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The letter said one thing "River Styx". And that is all Darkchild needed to know for the end of something he started many years ago was drawing near. He knew that the place was somewhere his powers would be amplified total darkness and the blackest of places. The wayward journey to the gates of hell would their fighting grounds. The centuries of fighting would either continue or end after today. His mind riddled with thoughts and choices over the years he never has been able to gain victory in any of his fights with this one creature this one man of darkness. The man showed little fear of Darkchild, but he also was the closest Darkchild would ever have to family. From his humble beginnings Darkchild has fought this man for what seems like eons.

As Darkchild sits in the boat guided by the figure of death rowing the boat he remembers all the fights. The days turned to scorched nights their powers feeding off each other, his right arm still feels the mans darkness. The subtle move he used to allow Darkchild to regain the use of his arm, and even after his arm had finally healed the darkness that once occupied that space still lingers. He knows the fighter will use it to his advantage as he always has, using what he has given to Darkchild over the years to his advantage. First the powers he allowed Darkchild to absorb to heal his own body and soon the power that still sleeps within his body. Darkchilds eyes which are normally brown are black as the darkness around the him. His safety measure to ensure his powers dont go out of control taken off, his darkness powers are flowing from him in the air almost being absorbed by the fighter he will fight "Yes lead the way my friend." the darkness rolls around towards Darkchilds face and caresses it, as if the darkness is alive. He knows the dark energy down in the pits of hell are nothing like he has ever seen and or controlled. They power itself has a mind of itself and is drawn to both fighters.

Soon he arrives and steps off the boat paying the specter his toll, he turns and faces the man he has called brother,friend,and sworn enemy "Yes?" he says as if asking why Final Arrow brought him here.

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“I don’t speak to pawns “ the smile was a playful one as he lifted his hand to his back and drew the mighty sword , it black blade was like no other, God himself made the metal over four days and it was Lucifer that forged it into the master piece before him, The hilt was made of pure crimson silver and The blade seemed to rise from the open mouth of a wolf and it was as old as Arrow and had never aged, But that was not the magic of this blade , It’s power was devastating the blade could not only cut anything but was able to emulate Arrows magic and only his hand could call forth the deadly powers it was Lucifer’s pride and Gods power wrapped into one perfect place.

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Darkchild grimaced as his body was taken over by the voice. Darkchild tried to hold him back screaming out "You?! I destroyed you." And with that last utter of terror Darkchilds body was taken over. He smiled a wide grin his voice changing and his entire appearance changing, the one from before falling off in flakes as if the appearance was an illusion. The man who was in control of the behemoths body looked around and smiled and spoke with an echoing voice.

"Done with the ways of your past are we Lockhart. It has been quite sometime hasnt it, Last time i drew my sword against you was for the King himself. And quite a poetic place you have decided to have our last battle huh? The beginning of where both of us were created in a sense will be our grave." The parasite known as Genesis looked at his new body "What the hell has he done with this body? It had so much potential why turn it into something disgusting. Something must be done" Genesis snaps his fingers and his body twists and turns the demon underneath the handsome outer core is revealed. His body almost slims down from his hulking appearance, his body covered in blood as his real self breaks through the skin. Genesis smiles his toothy grin "Much better huh?" He takes in a deep breath almost swallowing the dark energy around them breathing it in. His right arm turns into a long blade and then he stares at the blade Arrow holds in his. He grins "You always did favor that didnt you?.

Genesis walks towards Arrow showing nothing but a large grin on his face and he speaks as he grows closer "This fool thought he got rid of me. The essence of who he was gone like the others within his mind. Its sad in so many ways but now i have full reign...It may not be permanent but to battle you one last time. I would travel once more through this poor schmucks mind." He rushes Arrow swinging his arm at Arrow with a large grin on his face.

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Genesis continued to push against Arrows sword "You have grown weak old friend, ages ago that never would have happened." the clones circled around him and he smiled leaning down towards Arrows face "Two can play at that game brother." and The attacks slammed into Genesis into his back. Pieces of his body flew off after each attack landed and soon healed. But after each attack landed a dupe was created. After the attacks finished a handfull of dupes stood in front of Arrows creations "Do me a favor dont allow them to interfere" he told the dupes and they all ran at Arrows clones. They were no match for them, the only downside to Genesis using the dupe technique they had very little of his power in thier creation.

Arrows movement towards the water was a shimmer and Genesis paid it no attention only focused on Arrow "Lets make this fun." He puts his hands on Arrows shoulders and jumps planting his feet on Arrows chest and pushing off launching himself backwards. He held his hands out and the erupted in energy and he made hand motions and then let loose a firy blast of fire and brimestone at Arrow. As he landed he skidded along the ground and made his way towards Arrow the sword in his hand bursting and disappearing he reabsorbs its energy and continues at Arrow. Jumping into the air as he neared Arrow unleashing a combination of kicks and ending it with a swift roundhouse kick.