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@gambler: Informatively voiced revelations from the intellectually illuminated Rosa Negra immaculately highlighted the Frenchman's flawlessly cultivated cultural insight. "My response, senor?", a faintly apparent upwards curl of his lips' left corner serving as a reactionary facial response to the A-Lister of Assassination's verbally expressed query. "It would be the most pragmatic course of action to take, to accept this offer. Its irrefutable plausibility is... too magnetic to ignore, si?", the Poised Picasso paused, eloquently following with verbally urbane persuasion.

"This secret society, tis time for them to lay their positions to rest. They are old, their methods and ideals, antiquated". Don Andres' charismatically voiced preference for appropriate futurism unveiled in the absence of mitigation. "We are to be the Illuminati my friend. There are two others that I'd like for you to consider. They would be invaluable to this... clique".

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@valerie_huntington: Enticing entrapment could often times be inaccurately deciphered in the heat of an alluring exchange. But the Cotillard heir, gifted in the charming arts of passive persuasion, played the only hand he knew how. Subtly slipping a pre-programed security key specifically coded to activate upon the telepathic beauty's touch. The latest in Animus tech the security card would identify various points of genetic markings along the White Queen's fingerprints allowing her to come and go from the Cotillard chateau as she pleased. Without a word Jean Luc winked. Leaving the card on the table before vanishing in a swarm of designer dressed Orochi protectively escorting the assassin out of the delectable cafe.

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@voleuse: "Tis lovely craftsmanship, no?" Jean Luc playful announced. Positioned behind the nibble cat like thief with both hands placed on the staggeringly large heads of two Alaskan Malamutes, Angelique and Florian. Both of which obediently remained on either side of their master's position with misleading relaxation. Gently caressing their fur an inquisitive look of curiosity had washed over the facial articulated definition of his face and yet it still held a charismatic allure. "So....you break into my home to....." sideways extension of both arms theatrically mirroring the mockingly arrogant ridicule "take care of all your one stop shopping needs? How you say.....like dee Wal-Mart, no?" angling his head with a tilt as if awaiting an answer.

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"Simply stunning." With a graceful spin, Zara turned to meet her mark, refusing to allow the surprise to show on her face. With the ring dangling lackadaisically from one crooked finger, she uninterestedly looked over the dogs, gorgeous creatures who would no doubt attack on their masters whim.

Schooling out any hint of a Southern accent in her voice, Zara spoke in a lilting French accent modeled after that of Ellie Knightfall, the amusedness visible in it. "Oui. This simple and convenient, non?" Her trademark cheekiness reared its head as she pushed away from the case of intricate, expensive and sentimental possessions. "Such an...irresistible temptation, you could hardly blame a girl."

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@voleuse: who are you, the writing its on the tip of my tongue just cant place it grr


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@yadbrek: if you can't place me after this long, mon ami, I don't know what to tell you


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I'm interested to see if we'll cross paths.

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Flamboyantly manifesting in the patio doorway as if commanding a supernatural ability of stealth based proprietary excellence, revealing his arrival only through the scented exhalation of a trademark clove cigarette, Jean Luc nonchalantly rested against the decorative door-frame. "Tis quite impressive, no?" remarking on the concealed contents housed within the case. Swift propulsion allowed for a stylish disengagement and immediate postural adjustment. Freely flicking the cancerous enticement to the ground while further introductions were unceremoniously dismissed. "Your contract, if you find its obligations and monitory compensation adequately supplemented, will be for two jobs. With an additional job to be determined at a later date of my choosing. Dee first job as you can see, is a......relatively simple task. Inside dee case you'll find a methodically tailored work up of dee job. But I can simply tell you now. I wish you to break into a secret detention center on the fabled Three Mile island in New York. Dhere is a man being held in dee deepest darkest solitary of places. His name, is Charlemagne LeBeau. Free him and bring him to me."

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Antonio regarded the sudden apparition with a hinted measure of respect, but mostly paid him his utmost attention. The extradimensional visitor did not know the first thing about this man or his relation to the prisoner in question. He would have asked if he had not already understood that such a card never rested in his deck to begin with. His job as an enforcer had nothing to do with personal business. He stepped past his employer and into the glass encasement at the center of the restaurant. He sifted through the contents of the case before even looking at the details of the job, making mental notes of the total he calculated. It seemed sufficient enough, at least for something of this caliber.

The document folded and stamped shut next to the case had an air of superiority even to the vast sums of cash it collided with. The parchment crackled with a defining crisping sensation as Antonio broke the seal and began reading. A faint smile crept to his mouth.

"You call it a detention center," he began, placing the paper back down on the table and closing the case. "I call it an amusement park,"

He took hold of the container's handle and turned back to the person responsible for such a handsome sum of money.

"I suppose collateral damage should be considered negligible at this point? After all, if you hired me on it's not like you expect a clean job."

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@gambler: please tell me you read the Rogues #1 issue of Forever Evil. Ive always been a fan of the rogues and now their even better, gah love this sh1t!!!

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Oui Oui. :D

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@spectrion: You watch your language! This is a child-friendly site.

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@andres_knightfall: [Here's hoping for the best.]

Rocamadour, France. A commune in south-western France, situated in a gorge overlooking the River Dordogne, has long been a highly regarded attraction for tourists of all manner. Kings, clergy, and nobles alike take splendor in its apparent glory, an apparent holy place containing the Santuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and supposedly housing the sword Durandal, wielded by Hruodland, Chief Paladin of King Charlemange's court. On this day, a particularly esteemed guest stood over the highest point in the architecture, the visage of Godliness overlooking a vast expanse of trees and greenery as far as the eyes could see, the true form of Roland's Peerless Blade at her waist, accompanied by a crimson flamberge and a masterfully crafted katana of unusual origin, although slightly out of place amongst her predominantly European appearance. The sun shone brightly over her subtly furious, yet perfectly serene mien, painting her face in a vibrant golden light. From where she stood, an almost silent whisper arose from her throat, carried by the wind, clear as day, across the land to the specifically targeted location of the self-proclaimed Debonair Don, Andres Knightfall. A summoning call, reminiscent, yet perfectly opposite as that same wind which delivered "news" regarding the apparent death of the Anachronistic Empress some time ago.

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@the_undefeated: "Mon ami, as long as you, dee job, and LeBeau, can not be traced back to me, dee measure of restraint or lack dhere of is of no concern to me." relaxing against the balcony. "Oh, I almost forgot. And mind you tis not dat I do not trust your authenticated reputation in dis matter, but I will be sending a very special person along wit you. She has a certain......connection, wit dis fanatical LeBeau." a directional nod towards the empty restaurant floor and the mysterious woman occupying its space.

"Her name is Isadora" he said grinningly.

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@gambler: I want Isa lol

And sidenote, but I HATE the bottom half of Elektra's costume. Legit the only thing that keeps me from using it.

@gambler: [You're tormenting Mercy.]

It's his favorite pasttime

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@chevaliere: Geographically positioned in the Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris, between the Champs-Élysées and Eiffel Tower, Don Andres presently indulges himself in its ostentatious pleasantries. Ralph Lauren clad with the tantalizing scent of Men's Dior perfectly complimenting his effortless magnetic flair, the Catalan Cobra's incipient intention of temporarily isolating himself from the frenetic occurrences of the globe face abrupt interruption in response to a subtle, yet alluring supernatural phenomenon.

Whispering winds, not unlike those that had conveyed the knowledge of Olivier's untimely demise, appealed to him, enticing a conscious reaction from elevated sensory perception. Again, as if fundamentally compelled, he followed, methodically teleporting to the epicenter of this spiritual conjuration. Re-manifesting his immaculate frame in a location of historical and religious significance, the Knightfall A-Lister's synthetically originated electro-perception alerts him, prompting a shift in ocular focus. "....", aesthetically appealing eyes resting on a figure of petite build, his electro-perception recognizing the distinctly generated electrical activity of this individual's muscular functions.

Hesitance momentarily overcame him, his voice instinctively transitioning into one of apparent endearment, his muscles tensing prior to verbal acknowledgement, "Olivier?".

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(I'll see you Isadora on Three Mile Island then.)

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@andres_knightfall: Whirring winds gently twisted over and around people and objects, flowing like water over rocks. Sudden displacement of the air, and subsequent alteration of the wind currents coursing over his body informed the once and former empress of her ex-fiancé's silent arrival. Continuing her view over the lush scenery before her, although she hadn't yet turned to glance upon him, a bright smile spread over her face. "Andres Knightfall. Always good to hear your voice." Spinning on her heel, she planted the sword Durandal in the ground, hands resting upon the hilt, and gave him a once over. "I did not think it possible that you could look better than before," she said, smiling jovially. "Time since the vanquishing of the demon has treated you well."

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@chevaliere: The vocal endearment of her blissful voice incited an instinctive smile on the charismatic Catalan's captivating facial features. His muscles relaxing in simultaneous occurrence with the adoption of an amicable disposition. A perpetual charmer, an eloquent speaker capable of skillfully twisting and altering even the most ingrained opinions of others, Andres Knightfall found himself immersed in a position of prominent unfamiliarity. He was admittedly, speechless. Innately, the Knightfall Don had long accepted the then plausible reality that his mesmeric, ocean blue eyes would never again lay eyes on the boisterous Empress.

"Forgive me bella", a quietly escaped chuckle jointly accompanying Andres' verbal response, "Its just... its good to see you again", unwavering eye contact perfectly cultivating tangible ocular intimacy between former lovers. "You're smiling. You should do that more often. And gracias", maintaining gentlemanly poise, frustratingly combating his desire to warmly embrace his former fiancee, never allowing however, his mind to forget the sentimental value that his present relationship with Mercy Sheridan represented.

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@andres_knightfall: [There you go with the boisterous again. And here I was being all gentle.

I've gotta find food, but I'll get back to you.]

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The look of duplicitous guile hypnotically framed the attentive facial enunciation of the assassin's ever changing postural pronouncement. Purposely screening true feelings with a masquerading sheath of misleading agreeance for the apparent avoidance of social awkwardness or dispute. Instead fake smiles and cordially cultured nods paved the deadly duo's intellectually stimulating walk down the artistically decorated corridors.

An unspoken weight lingered like a storm cloud over head, Jean Luc having skillfully, yet noticeable, deviated from responding to the Perennial Knightfall's prior proposition. Instead, as the equivocal Don Andres reached the overindulgent dining hall doors, the apocryphal assassin graciously pushed allowing the legendary savant a moment to gaze around the masked faces who encompassed the elongated English refectory table in the center of the room. Precise spacing of pure silver cutlery, properly attired servants modeled in each of the four corners, and a delectably roasted pig in the center of the table, all helping premiere a level of exemplary sophistication and proper autocratic authenticity.

"s'il vous plaît" (please, come in) motioning with his arm before taking a seat at the head of the table. Slipping on a Wolf's head representation as generations of Cotillards had down for before him, Jean Luc raised a glass symbolically instructing the others to do the same. Slowly all heads turned towards the unmasked visitor situated at their table. "You see Andres, dee problem with secret societies is, you're never quite sure who you can trust." Raising his glass slightly higher tilting his head cryptically to the side. Suddenly all members began to drink, all except one. And as each unsuspecting member fell face first to the table Gambler smiled. Sliding the mask up allowing it to playfully rest on the top if his head while flashing a Cheshire Cat grin, "So dhen, where do we begin?"

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@gambler: Known through a multitude of government operations as the right hand woman of Orpheus Ziev, the off putting woman publicly named as Clarice Michelle Pierce recently took up temporary residence in the regal republic of France. Why, mainly to attain the attention of one specific individual. "Keep calm." Dressed in signature black and white shades, visual representations of her abstract inner workings, the sinful miscreant strode toward her personally designed hexagonal home's mahogany entry, quivering as her fingers pulled the ominous door open. "You're here."


She unknowingly appeared before the dream boat Frenchman like one of his Orochi Assassins, visibly pleased to see he personally visited her striking piece of real estate. "Thank you." Clarice momentarily paused, inhaling oxygen after a long exhalation, very much concerned with the oncoming subject matter. "Come....inside." Shyly beckoning the personification of perfection to enter her hollow home, the violet eyed serpent thought of a multitude of devious thoughts. "We have much to discuss." A sly smirk appeared onto her pale portrayal of innocence, though it faded once she remembered the purpose of this soon to be note worthy meeting.

(Hope it's fine. *Dramatic music)

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(awesome post by the way. probably wont respond until tomorrow. not feeling well all the sudden)

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@gambler: (Same. I just watched the intro for this season and it looks beast mode.)

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@clara_mass: (last preview I saw had three women apparently burning at the stack, but as the camera pans

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@morgaine_de_bourbon said:

so intimidating

You don't understand how my jaw legit dropped upon seeing this account resurface. You got me having flashbacks :)

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@morgaine_de_bourbon said:

@clara_mass: We'll see what happens in the future ;)

Such a tease. I legit remember the concept of vine prime morgaine,her coronation, just ugh *feels

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@clara_mass: Actually reading through some of her old stuff now...I'm getting the urge to bring her back in somehow. Maybe as a bodyguard for Gambler and part of the LOS.

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That means she and Antonio would be working together...

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@gambler: (Replying to yourself? Even I'm not that narcissistic ;P)

A faintly apparent smile of urbane politeness facially expressed the Knightfall Don's simultaneously authenticated appreciation and approval. "Muy bueno", a minutely subtle inclination of the head further showcasing harbored positive response regarding the Aristocratic Assassin's meticulous expression of assassination-centered dexterity. "You have... facilitated the bulk of this endeavor, Senor Cotillard". With fundamentally ingrained poise and elegant posture, the Debonair Don lightly leaned into his seat, the nurturing texture of its lavish, alabaster leather furthering his physically expressed comfort. Cupping both hands in genuinely portrayed intrigue, conversational indulgence experienced inevitable commencement.

"Jean", temporarily forsaking habitually exercised eloquent mannerisms and perpetual verbal formality, opting instead to politely address his valued associate by his first name, expertly cultivating and perfecting a tangibly apparent sense of atmospheric amicability, charismatically dissolving potential tension settled between recently encountered aristocrats. "There is a certain elitism necessary to be a part of the Illuminati, si?", Andres continued. "Tis not a position that embraces anyone. Notice. There are those born, destined for greatness prior to even their conception. The fundamentally ingrained ability to succeed and progress past the common sheep". Cheekily smirking, the Don's verbal elaboration followed. "We are the ones that realize that conventional morality is simply a socially fabricated means of holding back the few superior men, us".

"And you know it don't you my friend? As well as I do, that without this mentality, the mentality of a winner, one cannot succeed. Tis popularly said that once one is at the top, the only way to go is down. I postulate that we can go higher. Our limit does not end at the sky. Our limit doesn't exist". A quick downwards glance towards his Rolex Yacht Master ll watch, Andres resumed, "There are two others who would be perfect for a part in this. Mercy Sheridan and Valerie Huntington-Whiteley".