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@_strigidae_: Okay, Maybe that was not true! But Shini is still going to visit soon.

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@xenon_: Tell him to take his ass and get to the back of the line.

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@_strigidae_: Tell him yourself.

(That was pretty smart though :P )

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@shinigami_: Oh. It wasn't that clever. Just a transposition.

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@_strigidae_: G' said it and so will I! Always making sh!t awkward xD

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Having gathered thoughts after the attack on the City he lived in, through a telepathic summoning of an unknown nature possibly his own unconscious or other people in his tribe having a near precognitive state Xenon was tasked with the mission to invite a women, the new Impero to be the Mutant Messiah for The United Republic of Venezuela ( Thread pending ) and rule with Xenon as joint leader. Arriving outside of the confines of the fabled Monastery his almost unrealistic telekinetic aura kept him safe from the relentless temperatures and metaphysical ambient energy which threatened to obliterate him. Having survived the journey towards the Monastery he awaited passage through the impenetrable gates into Reisho. Standing firmly with arms crossed over his chest in his characteristically defensive posture he waited.

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@xenon_: Though it had been a short time indeed, to say her time since learning of Impero Ishin's death had been busy would be quite an understatement. From gathering information on the father, to learning all she could about the Kejijo people and their culture and teachings, Shiho found nary a free moment to take for herself, no time to mentally prepare for another role thrust upon her in an ironic twist of fate. Alerted to the foreign presence outside the gates, the young Impero quit her reading to investigate. She exited the gates, shutting them behind her, addressing the outsider in her native tongue. "Nan desu ka?"

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@_strigidae_: A smile replaced his casual demeanor as he spotted the young woman in a stance Ishin would often adopt in these same situations. A slow saunter allowed his eyes to peruse around the room, curious to any potential adjustments made, upon spying the jar that contained the Zenku, Isamu piped up, intensified to a point of intoxication off the energies exuding from it. "Who is this? If I didn't see her through your eyes I wouldn't believe she was there." The reference to her lack of chakra emissions in the form of naiatsu was picked up by Milo, but he denied Isamu the satisfaction of a response. Yet it was strange, that he could not sense her power, it was as if he was standing next to a void. "I apologize," he said with a courteous bow, "I remember that day in Los Angeles, I was, impudent to say the least. I have come to ask if you've seen Ishin recently? Whispers in the wind say he is dead."

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@_strigidae_: ( This is taking place in the past right? )

Xenons telepathic powers granted him an unfounded power of external understanding, meaning his brain could comprehend each language like his own. The woman's native dialect was easily understood, Respectfully bowing admiring her authority Xenon then swiftly spoke calmly "Hello, My name is Xenon" He walked over towards the women, fingers interlocked infront of himself peacefully "Have you heard of Venezuela?...I no not how, but it has been prophesied that you help me lead a mutant revolution and create a safe haven for our kind in this country so torn with despair.." He looked towards the woman with hopeful eyes "Would you be willing to lead the takeover with me? And bring our people a sanctuary " He longed for his precognitive mutants to have brought him to the correct place, having an Impero by his side would possibly be the greatest asset anybody could have.

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@tranquil: After so long since the minor incident, and with so many other important happenings since then, the matter of the spilled food was nearly gone from her mind; although, the memory of her annoyance at his manner remained. Nevertheless, he was a student of the last Impero and seemed to have changed significantly. "Shinpai shinaide....Not a worry," quickly waving off his apology before addressing his question, her manner even more callous than that of the man who had told her. "Ishin is dead. The father. I will kill him."

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@xenon_: (I assumed so, since you already got the thread up)

"Haraguni Shiho." Introducing herself with a formal bow, she admired his efficient manner. Prophecies, she was no stranger to, though put off by the thought of her own real importance in anything. Kratesis never mentioned it. Even still, she thought of Venezuela, and of Amaranth, whom she was pretty certain desired a utopia for mutants, and of Victor and Asteria, who had already put in work in the country. With a chance to make Tora-sama happy, she could not possibly refuse. "I have been in the country. The forces there are...laughable." Of course, perhaps not so to any normal person, human or mutant. But Stark's armored forces were but mobile power sources to her, their bullets and shells not a pertinent threat. "Watash-....I will help you."

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Xenon clapped his hands together, His face eagerly and clearly one of anticipation and excitement knowing he was going to be working with such a stringent yet potent individual "I cannot thank you enough" Collapsing to one knee with a fist on the group he continued, head bowed down looking towards the ground, "Once we take control, We will elect 10 council members to help us lead - While we will have the highest power of the country, it would be wise to let others be the public faces" Suddenly, a cold chill came about his entire body like his telepathic aura had failed him. Indeed, his mutant abilities had been wavering due to an unforeseen failure in his "intuition" formula - Which enhanced his mutant abilities. Getting back to his feet he pointed to the gate "Can we enter the Monastery? I fear my body cannot cope with these outside pressures for much longer, unlike you" He folded his arms, concentrating to keep his aura in place.

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@xenon_: "Come." A subtle nod of her head and she turned. Gently pressing her palm against Reisho's gigantic gates, they instantaneously swung open, an action that many would perceive as monstrous strength; however, in reality, it was an intricate manipulation of the gates' ethereal barrier. Stepping into the starkly contrasting, inviting environment, she stopped just at the entrance, allowing the gates to close behind them. "Your terms are acceptable. You may delegate them yourself, if you wish. I have but one."

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Nodding in thanks Xenon walked through the impressive doors, the instant upon entering the pressure of the outside world was quickly diminished, a sigh followed by removing his defensive aura meant he could quickly speak, "Ah, What is this term you speak of?"

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@xenon_: Lifting a single shoulder in a shrug, she responded simply, "This is no term. An...assignment. To assign one directly beneath me. You do not know him. You will likely meet him. Acting for me when I am busy."

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"That is acceptable but if they run the country into any risk of disaster they will be removed by my hand" Xenon folded his arms thoughtfully"You will be responsible if anything happens and you will be accountable, this is no small group an entire population rests in our hands - My people" He corrected "Our people need to know that we have everything under control and secure...I hope your man is capable" He awaited a response.

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@xenon_: Offering but another impassive shrug, she answered, "So watch him, if you wish. He is merely to act when I am unable. If any pertinent moves he makes are unnoticed by this council, then they have failed as well, and we, by proxy." No assurance was offered one way or another, nor any snidely intended remarks. Merely observation and conclusion, as she saw it.

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@_strigidae_: "I will appoint him a member of the council...if he fails us that will give us an easy route of denial and he will be removed from position, then dealt with reasonably - Also. I must ask, is he a mutant?" Xenon folded his arms behind his back mirroring the past aristocrats which had owned him as a child, during his slave times. A black man stood tall with a white mans posture.

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@xenon_: Shaking her head, she responded honestly, "I do not know. He was a student of my mentor. He may hold some value, a mutant or sympathizer."

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@_strigidae_: "He will be under my watchful eye then, A council member who is not a mutant will be questioned - I will watch him intently" Pacing around the area in thought. "One question....do you have any intention on clearing the radiation? It does not effect our people - Would it affect you?"

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@xenon_: "A mutation in itself does not guarantee protection. This has crossed my mind. The radiation will be dealt with." Largely. Remembering how Amaranth and others sustained harm from Stark's attack, she had already made plans to take care of the energy herself, but made no mention how she intended. Nor of the fact that the fortress constructed in the north with Victor and the others, to be her own personal locale, would remain saturated by the ionizing energy. For the time being, at least.

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"Indeed, I am hopeful you deal with it, or at-least capitalize on it" With that Xenon nodded one last time towards the woman, "I has been my pleasure to come to this agreement, I hope it yields the results we both desire, regardless of reason for agreeing" smiling, Xenon walked towards the gate "Please, may you open these? Do I need access every-time I wish to visit this place now or is there some sort of logical system in place for allies to be granted entry?" It would only be common sense for gate keeper to dwell within the Monastery or something.

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@xenon_: "At the base of the mountain, there are a number of communities, largely for fishing. There are guides who may help you up the mountain. They know the safest times and passes, and may survive the climate and pressures more capably than others who may travel with you. If a certain level of trust is built, you may be admitted on sight." She herself had never used the guides, for not having the patience to wait for their speed being much slower than hers, but it almost proved costly, a number of times. The gates swung open and she escorted him outside, the frigid temperatures and heightened spiritual pressures having less effect on her now. "The pressure will lessen as you move down. Temperature is more or less...constant."

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@_strigidae_: "Thank you, this hospitality will be remembered" Smiling towards her as he felt the pressure and temperate burden his body again, he instated his aura around himself once again brushing aside some dust as he walked away, turning one last time "I will see you in Venezuela" Upon those words, he descended the mountain instead of flying. Wanting to take the scenic route.

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@blank5nap Seated within the gaping maw of the Jiyuyi Mountains, Reisho was by no means easy to access from the ground. A treacherous climb up the ice capped ranges riddled with Youkai and a myriad of metaphysical monstrocities made any venture life threatening to say the least. Yet the Tranquil, with his incredible knowledge of the terrain and chakra was able to navigate the pathway with incredible efficiency. Believing this to be one of his last treks into the fabled Monastery Milo decided to take this approach, being the most clandestine method of operation. With the Psionic Polymath dwelling in his psyche the Keijijo Kaze was sure Freddie Mosh's mental capabilities could propel him to success in the theft of an ancient Keijijo relic, the Impero's mask.

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@pyrogram: (Its in Reisho, but not exactly on her person.)

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@tranquil: If she is the Impero would she not have the mask?

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@pyrogram: I already spoke to her about it and for the sake of the storyline I'm trying to create she doesn't have it.

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@tranquil: ( Shinigami is going to cause you trouble soon by the way :P )

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@tranquil: ( If you're getting the Impero Mask Shini will probably try and kill you or steal it or something....he plays of being annoying like that )

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@tranquil: Deep in the Mind of Tranquil, Mosh sensed more than just Milo's thoughts but the thoughts he sensed were not even human.Mosh searched deep into the mind of Milo until he stumbled into the source of these inhuman thoughts. It was none other than the thoughts of a kitsune Mosh sensed "wow the Legendary kitsune, I thought he was only a myth" the scientist thought to him self in amazement at the sight of the beast. Mosh grew curious he wanted to know how did Tranquil acquire such a beast,so Mosh searched both the beast memory and tranquil's, when Mosh was done he was happy to see how far Milo progressed.

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@blank5nap: "You know nothing of me human," The demon fox growled with menacing stared fixed on the intruder to Milo's subconscious. "Like what you see huh? I personally can't stand him." Milo thought as he surmounted the ridge and made his way inside the Monastery. Navigating past the Keijijo Elite patrolling Reisho Milo's path was intercepted by Mael, one of his Yoso No Ikari instructors and a fellow elite. "Its been awhile Milo Akuma," she said with a warm grin. "I assume you've mastered your water yoso in your time away?" Milo shook his head with an uneasy smile. "Not yet, still smoothing out the rough edges of my technique. Mael I have to meet with Elder Zaraki, so I'll catch up with you later." With a nod Mael removed herself from his path with a steady gaze and allowed Milo to continue traversing Reisho. "The Vault is not to far from here." Milo said to Mosh, hoping that his mindscaping technique would work how they planned.

@shinigami_: Now I remember Akira Overdrive used to use that look. Or was it Tenjin? O_o

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@tranquil: I'm new I don't know >.< but the look is self declared badass in itself :P

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@tranquil: Mosh Grins and laughs "I know more than you think, I can see how he could be annoying"

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@tranquil: I know ive been reading the wildness i was super busy

i apologize for my lateness

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Frigid air inhaled into the Phantom's lungs and pierced his warmly insulated organs with the same intensity of a dagger to the chest. Mark grimaced at the pain for a mere second before his face resumed its same complacent position. The pain had been more welcoming then agonizing. An assassin, born and bred, Death's Angel had known that pain a thousand times over. The monks who trained and raised him had attempted many times to teach him to eradicate his emotions based on his environment or well-being, but Mark had always found that lesson difficult to comprehend. Emotion was Mark, and the pain reminded him that he was human. More human than some mindless clone created to replace his young predecessor. He was his own person, and emotion solidified this. The Shadow, who had been looking at his feet, peered up and into the white, glossy haze of snow that barraged his body and blanketed him in its cold embrace. The trek to the mystical Reisho Monastary had been nothing but difficult as he had been warned. A week had progressed since his ascension into the mountains, and the Assassin had the inkling that he had been going on in circles the last half of his journey. He could neither find the Monastery or leave, a prisoner to the mystical mountains he was traversing. With snow blurring his vision and path, he could do nothing but march hopelessly in the thick snow.

Mark breathed more of the frigid air and continued. His legs were heavy and strained from the continuous movement and lack of rest. He had brought no tent to sleep or food to eat, only the winter clothes on him and a small backpack with a monk's tunic inside. The Phantom was here on the mountain for a peaceful meditation.The monks had always taught him meditation opened many doors for ideas and meaningful thought for one's self preservation.

Moments later his head became heavy and dizzy. It wasn't long before his muscles shut down and the Shadow was face-down in the snow. Quickly his organs failed, first with the intestine and last with the heart and brain. Snow covered his body as he lay there, motionless. The cold, mountainous terrain had caught him in its clutches and was slowly covering him. Another prize.

His body jerked.

Mark's heart began pumping blood again, sharing its life-giving qualities with the rest of the organs in his body. The muscles, exhausted, became reinvigorated. Mark pushed himself onto his knees, and slowly rose. He shrugged the snow off. His regenerative abilities were something to marvel. A gift, and yet a curse which haunted him. The Assassin looked forward, and this time an object was right before him. Mark took a few steps closer and it came into view. He exhaled in relief and achievement. The doors were more beautiful and majestic than he had ever heard of or dreamed. They beckoned his call, drawing his full attention. His body moved for him as he rose a fist towards the door.

Death's Angel was knocking on the doors of redemption and safety. The doors of the fabled Reisho Monastery.

(Sorry for the length, had to get rust out of my system and this post helped me out with doing that)

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@_strigidae_: Upon successful retrieval of the esoterically coveted Impero Mask, the Knightfall A-List, appropriately protected from hazardous climate by a form-fitting, white variant of his Zero Matrix body armor, completes the nostalgic trek up the geographically undocumented mountain. Efficient zepto-Trion components readily absorbing the ambient metaphysical energies of overwhelming ethereal pressure for required survival, Andres' arrival during the environmental lethality of the night rendered even his spiritually conditioned qualities incapable of functioning without technological assistance. Standing before the ostentatious constructed entrance of the legendary Reisho Monastery, a location familiar to the Martial Arts Einstein from past tutelage under the enigmatic Impero, the Spaniard waits for the inevitable approach of the Arcani Heir.

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@morte_knightfall: Moments after the technically sound Spaniard arrived, the gates of Reisho opened slowly, allowing the young Impero to pass through. Stepping out into the frigid mountain environment, she stood, relatively diminutive, next to him, her own body naturally taking in ambient metaphysical energies of the area. Cold emerald eyes glaring pointedly into his own, she spoke. "I could have retrieved it myself. I am capable," reiterating her earlier point, which he seemed to misunderstand at the time.

@mark_xv: Leaves him outside in the cold.

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@_strigidae_: "I don't recall saying you weren't, querida", Andres responded with inherent composure and verbal formality prior to calmly presenting the previously stolen mask before the empathy-absent Shiho. "I trust that you will honor your end of the deal, no?", a curiously raised brow in expected misinterpretation of projected words.

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@morte_knightfall: (You need to stop speaking Spanish to me. It's Japanese!)

Wordlessly, Shiho responded with a slight nod of the head in acknowledgement, taking the mask from his hand and placing it at her waist. She gave a nod and a shrug in affirmation to the question, but not yet finished, for the first time engaging in actual discussion of her fear. "My people, they speak of such things. Shinigami...invites us to death. I have felt this way. I will not rush. Information is required. And also...The father. This vendetta. Recompense, for the son."

(And I'm not empathy-absent! I have empathy for some people. Maybe two)

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@_strigidae_: (Never. Ever. Never gonna change me, renegade for life ;P)

Authentic surprise overcome the Cultured Catalan in reactionary response to Shiho's admitted fears of the Shinigami's death-centered coercion. Momentarily widened eyes in existent surprise soon retained characteristic poise. "I know everything about that thing. Your energy-absorbing capabilities will prove instrumental in the demonio's death", Andres continued, "Of course. Tis necessary, after all, he was my sensei as well", subtly highlighting his undocumented tutelage under the masterful Impero.