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Before A God's Long fall (RPG)

“Victor, good news. The co . . .” Victor’s attention was focused on other matters, distant matters as his lawyer spoke. “Victor?” his attention was refocused when the lawyer spoke to him once more.

“Yes?” he was almost annoyed as he refocused his attention on his lawyer Bartholomew behind the wooden fine desk.

“I took the papers to court, the judge looked them over” the lawyer took a brief pause as he went through a folder, presenting a statement to Victor “He said yes, the one fifty grand are being processed as we speak, large transactions take time, but we’ll sort out all the paper work and it’ll only take twenty four hours. As for the building, possession of it has already been transferred to you”

Victor looked to the lawyer once more, his eyes mildly bloodshot. “I suggest you get some sleep Victor” the lawyer didn’t want to sound rude, but spoke out of concern for his client’s safety. Indeed Victor had been drinking a few hours ago, having never been drunk due to his healing factor, he now had a way to drown the pain away and try mortal things for a change.

“Right . . . I should” Victor stepped up to leave the office.

“Oh and Victor” the lawyer jiggled the keys to Park’s armory around, handing them to the once godly Victor. Slipping them into his pocket, Victor nodded to his lawyer and proceeded to walk out, heading to his therapeutic session.

_ _ _ _ _ _

“That was good Victor” he was at a peaceful place, he was at a Park, Redemption Park. The park was silent except for flowers in the air, flying around as the scent of nature spread in the air. “Now take a deep breath” the voice instructed, Victor did so, hmmm taking a very deep breath.

“Now exhale, but keep the image in your mind Victor” the voice instructed him again as he exhaled his deep breath. Hoof. “That’s very good” the lights came back on as Victor opened his eyes, his mediation session had just ended. “Victor, do you realize why I asked you to do that? When do you use meditation?” the therapist asked Victor as he leaned back up.

“To calm down, to not lose control” Victor replied controlling his emotions using methods he’d been taught. There was a brief moment of the therapist analyzing Victor before he spoke once more.

“When you closed your eyes, where were you Victor?” the therapist held his pin at the tip of his mouth, deep in thought. “Where did you imagine yourself to be?”

“Redemption Park, me and- well I used to go there to clear my head, there was a hot dog cart near there as well. Two of my friends used to go there, I would see them a lot. Arturia and Park” Victor’s lip twitched slightly.

“We’ll pick this up next week Victor, same time. I want you to practice meditation as well, it’s a very crucial art. You need to always know how to control your emotions”

_ _ _ _ _ _

After sending his message to Alceus, he’d received a visit just after his therapy session. His brother had been concerned about his ‘mortality’, how long it would take him to adapt to the change. But instead he’d pushed him away, he’d been emotionally distant for a while, pushing friends away from him, but he always regrets it after.

“I don’t need you to be worried about me, ok? I’m fine, I don’t need anyone’s condolences,” the last words he’d told Alceus during his visit. Just after Alceus had left, he’d come to regret it. He wanted to convince himself he was fine, he wanted to be stronger than this, he didn’t want to feel weak.

“Appreciate the visit though”

_ _ _ _ _ _

The keys to Victor’s armory still lay on his table. Grabbing the keys to the chains, he made his way to Park’s armory, which had belonged to his father to Victor’s understanding.

It was night and he had made his way in his new armor which he’d crafted, all the tools he’d crafted cost half of the money he’d inherited from Park. It was light enough to allow complete agility, but he could add attachments to make it resistant to bullets by sacrificing agility and movement. He was previously a weapons crafter the first time he’d come to earth, and had crafted many high caliber guns and grenades.

Blending into the night, his durable facemask wasn’t made to shine in the night, allowing him to be a blur to anyone from afar and blend into the darkness. The armory stood high, obviously of old stature and very well locked. Raising the key to the chain, he rotated it as the sound came Kshh. The chain opened up as he rolled the door aside with his great strength.

Inside lay many sections, weapons of all calibers, grenades of all effects, researches for all techniques and applications. This would help him much, this would make him more than just a man. Grabbing research papers on pressure points, Victor began to read, taking his time and absorbing information like a sponge.

_ _ _ _ _ _

His willpower to become greater was unbridled, his willpower was now stronger than ever in his convict to become stronger. He would need to be able to defend himself before his enemies come for him.

I have the armor, I have the weapons, I have the skill, now there is only one thing left, and I need to know the field I fight in. Victor intended to become one of the best there were. He would need information on the battlefields, and the enemies.

Travelling around the city, he planted concealable cameras. He wasn’t comfortable with the technology, but his determinations lead him to study on the usage of computers. Soon he would have surveillance on all the key areas in the city. Mapping it all on a big computer, he would be able to see what’s happening in the Park, the Nightclub and many other locations where gossip will just come out of the unsuspecting. The city would have to be his playground.

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Just make sure Park didn't have any outstanding debts. You'll inherit any of those as well.

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@Zauberin: No I won't, the co-signer of these debts will. That or any relatives.

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Aren't all his relatives dead?
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@Zauberin: No, I believe he has a brother, father and mother, all alive.

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Okay, so he's got an estranged mother and a brother. His father's dead.
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@Zauberin: As long as he has a relative or co-signer. I don't think Park has any debts anyway. So what's your take on Victor's new direction?

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Less godly, so there's less to fear. But Park's dead already, so there's nothing that would bring about wrathfulness even if he still was godly. Definitely more balanced. Makes me think of the time Superman lost his powers and tried to be a hero without them and sucked at it (I know it's not the case here, but I can't help but think of it).
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@Zauberin: Wanna do a quick meet at Redemption Park? I don't usually ask people to RP with me, but Vic still needs to tell Art about Park.

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Oh okay. 
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Hehe nice.

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@Olympian_Champion: Part 3 will come out after Urb's fight maybe. That is if i'm still alive.

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love it.

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@Charmix: Thank you charms :)