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The Back-Story

The Future Conquerors were originally meant to be an organization bent on world peace.  Each leader had that eternal dream of leading a new world order.  Every man failed miserably, and finally the idea of destroying and actually conquering finally manifested into the conscious. Spreading their word across the country of Germany, followers came like a moth to a flame.  With the convent filled, leaders were aliased black due to acting upon any danger toward the club.  While the white, dealt with deception always trying to rule the club while financing the precious dream each member withheld.  Sadly, every generation failed miserably.  Factions grew across the globe, gaining more members for the everlasting cause.  Until, one year the present verse a woman finally to the reign as the Black Queen of Stone.  She was the first baby to be born between a Black King and a White Queen of the F.C.  No matter, throughout her life twisted tales have emerged.  Dealing with a brother and sister from the country called the United States of America.
Visiting the American faction of the devious organization, Cassandra Adams recruited a special mutant called Katanna.  Manipulating the teenager in her manner, Cassandra had the little girl wreck havoc on the streets of New Jersey.  Proving gang violence was escalating to super-human standards.  Hoping the world would see how horrible "heroes" were becoming, the F.C. believed their political ways could find a way to orchestrate this in their favor, but Cassandra became distracted with the older brother of Clarissa/Katanna.  Becoming ultimately flirtatious with the heir of Funez Industries, the two young adults engaged one another with love.  Furious by her leaders actions, Katanna literally almost killed her brother and his bitch.  In the end, Cassandra fled back to her country and Katanna and her brother reunited an old family bond.
Little did Thunderbolt/Jonathan know was that his one night with Cassandra, would impregnate her with the next heir to both the F.C. and Funez Industries  The estranged couple would reunite years later when Gods Watchful Eyes raided the headquarters of the gang known as the Future Conquerors.  Through a single transmission, Cassandra let her former fling learn that she had birthed his baby.  Ignited by his mother's lies, the son of thunder discovered where he truly came from.  Dealing with difficult objects, Jonathan Junior managed to escape his mother's clutches and get into America.  There he met grandparents from the Funez Family, and astonished by seeing them he wanted to know how they knew he was coming.  Except, that did not matter at all.  One question was on his mind.  Where is my father?  To no avail, his new family cried as they broke the news that his father was dead.  Broken....Closure was born.

Meeting of the Minds

 Her pitch black hair dangles back and forth, as she struts down the halls of the Future Conqueror Estate.  She enters a large corridor, where a group of leaders await her arrival.   Political boundries must be crossed, in order to fulfill the woman's dream. 
"Sorry for the delay my friends.  I've gathered each one of you in this specific area.  To discuss matters that no one else must not learn until the accurate moment in time.  The super-human race has to long been over-looked.  They left planet Earth to help idiotic aliens Ninjans from a different galaxy, instead of fighting against Number One and Breaker Envoy of Sentron from taking over our home.  It's time we do something about this.  The Civil War and the registration act did nothing for our people, still vigilantes roam around in tights dying and causing to many casualties.  There are teenagers called the Vine Titans whom own their own tower.  I propose a bill that will terminate any super-human that does not join the government.  As much as people love heroes, it's causing to much complications.  The Termination Squad of America, were trained super-powered heroes that saved this planet.  I'm the ambassador of my own country and I will not allow my cabnet to be dependent on Americans.  If my bill scares these heroes and possibly villains, we can have groups of them in each of our countries.  Before, any questions are made I have two more things to say.  If they do not sign-up like America's Termination Squad, we make examples by executing certain heroes and villains. My agent Madros will be handling the pathetic runaway teens while my own son has leaked information on where Veritas Inc hides.  That is all my friends, are you with me or against me?" 
"Cassandra my dear as sincere and well-thought that is.  There is only one problem with your idea of creating a better world.  We will all leave and think about your assumption on a slightly better world.  Just remember that attempting to play God will get you stoned my dear.  As you said no one will leak any word of this discussion into the public, due to riots and possible another event caused as you say by the super-human."  Each leader stands up and leaves the enclosed area owned by the Queen of Stone.  With no one in sight she makes one phone call.  "Danielle, they are thinking about my plan.  So, to get what I want tell all our Imperials across the world to cause disaster.  We shall show how incomptent and dangerous the super-humanoid really is.  It shall begin in Russia."  Enlightend by finally setting her plan in motion, the clever perfectionist activates her abilities.  Wings spreading from her shoulder blades, and armor spreading around every curve and part of her body.  The Black Queen of Stone bursts out of the roof from her lovely mansion, the skies are bright and her future is rividing.  Within six hours riots begin, led by many Imperials.  The only country not affected is the home of the brave....

Funez Tower

 A mysterious woman pushes the door open, only to catch a full view of her older brother.  Clara Mass feels astounded to see one of her siblings once again.  She simply glares at the supposed Funez Family member.  "I thought you were dead brother.  If you are who you say you are.  Why the sudden return and taking the company back from you precious son."  Her necklace begins to emitt a bright red color, as it begins to dim out the former agent of Sector Eleven once again looks into the eyes of her older sibling.  "What have you become?"  The former hero known as Thunderbolt grins had the youngest sibling of the family.  "You know you remind me so much of Clarissa.  To bad she couldn't be here, last I heard she fell off some cliff.  My son I couldn't give a rat's ass about him right now.  So, sister mind giving me that necklace."  With one step, Jonathan Senior appears in front of his baby sister.  He wraps his hands around her neck.  "I dare you to force me out of existence.  I'll bet my entire company on it."
A blinding light catches the two off guard.  The glass shatters and the wind knocks the brother and sister to the floor.  Down below the arrival of the Black Queen of Stone is shown.  Frequencies shift and a live video of the sinister and vile woman appears on every monitor in America.  "Listen up you idiotic humans, the heroics of this age is finally over. We are tired of allowing you people to step on our toes.  We shall finally act and this world will be ours."  A smile stretches on her mouth, as her plan is coming into motion.  If the world can see how dangerous the super-humanoid can be.  Than she will make the Ultimus insident look like a pre-schooler eating glue.  Once concluded, phase two will commence with the elimination of all those heroes who left Earth.  Finished with her speech about the era of her people, Cassandra took to the skies and winked at the sight of her former flame.  "To the United Nations!!"  She vanished and minions of the F.C. begin to raid the state of New Jersey.  Appearing minutes after the Black Queen, the Termination Squad steps onto the scene.  Their alliance not yet known....
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Recap --- Present

 In the aftermath of "The Takeover", Breaker Envoy of Sentron was allowed to live amongst our race with his alien armada.  Residing in the Bermuda Triangle, only certain operatives know of this headquarters belonging to a foreigner with distinct features of the average homo-sapien.  With the sudden departure of Director Morales, the Donna Mary showed up at Funez Tower.  Alongside Thunderbolt, she broke the news to her true beloved.  Closure was confused of why his secretary was keeping an eye on the owner's of Funez Industries.  Using her manipulative ways, the bitch with a price managed to get Jonathan II a seat as the new director of Sector Eleven.  Disgusted by the change in the status quo, the Malicious Zaria and Clara Mass as well as Crusher went off-grid.  While the apparent followers of the Future Conquerors - Donna Mary, Demolition, and Observer keep the name Termination Squad.  They have arrived in the town of Hoboken, New Jersey trying to make the public assume they are the only heroes the world can trust.  A group of deranged but trained psychopaths that can bust at any moment, with their mutant capabilities they are a force to be reckoned with.
Character Profile: Donna Mary -  Adopted into a family of wealth, the parents of Danielle Marionette did not tell their child of her true parents.  Having to go to church everyday of school, the pampered child seemingly did no wrong.  Yet, that is where her parents messed up.  For the girl never went to church, but traveled the streets of New Orleans.  At the age of nine-teen, the Donna Mary of Louisiana began her to training at being an assassin.  Within a year, she became the best at what she did.  Her ideal look on the face of the planet seemed as if it needed her due to her beauty and intelligence.  Confronted by the Director of the Termination Squad, Danielle was the first to join.  With a lot of missions on her lap, Donna Mary is noted for having the ability to pause time and manipulate the opposite gender (Male).  No one is for certain that any relationship this warrior woman is involved in is realistic or just part of a bigger plan.
As the field-leader of the Termination Squad looks at the heavenly sky above, she cannot help but witness the gorgeous sight of the Black Queen of Stone.  Upon noticing her queen's departure, she mumbles words of foreshadowing events.  "One day that will be me..."  Locking her eye contact onto the ground below, servants of the Future Conquerors await their ultimate demise from three former Imperials.  "The Queen will be most pleased with our actions.  Observer stay here and snipe as much criminals as you can and Demolition find out what Mister Funez is doing with our dear Clara Mass.  During your little missions, I will personally advocate my right of showing how wondrous trained heroes can be.  Sky-Diving to the concrete below, the Donna Mary perfectly lands on her feet.  Not one scratch just elegance, and once done with flattering herself.  Donna Mary gets to work.  By simply pausing time, she is able to kill shoot bullets through the heads of every man and woman wearing the initials F.C.
Time is soon set into play, and using her hand-to-hand combat skills.  The woman with a price, shows civilians that there are still heroic beings out there.  Arrogance consumes the leader of the Termination Squad, but her subconscious makes an attempt on stopping the mad mercenary.  The Ying and Yang of her life presents itself, trying to foretell the coming events.  Trying to tell Danielle that if she continues no one will suspect her to be a hero but indeed a villain.  Acting out of ignorance, the assassin neglects her inner thoughts for her back-up most be accurately succeeded.
Character Profile: Clara Mass -  Many have stated that this woman is indeed the biological sister of the original owner of Funez Industries.  Clara Mass is the youngest sibling of the Funez Family.  Out of the five children, Clara Mass was not very social.  Working as an accountant for the family business, she was hardly acknowledged by her icons.  Believing her sister Clarissa and her brother Jonathan, to be simply magnificent.  The secretive child was a collector of antiques.  At the age of eight-teen she  discovered an amulet necklace that granted her overwhelming powers.  With the ability to force anything out of existence or force an object into existence, Clara Mass was finally down with her family.  When leaving the nest all seemed well on a cold Christmas night, but a man with the last name Morales consult the estranged woman.  Before, the Termination Squad was completely assembled.  Clara Mass, became the black-ops agent of Sector Eleven.  Shortly going by the name Katanna, Clara Mass is now 29 years old and astounded that she has a nephew.  Her codename is Mystery....
As the shattered glass settles on the ground, cuts are seen on both the body of Clara Mass and Jonathan Funez Senior.  Tears run down the youngest Funez sibling, because the sight of a corrupted brother begins to haunt her very well-being.  By just staring at the wounds, the instantly evaporate out of existence.  Beads of sweat trickle from her forehead, and the her lips begin to feel parched.  Clara Mass quickly gets up and tries to run to the nearest exit, only to be abruptly stopped by her eldest sibling.  "Your not going anywhere sister."  The necklace of pure energy, shoots out two projectiles.  Both ripping the sleeves of Thunderbolt and pinning him up against the wall.  Shocked by her antiques unknown abilities, Clara Mass once known as Katanna approaches her brother.  "What have you become?"
The once believed dead hero, chuckles at the words spoken.  "Do you not realize what is going on my dearest little sister?  I was thought dead for two years, I've changed dramatically me dear.  I was once a caring man, and believe it or not I still am.  Held captive by my own wife, she thought returning me to my home would set my son off.  The trap worked swiftly and greatly, he will be sending his Termination Squad to help his beloved mommy.  The situation you were dealing with was me slightly being manipulated by Chelsea Baez now Danielle Marionette.  I would appreciate it if you would let me down now."  His words partially felt truthful but not completely trustworthy.  Her eyes emit the color red and a rapid examination on his heart signature is being formulated.  From the corner of her eye the presence of another being arrives.  "The codename is Demolition.  Believe it or not Clara Mass we have family connections."
Character Profile: Malicious Zaria -  A poor couple with the finances to only care for one child, gave birth to twin girls.  Needing money, one girl was sold to a family of riches.  While the other had to stay with the middle class parents.  Named Lida Zaccaria, the young girl grew up to work in her families circus.  Throughout the years, she was seemingly gifted to read one's mind as well as casting an illusion of someone's ultimate desire.  Decked out with a costume, one half representing the devil (Red) and the other the Lord Jesus Christ (White).  Lida was one to fool tourists, by making them believe the Circa De Freak was full of monsters.  Soon after years of working for her family, Lida was allowed to absorb the outside world.  Sucked into the dark depths of New Jersey, Lida became a traveler.  Sending messages across the hidden kingdom of the Future Conquerors!  After a failed mission on the assassination attempt on Closure, the codenamed Malicious Zaria was confronted by Director Morales of the Termination Squad.  
The illusion-caster and her partner Crusher reside on the west side of Funez Tower.  Both somehow wondering what the rest of the world is going through.  Newscasts state that the teenage group called the Vine Titans are being attack.  In Russia, Asia, Africa, Japan, Australia, Canada, and Mexico are simultaneously being attacked.  Believing the other side of the Termination Squad has some part in this new event, Crusher phases across Funez Tower.  In order, to come right next to his old friend the Observer.  "You were suppose to be my best-friend you douche."  Standing up, Observer grimaced at the sight of his old ally.  "I dare you to murder me, something tells me you don't have the balls."
Down below, the Malicious Zaria gets ready to confront her rival of three years.  Focusing her mind on the mind of Donna Mary.  Images of the past circulate through the minds of both ex-teammates.  "Get out of my head sister!?!"  A single tear drops from the right eye of Lida Zaccaria while one tear falls from the left eye of Danielle Marionette.  "No this is a lie, you are not my sister!"  Pausing time, the Donna Mary racing forward jumps into the sky and comes down like a meteorite.  With time once again in play, the Malicious Zaria had only moments to counter the adamantium blades of her enemy.  Sending a telepathic bolt toward her opponent, Donna Mary plunges to the floor.  Blood drips from the nose and face of Donna Mary, and anger keeps fueling her will to continue.  The rage of this person possibly being her twin sister is improbable and impossible.  "You will die by my blade!"  Lunging her terrific weapon made for killing, the adamantium blade released from the right hand of Danielle Marionette strikes and rips the flesh of Lida Zaccaria.
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Africa, Life's Gandeur

"Chiiiirp...Closure this is Roulette come in....Chiiirp...Closure this is Roulette come in........WHAT THE f#CK!!!" he tossed the communication device ricocheting off a sturdy narrow oak  trunk. Sweat perspired down his filthy pale forehead as the radiant sun emitted moisture from the damp soil. His black combat boots sank into the delicate herbage imprinting each footstep he had taken identically. The halcyon breeze drifted across his fine white hair casting it into the wind like a waving flag, His torso was drenched with sweat as the outline from the salty liquid exposed a white streak on his black tank top stain. The insects buzzed frequently around the Weapon of Vanity, crashing into his nose occasionally, and feasting upon his soft flesh like a last super. The melange of amphibians and various organisms contributed to a harmonic orchestra bound to ease a malevolent soul. The cloudless heavens above terminated its lachrymose session when the clouds faded from existence. The elegant tropics were excellent for a exotic vacation for a tense mind.
Roulette's heart pounded with anxiety as he made his epic escape through the boundless safari of Grandeur, each step he took he approached with caution, extending his desert eagle ready to die at the exchange of ones life. Word of the recent cataclysm that have taken place were blunt, but it seemed that the path to world totalitarianism was a goal to one family. Roulette knew of the Funez family , Katanna an Ex- Comrade of the Wolfpack, Closure his fellow brethren of the Zero Squad,Thunderbolt, one a proud member of Moses Xaviers  New World Alliance and transitioned to the Eyes Of God. Ian Caige worried about his family back at the Zero Tower, he wondered if the Termination Squad had made there way into his home, and slayed his Kin. there was no doubt that it would take more then an army to hold down the will of the Zero Squad, but Roulette wondered if he shouldve aligned with the government like Funez family incited.
As he voyaged through the vast jungle  fleeing the clutches of the Funez family pawns, he couldn't help but to wonder if he would live another day, will he be able to run from the government his whole life? they would catch him eventually , why should he run?they would surely go after his brothers , why should he sacrifice ones life because of his self perception? So many thoughts flooded through the Weapon Master's mind as he slowed his his pace. He glared into his glistening reflection on his desert eagle surface, and glared back at his trail. He could see an army of soldiers drawing closer and closer as the seconds past. He inhaled a deep breath as he watched an elephant bathe its youth within a gentle stream. " man, id kill to start this life over...im sick of all of this bullsh!t...life as treated me like a bitch all of this time.....once a get a moment of happiness...it is always shot to flames......."
Roulette took out a small tracking device and tossed it onto the ground, and swallowed the actual tracking tracking. The tracking device will give the Zero Squad small details on his location, and once they' ve reached the vicinity they will be able to track down whatever they pursue by flowing the tracking origin. As the termination  Squad henchman drew in, the footsteps began to vibrate through the most soil, roars of adrenaline echoed throughout the sphere, as fear ruptured the walls of Ians stomach. They paused about 20 feet away from Roulette in a flawless front line, there jet black carbonaduim armor luminous with its refine negritude. Roulette simply stared at each and every one of the warriors with rage radiant within his essence." YOU WANT ME YOU SON OF  B!TCH, COME AND GET ME" He screamed with vehemence.
As took deep breath from overexertion. One man made his way fronting the vast army of thousands, a large scar rested diagonally across his left eye, his iris burned with a crimson fury, and a large war axe laid on his back with an infinite blood lust "  Are you Ian Caige  warrant  number 12-554-0922 dividend of Zero Squad leadership?" The man grunted loudly  as his thick pink tongue smacked against his lips " Who hell are you to ask?" Ian replied hostility. The man simply chuckled and tilted his neck releasing a deep tension revealing crack" That is no concern to you!, you are wanted for opposing the document issued by the Funez family corporation, you have failed to oblige by our rules , you are wanted dead or alive...your actions now will determine your fate Mr. Caige!" Ian hulked up mucus from his throat and spit it aside" I hope you know i will not be taken without a fight...lets do this the noble way..me and against you, if i lose i will confide by your orders...if you lose...you must let me go."
The warrior simply grimaced at Roulette" So be it ....i like a warrior with dignity i respect you for this, discard all of your weapons, this will be am unarmed battle" The Termination Squad grunt said dropping his colossal Axe onto the ground" So be it.." Ian said dropping his desert eagle onto the ground stationing in fist southpaw stance. "....idiot.." The deceptive warrior withdrew a razor disk from his circular belt buckle  and launched it straight towards Ian fingers" AWWWWWF#CK MY FINGER YOU SON OF A B!TCH ARRRRRRRAGH MY FINGER!!! Ian screamed with dismay and agony. He collapse to the floor feeling nausea from the intense pain, he had never experienced such  horrible feeling" GET HIM WHILE HE'S DOWN!! "  The combatant screamed, as 4 Termination Squad soldiers made there way towards the disabled Roulette. They lifted him up, as blooded gushed from his fingers all over his clothing" one down , a few more to go! Johnathan will be pleased by this capture.. "
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 The blood gushed crimson red from where the sniper’s bullet had slashed his left shoulder open.  In the medical field, they would call the injury a graze, but that didn’t stop the wound from issuing wave after wave of throbbing, nearly unbearable pain.  Nausea threatened to overwhelm him every time he reached over with his right hand to put pressure on the wound and his fingers were tacky from blood that had long since soaked through his thin leather gloves.  Worse yet, he knew that if he didn’t find a better solution than his hand he would soon bleed out, and then those pursuers of his could walk up as pretty as they please and punch a bullet between his eyes.

The Arach-Knight reached the edge of a rooftop and leapt off of the stone ledge, soaring into the air over the deep canyon of streets below.  As he landed on the roof of an apartment building opposite, a jolt of pain from the impact made him cry out.  His knees felt suddenly weak, threatening to give way altogether as he willed them to carry him on a few more steps.  The roof was covered in loose gravel that crunched beneath his boots as he shuffled along towards the boarded up greenhouse sitting atop the tenement.  He reached the corner and pulled himself around, hoping that this hiding place would grant him surcease from their relentless pursuit.

It was the first moment of peace he could hold on to since these terminators had begun their assault an hour ago.  Some people called the Funez family had declared open season on heroes and villains alike, and for some damned scary reason Andrew was high on their target list as it was only minutes after hearing the news report that they had descended on him.  With his back pressed against the rough, oak boards, which were nailed haphazardly over the greenhouse’s broken windows, the Arach-Knight took a deep breath.  It was only slightly past noon, so the air was still thick with heat and humidity.  Off on the horizon, enormous banks of blackened thunderclouds loomed with poetic promise of the storms to come.

The sickening crunch of gravel alerted the spider to the arrival of one of the black armored grunts tracking him.  There were two heavy steps and then the sound paused for a moment before the gravel shifted slightly, leaving the Knight to imagine that the grunt was now crouched over the very spot he had landed on.  The silence stretched out, uncomfortably so, until the static hiss of a communicator opening broke the moment open.

“Target was here so track on my signal,” the toneless voice said.  “There’s blood here, so he’s definitely hit.  I’d guess he’s maybe a minute ahead of me.  The blood appears to lead across the roof.  There’s an alley and then a larger building across from it.”

“Subject can climb walls,” a steely voice responded.  “Head up and we’ll triangulate on that position.”  The voice cut off with a noisy squelch as the soldier stood once more and began walking towards the ledge between buildings.  His route would take him past the greenhouse; he’d be only a step away.  Andrew’s heart thudded against his chest cavity as he reached behind his head and grasped one of loose boards.  He fought hard against the pain as he did everything possible not to make a sound.  The footsteps grew louder until they carried the terminator past the edge of the derelict building.  For one glorious moment, the Knight though that maybe, just maybe the grunt would continue on, but then he started to swing his metallic helmet towards his hiding spot.  With a scream of rage, fear and sorrow, the Arach-Knight tore the board free and swung it in a wicked arc towards the man’s armored throat.  The strike connected, taking the soldier almost unaware and he gurgled something unintelligible as he fell backwards onto the roof.

Fighting through the pain, the young spider leapt forward and with his good arm grasped the soldier’s belt.  When one has the ability to lift a two-ton bus, it isn’t hard to pick a man up, even an armored one, and that was what Andrew did.  He lifted the terminator high and threw him javelin like at a window in the tall building that loomed majestically across the alley.  There was a horrible sound of crashing glass and grinding steel as the grunt disappeared from view.  Without daring to linger even a moment longer, the Arach-Knight leapt from the building and webbed his way as far from that block as he could.


Sometime later, with the sun still resting comfortably above the horizon, the Arach-Knight came to rest once more.  He was in an old, dark alley that reeked of garbage and maggots.  A moldy crate of apples leaned against an overflowing garbage bin, indicators that no one had visited this place for a long time.  That was good enough for Andrew as he shuffled feebly over to a dark corner behind the dumpster and sat down.  He pulled off his mask and gagged on the rancid air, but he was still breathing, he reminded himself, and that was quite an accomplishment.  The dropped the mask unceremoniously onto the wet, moist pavement and leaned back against the cool brick wall.  A long, dirty tablecloth hung out from the side of the garbage bin, so he tore himself off a piece and used it to tourniquet his bleeding shoulder.

A filthy, brown rat pulled one of the moldy apples free and dragged it across the alley.  It stopped as it neared Andrew and stared at the teenager in apparent annoyance.  “Sorry to crash your alley, little one,” Andrew said with a sigh.  “All the tables at the Ritz were full.”  The rat, still staring at the boy, began to nibble on the apple.

“Probably be best if you scampered off.  This may not be the safest place in the city right now.”  Honestly, Andrew had no earthly clue if or when those ebon-armored psychos would find him again.  And that brought on a deeper question; how long would he have to run from them?  If the government was sanctioning this witch-hunt, he could very well be running forever.

“NO,” he growled with a ferocity that startled himself and the rat, which ran with his sweet treat towards another, darker part of the alley.  “I don’t have to run, because they have no clue who I am without this mask.”  It was simple logic.  They were after the Arach-Knight.  Without this mask he was just Andrew O’Gill, high school student.  He reached out and picked the mask back up, staring at it thoughtfully.  Could he live with that decision?  Could he walk away from this world?  Could he walk away from the Vine Titans?  In a deep pocket of his gut, something sick turned over.  The Titans.  The Termination Squad would be after all of them too and they were his friends.  The answer was simple, of course, he knew beyond any reason that he couldn’t walk away from this until he knew Eclipse and the others were safe.  After that…well after that would take care of itself.

With a tired grunt, he pushed himself up the wall and into a standing position.  From here, the tower was maybe twenty five to thirty miles away.  “Thirty miles across a hostile city teeming with soldiers looking for my head,” the Knight whispered.  “Just a walk in the park.”  He tried to make himself laugh, but only a small sob escaped his throat.  Salty tears dripped down his cheeks as he mashed the mask back over his head.

“Thirty miles,” he said, steeling himself.  “God help me.”

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Moscow, Russia: 2 Days Ago

The , one of ’s most prominent landmarks and one of the most beautiful buildings in the world and home to the country’s president. Thousands of people, citizen and tourist alike flock to ’s so that they can witness its beauty. It had been constructed in 1850, and had been standing in all it’s splendor ever since. Today, however, it lay in ruin. Partially destroyed, it was now smoking ash and rubble save for the few parts of it that remained standing.

Within the rubble itself, a single man stood covered in ash and dirt. A partially torn balaclava covered his face, and he wore a black military style uniform. He appeared disoriented, and slowly he stumbled out of the smoking wreck. In an instant he was surrounded by police and arrested, putting up little resistance.

The news of the Palace being destroyed spread like wildfire all over the country. Outraged citizens entered the streets and demanded the one man responsible for this to be put to death, with threats of riots breaking out in every city. Responding quickly, the government quickly scheduled the “Kremlin Terrorist,” which he now being referred to as, to be put on trial the very next day.

Present Time: Courthouse in Moscow

“This court is now in session, hearing the case of Veretennikov vs. The People. Will the suspect please take the stand?” The Judge calmly waited for the prosecution to begin, knowing in his mind how this case would end. The prosecution’s lawyer calmly stepped up.

“Stanislav Vladimirovitch Veretennikov. Also known as Razorback. One of our country’s ‘heroes.’ I see you have an extensive military record, and you are one of the few government commissioned heroes in our country.” The lawyer calmly looked at Razorback, smiling slightly. “Does your high status make you think you can go around destroying national landmarks?”

“I didn’t do it.” Pure anger showed on Razorback’s face, an unfiltered hatred for the people in this courtroom burning in his eyes.

“Evidence says otherwise! You were the only person actually in the rubble. The way the building is destroyed is consistent with your power set. This leaves only one conclusion, one that is horrifyingly obvious. We have thousands of witnesses. It’s your word against thousands, who do you expect use to believe?” The lawyer presented theses statements as if each one was a dagger, stabbing them into Stanislav’s ears and the ears of all in attendance until everyone could only accept that the suspect was guilty. “And to finalize our case against this… terrorist, we call up to the stand one of our witnesses, Sergei Nikolaevich Novikov.”

A somewhat tall, muscular man approached the stand as Razorback was assorted back to his seat. He was wearing an all white suit with a white tie, and had a confident look about him as if he thought himself better than everyone around him.

As the prosecution lawyer began to question their called up witness, Stanislav tried to remember what had happened at the Kremlin. He could briefly recall what had happened, but couldn’t remember a face… the face of the man that really had caused the Kremlin’s destruction.

Later On In the Trial 

The Jury slowly filed back into the courtroom, taking their seats and ready to give their verdicts. Not one of the jury members looked at Stanislav, and he knew in his mind that he had been pronounced guilty.

“The Jury finds Stanislav Veretennikov guilty on all counts, and he is sentenced to life in prison. Court Adjourned.” The prosecution had won as expected.

Guards began to lead Razorback out, to be transported to a facility designed to hold superhumans. He seemed to accept this fate, until he finally remembered the man who had really caused the Kremlin to fall.

“IT WAS HIM! IT WAS HIM!” Razorback began to go crazy, fighting off his captors and pointing at Sergei Novikov. Police forces swarmed Stanislav, trying to pin him down, but he was too strong. Breaking out of his handcuffs, he ran after Sergei, who had made his way out of the room, fighting off guards at every step. He finally made his way outside, and spotted the white-suited man immediately.

“FIGHT ME! FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN YOU B*STARD!” Razorback shifted his hands into giant hammer fists, and sprinted at his enemy, brutally attacking anyone or anything that got in his way. Riots broke out, most people trying to attack Stanislav, and Sergei got away. Finally, Razorback was captured by a squadron of men designed to take down superheroes, calling themselves a Termination Squad and sent a high security prison.

The news of Razorback’s outburst quickly spread over the news, and citizens everywhere lobbied for his death. People began to go crazy, soon some of them began to lobby against “superheroes” in general, seeing the damage that they are capable of.

Amidst all that was happening, Sergei Novikov smiled. Pulling out a cell phone, he quickly contacted his superiors.

“This is Masterpiece. The plan in was a success.”

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Special Location

The wind howls fiercely sending magnificent news into the ears of Cassandra Adams.  Gusts of oxygen swarm through her nostrils as if an ocean current had sucked her into the center of the blue sea.  The sight of people crying and screaming awaken the inner soul of the Black Queen.  Forcing herself to ignore the emotions she once had all those years ago, Cassandra enters the domain (Heart) of the Future Conquerors.  Worlds leaders stand up, each one declaring the document she wanted is now world order.  Laughing like a psychotic maniac, with just a clap of her hands the Imperious Guard arrive at her demand.  Hand-cuffing and shoving these leaders onto their knees, the sole leader of the F.C. Nation makes her way to see her opposites face to face.  The Black Queen of Stone kneels down and makes her final speech to these pathetic imbeciles.
"This was all my idea and you dolts had no clue of what I was planning.  The prediction was simple and well executed, if I could show the world how dangerous the super-human could be.  I would use my kingdom against the world, capture the world leaders, destroy part of this planet.  In conclusion, the only way for survival is for the men and women leftover to look for the person with the most power.  I knew heroes wouldn't dare sign-up with the government so terminating them would be the best course of action.  Now listen closely you incompetent twits.  As I speak the world is crying tears of sorrow, and wanting villains to be terminated and vigilantes to register.  They will look up to my family and scream help us and I will whisper only on one condition.  Isn't it just courageous of me to do this.  Finally the Future Conquerors will complete the dream.  Right now your probably wondering why I'm telling you my diabolical plan.  The end of this conversation ends with your deaths."
The wings of angel spread from her shoulders and the armor wrapping itself tightly against her muscles reappear.   A cellphone begins to ring, and the splendid Queen of Stone listens.  The voice of her Imperial in the nation of Russia enters her ear lobes.  “This is Masterpiece. The plan in was a success.” An odd moan rolls off her tong and into the air.  She softly bites her index finger with intense pleasure.  "Oh, my Masterpiece you are amazing."

Sector Eleven

 A well-dressed billionaire walks down the halls of his new headquarters, pulling out his cigar, smoke floats away from his mouth.  The sight of a former friend catches his attention, and his face expression just screams deception.  Clicking certain numbers and letters on a holographic, Funez Industries, keyboard the door opens into a slightly lit up room.  Dropping the Cuban cigarette, Jonathan II crushing it with the heel of his left foot.  Leaning against  the black wall, the corridor seemingly lights up due to the view of Director Funez of Sector Eleven. Taking small steps toward an old ally, the Conclusion to every Complication sits near Roulette.
"Do not become startled old friend, your current whereabouts are not going to be told to you.  So, I suggest you do not ask any questions and listen closely.  The world is coming to peace, and the only way for that to happen is if you stand by my side.  Get heroes to register so they do not have to die.  My family is doing this for all the correct reasons.  If the Future Conquerors can handle showing how terrifying untrained vigilantes can actually become.  The planet will be biased against the super-human, terminate them, and look at us to the lead this brand new era.  Your probably thinking what about the world leaders, but do worry my mother is handling that.  In New York, my Termination Squad is handling my aunt and her group of renegades.  Surprisingly, my dearest father has come back from the grave.  Anyway, I need you to save me Ian.  Someone is controlling my actions and her name is..."
Pulling out an adamantium dagger, Closure pressed the gorgeous weapon against the neck of his prisoner.  "Are you in or out?"  Oddly, a single tear drops from his right eye for seemingly unknown reasons.   A flashback to the days of Chaos Agent being is mentor and acting fatherly, project themselves within the mind of the once again heir to Funez Industries.  Hamilton like everyone else in his life abandoned him.  Flushing away those memories, Closure returns to reality where the only man who can be trusted is himself.
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Mumms the Word

He'd always known that the day would come when there would be no hero's on Earth. That they would all dissapear. What he didn't know was the reason. Be it either a devious or heavenly gesture, no good would be able to come from it...For as long as there are heroes there will be people willing to take them away. Slight never thought that he would be one of the ones that would desert his people and yet, now he was on a different planet, one where he fought in an endless war. He regretted the fact that he was there, on Ninjeta, and knew for sure that there would be a force strong enough to take control in the absence of Veritas, ICE, Wolf Pack and WAL. He began to wonder why it was necessary for all the teams to be involved in a war that only summoned a few. It mattered not, for when he returned from the alien planet his deepest regrets, and fears were realized. 
On Ninjeta he had what he thought was just a dream, but now realized was a vision. Fire and death filled the streets and air, with a musty stentch of evil. As he dreamt, he heard voices calling out to him, calling out for help, but he somehow began to be tugged away. He now realized that him being tugged was his absence, and the calls for help were the calls of the People of Earht. REGRET...  

Back home...

 Her name was Cassandra. A Russian leader, Slight knew nothing about. He couldn't help but to think that if he'd been here, he might have been able to stop her. That he might have made a difference, but no, he knew otherwise. Her forces grew bigger, stronger, and more widespread with every coming day, and now she ruled Earth with an iron fist. It was nice change of pace from the norm. A person of the female persuasion had taken over, and had done it with ease. Slight bet on the idea that evil male conquerors wish they were women at a time like this. 
Veritas Inc. was really lax as of late, and one of it's most talented men, Closure had to leave in order to fulfill his duties to the Zero Squad, a team that had been around since before Slight was known as such. Still he understood completly, because he himself taken control of The New Outsiders, a rag tag team that didn't do much to make a name for themselves, but none the less a family. He knew the hardships and the demanding time hastle it was, so he faulted him none. 
For the time being Slight stayed at the Veritas headquarters where he could be safe from any invasion, or attacks. And what made the situation worse, was that this Cassandra chick has been abducting heroes, neutrals and villians alike trying to make them join. If they did, then they were fine, any risistance and they were to be exterminated. It all sounded all to familiar to him. Months ago, when the Sentinal program was put into effect, and tried a similar game, he resisted, and fought back, he would do the same now....


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LOCATION: Jaeger Mansion, home of Charles Jaeger Jr. (aka War Killer), just a few miles outside of New York City. 
TIME: 9:57 PM. 
Charles sat at his office desk as he and his uncle watched CNN on the large flat screen TV that hung on the wall just a few feet away from the front of Charles's desk, "...Either you hang up your "cape" or join the government, it's as simple as that Kim" said the newsman as he debated with his fellow newswoman over the the matter of superheroes becoming government lackeys or be shot on sight. "But John, do you really think superheroes are going to agree with this?" said the newswoman as she tried to find another solution to this growing problem. "Of course they won't, at lest not all of them will. But if these people are going to dress up in their little "Halloween Costume" and fight for "justice" then why would they freak out over working for the government?" asked the newsman. "No one said they were freaking out, I just think shooting these people on sight is a cruel thing to-" the newswoman was then cut off by Charles turning off the TV. 
Charles then got up out of his chair and began to look out the window, wondering how he will deal with all of this madness,  "You're not thinking of going out tonight, are you?"  asked Charles's Uncle Joe who was standing right behind him  "Y es, I actually am"  answered Charles as he walked over to one of his bookcases. Charles then pushed one of the books back into the shelf, causing the the bookcase to move and revealing a hidden elevator door,  "You can't be serous? You'll get killed out there!"  exclaimed Uncle Joe as he and Charles both got on the elevator. After going down a few floors, the elevator doors opened, allowing Charles and Joe to walk down a short hallway and into a large warehouse type room know as "The Lab" that had a large computer with about five big screens placed in the back of the room, "I have to do this Uncle" said Charles. "No you don't, you have already put your parents murderers behind bars and destoryed their evil crime organization, why are you still doing this?" asked Uncle Joe, who was confused at why Charles would keep doing this. Charles then walked over to a small circuler area that had a glasscase, that was holding Charles's War Killer armor in it, in the center of the area, "I don't know, it's like this who I am now, and I feel like if I don't put on this mask and do something to help this world, I'm wasting my life" said Charles as he looking into the eyes of his mask, then putting his hand on the glasscase, allowing the case to scan Charles's hand and then opening the case. 
Charles then put the suit on, and then walking over towards the large computer, "They will shot you, why isn't that getting through your head?" asked a fearful Uncle Joe. "I'm going out and that's finale" said a now frustrated Charles. Uncle Joe's face then filled with angry, "Fine, go out there and get your head blow off, see if I care!"  y elled Uncle Joe as he stormed out of the The Lab. Charles then put on his mask and prepared himself for what he knew was going to happen. 
LOCATION/TIME: New York City, New York,  a few hours later. 
War Killer had chose not to take his hover car, The Cruiser, because he didn't want to try to draw a attention to himself. War Killer had been out for about five or six hours, he was suprised that he had not been attacked yet, but wasn't really thinking much of the matter anyways. As he watched over the city as the moonlight brightened up the cities darkness, War Killer's time of thought was then cut short by the sound of a alram going off, War Killer then leaped from the building top and then actavating his suits Glider wings, allowing him to fly through the air. 
As he made his way to location that alarm was coming from, War Killer could see three dark clothed men running out of a small pawn shop, War Killer glided in fast, but quietly towards the men as they ran down the city sidewalk, War Killer then swooped in, landing on one of the men and slamming him into the pavement, "You boys picked the wrong night!" shouted War Killer. The other two men turned around, horrified to see War Killer crushing their friends face into the sidewalk, "Shoot the freak!!!" Ordered one of the men. Both of the men then pulled out two small hand guns from the back of their pants, and then began firing off rounds and War Killer, but War Killer quickly pulled out one of his batarangs and threw it at one of the men, the batarang glided through the air, then hitting one of the men's hand, causing him to lose his grip over his gun and causing it to fall to the ground, War Killer then ran and kicks the thug in the face, feeling the thugs skull breaking under the force of his foots impact. 
War Killer then rolled across the ground, avoiding the last thugs gun fire, War Killer then jumps up off of the ground, and runs up, kicking the thugs gun out of his hand with one foot, then kicking the thug in the face with the other, kicking him into a parked car, busting out one of the cars side windows. War Killer then ties the three men up to a lightpost, but then begins to hear what sounds like a helicopter, War Killer the dashes off into a dark alley way, but then jumps into the air, activating his rocketboots and allowing himself to fly up to one of the rooftops above. War Killer could hear the sound getting louder and closer, but couldn't see anything, and like a flash of lightening a amry helicopter appered above the building that War Killer was standing on, "FREEZE!!!" shouted a loud voice from the helicopter. Then out from the side of the copter, came a small machine gun that then began firing off at War Killer. 
War Killer then ran towards the edge of the building and then leaping off the side, and then poping out his Gilders once more, gliding through the air, trying to do his best not to get hit by the helicopters attack. War Killer glided between the city buildings, trying to lose the helicopter that was closing in on him fast, War Killer then flew over towards the docks, but the helicopter then fires off another round, this time hitting War Killer and shooting holes through his Gilders, causing War Killer to lose contol, slamming into one of the abandoned warehouses, "AGH!" shouted War Killer as he slammed through one of the old warehouse windows, feeling the sharp glass slicing through War Killers suit and flesh. War Killer slammed onto second floor of the warehouse, "Uhhhhh..." War Killer moned as he tried to pick himself up, he could feel that his arm had been broken by the impact of the fall and could see that he was losing a large amount of blood because of the pool of blood that he was laying in. War Killer was finally able to pick himslef up when he soon begins to hear the helicopter circuling around the building. 
"crap..." War Killer said through the pain as he saw a large group of men surrounding the warehouse. While holding his arm, War Killer pretty much just dragged his body around the room, trying to find someway to escape, but when he heard the soldiers busting the door in the next room, War Killer knew that is was over. The soldiers then busted into the room, "GIVE IT UP! There's no place you can hide from us now Freak!!!" shouted one of the soldiers. War Killer knew he was right, there was no where he could hide, he knew this was it, the soldiers then began to move closer towards War Killer, "BURN IN HE-" but W ar Killer was then cut off by the fire power of the soldiers machine guns. And just then War Killer was pelted with bullets, he was then thrown backwards by the force of the attack, the gunfire slinging him through one of windows behind him and throwing War Killer into the water below. The Soldier then walked over towards the window,  looking down at the water and seeing only a puddle of blood rising to the surface, "Ground Contol to Air Support, we got him, I repeat, we got him, target is down for the count..."
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 Nicole was flying in the air with speed trying to run away from the terminator's, She threw a large boulder and it hit one of Terminator's Chopper, The Chopper went crashing down. Nicole made a quick right and landed down to hide for awhile she knew her glowing powers were a problem because they could track her down by the brightness, She hit the ground and she jumped on the bolder and it was flying there were no Terminator's at sight yet, She could see smoke everywhere. She started to tear up her friends were out there being hunted some were being killed.
Nicole went past a building and there a group of choppers came, FREEZE GET OFF THE ROCK!!! Nicole shouted MAKE ME PUNKS she threw a boulder hitting the Chopper wings, It went crashing to the ground, The other man in the Chopper shouted, FIRE!!!!! Nicole summoned the rocks to shield herself, The bullets did not touch her, Then she jumped off her flying rock and started running, Some soldiers went down with ropes and took out there guns, One of the Commanders shouted DON'T LET HER ESCAPE!!! The men went running after her shooting bullets. 
Nicole cried for help, she ran down a subway and then jumped on the tracks and ran, She could hear the men shouting, She then ran on puddles and heard rats, She could almost hear the soldiers getting closer to her, but she did not look back she kept running. Finally she made it out, She said to herself I think I lost them? She ran back to the streets it was morning and the war was still going on, But then two tanks rolled up, She hid under a car, and the men from the tanks jumped out, Did you see that said one of the soldiers, See what? that girl that just came from the subway, Your seeing thing's man, No I swear I saw a teenage girl, Your getting to happy with this war man. The men went back into there tanks and drove away.
Nicole got out of the car and looked around to see if it was clear so far so good, She started to fly and then land on the ground again she did not want to be seen by choppers again, Then out of no where ten guards shot Nicole with blast rays she shield herself with one of her new powers, Everything went bright like the rainbow, The men could not see, Then Nicole ran for it, A Soldier said we need more backup we have a teenage girl blond hair, Wearing a orange shirt, and blue jeans. She could not take it anymore she needed to fly so she did and looked for someplace that she can land to be safe for awhile, but there was no where she can hide there was to many guards. She kept flying and guards shouted, GET DOWN OR WE GOING TO BRING YOU DOWN ALIEN, She screamed LEAVE ME ALONE!!!  Then she ran into another Chopper but this one was weird, It shot her, And she went crashing down to the ground there Nicole  was on the ground.......

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A young woman twirls and skips across a garden in Louisiana.  All is gentle and all is beautiful, not a noise to be heard not even a mouse.  Pictures of fire and blood illuminate from the very finger-tips that created these holograms.  Eyes twinkling with the moonlight, Lida Zaccaria  prances and dances just so she can ease her mind.  For hours images of baby girls separated from their mother interacts with her coming emotions.  Sorrow and confusion, the sight of riots and a battle between two warriors project itself onto house she resided in.  A pebble trickles on the pond, and a rapid reaction of terror strikes her heart.  The sight a young socialite can be seen, her features alike Lida.  Determined see what this intruder wanted, Zaccaria was about to persecute this stranger when time seemingly set on pause.  When reality reawakened the unknown persona was no longer there.  
[The ring given to the young adult began to glow a wondrous violet.  The flashback sets to pause for a zoom in on the ring given to Lida Zaccaria.  This is the focal point to the power-sets of Donna Mary and Malicious Zaria.  If damaged the wielders of this antique will lose control of their well-being.  End of flashback]


Descending from the sky, the Donna Mary once again comes down diving, in order to send a deep gash into the flesh of her opponent.  Reviving from a short trance, the mediocre warrior manages to avoid the coming assault.  Making Danielle believe Zaria was dead only temporally, the Malicious Zaria sent yet another telepathic bolt toward her adversary.  "I doubt your my sister Zaria and to tell you the truth I know you will not win.  There is no way in hell your going to kill a pregnant woman."  Shocked by this profound revelation, the illusion-caster takes minor steps backward.  The thought of murdering a possible nephew or niece could hurt her very soul.  Remembering the key element of Marionette's power, manipulation is her strongest weapon.  "Your bluffing."  Using her left foot, Zaccaria upper-kicked Marionette square in the jaw.  "My.....powers don't work on females."  With that said, the Donna Mary fell unconscious.  Returning to observation, Zaria noticed the wreckage of this town located in the state of New Jersey.  
Tightly withholding her injured shoulder, men and women of the muscular caliber swarmed the battle-zone in front of Funez Tower.  Glass dropped down the raining cats and dogs, luckily none damaged the bodies of the two women.  Putting her full attention on these possible hostiles, Zaria caught the initials F.C. labeled on black jackets worn by these bastards.  The clues had finally added up, the reason for the Termination Squad dividing in half.  The Future Conquerors, a family organization dating back to the 50's was something causing this chaos.  A television within the Funez Tower entrance could be heard, two newscasters debating on this worldwide law.  Stating if any vigilante both neutral, hero, or villain who did not register with the government will be terminated on sight.  Reason being, during the apparent takeover a secretive government operation of trained super-humans were able to save this planet.  While teams such as Veritas Inc. and Wolf Pack left to save another planet in a far away galaxy.
The conversation comes to a climax when the discussion of Cassandra Adams comes up.  Ever since the world law, each world leader has seemingly gone missing.  Apparent evidence points toward this woman pulling the strings, causing the world to go into mayhem so her ideal of world peace can occur.  Thinking about this discussion, Zaccaria remember certain pieces of history dealing with the fabled Future Conquerors.  The son of Cassandra is Jonathan II, leader of Sector Eleven, and director of who is to be terminated in the country of America.  Riots uproar in other nations, while "peace" is trying to be maintained.  To much is happening at once and the world just believes Cassandra alongside the rest of the world leader are in a safe zone, and waiting out this presumed war.  Residents are told to stay confined within their homes until every vigilante is seemingly handled.  When in reality, Cassandra is attempting to grow a super-human army, kill the world leaders, and rule the planet.  Then again that is only an assumption created from a telepathic woman who has short visions of the future.  "Look at that sexy piece of meat all damaged.  Let's play with her boys."
From atop Crusher freezes and wonders if he should truly murder his best-friend of seven years.  Except acting and not thinking was always his motto, so without anymore thoughts, a left jab is sent to the jaw of Observer.  "Wow you actually had the coconuts to hit me and on the face.  Watch what happens next."  Just before Crusher was able to activate his phasing abilities, with pure swift skill, the Observer is able to push a bullet into the forehead of his old comrade.  Excited and joyful that he was able to defeat an old ally, the Observer cannot help but laugh out loud.  "You were always the pussy out of the two of us."  Walking forward to where the building met the sky, Michael Cordovan searched the perimeter down below.  Donna Mary was done and an army of Future Conquerors were on the horizon.  Picking his sniper off the ground, Cordovan aimed at the Malicious Zaria.  A smirk crawled on his face, and the face expression was joyful.  "So long sweet cheeks."  His gun disappears as does the piece of concrete he stood on, in seconds Cordovan drops seven stories to his death.  
Back inside Clara Mass was able to take out a sinister member of the Termination Squad.  A flurry of punches zoom at her, each one connecting and hurting her stomach.  Grabbing both of her arms, Demolition licked the neck of his ex-teammate.  "Your so delicious and beautiful."  His lips meet hers and Markus Payne IV slips his hands into her pants.  Sweat runs down her face and her sight is no longer 20/20.  As her vision fades a tingling sensation of blood squirts on her face.  "Ahh!"  Thunderbolt shot Demolition twice, once in the neck and the second in the back.  
"I'm sorry sister, I don't know what came over me.  Yet, I will be dammed if yet another Payne destroys my life.  Do you know a girl named Chelsea Baez (Danielle), she's the one who did this to me."
Grabbing a hold of his unconscious sibling, a gigantic crater on Funez Tower allows Jonathan Senior to see the entire area.  Tears fall from his eyes as memories of the past send shock waves through his veins.  The Future Conquerors, Cassandra, Katanna, his son.  God the world had dramatically altered to the point of no return, and the life of Thunderbolt changed forever without his doing.  The flashback of how he disappeared enters his thoughts.
"What has the world come to?"
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New York City 
There was no sound as several groups of covert agents wove their way through the streets and byways of New York City that night. They were hand-picked men, masters of stealth and combat. Their mission was simple. Neutralise the group of super-humans known as the 'Family'. The Family had terrorised the city of New York for some time now, in the guise of being 'heroes'. Well really, they were more of well intentioned neutrals rather than heroes. It was widely known that the organisation caused far more damage than they ever prevented. They were feared city-wide.  
Ironically, crime in New York was dropping heavily as criminals decided to flock to cities not populated by a group of unhinged metahumans. 
Together, the Family was a potent fighting force. However, their leader and arguably strongest member had been one of the many heroes to leave to Ninjeta and still had to return. It should be easy to capture each Family member one by one. 
The best defence the Family ever had were their secret identities. Nobody knew who they were. Thanks to new intel from undisclosed sources however, that had changed.
The first target was one of the weaker members. Not only this, but this member had the tendancy to patrol alone at night, dispensing his own twisted version of justice. He was the first to be taken down.  
There had been losses though, agents killed by the white cloaked spectre who moved like a blur, bullets bouncing off it's hide. At first it seemed like the force field trap would hold it. Moments later, it simply dissolved through the field and resumed it's slaughter. In the end, Family member Ben Castleton was subdued, despite his best efforts. 
Intel from various sources led the next Superhuman Enforcement squad to the next two superhumans. Both were captured in one fell swoop. It was nothing to be proud about really since one of the superhumans had only been a child, adopted daughter to the teams currently absent leader. The other one however, was the chief intelligence gatherer for the Family and did not go down without a fight. 
Several of the team died horribly as their minds were burned out from telepathic overload before the Family member known only as Jormungar was shot in the face. The shot didn't even draw blood but it did suceed in knocking the psychic shapeshifter unconscious. One of the troopers took the opportunity to grab the ugly mutant girl too. Blackmail material would always be useful.
The Family member known as Sarah Adam was taken completely by surprise when a sqaud of troops knocked down the door of the small jewellers shop she worked in when she wasn't patrolling. Her training quickly took over and she promptly slaughtered every single one of them. She wasn't the Second in Command for nothing after all. However, she was taken completely unawares later the following day as several snipers slammed canister bullets containing a potent anti-virus solution into her crystalline body. Her powers drained, she was taken. 
But not all of the victories belonged to the agents. The final group of agents had worse luck. 
They never actually found out what happened to the squad that was going after the engimatic Family member known as 'Phantasm'. All had been going well as the other squads had heard them over the radio. They had found Phantasm and had pursued him/her/it through the alleyways of New York.  The squad leaders report through his radio then cut off. 
The Commander behind the whole mission was about to order the squad leader to speak. But that was when the screams began. The squad screamed over the radio for a full five-minutes before the transmission ended in a nasty squick! noise. 
Another squad travelled to the their last known position to find nothing. They had vanished without a trace. Phantasm had eaten well that night. 
But overall, it was another victory in the fight against non-government supers. The Family had been captured, bar one member who had fled to places unknown and seemed to be in hiding. There was also the the matter of the team leader, Akwa. 
But other heroes had already arrived from the Secret War. It was only a matter of time before Akwa himself returned as well, oblivious to the traps being set for him.
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Simple minded people never got any where in life these days. But who was the judge the ways of earth. They where slow, shifty and placidly evil in a way. Never the less she could not care less about what the hell was going on, on this tiny blue plant. Earth 616 was a mystery to her. She had no Idea how this place still existed.  It was one of the largest puzzles she had yet to fix. Even though history for told itself and she was not questioning hat it was just the last time she had been here it was far more different. Less polluted with humans thoughts and their stupid little actions that would mess up peoples lives.

Her long blond hair laid in strands over her face as sweat poured down her forehead. Her crystal blue eyes gazed at her opponent. He was double her age and also her weight at the same time. Though Sabre was very thin, she was s slim tall, blue eyes blond haired girl that you always see and the clueless blonds in movies. But she was far away from clueless.  She was a strong independent teenager who didn’t need men telling her that she was sexy and asking her how much she paid. It would always piss her off when they did that. But she dealt with them the same way every time.

Her fits was clenched as she charged toward him full speed ahead. Reaching a few feet away from his body she leaped up into the air. Soaring over his head and making a single flip to land on her feet.   Quickly she crouched down and spun her left in a full circle tripping the man. Seeing that she had completed the most simple objective she opened her legs and stood right above him with a sinister smile as her golden hair laid on either side of her face. As her eyes glared at the man below her he was terrified. Probably would have gotten a heart attack if he was older.

“Sorry” she whispered her strong Russian ascent ringing in the mans ears “I don’t pay any thing!”And with that she kicked him in the groin before picking up her black jacket and sling bag and walking out of the bar. Entering into the sunlight she could be fully seen by all. She was tall for her age, had long golden locks that went up to her shoulders. Along with her bright blue eyes that scanned the area. She was dressed in a while shirt with no sleeves r straps that wrapped around her wait very tightly. Leaving half of her stomach exposed greatly. She was wearing a tight fitting jeans that was slightly to long for her and had holes in the knees sections. And pulling out from her bad she placed some shades on her head resting on her blond hair.

She had nothing that she really wanted to do. Thankfully she had not followed her sister in a life of insanity and just pure unreason ability. Saber’s life was simple she killed people for money it was her job. But she often found herself killing people just out of pleasure. That was the curse of the Howlett family, the killing for pleasure. Every one had it, some it was not so obvious but other’s like her dead little sister it was plain as day. But Sabre…Lilia Creed was not that way. She didn’t not go for the out right killing at first. She worked slowly to gain the confidence o her enemy and then kill them.

She was the seducer, the liar the back stabbing girl friend. The wife of the chancellery who was murdered in his bath tub. She was the kind of girl you would think nothing of until it was to late and every one was dead. Se worked that way, slowly and very personally. But that left her with many scars to heal from. The one love of her life back stabbing her and brining her in to HYDRA for money. A man that was made for exactly the kind of things she did was able to seduce her and make her the one being used. Yes that wound would never heal an so her trust for the human race of 616 was limited. But there one man that she found she could trust. His name was only Roulette to her. She knew him by no other name.

Their contact was brief she had only seen him one or two times concerning Zero Squad. But never the less he had striked her as the type of guy she could trust. Whether this was consciousness speaking or her won personal thoughts or maybe because he was just the handsomest male of the human race that she had ever seen in her whole existence…it didn’t matter.  What mattered that she could trust him, at least until he too stabbed her in the back and leave her for dead. They all do and they all died what made him any different. He was a man, that was all that she needed not to trust him and to stay clear from him.

It was not because she wanted to there where just things that happened if she was close to a guy that she wished to remain secret to these humans. Things that not even she could understand and didn’t want to…no she wanted to. She wanted to approach a man with out falling desperately in love with hi,. She just wanted to have a guy of the opposite sex who was her friend like she had girls who where friends she wanted a guy she could talk to just talk to who’d be nice to her and who’d she consider a friend not a possible mate! “Damn it!” being part animal was so frustrating.

Letting a sigh escape her she looked to her hand that had recently emerged from her pocket. There was   a reason that Roulette was on hr mind…ok two reason but the other remains closed till further notice.  A device rested in her hand one that resembled a tracking device. It was Roulette’s she’d know that sent any where. She knew something had happened and with the recent law that was made about for both heroes and or Villains to singe some document she knew that he would not have done it.

But she was not established enough to be noticed or forced to singe a dumb document she was not even a citizen of earth and she was unaware how they took to alien on this planet. She was in a small town in Nevada. AT least that’s where the located had let her to. But seemingly it was leading out into the dessert now doubt where Roulette was being held. She did not have to think whether saving his was a good Idea or to because it was not. If she did those she’d probably be hunted again being the same situation as her little sister and she didn’t want to go back. But some things where worth sacrificing for saving some that you cared for or had an obligation to save. Troops had recently been capturing heroes just cause they didn’t singe a piece of paper. Well that was as far as they where going to get, paper.

She was about to go hitch a ride when she heard a loud voice shout “Hay you!” Letting out a sigh she turned her to face her opponents…or better opponents. She was amazed at the amount of numbers. About 20-25 fully armed men standing guns in hand and ready to fire on their leaders command. “yah?” se said placing her hands on her hips and staring at them in a bored like manner. “You have failed to singe the treaty of….” “Blah…Blah….Blah any thing else I should know! Oh wait! I got it your gona want to fight me huh? Well mates stop your talking and just shoot me already I have a schedule to keep up so lets see how fast I kill you all” .

Angered by her reactions he gave the command and guns soon rained from all directions around her. Obviously there where more men in other hidden places ready to take her down.  Quickly she took off running to the group of men before her. Though the pullets shot through her skin they passed righ though her. The special thing about her healing factor was that if she was shot the bullet entered he skin and exited. As she got close enough she leaped at one of them men and as she did her nails grew in length. With that she dug them into his chest and got her hands on his guns. Keeping the weapon in check she began to fire at the men around her but soon took off in a desperate sprint. There where to many of them all over the place. She didn’t stand a chance. Though if she was her sister she probably would have stayed and fought and lost. But that was the difference between the two. The one wanted to live and the other didn’t care.

Ducking behind an alley she looked around for any possible escape routes. Her eyes laid on the sewer covering before her. Taking a deep breath she whispered “The things I do” With that she slid the gun so it hang on her back and quickly removed the covering and with a slight hesitation leaped down into it. She landed with a slash. She did not bother looking to hard or smelling for that matter and dashed off. The water splashed as she raced though the swerve. She could hear the men gathering around her entry point. And knew that in a few moments bullets would be flying thought the air.   Coming to a dead end she saw a latter leading up to the road. Wrapping hr hand around the metal frappe she climbed and slowly removed the hub-cap.

After lifting it slightly so she could see where she was going she fully removed it and was about to run before something wrapped around her had. She let out a shrike as she began to feel as if being electrocuted. Falling to her knees she looked to her arm and saw a whip like thing wrapped around it being held by a man, as he stood there with a grim smile. When she tried to remove it she was shocked instantly. Clenching her teeth she attempted to get to her feet just as another one was fired and wrapped around her ankle. Falling to her knees once more she used her hands to prop herself up. As she laid there she could see more of the agents pouring in around her. The commander of the squandered took a step forward with a gun like weapon in his hands.

He smiled sinisterly kicking her in the chest. Turning her on her back she stared up into his dark eyes growling loudly.  “Sadly your little schedule will have to wait.” Two more of those teasers wrapped around her other wrist and ankle. And as they did she was shocked again and over again. He leaned down close to her face and kissed her. Out of anger she imminently reacted in jerking forward but let out a cried as she was electrified once more.  Breathing hard on the floor he whispered in her ear. “It’ll be fun watching you suffer” She glared at him with her blue eyes “Go to hell”. He chuckled slightly and pointed the gun at her neck. “Tell me how it looks”  with that he pulled the trigger as the area filled with silence.

Moaning as she came to she opened her eyes suddenly scanning her location. “Dang and I thought I’d be in hell” she thought to herself. Running hands through her now muddy blond hair she sat herself up against the wall and began to whistle. She was in a fortified cell, obviously sector 11. They where more dumber than she thought. Did they honestly think she’d go down with that little stunt. She would have killed them all but she knew that this was the only way to get in. The room was quite small only a few yards in length. She was presently chained to the wall as she saw the bolted iron clad doors.

Moving her eyes to the right corner of the roof of the room she could see a surveillance system. She had been in these situations before. Actually many times she had gotten out but never in earth 616. Slowly she moved her hand to the device in her pocked. It was the tracking device she had found. And it showed that her team mate was here….he was close. But before she could think up any plan the door flew open and then man that had taken her down stood there. “Now my little pretty do you know why your here? “ “That better be a rhetorical question cause the answered is obvious” she said with a smile. Not taking the insult he continued “You are here because you failed to comply to the agreement and singe the needed documents to pledge you allegiance” “Oh is this about the fraud ID because I can explain.”   “Enough!” he roared slapping her so forcefully that she began to bleed.

Spitting out the blood from her mouth she looked away from him. “Now my little dear, time for you to pay for you insolence.” “Question is this a free for all or do I have to take turns with some one else?” He ignored her and pulled her to her feet unlatching her chains and quickly sliding a color like thing on her neck. Grabbing her by the wrist he clasped her hands with chains and pulled her forward like a common slave. She knew that if she attempted to escape she’d be shocked by that choler around her neck or the chains that banded her from moving. As she was being escorted to where ever she picked up his scent and located his position. Cell 42   down hall way 7 level 6. Approaching another steel door he looked at her with a smile and said “Now we will make you wish I had killed you”.

3 Hours latter.  

She laid chained up against al wall. Her arms and legs barely attached. As her forehead was filled with bruises due to being hit and lashed at many times with a whip. Her back was bare and filled with slash mars. On her back her flesh had all been whipped off and her own marrow was visible. Her neck was bent and her eyes stared at the floor before her.   Her blood stained hair lay in a tangled mess fall over her face. Show slowly moved her arms and wrapped them around herself. She was hardly breathing and after a few hours of torture she thought herself to be a very lucky person. For at least the torturer was merciful and did not have sex with her. That was a good thing. Even though she could have sworn he was eyeing her naked body this instant!

“Alright, step one completed step tow down now for step three.”   The door of her cell creaked open as two muscular men entered the room picking her up by each arm and dragging her. Though she was fully capable to walk the appearance of weakness would do her good in such a situation. Closing her eyes she began to whisper “Cell 42, down hall way 7 level 6” over and over so she would not forget it and for another reason. After a few minuets of being   dragged they stopped at another cell door and opened it flinging her body in and shutting the door tightly.

Slowly sitting up she wiped her moth of the blood and let out a sigh looking into the corner. She was in Cell 42 down hall 7 and on level six, the same cell where she would find her team mate.“Sorry it took me so long sir, there where a few complications. Never the less prepare to escape in 10, cause I have a plan” she said forcing a faint smile as she attempted to reattach her severed limb. “Just give me a little more time”       

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On every TV for as long as you can see the screens are full of the same image over and over. A young woman trying to enforce her new authority all over the world and a man walking on the ground can only look at them and say. "this is my fault I never should have left I could have stopped this from happening before it even became a real threat and now now I have to do something against an entire force that might as well have the entire world under their feet I wonder if Jesus ever felt this stressed." 
He continues to walk on the streets and looking around he is disturbed to see a car rushing down the streets. The idiot almost hit a little girl but Mike jumped in the street and saved her. "No doubt some drunken idiot about to get someone killed." Like a fortune teller just as he looked to see the girl was alright "CRASH" 
The speeding car hit another and the crash propelled the speeding vehicle into the air causing it to flip and land right on the roof of another car. Sparks had already begun to fly and gas leaked from the crushed car. People where still trapped inside an explosion was seconds away  and people where going to die if nothing was done. 
Mike quickly ran down the street and like something out of a syfy series bursted into flames and flew through the air. He got closer to the cars just as the flames reached the cars fuel causing the explosion but in the very second the deadly fires roared he reached out his hand and sucked in the heat from the flame. No ones hurt by his heroic actions and he dropped down to the ground and pushed the car off the other and then pried open the other vehicle freeing the people inside. 
The people inside said thank you and someone started clapping in the ground crowd. Soon it began to spread to other people and soon like a president or king Solis was waving to the public cheering him on, but to end the cheering going on an energy blast came from the sky and forced Solis into the ground tearing it to pieces. "d@mnit that hurt". He could hear his attacker shouting "YOU ARE UNDER ARREST FOR TREASON AGAINST THE COUNTRY. YOU ARE AN UNREGISTERED SUPER BEING. YOU ARE EITHER TO REGISTER IMMEDIATELY OR BE KILLED ON SIGHT
 "you don't want any of this ok I'm not the type of guy your used to dealing with so just back away now". The soldiers flying in extremely powerful battle armor did not heed the warning of The Solis and the drew their weapons on him and asked him once again WILL YOU COMPLY and he answered the super armored soldier with a calm and quiet yet assertive "no". 
BY ORDER OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT I DEEM YOU NECESSARY FOR IMMEDIATE AND PUBLIC EXECUTION The soldier fired a repulsor blast from his hand straight for The Solis, but his back was not turned this time and he was going to take the hit. He flew in the air and twirled pass the blast as it hit the ground. Solis replied to the soldiers attack with one of his own super powerful blasts of solar fire. The shot forced the soldier 100 feet away straight through a building. 
The other looked on at their commanding officer as he flew away and then where drawn back to the battle cry of Solis as he flew at them. Four soldiers tried to fire another repulsor blast at Solis but he used his powers to create a little energy shield holding back their blasts. He then turned the shield into an energy wave and sent it at the soldiers blasting them away. He flew straight through the heard of them and grabbed on to one who had let his guard down. He flew him through and building and tossed him out the other end. 
The others rushed to their target fully ready to fight and so was their target. One by one they crashed into the building like a swarm of deadly bugs. Like football players tackling a quarterback four of them held on to The Solis and dragged him out the end of the building the same direction he tossed the comrade. He swatted them away by expanding his energy aura pushing them back. 
Another tried to rush him but he gave him a shot of heat vision to out him in his place. Another soldier released four heat seeking missiles aimed at The Solis. One of the rockets him causing him to spin backwards in the air and then another hit him just to make things worse, but he got his balance and haulted himself mid flight. He charged up a fire blasts and with one hand destroyed he third rocket and with his other the fourth. He pulled both hands together to fire one powerful shot at the soldier and the blasts hit his armor. The metal began to boil under the heat and soon exploded as the the soldier fell out the sky. 
Three more soldiers activated their suits energy swords. This in turn prompted Solis to make a flaming sword of light. The soldiers charged at Solis and he at them. Solis sword met with the soldiers and they all got into an amazing sword fight. Solis felled one of the with a swipe of sword. Another went down when Solis got out of the way of a charge from one them forcing the soldier to hit his partner. Solis pulled back the energy from his sword into his hand and shot an energy wave at the last swordsman. 
He looked around to see two more soldiers remote piloting their carrier ship. The vehicle was hovering over the ground and turned around. The hatch opened to revealed a massive energy cannon trained on Solis. The blasts raged at Solis and was only held back by a thin wall of energy from his hands. The blasts pushed him back down on the ground. He tried to keep his stance but his body just kept moving while his feet tore up the ground trying to hold on. 
Finally the shot moved his back against a building and it seemed to be the only thing that stopped the Solis. The energy was still barreling down on him and the two soldiers had a look on their face as if they had one, but soon Solis began to smile and began to move his feet forward. He pushed back against the blasts moving his feet faster and faster till he took flight. He said his battle cry I HAVE THE POWER OF A TRILLION SUPERNOVAS WHAT DO YOU HAVE? and then he let loose a massive energy blast engulfing the other one and sending it back to its point of origin. It destroyed the other ship and Solis flew over to inspect he saw the soldier on the ground but still alive. He picked up one of them in pain his armor torn to pieces and saw the label of Funez Industries on his armor. Solis uttered a word under his breath "Closure" he dropped the soldier to the ground and took off in the sky no doubt going after Mr. Funez himself.

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'In these times, image is everything...' were the thoughts currently going through the mind of Madros, leader of the Dominion, criminal mastermind and all around perfectionist. Madros has lived many years, and has spent every second of his life training his mind and body to perfection. He realizes that he must adapt to survive in this world. 'And in these times...' he continued 'Image is something that is very easy to change.' and with that, Madros stood up from the chair he had occupied and walked quickly across the large cavern he called home. As he walked, he passed his armored suit, an extremely advanced piece of technology, upgraded with the best Human and Ninjan technology around. It was the thing that allowed Madros to adapt to the modern world best, this world filled with superhumans, gods and even humans trained to their peak. Madros could no longer maintain a position of respect through his skill alone... Not in this age... The age of heroes. 
But the lady Cassandra wished to do something about that. To destroy the heroes of the world and let those who are labeled as villains take their rightful place at the top. Madros was greatly interested in such a plan and soon struck an alliance with the Future Conquerers and their Black Queen. He would work with the government, hunting down heroes and either apprehending or terminating them. For this reason, Madros formed the team known as the Dominion, to help him take down the heroes he simply didn't have the firepower to take down alone. In short, they were tools, that he would use to establish himself a position of power in the new world. 
'The public mind is relatively easy to shape to your will. Put on a mask, save a couple of lives and you're instantly treated as a hero in the hearts and minds of the American public.' and that is what Madros had been doing lately. While for many years he had worked in the shadows, in secret, he knew for Cassandra's plan to work he would have to come out into the public eye. And for someone who was rumored to be a villain to come out in public working for the government... It would not help the plan at all. So Madros had been out doing good deeds and helping human kind, destroying the last few remnants of the recent invasion and generally playing the hero. 'Now I will reap the fruit of my labors. Finally I can stop with this ridiculous charade and simply hunt down and fight my enemies. Perhaps even convert them to my side...' 
Madros had now reached his large supercomputer and began to survey the actions of the group he had been tasked with hunting down. The Vine Titans. The Arach-Knight and the new recruit known as Nicole were both on the run... And War Killer had run into some trouble as well. But Madros was not concerned with them. They were being dealt with. It was his job to lead the assault on Titans Tower and to apprehend their leader, Eclipse. According to Madros' monitors, the young hero was perched atop the Tower, reluctantly using his powers of gravitational manipulation to encase his base in a bubble, protecting it from the terminators outside. But the boy was not experienced with his gifts. He would not be able to stop the Dominion from gaining entry. Besides, Madros was sure the boy had seen the news broadcast earlier today... And upon seeing Madros with his own eyes, the boy would most definitely not be able to resist attacking the man responsible for his parent's deaths... 

Two hours ago... 

Madros was on live television, being interviewed on a news broadcast. However, deciding it was best not to reveal his true face to the public, that would be far too frightening, he took on his disguise of Michael Dent, financier of the Dominion and close acquaintance of Madros. Of course, the man's entire history was a sham, Michal Dent didn't exist. But the public mind is easily deceived, especially by a tall, handsome, blonde haired, blue eyed man. For that was Madros' disguise. While the scars on his face could not be removed, he could conceal them with some of his technology. Before the interview, Madros had outfitted himself in a skin tight suit that was able to cast a sort of illusion in order to disguise his true appearance. Every aspect of Michael Aaron Dent's look was engineered by Madros. It was a perfect disguise. 
"Hello. My name is Michael Dent and I have been asked to come here today to give you all a warning." Madros began by interrupting the news anchor's introduction of him with his own "We are on the brink of entering a new world, a new world with new rules. These rules have been made in order to ensure the safety of you all, and the safety of the world. I am sure that when you hear the word hero, you think of the usual image..." on a small screen behind the disguised madman, a slideshow began showing images of heroes. Andferne, Kurrent and several others. "People like these men here, dressed in bold red white and blue. They claim they are here to protect us, to serve us, yet when an alien planet more than capable of defending itself asks for their help, what do they do? Do they remain here to protect us? Do they send only a few of their kind to help these aliens, while still keeping a good amount here, to protect and serve us? No. The best heroes this world has to offer abandoned this planet to go and help another, leaving behind only a few barely trained children and vigilantes to try and stop the recent invasion. Only one thing stopped the near disaster we have experienced. The Termination Squad. They are not superheroes. They are soldiers, real heroes, employed by the government to fulfill the same purpose as the superheroes who so quickly abandoned those they swore to defend. Well, no longer. Any and every masked vigilante will be given a choice. Join the ranks of this Squad, work for the government and do your job correctly... Or face the consequences. My own team, the Dominion, will soon be lead by Madros to take down the teenage group based in Vine City, known as the Vine Titans. Madros himself has assured me the Titans will be dealt with quickly and effectively. And they too, will be faced with a choice." 

Now, Titans Tower... 

he Dominion were preparing to make their move. Madros was decked out in his full armor, hovering right above the Tower, waiting to see Eclipse's reaction to his presence. "VINE TITANS!" he boomed, through a microphone in his suit. "We are here by order of the American government. We are here to take you into custody, where you will then make a choice. Do your jobs properly as government employed super-soldiers; continue with your vigilante ways and face the consequences of your actions; or hang up your masks and tights and go back to school as all good children should. You have ten seconds to lower your shield, or we will enter by force." 
Madros began to count down, clutching his trusty adamantium in his left hand. As he reached "One!" the Titans leader, Eclipse, flung one of his 'crescent-rangs' explosives out through the shield, aiming for Madros, who sliced clean through it with his sword, disabling it and letting the pieces fall to the ground. "Then you have made your choice." Madros muttered to himself as he raised his right hand and fired a repulsor blast so strong it broke both the shield and Eclipse's concentration. Then, the Dominion entered the Tower.
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Sector 11: Barren wasteland

 As he awakened, he could feel the sharp pain from is detached fingers pulsing intensely wrapped within a bloodied white gauge. He glanced around his surroundings with his crimson eye's, his expression faded into morbidity. His hands were constricted onto a chair arm rest with white electrical tape and the chair  legs was embedded into a metallic mount, drilled into the marble floor surface" Nuuuh..." he moaned as he took notice in two heavily armed guards that stood adjacent in both directions." Enjoyed your nap fagot?" One of the guards said pressing the barrel of a onyx resembling M16 into his cheek. he did reply, but simply sneered as the guard forced his face away with the gun. The room was dull with a faint yellow light, and various types of abstract art stationed luxuriously within the room. Thats when locked gaze with a picture of a familiar face hanging on the manila wall ahead.
" .....!!" he couldn't believe what he was looking at, it was illogical. A dear friend he knew for many years, someone he called a brother. Roulette didnt want to assume that he was behind this ,but what other reason would his picture be posted on the wall." This cant be possible.... i wont believe this, he's my friend, he would never betray me, he has no reason to. God please dont let me feel the recoil off trusting another once more, ive paid my dues..please...ple......" An automated door slip open from a distance, Ian's face became tense once he saw the dark silhouette of the character. The aroma of  Black and Mild vanilla cigars hovered within the vicinity instantly. The man made his way into the room, and roulette's expression became crestfallen. The man hanging in the golden picture frame was in fact his best friend of many years, the one he considered to be his brother from another womb...Johnathan Funez II....Closure.
As his traitor brother paced his way slowly  towards  his area, Roulette glared him in the eye's with sheer disappointed. The son of thunder pulled over a chair and sat right beside his Ex comrade. Ian simply stared at his dear friend, His heart ached with deception. There was nothing worst then getting stabbed in the back by someone you risked your life for multiple times, if he couldn't trust Closure, who else could he trust.. As Closure pulled the cigar from his mouth, Ian focused on his hand as if Johnathan was about to make a move on a prey. "Do not become startled old friend, your current whereabouts are not going to be told to you.  So, I suggest you do not ask any questions and listen closely.  The world is coming to peace, and the only way for that to happen is if you stand by my side.  Get heroes to register so they do not have to die.  My family is doing this for all the correct reasons.  If the Future Conquerors can handle showing how terrifying untrained vigilantes can actually become.  The planet will be biased against the super-human, terminate them, and look at us to the lead this brand new era.  Your probably thinking what about the world leaders, but do worry my mother is handling that.  In New York, my Termination Squad is handling my aunt and her group of renegades.  Surprisingly, my dearest father has come back from the grave.  Anyway, I need you to save me Ian.  Someone is controlling my actions and her name is..."
As Johnathan paused, a cluster of thoughts formed within ians mind. He had just denied allegiance to the Funez family, despite there funding to the Zero Squad. The Zero Squad was managed by no one, they were independent, following there own exclusive path towards liberation. They wanted nothing to do with the corrupt governments of any continent. Roulette had no idea that the Funez family was behind all of the discord he thought they were just a mere pawn protecting the big cheese. Then he began to wonder..someone is controlling Johnathan?Ian focused back on his brother, hoping that his cruel intentions are triggered by opression, not intentions.
Without warning kin lept forward with a glistening ensate form against Ian's neck. Ian rested back as far as he could attempting to avoid the cold metal of the merciless weapon" Are you in or out?" Johnathan asked with a trembling tone. As ian stared into the unstable face of his fallen brother, a lachrymose plea for help could be visible on his face. ian simply swallowed a big portion of saliva" So this is it....you really wanna do this? you already know im not going to agree to such...Bs terms. Your really going to kill me?! YOUR F#CKING BROTHER!!! DID YOU FORGET WHO I AM!!! HUH?!! IVE DONE NO HARM TO YOU!!! IVE HAD YOUR BACK FOR MANY YEARS AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME!!!.......So be it...KILL ME!!...DO IT MOTHER F#CKER!! WHAT DO I HAVE TO LIVE FOR NOW?!....im pretty sure you've killed everyone in the Zero Squad already....And you....I considered ....YOU!!...to be my blood.....Just end it all...im done.."
Silence crept over the the vast room as tears began to trickle down Ian's eye's. This had been the first time he'd ever cried in his life, he had been face to face with death many times, but this was way different. His brother would possibly achieve a murder that none of his adversaries could finish.Killing Ian Caige. Closure simply froze there and loosened force on the blade and Ian's neck." Take him to cell 42, if i cant kill you some one will do it for me..." And with that, they removed Ian from the chair and took him out of the room. Roulette didnt take his eye's off Closure, anger rushed through every artery of his body as his old friend faded in the distance" See you in hell cocksucker.."
The cell  barrack was corroded with mold, the pungency of urine was potent within the perimeter. The the metallic spartan mattress sheets  were stained with oil, and other nasty substances. A poster of super hero Sha rested on the wall faded.Ian rested on the bottom bunk of the spartan mattress staring into the bed springs hindered by his friends betrayal. He still couldn't believe that Johnathan and his family was behind all of this BS. He also couldn't believe that he was going to be killed at dusk, Ian had weaved through death for too long, he guessed it was finally his time to go.
As he punched the springs of the top bunk  in vehemence, grunts of agony could be heard echoing in the distance. He jumped from the narrow mattress, and glared out the cell bars in curiosity. he couldnt get a clear view of anything, but he assumed that there was resistance between a guard and prisoner. Thats when Two guards with a battered woman appeared, they opened the cell and tossed her in. She slid into ian's ankle causing him to trip into a sink" If things couldn't get worse....Sabre?" Ian said as he took notice in the familiar battered elegant face. “Sorry it took me so long sir, there where a few complications. Never the less prepare to escape in 10, cause I have a plan”  She said instantly.
Ian was delighted to have Sabre at his rescue, he couldve escape the cell barracks, but it would've been hard to fight off all of the guards on his own. he noticed that she had some pretty bad injuries, but he knew that she was the sister of Talon, and could heal instantly." So whats the plan?, i really dont know  the direction of the building, all i know is that Closure his a traitor, and i want him dead before we leave this damn building.." Ian said filled with the fury of rage, sabre seemed focused on her detached limb as she tried to attach back to her body  “Just give me a little more time” .
Ian simply stared at Sabre with curiosity, despite her wounds she had recently obtained, he could still see the elegance within her essence. She was the only female that caught his attention through vanity, but he wanted to observe her actions more before getting in depth with trust. His conscious said that he would be able to trust her in the long shot, unlike The son of thunder. if he could trust her, maybe there would be opportunities for something else in the long run.
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 A bell rung loudly, as Blair pushed the door opened to get into the Pet shop. There were a-lot of glass boxes that the animals were in, they all seemed to follow her with their eyes as she walked closer. On the corner there was an old man, with a cane by him. It seemed like he might of owned the place, hopefully he wasn't mean. She skipped over to the man to ask something " Hey do you have any dogs here?" The man reached for his reading glasses that was on the desk. " Well yes we do, we actually just got puppy's in a few days ago." Blair's face grew with a smile from what the man said.

She turned around to see that the man was right, there was a spot in the back of the store where the puppies were at. Blair walked to the case of puppies, her pink boots squeaked a bit on the wet floor. One of the white puppies rushed to the glass, with his tongue hanging out. She grabbed a hold of the dog, this dog snuggled in her arms. "I would like this one please" She walked over to the man, smiling with the dog moving around in her arms. "Great choice, that will be 350 dollars." Blair put the dog on the counter, she reached into her pocket to bring out a credit card. She handed it to the man, then she put a collar and leash on the dog. "Is it a boy or a girl?" The man laughed at what she had said. "It's a boy, now have a great day."

Blair got out of the store with the blue leash tied around her hands, the dog seemed to examine everything in sight. "What should i name you? Hmm.... Fluffy... Nah... Oreo!!.... Nope... Zack!." Zack turned around when he heard his new name, then he started to pee on the fire hydrant. "Zachary!! Stop it!!" Blair rushed over to get her dog away from it. Potty training was going to be a hard one.

One Hour Later

Blair and Zachary returned to the Vine Titans Tower, like usually everyone was either sleeping, outside, or doing their own thing inside of the Tower. Blair looked around for a newspaper, just so she could throw it over the spots Zack peed at. She could not find any though, the next time she goes shopping for supplies with Arach-Knight, and Sha; Blair will need to buy a bed for him. Hopefully Moonglow wouldn't terrorize the dog, or hopefully the other noob Nicole wouldn't hug him to death.

Out of nowhere Zack began to bark, he ran to the couch to look outside through the window. Blair sat next to him, looking out with him.  "VINE TITANS!" he boomed, through a microphone in his suit. "We are here by order of the American government. We are here to take you into custody, where you will then make a choice. Do your jobs properly as government employed super-soldiers; continue with your vigilante ways and face the consequences of your actions; or hang up your masks and tights and go back to school as all good children should. You have ten seconds to lower your shield, or we will enter by force."

She noticed Eclipse outside throwing something at Madros, Blair wondered how he walked out of the door without her noticing. She jumped off the couch to land on her knees, she opened up a pink portal. " Zack... I'm going to have you stay with my parents okay..." She led the dog into the bright portal, it disappeared once he got threw. Blair's body then exploded with many different dazzling colors of the rainbow, with her feet lifting off the ground she began to talk. "I'm ready"

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LOCATION/TIME: Deep in the sewers, under the City of New York, 43 minutes later... 
After being knocked out of the warehouse, when War Killer came too, he found himself laying in a flow of mucky water, he used what strength he had left to lift himself up and could tell that he had somehow flowed in from the city harbor and into the cities sewage system. War Killer sat himself up, leaning himself against one of the dirty concrete walls, he could tell that his left arm and at lest four of his ribs were broken, his suit had been torn to shreds and his mask had pretty much been redused to a large eye patch on his face. After a few moments of resting, War Killer used what little strength he had to start walking down one of the sewer tunnels. 
After an hour of walking down a sewer tunnel, War Killer stopped and sat down to rest, he looked down, seeing his own blood running down his beat up body and flowing into the sewer water. He then continued to make his way down the long tunnel, he could feel a sharp pain strike through his body everytime he took a step, it was like he was being shot at all over again, his body had already been hit pretty bad, the upperpart of his arm had been hit, and he had been shot twice in the chest, it's a miracle he could stand, much less walk.  He looked down at his feet, seeing rats running under him, he could tell that they were running from something else and not him, he then began to hear foot steps splashing through the waters down the tunnel behind him, "Come on men, we've got reports that these "heroes" are hiding down here, we've got orders to find them" a vocie echoed through the sewer tunnels, War Killer could hear them moving closer towards where he was, so he quickly moved as fast as his weak body could, finding a latter that lead back up to the surface world. 
War Killer dragged his battered up body up from the sewers and into a rundown alleyway, he laid down on his back, looking up into the sky, seeing that the sun had risen, telling War Killer that he had been down in the sewers longer then he had thought. War Killer then heard a vehicle coming his way, he knew that it had to be the soldiers coming to get him and making sure he would never see the light of day again, "...please...someone....help...me...please..." War Killer moned as he closed his eyes, trying not to cry. "CHARLES!" yelled a voice. War Killer opened his eyes, looking up to see his Uncle Joe standing over him, "...unlce...?" moned War Killer, who wa confused at the moment. "Thank goodness your alright, I heard that heroes had been attacked all over the city" said Uncle Joe. Charles tried to pick himself up. but fell back to the ground, "Uncle...please...just...just get me out of here..." begged War Killer. Unlce Joe then carried War Killer to his car, then jumped into the into the drivers seat and began to drive down the street, heading back to the mansion, Charles then blacked out in the back seat. 
  LOCATION/TIME: Jaeger Mansion,  minutes later... 
Charles woke up in The Labs medical room, seeing his arm in a cast and his body all bandaged up,  "How are you feeling?"  asked Uncle Joe as he walked into the room. Charles gave him a blank stare,  "I feel like crap"  said Charles who was in more pain then he had ever been in.  "What happened out there?"  asked Uncle Joe as he checked all of Charles's vital signs.  "Hmmmm...first I stopped a group of thugs and then it all went down hill, an army helicopter then came out of nowhere, chasing me around the city, then shooting me into a building, then they sent in a group of "Cape-Killers" or something, these guys just ran in and shot me out a window"  said Charles as he pulled his arm out of the cast it was in.  "What are you doing?"  asked a concerned Uncle Joe. Charles then got out of the medical bed and walked into The Lab,  "What do you think?"  said Charles as he limped to his computer.  "You can't be seirous?!"  said Uncle Joe. Charles then pushed a button on the computer, pulling up a bunch of files on different guns and military weapons,  "Uncle, listen. They were using some kind of new bullet rounds, these things went through my armor with no problem and most heroes don't even have armor, I have to do this"  said Charles as he looked through all of the files.  
Charles then went into his lab where he designs his War Killer suits, pulling out his extra suit and laying it on the work table, adding more armored plating to the suit and tweeking it's alert systems, making sure he could see his enemies before they even know he's there, "So what do you want me to do?" asked Uncle Joe. Charles smiled as he put on his newly upgraded suit, "I need you to monitor my every movement, and keep me up to speed on what the news is putting out, make sure all of the suits police scanners are working at all time, I need to know what's happening when I'm out there on the front lines" said Charles as he walked over to The Cruiser and jumped inside, "So where are you going first?" asked Uncle Joe as he walked over to the computer. Charles put on his mask and buckled up his seatbelt, "I'm going to need all of the help I can get and I have a feeling that the other Titans have been attacked as well, so I'm going to start with trying to find them and hopfully not get killed while doing it..." said War Killer as he closed the top of The Cruiser and the driving off, not knowing if he'll even be able to stop this madness...even with the other heroes help.

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Sector Eleven

 Emotion -  A mental and physiological state associated with a wide variety of feelings, thoughts, and behavior.  Emotions are subjective experiences, or experienced from an individual point of view.  Emotion is often associated with mood, temperament, personality, and disposition.   In today's world, the casual status quo is to never show the emotion of fear.  It only proves weakness, and weakness results into defeat.
 Without warning Closure jumped forward with a glistening insensate form against Ian's neck. Ian rested back as far as he could attempting to avoid the cold metal of the merciless weapon "Are you in or out?" Johnathan asked with a trembling tone. As Ian stared into the unstable face of his fallen brother, a lachrymose plea for help could be visible on his face. Ian simply swallowed a big portion of saliva.  "So this is it....you really wanna do this? you already know I'm not going to agree to such...BS terms. Your really going to kill me?! YOUR F#CKING BROTHER!!! DID YOU FORGET WHO I AM!!! HUH?!! I'VE DONE NO HARM TO YOU!!! IVE HAD YOUR BACK FOR MANY YEARS AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME!!!.......So be it...KILL ME!!...DO IT MOTHER F#CKER!! WHAT DO I HAVE TO LIVE FOR NOW?!....im pretty sure you've killed everyone in the Zero Squad already....And you....I considered ....YOU!!...to be my blood.....Just end it all...I'm done.."
Silence crept over the the vast room as tears began to trickle down Ian's eye's. This had been the first time he'd ever cried in his life, he had been face to face with death many times, but this was way different. His brother would possibly achieve a murder that none of his adversaries could finish.  Killing Ian Caige. Closure simply froze there and loosened force on the blade and Ian's neck.  "Take him to cell 42, if i cant kill you some one will do it for me..." And with that, they removed Ian from the chair and took him out of the room. Roulette didnt take his eye's off Closure, anger rushed through every artery of his body as his old friend faded in the distance" See you in hell cocksucker.."  
Following his prisoner to the cell, Jonathan sought out the intruder called Sabre.  She was a member of the Zero Squad, and the sister of Talon/X-23.  This specimen would come in handy.
 "God you pathetic sac of meat, I really don't see what Ian sees in your scrawny little ass.  Roulette, listen to me well you piece of shit because I know being schooled was never your strongest point in life.  Do you not understand how much better the world could be if I played leader of every single vigilante?  World Peace, and if you follow me than endless possibilities of wealth will belong to you and the bitch.  Sadly, I know you incompetent brain will not function and produce the correct answer.  Since I know sweet cheeks has a healing factor, would you like to see her scream?  Maybe it'll get you in the mood, and don't worry the words I speak are sincere and honest.  As for you Sabre, how does it feel to be second to your sister.  I hear she's a lycan now and adamantium claws, can I hear God-Moder.  Then again that is my own opinion, am I right?  Before, I begin with my bad-ass torturing I need you to know that I'm sorry.  So, Ian just remember that out of the two of us....I always thought you were an idiot.  Since the time we've met I've analyzed your every action, and today finally get to finish you."
Two guards enter the corridor asking for Jonathan II.  "Sir, I apologize for the interruption but your needed elsewhere."  Upset by the sudden need for the presence of Closure, the director of Sector Eleven leaves.  "Finish them."  As the billionaire slowly walks down the halls, the conclusion for any complication activates his Motorola cell-phone.  "Mother, I've got over thirty super-powered humanoids locked up.  I'm not sure if this is how our plan, I mean your plan should go.  I understand mother, my task force is already handling some vigilantes in New York.  I lost contact with father....yes Cassandra the plan of domination comes now."  As an opening at the end of the base is clear insight the sound of pain sends a shock of devastation.  "BLAM!"  Which one was dead, and why was Closure feeling remorse? 


Have you ever heard of Clarissa Funez also known as Katanna?  Her short super-hero career was filled with both laughter and humiliation.  Defined as the side-kick or the younger sibling of Thunderbolt, the former assailant of the Future Conquerors, was a proud human-being.  A person that would defend anyone if needed, played nice to the ass-wholes around her, and payed attention to her brother's every move.  So, she could become a better fighter and hero.  Like every good life, tragic and heart-breaking events struck the very core of her soul.  Changing the world's next spectacular super-heroine forever.  Critically aclaimed to be a clone of Jonathan Senior, she fled the country named to the United States of America for Russia.  A better life ensued, the following event is said to be her first time out in the public eye.  Taking a career as a waitress, in a karaoke restaurant and secretly acting as the White Queen, Clarissa is no longer that sweet angelic girl next door.  Reality has finally engulfed her and those dreams of a great life were nothing but sand washed up by the nightmares of the sea. 


Super-Human Prison Cell

  "У меня есть предложение."  A finely dressed maiden of Hispanic ethnicity, stands with her right hand on her right hip.  Translated from Russian.  "Listen Stanislav Veretennikov, I'm getting you out of here.  I have the authority to escort you out of this location.  Connections to Masterpiece, has allowed me to speak to you.  Now listen closely, you may get your revenge by simply shooting Sergei dead.  The reason I have come to you is completely simple.  In the center of Germany, there is a castle that serves as the capital of the Future Conqueror organization.  If you are capable of assassinating or at least doing something productive in Cassandra's domain.  Visit me and I shall give you whatever amount of money you desire.  All I ask in the end is to never repeat this conversation nor who I am.  Закончить работу и получить черт этой страны."
The gate opens and the eyebrows of the White Queen rise.  "К сожалению, я в тебя faith."  Her blond hair rises due to a medium breeze coming from an air conditioner.  Boredom intertwines with her body language, and Clarissa begins to navigate herself out the area.  "If you are coming, I have weaponry in my truck.  Once gotten get the hell out of my sight.  I am destined to become the sole leader and not that futile Cassandra.  Even if her plan is succeeding, I must shift the balance of power.  Razorback hurry up!"  On the corner of the right wall, a small camera zooms in on this familiar character.  The footage is sent to none other than the Black Queen of Stone.
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She stared at him for a long time, using the excuse of her wounds that seemed to be healing much slower than they use to. But then again Talon and Sabre healed differently. they where technically cousins but they had grown up together like sisters might as well call’em as you see’em. And she was right now. Her wounds where much worse than she made it out to be. Though she appeared to be going through no pain as she attempted to re-lodge some pieces of her  she was screaming on the inside. Even now and then she flinched, cringed but on sound escaped her mouth. She would not become prey to any weakness even if she felt she had just been shredded and no was attempting to put herself back together.

This reminded her on the away mission her and her team had to go on. She was still a juvenile no older than maybe 14. It was funny thinking back to those years of hard core training, o mistakes what so every and she still was more human than her sister. Probably for the reason that as a child she didn’t really care about any thing and took nothing to heart, but unlike her Laura took every thing to hart. “Yep family counseling that’s what they need” she murmured.   Her eyes shifted over to Roulette a moment he seemed relived to see her and that gave her pleasure. Never the less she had to think, for truthfully she had no plan. She just did what came naturally. Another fault she had acquired over the years.

But she kept her mouth shut. Any way thinking up a plan was not that hard as long as most of the guards where male. Female she could also deal with but she had no intentions of dealing with them. Blowing part of her battered locks out f her face she finally finished healing the main parts of her body and was ready for action. “Alright” she said as she slid closer to Roulette’s position so they would not be heard. Knowing that most of the cells where being monitored she knew if she was to whisper something to him that it would not work. Pausing a moment she spoke:

 “Sir, with my recent capture I have discovered that this place is heavily armed. The cell walls are made up from a component that is unnatural most likely Adamatium, Vibranium or some kind of new metal making it impossible to penetrate. Never the less I suspect this is a large structure meaning there will be many ways of escape. No doubt the soldiers have resting quarters of some what. And if they do not, we’ll improvise.” She paused gathering her breath thinking back to what happened just before she had been tortured. Flinching slightly due to the unwelcomed memory of the procedure she let out a sight.

The Torture.

She was chained to a metallic table staring into the dim lighting that shone down on her. She was unable to see any thing beyond the table that she laid on. Every thing else where silhouettes of people. This made her feel like she was back at SHIELD or maybe HYDRA but this had a more HYDRA feel to it than SHIELD. SHEILD Was weak every one that worked for the government weak and narrow-minded. HYDRA where the people that exceeded the bounds of inevitability. And so they was definitely a HYDRA look any way. Taking in a deep breath she saw a man approach her position. Remarkably it was the exact same man that shot her in the neck, slapped her and now was going to torture her? Honestly she could tell he wanted to see her suffer but why? What was her connection to him.

Unlike most of her family she recalled her past fully. No messed up mind, Implants, or alteration of memories. Even thing in hr head sadly was all true. But if she had her way it would not have been like that. Her eyes stared into his as he bent his head down and whispered soothingly “Don’t worry dear this won’t take long…” staring at him she rolled her eyes and smiled “Oh don’t worry I planned for this so don’t have to wait on my account”. Chuckling he added “Your smiling. Odd, I’m going to have to put an end to that. And with out any further communication her pressed a button on the device on his hand and sent who knows how many vaults through her body. All she could clearly remember was that he was smiling. Though it all he had that same sinister smile that she knew him for.


Flashing back into reality he continued where she had left off.  But thinking through what she was going to say she knew that this information would be best if the enemy was unable to hear it. For she was aware that hey heard every thing before. Taking in a deep breath she thought to herself “Why, does my mind come up with these situations?”. Looking into his direction she mouthed the words “I’m sorry” and with that she slid her hand to his side of his face and stroked it a few times. After a few moment she leaned forward to kiss him. It was not for pleasure but the only way she could possibly be able to whispere something to him that appeared maybe a little unsuspicious.

It was not what she thought was right, it was what she wanted the people watching them to think. Any way they where Zs members there was always a possibility for a relationship to have started back there. And that would have given the guards watching the Idea that she came here to save her lover. And now that they where captured she is just spending what could possibly be their last night together in heated passion/ But what every they though she needed to be fast. As she kissed his neck she whispered  

“I’m sorry sir but what I have to say must not be heard” stopping slightly to kiss him once more she began to whisper “ We are at cell 42 level 6,  there are only five levels between us and ground. We will have to use some way of escape. Not far from our position is a elevator shaft we should use that to get up top.” Stopping once again she did not even want to stop and think how he felt right now. Sliding her hands down his shoulder she continued “I will be able to get us out of the cell and handle the guards on this level, after that we’ll have about three minuets to get the elevator shaft and climb up.”   Sliding her hands down his back she hugged him tightly “I’ll be able to shut down power but it’ll only be that way for a maximum 7minuest, meaning we will have to scale the elevator shaft in that amount of time or get crushed when the power gets back on”.

Pulling herself away slowly she smiled as she gazed into his eyes “I understand you are in pain” she said glancing over to his wounded hand. “But I promised I’d get you out and I’ll do that”. With that she slid back to her corner with every thin that she needed to say said. She did not bother to look at him again out of shame. She knew what he thought of her, what he thought about what she did. But it was the only thing she could have thought of that would give her time to inform him. Most people thought her to be loose, uncouth, and a slut or hoe. And She guessed in many ways she might have appeared that way. But truthfully she was not. She just made sure she could complete her mission no matter what she had to do. And her mission was to save Roulette.    

Getting to her feet she looked at the camera eyeing their every move. Waving at it she leaped off the metallic wall as her Adamatium nails grew slightly in length. With one swift slash the device was in shambles. Landing on all founds crouching she glanced at her team mate now able to speak in peace. “Forgive me for my actions sir. I saw no other way and will gladly face my punishment for it when we return” . She knocked on the cell door trying to attract attention. “Hay Any body out there!” she shouted through the small gap. “My cell mate’s not breathing, I think you killed him” gladly someone took the bat and soon flung the door wide open. Seeing that Roulette was in the same condition he was in previously he looked at Sabre in anger aiming his weapon at her. She only smiled and nodded her head. “What’s going on her” taking one step toward him she said “I was waiting for you”. A curious expression filled his face as he asked “Why!” “Simple” she said with a sly smirk on her face. Approaching him he raised his gun at her though seemed as if hesitant.

Close enough, she slid her hands down his chest and looked up. His weapon was lowered completely as she whispered “I needed a weakling” With that she jabber her now extended metallic nails into the mans chest. He let out for scream for at the second she stabbed him though with her other hand she had grabbed his neck and was clutching his throat tightly just as she was about to break it. Looking at him as he was dying she growled slowly “’I’m no one’s entertainment”. With that she let go of the body as it slugged to the floor. Licking the blood from her silver talons she looked over to Roulette saying “Remain her and remain calm”. With that she exited the cell and quickly shut it locking it with the key she had gotten from the guard. “Now it’s my turn”.

Now Saber’s powers where deceptive. There was not much known about them. She contained a healing ability some talons and fighting skills. But her trade mark power was phenomenal control. It was something she hated with every thing in her. But she was good at it. Really good at it. Though she had never told any one. People just thought she had a way with guys. The only other person who knew was Talon and that lead to many fights about right and wrong. But the fact was she hated this power, she was ashamed and she did not like to use it. Though she was given this power at the facially for undercover missions. From the age of 12 she was forced to under go training on how to seduce me. When ever they needed to take some one out who happen to be a man she was called in to distract them. Mess around with them and that is what scared her.

After a minuets the cell door was unlocked and an even more blood stained Lilia stood there gun in hand.  Though looking through the cell doors blood could be seem spattered on the walls along with the dead body soft the men she had…..confused. Entering the cell she threw another gun on the floor for Roulette and out stretched her hand to him saying ”The area is secure sir, we may attempt out escape.”    

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Nicole got up from the dirty ground, She then looked around she only remembered running from guards she looked at her clothes her orange shirt was torn and her pants were dirty. Nicole started to fly again and see if anyone was alive there had to be someone alive, She went faster, But a group of soldiers said,  How the hell did you live through that blast, We need back up the alien is back! 
Nicole flew in speed the guards choppers were behind her she turned around and said, I am tired of running and being chased down by guards!!! Sand started going everywhere around the City. The Choppers could not see a thing they yelled, CRAP WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!! She threw a large boulder at the choppers and flew off again, She needed to find somewhere to rest for a little, Her legs were hurting, and her head was pounding from the blast, Then something from the sky went crashing down, It was a man his hair was the color of chocolate, He was wearing a tan top and he looked all dirty, He smiled and said hello Nicole how is everything???
Nicole smiled and flew toward him and gave him a big hug, DAD!!! She then covered her mouth, Dad you have to get out of here I know its my first time seeing you face to face but every hero is being hunted, He said I know my love that's why i am taking you to space where we live you can be safe from all this, She yelled, NO MY FRIENDS ARE IN TROUBLE AND YOU WANT ME TO GO TO SPACE AND PRETEND THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!!!!! He sighed my love calm down, but before he could say anything else guards with snipers shot him in the chest, Nicole screamed, FATHER NO!!!!!!! She went to land down, But her father said, RUN AND DON'T LOOK BACK JUST RUN!!!, She did not take his advice her eyes turn yellow like sand but brighter, rocks started flying everywhere she made one rock hit the building where the snipers were at, And the guards fell off.
Nicole looked at her father but he was gone, She screamed, FATHER WHERE ARE YOU PLEASE SHOW YOURSELF!!!!!!, Ten guards rolled up don't worry Alien we taking good care of him, She flew away in speed looking around for her father, she could hear men shouting, YEAH RUN YOU LITTLE BRAT RUN LIKE YOU NEVER RAN BEFORE, They started to laugh, But Nicole needed to find her father she smiled ill give you guys a good laugh she made a tornado out of dirt, and it went spinning like a spinning wheel, The tornado caught the guards, Laugh at that jerks, She flew past the Titans Tower, She did not want to go outside and she knew her friends were not in there but out there fighting....

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The Return

A group of Future Conqueror loyalists storm the gates of Saint Ana's Graveyard.  "My Queen the grave is here."  A luscious, vindictive, and attractive woman observes her surroundings as she enters the area of the dead.  The manipulator of death and life crotches down in order to read the name of the grave.  Here a man of great wisdom and sacrifice lies, Jonathan Funez, a man of his word.  Oddly a frown spreads on the face of the Black Queen.  Her followers despise this look as one grabs her by the arm.  "We must leave this place immediately."  Angered, Cassandra knocks the coward to the floor.  "Leave me alone."  Returning to see the floor where her once beloved was buried, agony compromised her inner thoughts.  No longer could she deal with the fact, that her son's father was murdered by one of her assassins.  The plan was to warn him of his son not kill him.  Even though she was upset by the Son of Thunder's departure from the Future Conquerors, she as a human-being knew that parents could not control the sole functions of their child.  
"I know you were never at peace my love.  If you are to rise, than may it be for the better this world.  In case of a bad scenario, if I am to die by anyone's hands than may you fall with me.  So, on our way to be judged by God himself.  That we are to hold hands even with all the chaos that surged through our veins.  I will forever love you Jonathan.  That is why I named my son after you.  My feelings have always been blanketed for those that kiss my feet.  Yet, in order to fill the void within my soul I must do this final act before the master plan is executed.  Sadly, you will be a pawn but for the greater good of this world.  Your return will shock your son into returning to his roots.  I need him back so he may take the throne that he was destined to have.  Maybe than, when the world is controlled by our family, that you and I can finally live happily ever after.  God, as my witness knows that my actions are for my blood-line....my family."  A tear falls and the ground shifts, a coffin rises and it opens.  The body of a former hero arises, and words are spoken.  
"I was never meant to die."

Enter the scene, the notorious Future Conqueror followers from the Termination Squad come forth.  Donna Mary at the front-line smirks as the words of her Queen echo in her mind.  Only if this whore knew, it was Danielle Marionette who pulls the strings in these kind of events.  I knew the Queen would soon crack and my manipulation ways will have Closure kills his friends, and I will be his Queen.  In the end no Funez being will survive.  I will be the sole leader of this world.  Personally, I understand Cassandra's dream and she will succeed.  The probability of her not accomplishing this task is forty-nine percent.  No matter, there is no way I will die in this war that comes to the horizon.  "My Queen I will cause the boy to return to his roots."  With that said, the Donna Mary managed to stir the boy to become the director of Sector Eleven.  With basically an army under their command, Danielle once known as Chelsea, understands the plot of this story.  When the conclusion arrives, she will still be standing.


How weird is it that my son, sister, ex-wife, and I always seemed to shed a single tear?  I lied to my son and the world that I was being held captive, and the news of my death was just a lie.  I took the reigns of my company once again, and my soon returned to the life of the Future Conquerors.  How easily he and his fiance followed her seems to foreshadow another event.  Being manipulated by Cassandra and Donna Mary was enough, and the trance was finally broken by Clara Mass of the Termination Squad and baby sister of Jonathan.  The idea of being dead sent a wave of emotions tackling his thought process.  His sister was slipping into unconsciousness.  "Wake up."  Her eyes open as her body functions reawaken.  Her body illuminating the color pink, a glossy smile spreads.  Pushing her supposed brother away, Clara Mass once mistaken as Katanna becomes a questionnaire.  "Are you actually my brother or some sad excuse for a clone or an evil twin brother?"
Speaking of past events, the considered baby girl of the family feels ashamed of her actions.  Now sobbing on the shoulder of her brother.  Clara Mass wonders if Cassandra is to die than she will lose her brother.  "Do not become petrified of this battles ending.  Your a great soldier and during this period in time, there is not need for fractures in your well-being."  The uproar of gun-shots and screams sends a shock wave of worst-case scenarios into the two.  Feeling it to be her obligation to help Crusher and the Malicious Zaria, Clara Mass allows herself to drop from the shattered piece of Funez Tower.  Falling flat on her feet, the sight of dead teammates for once actually frightens her.  The emotion quickly goes away, as these tragedies were normal during her days as a dark-ops agent of Sector Eleven.  Clinching her fists, the red headed assassin grimaced at the sight of Donna Mary.  Unconscious but alive, all members of the Termination Squad were dead except Lida Zaccaria.  
"You decide to come now?  How was the reunion with your brother I presume?  Killing these fools was easy, I controlled four members and slowly each one murdered themselves.  I like to call myself an artist, you understand right?  I here you were the best mercenary over at Sector Eleven.  Was it true that you slept around with Morales?  Besides, that sweetheart I kind of overheard your conversation by reading your thoughts.  I know were partners, and my words aren't actually boosting the encouragement level, but how are we going to win this?  Donna Mary is pregnant and knocked out, and to top it all off she is my twin sister.  What saddens me Clara is the fact of that she planned on killing me.  Even after she realized our relationship, the girl is psychotic.  Anyway, the way I just handled those goons will show how bad the super-human is and that is not good.  Honey, I have not one clue on what to do."
Within thoughts, the three women appeared in a bunker.  Held on the hands of the mysterious red head, Donna Mary gradually awakens.  "Let me go.."  Eyes widen as the three women notice blood dripping from the hands of Closure.  A body lays on the ground drenched, with tears on the floor the sanity of Jonathan II seems lost.  Lida Zaccaria slaps the face of the Conclusion to every Complication.  "What are you!"  Reacting quickly, the Donna Mary takes this moment as an advantage.  Headbutting Clara Mass and tripping her twin sister, Danielle Marionette attempts to make a run for it when the sight of a blond intruder catches her eye.  Time is sent to pause, and when it is sent into play.  Donna Mary sends a flurry of punches toward Sabre.  "Stay down!"  Turning back, Donna Mary air-kissed her fiance goodbye.  For he was most likely to die.   A masculine voice shouted.
In the halls of the Future Conquerors, Cassandra Adams awaits the news of more deaths.  In a matter of hours she will finally unfold her plans to the world, and they will be forced to obey the new world order.  Tapping her fingers onto her throne, a rhythmical tune gets her in the mood.  "Turn the lights on."  A musical symphony plays in her castle, knowing that someone would indeed fight against her ideal of this new world.  
"Clouds filled with stars cover your skies.  And I hope it rains.  You're the perfect lullaby -- You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare."
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 Nicole flew through the city after seeing her father taken by the guards, she began to cry, she wanted to kill every guard attacking the city, but she couldn’t do that because she knew that heroes don't kill, she sighed and thought what her father had said, “ Nicole that's why I am taking you to space where we live so you can be safe!!!”. She knew she could not take his advice and leave her friends to die.
Nicole looked up at the sky, seeing that the sun had started to set. She looked around to see if any guards were following her and was surprised to see that none were, she could only hear guns firing and screaming off in the distance, she flew towards the ground, checking her pockets and finding a piece of gum, she then opened the rapper that the gum was in and put the gum in her mouth and started to walk. But then suddenly, a group of guards surrounded Nicole, “ Freeze and put your hands in the air! Don't move or we will shoot!!!” ordered one of the guards.
 Nicole put her hands up, knowing that it may be the only way to find her father and friends, one of the guards handcuffed her and then threw her in back of a van, there were some kids that had powers in the van with her, they looked dirty and beat up like she was. The van started to drive and then drove into underground tunnel, Nicole then looked at one of the kids, “What is going on here???” she asked. “The army is hunting down mutants or people with powers” said the kid. “Why???” asked Nicole. “Because they don't want to work with them or quit being a superhero” the kid answered. Nicole then sighed again.

After a few minutes, the van stopped and the guards opened the back doors of the vehicle, “Alright, everyone out” ordered one of the guards. Nicole and the other children got out of the van; the guards pushed them into an old empty cell. The guards told them to sit down in some of the old dirty chairs that were in the room, “No!!!” shouted one of the kids. The guard then pulled out his gun and shot a bullet through the kids head, killing him. After seeing the guards’ ruthlessness, Nicole and the rest of the children sat down, the guard then tied the kids to their chairs. A man with goggles, like Nicole’s, came into the room with his sleeves rolled up, “Now its time for a beat down?” said the man as he laughed.  All of the guards then laughed, the man was tall dark skinned man, but you could begin to see that was not a man, but a woman, Nicole was shocked. The women told the men to beat the kids, the women then turned to Nicole and punched her in the face; blood then began dripped from Nicole’s face and onto the floor. The lady then smiled, “I’ll deal with you later, after I finish eating. Let’s go boys!” said the woman. They then left the room, leaving Nicole and the kids tied up all alone.....

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Titans Tower 

"We are here by order of the American government. We are here to take you into custody, where you will then make a choice. Do your jobs properly as government employed super-soldiers; continue with your vigilante ways and face the consequences of your actions; or hang up your masks and tights and go back to school as all good children should. You have ten seconds to lower your shield, or we will enter by force."
Madros was talking outside of the Tower, but Portrait was not listening. A part of Madros' Dominion, Portrait was busy infiltrating the Tower. It wasn't hard. And Madros shouldn't really care about a ten second difference...it was then Portrait found what she was looking for. There was a painting in the tower, barely visible through the surely bulletproof window. Stepping into one of her own art books, Portrait stopped in the Painted World, grabbed some gear she had left there, and leaped out of the painting in the Tower. It would  get chaotic quickly, but true to her missions for both the Dominion and the Great Old Ones, why not make it more so? Crouched in a corner, Portrait flipped through one of her art books. In one, crystalline scorpions swarmed across a ruined village. Laying a hand on the book, Portrait focused. The scorpions began to move for real. They swarmed into the real world, venomous crystalline stingers held high. Thousands of them. Portrait stood up and slowly walked around them.  
Leading her deadly painted insect brigade, Portrait started to search the tower for the young heroes. The rest of the team would be here soon (she hoped. Portrait was not really familiar with teamwork, spending much of her time in places neither humans nor aliens could reach). Portrait could not remember if Madros had said to kill the Titans or not. But it could always look like an accident. Portrait grinned, a sight many across the last century had seen, and few had lived to remember. But remember it they did, for Portrait's grin was a twisted, evil thing, mirrored only by the grin still on the scull in her portrait.
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The human comet flies through the skies of the planet earth. His flaming aura surrounding his body at full power like a missile or rocket aimed at a target he does not bother to look around or become distracted by anything else. His mind is focused razor sharp like a blade fresh from the heat of the flame. He wants answers. He wants to know why someone he used to call friend had not just turned on his team but turned on the entire world. 
"What the he11 is wrong with Funez that little punk thinks he can just play the big old bad I used to be a super hero but now I'm corrupted gig well he's got another thing going. Still none of this makes since. I'm not surprised the government is turning on super beings that been in the work for years now. People who once had power can't stand the fact they now have to live with gods and aliens that make their power useless, but I can't believe they've got Closure being their little dog." 
He gets closer and closer to the Funez Industries building. As he streaks across the sky he sees with his solar powered eyes the familiar armor of some of Funez's personal dogs hovering over the building acting as a defensive wall. Solis is not impressed "I'm not impressed............. And I .......... DON'T HAVE TIME FOR YOU LITTLE DOGS" The firey super hero flies into the gathering of armored super soldiers and releases a massive wave of fire blasting the soldiers as he meets them. 
Many of them fly away in several different directions and a few fall back into the tower itself. Solis flies through one of the whole made by the flying soldiers. "Where Funez I need to make an appoitment. He begins to fly through the building scaring the building workers near to death having to see a flying man on fire. As he flies through the halls he is attacked by one of the armored guards he smashes him into the ground.  
He sends him flying with a fire strike melting his armor and makes a giant whole in the building. He starts to trek across the floors looking through each door. The heat from his body triggers the sprinkler system causing more panic than before. Two more armored goons show up trying to stop him. He blasts them back into a near by elevator shaft sending them falling to the bottom level. He then flies into the shaft going up floors trying to find his target. 
Another one of Funez seemingly never ending goons shows up and tries to charge at Solis coming from the opposite direction of the shaft. He charges but Solis just hits him with a heat vision blasts and then punches him out of the shaft into a near by office. Soon the buildings automatic defenses kick in and responding to the extreme heat given off by Solis body. Coolant foam suddenly poors into the shaft incasing Solis in a block of foamy ice and then drips taking over the entire shaft and even emerges out the whole Solis made. 
But such a thing cannot stop him and he sends out more of his solar fire flooding the tunnel with his heat and rage melting the steel. He flies at incredible speeds like a volcano is beneath him and the stream of magma is pushing him through the skies. The force and heat is so strong the elevator doors burst open and fly out of the building bouncing against the wall of the hall ways. 
The heat even continues to climb shooting another even larger whole in the build's roof. The elevator shaft totally inflamed Solis steps out on the floor he was looking for and asks the innocent bystanders a simple question. "I need to speak to your boss can you tell me what room he's in?" A scared and panicked workers points to a set of finely built doors that make up the door way to Funez's office. "Thank you"

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Rising Action

Sweat and pain, two subjective forces pressuring upon the soul and body of Danielle Marionette.  Her stomach pumped continuously and the alarming heart beats raced to the maximum level.  With the world crumbling at the mere strength of the Future Conquerors, all of the planet seemed to be a wondrous play-pin for the villainous side of Earth.  Yet, like any complex story-line where the criminal is winning the fight against the heroic men and women dressed in their underpants.  A notorious band of unlikely allys discover their true intentions with the supposed death of Roulette.  With Sabre possibly unconscious, the sick Donna Mary clintched her stomach with utter pain.  The feeling of being wet shocked her nerves due to the thought of a death from an unborn child.  Tears rolled down her eyes with a horrific, worst-case scenario placing itself within her mind.  Wanting this complication to finally end, the b!tch with a price paused in silence turning to see a void of darkness the emotion of loneliness finally was allowed consumption.
My soul feels naked, my soul feels nude.  The dark is my friend, in this lonely mood - Danielle Marionette 
Weeping in sorrow the vicious Donna finally broke down, feeling dismantled with no where to turn.  Ashamed of what she had become, the deadly assassin disappeared in a disappointing mood.  Grinning in an odd tone, a final plan emerged on her lap.  Sector Eleven was sent on self-detonation.  If she was meant to be alone, all those who would dare oppose the new world order would need to perish.  Especially, Jonathan II who somehow broke her spell.  Evil and sadistic, the Donna Mary vanished with that final present.  Although, this game wasn't completely over she wanted to put on a show.  For being a neutral was the grandest role to play.
"All personal was immediatly leave the headquarters."  With shock and awe, the recovering Clara Mass intended to survive.  Using the abilities somehow granted from a peculiar amulet, a devasted Jonathan Funez II and Lida Zaccaria were transported to a familiar area.  Finished with the power granted to her by an unknown source, Clara Mass had an early finale.  For the young woman faded with the slightest of ease, exhausted from all the work she took a well deserved slumber.  Using her abilities of temporary illusions, the Malicious Zaria made her teammate a tree that could frighten any child that dare come near. 
"I'm guessing your healed Mr. Domination, but the most recent problem to occur in my life is you and me acting as a dynamic duo.  So, before we save the day I have five words for you.  I'm  not your side-kick."

Turning around, the tactical telepath from the seemingly diminished Sector Eleven, was now facing a magnificent beauty.  The castle or main headquarters of the Future Conquerors organization was now in front of the two.  Astonish by the pure beauty of this fairy-tale, words could not describe the emotion she felt.  Maybe determination, for saving the world could set her place in the super-human community in stone.  Then there was the fact of working beside Closure, a man that would probably have a bounty on his head at the end of this climatic conclusion.

"Your the son spawned from this evil whore with a gigantic plan and I know hate being the annoying partner, but to tell you the truth Closure I'm kind of..."

Creaks of an opening gate shocked this glorified duo, and the spotlight on a surprising figure caught the two off their guard.

Holding hands like flirtatious love birds, Cassandra Adams and Jonathan Funez Senior look into the eyes of their son.  
"Come fight us if you dare."