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@Impero:Luna Troy seemed shy of answering the question and spoke softly "thee hundred and sixty five times faster than light, no lie"

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@Ultra_Girl_: Briefly, his eyes widened in genuine surprise, he was rendered temporarily speechless. Her speed far surpassed the impossible. Three hundred and sixty five times faster than the speed of light, a thought that found repetition in Ishin's beautiful mind. "Amazing", he uttered, still overcome with disbelief. Steadily retaining his composure, he continued, "You're extremely fast Luna-san, I'm sure you realize this. To be truthful, extremely fast is an understatement. To my knowledge, there is none with greater speed than you in the world". "What would you like to begin with first? Martial arts training? Or learning to better control your speed? Oh and Luna-san, please, be at ease", calmly urging that she feel comfortable.

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@Impero: she held her sides "I'm afraid to use my full speed, there were times where it was almost impossible for me to slow down...time ceased to exist in my perpective" she shivered this time out of fear "it's a scary feeling knowing that your all alone, forever" getting back to the subject she looked at him with pleading eyes "I want to master my speed, I don't want to live with this feat any more, please help me" Luna almost seemed as if she was going to cry obviously this has been troubling her for quite some time.

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@Ultra_Girl_: Clearly, past incidents involving her unstoppable speed have left her frightened, even terrified of having to succumb to the lack of control. As her eyes seemed to beg for aid, nearly conceding in tears, Ishin was quick to place the palm of his hand on her shoulder in a warm, comforting manner. "Do not cry Luna-san. I will help you. I'll teach you", he assured with a promising smile.

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@Impero: "what is the first step Ishin?" she asked as she rubbed her eye to prevents tears from falling

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@Ultra_Girl_: "You are too fast to be trained here. Accessing that type of speed would be catastrophic without control", he pointed out, rising to his feet. "You must come train with me in a place without restrictions", he concluded, gently taking her hand, an instinctive action of his gentlemanly nature. Through his Potaru Amulet, he would teleport them both to a metaphysical plane of existence, one portrayed as an endless valley, there she would be free to move as fast as possible.

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@Impero: Luna held Inshin's hand gently "where will we go?" she asked concerned unaware of what might happen next.

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@Ultra_Girl_: "Don't worry", he assured, teleporting both to what appeared to be an endless grass-field. "This is a metaphysical dimension. You can move as fast as you want here", he revealed, gently releasing his hold on her hand. "To begin, I want you to move at the speed you're most comfortable at and feel you have the most control". "Please do not hesitate Luna-san. I am here to make sure that nothing happens".

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@Impero:Various types of speeds entered her mind, subsonic? hypersonic? light speed?

until finally she spoke "Just light speed I think I can stay in with out losing complete control" her breathing got rapidly as she prepared to stop slowing down.

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@Ultra_Girl_: (Mind if we fast forward the speed training? :))

"Good. I want you to continuously move at light speed until you feel that you are ready to accelerate beyond. Repeat this until you reach the pinnacle of your speed. You'll about a masterful level of control through this process. Sprint in random directions, make manic turns to challenge your speed", he instructed. While usually he would immerse himself into the physical aspect of the training, he could not hope to contend nor even perceive the height of Luna's speed. "But Luna-san, do not move too far from me. This place is dangerous", indeed the various entities and metaphysical phenomenon that lied beyond were to be avoided.

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@Impero: (Sure XD)

*A few minutes later*

Minutes ago Luna did as instructed, the sudden boost to light speed was amazing as she disappeared in a bright flash to the naked human eye...but she was moving at speeds of 299,792,458 meters per second she finally stopped but not of fatigue but mental exhaustion where she was exactly she was not sure she was but was positive she traversed at least one light year away from Ishin "I can't Ishin, I can't go any further or faster....everything so slow..I feel like my mind is collapsing" she said tiredly as she fell to her knees.

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@Ultra_Girl_: While from his perspective Luna had completed the speed-based training in a matter of minutes, an impressive feet, however, certainly, her ability to move at the pinnacle of universal speed rendered her free from the effects of time, enabling her to achieve impressive skill in what appeared to be mere minutes. "Alright", he said, gesturing for her to sit with him on the grass, "Rest until you feel like you can resume your training. Luna-san, I don't mean to breach your privacy but surely something must have happened in the past for you to fear your speed so much".

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@Impero:In one moment she was far away and the next she was instantly lying on the ground on her back, she spoke wearily "When I was a girl the darkness scarred me permanently in a mental way, when you go way past the speed of light at three hundred in sixty five times...it's scary what you see...very scary"

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@Ultra_Girl_: "You see nothing. Light can no longer keep up", he pointed out, presenting a logical reasoning for why she encountered darkness. "So this is a fear that you've had for many years then. What exactly is it about the darkness though, that frightens you? That you find terrifying?", he asked, hoping to get to the roof of her fear, perhaps even help her overcome it.

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@Impero: "Humans no longer look like humans they're disfigured monstrous creatures of the night in my perspective, I don't know why I fear the dark but it has been since I was a child, when I was a seven I would see and feel the creatures of the night I was unique like the unique individuals that see the dead but the dead would leave them alone, the dead and much worst would attack me,torture me mentally and physically...they still do and the only thing that keeps them at bay is the light" she shivered "When I go at my true natural speed ever since I got my powers I would see white outlines it's the only thing that lets me see where I go the rest is pitch black, the best I can explain is that it looks like a sketching you know how there are black out lines that makes the figure while the white papers forms the back ground? well it's the opposite for me black is white and white is black"

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@Ultra_Girl_: While perhaps using the esoteric powers of the Chi Springs could help her heal from her psychological trauma, Ishin opted against suggesting it, this was a fear she would have to defeat on her own when ready, as cliche as it may sound. "I see. Well, we from my clan", he paused, warmly holding her arms in a comforting manner, instinctively attempting to halt her shivering, "We're born with elevated spiritual awareness. But we only see... glimpses of the disembodied. But, once we are trained, we see everything. I see spirits, metaphysical manifestations and whatnot all the time. I can understand your fear Luna-san". "One day though, you will have to face them. What you see at your top speed seems eerie. But you must remember that what you see is merely a shift in your perspective".

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@Impero:A sudden thought entered her mind suddenly "Why do you help me Ishin?" she was baffled "It's hope less, I can't even move at light speed for more than a few minutes with out going crazy, the time disorientation is just so mind bending"

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@Ultra_Girl_: "Because I can", he answered simplistically. "And because you came to me for this, correct? The potential you have with that speed is unmitigated. One thing in life that I like to nurture is potential. I don't seek any students. And I reject the majority that come to me for help. In three thousand years, I have only accepted fifty students. Most of which are now dead", he revealed, adding a sense of exclusivity to his training. "The repeated speed exercise will accustom you to high-speed movement and mentally condition you to endure it. It will not be easy. You must try your hardest", he said, meeting her eyes, "Tell me that at the very least, you will try as hard as you possibly can".

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@Impero:Luna but her lower lip as she thought of what people would give to be in her shoes "Okay....I promise" her words came out with honesty but also with a lack of self confidence.

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@Ultra_Girl_: "Good", he responded with a reassuring smile. "Do not lack confidence in yourself. Luna-san, there is a difference between arrogance and confidence. Unjustified confidence is arrogance. You're clearly humble. And as cliche as it sounds, only once you've learned humility and learned to believe in your capabilities, will you be truly confident. That is an aspect of the mental fortitude that you will need to master your speed", he explained.

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@Impero:"If I master my speed, can I do technique like the infinite mass punch or even time travel?" she said a bit excited like a child appeasing her parents.

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@Ultra_Girl_: "A punch of infinite mass would be possible. But you'd likely kill anyone you would use that on", he pointed out, warning her of the sheer power of such a technique. "Now time travel... I'm not exactly sure, perhaps, but I'd advise you not to try and time travel because you could end up at an undetermined point in time. And to return would be even harder", he explained with a pensive expression, calmly rubbing his chin. "How are you feeling? Do you feel ready to resume your training?".

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@Impero: Luna did a backwards hand stand and landed on two feet, "Yes sir!" she spoke in a enthusiastic tone the words of Ishen increased her confidence and self esteem.

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@Ultra_Girl_: "Good", he smiled, pleased at Luna's new-found sense of self-confidence. "Begin. When you get tired, attempt to surpass your limit. Don't give up, but if its too much, stop, rest, then begin again. Repeat this process until you're absolutely drained and can't take any more", he instructed, his training methods being continuously rigorous.

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@Impero:Luna nodded and disappeared once more into speeds fat to fast for the naked eye to possibly see.

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@Ultra_Girl_: Upon the resuming of Luna's training, Ishin waited in great patience, innately excited at baring witness to the fruits of her total progress. He would wait until she finds herself incapable of continuing.

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*two hours later*

After two hours of non stomp movement Luna finally returned to Ishen "Okay" she walked with a limp on her ankle "moving at the speed of light and tripping is not such a good idea" Luna said a bit ashamed "but I'm getting the hang of this, I just can't go any more right now"

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@Ultra_Girl_: "The limp is nothing to be ashamed of", he smiled with a calm chuckle, "Come, lets return to the monastery", he said, rising from his feet, politely taking her hand prior to teleport both back to the now luminous Impero Quarters via his esoteric Potaru Amulet. Helping her towards the sofa due to the sustained limp, Ishin asked, sitting across her, "That was very good Luna-san. You progress fast. If I may ask, do you have any family?", he was simply curious.

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@Impero: "I do, but I've kept most of this a secret from them...they wouldn't understand and if the people in our community knew about this they'll be ruined...it's bad enough my mother had cancer"

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@Ultra_Girl_: "Hmm I see", he paused pouring two cups of chamomile tea, gesturing for Luna to have a sip should she want to. "Perhaps one day your family will embrace who you are, when you feel that they are ready to know. Did she survive the cancer?".

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@Impero: "She's still alive but only has a few months left to live, my powers I use them to try to forget about my social life problems" she gave a thankful nod as she reached for a cup of tea "I have some insecurity issues"

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@Ultra_Girl_: "I can heal her", he stated calmly, sipping his tea prior to returning his attention to her, "While I myself have no immediate family, I'm aware of how important it must be to people. In my research, I've managed to create hot springs with water that can heal anything, even powerful diseases. While getting into the specifics isn't necessary, its very complicated", he paused, referring to the various chi-based concepts and the fundamental workings of metaphysical energy particles. Reaching into one of his pockets, he pulled out a small vial containing what appeared to be water filled with very tiny glowing blue particles. "This is water from one of my springs. I carry four vials with me. It is powerful enough to heal your mother's cancer", he said, tossing the vial in Luna's direction.

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@Impero:Luna was baffled as she caught it, she looked at it as if it was the most valuable thing in the universe to her "thank you Ishin, I don't how I can ever repay you for your kindness and compassion" she spoke while looking at the contents of the vial.

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@Ultra_Girl_: (Wanna fast forward past the speed training and to the martial arts training? :))

"She must drink it, all of it. It might even extend her lifespan", he revealed, before smiling calmly, "You're welcome Luna-san. I help my pupils", he was not altruistic by nature, however, Ishin did feel an ethical obligation towards all that trained under him.

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@Impero: (Sure)

Luna nodded understandingly "Hey Ishin, now that I know a little bit of speed training now we could work in my hand to hand right?" she looked at her ankle "but I don't have a healing factor, may I stay a few days until my ankel gets better please?"

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@Ultra_Girl_: "Of course", he agreed, while having her drink from another separate vial of the metaphysical water would undoubtedly heal her ankle, it would defeat the purpose of her training. Her body must heal naturally from the injury for optimum accustoming of high-speed combat. Several days afterwards, Luna's martial arts training was to commence.

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@Impero:After finishing the tea Luna went into a sleep she'll need it

(Good night/Morning XD)

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@Ultra_Girl_: (Rest well girl ;))

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Dmitri shifted around while he sat. While Ishin's training was more informative than Zaraki's, it was also quieter - at least so far. The environment began to become lighter as he grew more accustomed to it.

"Potentially infinite, huh? That means I can fight whoever I want, then." He said calmly, even though the meaning behind the words exuded a ridiculous - perhaps even comical - confidence. But maybe there was some amount of truth in his bravado...

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@_Judge_: A soft chuckle escaped the mysterious Grandmaster, while it would initially seem that potentially infinite chi would grant one unbeatable fighting power, that was not the case. "It may seem that way. But no, it absolutely does not mean that", he clarified, "If you had infinite chi, you would be powerful but not as much as it is implied. What would make you stronger is knowledge. Its cliche but its true", he stated. "My chi reserves could be split in half, but I would still be the Impero of the Keijijo". "Power is good. But the knowledge and intellect used in manipulating and controlling the fundamental workings of chi and chakra-points can make you deadlier. For example. When I was very young and arrogant, I possessed greater chi than most of the adults in the clan. But when I entered the Kami no Ken tournament to become Impero, I lost, the first round. They possessed a significantly greater understanding of chi, and so they could use it far better than I".

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"I see. Knowing how to use power is preferable to just having it. But, I've had all this power for most of my life and I've just learned how to control it. Now you're saying there's more for me to learn? Master Zaraki told me a thousand times that beyond control there is discipline. I've tamed the power inside my veins, but once I release it I won't be as strong because my chi will have scattered everywhere. You're saying that I have to learn about control rather than just pretending I have control because I've learned how to keep my chi from spreading out, right?"

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@_Judge_: "More so knowing how to control your power better than others. And to use that control to manipulate with innovation", he elaborated. "You must indulge in Rikai. The intimate study of chi as a universal metaphysical force. Only then will you establish a close relationship with chi and with the knowledge you will obtain, you will be deadlier", having merged the concept of Rikai with his intellectual genius, Ishin has created a self-exclusive discipline involving the chi-based scientific experimentation and study of fundamental metaphysical particles. "But, that is a thing that is too advanced for now. What I intend to first teach you, is high-speed combat".

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"Hm? How much faster do I have to be?" Dmitri inquired, partially stunned by Ishin's brilliance while simultaneously intrigued by it.

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@_Judge_: "You can be faster. Your physical chakra-points are naturally directed to strength but you have some speed. What I want to teach you is how to properly implement your speed in battle", he revealed prior to further elaboration. "For example. Zaraki-sama is much stronger than I. But I hit much harder than him. Many people do not realize how powerful a strike can become when augmented by unimaginable speed. I will teach you how to properly strike with perfect technique and a good amount of speed", Ishin concluded.

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"I understand. Much like a wrecking ball's weight can be used to greater effect the longer it is pulled away, which increases its speed. Speed and strength are naturally supplemented by each other. I'll try, then."

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@_Judge_: (I think we can fast-forward his training)

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(*hands him the remote* :P)

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@_Judge_: (I feel in control :D)

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(You want to have this continue before, during, or after the eye implants?)

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@_Judge_: (Before)