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Every thug and norm has a defense mechanism built into them to cope with the sharp turns and jagged edges of the Grimm underworld.

JLI Moon Base

Surkit sits at the command hub watching thousands of surfaced heroes fight the end game war that will decide the fate of the universe. Orders thrown out in bulk with precise measure and flawless precision. "Get all heroes in Lincoln Park over to Grimm City, I need everyone of you who is able bodied on the West to move into Chicago, we've shut down the syndication, at this point your just a headless body." Dozens of techs research and develop new weak points to their sponsors, the heroes they were assigned to protect and help from the front of the enemy lines. going down the stair case two at a time to the Grimm City Hub "How we looking with Flucks and Sin?"

A white man with a frail frame and lizard eyes turns taking off his headset shaking his head, "Sir..." the tech raises his arms and drops them in frustration "We have no idea The last mention of the two was during his arrest, he was in detention, full security! How he got out of that cell? I have no idea. The only thing we have left to establish he left, was this."

The C-level hero tacks in a few key phrases, hacking the Grimm Police Department surveillance system.

Sitting alone in a thick cell made from some type of high density glass the elusive villain smirks quietly, cuffed by the ankles and wrists, just smiling with his face in the shadows. "How long ago was this?" Surkit asks with his finger on the screen and an enamored look on his face.

"Around the time you left to check the streets in New York for wounded sir." Surkit punches the monitor, his patience worn thin from what felt like months without sleep. "God damn it...he's always a step ahead. relay the last, LAST known image of him in the precinct. outside if you can find one."

The tech nods and swivels over to the next monitor, his adrenaline coursing as he wipes the shards of the other from his jumper.

The screen lights up to show Flucks digging his fingers into the floorof the Jail house, red neon electricity pouring from his fingers and into the floor killing the guards outside and frying the code box. Pulling something indiscernible from the bottom of his tongue the deadly Jersey Devil picks the lock of his cuffs like they were a simplified pair from the thirties. He looks directly at the camera after peering left and right, a sinsiter smirk on hi face as he walks without any nervous reaction towards the screen. His lips read something before the camera turns to static. "Wait wait, run that back."

Rewinding the video Surkit grabs the controls himself, turning the gyro slowly to handle the motion, his lips read. MEET ME AT THE PLACE MOM AND DAD DIED

His jaw clenches as the veteran hero cracks his knuckles and removes his had piece, "Get me a jet ready. Now."

GRIMM CITY, the corner of palahniuk & Charles street

Hopping out of the jet 10,000 feet up the hero lands with a thudnerous quake that reverberated through the city, shattering windows as far as Manhatten, attempting to amplify his strength as much as possible. This man, who he had no other option but to believe was his brother, Cleric...He knew only one would walk away.

"Come out, you fckin coward! An entire year Cleric! You've been disgracing my name, and my face! Tonight we end this."

I know big bro, I know. Hahahahaahahaahahaaaaaa.


Goto the glass shop two blocks down, I'm inside, primmed and prepped 'Surkit'...hahahahaa Surkit.....the fck were you thinkin...

Enraged by the toying torment of the elusive systematic Kingpin, Surkit vaults with one pound of his leg on the concrete two blocks down. The more questions he asked the less answers he got.

Pushing the door of the fun house mirror shop open he enters, images of himself reflected in rediculous sizes and shapes, but Flucks was nowhere to be found. "You're a pssy Flucks."

"Nah....just a big d!ck" Stepping into the center of the room, Flucks stands in a red suit with a hands behind his back, a sadistic grin accented by the dull glare of malice in his dark brown and red eyes.

"Cleric...what happened to you? After all we been through as kids, mom, dad? Xechcellum, the Fathers of crime?" Bishop asks, his drained eyes watering with an oozing kinetic plasma, his reserves full and overflowing with power.

Flucks grabs his knees and laughs like a jackal with a deep a timbre, "Ahaha...hah! I didn't give a fck about 'mom and dad' and neither did you, admit it."

Flucks walks over to the next mirror, it was then that Surkit realized he wasn't actually in front of him, but he needed time to track his location. A tech in the Base assigned to his hip working with the negative energy signature. "I didn't like them, but I didn't want them dead. "

"It was your dads fault! Man smoked crack laced with the stuff, swhy we are who we are. Personally I think we owe the pookie lookin nigga. He finally did summum right. " Flucks' body bends and bubbles as he passes another mirror and stands in front of it. "The Crime Fathers? I killed them" he says with a wave of disconcern and and aloof tone, "Took their busineesses and ran them into the ground, City is almost dead. " He steps past another mirror, "Xechcellum? I took that shit and sent it to every country in the world. Now nobody's special, because everyone is. "

"How. How did you get past every border patrol and coast guard without one intervention."

"Isn't it obvious?" He holds his hands out with a smirk, "The JLI kid. I used your trade networks."

Astonished and angered bishop fires ashot at the mirror, only to shatter as Flucks walks into the next, "Your telling me we've got a mole, is that it?"

"You remember when we first split?" The subject change almost flawless

"He ripped you out of my chest. Last thing I remember is you bolting into the sky. Some kinda magic"

"Wasn't magic man. Check your chest." looking at his thick brown chest Bishop can't find a single scar.


"Seeing your parents murdered in front of you? That can have an effect on a young bys mind son... wild, unpredictable, fluctuating effect. You remember Me as Cleric. Rememebr everythign we did together, when I helped you find your foot hold in crime as a kid, how I made all the money while you just played look out on the roof?"

"You know I do..."

"I do. You know why I remember that?" He changes the subject again, "You've got a wolf named Coal, you used to date a fine lil peice of alien ass named Emerald, I smashed by the way, tighter than a straw lemme tell you... and you had a friend named Alceus."

Surkit loses control, Shooting beams at near ever mirror "How! Do! You! Know!" Glass and mercury fly across the floor and cut at his body. A voice emerging behind him "Hit me with your best shot you lil b!tch."

Lifting his eyes wit shaking rage shuttering through his body, Surkit turns and sees Fluck's face only for a moment, as his fist crashes through the air where his jaw should be. A distant murmur heard int he back of his mind. "I never left baby brother...I couldn't. You just tried to hide me...but I kept moving...kept fighting...a whisper here and there, trick of the hand sometimes, but I could never become as real to you as I was then...then..."

"Final Arrow..."

"Ding ding...this nigga deserves a medal. Final Arrow. The magic devil. What you saw him do was pull me out of you, all he really did was open a door you left locked for years."

"There never was a Cleric, there never was a Flucks. You made me. Look in the mirror, and realize"

No, no no.... Turning to the mirror slowly he looks, to see himself ina red suit and tie, a scar on his eye.

"Sir? The signal is right ontop of you! Sir? Sir?!"

Surkit stares in awe at the reflection, his true reflection. "I...everything you did..."

Everything we did...

"It was me...all those people...! Hraaaaah!!!!!" In a massive explosion the entirety of his reserves, including the ones he didn't even know existed that were now apparent in his mind, expells in a shock wave that disintegrates almost all of the deserted metropolis.

As the smoke clears a blue and red eyed hero cries on his knees and laughs at the same time, "Hahaha...oh god... Did you really thinkt hat would work? I killed all those people...I mean you had to knwo that'd do more damage than good. Every good thing I did.... Quit crying golden boy, get off your knees like a whore we got work to do. Time you realize your potential. What a waste of a city..."

"I knew what I was doing...What? I KNEW, WHAT I WAS DOING! Don't look like it dawg. Just seemed...wait...think about this...!"

Picking up a glass shard Surkit rams it three times without hesitation into his throat, the blood spurting across the ashen streets, his body depleted of all energy and susceptible tot he simplest attacks. "*Gurgle...* Why?"

I'd rather die the hero than the villain.

"Huh *gurgle* Pussy.... uhhh...." The next day Surkit was given an honorable burial in the Heroes Mousaleum, even now nobody knows what happened on the corner of Durden and Tyler.

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Oh...well damn o.o

This is a first

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Badass to the fullest!

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Holy fckkkkkkkkkkkkk.

I don't even have words.

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I don't even...

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Thanks for checking it out people. Was building it up since My first post with Surkit

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It's about damn time lol. Damn Budda I had to wait 7 months lol

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@Vine_Ranger_Pink: You know it was worth it

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@Maximus_Knightfall: It really was lol

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You didn't tell me you were going to kill him when you told everyone else. How dejecting.

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@Mr. Mercury: Good looks

@Saukerl: Prime committed suicide, figured the Kingpin should too lol

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So does this mean I get to return to prime and take over?
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@Saukerl: lol you can have all three deserted blocks

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I don't want it anymore.
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@Saukerl: Neither do I lol

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Im not going to give 'all the awards' like this is a godsend of writing. It was unexpected you played it off really well. A tad cliche but in a strong admirable way. The revelation and conclusion however fealt slightly undermined, wasn't earth shattering like it should of fealt. And the death to me read more like another kill and not a noble sacrifice. This isn't me saying its bad, its awesome. I just wanted to give a true opinionated response from Az :) <3

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lol it's about what I thought thanks for the honesty

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that was freaking awesome

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@Darkchild: Now from YOU that's high praise. Thanks

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It was good, I just wanted to give my full opinion ^_^
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@614azrael: lol it's cool I appreciated it.