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Horsemen of the Apocalypse

A place for the Riders to come and socialize. If you start a fight you might get more than you can chew, so behave.

Now time to meet the Riders. Unlike previous legends of these Riders there are SIX, not FOUR!

War: Eternal Chaos

Death: Lady Death

Pestilence: Punk

Strife: Bloodstone

Fury: Madam Jade

Strife: The Assassin

Have fun and enjoy your time at the lovely resort.

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Forgot to mention where this bad boy was...

Sakhalin Island off the East Coast of Russia and North of Japan. All are welcomed to chit chat with fellow brethren of the Apocalypse.

(This is IN CHARACTER ONLY. Please respect that. Thank you!)

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(this hasnt been touched so I shall change that mwa hahaha...this is pree Finalwar. Fera n Nira both live, they dont yet own witchblade) Selene was much like a sentry, the strife of her existance leaving her hollow. Given a family she had a chance to be more then came the deception of the horsemen. Now the raven haired beauty did norhing b ut stand at the door on guard. No words spoken no food or drink required she mearly stood environment irelovent. Beneath the long trenchcoat she was known for was armor of black and crimson. The metal apearing glossy as a ruby colored puddle forms about the short girls feet.
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((This hasn't been touched in far too long....ugh!))

Lyn sat upon the bar rubbing her temples with her fingers as a glass sat before her untouched. The condensation almost flowed together in streams of liquid running down the glass. The napkin soaked up the water preventing the spread of liquid onto the bar. Her mind reeled about everything going on. Lyn's wings gently curled up behind her body easily concealing how massive they truly were. her armor glistened as lights bounced off the living metal that hide away parts of her pearl white skin.

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The young, confused, and curious being known as Harris Marston tapped his fingers on the bar in a lovable rhythm. Unlike most who succumb to the will of the Apocalypse, Harris had gotten more lively with the change. His mind did indeed break, but it all seemed for the better. He seems like the child he never got to be. On his shoulder, the diseased rat that was his horse, which he had nicknamed "Jeffy" chewed on his tattered jacket. He scratched the rat's ears as a smile grew on his face. He remembered the day the Horsemen had taken him from his miserable existence, and gave him the will to force Damatri out of his life. The former demon hunter had surprisingly not met with most of his "family", which surprised even him. Perhaps a change for that is due.

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The sounds of chewing echoed inside her ears. Casually looking over her shoulder she saw the one known as the Rider of Pestilence. She could also sense Strife nearby. Being living death made her far less wary of others. The armor that covered her skin could easily be covered in blood if need be.

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Chills by the pool, enjoying a glass of scotch.