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Somme Battlefield, Northern France

Alexandra hovered over the old battlefield in the darkness just before dawn. The ground below was pitted and scared from the battle of 1916; the farmlands of the Somme river were still riddled with metal shards from the war of a bygone era. This place, not far from Paris and her beloved Hellfire Club, would be the scene of yet another battle. Her blue eyes glimmered under furrowed brows as the White Queen ran strategies through her keen mind. A soft crunch of grass alerted her to the presence of her likeness. Jean stepped beside her, saying nothing, gazing at the pale beauty. He could sense her fears, her doubts, her pride. They were connected, body and soul, and her knight in shinning armour would die to protect her.

After a moment of reflective quietness, she finally broke the silence. "Are my girls safe?"

Dr. Quentin nodded. "Scorn is guarding them back in their psychic chamber. You know he wants to fight with you."

"What he wants is to kill Andres. That is not my goal. I killed him once, but I would sooner have him live with the knowledge of my triumph." Her gloved hand balled into a fist. The cool, moist morning air steamed as the breeze brushed gently past her abnormally hot skin.

Jean's nose twitched as he sniffed the air. He recognized the deep red of her lip, the flush of pink in her cheeks. "You drank blood..."

The White Queen snapped back. "Of course I did. I can tell by your unusually calm nature you did as well. Human blood. This will be war, Jean. Blood will be spilled. Fulfill your nature and gorge yourself on the demise of our enemies." Her eyes glimmered red.

"I'm here to protect you, Xandra. I intend to contribute to violence as little as possible." He paused before continuing. "And your viciousness is not what it once was. I can feel a softening in your heart even as you seek to harden it. You feel love, a compassion for your daughters, your students. You could have easily killed the sedated pyrokinetic in your care, drained her fully of her super powered blood, but you opted only for a taste to sustain you."

The woman's lids narrowed over her icy blue eyes.

"I will do what is necessary to win."

Her gaze fell over the fields.

"Selene will guard the school and the students in my absence. I pray my adversaries will have the decency to leave them out of it. The Triune will attempt to combat the telepathic force of the Black Queen and keep those of us open to their thoughts mentally connected should one front need support. Should the Red Queen honour her allegiance, she will be a formidable mystical power Andres and his pets will be hard pressed to counter. From there, it could be reduced to a superpowered brawl, each one on his own. Who knows how the pieces will fall?"


Beneath the Hellfire Club; Paris, France

Three female voices in unison spoke in her mind. "We've summoned your forces. Your support is here, Dr. Steele." The telepathic triplets sat in their chamber, hidden deep within the bowels of the Hellfire Club. Scorn locked down the elevator to their location and stood within the circular metal structure. "Great. The pool boy is our body guard." The girls mocked.

"I don't want to be here either, but Xandra didn't want to leave you alone." He checked the ammo in his assault rifle, additional magazines and his usual knives in his belt. "But I'm a bast--d to kill, and she wanted someone she could trust. Just a precaution. We don't have to be able to read each other's minds to know we'd rather be on the field fighting with the good doctor." Unbeknownst to the children of Q, the triplets sent out a psychic message to the students of the Hellfire Academy to join in the assault.


The sun began to rise as if it had been summoned on queue to reveal the gathering forces as she felt their approach. The mist rolled in around the psionic vampires as the hot sun met the cold night air. The darkness began it's retreat. Her ruby red lips parted, drawing in a breath. "And so it begins..."

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Leon stands on a faraway hill watching the fight about to unfold. He knew the headmistress didn't want the students involved but this was completely out of her hands now. He wondered how she would react once she discovered that him and like half the school was fighting. He brought is psychopathic casuin with him to the fight as backup. they sat perched in far away trees. they were scrambling there life signs so nobody on either side would be aware of there being there. "the forces are higher than i anticipated sakon. much more bloodshed. u take on the other people and start diversions.. i will attempt to take out asmarath..." leon stands up on the branch overlooking the field. his eyes emotionless as ever. his clothes change into a attire that to him is easier to move in. he didn't want his civilian clothes damaged as he rests his executioner clever blade on his shoulder watching

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Sakon is crouching next to his cousin in the trees, his blue eyes wild with insanity. "yes i can see that Leon...." he reply's rather slyly and evilly. "i can only hope that the fight starts soon..i mustn't be delayed." Leon had contacted him earlier that day telling him the situation, naturally he agreed because of the fact that he could slaughter other people. "i can hardly contain myself. lets get ready to make our moves." He stands up as well watching the field prepared to strike when the time was right, his guillotine sword high on his shoulders.

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Dew settled on the blades of grass as the lone warrior stalked the battlefield. His words echoed into his mind as his blade thrust downward. "My violence will be tempered with Wisdom." His grip tightened, revealing the well cut definitions of his forearms as sweat glistened across his bared chest. "Through the chaos of battle I will find serenity." Once again his words were said alongside a strike of his blade, but this time horizontal. His hands pushed and pulled at the wrist near the apex of the strike. Culminating its power and momentum into a spinning thrust. "You life one of servitude. You may not of been born in the time of Samurai, but you are Samurai." He could hear his own Masters voice inside his head as if the words were just spoken to him. Continuing through the sword Kata he performed a series of parries with well timed strikes executed afterwards. Slowly his chest breathed in with the air from his nose. Like water calmly caressing the shores of a beach his mouth breathed that same essence of life, out.

He thought of the many tenets that ruled his life. The aspects of Bushido were more than just words, they were life. The diamond etchings of those seven edicts were sketched onto his blade, a daily reminder of who he was. Of who he wanted to be. With a quick flick of his wrist the blade was sent sweeping downwards as he rid the blade of the blood from the imaginary opponents. His fingertips touching the sheath as he felt the blade sink back into its home. Bowing deeply, respectively he opened his eyes.

On the hilltop he overlooked the battlefield. Andy had not spoken with Alexandra since he stormed out of her office just days ago. He to had not spoken a word to Jean since learning the truth. The light from the sun gleamed off his ruby lenses as his eyes squinted. Its warmth seemed to sooth the warrior as he stood there alone. The anticipation of battle was nothing new to him. This was not his war, this was not his battle. They never were for he lived to serve. He was Samurai.

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According to his old history teacher, some of the fiercest fighting of World War I had taken place at Somme; it was something entirely different to be there. To Alex's enhanced senses, the whole area still carried a soft scent of rust and lead. This place affected him in a way he couldn't quite understand. Death had marked it long ago, and it seemed death was destined to return here. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves and peered over the top of the old Southern Trench that he waited in. A few weeks ago he would have been confident that he could handle anything he faced. Near-death experiences have a tendency of changing that way of thinking. He shivered at the memory of his encounter with the man in the mask and sent droplets of dew tumbling from his hair.

The morning light gleamed off something a few dozen yards ahead and to the left of him. It was the hilt of a sword. The man who wore it at his hip had his eyes obscured by red glasses. Everything about him showed that he had come to this place to win. Not a single sign of doubt was visible on his features, so either he was a fantastic liar or he had come here ready to die for this cause. What did that man owe the headmistress? Had she saved his life, as she had Alex? He closed his eyes and imagined the things that would cause a man like that to fight for something like this. Could it possibly be more than he himself owed her?

Alex shook his head and began climbing out of the trench. As he reached its peak he swept his hands down his front to straighten his Academy uniform. It didn't matter. Alex had promised to fight for her. It was a promise he aimed to keep. Spotting some of his fellow students on a nearby hill, he started off towards them.

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Leon watches as the guy walked towards him. it seemed he was not the only one who decided to disregard xandra's orders to hide. the wind blew mildly as he stared at the guy that was feet from him. He never met the guy personally but he saw him around the school. He could tell sakon was uneasy. "calm yourself sakon. i know this guy." he looks down from the branch at the new comer. "well its good to see i'm not the only one who disregarded the orders to keep safe."

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Alex glanced up at the men in the trees as he began to crest the hill. He recognized one of them from the meeting with the triplets. It was the assassin.

"I've never been one avoiding trouble. And this looks it'll be enough trouble for a lifetime." If any of them lived beyond that day, at least. Alex dropped to the ground as he reached the top of the hill and slowly crept forward, his body now submersed in the sparse grass of the area. Again, he looked up at the professional killer in the tree. Alex couldn't comprehend how someone could take a like so easily. Did anyone really deserve to die by an anonymous blade? A pang of regret struck through his chest as he remembered the unlucky people from his first change. In a quiet tone he addressed the two above him. "No offense, but it's probably best if we keep quiet until the fighting starts. He need every advantage." Most children were read Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs at bed time. Alex's mom had read him Sun Tzu's The Art of War. The woman couldn't possibly have known he would end up in something like this, but she had wanted him to be prepared for anything.

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@ferro_vida: Leon watched the fighters expressions, he could tell that he was not too easy with killing others. much unlike him who could slaughter a whole family and feel nothing."No offense, but it's probably best if we keep quiet until the fighting starts. He need every advantage." he nods as that statement was very true..so true that it gave him an idea.

leon put his hands together forming a sign and a thick cloud of hazy white and grey fog covers the battlefield raising extremely high as well like a morning fog. it wouldn't look unusual since it was dawn and the fogs around france are naturally pretty thick. he had made the fog specifically to give him, sakon, alex and everyone else around the general area cover from prying eyes, snipers and any other undesirables. He was confident that people like the headmistress and the teachers had ways of seeing through it but most of the enemies would probably be confused and baffled. the fog is so thick that the enemy should be pretty much blinded, Using the water manipulation from nearby lakes, ocean streams and or clouds, leon causes it to start to rain, the pitter patter of rain should also help screw up hearing for the enemy, masking most noises and the water helped the fog become thicker. before Leon and sakon were obscured from Alex's sight, leon uses sign language to say "i got your back, lets take Xandra's Ex. down." then the fog made leon invisible to the naked eye

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Barcelona, Catalonia

Shirtless, and seated calmly on a luxurious white sofa in his lavishly decorated study, the poised Spaniard instructs his obedient, weathered butler, Charles to retrieve the desired items. "Senor Charles, my saber", he ordered, calmly shaking his head as the lanky British man sought out the wrong blade, "No mi amigo", pausing before pointing with his right index finger towards a distinctly hung saber, positioned in the wall's center, "That one". As the requested sword was respectfully rested atop his flawlessly organized desk, Don Andres politely dismissed his eldest companion. Silently rising from his seat, the Charismatic Catalan's physically perfected frame lie captured by the ambient light of the study. Approaching his desk, he reaches for his prized saber, calmly grabbing it by the hilt before drawing it closer to his alluring, ruby eyes.

Examining it intently, he smirked, pleased at the peerless craftsmanship of the sword's quasi-vibranium-adamantium blade, his only weapon forged of such exotic metals. "La belleza", he murmured, setting the saber on the table as his attention was instantaneously diverted elsewhere. The iconic scorpion tattoo on his upper right back, burning with impure intensity. Through the mystical intervention of unethical forces during his journey to the depths of Hell, a supernatural seal was forged upon his sole tattoo, enabling him to fully control the lethal squad of deceased, first generation Keijijo blood-benders, at the cost of diminishing his remaining humanity. Quickly cladding himself in a personally customized light grey Dolce & Gabbana Martini Suit, composed of a specifically resistant fabric for harsh combat situations, his prized saber stylistically fitted into a beautifully crafted sheathe, its technologically innovative properties altering its appearance to that of a stylish cane.

Emerging from his elusive study, El Caballero was quick to ask of his personalized squad of Hell-conditioned blood-bending Keijijo. "Charles, my squad, it is ready, no?", his butler answering with a quick, enthusiastic nod. "And some of their cells, they were rightfully sent to the Court for my plans with Senor Amaranth?", yet another nod followed, "Yes sir. They received it weeks before". "Good", an arrogant smirk forming on his captivating face. "Um, sir? I don't mean to question you but... do you seriously intend on killing Alexandra? Forgive me for saying but you did once lov-", Charles' concern quickly dismissed by a calm yet stern response, "Enough. Tis nonsense you speak of, my good man. The time now, it is for war hmm? Now go tend to my blades".

"Senor Amaranth", contacting the mutant terrorist via technologically advanced global communications devices, "I do hope everything is ready on your end. My initial strategy is for you to use whatever aircrafts you have and strategically pick them apart with aerial assaults. Bombard and blitz them mercilessly. You know where the battlefield is. Meanwhile, I will have my personal squad as well as the genetically altered blood-benders you've developed as the ground army. A small portion will focus on using their unique talents to internally weaken and control the movements of the opposition, weakening their movements, and rendering them vulnerable for a subsequent assault by our men. You agree on this? Of course you do", a joking chuckle following his statement. "Drop the soldiers by my estate in Barcelona. I already have transport ready for all of the grounded combatants to the battlefield".

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"When one falls so will the rest. A chaining event in this war. Now I wonder who will succeed. Winner takes all and I know what I want." she stood in her shop, Bewitched, a place far away from the war that had now been awakened. Gazing into her crystal ball, the witch used it as a view to witness the battle field as if she were there in the skies, like a goddess. From one side she saw her dear Alexandria armed for war, a beautiful leader, a queen, a White Queen. A smile stretched across her face as two young students from Alexandria's academy of misfits began to take things their way, opting to help their headmistress in taking out a reckless pupil. This marvelous little student turned out to be no other than her darling husband's past student, Andres Knightfall. The surname was rather... delightful to hear to say the least, like Ishin, Fan too had taught one of the Knightfall, Quintus to be exact. Under her guidance she refined his mental prowess into what they are now, a mental weapon of chaos. But Andres was different he was inhumane and brutal from what her husband had described him during their last encounter, she dismissed him from her presence hoping to avoid his presence within this war. She couldn't risk losing him again she had to do what was necessary. But in the end where did she stand? Even to her allies that remained a question for which the endsong of this battle would reveal.

Upon gazing through the crystal ball Fan had use it as a medium for divine insight on the future, though short and minimal she was given glimpses. Her mind was sent with images enough to allow her some insight on the upcoming battle, a smile stretched across her face as she kindly telepathically messaged Alexandria. "Sorry for my absent presence darling, but I have some great news or maybe bad its up to you to take it as it is. Psychic foot guards are on your way, they being led by Andres and another man, unknown to me. But I have a little surprise for you darling." she teased, not giving the slightest hint of whats to come from the Red Queen. "You'll be thankful for it soon enough.". Rising to her feet, she stood 5'8 thanks to her red heels, upon approaching a shelf containing varied ingredients such as stones of unknown and bones and power, she laid them scattered around the crystal ball. Once setting everything in order the witch then tapped into the mystical energy reservoir that lied underneath her shop, a natural conduct of energy. Using the enchantment placed on the shop connecting Bewitched to the Reisho monastery, the witch had altered it's structural energy pattern. She used it as a portal to allow her entrance to the war's location, Somme, northern France. But she did not enter through just yet, she decided to wait until the climax of the war, only then would she make her appearance.

With greater range in the use of magic thanks to her altering the portal from Bewitched to Reisho, the witch then silenced her mouth and shut her eyes, concentrating intensely as she then used the tools she had laid out and the crystal ball to conjure a spell. In Somme she could feel herself there, her spirit, viewing from the sky in omnipresence form she then spoke an incantation to sway the elements to her grasp, to drive the winds into a fast motion, perfecting to what it appeared as a hard-pressed constant stream of air, highly concentrated enough to prove an aerial dome. Unable to move herself the witch sat in her chair as she continue to chant and chant multiple times, in doing so would suffice the duration of her spell, "Su pleh llac I sdniw, su evas llac I sdniw, su tcetorp llac I sndiw. Su pleh llac I sdniw, su evas llac I sdniw, su tcetorp llac I sndiw".

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Selene had been to war before, she had seen the horrors it brought and destruction it encouraged. The Howletzer name was no stranger to war but its last two generations had seen it even more. The woman known as Bloodcroft had been apart of some of the many battles of the second world war as well as helped create some of its darkest hours. Decades later one of the ways Selene trained Natasha was by small attacks on the growing war against terrorism. Tonight though Selene had to face one of the worst facts a parent, particularly one that was a warrior ever could. Her own flesh and blood would go to war without her, would face death without her.

It was unjust to try and govern Natasha to much about how she governed her own life. What she wanted to wear or do was for the most part up to her. She simply wished she could teach Diamond to weigh the situations before acting on what came to her mind. Selene was rather sure Natasha as well as atleast a few other students would flee from the school. Naturally they would after all want to deffend their own home. Hopefully those people would atleast remember their studies and keep a level head.

As for Selene she watched over the school as Alexandra had asked. To keep as aware as possible of any attacks she sat on the roof eyes everly vigilant. This way hopefully any aproach that came she would spot and be able to respond to. To further security of the school Bloodstone branched out her force fields over the entirety of the campus. The shimmering orb encompassing the school near impervious to most physical attacks. Selene wouldn't permit anyone to advance towards the school without going through her.


Natasha Howletzer began to arm herself for the coming event picking a selection of various weapons. Diamond had a unique power to develop a mastery of a item upon its contact with her own body. A finite understanding of every parameter of the item and what all could possibly done with it. She carried two kurkris on her belt next to her right thigh along with a pistol holstered on her right, three magazines for the pistol. A hatchet rested along her back, and lastly she held her favorite weapon in her own hands. A baseball bat with nails along its tips it served her well every time.

She knew her moms force fields well, and a way to evade them was simple. Knowing that the sphere would come Natasha had used her abilities over earth to make a tunnel beneath her bead that led down and out of the compound. The tunnel reaching through the sphere and towards the historic battlefield. And when the time came to leave Diamond was swift to escape. Dropping through the opening and then using the earth at the bottom of the tunnel to make her move faster than she could on her own. In about an hour the ground beneath the tree began to shift.

Looking down for a moment Diamond blew, that and her abilities over earth making her once again clean. Looking no worse for ware then she would if she'd just steped out of the shower and thrown on brand new clothes. "Im like a merecat that had to look adorable. You three better not just stick around this tree, I'll be very disapointed." Natasha teasing the three students near the tree with a flirtatious bow. Untill now she'd been seen at the school as relatively dark and glum. Now however on a battlefield she seamed rather happy and enthusiastic. Her baseball bat spining almost playfully as she left the group to head towards the actual crowd. "Big girls don't play in tree houses as well so Im gona go over there."

Her feet carrying her past the other annoying noble straight lace beside her mother. Andy Summers the biology teacher, she hadn't made it to his classes yet. The opinion on him changed a bit however as she saw the sword. "Pretty promise me you'll feed it will you Bushido?" A humble Japanese bow being made as she said the remark before heading towards the head mistress. Her bat stoping its low whistle from spining as it came to a halt on her shoulder. "I was kind of a btch when we first met, I like this circumstance more. I go by BloodDiamond or to friends and teachers Natasha and Im here to bash skulls in for you." A sly smile on her face before she laughed. "You probably knew I'd be comming didn't you?"

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The Hellfire academy.

Boots clunked on the fine tile floors among the confusion. But among the masses of students looking up at the force fields was one of the "newer" students of the esteemed academy. The ever chipper Angelica Kain, with her peachy skin and innocent blonde hair as she skipped through the halls. Finally though, she arrived at her locker covered in jokes and smiley faces, quickly twisting the lock to allow access. While humming a happy tune, Angelica reached for the two duffel bags that were inside, slinging them over each shoulder. After grabbing the sucker from the top shelf she slammed it shut, only to see a student she met on her "first day" standing there and smiling at her. "H-Hey Angelica..I was just wondering.." He started while chuckling and scratching his head, Angelica smiled and reached one hand casually into on of the bags. "Ya' know Tom? I was wonderin' something myself! HOW did nobody do this earlier!?" She screamed while pulling out a pistol and shot Tom point blank between the eyes.

Instantly, panic spread at the sound of a gunshot, some stood their ground, the ones with the stones or more so the powers to no be afraid. The next thing Angelica pulled out was a grenade, doing a prance while lobbing it into a group of fleeing students, creating a brutal display of the human anatomy on the walls, this of course set off the sprinklers on the ceiling.

Angelica walked up to the trio that stood their ground, glaring at Angelica for who she really was. "Aww whats the matter boys? Sad there wont be a dance this month now?" She asked as the makeup and dye on her skin and eyes started to run and come off from the water, showing her true bleached flesh and her red and blue hair. "Ever heard of a practical joke!?" Punchline screamed while quickly avoiding one of the students that fired an ice shard for her head, quickly moving towards him with a cartwheel and drawing her mallet. At the last available moment, Punchline used the mallet to block another desperate ice shard before she took the large metal weapon and gave the student's brain a good tenderizing.

Punchline grinned as she could hear the other explosives that went off inside the Academy, ones that she was busy placing while posing as a student, the body count had to be at least more than forty at this point. "This good enough for you mountain man!?" She shouted while laughing, referring to her employer. The harlequin did a quick spin to send the mallet crushing into the second student's face while shooting the other one while he was busy glaring at the mallet toss.

"SOMEBODY TELL THE FAT LADY! She is on in five!"

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Selene dropped from the roof hearing the gunshot echo through the school. Sly of them to have planted someone inside before the war could start. The chaos going on rapidly building thunderous explosions ringing out. Her eyes and ears zeroing in on the smoke trails so she knew where they were. Smaller force fields reaching to snuff the flames out before they could do to much additional dammage. A few keys pressed as she neared the door, always remembering to keep a level head. The button's she pressed triggered the intercom system. "We've an intruder the place is on lockdown as of now. I recomend the intruder or intruders surrender now."

The sound of the original gernade helped Bloodstone know where to go darting off to stop the asailant. Her skin was white as the winter frost and hair vibrant blue and red. The girl looked like a psychotic clown, assessment wild card tactics. Be prepared for side attacks tricks and so on. The hallway and its lockers were splattered with gore. The few unfortunant students facing the onslought having been quick and easy to put down. It infuriated her to no ends to have seen such a traversity again. This was however light compared to what she had seen before. A hardly visible wall being placed infront of the jester. The plan being to lock her out so she couldn't go anywhere but towards Selene. "Sorry I have to substitute for the fat lady, but don't worry I plan to end this sooner."

Her first move was to summon lightning, it passed through the barier above, crash through the glass window and then try and strike the jester. It was naturaly lightning fast and remarkably powerful. The woman dressed to be an icon then tried to plant a force field over the clown's head. Sufficate her into knock out early, that was also by thought however. Stone was also able to make a physical attack as well. The whip crackling with a trace of searing flame snaked towards the clown's ankle. Attempting to pull her to the ground, which would be followed by a kick which hopefully would snap a few rips to finish off the attempted knock out.

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Leon finally had enough waiting. He he teleported out of the tree and landed on the damp wet grass holding his executioners blade in his right hand and a knife in the left. he was so sick of waiting for the army to show up. If they didn't turn up soon he was going to teleport to their location and really screw stuff up for them. He stood in the middle of the battlefield with the wind blowing opposite of him. it was carrying the scents of their warriors. "soon..." he thought to himself.

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A man dressed in red and black suddenly appeared on the battlefield near the two psionics. His unrequested observations began in his nauseating French accent. "Oh, this will be very interesting." The blondes looked down at him with irritation.

"Q. I wondered if you would show up." Alexandra's lids narrowed.

"Oh, ma petite, I do not plan on staying. It hardly seems fair, one will my particular skills taking place in a battle. Besides, I have a policy to never change the past quite so extensively."

She arched a brow. "It's the present."

"To you maybe, ma belle fille." The black haired anachronism grinned. "I already know the outcome of your little brawl. I'm just here to watch the events unfold. You are in for quite the sequence of surprises, ma petite. I'll be around…" As he drew himself into a bow, he vanished almost as quickly as he came.

She glared at Jean. "Your father is an ass. He'd leave his children to die out here."

"I know. I don't like him either, but he is my father." He raised a finger. "But if I can gather one thing from his cryptic appearance and consequent disappearance, it is that our deaths are uncertain at the least and our survival sure at the most. He wouldn't risk getting blood on his suit, but the man would not leave to readily knowing his precious progeny would fall in battle. Everything is a riddle to Q. Time will tell the answer."

From her elevated position over the field, the White Queen could see Andy Summers engaging in a kata. She watched with icy blue eyes, catching the glint of morning light as it refracted off his blade. She stared longer than she would have liked at the ruby eyed Samurai, an unauthorized sigh breaking from her scarlet lips. His traditional, heroic personage disgusted and amused her. So pure, his very existence begged to be corrupted by her as he judged past crimes. Despite her initial thoughts of evil, she couldn't help but silently wish him well during the fight.

The Triune's combined voice resonated in her mind. "Really? You slept with our biology teacher? Ew." The three would have a difficult time restraining themselves from harassing Mr. Summers about it. If they all survived the battle that is.

The doctor's eyes blazed. "Keep your thoughts focused, girls."

The triplets groaned suddenly, shooting pain into Xandra's mind. She gripped her temples. They spoke frantically. "Dr. Steele! Someone has attacked the school! The students..." images of blood and gore were projected into her mind.

"NO!" She screamed aloud. Was this Andres doing? Or Amaranth? Who would slaughter children? She had come to face her opponents, why would they bring the fight to innocents? In a rage, her hair ignited into a fiery blaze, her hands glowing red as her gloves were burned from her hands. A smell of kindle and scorched silk filled the air around her. Abigail's pyrokinetic blood made her more emotionally unsettled. Jean went pale having also felt the pain, his eyes glimmering red as his telekinetic armour was raised over his pristine white suit. The first blood would not go unavenged by the white knight.

It was then Xandra caught sight of BloodDiamond. The fire died from her hands. "Natasha, what are you doing here?" She became aware of the presence of several students on the grassy plain and was partially relieved as she was informed of the actions of her rebellious students. "Natasha..." Her words were broken as she tried to regain her composure. "Someone has attacked the school. This might just be the safest place for you and your comrades. Stay vigilant to the Triune's telepathic guidance. They will keep us united and informed." A fire shown in her eyes. "Let's make them pay." They were now in this together. She silently prayed to a God in which she didn't believe to protect her students. She hoped Bloodstone would stifle the monster responsible.

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@bloodstone: Leon raises his eyebrows, "oh i plan on spilling much blood." he says then teleports with a black haze flying around and appears in the middle of the battlefield standing there. giving her an equally flirty wink

@the_psyentist:Obviously the headmistress was well aware of them at this time. "Sorry white queen but i'm not gonna hide away like the other students. you took us in in our time of need and it's about time we return the favor!" he knew she would probably beat his lights out for rebelling against her.

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Alex let out a sigh as his classmates broke cover so willingly. It made sense. They both had the bearing of killers, right down to the way they smelled. They had been trained to end life. Alex had been trained to survive it.

As the black haze that Leon had kicked up began to dissipate, Alex took off like a shot to catch up with the girl who had come out of the Earth a moment before. "Looks like it's time to fall in." He murmured under his breath as his run slowed to a jog upon closing in on the headmistress. He called out to them. "We may be your students, but that doesn't mean we won't stand with you." Alex paused mid-step. He had just noticed an odd howling sound far above them. "The wind above us... Like, way above us. It's doing something odd. Unnatural. Is that your doing, headmistress?"

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@bloodstone: "Wowza.." Punchline bit her lip while eyeing the woman up and down. "I don't know if I should kill ya' or just get under some sheets with you..I mean DAMN!" She cackled just before being knocked flat on her face by a brutal bolt of lightning, but in the pain of her muscles contracting she only laughed harder, quickly attempting to get to her feet, ignoring the burning pain on her pale back. "HCK!" She was only on her knees before a bubble of sorts formed around her head, making her grin while trying as hard as she could to force air through her grinning teeth. As the protector of the academy readied her final attack, the clown had just enough time to grab the handle of her mallet that was on the floor beside her, letting the whip like weapon wrap around it instead of her ankle.

But of course, Punchline had a trick up her sleeve. Removing a detonator from her bra, she clicked the top. What followed was the hallway lockers all around the both of them to explode into a chaotic fire, even strong enough to make the floor where Punchline was struggling to cave and she fell with the debris.

The broken up floor came crashing down on students that were hiding below where Punchline was, killing them. "Awww JEEZ! My back is going to hate me tomorrow morning I tell ya!" Punchline rubbed her freed head while grabbing her mallet, quickly performing a circus cartwheel off the pile of rubble and giggled like the school girl she was posing as before and ran off into the halls. "COME AND GET ME YOU SEXY SEXY THING!" Punchline screamed while her laugh echoed in the halls.

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@bloodstone: @the_rumor:

Biff had been lying down when trouble started at the academy. He'd slept past the original meeting when the three girls gave the description of recent happenings, and even when he did learn, a voice in his mind told him to sit this one out. So he did. Didn't go to France with the other students, though it shouldn't be said he didn't worry about the doctor and headmistress. He didn't agree with the conflict, either side of it, and his part in the law almost demanded the headmistress be brought to trial for her murderous past. If anything, that would wait until her life was guaranteed, but he really didn't feel like it. "Huh. Not here a month and this is a dilemma for you?" In his gut he knew he wished to help, if only for safety's sake, but the compelling force made him stay.

Midway through the day, however, it became apparent; complete neutrality was never an option. Gunshots rang throughout the building and a schoolwide alert went into effect. Against the compulsion to stay put, he took off from the room. When he did arrive on scene, he found the culprit in conflict with a teacher. The same teacher that made him nervous, because of her outfit and the fact they almost came into conflict once in the past. 'Sure dodged a bullet not asking her out back then.' And just the same, as soon as he arrived, and just as he thought he wasn't going to be at all needed, the floor blew out from underneath him.

"Woahp! Aaahhh!" He reached out frantically clawing at the air, only to sink to the ground beneath. "I told you so," the inner voice taunted from his head. Groaning, Levi sat up just in time to catch sight of the fleeing clowny person. "COME AND GET ME YOU SEXY SEXY THING!" He heard the shout and surmised she must've been talking to the teacher, but took it as an open invitation for himself to join in. "Okay, you asked for it. Cominatcha!" He took off into a full sprint, transitioning after a few seconds, a skateboard materialized right where his foot planted and he started rolling, kickflipping over bodies and debris. For capture, he projected two small devices fit for his wrist. Neat little toys "picked up" from some guy in New York, made for firing a tough, adhesive weblike substance. Applying pressure on the firing mechanisms in the palms, her fired a flurry of the web-stuffs in clumps, the goal to trap the trickster in place. And just for good measure, he projected a steel wall, set to manifest tight in front of her face, cutting off her momentum, and maybe hurting too. The ultimate goal here for her to run slamming into the steel, where she would fall backwards, rebounding right into the web adhesive, trapping her.

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Opening Moves

"Senor Amaranth", contacting the mutant terrorist via technologically advanced global communications devices, "I do hope everything is ready on your end. My initial strategy is for you to use whatever aircrafts you have and strategically pick them apart with aerial assaults. Bombard and blitz them mercilessly. You know where the battlefield is. Meanwhile, I will have my personal squad as well as the genetically altered blood-benders you've developed as the ground army. A small portion will focus on using their unique talents to internally weaken and control the movements of the opposition, weakening their movements, and rendering them vulnerable for a subsequent assault by our men. You agree on this? Of course you do", a joking chuckle following his statement."Drop the soldiers by my estate in Barcelona. I already have transport ready for all of the grounded combatants to the battlefield".

Amaranth could not help to raise his eyebrows at this proposed plan. It did not seem connected to the reality facing either one of them. Perhaps there was some truth to the claim Andres's mind had been altered? Or perhaps Amaranth was simply jumping at shadows, mistaking the enthusiasm of the young mutant for something sinister when it was nothing important at all.

"That is not going to be possible Andres, for a couple of reasons. First, the Court would need to devote a great deal of resources to disabling the air defenses of France, and even more resources to acquire air to ground craft on such short notice."

"Secondly the addition of blood bending to the Strigidae is a long and complex process. Not every Strigidae is free to return from their mission, and not every Strigidae has mutant powers which is easily compatible with the blood bending genetics."

"Today I have access to myself, and a small handful of personal allies. No armies or air-force. The Flock is of limited use here, I have elected to only mobilize a few specialized teams for specific contingencies " And even if Amaranth had possessed control over a vast army of blood bending Strigidae he would hardly commit unlimited forces to a conflict that promised limited gains. This was a little scuffle between club members and school children, not a war.

King's Gambit

Amaranth existed in total darkness. Six meters under the blood soaked earth of Somme. Stone and soil surrounded him, they would suffocate him, crush him, trap him.

But Amaranth was intangible, and thus free of the deathly grip of the ground which had become a grave for so many.

His senses were linked to Albert's psychic clairvoyance, allowing him to see the entire field in a vast panoramic view. Amaranth could see the mist and weather, summoned up by his foes. He could see the collection of warriors aligned against him. And he could see his own body.

He could see his seven foot frame charging through the ground. Watch his own legs piston as the hurled his intangible form across the field, phasing through stones, roots, dirt, rusted guns, bodies and worse.

And at last he reached the ground behind his target.

Andy Summers.

"Albert. Now."

Albert Eostrix

Thousands of miles away Albert set in a wheelchair built specially for him. He could no longer walk, and required nutrients from an IV to supply the calories needed to power his mutant mind. His heart was weak, and his legs would only bear the weight of his feeble form for a few moments.

But his mind was freakishly strong. His thoughts burned with psychic might. Frost appeared upon his porcelain mask as he summoned up raw power and gave it psychic form.

The form of a lance of blazing fire that tore through the astral plane. Screaming etheric fury ripped through the 'mindspace', bolts of azure lightning cracking it its wake. A horrible spear of ungodly power.

Its terrible psychic might was aimed at Andy's mind. But Albert had not elected for anything so simple as a wave of pain, or psychic domination. No, he had targeted the reticular formation of Andy's brain, specifically the portion that controlled the lungs.

The huge spear of psychic power was focused sole purpose of destroying the brains control of respiration. If successful it would completely destroy the means by which Andy's brain controlled his lungs, leaving him incapable of breathing in or out, consciously or unconsciously.

Suffocating Andy without putting a single scratch upon him.

Lord of the Sword

Amaranth struck at the same instant Albert did, over a century of experience paying dividends in the form of perfectly timed teamwork.

The momentum of his headlong charge under the soil of Somme carried Amaranth out of the ground and into the air. Located behind Andy, having used his underground position to flank the stalwart hero, Amaranth's intangible form soared airborne for a heartbeat before he enacted the next three stages of his assault.

First he became tangible to objects with mass. Solids, liquids, gas, plasma and the like. He was as solid as any other man alive. As he became solid he was once again able to hear, and within a heartbeat his echolocation had mapped out the area and created an in-depth mental image of Andy

Secondly he became intangible to objects without mass. Light. It simply passed through him as if he was not even there. This transformed him from visibility to invisibility instantly, as any light of any frequency would simply stream through his body, never reflecting off of him and back to the eyes of another. He was completely invisible. But the down side to this form of intangible invisibility was it rendered him completely and totally blind. No one could see Amaranth, but he was equally unable to see, utterly blind.

Third he ripped Armand from its scabbard, scything it down through the air toward Andy. He targeted the glenohumeral joint of the shoulder, the ball and socket joint that attached Andy's right arm to his body. Aiming to slice his invisible adamantium blade through the connection between the humerus and scapula, hoping to sever Andy's arm from his body in one mighty blow.

Landing with a quiet 'thump' Amaranth snapped his blade into kenjutsu guard above his head, tracking the results of his attack with his echolocation, and prepared to once more explode into another invisible assault upon the noble hero.

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Xandra had always seamed impossibly calm and collected when Tash saw her. The blazing hands were a little surprising to the teen to say the least. "Simple I'm here to help. I mean look it me I've got a baseball bat with nails in it, and a hatchet. Did you think I came here for tea and crumpets?" A red eye looking out into the casted fog to see if anybody was coming. "Right let the blondies in my head got it." Her mind opening for access, while also trying to push back as many dirty or violent thoughts as possible. Thankfully do to the constant work Natasha and Selene at being peek human, Tash fealt confidant her mind wouldn't give off anything unwanted.

"Don't get caught up in concern for the school. Trust that those there can handle the situation, we'll need you on your A game Xandra. Trust me mom cant save every life, thats just the nature of things. They won't win though, more harm they do more driven she becomes. Better we are at crushing the enemy, sooner where back home." For Diamond war was just a game and she was strangly perky around such times. Maybe if her strong mind could place as much emphasis on school as violence she could be something special. A brief nod being given towards the student beside her, then it came within but moments the first 'attack'. The target being Andy.

She couldn't see any attacker. He was clearly fast and hidden but she could still sense him. To retain physical impact one needed a physical form, simple logic. He or she still had a foot print, still put vibrations into the earth. Vibrations she could pick up on, to her though this was still a game. To interject on this unseen swordsmen and Andy would be like cheating. Diamond though was forced to question though, where was everyone else?

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The Triune's thoughts focused on a sudden psionic presence. They talked amongst themselves: "They brought a telepath." "Let's take him." "Let us devour his mind." "You've been spending too much time in Dr. Steele's head, Anastasia." "Focus, sisters! This is a battle! We should take out the telepath." "We're supposed to be protecting our little army, keeping them psychically linked. Dr. Steele wanted..." "I don't care what you think, Ariel. If we don't cripple the telepath, and Mr. Summers dies, he'll start in on a new target, and pick our guys off one by one." "Valid point." Their voices merged again and their combined mind withdrew from the battlefield. "Let's get him."

The telepathic triplets' lips curled into a sadistic smile that made them look all the more like Alexandra Steele. The sent a psy-bolt through the astral plane to tear through his brainstem to his medulla to sabotage his most basic life systems, particularly to exploit any weakness they sensed in the heart.

"You picked the wrong Biology teacher to assault, gramps. We are the Triune. Our mental prowess is unmatched. Face us if you dare."

Their voices splintered. "

We need to save Mr. Summers. Hottest biology teacher ever." "Would you keep your crush to yourself? We have to take care of this guy." "Don't act like you aren't hot for teacher. We share a mind, you know." "Ugh. Shut up. We have business at hand." "Take care of this guy, and I promise we'll fix Mr. Summers."

Their thoughts merged once again.

"Now, where were we? Oh, right. Assaulting his primary brain."


Meanwhile, Xandra and Jean received the initial projection concerning their opponents. She looked to Natasha and addressed the violent teen. "Did you get that telepathic message? Mutant soldiers brought by Amaranth. You'll have your work cut out for you. Don't assume I'm just class and poise, darling." Still hovering in the air, the White Queen rained down fire from above. The morning dew kept the grass below from catching fire at first, but as the tiny droplets reverted to vapor, the greenery erupted into flames, the smoke feeding to the constructed fog. Alexandra was aware of a sudden emptiness in her mind. "Where have the girls gone? Are they in danger?" She spoke frantically. "What are they doing? I told them specifically to stay connected!"

Dr. Quentin hypothesized. "Perhaps they are living up to your example and challenging a telepathic foe, either Ms. Hunter-Delacroix or someone else. Either way, we're on our own for the time being unless Madam Blossom intervenes."

The scene now appropriately converted into a hellish landscape fire. Amaranth was here, she could sense his familiar presence. But where was Andres and his queen?

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Perched on the hilltop he saw the fog rolling in from the lower lands. The thickness of the fog almost made it feel unreal, but there did not seem to be anything unnatural about its occurrence. Not that the naked eye could see. The coincidence unsettled him however and he draped his body inside an energy shield. Soon after a pebble of rain dropped down, then another, and another. The sky was now filled with sheets of rain as the fog conquered the battlefield.

Andy's memories flooded into his mind then as he remembered his homeland. He remembered taking his first steps into the Fog of Fate just outside the monastery walls. His instincts warmed him now that the Order was on their way. That they were somehow in league with this event. Shaking the thought from his mind Andy drew out his sword once more. Something was happening and with the heavy fog and constant downpour vision would be hard pressed. But still he could not shake the feeling as if he was being watched..

Moments later he felt the winds begin to swirl about. The winds natural current seemed to shift skyward, funneled. The winds lifted the fog heavier and the entire spectacle left a magical taste about the air.

Andy closed his eyes and began to attune himself to his surroundings when suddenly his mind was attacked by an astounding power. The physic assault was so powerful it ripped right through his own mental defenses that he had spent years perfecting. At first his head felt like it would explode, his eyes squinted hard from the pain ringing throughout his head. A trickle of blood dripped out from his nose and onto his lips. That metallic taste and scent all to familiar to the man who lived to serve.

He could feel the pain creeping into his lungs, as if his very life essence was being sapped from him. The lungs contracting inward and not opening to pull in more oxygen. Deep within his own thought he tried to battle this psychic barrage but knew it was an uphill battle. No, instead it was time to start un-weaving his many preparations for this battle. The hero had come prepared.

"Anastasia now!" he commanded in his head to one of the triplets. @the_psyentist:

Coughing Andy finally felt air returning to his lungs. Throughout the mental ordeal he had forgotten all about the hairs sticking up on the back of his neck. That sense, feel as if he was being watched. Like a mighty woodsman the Titanic Amaranth levied his heavy blade down across Andy's right shoulder. The energy shield that surrounded his body clashed with the strength of Amaranth's blade. The energy began to fizzle beneath the pressure of the blow, his shield temporarily weakened from the simultaneous attack on his mind and body. The energy gave wave and pain struck into his shoulder as the blade was coated with a stream of blood. Pain shot from his shoulder and down his arm, his back felt the spasms of pain as his teeth gritted.

Staggering forward Andy spun around to find his attacker. No one. He spun around again, and again in an effort to try and find whomever it was that just drove a blade through his shoulder. Fortunately his shields had pushed the blades precision out a bit and it had just left a heavy gash, instead of separating his should from its socket. Blood ran down his tricep and along his forearm. Droplets of his blood fell from his fingertips onto the grass.

Let us see what form of Ghost you are. Andy's words were just in his head, but it caused his eyes to shift, reddening with a luminescent glow behind his ruby glasses. His eyes shifted from their normal spectrum into an infra-red vision. Continuing the ruse without hesitation he acted to frantically search for his hidden attack. There was no tell tale sign when he caught sight of the towering heat signature. Who ever this attacker was, they were a giant among men. In Andy's mind on this day, it could be no one less than Amaranth himself. The living legend of warfare and battle.

There was no mistaking the prowess of the attack now. The perfectly timed assault on his mind, as well as the lethal blow against his body. Keeping his blade gripped in his left hand, for Andy had always been left handed he swept it around aimlessly, 'defensively'. But that too was a ruse to try and show that he had no idea where his attacker way. A feint to try and ready his own attack.

Turning once more away from Amaranth he ripped his glasses from his face, but had kept his eyes shut. The moment he turned back around towards Amaranth's heat signature he opened up his eyes. Like a roaring volcano the violent crimson energy spewed from his eyes and devastated the landscape. With the out pour of kinetic energy Andy hollered alongside it. The veins of his vocal cords swelling from the intensity of his scream and power. The Earth within his line of sight for sixty yards was completely unearthed as if an earthquake shook the foundations apart. As if a hurricane had wrecked his carnage over this now barren wasteland.

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@the_rumor: @tiferet:

Selene wasn't ashamed to have recieved such a complement, in a way it even was agreed to. This psychopath however stood no chance however of being anything more then a target. After the slaughter of so many Selene only wanted the downfall of the psychotic clown. The lightning bult struck the woman just as intended. Despite the painful muscle contractions though the psychpath only seamed to laugh in enjoyment. The force field then encompassing the womans head, attempting to strangle her. Quick reflexes being used to snag the mallet and stop Selene's whip from doing any harm. This let the lunatic counter, removing a detonator from her bra and thumbing the switch. So perfectly timed that Selene couldn't so much as get her shields up entirely before the explosion.

The floor collapsed, a mix of concrete steel from lockers and remains of a few of the kills falling all at once. She fell with a barely visible wall halting any crushing debris. No cover had existed on her back however. A locker dented and twisted falling on the teachers back. Jagged metal digging furrows along her explosed shoulders a few thin streams of blood running down. The arm of one of the crushed students reached out from the granite Selene was on. Straining desperatly the redemption seeking hero lifted the debris. Finding the young teen short of breath from a collapsed lung. Carefully Selene touched the young mans chest working to create an air tube through a force field. It wouldn't work as a permanent cure, and Selene could only stretch herself so thin. Hopefully though she would be able to hold it enough to save the mans life.

Levi a student who she had first met through a rather unwanted time travel event was there. Bloodstone letting him chase after the clown as she worked to rescue the survivor. Once finished she chased after the assailant and student. Rounding a corner she watched as a apparent webbing was being fired towards the clown. Noticing a circuit box near by Selene triggered it to short circuit violently. Emmitting a quick trio of lightning bolts to be sent towards the harlequin. Closing the distance with quick spheres of the force field energy being tossed like base balls.

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Sense the escape of the now late Quintus, Kayle had been working on establishing a more profitable future. Dropping her fundings into acumulating the needed workers and funds to form the most profitable weapon industry imaginable. She'd began working on finding new ammunition as well. Various ammo types to put into use for the future. Something that would allow her to actually combat the people she came across during manhunts. Soon she would begin to sell some of the most dominating ammunition and guns in the business. Soon enough with the right funding and people she could begin selling upscale weapon systems. Like full blown mechs heavy weapon systems and more. Today was when she would get the cash needed to finally launch her business into full swing.

Strix had placed Kayle in contact with Morte and a welcoming offer had been made. A large fee being provided just for lending a hand in the coming battle. The number of targets was going to be hard to speculate on. It could be anyone from just Xandra to the entire school. And so if Kayle was called in she would just be sent the funds equievalent to launching one opperation for a war. It was relatively pointless to call in some air craft to coat the battlefield with napalm. This was a battle between a rich club and some rich teachers. It hardly called for the deployment of a B2 bomber or something like that. However one girl in a mech that was fair to call in, maybe even a discount could be provided by the merc if she got to reduce a person to pink mist. Which was a true story, she'd litterally be willing to lower her cost per kill, or knock out.

Law, the heavy armored mech flew over the plains in its jet like formation. Its loud engines roaring through the heavens like the scream of a fabled dragon. Sensors switched to thermal instantly spoting the targets. The red and orange readings of life shining brightly through the cold blue of the surroundings. Most didn't know it but Law was actually an A.I inside the mech. And one of the best methods to manage this fight would be to use that two man concept they could create. The other part of 'they' being Kayle, a blue haired pirate with gold bangs and similar gold eyes. Along the right side of her body were alien tattoos similar to old glyphs one might expect to see in an old cave.

Sweeping in the signature unfortunate enough to be the target of Kayle turned out to be Alexander Mcleod. She didn't know anything but a name, that mattered not though. The gun queen of pirates figured there was no way for the student to be readied to go against someone like her. First came a pair of high explosive rockets. Ones meant for shooting down aircraft capable of traveling space. There was a good chance others near the student of choice might even be hit by the rounds. To acompany the powerful mechs attack was a strafe of high velocity rounds, traveling at almost four thousand mph they ripped through tanks usualy like paper. And in the most daring, arguably insane motion imaginable the pirate queen jumped off the mech as it flew by. Law would begin to turn for another run.

Kayle however would plummet to the earth her Scorch pistols barking. Rounds that normally caused fires upon instant contact, the rounds coughed downwards towards Alex. The storm of bullets would help slow down the pirates fall. And her armor and there shields would likely to absorb the rest of the dammage possible from the fall. Should she not be halted in her fall she would land unharmed. Guns ready for the next part of the fight she'd initiated.

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Alex's ears perked up and his head whipped from left to right. He could hear something above all the noise on the field, something different than the whistling in the sky. It grew louder and louder by the second; it was coming from the South. As it grew louder Alex caught sight of something far off. Two new sounds, burning atmosphere. Missiles. "Everybody get down! Incoming!" Natasha was the closest person to him; without a second thought he shoved at her with all of his superhuman strength. He then leapt as far as he could in the opposite direction. But not before the missile hit. The blast tore into him and sent him shooting off into the field.

He bounced once, then twice, his body turning head over heel as it cut into the earth with each impact. He could feel the flesh being torn from his back, but he didn't have the air in his lungs to scream. On instinct, Alex's hands and feet morphed claws. He reached down and dug them into the passing field to slow his flight. He'd gone over forty yards before he managed to regain his footing, but before he even knew what was really happening three bullets cut clean through his torso in a burst of searing flame.

Alex wasn't thinking anymore. He broke to the left to avoid more fire, ignoring the pain that wracked his body. He moved in the direction of the bullets in a serpentine pattern, his eyes searching wildly for the one who had attacked them. A woman with two pistols landed not far from him, and he focused all his attention on her. She was the enemy. Alex wove through the hail of bullets, several stray rounds cutting into him and cauterizing their own wounds. The pain would have been unbearable if he had been in his right mind. With superhuman speed he swept his claws diagonally from left to right to cut her torso open. His teeth turned to fangs and he snarled inhumanly, aiming a ferocious bite at her jugular.

No! He wouldn't kill her. Alex reasserted control of his body and angled the bite down at her shoulder instead. He couldn't change again.

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@ferro_vida: Sleep was something Gio wasn't allowed lately, as every time he closed his eyes his father would haunt him. An tonight was one of the few nights this did not happen, as he was just finishing another beach front dream a tremor rocked him from his sleep. Shouting soon followed and he erupted from his sheets in a cold sweat, looking to the windows he dove from his bed as they exploded in a hail of bullet sized pieces of glass. Explosions echoed outside his door, but he didn't care he knew it was happening. Those Blacks had come and done as the children knew they would they attacked, his body with a snap of his fingers turned into metal. Clanking together his body was covered in plates of metal , without a second thought he ran straight through the wall into the next room. His mother was under her table sobbing babbling about something, he took her face in his large hands his eyes pure white as the metal created a film over them as well "Mom look at me, remember Denver? Like that alright, time for you to hide." Grabbing her hand he rushed her into the corner of her room, slamming his fist onto the wall a pad with a dial pad swung around. Pressing a few numbers he put in the code, the corner of the room flipped into a small tube just her size. She looked at him and went to stop him as he pressed a large button sealing her in, she slammed her fists "Giovanni no! I wont lose you too, this isn't our war boy!!" He looked at her and smile "Mama don't worry, I will be fine I promise." As soon as he finished the tube slammed shut sealing her in and went down. The basement of the Academy will keep her safe for now.

Turning around he knew that it was only the start, someone had infiltrated the Academy and from the sounds of it they were already up against the students. Gio thought to himself thinking of what the Triples told him a few days ago "They are all alone...so few against so many." He told himself, Dr Steele was powerful but also in over her head it seemed. Gio burst through the door running down the hall and running towards the only person he really knew at the Academy, Alex. His door was wide open he was gone, and Giovanni knew exactly where he was...Somme. He went directly to the front lines with Steele. Gio slammed his fist into the door frame the sounds of fighting filled the school as it echoed from the fight. Rattling through ideas in his head he tried to decide what he should do, was he to stay here at the school and help keep it safe. The school had many talented students protecting it, but the front lines only had a handful of people keeping the Black Club at bay. Finally he decided and in moments he was running down to the lower levels, knowing that what he was about to would most likely get him expelled if he actually survives the next few hours. As he reached the bottom of the stairs he walks up to a large door. Almost as tall as the school itself he looked up an down checking it out, a smile brightened his face as he opened the door.

Few Moments Later

The sonic boom of a overflying jet fills the air as Gio screams in excitement and terror as he hurtles through the skies above the school and France. Hurridly pressing every button he could find until he found a way of balancing the jet. It weaved and swung low to the ground as he tried gaining control, finally after twenty minutes of doing barrels and zig-zags in the air he was able to balance the jet out. Keeping it level he breathed slowly as he looked at the buttons and switches in front of him "I am sooooo looking forward to fighting, this sh!ts gonna get me killed faster." He looked around as he tried to figure out exactly where he was, and in a short time he was over Somme. As he neared where the sounds of explosions came from he tried to slow down the jet, pressing every button in front of him he jumped as an alarm sounded inside the cockpit. A voice appeared as the alarm sounded but was in French, he tried to figure it out as it screamed so loud it sounded as if it was echoing inside his mind "Stop...no...Self? That words Self....what the hell is the other? Deconstruct? Destru...oh sonnova.." In a display of fire and metal the jet explodes in a bright flash of orange and yellow, filling the sky with its first of many to come lightshows. As the cloud of smoke and fire filled a small area in the sky, a shiny reflective mass fell from the cloud. It was Giovanni who had transformed mere seconds before the jet exploded. An now he was falling fast through the skies over France, his cloths tattered all that remained were his pants and barely enough to cover his thighs, he spread out his arms and legs and fell. Instead of fear or sheer terror a bright smile covered his face as he screamed "Righteous!!! Righteous !!" As he fell he could see small located explosions erupt from below, as he focused on the explosions he saw someone "Alex?!" He watched as he closed in as he began to slowly transform and went in for the kill, only moments later trying to injure the woman attacking him rather than outright kill her. A smile came to his face as he maneuvered his body into a dive, the ground was getting closer and closer.

As he neared the ground he brought his right hand out it began to glow bright green. As the ground was nearly 500 feet away he moved his body to land, as his feet hit the ground just off from Alex and his opponent the ground dipped and caved in. He brought his arm straight down in front of him, slamming his fist into the ground. The ground directly in front of him exploded sending debris rocketing towards the female as he smiled at Alex.

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Leon's enhanced and attuned senses pick up a 2 scent's, scents far darker than even his own. as he looks up he notices a strange men. One of the scents being Xandra's EX amaranth but the other one wasn't familiar to him. Leon fixed his hood and watched as andy attacked, for a teacher he could sure move fast. He had heard rumors about this guy but he never believed them.

@amaranth_strix: Leon watches as the dark presence and andy fight. Leon pulls his 2 katana blades and a black energy forms around them as he calms his mind. then he runs up the nearby hill at amaranth. He uses his force speed and forces himself at a super speed to fly behind amaranth and swings both energy katana's for his back

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@the_psyentist: @amaranth_strix:

With eagerness, he anticipated a speedy acceptance to his suggestions, but found disappointment creeping in as Amaranth's response conveyed rejection and the inability to meet Andres' excessive demands. Sighing frustratingly, the Charismatic Catalan was quick to terminate his conversation with Amaranth. Uncharacteristic anger, birthed from his radically altered mind, prompted him to violently smash his hardened fist through a nearby wooden table. "Pathetic!", he blurted before composing himself, quelling the accumulating rage of the pulsating energy emanating from his piercing, ruby eyes. Dismissing a concerned Charles with an indifferent hand wave, Don Andres departed from his classically preserved study, the entirety of his focus, now diverted towards the impending battle.

Emerging from his architecturally extravagant mansion, El Caballero made his way to the expansive, open wilderness of his isolated estate. Approaching the unethically resurrected and controlled squad of first generation Keijijo blood-benders, Andres found himself smirking with out of character smugness, his iconic scorpion tattoo burning with unnatural intensity in the presence of his mystically-controlled cronies. "Gentlemen, tis time for battle. This is what I brought you back for. Not to serve me, no", he shook his head, politely denying any supposed superiority over them, "But so that you, mi hermanos, can play with the blood of your enemies once more. To make those who oppose you, your puppets". Pleased at the sight of silent obedience, Andres chuckled arrogantly to himself, "Perfect". Reaching Amaranth through technologically-harnessed means once again, he alerted his ancient ally, "I am heading to the battlefield".

Having alerted his friend of his intentions, Andres established his precision-based control over his anomalistic Zero Field, extending its radius, fully enveloping his lethal squad of blood-bending puppets. Utilizing his electrically-based abilities, the Stylish Spaniard passed a negative current in the abnormal field, reducing not only his mass but the mass of his squad to nothingness. Relying on his masterful control over his Zero Field, he instantaneously transported both his squad and himself to the agreed upon battlefield at speeds exceeding that of light, courtesy of their current massless state of existence. Upon his speedy arrival, the Black King was quick to position himself in front of his allies, palms resting atop the blunt end of his stylish cane, his vibrant eyes focused on Alexandra's physical form. His lack of compassion and humanity, the greatest testament to his forsaken and perverted humanity.

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The explosion generated a nice crater in the earth with its earth shaking force. Dirt and rock kicked skyward viciously, the closest signature was that of a girl. In a daring act however the target of choice shoved her to the side. Sparing her as well as evading most of the explosive force. Never the less however the explossion sent the young student flying. His body skipping across the earth like a small rock does to water. The target slowed his momentum down then claws digging into the ground. Her bullets ripping into the target, though not lucky enough to spark combustion she could see the marks in the dirt as the teen began to move.

He was fast, blindingly swift despite a solid aim most of her shots flew past the werewolf harmlessly. A few nicks and close calls were made but not to many direct hits. The pirate back pedaled hoping to establish some distance. It wasn't fast enough though and in a vicious snarling lunge the lycan leapt towards Kayle. His teeth clamping down. Her shield crackled flickering of a soft red light. It didn't dig in though thankfully. And instantly she responded in kind, raising both Scorch pistols and firing. Hope being that the lycans skull would be pierced as well as burst into flame. Shields could only take so much of a pounding after all before they were lost. Then came the most annoying of yells, a new target clearly. Putting as much force as she could Kayle kicked off the ground lifting herself into the air a bit. Doing her best to twist up and over placing the lycan into the blast radius of the metal man.

Additional rocks pummeled into her shields continuing to drop their resistance even more. Hopefully the shield would hold and the lycan would let go. If not she knew she could be in serious trouble. Continuing her motion she raised the pistols hoping to gun down the lycan lighting his chest on fire. An additional attempt at trying to break free of the mighty figure. Law the mighty mechanical giant of Kayle's came down in a strafing run at the iron titan. Law would fire two rockets at the man hoping to rip him into unidentifiable pieces. Followed by the rail gun releasing a loud snap as it fired off one of its potent rounds. The high speed metal aiming to rip the head of the heroic giant into pieces.

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Alex yowled in pain as fire consumed his head and bone and muscle was cracked and ripped. No longer able to articulate words, he fell to his knees, clutching at what remained of his face with his clawed fingers. The sound and smell of the gunshots had overpowered his enhanced senses and left him days. What remained of was on his eyes was still locked firmly on the woman who had attacked them. He tried to scream at her, but the sound that came out was mangled and unnatural.

Something struck the Earth not far from him and for a moment everything stood still. He was naked and standing next to his own huddled body. The sight of what used to be his face nearly caused him to gag. Something struck him in the back of the head.

"You idiot!" The Luna Matris walked around from behind him with her hands of her hips and a frustrated look on her face. She placed her hand over his mouth as he was about to retort. "No, don't speak! Listen! You might not like it, but the beast is a part of you. If you don't let it help you than that Clint Eastwood wannabe is going to kill you, and I am SO not okay with that. Sort yourself out already!" There was silence as she glared furiously at him.

"That was a very obscure reference for the spirit of the moon." Her fist struck him in the face and she shrieked at him.

"Go survive the damn fight!"

Pain and noise and obscured vision marked that Alex had returned to his body and time began flowing for him again. He could feel the beast inside him. All he had to do was let it take over. He closed his eye and breathed out. His body expanded into a bigger, more muscular shape, covered from head to toe in white fur. The mess that was once his face stretched out into a scarred, snarling snout and he let out a wolf-like howl. The beast was in control.

His strength and speed were magnified, as were his abilities to cope with pain. The beast's haunches tensed up and released as he pounced on top of the pirate woman, using both his front claws to swap at her pistols. It still felt the pain and burning of their bite. They needed to be broken. Upon landing he lashed out with his clawed foot in a vicious kick aimed at the pirate woman's legs. Cripple her. Make her slow.

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The world had all but come to a slow crawl as he entered the fray, his attack of launching rocks to the woman were ineffective and she retaliated by scorching Alex. His face was covered in flames and the sight of seeing his friend being attacked in such a way sent Gio into a rage, stomping his feet into the ground they dug in deep as he let out his own animalistic roar. The metal on his body seemed to grow, turning into something than just a layer over his skin. The metal soon began to morph and transform into a literal suit of armor, as he watched Alex transform before his eyes he almost had forgotten about the loud explosions that echoed above their heads. As the sound boomed he looked up and watched as two rockets whizzed past the woman and Alex. These two were aimed at Gio specifically, gritting his teeth he roared a battle cry as they hurtled towards him. They came closer and closer until they were mere inches from him, at the last moment he thrust his arms forward catching the missiles mid-air. His body slowly being pushed backwards and kicking up dirt as his feet were dug into the dirt beneath him. Holding them for a brief moment he eyed the woman fighting the two men and smiled. As he held the missiles at bay momentarily he just as soon let them go, letting them fly off to either side of him and exploding as they hit the ground. Rocks and dirt flew around them as the missiles destroyed mounds of earth around them, he was too cocky and his little performance took his attention from the sonic boom that was deafened by the missiles explosions.

The Rail Gun round slammed into his chest, instantly he felt his body crumble beneath the round as it hits him. Waves of muscles tremble as his body rockets backwards rag dolling on the ground and bouncing a few yards before stopping and skidding to a stop. His ears rang and his head trembled like a bell in a church tower after being struck, blood trickled from the corner of his mouth as he stood. He could feel broken bones underneath his metallic skin, protected only from passing out from the pain from his life saving skin. Without taking a moment to rest he got up and ran towards the woman, his arms trailing behind him they glowed green as he prepared for an offensive attack. Weaving balls of energy at her he charged, firing off seven shots of pure energy towards her legs and arms trying to take her weapons away as fast as possible. As he grew closer he slammed his fists into the ground in front of him and flipped forward grabbing the earth beneath his hands, as he flipped he pulled hard and pulled up a large piece of earth and slammed it down atop of her.

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Alexandra's eyes narrowed, a shield forming around her and Jean. "What monstrosities are these?" She used her telekinesis to mold the flames weaving about the field to her will, wrapping them in and around the ranks of Andres' warriors. She turned to her clone for his insights.

"Xandra, I've done some research. His methods are called blood-bending. It is an ancient technique that has been considered lost for a long time. Apparently, it lives on in your former lover. It's possible to shut down his blood abilities temporarily by blocking his Chi at certain pressure points."

"Well done, Jean. Don't kill him. Not that I'm worried you'd have the heart, but I want Andres to see his power crumble around him. Make him bleed, doctor. His blood would be most useful in engaging him. He's much too fast to hold still, and he has a nasty tendency to phase in and out of tangibility. But first, we could stand to take out more of his minions."

From his elevated position within her shield, Jean constructed a bow of telekinetic energy intending to skewer the warriors with force arrows to thin out those who might survive Xandra's flames. "Agh!" His body stiffened suddenly as he felt the blood in his body pull him into an unnatural form. "Xandra... they too know. Umph! The forbidden art."

The White Queen growled. "New strategy. Phase yourself into me, Jean. You focus on controlling my bodily systems, and I'll work at the combat. You're no good as a puppet."

"You're sure, Xandra? If I phase into you, you will have no secrets. Your psyche will be very cramped with two minds sharing a body."

"We've done it before, remember? When you saved me from the Dream Master. This time, I will be your shield. Now!"

Jean's eyes glowed blue as his body dematerialized and faded from view. The white knight entered the White Queen's body and mind. He struggled to gain a corner in her psyche to focus on her blood, taking her most basic functions into a state much like manual as opposed to automatic. From here, he could also grant her a boost of adrenalin and infuse her life force with his own.

With the disappearance of her clone, Alexandra tightened the shield around her to just include herself. The pyrokinetic blood from Abigail she had ingested before the fight coursed through her veins, her flaming hair flickering in the wind provided by Madame Blossom.

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In but a solitary instant the quiet field had exploded into one of battle. The field lit up with flames scattered around in incalculable quantities. From a distance it likely looked like an inferno was blazing forward. Those on the field though however probably only saw it as an additional aid or issue in the growing battle. To Natasha it even fealt atmospheric, as if the mist and fire was a perfect setting. Andy one of the students engaged in a battle with the legendary Strix. Diamond's skin even fealt a warmth from the powerful optic blast despite its distance.

A jet engine roared followed by the snap of a powerful rocket coming her way. Before Natasha could so much as move however Ferro had pushed her aside sacrificing portions of flesh and muscle to the explosive force. The lycan soon engaged with his friend Gio in a battle against a gun blazing woman. She noticed the pirate never reloaded, a curious element to note for later. And as flames began to lick towards the new set of attackers she watched as someone near Xandra materialized into her. Two people becoming one, "That's a nice trick" being the emediate response on Diamond's lips.

However she wasn't here to gawk at the marvels of what friends and teachers could do. She didn't come to watch other people fight this battle. She was eager, perhaps to eager and sitting by was something she could not do. With an outstretched hand cracks began to form in the ground trying to swallow the bloodbenders. Her mind however was not something reluctant to chi influence, she didn't know they were blood benders and it was safe to say she had no real clue what she was about to be jumping into. As the make shift canyons chased after the pawns a piece of earth lifted from the ground. Natasha riding it as it launched towards Morte at meteor like speed. As it neared the ex of the principle she leapt from the surface. Planing to come down on the man with a perfect six ton swing at the mans head. Landing on her feat and at point blank range she then would draw her pistol and open fire, spending all thirteen bullets on the man. Each had the aim to take the wing off a fly. Her perception strong enough to keep track of any movement and try and stop it. Still a student however and unaware truely of the dangers, there was no way for her to know the blood bending could effect her aim or worse. And she also had no idea how skilled or unskilled the target was. She was bold and gutsy, a master of the weapons she used but that didn't mean she had the skills to win this fight.

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His teeth continued to strain the pirates shields, soft blue energy crackling under the pressure. It had its bonuses however as it placed him at point blank range. Bullets barking fast and loud they did better then Kayle could expect. Ripping bone muscle and flesh, searing them all as well. He didn't light up like a candle but it was still a pleasing sight. Rather then fall over dead however the teen screamed and howled. It was distorted do to mangled flesh but still clear what it was atleast. Fortune the pirate had, but that did not mean she would be fortunate.

Alex's body began to expand and widen. Flesh stretching thin to cover up monstrously enlarged muscles. The teen was surely a well built individual, but nothing like this. These were developed, maybe even over developed muscles. Finger nails grew into sharpend claws, able to leave marks in any metal. It was hard to know if they would cut clean through but they were still clearly sharp and strong. The strong and fierce man creature with ferocious fangs was coated in white. Maybe it was just anger but Aurorez couldn't help but imagine him as a rug. Or maybe a bed sheet that would be cozy for sure. Her attention snapped back to its focus.

The werewolf lunged at her with greater speed and force then Kayle could ever put out physically. She was pinned to the ground, and though the guns were not knocked away her hands were pinned. Powerful muscles pushing her wrists into the dirt, as her gold eyes locked with his in anger. She craved being free, a wild aluring spirit and this was not it. A powerful kick further weakening the shields as it collided into her knee. Without the shields she would of been crippled.

Rockets were cought, redirected into the ground exploding loud, exploding uselessly. Smoke billowed sky wards and rocks reached high before falling like rain. But the explosions had done nothing to the metalic titan. The rail gun however did hold an effect as the high velocity round slammed into steel skin. The body dancing along the ground before finally stoping. But even though it could punch holes in space craft it failed to put her opponent down. And retaliation came next. The steel titan launched a series of energy orbs towards the pirate princess.

Law the towering mech swooped in fast trying to spare Kayle the brutality. Four neon green spheres detonated against the reinforced hull of the mech. Along one of the wings one could even see wires and crystals below. Three of the spheres had hit the wing dealing strong dammage to the structure. It locked its aim and fired another rail towards the metal figure. A vapor trail in its wake as it raced to rip a whole through the student. Then its engines kicked into full gear, rocketing towards the titan. In the blink of an eye the jet went from a casual straffing speed to supersonic velocities. The A.I Law wanting to reduce the metal man to scrap.

While four of the blasts had been sparred that still left three heading towards Kayle. Her head snapped forward as one of the energy bursts smacked into the back of her head. Throbbing sensations in her mind as another bolt colided into Kayle's left shoulder. Her shield popped and the deffensive system went off violently. When Bloodbubble the pirates shield went off it triggered a storm of needles. Hundreds of little spikes being sent in every direction, the needles were coated in a chemical enzyme that worked to induce bleeding. It gave of signals to the brain that tried to tell it more damage had been done. And as such even though it was just a prick of a pin it bled like open wounds.

The last orb however went through striking her shoulder hard. And while her armor absorbed most kinetic dammage the heat of the energy carried through, and a few openings in the armor carried through, her arms being less armored then her torso. The skin bubbled and blistered and her teeth gritted in pain. If another round had made it through she might have almost lost the arm entirely. If she was going to lasst she needed to be on her feet, it was time to use that most terrifying of powers. Her body raised, seaming to pass through the lycan so that she was hovering. Her body possed almost in a crucifiction style. Hands stretched out wide she glowed of cobalt blue and bronze of bullet cassings. At her back were what appeared to be wings of ammunition. The bullets quickly grew more and more in number. One second all it took for there to be a sphere around her of bullets. The numerous rounds firing off in a raining storm of ammunition. High velocity bullets of acid, shock, ice, fire, explosions and life absorbing properties all heading in every possible direction. Kayle dropping to her feet and readying for the coming response.

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With no words to utter, Andres' intentions lied solely in battle. With his cane calmly planted on the ground, his palms resting softly atop its blunt top, the Stylish Spaniard focused the bulk of his focus into the mental control of the ten, deceased Keijijo blood-benders he had brought with him. Enveloping himself in a protective telekinetic field, courtesy of his enigmatic Zero Field, Don Andres instructed his lethal squad to function as a simultaneous unit, one collective organism, no one was an individual. Alexandra's conjured flames were athletically maneuvered around by the acrobatically talented blood-benders, relying on their superhuman physical resistance coupled with their nigh-unparalleled nimbleness and agility to avoid the majority of the flames' heat, however, some fell prey to the heat, sustaining several burn wounds but managing to remain largely unimpaired by their wounds.

However, Alexandra and Jean's assault had not yet concluded, the Catalan's former friend using a telekinetically crafted bow of psionic energies to shoot relentlessly at the energetically moving ranks of Andres' blood-benders. While having failed to avoid the entirety of Alexandra's flames, they, through their lightning-like reflexes, managed to swiftly dodge the projected arrows with rapid sidesteps and effortless cartwheels. Directly controlling his cronies from his iconic scorpion tattoo, one that Alexandra has surely seen, but what would have potentially never guessed its poorly understood mystical properties. Arms regally folded behind his back, a silent Andres ordered his blood-bending squad to commence their impending attack. Their prowess, legendary among their clan, revered for pioneering the dark martial arts technique. Three blood-benders protectively positioned themselves before Andres, pulling their arms back before rigidly thrusting their left fists in Alexandra's direction with simultaneous movement. Their intent, to hydrokinetically pressurize, then boil her blood with intensity far beyond that which Andres used against her during their brief scuffle weeks ago.

Another group of three focused on other endeavors. Mimicking the hand movements of expert puppeteers, they attempted to simultaneously induce a sequence of violent strokes by repeatedly disturbing the blood supply to the brain. Two others were mentally instructed to initiate a more direct approach. Using their highly trained muscular leg strength, they speedily vaulted themselves into the air, towards their master's former flame. Infusing their physical chakra-points with an escalating amount of chi, the two executed simultaneous, speed-augmented uppercuts, precisely at their limit, 1,374 miles per second, their fists intent on utterly pulverizing Alexandra's jaw. The remaining blood-benders remaining closely by Andres' side.

With unexpected abruptness, a series of fissures were created beneath the ground his blood-benders stood upon. Directly linked to his mind through his mysterious tattoo, they seized the advantages provided by Andres' peerless number of neural synapses, reacting with near instant mental responses. Forcefully maintaining their thrust fists, hoping not to forsake their control over their attack, they found themselves leaping and aerially outmaneuvering the cracks while maintaining their fists still aimed at Alexandra's body. However, an unnamed ally of his nemesis had appeared, the orchestrator behind the cryptically formed fissures. With impressive speed, she launched a large piece of rock towards Andres, fortunately, one of his remaining two blood-benders opted to intercept it, shattering the rock with a well-placed jab of unmitigated force. Andres however, too occupied with controlling his elite squad of death-dealing martial artists, was unprepared for the following attack. A powerful hook smashing against the right side of his head sent him tumbling off his head before he quickly regained balance, sustaining a bruise on the side of his head, his telekinetic shield saving from a more lethal outcome. With a hand rubbing against the side of his head in pain, he effortlessly, in a moment of nigh-peerless speed, caught the shot bullets with uncanny precision before throwing back at his unknown opponent at speeds faster than her pistol had previously shot, each bullet aiming for a vital point in her body, his intent, to induce temporary paralysis for the remaining bullets to deal lethal shots.

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@morte_knightfall: Alexandra's red eyes narrowed as she propelled herself higher into the air, viewing the battlefield from her eagle's eye perspective to see the warriors dodging her flames. Her jaw tightened with irritation. She swooped down to the direction of the benders, her bare hands unleashing streams of fire to consume the entire earth below her. The blood built up pressure in her brain, her body seemingly unaffected by the painful blood effects. But inside her mind Jean screamed in agony as he had attached himself the majority of her peripheral nervous system to keep him apprised of her bodily functions. His consciousness was set on retaining the shared body's homeostasis, thinning her blood, controlling it with his telekinesis to fight back against the attack. The fists of Andres' blood benders pelted her constructed shield like bullets with their comparable speed and force.

Two psionic entities in one physical body. The clone had merged before, but this was an experimental procedure, the bodily functions split between the two. Xandra retained control of her voluntary muscles and the senses of her eyes and ears while Jean controlled her life systems, fastening his psyche to her heart and lungs through her brain stem, adopting also the aspects of touch and the sensation of pain to serve as his gage as he was blind to the outside world apart from the mental images he absorbed from his clone's mind via their telepathic link. He kept her body running at and beyond peak efficiency. Silently he worried in his intangible form as his obsessive nature checked her vitality, intent on keeping her alive with his surgical precision. Where had the Triune gone? They could use their help. He whispered into Xandra's mind, "Keep the shield up and fires burning. Wear them down, burn them up. We will outlast." But she could read the uncertainty in his mind.

@blooddiamond: Her eyes widened. No. Natasha. The psionic vampire dove down to extend her shield around the girl to absorb any of the incoming assault she could. "Blood Diamond, this man and his minions are blood-benders. They can control the very blood in your veins. And Mr. Knightfall has super speed. Be careful!"

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Sharps spines cut into him and the beast drew back, more in shock than in pain. The minor wounds that it should have caused were already bleeding profusely. Within seconds, the beast could feel his body struggling to produce blood as quickly as he was losing it. He faltered momentarily and began to sway. In that moment of weakness the woman rose in a ball of energy, hundreds of bullets seeming to materialize around her in a halo of light.

Before he could even think every type of ammunition imaginable exploded out from the woman and riddled his body. There was nothing he could do. Explosions and fire ripped his flesh asunder and acid burned through to his very bones. The few patches of flesh and fur that escaped these were wracked with electricity or frozen solid. In an instant, the beast knew what it meant to die.

He fell to his back, his body having absorbed the brunt of the assault. As what was left of him began bleeding out, the beast's consciousness began to lose control; Alex could feel everything, could see everything, could smell his own blood and mulched flesh as he lay there. He was partially aware that the pirate woman stood not far from him. Was Gio okay? It was the last thing he thought as he blacked out.

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@the_psyentist: @morte_knightfall:

In a performance that was hard to comprehend let alone execute the numerous blood benders escaped their fates. They were focused on Xandra not attempting yet to sieze control of Diamond. A blessing in a way as when it came to those on the field it was likely only the headmaster could truely resest the merciless assault. One of those people not bound by trying to narrowly escape being swallowed by the earth or manipulating Xandra got in the way of the meteor like mound of earth. The blood benders block however and the debris and cloud of dirt all worked fantasticly for the follow up motions. The raven haired teen dropping from the skies with a powerful swing. The bat connecting with the man, a shield sparring the man from a cracked skull.

In a motion of inhuman speed and precision the man cought the bullets that were fired. So much for using a gun she thought, but then the man turned to throw them. Thats when her heart stopped, thinking this might be the end. Someone came to her rescue though. Another shield this time from Xandra haulting the bullets, Natasha blinking in shock. Those rounds would of ended her, his aim was just as precise as hers. "I hate super speed I really do" she whispered.

"Lets see if they are faster then sight." Bloodstone rarely used the genetic gift, afraid of using it again. Diamond however didn't mind putting the ability to use. Her crimson eyes turned into silver, and from there on what they focussed on turned into diamond statues. It functioned like the magic of medusa, like the eye of the gorgon. Diamond intended to turn everyone of these benders and the leader into a statue. And with that she followed with a twist of the earth, hoping to further inprison them with strong rock based constraints. Make them all imobile and ensared. Perfect for the most brutal of attacks. Natasha launched herself into the air riding a rock like pillar before making the rocks shatter leaving her to fall. Her body changing into diamond itself. A two hundred ton brick falling at a alarming rate. She planed to punch downwards with all of her fifty ton force, if she was lucky enough to have trapped him it would likely mean that one was turned into pink mist.

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@the_psyentist: @blooddiamond:

Alexandra's absorbing of Jean into her psionic being had exponentially augmented all of her attributes, her resistance to even the combined efforts of Andres' lethal blood-bending squad was admittedly impressive. Genuinely surprised by the resilience displayed by his former flame, the ambitious Black King smirked, but not in smugness, it was almost in reluctant admittance to being secretly impressed by the apparent prowess of both Jean and Alexandra. Holding firmly onto his stylish cane, El Caballero began twirling it in a rapid circular motion, seemingly causing it to transform into a sharp saber, its captivating white blade, beautifully engraved with his full name. Holding onto its hilt with his left hand, his intentions of engaging Alexandra himself were halted by her following response to his cronies' assaults.

At an alarming rate, a projected sea of flames threatened to engulf not only him, but the entirety of his blood-bending squad. Testing the might of his telekinetic abilities, the Charismatic Catalan lightly pulled his right arm back, before thrusting his palm forward in the rampaging flames' direction. With great rapidity, a telekinetic barrier stemming from his Zero Shield had been erected, enveloping he and his puppets. While they found themselves fully protected, Andres himself did not remain unscathed. They, having lived their lives as elite Keijijo clansmen, were far more durable than he. His barrier, erected mere inches before him, did not prevent Andres from suffering. The sheer heat of the fire still managed to inflict light burn wounds on his body. Certain that his blood-benders could endure the heat, he dispelled the barrier and through telekinetically achieved flight, quickly blasted off into the sky, avoiding the flames altogether, with the intent of doing battle against Alexandra himself.

Meanwhile, the arriving youth who's name he has yet to learn, was quickly saved from a merciless death by the intervention of his hated nemesis. Quickly, the teenager through unknown means, began turning his blood-benders into diamond. Utilizing his ridiculously heightened perception, and nigh-peerless brain power due to his unmatched number of neural synapses, Andres through brief observation, had managed to decipher a portion of the nature of the girl's power. She seemed to require establishing a visual lock of her target to succeed. The analysis, completed in a mere second, a testament to his genius. Quickly however, he felt his right arm turning to diamond, prompting him to rely on his famed speed to escape. Moving at speeds far beyond the limits of human perception, he had managed to outrace her eyes, only his right arm having been turned to diamond. Avoiding her concluding strike, he further increased his speed, now mirroring speedy teleportation.

Abruptly manifesting behind her, an aura of violent electrical energy radiated all about him as he swung his saber horizontally at precisely 78,899 miles per second, the unmitigated force behind the sword's blade rendered its cutting power nearly incomparable as the blade aimed to completely slice through her physical form. With no desire to witness the results of his attack, he returned to Alexandra, relying on a phenomenon far hotter than fire. With a speedy jab executed in midair, a series of colossal lightning bolts discharged from his left fist as he had thrown his sword into the air prior before catching it after the execution of his attack. Each bolt of lightning speeding towards Alexandra at 1/1000th of a second, their sheer heat, exceeding the sun's surface temperature, intent on exposing her to unbearable heat while the generated thunderclap threatened to eradicate her ears, while the overwhelming electrical power of lightning was to vaporize her entire being. Meanwhile, his blood-benders remained in their immobile diamond form, grounded and seemingly defeated.

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She could smell the distinct aroma of cooked flesh as her eyes set to work on trying to end the masses. Several of the blood benders turning into diamonds. Escaping back into the living difficult if not imposible. Medusa wasn't known in mythology for being escapable after all. The crucial target however had outpaced vision itself, only his arm transmuting into the rock. His right arm a glittering diamond form a statuesque structure. His speed however out classed hers exponentially a crater was made. No blood however ran down her diamond arm.

She pulled the bat up to a deffensive, turning behind her. Masterful skill telling he would attack her flank. It was just in time to watch what came at her. Though it was arguable if it was in time to really do anything. Her bat despite good wood and reinforcments of nails through its frame were no match for the weapon used against her. The bat was cut in half effortlessly sending wood and nails flying every which way. The blade finding its way into the diamond hard form and cutting through almost to the spine. A waterfall of glitering fluid energy streamed from her chest from her midsection. And figuring her done for and focusing on the other target Andres went after the head master.

Her diamond form disipated, the silverish fluid turning into crimson blood. Hilt of the bat dropping to the ground as Natasha clutched her stomach. Adrenaline was pumping through her veins making her defiant for a few precious moments. She had two minutes tops before blood loss got to her no matter what form she was in. Her left fist clenched and as it did all diamond formed things would shatter. The near by diamonds being a series of blood benders and Morte's arm. They would explode like dynamite to earth, there was almost no escaping it. The element of earth was hers to control and his arm was now that element. "The name is Natasha Howletzer or Diamond, and before I go you should know. Im one stuborn bitch."

Her free hand gripped her hatchet, quickly coating it in diamond making it a highly durable remarkably sharp weapon. The left hand reached in and pulled out a series of intestince in a agonizing jerking motion. Arcs of blood splashing across the ground, Natasha holding them like whips. Do to the sharp cutting ability of the blade the rebelious teen had esentially five whips, composed of muscles and dripping in gore. Her body then went back into its diamond form granting the teen the important few moments she needed to attack. The newly made whips became a 'living' as in moveable, diamond substance. This was because it was still at the time alive and there for able to change like the rest of her.

She put all her speed and strength behind her two attacks. The one hand tossing the hatchet at the back of the man, aiming for the seventh vertebra. The five whips lashing forward aiming to destroy the entirety of his back. Fifty mile per hour speeds just behind her muscles, which also applied fifty tons of strength. She just hoped the mix of the arm emplosion, hatchet and whips would be enough to do something. Her vision began to blur........

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@morte_knightfall: Through all her training, Xandra had yet to be able to learn to block two forms of energy: light and sound waves. Again he made the attack that had impaired her in their first fight. Blind and deaf, she plummeted toward the fiery earth. Abigail's pyrokinetic ability made her immune to all forms of heat, so Alexandra's body was spared from the scorching heat unleashed by Andre's assault. But she could feel her shield burst into flame as she cratered into the earth, her shield barely holding to spare her the fall. In the darkness, her sense of smell became very aware. No… Her blind eyes widened as she caught the scent of her students' blood. Jean worked frantically to augment her healing, restoring her vision, hearing, and equilibrium lost with the destruction of her eardrums. "NO! My students!" She raised her hands above her head, her body rising back into the sky as she she created a vortex of telekinetic energy, a kind of mentally constructed cyclone around her from her dissolved shield. The force whipped the air around around her furiously, the fire twisting along the battlefield snuffed out by the shifting oxygen. The blood spilled weaved around her formed a sanguinary tornado as she drew the crimson fluid to herself, taking in the life essence and the power it bequeathed. Her red eyes fell upon the Knightfall with unimaginable rage.

The Triune stopped their assault, their eyes glowing white as they felt their mother's wrath, as the sensed the fall of their companions. "Enough! We must return. This battle will not claim us. We will not let it happen." They knew of Andres' abilities to some degree after reading Xandra's mind. They knew more from what they felt from his psyche. His mind was a racing labyrinth to telepaths, completely not navigable to ordinary psychic minds. But they were the cosmic hive mind, and they had a plan. They would have to act fast to disable his mind, with an unearthly speed to save their fellow Hellions. The telepathic triplets linked their minds to Alexandra. Jean was forced out by the intrusion, his body materializing beside her in the air. His mind too was ensnared by the audacious trio. The clones' eyes glowed white as they were combined with their genetic children. The psionic five made a gambit move to draw the Spaniard's mind into the astral plan, to their realm to battle, content to leave the bodies of Alexandra, Jean, and Andres comatose with the bodies of their allies in the bloody, smoking, bullet and diamond-ridden field.

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@kayle_rez: @ferro_vida: He watched as she took his attacks with a feigned appearance of ease, shoving off his attacks only to unleash her own variety of attacks. He watched as her body trembled as his attacks and Alex had done their fair share of damage, her body was trembling and then it came to life once again. Her own body and the cybernetics and technology grafted to her allowed her to survive such awesome attacks of brute force, he watched as the slice of earth slammed into her side, he could hear bones breaking and flesh tearing. The mechanoids above circling and firing off round after round, more rail's hit the ground around Gio as he charged once again. But before he could reach her she unleashed a hail of what seemed like needles firing at sonic speeds, holding his arms out in front of him as a make shift shield they pelted his arms. The pain of the needles embedding into his skin was nothing to the sound of Alex cry in pain. He pulled his arms away from his face to watch Alex fall backwards as the needles slammed into him full force. He was closer to her, then a flurry of bullets fired from all around her in every direction. This too slammed into Alex full force, and all Gio could do was watch.

Bullets slammed into his chest and body, some ricocheted but many embedded into his metallic skin. Some of them even held poison and they slowly seeped through his skin, suddenly he snapped and his entire body began to glow bright green. He was siphoning life energy from...everything, everything living or dying around him was soon sapped of its energy. He only hoped she too was affected but, her body armor would most likely keep her from succumbing to his power drain. He rushed over to Alex putting himself in between his lifeless body and the woman he looked to her eyes narrowed, taking in a deep breath he unleashed a large blast of green energy from his mouth. It shot out from his mouth so fast a sonic boom followed, as he fired it he turned to Alex lifting his lifeless body and running away from the battle. Leaping over an overturned piece of earth he knelt down over Alex, placing his body down on the ground. He looked him over from head to toe he was covered in nothing but blood, even his skin was turning whiter than the moon itself. Closing his eyes he said to himself "Please, please pleeease work. God let this work..." He held his hands out over Alex's body and they began to glow a dark green. The energy flowing through his hands was different from his normal color, he lifted his hands up for a moment then slammed them down onto Alex chest. Almost like a defibrillator his body shook for a moment, Gio put his ear to his chest trying to hear his heart....nothing. Again he held his hands above his body, this time he poured everything he had inside and focused it into his hands. The orbs of green energy flowing around his hands almost the size of cars, he then thrust them down onto his body. A tear fell from his eye and moved down his cheek as nothing happened....wiping his eyes and face he stood up and screamed loud and clear. "I hope you enjoyed yourself tonight, because..." As he turned towards Kayla his body trembled and his metallic skin disappeared, his skin turned bright green as he harnessed the remaining energy inside his body into something different. One last ditch effort "Because you just killed my best friend, and so help me god...I am going to tear you limb from limb!!!" In a moment the large man known as Gio was a glowing rocket hurtling towards Kayla, as he flew green orbs formed and fired around his body all aimed at Kayla.

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Albert Eostrix

Albert only had a moment to witness the raw power of the Triune's psy bolt, such was its speed and ferocity. So powerful that it left a wake of disturbed psychic energy behind it; raw and boiling.

For the briefest heartbeat Albert was stunned. He had not seen an attack with this combination of coordination and power in an age. In fact he had not seen such a strike since his Choir had been whole.

The colossal bolt of raw power slams into his formidable psychic defenses like a rail gun. The first and physical layer, the psy-circuits embedded inside his porcine mask disrupt and reroute huge waves of power, and his personal mental shielding brings the attack to a near halt before shattering like glass.

But it is not enough. The Triune's psychic bolt smashes into his medulla, instantly stopping his heart and all other vital organs.

Albert dies.

For 11 seconds.

But this was neither the first time he would face such an assault, nor the last. He was prepared, not through means psychic, but rather through mundane physical preparations. His life support chair registered his plummeting vitals, searched its computer memory for instructions, and immediately restarted his heart and vital organs. A shot of adrenaline brought him back to painful alertness.

Quickly shaking off the cobwebs of unconsciousness and his own shock at the power of their assault he formulate a plan based on his long experience at psychic warfare and immediately puts it into action.

Stored within the psy-circuitry of his mask he had dozens of 'psychic pattern's. Constructs of such complexity that the human mind was unable to store them. Selecting one Albert grunts with effort as he channels pure mental power into it and directs it at the perceptions of the Triune.

A vast and complex illusion, it contained a near perfect copy of the astral plan itself. The object of the illusion was to trap the victim within a psychic construct that did not appear to be a construct at all, but rather a suddenly empty version of where their astral bodies already were.

Hoping the vast and complex trap would contain the trinity Albert quickly turned his perceptions to the battlefield.

Grandmaster of the Gun

The gigantic crimson wave of pure kinetic energy exploded forth from Andy's eyes. Caught completely off guard, for he had assumed he was still invisible, Amaranth had just begin his evasive effort when-

-Leon's twin katanas swipe toward his back. His attention captured by the blistering power of Andy's earth annihilating eye beams Amaranth was unable to respond to Leon's speed force powered blitz. Both energy katanas smash into his nano carbon armor, foiling his intended acrobatic evasion, and melting deep groves in his nano-carbon armor. Micro fractures run through his zythium reinforced ribs at the sheer power of the twin blows.

But it did not foil the efforts of his KAANKH technique, and thousands of layers of air, hard as diamonds and thin as paper armor his entire body in the instant before the ruby kinetic juggernaut smashes into him.

His titanic form was tossed like a rag doll, flipping and bouncing through the skies of France even as his diamond-like armor shattered; pulverized, decimated. Even his nano-carbon armor cannot escape the full power of the blast. Though five hundred times the strength of steel long cracks run through several grey plates, and the impact leaves Amaranth with over a dozen microfractures through his femur, sternum, and skull.

At last he comes to a halt, rolling his tremendous frame to one knee amid the destruction. Blood pores from his nose and he spits out a pair of broken teeth.

"Albert. My sword should have severed his arm at the shoulder." Amaranth himself snaps his own arm back into its socket with a muted grunt. "Scan him and see what caused that."

With that command Amaranth snaps back into visibility viewing the battlefield through his own eyes. Once more activating his KAANKH command, the layers of diamond hard air forming over his body once more, thousands of paper thin segmented plates.

"Sir, he is protected by some type of forcefield. Source unknown without further investigation."

His pistols were loaded with phasing titanium flechette rounds. Intended to fire through the psy-barriers of Alexandra's brother, the PsyKnight, Amaranth found a second purpose for them in the shields of the stalwart Andy Summers.

Amaranth's left hand flickered and the massive revolver was in his colossal grip and leveled at Andy. Though the distance between them was great, due to the kinetic blast of Andy's eyes, it might as well have been point blank range to the ancient marksmen.

Eight plumes of blue plasma, each six feet long and as bright as the sun, ripped from the barrel The recoil alone would have broken the arm of a mere giant. Dust, dirt and debris were flung into the air in a circle around Amaranth. Grass burst into flame at the heat.

Yet their was no sonic boom. No mach cone, though each of the projectiles tore through space at five times the speed of sound; three thousand eight hundred and six miles an hour. There was no sign at all of their passage, for each of the eight flechettes was intangible.

Each was designed to impact with a target, pass through the layers of protection around that target and then become tangible inside said target. Once tangible the titanium flechettes separated into dozens of razor sharp spikes, ripping and bouncing and flipping through their hapless foe leaving naught but gore and shredded meat behind them.

In this case one projectile was aimed at Andy's center of mass, one at each leg, one at the already injured shoulder, and four were targeted toward what Amaranth considered his likely paths of evasion.

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His eyes remained open as the crimson energy bathed the battlefield with its destructive force. Sweat dripped from his skin as he felt his body fatiguing from the exhausting use of his power. With the sheer power surging from his eyes it made visibility scarce. He never saw Amaranth recover from his deadly blast of kinetic energy. The mutant known as Summers never saw the gigantic pistol pulled and leveled his way, or the eight plasma round fired his way. The continual out pour of his blasts combated against the speeding bullets, his energy proving greater as one disintegrated, then another, a third. By the time the projectiles had reached the worn warrior only one had survived. A single bullet that caved in his chest as it exploding within. Obliterating his organs and sending him a fallen corpse on the war torn ground.

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@blooddiamond: @the_psyentist:

While primarily occupied in his attempts to violently take Alexandra's life, the Charismatic Catalan's apparent malice and inhumanity begun experiencing a surging growth as the battle continued. His desire for the White Queen's death growing deeper as blood spills on the battlefield, clearly, he was not himself, he had not been since his initial intent to remain neutral in the conflict between his comrade, Amaranth, and Alexandra. However, within the corners of his mind, a struggle had commenced, one that sadly, would prove futile without aid. Pleased at the sight of the White Queen plummeting towards the ground, her shield disintegrating, almost in defeat it seemed. A smirk radiating uncharacteristic smugness and sadism had formed on Andres' flawless face, soon transitioning into a toothy grin.

Intent on swiftly ending the psychiatrist's life, the electrically radiant aura all about him had intensified. Growing larger, wilder and more untamed with violent energies. With the objective of not only killing Alexandra but her interfering student as well, the Stylish Spaniard readied himself to project the destructive extra-dimensional energies from within his eyes in a colossal burst of sheer devastation, one that would do harm to him as well. But he cared not, he had grown careless in his current state of mind. However, this would not come to fruition, awakened and enraged, Alexandra diverted Andres' attention from the preparations of his own attack. His unmatched sensory prowess however, was quick in detecting the sound of explosions, his diamond-covered blood-benders had been obliterated by the stubborn teenager. And as his arm was on the verge of erupting in a violent mess, the Catalan's rapid brain activity enabled him to utilize the Zero Field, instantaneously decreasing his mass to zero, unaffected by the explosion as the diamond had disintegrated.

Reverting back to his original form however, an act of defiance by the undone teenager came in the unexpected formation of peculiar whips that violently tore through Andres' back, primarily targeting his spine. Surprise overtook his face prior to a loud, painful grunt as blood from his back spilled onto the ground. "Meirdecilla..", he uttered, "I'll kill you for that!", the growing rage in his voice serving as a testament to the legitimacy of his intentions. However, this would not follow as soon a formidable telepathic five assaulted not his body, but his mind.

Against a single telepathic, even an experienced master, the electromagnetic activity and neural intricacy of his brain generated far too much complexity for an easy infiltration. However, the combined psychic prowess of Jean, Alexandra, and the Triune, there was no resistance, it was simply too much. Feeling his mind drawn into higher psionic planes, his body gradually fell into a comatose state. Within the astral plane, his mental and moral situation experienced a cryptical reveal. Before the psychic five stood the overly ambitious, malevolent, ruby-eyed Andres, his iconic saber held by his left hand. His right hand however, held onto a chain that was tightly wrapped around the physical frame of a different Andres. This one was the familiar gentleman of captivating blue eyes. Forced onto his knees and chained, the represented dominance of Andres' unnatural malevolence over his withering humanity, obtained from his journey to Hell, threatened to fully overtake the Catalan.

Releasing his grip on the chain, Andres walked towards his opponents, an expression of intense anger overcoming him, "Let this happen", he paused, referring to the destruction of the miserably silent, chained duplicate of himself. With a quick forward step of his right foot, the Stylish Spaniard disappeared, immersed in high-speed movement. However, sustaining his physical injuries in his astral form, his performance was visibly impaired. From a distance, he executed a series of horizontal and vertical swings of his saber, projecting slashes of concentrated electrical energy from lightning towards his opponents' direction.

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While their bodies seemed unconscious in the physical world, the five hovered within the astral plan, a woman, a man, and three girls dressed in white. Their blonde hair and garments flicked in the sheer psionic energy that swirled around them. Their visual similarity was unmistakable as their eyes glowed white in the hive consciousness; one mind, multiple bodies. Their lips parted as they saw the image of the two Andres Knightfalls before them. A singular voice spoke, the compassionate tone coming from the minds of both Jean and Xandra as they beheld the man they had once loved, "Andres." The attention was not given to the red eyed Catalan but to the chained figure beside him, the true Andres who had been betrayed by this other villainous part of his psyche. "We are the House of Q. This plane is our realm, and you will not succeed against us."

Their first goal: To trap the corruption. They extended their hands in unison to catch the speeding bullet of a man in a layered psionic web. The offensive swipes of the Spaniard's saber intended for their entities cut through the first and second layers. Each layer not only sought to engulf him but to also slow his metahuman speed. The five continued their lockdown preparing their next stage: Disable the corruption. They couldn't be sure if killing this Andres would leave the other unscathed, but at least the blue eyed Spaniard's soul would be redeemed should he fall. But killing was the surest way of ending his dominion. He was too dangerous not be expelled, this ruby-eyed entity would surely seek to corrupt again. It was their only hope to truly free the true Andres. Set upon their objective, their forms were suddenly covered in shimmering psionic armor similar to the kind Jean usually constructed telekinetically, a long sword in each of their hands. They stormed forward like righteous crusaders upon the villain.