to her fiance as he explained to her that a powerful threat was coming for earth she showed no type of emotion toward the news she had just learned. Helena has perfect bravery on the battlefield, and being essentially impossible to intimidate. Angeni is committed. Once she decides to do something the amount of pain and discomfort, the risk of death and maiming, the quantity of work and drudgery, the shame and the sense of vulnerability means nothing to her. That is not solely about charging very large monsters or fighting gods, Angeni seldom hesitates, she doesn't procrastinate, she doesn't compromise, and she works extremely hard. If her commitment to her values means that she's going to be very badly hurt, then she pays the price without wavering.

"The only other person that I can rely on is Duchess from the Court of Owls. Umbra is too young for this kind of problem, and Charmix can't really be trusted".Alceus told her which kinda bothered her when he told her that the only person that he could rely on was a Court of Owls member."So you are relying on a villain? I do not see what makes her so different from Charmix."She said with her arms folded and her face deeply serious. Helena might be the only person on the planet who is exactly who she seems to be. She never lies. She doesn't equivocate, she doesn't obscure, she doesn't deceive, she doesn't misdirect, and she faces who she really is every second of her life, and she truthfully didn't trust Duchess due to her working for the most infamous person in the world and the infamous team.

Helena stood quietly as Alceus contacted Duchess.Angeni has slayed every mythological creature in all of Greece and killed one of the Sisters of Fate also Atlas without faltering, she was not gonna allow this threat to succeed in whatever it was planning."Could this threat be more powerful than Typhon? I am asking because than I must go all out for sure."She said, clenching her fist tightly.