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"This just in on fox five news. The Honor City, close neighbor to Vine City, has been the target of a devastating terrorist attack. This attack has wiped out a majority of the citizens and plunged the once thriving city into oblivion. A thick mist surrounds the city and this mist is said to be highly toxic. To prevent this from spreading the Government has set up a blockade around the city, nothing enters and nothing leaves until this situation is completely under control." The waiter changed the channel, a basketball game appeared on the screen. James Wilson, a handsome billionaire, sat at the diner table quietly sipping on some coffee. A hood covered most of his head, shrouding his eyes and forehead in darkness. He wore black sweat pants to match his black hooded sweater and a pair of black ACG boots. The information he just received had touched him greatly. In his time away his city was swallowed up by corruption. Though the government had the media covering up the situation James knew the truth. Honor City was ruled by crime and like all criminal organizations there was someone at the head of it all. Now that James was back he would do everything in his power to bring an end to evil's reign and reclaim Honor City. 
James finished his coffee and gave the waiter a ten. The Waiter sighed. "Sir the coffee is only fifty cents..." James shrugged and walked off, heading through the rotating doors to the parking lot where his motorcycle was. Three large men surrounded the bike, wide grins on their faces. James walked right up to them, but as he went to grab the handle of his bike one of the men shoved him. James foot skid as he tried to maintain himself, the wet pavement making such a feat that much more difficult. The men laughed and the rain fell harder. James took three steps back as the same man that pushed him drew a knife from his pocket.  The two men swarmed him, fists crashed into his chest, ribs and face. James fell to the ground with a loud thud, the water on the ground immediately soaking his clothing. He coughed up blood and the three men continued by kicking him relentlessly. As the men became tired the third man bent down. "James Wilson, your pathetic existence ends here." Raising his arm above his head he growled then brought them down fast and hard, intending to plunge the knife into James face. Right before the blade pierced his skin James hands flew up, grasping the man's wrists tightly. In one quick move the man's wrists were snapped and a bloodcurdling scream ejected from him. A no handed kip up brought James back to his feet. A hard right hook connected with the first assailant's face. James followed up with a jarring left to the other's face. The two men fell like a sack of potatoes and James ran to his vehicle, quickly starting it up and zooming away.  
His engine roared as he tore down the empty street of Vine City, making his way to the bridge that connected it to Honor City. As he navigated the roads he recalled memories of his rookie days. He smiled. Reliving the moments that made him who he was provided some happiness, although it was temporary. James pulled up to the bridge. The Government was serious about the blockade. The Bridge a had been blown apart. The side that  was connected to Honor City was completely missing, and a large "iron curtain" prevented James from even being able to see the city itself. He turned to the left and drove down a dirt path. After making his way under the bridge James activated an old entrance to the city. One of the first tunnels he'd created. "the wall directly under the bridge slid away to reveal a new, dark path. James drove through and the wall returned, concealing the route completely. The path went under the water, sitting right above the sewage system of the city. James emerged in an alley, only to find a young woman screaming for help she thought would never come. Her attacker, a dirty fair skinned male was aggressively sliding her panties off with one hand while the other was fiddling around with his pants zipper. "Shutup! Shutup or I'll cut your f#(king vocal cord out!" The woman silenced herself, realizing that it was hopeless. James ran up to the scene, slide kicked the attacker then climbed on top of him. "James Wilson?!" The rapist said looking spooked, as if he'd seen a ghost. James pummeled the man until his fist were bloody. The woman, petrified, stared at James as he rose up and turned to her. With every step he took forward, the woman inched back unaware that she had just been saved. "Do you need help? Would you like me to drive you home?" James said, his hood no longer over his head. "So you can rob it? No thanks." The woman pulled her pants and panties back up, then ran off. James sighed. Then climbed back on his motorcycle.  
As he rode through the city his heart sunk. Crime was rampant and there was absolutely no one around to stop it. The victims had nowhere to run thanks to the Government's blockade. James face was not well received at all. It seems whoever was behind this had put a hit out on him, which explained the sudden appearance of those three men at the diner. The iron curtain setup around the city was state of the art. Sniper towers were well hidden within the structure and many armed soldiers patrolled the line, ensuring that those who were in remained so until things changed. James pulled up in front of his old home to find it tarnished. The placed had not been taken care of in many years and the entire exterior was a sight for sore eyes. Windows, were cracked, the paint was slowly peeling away and the once lovely garden was all dead plants and weeds. As James entered the inside of the building he found that it had been ransacked. Anything of value was missing and all the furniture was either destroyed or out of place. The only thing untouched was Honor Guard's base, which to his surprise, was still quite clean despite him not touching the area for years. As he made his way through the area he caught wind of soft footsteps. His incredible hearing heard the the bullet being loaded into the chamber. As the bullet exited the gun James acted Leaping up into the air. An onslaught of shots followed and James put his acrobatic ability on display. After a corkscrew flip James transitioned to an aerial cartwheel. He flew head first towards the ground, his arms outstretched in front of him. The moment he reached the ground James used a handspring to land directly in front of his attacker. She pulled on the trigger some more, only to find that her clip had been wasted and James was untouched. He placed a hand on her shoulder. "Your safe. I don't know who you are but I can see that you were using this place to hide from whats going on up there." The woman dropped her weapon and peered up at James. "Who are you?" James smiled. "I'm the person whose going to set things right. Computer, send this message to all the Hero HQs in America. I, The Honor Guard, require the aid of any supers who are available. If you can answer this call meet me at the Honor City Bridge tomorrow at noon." James hoped that the blockade didn't interfere with transmissions and that some help would arrive. Whether or not it did, tomorrow would be the start of his campaign.       
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The city burned. From abover her place on the rooftops it looked like a bacchanal, a raging sea of fire. Angry it consumed houses, trees and trash to rise to the sky and jealously hide the stars in its own light. With its fiery red, orange and yellow it competed with the poisonous green of the chemical cloud around the city and the unrelenting grey of the fortress like-walls that prevented the festering ulceration of the city from infecting other cities as well. Whole districts were eaten way by the endless hunger of the flames. Others, mainly the better ones, remainded untouched, undevoured and the families in their nice apartments and houses huddled together in a desperate hope not to get thrust in the madness outside. A cruel and at the same time breathtaking spectacle.
For Jazz who had come to some prominence under the name Honor Avenger it was symptomatic for her life. Once she had been like that fire, strong and not caring about what she took, only held back by that which was strong enough not to combust. A real force of nature, only respnsible for herself and letting the rest of society tremble in fear before her. For a short time it had been possible to tame her, like to capture the flame and use it to make a field fertile. A man strong like a mountain had succeeded in this, one who would not burn or bend and to whom she had bent in the end. For the first time in her life she had had a reason, a task. A false one albeit but a task that seemingly gave her life some sense, made her more than a dangerous predator or better to say a scavenger living on the fringes of society. But that had not been destined to last. Finally he had seen the truth, an epiphany caused by mysticl means had opened his eyes and he had dopted the same code of conduct she had lived by a felt eternity ago. If they were not strong enough to defend themselves they didn't deserve what they took from them, be it their money, their possessions or their lives. The all-consuming fire had rekindled.
Then he had disappeared out of the sudden. For Jazz it had been easy to readjust, she had simply switched into her "lonely wolf" modus again and had taken up the legacy of her mentor. Since then she had became the bane of the city, living from the rich banquet of the citizens and criminals alike. Some still confused her with their loved hero Honor Guard when she swung in in her battle armor that was built in his image but the number of those steadily decresed and she didn't care at all. Her legend grew and grew with every victim and slowly she became an urban terror. Everyone feared her reign of terror and everyone was right to do so. Fear her. Hide before her. Don't try to stop her.
Tonight was another night on the prowl. Money was not of any interest for her. Other things were. Room to live, luxury like flat screen TVs, guns and ammunition, food. The latter was her choice for today. Maybe there were some thugs who called themselves her "gang" but they were of no benefit to her, they just terrorized the streets and never paid her any tribute. All she had gained, the lascious loft on whose balcony she stood now atop the city and all the little playthings that made her life so enjoyable at the moment, she had gained herself by taking it from others. And that would she do again now. With mercyless efficiency the highly-effective sensors in her mask searched the night. A sadistic smile parted her lips as she had found what she had been looking for and mere moments later her cape flew around her like a pair of dark wings while she crossed the city high above the streets swinging on a steel cable. Those who witnessed how she passed by over her heads felt a shiver run down their spines, the seed for many nights of terrible nightmares was sown that night.

Her real victims never really know what hit them though. As they had ran out of that grocery store they just had robbed, the money hastily stuck into their pockets she had dived down on them and had cut them down like a scyther cuts down the grain. Not unlike Honor Avenger when he had arrested a gang of desperate youths in a pawn store several years ago. The robbers today were not very different from the kids back then, children who tired to stay alive in a big, harsh and cold city small time crooks doing their thing. None of them older than 17 years of age. To Honor Avenger it did not matter. One strike for each, moves seen nd mde hers long ago, and the gang lay at her feet. Like a berserker she stood there in her shiny Honor Armor. Passionslessly she collected their weapons and stored them in her small technical miracle. Two pistols, a revolver and a sawn-off shotgun, not a bad loot but not really what she had been after, a nice bonus, nothing more. Gasping and panting the elderly store owner ran outside and kneeled beside her.

"Oh god, Honor Guard! I told those bastards they'd regret it. I told them you would come and stop them. Thank you. Thank you so much..."
His words were cut short by her gauntlet. With a backhand she send him flying and the poor creature crashed through his own store window. Like broken dreams the shards of glas rined down on the street and cut deep into his flesh. He stopped his short flight in one of his shelfes looking like a broken puppet with its cut strings. Coldly, without ny emotion at all Honor Avenger stepped over his broken form and carefully collected the best pieces from the meat and vegetables section. It would be a fine meal tonight.

Minutes later she already swung through the artificial canyons of the street again towards her loft she heard it over the long unused Honor frequence:

"I, The Honor Guard, require the aid of any supers who are available. If you can answer this call meet me at the Honor City Bridge tomorrow at noon." 
The initial shock ran deep. Once more the Honor Guard had entered her life and she had no idea what he was up to. But as she realized it could make her life only the more interesting the same sardistic smile she had shown when finding those crooks appeared on her face again. This would not only be a fine night, it would be a fine time to prove her strength at all.
Time to make some preparations...
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Selene sat in a bar not to far from Honor City. She had a small reputation building for all her work. From acts in the Civil War and with Children of the Damned along with acts on her own she had made it clear that she was one of the many newer heroes manifesting themselves. Way she saw it someone had to carry on the legacy of heroes like Sha and Honor Guard. They were still active she believed but that didn't change the fact that there was always a need for an extra hand. Her current goal was to aid Honor City the place that had been missing its hero for some time. The city had fallen into chaos with out the hero there to guide it. Politicians in control were either crime lords and criminals themselves or being black mailed into allegiance. The police had been bought out buy drug dealers, those who were honest cops had difficulty staying in their job let alone making a lasting arrest. With the security at such a downfall the thugs and thieves ran rampant and unconfined. Hopefully Bloodstone wouldn't be the only one coming to aid the city but one way or another she intended to help shift it into the pristine safe haven it once was. Rumor had it the city had recently suffered a terrorist attack and now was a better time then any for her to put herself to use.



Driving towards the city she saw a greenish cloud above the center of town. "Toxins  sh*t" she cursed under her breath. The reality sunk in as she realized rumors were infect true. She parked about a mile away from the city and exited the car slamming the door violently. Popping the trunk she opening one of the many containers in the back she pieced together her sniper rifle. Zooming in she got an overview of the condition of the city. It was chaos unraveling exponentially, innocent lives wanted answered or escapes and revolted. Criminals had an extra tool to assist their actions. Selene wouldn't be surprised if fires were started next. The government as always was focused on containment first. Walls were being put up to shut off the possibility in escape. She could see the uniformed officers layering the main bridge with demo charges. It was going to be a box trap, god forbid the toxins be fatal.



She focused in on one of the soldiers on the bridge trying to take in as much detail as possible. Rarely had she needed the ability she had now however was the perfect time. Her clothing melted away as blood pored from the pours of her body. The substance shifted and twisted about her skin. The color warping into the camouflaged layout while also forming the appearance of the fabric. She had no need to change her appearance itself. She climbed back into the car a drove forward joining the few humvies entering the city. She made the best effort possible to conceal her nervousness as she approached. An officer walked up to the door, "May I see your tags please?” he asked her politely. Sh*t, sh*t oh and sh*t she thought to herself as she rummaged through the car for a minute trying to think of an alternative. "Miss?" she closed the compartment with frustration that wasn't exactly acting. "I’m sorry, when I heard what happened I grabbed my gear and rushed over. Must have forgotten to grab it." She trailed off muttering to herself. "Do me a favor and pop the trunk please" he remarked. She politely did so and stood to the side. Her hands behind her back she waited, "Anyone with this kind of hardware has to be military, f**k there’s some toys in hear I haven't even got to play with yet" the man remarked with a whistle as he removed an assault rifle. "Go ahead though can I hold on to this little beauty?" She nodded as she got back into the car.



"Best to go to Honor Guard’s old base first" she said aloud driving onward. The tower was still well intact. Perhaps it was still in use. But with the state of things it seemed more likely that gang members, or someone else that was less then friendly inhabited it. She drew her revolver and approached the entrance cautiously. The brush that had grown sporadically and unchecked killed some of the silence of her steps. You would have to have hearing better then most to hear it but nonetheless her stealth was not absolute. Catching a flicker of movement from the side of her eye she cursed under her breath turning on her heal and opening fire at its general direction. Her rounds only impacted on the wall however as the man moved out of the way. "Who are you?" she asked. "I'm the person whose going to set things right. Computer, send this message to all the Hero HQs in America. I, The Honor Guard, require the aid of any supers who are available. If you can answer this call meet me at the Honor City Bridge tomorrow at noon." He responded, her eyebrow rose peeked by curiosity. It didn’t seem likely but she could tell then and there whom she had almost emptied a clip into.    
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 When a virus infects the human body, it first shuts down the immune system; when a snake injects venom into it’s foe the venom paralyzes the muscles which allows the acid base in most Venom’s to deteriorate the muscle allowing for the snake to devour it. This same philosophy was applied to the real world, the apex Predator looked out upon the barren wasteland that was now Honor city. It all started by causing an explosion at the local nuclear reactor; they were producing a military technology and a undercover green Dragon, caused an unbalance in the chemical room, which caused  a less lethal version Muster Gas to fill the air. With it’s heroes now gone the city became ripe for the pickings, and with the government embargo on the city it was only a matter of time for the predator came in and screwed up the “food chain”.  In the waning glory days of this once majestic city, many of the green dragons had migrated to the city and implanted themselves, into the cities every day life. Y herself had made it in the political circuit, not only did she employ corrupt politicians to create laws that favored her and her dragons, she also hired the HCPD. The cities, economy happened to be ran by the tyrant herself, most people just resorted to crime to fullfill there everyday needs, but everyone else just ended up working for Y. The cities mayor “decided” he wanted to spend less money on keeping people in jail so he had the masons create a gigantic Moloch. This gigantic statue of a half man half bull, was used to execute the prisoners of the local jails no matter what the crime. 
 This was used as a scare tactic and as a spiritual sacrifice to satan the one whom Y hailed as king.  However despite her stranglehold on the city, she wasn’t exactly a known figure to the common person; anyone who did speak out against the corrupt things happening around the town; was injected with a high dose of cocaine and killed.  There were invisible zones set up all around Honor City where crime was blatantly committed and the local law enforcers were completely powerless. One could ask why could the government let something like this go on? Well, it was simple Honor city was now infected with the countries nastiest “viruses” so the only way to stop the “viruses” from spreading beyond the infected points is to completely cut off the infected section. Y sat high in the fancy hotel with her Boa constrictor resting perfectly around her neck; her girlfriend was positioned to the right of her glancing at the two men, Y had wrestling each other to stay alive.  She gave a perfect smile, and then ran her hands through her perfect black hair and continued joining the evenings festivities.  As she turned back to the fight, a man was named winner and she applauded highly impressed with his tactics.  
 Y’s girlfriend put down 4 hits of cocaine, and the two women shared two; the man looked on battered and bruised, but silent. Y wiped the powder from her nose smiled just a bit. “You’re the one aren’t you?” he said wiping the blood off the end of his lips.  “You’re the reason Honor city is like this aren’t you?”  he said to wipe whose face was completely pale; she had the most devilish smile on her face, and her hands on her hips which made her seem like she was a innocent evil. “Dear God, help us” he said looking at Y. The jaded Viper’s smile disappeared, she know had a bloodlust like no other on her face. “No, no… I am god, I created Honor City in just seven years”. picking up a huge pile of money she presented it forward and threw it up in the air. “This is my bible!” Y turned to her girlfriend, and smiled they had been together from almost four years; Samantha was an ex L.O.V.E scientist who defected to be with Y, when Sha was on Asgard. “and she…she’s my jesus” Y said  grabbing her sword and spinning on her left foot towards Samantha, the blade hit her right above her chin and removed her head clean off her shoulders. “Ok…I lied…I’m not Jehovah, I am the accuser, the “Sun of the morning”, the fallen angel, the deciever, but best of all I am Revelation!” Y said jump kicking the man in the chest, he stumbled backwards and fell out the window, and died. 
 His body lay across  the monorail tracks and finally the headless body of Samantha’s followed.  The Viper stumbled to the floor with her head resting on the front of the leather chair. While it’s true, she was genetically engineered to be a fighter, and that someone summoned Satan into her soul; but deep down the person she wanted to be and the person she was, weren’t in the same field. False Prophet, Y intercept, Revelation, and Intervention were all created to bring about the book of revelation in the bible, but since they were Human as well doesn’t this mean they were subject to free will? Y couldn’t decipher it, and that’s what really drove her mad; she had a head full of answers with no questions. While she was growing up, her favorite HERO was Nighthunter, but those days ended, as she began to grow up and see the incompleteness in the world. On a night where Honor City wondered where they’re hero was, Y wondered could she really change her fate?

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Cattle. Nothing more. Stupid, helpless cattle that deserved to be treated as such.


For her they served a purpose, be they dead or alive. The inhabitants of Honor City who were so precious to Honor Guard and the ridiculous so called heroes that he surrounded himself with. His friends, his pride, his family. At one part she had been a part of that family as well but after the father figure had disappeared for mysterious reasons they had broke apart very quickly.


Honor Woman, the mother, had started drinking and now existed only as a hollow husk of herself in an asylum.


Arch Angel, the little brother, had decided to follow the labyrinthical paths of his mixed descent. The last time she had heard of him he had been a wandering sage somewhere in the snowy mountains between Tibet and Mongolia.


Honor Girl, the little sister, the youngest of the litter, had searched for a surrogate for the family, had looked everywhere till she had finally found a new mother in Mistress Redhead. She lived a safe and sound existence in the heavenly neighbor haven that was Champion City now.


Honor Avenger, herself, the oldest sister. Well, it was widely known what she had become. Deprived of the lovingly guiding hand of the father she had become a feared villain, the terror of the streets of Honor City.


The crime lord Y Intercept may rule the high rise condos, the boardrooms, the police, the firefighters and all that little details that made the city still run, she may even rule the streets through her minions but what she did not rule was the hearts of the citizens. They still loved Honor Guard. And they feared Honor Avenger.


And she would give them even more reason to do that. Every single drop of blood she would squeeze out of them, take everything from them, destroy everything they held dear till they would cry out to their hero Honor Guard to redeem them. Slay that beast that his creation Honor Avenger had become. And that would be the point when she would use exactly the same citizens as a weapon against him.


Honor Avenger enjoyed her life and at no costs would she allow him to take that from her again. He had once and even back then she should not have allowed him to succeed in that. She knew very well she could not take him in a fair fight. Her photographic reflexes might be better than this but he had many more advantages. His strength, his eye beams, his durability and endurance. Theoretically even his intellect. And the numbers also worked against her. She would have to even out the odds a bit. And that was where the citizens came in again.


That was the reason why she sneaked through the cellar of that orphanage like she had sneaked through the cellars of hospitals and similar buildings before. Strike what is dearest to him, make it yours and turn it against him. So many hundred years ago Sun Tzu had been right. Be mean. Be hard. Be a victor from the start. Be prepared.


Preparation. The key to her victory. The key to her possession of Honor City.

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Anybody looking in on the scene before them would probably jump to the conclusion that it was a normal couple lounging on the couch watching television. They couldn't be more wrong. This wasn't normal for them, far from it. She was a seventeen year old killing machine and he had a mission of his own. They would go off on little excursions from time to time, but they were always doing something for "work" in one form or another. But tonight was one of those rare nights where they put all of that aside and did their best to do something "normal". Or at least as normal as they could. Sometimes it was sitting and talking for hours about nothing and everything, sometimes it was sitting on the roof and watching the sun set across the water that surrounded the island they were located on. And then there were nights like this where they just lounged on the couch in her living quarters and flipped through the channels. He was sitting on the black leather couch, his bare feet propped up on the mahogany coffee table. Ethan was sitting on the right side of the couch, his arm on the armrest and his left arm wrapped around her, her arm draped over his stomach and her head leaning against his chest as she held the remote and clicked through the channels.  
Her eyes lit up as she hit upon a movie channel and stared raptly at the screen for a few seconds trying to figure out which movie was on. It wasn't until she saw Megan Fox's jaw practically dislocate itself through special effects that she realized it was Jennifer's Body. Ethan let out a little grumble and she felt his chest reverberate against her cheek. "What's wrong?" She tilted her head up up, looking into his eyes. "This is a horrible movie, Cass. Virtually no plot. Bad acting." Her eyes widened in surprise and she sat up, looking him straight in the eyes. "What are you talking about? This movie is great! Tons of blood and gore. A succubus who eats boys alive - literally - and an intense girl on girl make out scene involving Megan Fox. Don't all guys love this movie?" She grinned, only half-sarcastic. Looking at her warily a small smile on his face he wrapped his arm around her, pulling her in ever closer and placing a quick kiss on the top of her crimson head of hair. "You're crazy, you know that?" Her cheeks were tinted with a pink blush as she looked up at him, a mischievous glint to her eyes. "Well yeah. That's a given. It's part of my appeal though. You'd be bored with somebody who was in their right mind." Ethan put his finger under her chin, tilting her head up so that her bright green eyes met his. Bending his head closer to hers he placed a small kiss on her nose. Pulling back again and looking her in the eyes he grinned. "You're cute." Her nose wrinkled in displeasure. "I'm not cute. I'm a cold hard killing machine." She said the words with complete seriousness. If there was one thing Cass didn't like being called it was things in the vein of cute or adorable. She had been raised to be cold, hard and calculating and in a world where cute and adorable were things that got you killed. Any sign of weakness was beaten out of you over and over until it was no longer there."You're about five feet tall. You have this un-killable joyfulness about you. No. Don't even start on how you're this killing machine. You may be that, but you also hold out hope in people whether you want to admit that or not. You have these dark little twists to you but that's not who you are at heart. If it was you would have turned to evil and stayed there. You need to go on your tip-toes to reach the top shelf and do that even though you have telekinesis and me, which is adorable. You sometimes talk in your sleep; you recite fighting methods and sword techniques as well as what weapons you own...which is both odd and endearing. And you blush ever so easily. So yes, I think you're cute."  Her eyes narrowed. She hated it when he went all logical and used cold hard facts to make her believe something that she was dead set against believing. "I have no idea what you're talking about." It was time to feign ignorance. "Sure, sure you don't. Keep telling that to yourself....cutie."   
Cass was about to tackle him to the couch when a tinny voice was broadcast into the room. It was always tuned to a known channel of communication for the base. All messages that were automatically broadcast were also broadcast through this radio-like device that was sitting next to Ethan's foot on the coffee table. It started crackling and then the words came through. " I, The Honor Guard, require the aid of any supers who are available. If you can answer this call meet me at the Honor City Bridge tomorrow at noon." There was no additional information given, only that. Honor Guard was well known as was his reputation. He had his own little network, the Honor Family and they worked to protect Honor City. It wasn't like him, at least not according to what she had heard of him, to ask for outside help in this manner. She untangled herself from Ethan's arms and stood up, holding out a hand to him. "C'mon now, time to go to work."  For however many times they did the domestic and normal-like scenarios, Cass knew that deep down at heart she was a killer. She always felt most at home in a pair of jeans, her worn in combat boots and with her kukris in hand so she always dove at opportunities like this. She had no idea what the hell she was going into...but she loved the recklessness of not knowing what she was getting into. She thrived in environments like that. She was in, so in. Not to mention the fact that this would be the first real work thing that she and Ethan had done together.     

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As the call came in Ethan knew couple's night was over. Ashame since it had just started. In fact this was the first time in a week that the two of them had really gotten to sit down and enjoy one another. The interrogation with the government and his constant work on his ship project had kept Ethan away from the Dark Huntress. The odd jobs the mysterious figure that brought him here had him doing kept him away from the Champions of Peace as well. And now with the call for help from an old time friend of his Father's  Ethan found that his job as a hero in this era would never end. He found solace in that information knowing that as long as there was something to do he would still remain. 
Cass reemerged from her room packing heat. Her hair draped down her back and a black leather jacket hugged her slender figure. Her beloved kukris sat at her waist, laying against the side of her thigh, which was covered in a paired of jeans. At her feet sat a pair of weathered combat boots. Ethan was sure they'd seen about as much as action as he did in the war. With her leather jacket opened Ethan caught a glimpse of a holster, no doubt where her pistols were held. He eyed her up and down with a sultry look, causing her to blush on cue. "Get dressed Ethan, you heard the call just as well as I did." Cass reprimanded, her rosy red cheeks returning to their normal state. Ethan continued to grin, his sexual excitement slowly subsiding. "We need to make a quick stop at my workshop," Ethan said. His blonde hair was disheveled and he was wearing a Calvin Klein t-shirt with blue pajamas. His feet were still bare as he followed Cass outside and hopped on her motorcycle. Ethan held onto her tightly the entire ride, a bit disappointed at the fact that he got aroused for practically nothing. 
Reaching the workshop, a large metal complex with a single door a no windows, Ethan climbed off and walked up to the entrance. "You might want to bring that inside, Honor City is to far to travel to by wheel." Cass nodded and drove up beside him.  Where the door knob would be, a keypad emerged and Ethan typed in a five digit code rapidly. From the upper corner of the door emerged a small round optical device. It shined a blue light on Ethan's entire body, then retracted into the wall. The door slid opened and allowed the two of them access. The bike was picked up by metal tentacles that spout from the walls of the building and placed on the roof, where all the other vehicle prototypes were placed. Cass walked in cautiously, still a bit unfamiliar with the surroundings. "Why is it that every time I come here, things look different?" Ethan surged forward, reaching a new door and pushing it open. "Security measures. This way." Ethan said as he held the door open. Cass strode in quickly and Ethan followed behind her. The door shut behind them rather quietly.  
The room was all white. About 12 by 14 feet with squares all around. "Carrondium armor with stealth modifications, a single Drumian pistol and my Kietsu." A navy blue armor with black streaks running along the shoulder, torso and down the outer side of the leg, materialized on Ethan's muscular frame. A utility belt was strapped to the waist of the armor set with a holstered Drumian pistol at the left side. Along the back of the armor sat a blade in the sheath, which was colored blue and black in accordance with the armor. With a quick smile Ethan exited this room and typed in coordinates on his wrist watch. A miniature satellite sprung from the wrist watch as Ethan typed on the infrared keyboard his watch projected. "Grab a hold of me please." Cass nodded distantly and interlocked her arm with his. The two of them were engulfed by a white beam then vanished, leaving no trace behind. 
The scene had changed from the bright white of his workshop to the gloomy, barren bridge to Honor City. The bridge itself looked old and decrepit. Where it had been blown, pieces were slowly decaying and falling into the murky, uncared for, water below. Just beyond the bridge Ethan could see a large wall, with guard towers distanced at an increment of 100 feet. Just over the wall was one building, Wilson Enterprises. The multi billion dollar company that funded the Honor Guard. Even that building had felt the effects of the crisis as its trademark W was no longer lit. The point at the top of the skyscraper was missing and many of its windows dusty and cracked. Ethan sighed heavily as he realized how bad things were here. "What happened here?" He said to DH as he sent a signal to the only frequency alive within the confines of this massacre of a city. He hoped it was Honor Guard's as he stood and awaited the Arcane Knight's arrival. 

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Images flashed across the larger than life screen with haste. The Honor Guard had his plate full with the happenings in the city. From his training with the likes of Nighthunter and Sovereign Son, two of the most renown and skilled vigilante's of their time, James knew that preparation was the key to victory. Thus he used his super computer to gather information. So far the Arcane Knight had become aware of who could be to blame for this disaster. An Asian crime lord, Y-Intercept, had seized the title of Mayor. And through her iron fisted reign the city had been plunged into darkness. All those deemed as criminals were executed within a statue of a giant Satyr like figure. After a thorough investigation Honor Guard found that this statue held a strong likeness to imagining of the devil. Leading him to believe that the city's may was a follower of the devil. A rash assumption, but it gave him more insight as to what kind of foe he was dealing with. She rarely stayed in the Honor Hall, often making use of the mayoral suites located across town. The very few law enforcement left were used as the Green Dragon's personal Entourage whenever she stayed in the city. Meaning that as long as Y was within the city the Guard towers were unmanned.  A useful tip in the battles ahead.   

His next trail was much more mysterious.  The few reporters who'd not been slain for their outspoken ways under Y's dictatorship found sightings of a dark ominous figure, that slaughtered many for unknown reasons. Each report described the same figure, an dark, shadowy, armored assassin with a bloodcurdling red glow in their eyes. James had his suspicions but refused to believe that his protege Honor Avenger had returned to her days as Jazz the street urchin. After the last imaged flashed, revealing a blurry picture of the "armored assassin" as the media had dubbed him. Using his advanced tech James easily cleared the picture up and his suspicions were confirmed as he stared at the suit he'd created for his beloved pupil. James buried his face in his hands, the stress of the situation only grew heavier with time. The idea that he'd created a serial killer, that which he fought against to his very last breath sent pain through every fiber of his being. If James had been more in touch with his humanity, a tear would have been shed. Yet, no matter how badly he wanted to curl up into a ball and wail his body refused. With a heavy sigh the Silent Predator rose from his seat and suited up. Tonight he would take the fear out of the innocent's heart's and place where it belonged, the hearts of evil.  
The Honormobile tore up Gotham lane with ferocity. A slick looking two seater, based on the design of the Rolls Royce, was armed to the teeth with everything from missiles to lasers. Its armor was vibrantium, a metal hybrid created by James.   The people jeered as they watched the vehicle pass by them, tossing garbage within its path. Fear had swallowed the people of this city, and the acid of hate was digesting them. Realizing this Honor Guard needed to do something that would instill some hope. Luckily the tactician had something in mind. The car's front wheels veered left and the car reacted instantly. The speed demon handled smoothly at high octane speeds. Over the roaring engine a message came up on the communication link. Help had arrived in the form of an unexepected individual. Ethan Starks, Light's 4th child. Last the Honor Guard had heard of him the boy was in the Magic Realm with his mother, the Goddess of Magic and Rebirth, Cellywyn. From the chatter heard in the message it sounded as if Ethan was well beyond puberty. Nevertheless Honor Guard knew that this was too big of a job for him to complete on his own and therefore he opened up his com link, contacting someone he knew would remain in this city no matter what regime controlled it. "Amanda, its James. You know why I'm contacting you. And if you don't the answer is all around you. I need you to go get the people on the outside of the city bridge and bring them to the Moloch. Wilson out." 
The Honormobile pulled to an abrupt stop within the alley behind the giant statue of execution. Honor Guard leaped out as the door slid open his cape fluttering in the air as his right arm raised up. A silenced gun shot was heard as a long rope with a hook expelled from HG's wrist gauntlet. His body lurched upwards the moment the hook caught on to the ledge of the 6 story building. The rope retracted, pulling body up quickly. The hook detached itself as HG reached it and with one hand James directed his momentum upwards, executing a front flip and landing silently on the roof. The Arcane Knight made his way to the other side of the rooftop and peered over the ledge, eying the cement satyr with revulsion. HCPD officers surrounded the statue, armed and ready to shoot.  James retrieved a small, metal pin from his utility belt and with a precise through the pin was embedded within the statue's torso. The tip of the pin began beeping, a blink red light activated in sequence with the sound. The guards glanced up at the statue only to see a powerful explosion engulf it seconds later. They took off in the same direction, towards the building that Honor Guard stood upon. The Silent Predator leaped off the edge as the statue crumbled, his cape expanded and he glided down to the ground, landing in front of the cowardice officers. He cracked his knuckles as they reached for their arms, intending to put a hurting on the corrupted protectors of the city and get some valuable information on where Y-Intercept might be. 

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 Cat Burglar hung down from the ceiling window with her bullwhip tied to it and strapped to her waist and leg's which was preventing her from falling and alerting the night shift guard's who were guarding the Egyptian statue goddess Bastet. Legend has been told by the Egyptians that Bastet was the protector of cats in lower Egypt. Cat Burglar grinned and lowered herself down to get close to the Egyptian Statue that she was about to stanch. "Meow." She whispered to herself. As Amanda was about to stanch the statue and run off with it her communicator went off. "Amanda, its James. You know why I'm contacting you. And if you don't the answer is all around you. I need you to go get the people on the outside of the city bridge and bring them to the Moloch. Wilson out." Cat Burglar eye's widen as the alarm set off. " Damn you, James!". She shouted with anger. Cat Burglar quickly climbed back up to the edge of the window and lifted herself up before the guard's could find her. " Now, why the hell James needs my help? I'm a criminal." She sighed. " I better just help him out for once and get these hero losers to the Moloch." Cat Burglar leaped to the next building and went on her way towards the outside of the city bridge.
A few minutes later, Cat Burglar stood on the edge of the clock tower trying to contact Honor Guard but there was no signal. " Crap! How do I know if these people are gonna trust me? I guess I'm gonna have to take that risk." She sighed and leaped off the edge of the clock tower and landed safely on the solid ground. Cat Burglar used her retractable metal claws on the fingertips of her gloves and toes of her boots to climb up another building. As she climbed up to the edge of the building she spotted the bridge not to far away from where she was. Amanda quickly pulled herself up and rushed towards the bridge. A few minutes later she met up with the two people who Honor Guard mentioned about. " Come on heroes! Honor Guard sent me to guide you to the Moloch. So get your butt's up and lets go!". She grinned widely keeping her hands on her bullwhip just in case.

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Lucifer had fallen from grace once more.


Like a testament the broken rubble of the giant statue lay on the streets for everyone to see. Its once mighty hands were broken now, its cloven feet split, its horns nothing more than fractured pieces of stone, signs of his impotence. Things would change. Honor Guard was back and he had just made his first his first move by delivering a message. Jazz could not do different than to appreciate the metaphorical middle finger he had lifted today by destroying the horned god of the true ruler of this city. Y Intercept.


Said crime boss would not be too happy.


Another detail Honor Avenger could use to her advantage. If she played it carefully she would be the one and only power in this city soon as her old mentor and the Chinese crime lord would soon neutralize each other. One part of her plan to take on the Arcane Knight and his entourage was already ready to set in, completed by the visits she had paid several locations this night. Another was already in motion, untiringly she worked upon it in her acquired loft after having raided several electronics warehouses of Willis Industries. The third but certainly not the last one would start now.


For several hours Honor Avenger had followed them, had stalked them through the rainy night and had watched them through the cold red lenses of her helmet. Drop after drop after drop had splashed down on her armour while she had watched their actions and analyzed them, took every single of their moves in, analyzed them, made them hers and let her predict their actions. Now the time to act had come. They were perfect.


Jazz knew them or at least their like. Like rats coming out to dance when the cat was away they had flooded the street with their unbearable presence and intolerable behaviour. Arrogantly they had taken the city into possession and raped the corpse of the formerly beautiful city to death with their rough and callusing hands. They took what they wanted and no one dared to stop them because everyone knew they belonged to Y Intercept. Wearing big golden turned around crosses around their necks like cheap bling-bling and silver pentagrams as rings they walked the streets like kings in their silly black outfit to peddle their drugs and commit the occasional robbery or rape along the way. Taking from the people what they wanted by force. Hyenas. In a way Jazz could even respect that but some days the hyenas had to learn that there are bigger predators than them to roam the night. And Honor Avenger would be the lion.


It had to be a real surprise for them as an armoured fist crashed through their windshield as if it was not more than paper. The driver was somehow the luckiest of them all as she pulled him out of the car in full drive. The incredible might of her armour able to lift 2 tons pulled at him and suddenly he was gone from the interior of the car. Creaming his body tumbled over the street like a broken toy drawn by a titanic child. His scream as well as his journey over the asphalt ended pretty painful at a fire hydrant. It might sound like cruel but as already mentioned he was the luckiest of them all. The others died screaming as Honor Avenger fired the wrist mounted flamethrower onto them. The car became a pyre.


For her it was not more than a simple jump to be secure again and watch how the burning wreck crashed into some facade. Turning her back onto the flaming disaster she became a nightmarish demonic silhouette and walked over to the thug she had just pulled out of the car. Though he was not too badly wounded, many bruises, maybe two or three broken bones, he writhed in pain. Ignoring his agony she grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up. The servos in her armour emitted a mechanical whirling sound as it enhanced her already considerable strength and the crook hung there with his legs twitching like a fly’s. Her lenses glew red in the darkness and she played the playback of Honor Guards voice she had prepared with her armour’s computer system a few hours ago while she had followed him and his friends.


“Listen, I am Honor Guard and I will take this city back. Go and tell that you boss Y Intercept. I am ready and willing to take her. I brought friends with me and we will stop her. There is nothing she can do about it. Tell her if she wants to try it she can meet us tonight on the bridge. This is where we meet and we are awaiting her for the first fight!”


Having said this she turned around and set out for the roofs again. She had a fight to watch via the security cameras on the bridge she had hacked a long time ago. She had no real doubts that even if Y Intercept’s troops arrived in time the heroes would beat them but that was not the point. Maybe they would wound them a bit, kill maximally one or two but the main reason to betray their meeting point to their enemy was to make Y Intercept aware of the danger Honor Guard post and get some pictures of his buddies’ fighting styles that she could analyze and integrate into her plans.

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“The greatest lie the devil ever told was telling the world he would return in the form of a man” Y had been attending a dinner with a U.S senator, he was coming to access the Honor City situation, Y had been showing him the worst possible things as she wanted the city kept in the blockade; she dressed in a revealing yet extravagant all-black dress, complete with Jimmy-choos and a pair of 15,000 dollar earrings. The evening was going well; the smell of Cuban cigars filled the air; Frank Sinatra serenaded the ears of all those in attendance. Once the Sinatra was turned off; three gorgeous women dressed in black lycra outfits that had been synomous with Y; they were accompanied by several green dragons. These women were famous within the walls of Honor City; and Y was mind controlling them to pass her occult agenda.  News of the Molach’s destruction had been the talk of conversation; it didn’t bother her that it was destroyed; it bothered her more that someone was challenging her rule. For months know Y had infiltrated the everyday lives of not just Honor City; but in all the surrounding counties as well.   Her agenda, simple convert the city into a haven for Sex, Murder and Mayhem. As thoughts of how to silence the insurrection sautéed her mind; she excused herself and exited, retiring back to her hotel. “This city is making me tired” Y said to herself relaxing in her tub,as the bubbles pushed against her almond shaded body she took a brush and gently washed her raven hair. Sipping her wine, she glanced at the “all seeing eye” positioned on her sink and then cracked a smile.   She was heavily involved in the dark forces of occultism; her tactics to control the masses clearly were effective;   As the leader of the city; she threatened to shut down TV Stations, Radio Stations, if they didn’t broadcast shows and songs she liked; which often had a satanic subliminal message somewhere in the background. In recent months, Honor cities currency had been deemed worthless; there was a new form of currency; little gold coins, with Y’s face on them.  

Y’s modus operandi of the green dragon government, create a crisis, cause chaos, claim to have the only solution, get people to beg for that solution, and restore “Order out of Chaos”. Furthermore, declaring this New Order to rise out of its ashes is reminiscent of the Masonic concept of a phoenix rising out of the ashes; and to the citizens of Y she was that phoenix. Since coming into Honor City; she had achieved all her goals. 

 The destruction of Christianity and of all Monarchical Governments ;

  •    The destruction of races as such in favor of universal race of people
  •  The discouragement of patriotic and loyal effort branded
  • as narrow minded prejudice, incompatible with the tenets of goodwill to all men and the cry of ” Universal Brotherhood ” ;
  •  The abolition of family ties and of marriage by means of systematic corruption ;
  • The suppression of the rights of inheritance and property.

Getting out of the tub, Y walked with her body lathered into the living room; where a man sat in a all black suit. As she walked through the room the man smiled and undid his tie a bit. Zing herself was a Lesbian; she detested men but as a woman she often got cravings for the flesh and raw power of a man. This wasn’t any man; he was once a pastor in the church of Christ, seeing the cometh of Satan he is know a minister in the first church of Y.   Walking over to him she straddled him with a smile and kissed his lips; her hair drapped down covering both their faces. He picked the Green dragon up off the couch and slammed her back into the wall; feeling on her breast; while licking up and down her neck. Her legs lay wrapped around him so she would not fall from his grasp.   From the living room to the bed room; and an hour later the two finished. Y lay in the bed; in a deep sleep her dreams were not hers, they were the dreams of Satan. Her eyes opened in a transhumanistic manner; her mind in a veil of confusion; tying her lover to the bed; she began to crave the satantic symbols of Baphomet into his chest.  He gritted in pain but smiled from pain; as the blood rushed down his chest he gave praise to Y and then she jammed her sword into his heart and then recited Satan’s insurrection prayer.   As the moon came from behind the jealous clouds she snapped from her trance and closed his eyes. Her head quickly snapped as there was a knock at her door. There was a boy; he was a bit roughed up; but he seemed to be fine. “What is it dear boy?” Y said in an almost innocent tone. After a series of coughing he released the information and then left; Y’s eye’s slanted and she went to get some clothes on.   Y’s mind quickly began forming a strategy.   There needed to be some type of collateral; she knew exactly what to do. “Geraldine, Rising Dragon is a go” If Honor Guard was indeed ready to strike against Y he would need the Senator alive; In the coming weeks the Pharoahs and Queens of Honor city would engage each other in a “chess match”, and the pawns were Y’s biggest allies.   Despite the harsh   living conditions the people belived Y was in this for them; and bringing her down would prove more of a hinderence for the Dark Knight; he’d have to be subtle.   Y removed her weapons and placed them in a satchel she had on her back and then left for the bridge.

She arrived a few blocks away from the bridge at the base of a hotel. “I’ll monitor the activities from the Omni roof; we’ll see what this is about”. Y kept her focus on Honor Guard he was far too intelligent to arrange a meeting on the bridge in the opening.  She a waited for him on the roof; with her binoculars focused on the bridge, her enhanced Luck would deter an attack from her blindside. The Pyramid had been placed around Honor City for months, With Y standing high above as the all seeing eye; It was now time to crush the resistence.

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 "Come on heroes! Honor Guard sent me to guide you to the Moloch. So get your butt's up and lets go!."  A pale skinned female exclaimed. Dressed in skin tight leather her sultry appearance made him wonder as to what her purpose was. As Ethan's eyes rode up her waist he spotted a fairly loose belt hanging from her waist. Her right arm fell to her side, the fingers locked around the handle of a long whip. Reaching her shadow veiled face Ethan noticed ears atop the suit's head covering. Putting the pieces together he recognized the woman as the Cat Burglar, a big time thief with amazing speed and reflexes. Her presence was an unwelcome surprise and Ethan had high doubts about trusting her. "You really expect us too just go with you?" Ethan grunted, gripping his tystel. "Gimme a reason why we shouldn't take you to the Police Station then make our way inside?" 

Ethan drew his tystel and aimed it at the Cat Burglar. As he moved his finger to the trigger, unwilling to trust the criminal, a loud explosion could be heard within the distance. From the spot of the bridge Ethan watched as a large, awkward looking statue fell to the ground. The ground shook in compliance with the monument's destruction. Smaller explosions could be heard and smoke rose from the scene. Ethan shook his head, placing the firearm in its holster and looking up at DH, whose seemed untouched by the event.  No matter how many times he heard an explosion Ethan couldn't shake off the terror he felt so easily. With a deep breath he regained some composure. His face was paler then normal but still held that same charismatic look.  "Forget what I said earlier, time is running out and the longer we stay here the more suffering we shall have to answer for." With that said the trio made their way into the city. Ethan's stomach lurched as the adrenaline began pumping through his system, action was on the horizon. 
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 Cass smiled at him as she walked out of her bedroom, all geared up and ready to go. She could feel the sexual frustration practically coming off of him in waves and it brought a small mischievous smile to her face. The knowing look that he have her causing her cheeks to turn red. If there was something that he never failed to do, it was make her blush. Cass had killed grown men with her bare hands, without flinching, without thinking and she was good at it. Killing was her comfort zone, it was what she was familiar with, what she knew she could always do correctly. It was that one thing in life that she had never screwed up, that she could rely on. Her ability to kill, it was her one constant, the one thing that she had always had, that had never abandoned her. Being with Ethan, it was out of her comfort zone. She wasn't used to sharing personal details, she wasn't used to talking about her feelings, she wasn't used to being accountable to somebody other than herself. And...she liked it. She liked having something, somebody to lean on. She would never admit it, but it was nice. "We need to make a quick stop at my workshop."His voice brought her out of her silent thoughts.   
"Don't we always?" Walking alongside him, her shorter legs took long strides so that she could keep pace with him, Cass looked at him out of the corner of her eye. Sometimes she just liked looking at him. It wasn't because he was good-looking, although he most certainly was, it was more just to assure herself that he was there, that he hadn't left. She wasn't touchy-feely either, but every now and then she would hook her pinkie finger with his, or let her arm brush against his, just to make sure he hadn't left. She felt that it was pathetic, that it was needy. She was getting soft and what scared her most was that she didn't entirely mind. Hopping on her motorcycle, she looked at him over her shoulder. "Ready?" He took an audible swallow and held onto her waist tightly. He was familiar with her driving habits. She was good, very good, but she was also very fast and that wasn't always conducive to pleasant driving experiences on a motorcycle in the middle of the night. About five minutes later, she pulled up in front of his workshop. She was about to park her bike when Ethan spoke up.  "You might want to bring that inside, Honor City is to far to travel to by wheel." She watched as he entered a code, automatically memorizing it. A few minutes later, he was all geared up and they were ready to go. She looked around the workshop, slightly perplexed. She knew that it was highly advanced technology but it still never failed to amaze her how different it was every time that she was in here. It wasn't just a different layout, it was different dimensions, different room sizes and it always threw her off for a minute or two at first. Distracted, she was looking around at the workshop and all the pretty tech devices that were laying around and she couldn't help but wonder where the ship was. She knew that he was almost done with it and had to control the urge to go exploring. Following his request, she held onto him and the next thing she knew they were on the middle of a bridge in what appeared to be Honor City.   
She looked around, immediately surveying her surroundings. She hated that they were on a bridge. It was one of the worst tactical positions you could be in. There was no cover and they were on a high point in the city. Before she could continue worrying about that, though, she really noticed what was going on. The city was in disrepair. There was debris strewn about the city, abandoned cars parked in the middle of the street, just left there. It was disconcerting to say the least and Cass immediately reached for her guns, making sure that they were loaded and ready as she looked over at Ethan. Their eyes met and he asked her a question. "What happened here?" She shook her head in disbelief. "I have no idea Ethan, but I don't like it one bit. We're in a horrible tactical position and all I want right now is a sit rep from somebody, anybody. This..I've studied heroes, villains and others. Honor Guard was included in those studies and nothing in the books or in Gambler's files indicate that he would ever allow this to happen to his city. There are only so many conclusions that can be drawn. Either Honor Guard has been put out of commission or he's met a threat that he isn't able to handle with the help of the Honor Family. I'm not sure which of those possibilities is more worrisome at this point."  
It was at that point that a new variable jointed the equation.   "Come on heroes! Honor Guard sent me to guide you to the Moloch. So get your butts up and let's go!."Cass's eyes widened at the sound of the deep sultry voice. She immediately pulled a gun and aimed it. Next thing she knew Ethan was starting a confrontation. She watched as his mind put together the details and realized who exactly it was. Sometimes she forgot that he was a pure hero, he didn't blur the lines like she did and it was times like this that she was reminded of that fact. Cass knew Amanda, aka Cat Burglar. They had worked together as part of the Order of Sancta Camisia and it brought back bittersweet memories. She had been on the team led by Gambler and surrounded by some of the world's finest assassins. It had been the next step in her training, being on an actual team with him and under his command, working with people she wasn't familiar with. It had been short-lived. About a month after being assigned to the team she had found out the truth of him and her family and revolted against him. But there had been enough time to form bonds. She was about to attempt to call Ethan off when something momentous happened. A statue of some sort was brought to the ground and as Cass watched it happen from the bridge a shudder went through her. It was ominous at best and slightly reminiscent of the statue of Hussein being brought down. As explosions radiated out from the site of the statue and as a cloud of dust rose in the air, she placed her hand on Ethan's forearm. They were partners in every possible sense of the word and they were well-attuned enough to each other to be able to tell when the other was feeling discomfort.  "Forget what I said earlier, time is running out and the longer we stay here the more suffering we shall have to answer for." 
"Amanda. It's been a while." She gave her a slight nod as they started walking. Before Ethan could say anything, she explained herself. "Long story, but Cat Burglar and I used to work together. I'll tell you when we get out of this mess. Right now I want to know everything that you know about this situation." Cass looked to the woman who used to be her friend as they started making their way off the bridge, walking as they talked. "Do we know who or what we're fighting? Do we know how many there are? Do we know anything, anything at all?" She was hungry for information. She thrived in chaos, but working with Sovereign Son had given her a new appreciation for strategy and tactics. There was something very wrong, something off about the mood of the city. There was a thick feeling of forboding in the air and it didn't sit well with her. Not to mention the unsettling sensation that she was being watched. She swore that she could feel eyes on her. Her instincts were sharp, they hadn't led her wrong before and she wasn't going to stop trusting them now. Stopping in the middle of the road, she looked around, her guns in her hands and ready to fire upon a moment's notice. "What's wrong?" She looked over at Ethan before looking back around at her surroundings. The streets were barren except for the random vehicle left here and there. She closed her eyes, concentrating on her enhanced senses. She could hear rodents scurrying in the gutters and could smell the sewage tunnels under the streets if she tried hard enough. But she couldn't sense anybody other than the three of them. "I don't know, but something feels very very off."

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 Cat Burglar watched as the two heroes looked up at her with distrust, it was probably because she was the world's greatest cat-burglar and stole many valuable stuff. The feline fetal eyed the tall man gripping on his tystel as he finally shouted out. "You really expect us too just go with you?" Cat Burglar tilted her head and let out a small laugh. " I'm not expecting you to come with me, I'm telling!". She smirked.  "Gimme a reason why we shouldn't take you to the Police Station then make our way inside?" The man spoke again. " Listen, I don't have time to play game's with you pebbles. I came here to help you guys cause, Honor Guard sent me! So just shut up and let's go". She shouted. As Cat Burglar was about to start leading the way she noticed the man drew out his tystel and aimed it at her. " Are you serious?! I swear, I will.....". Before she could finish her sentence a loud explosion could be heard leaving a large statue to collapse. The feline looked back at the two heroes with a serious look on her face. " That's why you should trust me!". She sighed as the man began to speak again. "Forget what I said earlier, time is running out and the longer we stay here the more suffering we shall have to answer for." Cat Burglar face palmed her face. " We already wasted a couple of second's standing here because of you." She mumbled to herself.  
Cat Burglar eyed the young redhead who looked familiar into she finally realized that it was Dark Huntress from the Order of Sancta Camisia. " Amanda. It's been a while". Cat Burglar smirked. " Long time no see redhead!". The Plunder watched as Dark Huntress turned to the man she was with. "Long story, but Cat Burglar and I used to work together. I'll tell you when we get out of this mess. Right now I want to know everything that you know about this situation." Cat Burglar raised an eyebrow and began to lead the way off the bridge while talking with the two she came to aid. "Do we know who or what we're fighting? Do we know how many there are? Do we know anything, anything at all?" Dark Huntress said. Cat Burglar shrugged. " I don't even know what's going on. I was just sent to help you guys". The three then suddenly stopped at the middle of the road. Cat Burglar eyed Dark Huntress as she said. "I don't know, but something feels very very off." Cat Burglar raised an eyebrow and pulled out her long bullwhip. " Meow, I'm ready for anything."