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The rain poured down unto the fragile ceilings of Gotham City, twisting and contorting through the every change of the wind's current. As the clock strikes midnight a man in to Gotham's police department where commissioner Gordan is already waiting for him. The criminal seemed to be a little traumatized as if he were mentally somewhere else. They sat him down on a  chair for questioning, didn't help. The man with a pale white face and green hair looked sad but didn't spill a tear. Hours passed in his cell, maybe days, it wouldn't make a difference, his wife and unborn child are now dead, he forever scorned with a white face and grass green hair, it would never be the same.

Joker:"... Hmm.... Hehe... Ahahaahahahahha!"
Cop #1: "Man look at dat freak, first he's doing one on drama quen, and then he goes cuckoo from one second to another we better send his ass to Arkham they'll have their way with that bastard."
Gordon:"That may be, but until then, that "Freak" is in our custody, and i want to know what the hell he did at the power plant, what his name is, where he lives, and why he's here!"

The two policemen obviously intimidated by commissioner Gordon's speech, went back to there desk's and had a little chat while eating duncan's doughnuts, while the newest import had something else in mind. He wanted to get out, show the world outside that not everything that smells rosy and looks dandy is what it seems to be. And especially... Batman and the Justice Lord's, who have made the joker what he is, a freak of nature, without a family or a place stay....

Joker:"Say bozo's, hows about you let me confess and we can all go home happily ever after?",the two cops looked at eachother and smirked as they walked into the cell,"Y'know that is in our best interests, so what do ya got?"

Joker didn't hesitate and threw a punch at the first officer to enter the cell, obviously out manned he was beaten down to the ground, but the purpose was fulfilled and the wallet snatched. After fifteen minutes of silence between them, the joker finally raised a hand and spoke

Joker:"Hey ladies, that one phone call you owe me? I'll be taking that right now. I'll make it short I promise" he said as a violent grin crossed his face

The two men, righteous as they are, allowed him that call of course, but not after warning him to not try anything funny. After handcuffing him to the table they walked to the windows and drunk they coffee minding their own business. Joker starts dialing after seemingly being a bit irritated, waiting for the person on the end of the line to pick up."...Yes yes, of course, but ... i know this must be hard for you..." He turned over to the two cops and gave them another one of his vicious smiles, and god, how they despised it. "...It would cost a fortune to afford it and i wish it were different but..." In that moment one of the officers put his palm on the telephone, "that's enough clown, go back into your cell." joker grinned once more,"I will, but first, answer me this question. How Many Cops does it take to screw in a light bulb?"the two officers looked briefly confused until one of them answered"Three!","nope", "5?" ,"not even close" the second policeman then just started un-cuffing as if he simply ignored him "I'm sorry about that tango in the holding cell back there Robbie boy", "Hey how do you know my name you freak?", "I asked you a question here bozo, How many cops does it take to screw in a light bulb?", "I don't care punk!","Oh, but i bet your wife Jamie does...", "What the &!%$ did you just say!?","Back then in the cell, i snatched your wallet, checked up the name of yours and your wife's doctor, his name, so i gave your wife a call, told her i got the blood results back, told her how sorry i was that she a incurable desease that would probably drive her husband into the ruin... you know what i would do in her place? I'd hang myself AHAHAHAAHahahahahahhahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!" Roberts (Cop #2) immediately called all forces and went to his house, busting open the front door with his foot, but arriving to late as his wife hung on the chandaleer and the blood dripping from her toe's built a crimson pool on the fluffy carpet. All this happened simultaneously as the joker made his escape from the police department. Leaving one last letter to mister Roberts, "How many cops does it take to change a light bulb? Two, one to change the light bulp, and one to cut the rope!" In the meanwhile Joker was already in the search of members for a new gang in town... to be the anti-proportional equivalent of the Justice Lord's.... the new Injustice Lord's!
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Solomon Grundy, Born on a Monday, Christened on Tuesday, Married on Wednesday, Took ill on Thursday, Grew worse on Friday, Died on Saturday, Buried on Sunday. That was the end of Solomon Grundy.

But this time he wasnt going to die so eagerly, Last time his death was something he wanted. His fate in that life already planned out for him, the Fate told him "This will be the last time Grundy you come back with any shed of intellegince. The last time you will be able to tell friend from foe. And the last time I will help you with your passing, after this the man known as Cyruss Gold is on his own." Then I went out in a blaze of glory for the world...yeah right, They threw my sorry ass on a barren planet an let me die. Left me their when I hadnt done a single thing wrong that time around.

Grundy stands at the front of Arkham Asylum. A large lamp post in on hand, his large hands gripping the post. Anger filling his vacant face. "And this time around, i came back as a moronic baffon with tendency's of intelligence. My mind is capable of speech an intelligent conversations but expressing it is almost impossible, unless i force my self to break through the bonds of silence." Pulling the lamp post behind him he thrusts his arm forward and it soars through the air slamming into the side of the Asylum. He smiles a moronic smile and walks back down the long road down back into Gotham. As he nears the end of the road he pulls a phone from his pocket and "Smile man....done it is."

He continues down the road taking a cigar from his coat pocket an lighting it, forcing a tune out of his bodies mouth he begins to whistle as the rain slams down onto him.
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Under the dark blanket of the Gotham city night sky a figure is running along the roof tops of the city.  Jumping from one building to another like it was nothing and resuming his pace as he lands the man receives a income transmission “Where are you?”  the man just keeps running on the roof tops and he gets to the edge of a building, “have you arrive at the point?!” the man stood silent and look down to a apartment building, it was none other than Deathstroke. The terminator was in a very high building. Slade seem to be thinking of his next move, he just takes a few steps back and runs to the edge grunting as he gains speed he reach the edge of the building and at the last second he leaps off covering a large distance between the two building landing two floors below the roof braking through a glass window.

The owner seem to be alarm by the crystal shattering racket and he quickly comes out from the room and switch on the lights “What tha hell is going on here?!” the man looks around but all he can see are the shattered glass on the floor and carpet along with the drapes, but no Deathstroke. The man realize that something got in the apartment.. But where is it?  He quickly turns around just to make acquaintance between his forehead and Deadstroke’s gun. “AAH!”



The Terminator then hears a racket outside the door “BUILDING SECURITY OPEN THE DOOR!” Deathstroke turns off the light switch and just walks over straight to the middle of the living room facing the door, the room was totally dark. The security guards brake through the door and the light of the corridors flashes in making only half of Deathstroke’s body could be seen. The security get in aiming their gun “HANDS UP!” but Deathstroke was waiting for their procedure it was too obvious, holding his MP5, he aims and pulls the trigger. The guards almost appear to be dancing while the speeding bullets just tear them apart.

Slade then just turn around and walk to the balcony and receive another transmission, “Is he dead? ANSWER ME! Is he, dead?” Slade puts his gun on its holster and looks at the amazing view of Gotham city. Taking a breather he finally answers. “Goons Castor is dead, I will pick up my collect personally just to kill the man who dares to speak to me in that tone of voice.” The man on the phone then seem to be having trouble talking after hearing Slade’s threat, “S-Sir I’m just watching my boss’s best interest, come to the Iceberg lounge we will be waiting.

Deathstroke hangs up the phone and turns his head seem to have hear something, four cops just enter the room “Hey! HALT!” the cops run in aiming their guns at Slade and He raises his hands. The cops think for a second they have everything under control. “I can make things change.. Whit the push of a mere button” Slade pushes a button on his right hand palm and a bomb detonates on the living room, the world's greatest mercenary  just leaps back and flips over the balcony frame backwards falling off the balcony and disappear into the darken distance as he falls. The raging flames can be seen raging out the balcony doors they had taken over the apartment.

                                                                                    Deathstroke had arrived.      
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“Good, good. Just like that. Remember, you can use you’re opponents momentum against them.”

The encouraging words of Ben Foster echoed throughout his Tiger Dojo. His young students, wide eyed and eager to learn, hung on his every word. But before he could continue the golden chime just above the dojo’s entrance rang out, signaling the arrival of a customer. Or so he thought. Two men dressed in full military gear stood on either side of a short portly African American female. She was dressed in a black office suit attempting to mask her figure. In her arm she held a large manila folder and a look on her face that let Ben know she meant business.

With a subtle bow the Master of the Tiger Dojo excused his students for the day before turning his full attention towards the new arrivals.

“What can I do for Miss……”

“Its Ms. But you can call me Amanda, Amanda Waller. We don’t have a lot of time so I’ll cut the bullsh!t. We need you Ben, the Defense Department needs you. We know all about you and what you’ve done. Bronze Tiger”

She handed the folder over to the astonished looking sensei. Her facial expression soon turned to boredom as Ben thumbed his way through the document. They had everything. Every student he had ever trained, every master he had ever had. They even had records of his League of Assassins affiliations.  

“Mr. Foster, if you please.” snapped the woman as she snatched the information from his hand. “We don’t have time for this.”

“What exactly is it you think I can do for you? Ras Al Ghul is dead. The League of Assassins has gone underground. So if you’re think I could get close to them…..

“Not them” she interrupted before handing him another file. “Him”

Ben’s eyes sharpened in disbelief as he stared at Lex Luthor’s file. Quite possibly the most diabolical human mind ever witnessed. Although Ben had never actually met the man, his reputation had become legendary.

“You see Ben, we hear Mr. Luthor is planning on assembling some of the greatest villains the world has ever had the misfortune of producing. We need a man on the inside. That’s where you come in. We plant you in , right place wrong time sort of situation. They’re currently holding the Joker at the precinct. You’ll go there, break him out, befriend him. See where it leads. Do this, and you’ll be a free man. You’re record will be wiped clean. Its your choice Mr. Foster.”

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The sparks of electrical genius flew round his work desk as one of the most powerful men in the world worked on his most recent masterpiece. Lex Luthor had lost his presidency and his company at the hands of those freaks that called themselves heroes. They had made it their business to bring him to is knees a mere human against the full fury of the justice league what chance had he really stood. In lex’s mind he had it all to gain a man against myths and legends and the power of man had done so much to them follow them blindly not asking why they had come or what they had planned for the future. No they were like sheep looking for a new Sheppard. But he liked to control his destiny and would save man kind from their grip no matter what it took. A small brushing sound broke him from his work as he turned to see a janitor. A man he had met before on the higher levels of the office.

“Evening Mr Luthor”

He spoke with a thick accent. He was an older gentleman, who worked hard and tried not to get in the way. Before Lex had left the company he had scured the man’s son in a school of excellence. The boy had a keen mind and was bored being put to waste in public school. Lex had made sure to keep an eye on the boy’s progress and he always knew the people who worked for him and who one day would.

“Hello James.” He said turning from his work bench. “How many times have I told you to call me Lex I think we talked about this before.”

James smiled and pushed up his Lex Corp cap and leaned on his brush.

“As I said Mr Luthor it’s a respect thing.”

Lex lifted his hand and smiled.

“What does your pay check call you James.”

James froze for a moment and looked at Lex.

“It say Mr James Anderson.”

“Well Mr Anderson how is your son doing at that school not cutting I hope.”

James smiled again and laughed .

“oh no Mr Luthor he is doing great top of his class. Im in your debt for doing that for him if I can.”

“Don’t worry about it Mr Anderson Im always happy to help my employees.”

The room went silent between them as if they had nothing more to say and then James stopped and spoke once more.

“I don’t care what those papers say Mr Luthor you’re a good man and your heart is in the right place.” And James headed off about his work and left the room as he did two big door’s swung open and in strolled a women her legs were long and her hair was tied back she stood at least six foot four and had muscles everywhere but it was almost all hidden under a nice suit and smile.

Mercy I do love how you enter my office.”

Lex smiled as if teasing her. He had called on her moment ago before James had even started talking to him. There is not much that happens in this world with out Lex finding out about it first. She placed a report in his hands

“ has a problem”

“The City or the project”

“The Project Lex. The Clown has attacked another one of our shipments  of venom and now there is talks of Death Stroke in as well”

“I already know this the clown wants my attention for something and my jet is fueled and ready to fly to . I leave with Talia within the hour and so what if Slade is in the city what makes you think I was not the one who sent him. Next time you deiced to burst into my office make sure that it is warranted. Now the reason to which I have called you here I want you to tale someone for me a reporter called Clark some information has come into my hands and I would like to see if it is true.”

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The wind whipped her black pony tail around behind her back, a small smirk crossed her face as the massive black limo pulled out onto the tarmac. Her black shades glinted as she turned to the massive vehicle, the licence plates reading LL. The large black car behind her held two of her men, the Leauge of Shadows had long spread out but a few of her more loyal members still followed her. Smoothing down the dark suit she wore, she strode out to the car and waited as Lexes driver got out to open the door. A strong black panted leg shifted out the side and the sun shone off the tall mans head as he got out. Smiling to herself she stood in front of him and nodded at his driver before turning to him.

Lex, that bloody clown I swear, one of these days im going to wipe that smile right off his face.

She almost had to yell over the sound of the jet firing up behind them a massive white jet with the lex corp logo across it  roared to life. The hostess standing at the bottom of the stairs smiled wide at the two walking towards her, her eyes holding a slight fear of the two. The shipment had been hijacked and she was not happy, the plans she and Lex had for it, they all knew the joker had done it, never one to hide his adventures he had practically broadcast it across the criminal world and she and lex were not happy.

Lex rose his hand and waved at the Jet, indicating to her that they would wait to talk on the Jet. Stepping up the large stairs she followed Lex into the jet and took her seat across from him, the pretty blonde flitted around Lex handing him a drink and a towel, Talia waved her away as she tried to do the same for her. Crossing her legs and leaning back she watched Lex get comfortable, knowing he was making her wait as he constantly tried to ruffle her. She simply rested her head and closed her eyes, waiting for him to speak.

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As Lex exited the limo he smiled at Talia as she greeted him. She had let the anger get the better of her and he lifted his hand to stop her from speaking then pointed at the plane. As they moved Lex looked back at the car and smiled at his driver. John had been with Lex since the start a man he could trust.

 “John take the rest of the week of I will be in till Saturday. Take the kids down the beach.”

As he turned back he caught a glimpse of fear in the stewardess eyes as he picked up a glass of champagne. She tired to hide it behind a wall of white teeth but he could see it. He could see her weakness gleaming from her body. As he moved on the plane he picked up his phone. One that Lex Corp had made personally for him. He could phone anywhere in the world and never be traced or his call listened to. Not even the Bat could break this phone. Turning to the girl he smiled. She entered the plane and did what she was paid to do Lex did not speak or make eye contact with Talia.

 “Slade it’s Lex your money is being transferred now. The sum you requested plus the bonus. I have another job for you in double what I just paid you and triple if it all goes well. I need you to make a meeting with the clown and then met me at the airport and Slade when we meet him bring a really big gun.”

Hanging up the phone he stood and walked over to the stewardess her name was Jill She was a good looking girl with a low education. But she had heard far to much. Lex took hold of her shoulder and she turned a frightened look on her face.

Sorry Jill I did not mean to scare you. I just wondered after hearing your safety talk if you had been told about the new doors on this plane.”

Lex twisted his hand and pointed at one and walked over she moved beside him as his other arm touched her back.

“you see on most planes the door’s wont open at certain hights as you will be pulled out did you know that Jill.”

“Yes mister Lothor we are trained to know.”

Lex smiled she had said his name wrong as well. If you work for someone you get their name right it is a sign of respect and damn decency.

“well dear we are not at that height yet are we.”

The door handle flew open and her body flew from the plane. Lex stood in the door way and watched her body splash into the water below. Hitting the water at the speed and height they where travelling at made sure she would never be identified as Jill who worked for lex Corp in fact she would just be forgotten as time moved on. Closing the door he straightened his tie and sat across from Talia. With out looking at her once again he looked out the side window.

“Talia it is a lovely day is it not. Oh and Talia be careful who you talk in front of I dont have time to look for new staff all the time.”

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"Oh.. The seagull's, so lovely, dropping their inscrements on everyones head. Y'know i wish i could do that too, don't 'cha think it would be rather nifty?" He said to the dead man on the rear end of a old pier

"Ya see, this here, "Dock" is one pile of crap, all it's used for, is baldie's storage and import. So let's get a hold of some goodies he's got stored for us. Go get em boys!"

Five men around their twentie's and late teen's, gathered up from the streets with nothng to look forward too, no future, no family, and more importantly no remorse!
And joker liked that, but unfortunately, as soon as the goons did their work, he would have to dispose of them... Oh well.

"Alright boys, you see the two morons with the silly "Lex Industries" caps infront of the ship, make your way to them, two at a time, and ask them for directions, while the other one is greeted by little 'ol me, leaving him with a nice fat grin on his face! AHAhaahahHAHAHAHAHAHAhAAA!!!"

The Gang marched their way forward unto the entrance of the ship almost ignoring the two guards, simply disposing themselves of them with Jokers laugh gas and the two enforcers punches directed at the second guards stern, killing him instantly. The boys enter the shacking vessel and dipose joker of the rest of the crew with electrical impulsive taser guns. Joker and the gang took what they came for and loaded it on the already waiting "u-haul" truck. After the first few miles Joker already took out two of the members without anyone noticing, slipping infront of the truck on the dashbord slamming the drives face into the steering wheel while the Traffic light was on red. the two younger boys looked at Joker's malefic grin in agony and saw what destiny had in stash for them.

"Guys, your under twenty so I'll give ya a head start"
the two boys didn't hesitate and quickly opened the door, jumping out  of the car and down the side of the bridge, into the lake michigan "Oh well, i was gonna race 'em to the warehouse but if they wanted to die... AHAHAHAHAHHAHHAA!!!"

After the coup with Lex Luthor's shipment, Joker had now laid eyes upon the next ordeal, a meeting with the good 'ol Lexie boy, after all... it was his "Venom" that he had stocked for ages. And joker knew that lex would do whatever it takes to get his belongings back. Moment's later, Joker's cellphone started ringing.

"Hey smiley face, i got a surpise for ya... beep beep beep..."
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Deathstroke had just collected his payday and now was re-hired for another job, he closes his phone and while standing on a rooftop he sits right at the edge looking at the Iceberg lounge. “One man’s pain is another man’s treasure.” Slade then open a phone, at the screen it was the name of its owner. Oswald Chesterfield, he had stole it from its owner's own pockets. Slade wrote the names listed on the contacts to his personal phone, until he came to what he was looking for, a contact named simply as ( J ) “bingo.” says Slade as he presses the green button on the phone. The phone tone rings a couple of times and a very unusual voice picks up the call.  

“Financial district, there is a multiplex parking lot there, Be at the upper floor at midnight, we will.. Discus business there.” Slade pauses for a second…  “Take the offer, is better than the alternative..”

Slade concludes the call and closes the phone, sighing he stands up from the edge of the building and turns around walking to the other side of the rooftop. Slade stands on the edge once again and leaps down to a fire escape balcony were there is a man muffled and tied to the steel ladder. Slade swipes his dagger and cuts the man free, he grabs the henchmen by the collar and slams him to the wall. “Give this to your boss, tell him to keep his eyes on the phone, we will be in contact.”  Slade then jumps off the fire escape and simply walks away.

The Penguin henchmen gets down from the fire escape and runs into the iceberg lounge nightclub. Slade checks the hour on his watch. He open his phone once more and press a speed dial, “I’m done, lets go.” he speaks into the phone while he walks out the alley. A large limo pulls over right in front of him, Slade takes off his mask having his eye patch and his gray hair and goatee along with a eye patch on his right eye , he opens the door and slides in the backseat. “Where too sir?” ask the driver, “Is almost time to receive your boss, so, to the airport.” replies Mr. Wilson as he finally takes a breather and leans his head back on the backseat.

The limo drives right into the airport awaiting for Luthor’s jet to arrive.  "Time to meet Mr. ego"

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Lex walked out the car to be met by the dark rain of Gotham. the city seemed to have a constant level of gloom and hate over it, One that it protector had used to his advantage. Luthor had nothing but respect for Wayne except his confusion on what side he had chosen to fight on. Lex often wondered if different fates had inspired him would he have done the same as Bruce. Would he have used his power and wealth to jump from roof to roof. Lex smiled at the blindness of his business counterpart. He was to small minded wanting to wipe evil from the world with a fist. It was not the way this war would be won. Humanity needed a great saviour someone who can see past revenge and death someone willing to twist his own fate rather then sit and welcome what had been deiced for him by the pull of a trigger. Turning his head from the rain he was met by a tall man with white hair and a patch over one eye.

"Hello Wilson I take it everything is prepared."

It was a pointless question Slade was the best at what he did. If he said he would do a job for an agreed price he would do it. He would not haggle for more money or try and screw you. He wanted paid and he would make sure he did what he had to, to get that pay check. A man like him was hard to find these days a man that loved his work and was all the better for doing it. His only problem was like the Bat his mind did not see as far as it needed to. Revenge is one of his main drives, Slade lost his eye when his son throat was slit. All slade had to do was hand over some information he had stolen and his son would be set free. But being the man he is Slade chose to fight costing his son Jericho his voice and in return his wife took his eye and then years later Green Arrow would push a snapped arrow head into the socket a painful move but a stupid one. Now the ex mayor of star city has one of the worlds greatest assassins after him and he is willing to do anything to see the emerald archer dead.

"As I said you will come with us to the meet. you don't mind driving do you Wilson my car may be a little obvious for the journey."

Lex motioned his hand towards the car As Slade got in the car and Talia followed behind Lex the exited the airport. The car was silent on the way to the meeting point. meeting him was never an easy thing there was a reason that him and Lex never crossed. Luthor would never admit the respect he had for the clown. He was a genius and deadly he forced the world and the myths and legends to take notice of a mere mortal. just out of the sheer horror of his crimes. The car came to a sudden stop and Lex smiled and exited the car first followed by Slade and Talia he took the lift of the empty lot up to the top and on exiting he threw his coat to the side. slade had his weapons drawn and aimed and Talia swords were ready. Lex took control of the entire roof top thundering past the goons and hence men and grabbing the clown by the neck and slamming him into the back wall that held the generator for the lift. Out of all the villains he crossed paths with he hated and fear the clown the most. But he would never let that show. Lex was a dangerous man to cross and was more then capable of taking the trash out himself. He forced his body beyond the normal but he was tired of always clearing his tracks from the gods of above and the daemons that considered him one of their own.


"Why Hello to you to Lexy"

Lex hated that voice it always sounded like he was laughing on the inside like he knew what was always going on in the world and found it funny. The sky erupted with a flash of stunning lighting as the two most dangerous humans met face to face and on the other side Talia and Slade found themselves surrounded by the deranged that followed the mad man. This meeting could only have one ending and it would be sealed in blood.
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“Financial district, there is a multiplex parking lot there, Be at the upper floor at midnight, we will.. Discus business there.” Joker grinned for a second  “Take the offer, is better than the alternative..”

A viscous smile crossed his face as he closed his cell phone and basically had a confirmation of his plan before his very eyes. Arriving at the warehouse he was already welcomed by his fellow clownsmen who helped taking off the luggage and carrying it into the building. Joker didn't hesitate and took six of them with to the meeting with Lex that Deathstroke had wished for. Closing the van door shut as they arrived at the upper floor of the multiplex parking lot joker was already greeted by Lex Luthor's henchmen and severely forceheld against the wall which for a normal human being should of been painful but for the joker... simply another smile on his face


"Why Hello to you to Lexy"

Soon thereafter the six other clowns were brought about and the two opposing forces were facing eachother like in one of those old gangster movies. A display of armory followed moment of silence, until Joker finally broke it

"Y'know lex, i thought about something, Me and you, together with some other goons, could take the world, No one would be able to stand in our way. And the thinigs i stole? they were only a distraction, a trigger to set up this meeting by getting your attention, batman, barry allen and even the blue bufoon would'nt be able to resist our opposing forces! So Lexi boy... what do ya say... deal or no deal? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

Joker knew how Lex Luthor hated him, but he also knew that lex wasn't that naive, because clearly... the clowm made a point...
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