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Lucifer Reborn

I was gone. It was death. Drifting in a never ending abyss of darkness and intangibility. It was as if something had left me in a broken state unable to finish the plans set in motion. What has become of the earth I was meant to save I have no idea. I may be too late. I took my time for granted and it ran out. I will not, must not let myself fall victim to that shadow of awareness and powerlessness again. No more planning. No more waiting. No more. I will do what needs to be done to ensure the future of humanity and the reality. I will become something else. Something.. Stronger. It is time for action, so let it begin.


I'm back... Again.

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Just saying. I'm gonna spend a hella lot more time on this alt. I felt like a blog and redesign was need after the incognito period for this character xD

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Satan wants to save us? :O What kindof backed up world is this RPG!?

Kidding. I'm interested.

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@auralaria: Lucifer on the vine is a little different haha. Basically he dropped his duties in hell and now its been divided and has different kings, queens, and emperors ruling. He doesn't have god status or even devil status now. He's far from what the is depicted in the bible as well.

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Love the look and your AV is bad ass!

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@_lucifer_: Ooh! Is it like in Sandman, where he gave the Lord of Dreams the key to Hell, and all those people came to him syaing they wanted it and trying to blackmail and bargain and seduce and stuff for it, but then he ended up giving it up to these couple of angels, and then at the end, Lucifer Morningstar was chillin' on a beach?

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@kratesis: Thanks! Before this I never went through with my plans sadly xD but hopefully now I'll have a chance :P

@auralaria: Yah exactly the original version of Lucifer on here was modeled after Morningstar.

@mercy_: Danke!

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Oh boy! Lucy's here.

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Is this DC?

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@nerx: nope not me brother