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Unable to speak under the overwhelming mental pressure of the ruby-eyed Andres, his chained duplicate could remain, only silent in the presence of both Alexandra and Jean. His gentle, ocean blue eyes however, did move to catch sight of both Jean and the White Queen as they called his name in a voice simultaneously combining both of theirs. Disgusted by the apparent display of compassion, the malevolent Catalan voiced his distaste for the situation, "Pathetic", he stated, the venom from in his words, unnatural to one of Andres' nature. His journey to the depths of Hell having truly warped his already affected mind to an inhumane consciousness driven only by ambition and mercilessness.

Dashing towards his intended targets at blistering speeds, the Malevolent Monarch had unexpectedly found his peerless speed forsaking him. Elevated vision enabled him to narrowly view the psionic webs that he had unknowingly trapped himself in. Seemingly caught and defeated, there was but a single alternative for him. Kill his remaining goodness. While physically suspended in a web of psychic intricacy, the ruby-eyed Andres angrily broke his usual composure, "You're weak. You've always been weak", he murmured, referring to the chained Andres. Diverting his attention back to his primary opponents, a defiant grin forming on his face as he telekinetically seized control of the chains around his moral counterpart. Tightening them as they exerted pressure on his innocent duplicate, his intent was to destroy it prior to himself being destroyed by his charging opponents, for if there was no longer any goodness within him, his return would be inevitable.

The telekinetic capabilities of his Zero Field however, paled in comparison to the psionic might of even one of the psychic five, much less their combined efforts. In a swift movement, pain radiated across his torso as five European longswords had pierced into his abdomen and chest. Initially struggling, refusing to relinquish his influence, malevolent Andres found his attempts futile. Through meticulous hypnotic suggestions, he had previously managed to steadily coerce his kinder half into embarking on his descend to Hell, cleverly orchestrating his rise to control. Perhaps in a final act of defiance, he spat in his opponents' direction before his impending demise. Fading into psionic oblivion, the restricting chains around the gentler Catalan disintegrated. Freedom was his once again. Silently rising to his feet, he instinctively established eye contact with all, but in particular, Alexandra herself. He was unsure of what to say, clearly though, he was thankful. Remaining a cautious distance from the five, he knew not what to do. Almost instantly, regrets of allowing this to happen invaded his mind, regrets of failing to do anything to prevent Quintus' death, regrets of allowing children to die in a conflict commenced by the growing influence of his darker side, regrets of not being by both Ellie and Ziccarra's side in comforting them in Quintus' death, and his regret for turning on both Jean and Alexandra.

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@amaranth_strix: Leon watches amaranth fly through the air as a result of andy's attacks. He also saw as amaranth got up after the blows "how is he even standing" he thought to himself but there was no time for this. He held his katana's up again and rushed from side to side before appearing up close to amaranth and attempts to thrust one katana right up into amaranths armor aimed at his liver area at full force and swinging the other in an attempt to slash open the man's throat. the thought of spilling his blood all over the grass was almost intoxicating. His Blue eyes glowed with Lust for blood and he bared his fangs "now amaranth, i shall send you to the next world. your fate is to die here by my blade!"

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The fact that this man could revert his arm back to normal on an almost anti alchemy like level infuriated her. His arm should of been reduced to nothing, but there was still triumph. The organs made into whips ravaged the man's previously flawless back. So chizeled and perfect and now it was slick with blood thanks to her. She had not only hit Xandra's ex with a base ball bat but had whipped him like a btch. She took pride in it, and even though her teeth were caked in blood she wore the most triumphant of smiles. Then the man fell over sucked into a psychic battle. Straining against blurry vision Natasha withdrew her two kurkris at her side. She was going to impale the unconcious man. Each step a strain on her entire being but she refused to give in. Pausing over the body she readied to drop, and then she did.

BloodDiamond fell over collapsing do to a loss of blood. Her last sight was a pair of blades centimeters away from Morte's head. If only she were stronger she could have ended this...The earth would soon swallow the teen and carry her home on a mound of earth littered in a blanket of blood bender diamonds.

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@darkchild: @ferro_vida:

It was only the second time Kayle had used her Phasebarage and this was partially why. It spawned enough bullets to suround her in a personal bubble. The ammunition consisting of every round she had on her. And then in miliseconds a presumed thousands of rounds shot in every direction. These two teens were forcing Kayle to pull out all the stops. It was nothing personal just a pay check, but even still she fealt some guilt watching what happend to the lycan.

Kayle's shield went off upon depletion its needles going to work on the teen. It stunned him and then the PhaseBarage went off with a hail of bullets. Fire burned at fur, acid devoured bone, limbs froze and muscles fried. Explosive rounds removed entire chuncks of the young hero. Gunning down children was not pleasurable, even still though that was the job. And now she had a pay day on her way.

She was not in the clear yet, mech intervention and shields had barely allowed Kayle to survive Gio's assault. Plants and any wounded around the man began to wither and die. The actions of Kayle enraging the armored man. Kayle called for Law, she was no idiot. If she wanted to survive this she would need her mech's deffenses. Climbing in her mech and starting to back away had saved her of being sapped of her life force. That did little however for the furious scream ejecting the same energy like a cannon. Fresh crimson spattered the windshield of the mech as Kayle coughed up blood. It fealt sickening and weakening on the body and that was just a small amount making it through the mech. She'd hate to see it at full force.

The hero left to get the wounded Alex clear of the battlefield. It was at this time that Kayle saw Morte was unconcious, the pay check was out of commision. She no longer had a need to be here, the mech transformed into its jet readying to leave. The student known as Gio appeared again enraged. "Business kid, nothing personal. And in this I don't have limbs." Splashes of green energy burned away at the mechs armor. Kayle tapped into the mech readied one more rail round. She knew this energetic state could completely end her if she stuck around. Tapping into her natural ammunition generating abilities she spawned a special rail round. It was bassed on the Leach plasma cannons Kayle used. It sapped energy transfering it to the user. In this situation however, Gio would absorb all that energy as he was a conduit for such things. Both man and bullet would suck life from everything, untill they collided. At that point it would be life sapping energy clashing with life sapping energy. It would likely turn the man into a giant spirit sucking explosion.

And with that the mech engines exploded with life leading the pirate queen clear from the battle.

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@ferro_vida: The climax of this intense battle between two sides drew closer to its ending. The witch had long ceased her spell to protect the battle field on Alexandria's side. It was now for the Eastern Enchantress to play her role, the one she had long decided upon before she ever became involved in this inevitable war between the monarchs. With her loss and stripped ties from magic the witch seek the only thing that would ever make her feel alive again, the forces she always longed for and the one destined to her since birth, now it was time to reclaim it. Following the guidance of her mentor Dominique she was taught another form of magic. One that was not monitored by nature, one that was not even deemed to be called magic, something more sinister and vile than the traditional dark witchcraft, this was another form, another "expression".

"Its time, you can do it now. You can bring those who longed to return, you can bring the one in life that has ever loved you more than your dear husband, your mother..." his voice was convincing yet compelling, the past few months the witch had not been herself, it had seem she was acting as a slave to another, or that she was acting on her own. "I don't know if I can do this.... its wrong..." she replied, a voice of struggle was apparent in her voice, she seemed conflicted by personal issues regarding to do this new spell and act on using this new form of power. "You can see her again... in time you will..." his voice whispered in her ear, it was enticing and persuasive. Closing her eyes she loses her own well being, she proceeds with the ritual he had enlisted her to do so, with that he leaves, silently but known.

Using the instructed ritual, all her past training with Dominique would now be put to the test, was she capable of harnessing this new power or would it corrupt her once more just like the negative connotation of magic. Using an enormous amount of mystical energy the witch was channeling to much power already from the shop, the minute she had began to use magic she was already caught by Marcus, who had already sent his night-walkers when the sun came down. Acting fast with this knowledge the witch silently chants as she would now commit mass genocide massacre upon the wolves, the supernatural creatures within the war. Unaware that the chant would bring them harm, the witch continue as she was promised with new power. Fire devoured the the werewolves from the inside, boiling their blood vessels and now had marked their deathbed with land of power, something that was used for the witch. No longer channeling nature for power the witch instead was channeling the souls of the dead.

This new found power was more intoxicating than the dark magic she had used before. Heavily breathing the witch was overwhelmed, this was a darker new sensation something that was more diabolical than the traditional dark ways. This very source of magic called on darkness that should not exist within the physical plane or any other without consequences. The witch was now lost in temptation and madness.

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Alex's lungs heaved and shook as as they came to life once more, sucking in air greedily. His werewolf body thrashed around and he roared, the newly grown flesh and muscle burned with an inhuman energy. It was Gio's energy.

His breathing became more regular. He was still in his beast form. But why was Alex in control? He had never been in control of it before. He clawed his way upright and his great muzzle scanned the scarred field of Somme. Everything was in chaos. The flash of steel caught his eye through the smoke and fire; Gio was alive. Thank god. Before he could go to his friend's aid, something deep inside him called out to him and drew his gaze far afield.

A dozen lycans were moving towards them. Even from so far away their scent filled his lungs; he could feel their blood pumping as if it was his own. They called to him on a level he couldn't understand. The headmistress' cavalry had arrived.

His ears perked up. The whistling in the sky was gone, and dark clouds were beginning to amass in a whirling, writhing storm. Something was wrong. He could feel a presence deep within it. Shrieks of pain drew his attention. It was the wolf pack. The were being burned from the inside out. The beast deep within Alex roared for vengeance. The presence in the clouds. It was responsible. It needed to pay. His feet were unsteady as he took a step towards the pack. Shape up. Have to help them. He leaned forward onto all fours and began moving at a steady lope towards the boiling remains of the lycans as something began to descend from the sky.

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Her heart beat faster and faster, the magic was now consuming her. The intense flow of magic and now she was ready to end the war.... on her terms. Stripping the shop of its magic she then finalized the energy to transport her to the war zone. Upon arriving the elements had already been thrown into chaos, the skies were a reflection of her new power and fury. Quickly drowning the two fields in battle the witch had to bring this war to an end. With two top players already commenced in psychic battle as well as the hive-minded telepathic students of Alexandria, there was no one left to protect those in the physical realm from Fan's own psychic mayhem. Attacking those who were within her grasp, the witch torn their minds apart, affecting each and everyone in the battle field. "Sorry boys and girls when this is over you'll be thanking me for saving your lives." she stood from a safe distance with her chin pointed up and high, she felt superior she was now superior. "Sorry dears, if having power means a shift in title then by every means I will have it." the witch then cast a non-verbal spell out of sheer will, trapping the minds of those affected, leaving them to slumber to a maximum of five days or so.

Lifting her body with the mass conjuring of winds the Eastern Enchantress now had move herself into the skies. Watching those below lay to rest while some unaffected she could sense a feeling of pure anger and rage brewing below. It seemed her previously cast spell had killed the pack of dogs below all except one. "You'll see them again soon. Its best they stay dead for now." summoning a bolt of electrical energy down upon the wolf, the witch gives him the honor of knowing her presence within the war and the damage she had caused. She didn't care about morality nor the preservation of life and death, she was now working things into her own hands, she was no longer a servant of nature.

With casualties on both end the power that tied the court together was ultimately severed and the titles were now opened slots. It was first come first served. Knowing that peace and equality was hard to come by the witch would have to approach her plan with baby steps, taking things slowly at a time. The first step was now taking a powerful position within the court, the Black Court. Fleeing from the scene where war had taken place the witch traveled as fast as the winds allowed her. Hours later she arrived in the Hellfire Club's location, Paris, France. Taking the opportunity to take the throne for herself the witch busted the doors with a strong gust of winds. Noticing the lack of employees and lights the witch lit the interior with flames, igniting the candles around. Walking slowly with a wicked grin stretched across her face the witch sat on her new throne, the black throne. The voice of Dominique then spoke to her through her ears, informing her of their next step. But first he congratulated her, she was now the Black Queen. "Soon I'll set them free, every one of them...." as her voice faded so did the light, the room was now enveloped in darkness and the witch was now out of sight.

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Their eyes descended upon him. "Now, what to do with a traitor?" The whited over orbs flickered with colour as images of the school and the battlefield flickered to life around them. They walked the halls of the exploded academy with its gory, blood-spattered walls painted with the lives of innocents. Alexandra's hand reached out to the corpse of a child, a tear running down her cheek. "My students... they were never supposed to be involved. This was just between me and those who wanted me dead. But I survived while others more deserving perished." The images turned to Somme. She tread over the scorched earth, surveying the damage. The attention of the five again returned to Andres. Their combined voice reverberated through the astral plane as the scenes faded. "You deserve death for your crimes." Alexandra stepped out from their ranks. "But so do I. You will be stripped of your rank until the Courts decide you are worthy. You will help us rebuild and fix the damage this war has done."

And with that, the psychic connection was broken. As if waking from a dream, Jean and Alexandra arose from the ground. They appeared as unlikely warriors dressed in their blood-drenched white. Jean whispered the Christian hymn as a prophecy: "And oh, precious is the flow, that makes us white as snow." He rushed over to Natasha to begin seeing to her wounds. Sins would be forgiven, black would turn to white by the power of blood.

Alexandra's blue eyes caught the sight of Andy Summers, barely recognizable strewn across the field. "No. NO!" She ran over to him, tears she never thought she'd have for him flowing freely. She sobbed, cradling his head in her lap. "No, Andy. Come back to me. Come back to your daughter. We need you to rebuild the school. Come back..." The doctor lowered his head back to the ground. There was nothing she could do, not here. The White Queen pulled herself back to her feet, standing tall amidst the devastating ruin as salty tears dried on her fair skin. "Those who survived, gather your companions. We will rebuild and restore in memory of those who have fallen." Her eyes glittered in the light that managed to break through the dust and smoke. "Like a phoenix we will rise from the ashes, burning anew with rekindled Hellfire."


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@andres_knightfall: Or you could just post right there and ruin the ambiance. LOL My post was only a year and some months late! I had it written just never posted it. :P