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 Maya watched as his blood spray all over the place; filling the ground around them. “ANDY!!” She yelled which drew Angelique’s attention. “You b!tch” I’ll Kill you!” Maya said with her eyes flashing a crimson red.   It didn’t take long for the whole city of Las Vegas to be engulfed in a dome of pure photon energy, Maya Lopez created this reality…and she was going to destroy it. The city of Las Vegas went up in flames; the devastation was catastrophic.  She flew to the ground clutching her father in her arms. “It’s not fair… Daddy…it’s…it’s not fair!” she screamed as she brought his dead body to her chest almost cradling it. Her tears were full of pain and Anguish; her blonde hair started to be tainted by the color of his blood.

“I’ll kill them…I’ll Kill them all”

“Maya Lopez’s emotions have always got the best of her, often clouding her judgment; however this time they have clouded her powers and her powers have clouded reality; and with that Reality “M” has been set loose on Earth.

Present Day New York City.

A bum stood looting in a Marcy Project alleyway; he was simply looking for something to eat, for him and his rodent companion. As he opened the lid on the trash can, he felt a huge thump resonate through the ground. His companion decided to high tail it down the alleyway, before running into a hole in the wall. “Scardey Rat!” he bum hissed as he continued to rummage through the trash.  

 He stuck his head into the garbage looking for something that would be edible, he didn’t even know that the glow he thought was the moon had seemingly put a spot light on him. As he glanced up his eyes were locked to that of a sentinel. {Inializing… Threat…F…crime Theft…} The Sentinel extended his hand down towards the homeless man and incinerated not only him but the whole block.  

 It didn’t stop there; there were almost 30 of them… programmed to do the same things clear New York City of those whom had committed any crimes.   All of Times Square, all media outlets in the city quickly began to show the backgrounds of anyone who had criminal activity. Solace was a physical representation of Maya’s psychic powers, he knew her psyche, and he knew her passwords. Using his information he hacked the Omega Spacestay and beamed the info to the world’s notorious criminals down into publically shared severs. He then had the senteninels hunt them down and kill them; which was doing the world a favor, but it didn’t promote Justice. 

  Manhattan was turned into rubble in just a few short hours. There was an influx of people migrating from New York, to the surrounding areas; however the mass exodus from the city resulted in most people not getting anywhere at all. Mass panic was spread throughout the city attracted the Yellow Lanterns, those whom had participated in the first war of light.

On top of that; Florian; had control of reality “M”’s Vine Prodiges; at a maximum security prison called the Yard using mind control trying to gain their allegiance. Solace himself was stationed in New York; overseeing the work of his own sentinels. NYC was currently in a state of disarray.   “Mark this day down as the day…I won” Solace said floating over top where the empire state building once stood; with his arms folded smiling at his work.  “The amount of what needs to be done…is simply overwhelming.” He said with a hearty laugh. “I did this for you Father…I’ll purge the Earth of these so called Heroes! And these Criminals all who use your holy name in vain!” he said strangling the American flag with his fist.

One if his Yellow Lanterns had Maya clutched by her arms; Solace wasn’t stupid while he did fire a blast at the building Maya was in, he surely; moved her location. Maya’s death meant his death…at least in Reality “M”.  She appeared different however from the way she was in Reality “M”. Now she had red hair and green eyes; she almost had a glazed look over her eyes as if she was looking off far into an abyss. “I want her somewhere no one will find her…take her to Ryker’s lsland” He said with his cape flapping in the wind.

He could feel the events unfolding around him; there was some unrest in the Middle East a war in a space.  

 Soon the fun would start, the world would take Notice…Omega Justice would awake from reality “M”  

(Open RPG)
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It was no dream. The anger was to intense for it to be a dream, the hurt was too deep for it to have never happened. Slight stormed his room, sweeping his forearms across the desk and dresser breaking pictures and items given to him. He stepped on shattered glass with his bare feet, and enjoyed the pain. Any form of it would have been better than what he was feeling. The mirrors were not spared from his wrath, Slight broke them, punching the reflection he saw dead in the face, and the splintered image fit the mood better. How was he back in his Haven Room? None of it made sense, amidst the bloody footsteps and broken shards, were smaller drops of saline secretion. In his fit, Avery broke into an uncontrollable cry, unsatiated by the wreckage and the feral bellows, he continued to cry as he propped himself up onto the sink. Finally giving up, he fell and held his knees, burying his head into his chest.  
While wallowing in self pity, Debra walked in and surveyed the damage. Slight looked up at her and then back down. He didn't want to talk to anyone. He didn't want to see or hear anyone for a long time. All he wanted was to be left alone with his pity and his negativity. Debra knew this, but proceeded to talk to him anyway. "Avery...What did you do? What happened"? She said in a low calm voice. It was serene, and motherly, Debra knew to be gentle. Slight didn't say a word, he hoped that if ignored the pest would go away. Knowing Debra, she wasn't. She knelt down in front of him, the sound of grinding glass noted this, and placed her hand on his arm. "Talk to me Slight. Tell me what's wrong." He pulled away with attitude and jaded appeal. "I'm going to sit down, and wait until you're ready to talk to me... You're not the type to destroy property without a reason...Talk to me. Please" He had enough, all cried out and a lump in his throat the size of a baseball, he managed to scream at her..."I FAILED...THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG! I FAILED. I FAILED...I FAILED AGAIN"? Debra moved back a little bit, a little concerned, but maintained her calm. "Failed at what?" Slight looked at her with ill content and stood up, and walked to his bed, bending down he picked up a photo and crumbled it up. Debra pivoted around, and caught the crumbled piece of parchment when Slight threw it at her. "I got a second chance...And I failed." This time his words were calm and most fell on monotone. Debra looked down and saw a group of people, four women, and one male. Flipping it over, she saw the names of each individual; The Spottswood Family, Gloria, Selina, Kenya, Hercules, and Skylar. Only then did she realize that it was Slight's family, leaving the one baffling detail, what did he mean by "second chance" Looking back up, Slight was gone. 
In the bathroom, Slight sat on the edge of the tub, picking pieces of glass and porcelain from the bottoms of his feet. The silence was broken in song form, breathing, glass hitting the floor, breathing again. It continued that way for five minutes, until he turned to the faucet, running a small pool of hot water. Dipping his feet into the stinging liquid, Slight healed his soles, and exited the bathroom. That little bit of time, allowed for a lot. The anger that he now felt seemed to grow, spawn in knew attributes of himself. The hatred that he had felt for Darkchild for the first time his family was stolen from him, had evolved to fit this circumstance. Whoever, or whatever was responsible for robbing him of his moment of hope was going to pay dearly. They would meet a fury that none other had befallen, Slight vowed silently to himself.  
Pat. His foot hit the cold hard floor of the deck. Avery handled the railing as he walked and thought. Then he stopped. For no reason other than to just stop, he stopped, and stood. Actually there was a reason, and he knew it. He just didn't want to admit it to himself, because it meant acceptance. This was the same path he'd chosen to take after the first "incident" and now history was repeating itself. At a crossroads now, the decision lay before him: Destroy the culprit, or, choose to bring it to justice and let go of something that he was so close to attaining again? 

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Ever since joining Tenebrasque In, The Gray Fox had divided his time between building Darkchild's armies and studying the Multiverse. The idea of there being other Earths where even the most seemingly unimportant decisions had altered the very course of history in ways no one could have anticipated fascinated Fox to no end. He loved the Multiverse, if there was even a single thing in this world he thought was worth protecting...it was the Multiverse itself. 
Then Reality "M", an artificial and completely unstable timeline, was born. It's presence and its constant attempts at fusing with our reality was wreaking havoc across the Continuum. The Multiverse was falling apart and all data indicated that if Reality "M" managed to break past the dimensional barriers keeping the two worlds apart and overlap our timeline...the rest of the Multiverse would come crashing down on top of both realities and implode, erasing Creation itself from existence. Despite all of the horrible things he had done in the recent past, Fox could simply not allow this crisis to continue. And so...he decided to take a quantum leap into the unknown.
"Thinking about it now...perhaps this wasn't such a good idea." Fox thought as he fell through the Continuum, trying his best to dodge debris of all sorts being sucked into it like driftwood. He could see alien worlds and alternate Earths torn from the galaxies and universes that had sired them tumbling down into the maelstrom. He could hear timelines scraping against one another causing light to fracture and matter to combust in the process. It was both horrifying and beautiful at the same time. To his right, he could see what was left of The Omega Haven ripping itself apart, tossing the already deceased inhabitants within into the Continuum, where their fleshy forms would be either torn asunder or reduced to ash by exotic energies or the gravitational forces within the maelstrom. "No, I must not think like that! I must remain focused on the task at hand. I must save the only thing that truly matters to me now. The object of my studies: The Multiverse entire." 
After continuing a bit further down the maelstrom, someone else's reality decided to swallow Fox up, cut him loose from the Continuum and set him down...on the deck of another version of the Omega Haven, albeit a heavily damaged one. He knew not whether it was the original or an analogue cut loose from another reality, but figuring out the answer wouldn't be too hard. Fox's attention was suddenly drawn to his new appearance as seen reflected in a window, which had been altered by constant exposure to exotic temporal energies found only in the Continuum. "I look like Gort..." he whispered as he examined his new retro-looking armor. Shaking his head, Fox set off to investigate the situation occurring on the vessel. Perhaps he could find allies here to aid him in stopping whomever was orchestrating this crisis.
Pat. Fox stopped upon hearing the sound of someone dropping onto the deck and starting to walk in his general direction. Fox decided to keep going even after hearing the other person stop. When he turned a corner Fox was surprised to see Omega Justice's current leader, the self-proclaimed King of The Seas known as Slight. The two had never actually met during the fight at Paris, just exchanged a few glances. The boy seemed to be filled with rage and a thirst for vengeance, someone had hurt him, more than likely the one whom Fox sought to destroy. "Avery Spottswood of Omega Justice...I am The Gray Fox of Tenebrasque In and I have come to destroy the one who seeks to annihilate the Multiverse and erase Creation from existence. But if I am to accomplish this task, I will require assistance." Fox extended his hand towards Slight in friendship. "Assemble Omega Justice and help me deliver all of Creation from the one who would destroy us all."

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Tessa was back at her first home after the blackout on the basketball court. She only remembers standing saoked at her front door on a late sunday afternoon. Her soaked body was the only thing that reinforced her nighmare was truly a reality. Being home with her family was the best therapy for her torn heart. One thing she didn't do was cry, Marc was right she needed to stop crying. 

When her parents opened the door, they greeted her with happiness, concern and shock. Happiness prevailed at the end of their greeting. Tessa rushed off into the shower, but she kept reminding her parents how happy she was to be home. The hot shower was tougher than she ever thought it would be.

As the hot water drilled her body she felt nothing. Like her feeling was ripped from her at the basketball court. The body wash, her sponge, her feet at the base of the tub, nothing. She felt nothing, so she wrapped her arms around her small frame and still felt nothing.  Staring at herself in the clouded mirror for minutes trying to identify the reflection before her. Still with nothing, she retreated to her room to get dressed.

Her parents sat in the living room talking, but hushed when Tessa stood at the entrance. Tessa hadn't been here for years and she hadn't spoken to her parents in years. Strangely, they aged well if not at all. Her mom still had her shiny smooth skin, lustrous brown hair and shocking blue eyes. She got off the couch and strut towards Tessa with so much purpose, yet she only walked a short distance. "I missed you so much", her mom whispered as she wrapped her arms Tessa.

Besides the brown hair, Tessa's physical features modeled after her mother's to the tee. One thing she took from her father,of course, was the bleach blonde hair. "Earl!", Tessa's mom yelled, "Speak to your daughter!" Earl sat back in his chair grinning, "Lemon", he spead out his arm and Tessa rushed across the room to hug him. She felt his warmth immediately and when he wrapped his arms around her, her heart softened. "Dad...", Tessa softly said closing her eyes.   
"AIIIIIIEEEEE", her mom's shrill scream broke Tessa's moment with her dad. Immediately after an explosion shook the house sending a pile of wall debris blasting into the living room.  Tessa instinctively ran for her mom. Covered in debris and powdered paint, her mom was frozen in fear. Tessa looked ahead and saw a monstrous robot  peeping through the hole blasted in the wall. It's eyes burned orange and a ring bordering it's eyes spun and poke out like a microscope. 
Tessa grabbed her mother and kicked through the window behind her father, who stood up after she broke the window. "Tessa, what's-", her father's mouth opened and his eyes followed. "Go!", Tessa yelled. As her dad helped her mother out the window Tessa ran towards the robot. As she exited the living room and entered the hallway, the robot tore the portion ahead of Tessa off. "Tessa!!", her mother screamed as she held onto the ledge of the window. "Jolene! She'll be alright", her father lied. Inside, Tessa fighting that robot terrified Earl, but he saw confidence in her eyes.  He knew Tessa had a goal when she locked eyes with him before she rushed to protect his wife.

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* Dialogue translated from Japanese to English

Kyoto, Japan--Countryside

"Yashima..(Yes...) Critical condition...", he nodded lightly and excused Samara, his brunette assistant, from his office. Once the door closed behing her he sighed and slammed his fist on the desk, "Dammit", he whispered. Another experiment gone bad, it wasn't over, but he this happened repeatedly the past month. Wasted lives, that's what they became. Yashima didn't lose sight of vision through his failure, he only worked ten times harder. 

The location allowed him to work privately and undisturbed by nosy neighbors. Far out in the countryside of Kyoto, Yashima lived in a lavish gated mansion. Built in the 1900s for Imperial blood only made it more of a convenient home. Their were small houses built on the outskirts of the mansion for servants and geishas. Now these houses stocked and comforted his subjects and surgical equipment. But lately all the houses held death and disease in the air.

Pressing a button on his phone summoned Samara's voice, "Yes, Yashima..." Yashima rubbed his face before responding, "I think I should make a visit with this one....(I'll send someone to get the room ready.) Make it quick, Samara (I can do that)" As Yashima rose his finger from the black button, he quickly pressed it again. "Bring my son with you this time (O-kaay)". He lifted his finger from the button then laid his elbow on the desk, rubbing his forehead. 
 After mental and physical preparation, Yashima left his mansion to meet his son. Once he stepped from the porch he took a right towards a field of trimmed green grass. To his left there was a row off small rooms built closely together. In the distance Yashima saw his son waiting outside the room with his hands in his pocket. He looked in Yashima's direction and his face twisted into excitement. "Daddy!", his son called out. Yashima waved and signaled for him to stay put.  
Yashima grabbed the keys from his trouser pocket and jingled them around before finding the right key. He unlocked the door and looked back at his son, "Hold your excitement".  His son nodded and waited obediently for Yashima to lead him inside.  A maid hurried out the room holding tray of tea. "He recently awoke master", the young maid cheerfully reported. Yashima nodded and thanked her before she walked to the mansion.   
Yashima's son lost his obedience and ran to the boy's bedside, "How did you lose him?", he asked, frowning. The boy had his bare back turned to the child, but his eyes were open and they expressed pain and confusion. "I didn't lose him son, I sent him away to live normally with my brother in America", Yashima sighed as the a nurse walked into the room. "Jimi, excuse us..", he commanded. Jimi nodded and left the room, looking back at newfound brother.  
The nurse looked Yashima in the eyes, "I'm gravely sorry, but he is going to die. If he was treated earlier--". "I can't and won't accept that there is always a cure " Yashima's eyes intensified as he stared at the intimidated nurse. "Please excuse us Hina...", Yashima finally said, after a long silence.  
"F#ck (coughs) you Yashima", the boy said breathing heavily, "F#ck you"
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Zariah flew in route to where she figured Tessa would be; unlike everyone else who was in Reality “M” she stayed completely aware of what was going on; her Ninjan Keen eye caught the altering of reality and she simply stayed airborne in the skies over New York City. “Killing Maya Lopez…would end this…” she said to herself, but she didn’t want kill her aunt, doing so here would affect the Maya Lopez in her time. “Why me…I need to help Chevie!” she said grumbling to herself as she flew aimlessly around the city of New York…it didn’t take long but from the corner of her eye; she saw different explosion happen at once.   “What the hell?” she said gazing out into the city; her vision was slowly clouded by a thick black smoke. The winds from the city blew sulfur and debris her way; through the veil of debris her Ninjan eyesight saw what appeared to be two gigantic eyes through the smoke. “Sentinels…” she said in aww watching as the eyes appeared all over the city…the robots reduced the city to ash in a matter of moments.   On top of that there were numerous Yellow Lanterns buzzing around them as if they were commanding the gigantic sentries.

Flying in to action she tackled a lantern; into a building; as the building collapsed she managed to stay in flight. She wondered why the huge sentinel never attacked her, the reason for this was because Zariah in this world was a child; thus she hadn’t created a crime.   She turned her head to find the lantern, only to be knocked in the stomach by a light constructed hammer. The Ninjan plowed through the somewhat standing buildings, she hit the ground with a hard plow. “Ugh…” she said removing herself from a crater; there were almost 20 people on the ground looking at her scared to move. “Oh my god…it’s Sha…here in New York!” someone said, which caused Zariah to look around a bit shocked; looking to see the past version of her adopted mother, but then she realized they were simply talking about her. “Right...blonde hair…big boobs”.  Zariah dusting herself off, looking around at the waning sunlight as a huge shadow got cast upon them. The Lantern had commanded the sentinel to crush them; Z flew from the crater placing her hands across the gigantic Metal foot; using all her strength she tried to keep the gigantic robot from crushing those under it. “Grk….Guys…run now…” she said struggling to hold the massive foot up.   They could see her struggling so they swiftly ran out of harms away and allowed Z to do her job. Looking up she breathed just a bit, her artic like breath froze the bottom of the sentinel’s foot. As it was trying to put it down Zariah punched it with all her might which caused the leg to break resulting in the sentinel to fall.   It was still moving, and worse of all she and they were in their range of fire. “I need help…” she said watching as the action attracted even more sentinels to the area. Zariah back flipped over to where the massive crowd of people were standing.

3 of the gigantic titans placed their hands on Zariah and the crowd getting ready to fire a massive amount of fire power her way. As the energy came her way she froze up…literally turning herself into 100% ICE, ICE so hard it caused the beams to richochet.   “Everyone run!...” Zariah said with her hands extended wide flying with an ice shield behind her… “This is bad…” she said ducking into a vacant building…making sure no one moved.

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While others were being the saviors they were, saving lives, getting others to safety or crying to themselves now that the world had changed, Clue was out front of one of those nice restaurants in Manhattan. Whether he had just awoken wasn't really known, he didn't at all seem disoriented, he merely sat there with a knife in one hand and a fork in the other, cutting into his filet mignon, making a number of strips. He sat back and watched the city be razed by the gigantic robots that were vaporizing large portions along with criminals while everyone tried to evacuate the island of Manhattan. He sat back, sipped wine, noticing a large Sentinel lumbering around the corner, the tall robot came to a stop in the intersection and turned it's head. It's bright yellow eyes pierced through the sheet of thick smoke that passed before it, the titanic monolithic figure was no doubt scanning for life on the street and registered one lone life form outside. The yellow figure that circled above the titanic automaton took notice of Clue, arching a brow at how calm and collected the man sitting there and having a nice meal. 
"You." He called out upon approach. Clue's head rose, his red shades reflecting the yellow lantern that descended from above. "What're you doing?"
"Piss off." Clue responded with his guttural English accent. The man's yellow bubble diminished, the soles of his boots met the cold cement. He pulled the chair out on the opposite side of the table that this mysterious man was enjoying his meal at, taking a seat. "Do you not know the meaning of piss off?" Repeated Clue, his eyes narrowing slightly behind his sunglasses.
"You interest me." The Lantern admitted. "While everyone takes flight and huddles away in their homes like cockroaches...here you are, enjoying a meal."
"So I interest you because I'm enjoying a meal?" Clue asked.
"No, see this here?" The Lantern lifted his hand, showing off his neat yellow power ring with a smirk. "It feeds on fear, it shows me where fear is, and the fact that it's absent in you...THAT is what interests me."
"Mm." Clue nodded, lifting his fork to his mouth, tucking a piece of his steak into his mouth. "And here I thought you just found me handsome." 
"Why is it that you lack fear?"
"What is there to fear? You're running around killing criminals and I'm not a criminal. On top of that you're dumb, your giant robot's A.I. is dumb." He pointed to the man with his fork, then pointed at the approaching Sentinel before returning to his food. Clue's lips curled into a smirk, he shifted in his seat and leaned in closer to the Lantern seated across from him. The way the Lantern tensed up was amusing, Clue pieced together just what this man was and how he got his power ring just by how uncomfortable he'd become in the past thirty seconds. He read his body language like it was a cheap dime store novel, he mapped the micro-expressions, the minute facial tick to every word he uttered. That's how ingenious he was, his mind was spotless, the perfect foil to the universe's machinations. With that smirk he wore, he stared into the soul of the Lantern before him, and before the Lantern could reply to his insults he spoke again. "Who touched you?"
"What?" The Lantern replied with disgust, confirming Clue's theory with his utterance.
"Was it your father?" He tilted his head, narrowed his eyes, he observed everything he couldn't hide, not even with his power ring. The man didn't respond, he became angry which was the response he expected for it was the response that anyone would make. It was akin to a caged animal, when one felt trapped they panicked, they grew angry, anxious. "No, no...it wasn't your father."
"Shut your mouth!"
"You were older...twelve? Thirteen?" Clue asked, fishing for answers, the rage in the man's eyes across the table bubbled over. Standing from his seat the Lantern clenched his fists. "It wasn't a family member."
"You were older. Fourteen? Old enough that you blame yourself for it?" Clue asked, he pinched his wine glass between his fingers and took a sip. "I wonder, does that ring feed on your fear or the fear that you spread? Maybe your fear of batty boys?"
The Lantern pointed his ring, it's light flared and the resulting explosion tossed Clue clear off of his feet and tumbling into the street. Chips of wood, broken ceramic and glass rained down on his fallen form. The Lantern held out his fist, and from his ring came a large hand that plucked Mr. Clue from the street where he laid, picking him up by his coat. His head was swimming, it felt like he took a claymore to the face and sadly he could think that with some knowledge of how it felt, he had a experience similar to it.
"Got something else to say?! Huh?!" A second fist construct struck him across the face before the large hand hurled him into a nearby parked car. "You don't sound so smart now, faggot!"
Clue looked up at the Sentinel that towered above from his place on the asphalt, then to the Lantern that floated over, a hand wrapped his throat and lifted him once more into the air. It left enough slack to allow him minimal air, he wanted Clue to feel himself dying, to feel his brain gasping for air. Sharply drawing for the air that was knocked from his lungs, the Lantern heard something from the man he thought he'd never hear from one of his victims. Laughter.
"What are you laughing at?! STOP LAUGHING!"
"Police brutality. Assault with a deadly weapon. Bloody horrible fashion sense." Clue listed, but before he could realize why exactly he was listing these things he was engulfed in a white light of explosive energy. The Sentinel unleashed it's arsenal on its handler, roasting him in an explosion of hyper photons. Usually a Lantern would be able to fend himself from such an attack, but the attack was so sudden that the bearer didn't see it coming. While the ring automatically generated a protective aura, but it only worked so much against such an attack. The construct that held Clue in place dissipated allowing him to rub his sore neck while approaching the fallen Lantern while the towering Sentinel's voice voiced his extermination.
"I told you, you and this tin can of yours are bloody dumb." He said with a smile while lifting the yellow power ring from his finger and tucking it away in his coat. "I'll take this little trinket to remember you by. It may come in handy down the road, don't you think?"

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The silence of the sunset was calming. It's light burning away the blue of the day and painting merlot, tulip orange, and rose pigments into the canvas above. As the Omega Haven floated gracefully over the ocean, Slight surveyed the ocean, it was unnaturally still, too still for his tastes right now. He hungered for the sea to be in chaos, and so he fed. Relieving his tense muscles through the Atlantic, the calm that was so, ended in an abrupt breakout of maelstroms and waves. A smile came over him. 
A small clink, clink, clink, broke through the clashing liquid below, and Avery whipped around to see who it was. What he saw, because there was no who, prompted to go into attack mode. Almost intantaneously, water vapor collected into a large tendril ready to go strait though the metal mans chest plate. But, when he, it, spoke Slight did not attack, but he listened intently. Part of his memory clicked back into place, putting face to voice, and both the scenery. The metal man was Gray Fox, one of the members of Darkchilds cronies that had helped to destroy and take over France.  "Avery Spottswood of Omega Justice...I am The Gray Fox of Tenebrasque In and I have come to destroy the one who seeks to annihilate the Multiverse and erase Creation from existence. But if I am to accomplish this task, I will require assistance." Slight rejected Fox's attempt to forge a physical bond, leaving his hand at his side, it was to say that "you are not welcomed...your're just here because you're needed. "Assemble Omega Justice and help me deliver all of Creation from the one who would destroy us all."  
Standing in front of Gray Fox, a dilemma presented itself: Allow this man thing to help him defeat the enemy, even though there was a good chance at him double crossing him in the end, or deny the help, send him and all of his information packing? Running it over in his mind, Slight chose. "I accept your offer. But know this. I do not trust you, and once this is done you will be as you were before, a criminal who shall be hunted like the animal you've made  yourself to be. Do I make myself clear...." Unrelenting, Slight continued, he wasn't letting anyone off easy now, no one would was to be spared feelings, not that this creature had them. "Tell me everything you know. Everything I need to know to stop this." The Hydro Hero said, as he walked past him... 
"Are you coming"? He spoke as he stepped down the stairs from the deck and into the interior of the ship. 

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 Chaos Dimension

  “But…now were stuck…” Relena said looking down at the woman whom they could only assume was Chaos before the darkness.   “Wait… I can see something” Sha said as her keen eyesight was able to catch something in the stream. “I can see a way out” She put Nova on her back and commanded that Relna picked up Chaos and the four women flew out of Chaos Dimension. No sooner than they hit the free space, the consciousness of all four women returned to their time periods. Sha woke up in Ninjeta inside of a tank; with Gwen Looking her on.   The naked Ninjan stepped down from the pedestal with a fully rejuvenated Nova looking on. “You can’t jump on me until I put…” Nova tackled the Ninjan to the ground without second thought.   Once Sha was finally able to get back up she hugged her friend. “Thanks for saving me…”

“No more squads…no more teams, no more organizations….from now on it’s just you and me…what do you say?” Gwen said extending her hands to her Ninjan daughter. “’ll get back to you on that…I just want to see my daughter” she said flying off. 


Hours later Sha sat on the bed, with Zariah and Ka’len resting across her lap; it felt like ages since she last been with them. She just allowed Earth Wind and Fire, to lull them all to sleep.   She was finally able to sleep without weird dreams…and nightmares.   As she slept peacefully in the night, she received a call from her mother. The buzzing from her Sethosphere slowly woke her up; causing her to grab it and hit the video phone button. “Ziccarra…New York…needs you…” Gwen said looking a bit tired herself. “Mom I just got back…I don’t want to…save the world right now…” Sha said sarcastically with a hint of truth. “Z, I’m sending you some live feed” her mother said disappearing from the screen, only to show some images of a young blonde woman flying in the sky trying to stop a sentinel assault.

“Is that Maya?” she said bewildered trying to figure it out. “No…it’s Zariah…from another time period…, and she needs your help…Maya does too”.  Gwen said which really didn’t make the former Ninjan Queen jump.

“Fine fine…” Sha said turning over in her bed, kissing both Zariah and Ka’len on their foreheads, before waking up her roommate. “Hey…I have to go see my mother, can you watch the kids for me?”   she asked hoping the answer was yes, which it always was. Once she got her confirmation she exited her apartment and headed towards an alleyway. Opening her sethosphere she locked it on to NYC, and quickly teleported almost 17,000 miles across the country.

New York was a visible Urban decay; thanks to the Yellow Lanterns and the Sentinels this place didn’t stand a chance, she could see mild explosions happening from all over the city; but she didn’t know where exactly to began. “Alright…” She said flying down towards the ground where she figured Zariah would be.   The Ninjan landed on the street watching as host of people ran scattered through the city trying to get away from falling debris. “I feel like I’m in the twilight zone” she said watching as the sentinels and lanterns walked through the city still pillaging it. [Ziccarra, Liafador… Ninjan Queen…Status O threat) she heard from above her and with that the Lantern, fired a light beam towards Sha, which she repealed with a beam of dark energy. “I guessing, you know nothing of the current Light Wars taking place in sector 2814?” Sha asked looking the man in the face.

“What are you talking about?” he said pushing his ring forward trying to overpower Sha with his rung. “As I thought…you’ll need more fire power than that!” she said splitting into a Light and Darkness entity and moving out of the way of his blast and reforming behind him. Pushing a beam of light energy forward she knocked him into a nearby building, which drew an attack from the sentinel. It’s attack was massive though it missed Sha by a hair. The impact zone through the Ninjan Queen across the street, causing her to plunge into a crater; Quickly getting back to her feet she flew up in the air with her magnetism on full blast; rendering the Sentinel motionless, using a blast form she knocked it down to the ground causing it to explode. As more and more dust continued to bellow around her, she checked her sethosphere for Maya. “What she doing on Ryker’s island?” in doing so, she noticed that there were strangely more people using a sethosphere. Punching in the universal frequency she punched it in so where they could all hear. “Not sure who you all are, or why you have a Sethosphere…but This Is   Sha… everyone meet me in times Square soo we can finally deal with these pest!” and with that she took off towards Time Square.

 Ryker's island

 Maya sat in a chair, she was a live, but she had no recollection of the events transpiring around her. She sat muttering the same words the whole time “he’s’ coming” the Lanterns were confused as they were not sure whoo “HE” was.   “He’s coming…and he will turn this world apart” she said still in her distant gaze.

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"I accept your offer. But know this. I do not trust you, and once this is done you will be as you were before, a criminal who shall be hunted like the animal you've made yourself to be. Do I make myself clear..." Slight, in a rather moody yet understandable tone, barked. If Fox could have laughed though, he would. Slight and every other hero on the planet would have to invade France to get to Fox and given Omega Justice's failure to deliver France from Tenebrasque In, Fox knew that wasn't going to happen. "Tell me everything you know. Everything I need to know to stop this." Slight said as he began walking towards a staircase leading down into the interior of the ship.
"Are you coming?" Fox stood there, unmoving, as a blip in time/space reverted Fox back to his previous form: an improved version of the Mark III armor his original fleshy self had worn during Omega Justice's invasion of Paese Di Tenebra with spiked knuckles, miniature firearms bound to the Hidden Blade attachments and a partially closed mouth filled with "blocky teeth" running across the faceplate. His size had also increased, bringing him up from 6"1' to 10", his shadow now eclipsing his new ally.
Fox walked up to the boy, grasped his shoulder gently and looked him square in the eyes. Fox opened his mouth to speak, revealing a Dark Matter energy cannon installed at the back of his "throat". "No. You are coming with me, Mutant. We do not have time to waste running around in this outdated and heavily damaged piece of trash." Fox stated, motioning towards shredded pieces of the hull and a slowly growing fire near the upper-living areas, all products of erosion created by temporal energies. 
"I will explain everything on the way to gather our next set of allies: Tessa McIntosh, Clue and Zariah Miles-Liafador. By my calculations, all of the aforementioned individuals should currently be in conflict with a cadre of Yellow Lanterns and an army of Sentinels in the New York of Reality "M", now climb onto my back, if we are going to avert the destruction of the Multiverse entire then we need to go at my speed, not yours." Fox's tone was both cold, emotionless, demanding and firm all at the same time. It was clear that he was not going to take "no" for answer, not from this failure of a hero. Fox's attention suddenly diverted from Slight, his gaze settling on a young woman standing a couple feet behind her young master, he then turned his back on Slight and knelt down so he could get up onto the immense machine's back. "Let's go."
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The motivation to save Marc existed, but Yashima needed more. Jimi's brief visit made saving Marc's life the only option. Yashima knew Jimi longed for a bigger brother and now he had one, only he was dying. Not only did he do this for himself, but he did it even more for Jimi, his son.  There was no malice behind Yashima actions, yet Marc despised him. The day he visited Marc with Jimi, he read his mind curious to where his resentment originated.   

In Marc's mind, Yashima apparently experimented on him along with other mutants and humans. Slight, a hero and friend of Marc's, broke him out of Yashima's mind control. Once Marc was free he took Jimi--with no resistance from Yashima--to the US. This terrified Yashima when he realized it was actually a glimpse into the future. A future he wanted to change. So without hesistation, he erased the disturbing memory and himself from Marc's mind.    

Yashima came across other memories, emotions and thoughts in Marc's mind that he wanted to erase. But Yashima realized manipulating Marc like he did in the future would end the same way, no matter how different the situation. From that day on he slaved in his lab and office trying to find a cure for Marc. The times he needed a break he visited Marc's room, who had a friendlier attitude towards him.   

Surprisingly Yashima tracked down a young mutant with the ability to heal in Tokyo. Ryosaku 'Ryo' Ayakura was hard to find because he fought to stay hidden. He got involved, unknowingly, in Yakuza business when a member used him for protection; Ryo killed the Yakuza and after a small bounty was put on his head he went into hiding. Once Yashima telepathically tracked him down, living in abandoned apartments, he easily persuaded Ryo to return to Kyoto with him. Ryo had nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Yashima did also.   

Yashima and Ryo arrived in Kyoto late at night; the insects creaked under the full moon's illumination, and his imperial mansion fell silent with inactivity. Yashima led Ryo immediately to the guest region of his mansion to Marc's quiet room. When they entered Marc's room, he was asleep calling for 'Maya', which made Yashima nervous. What if Marc ran back to the US when he was healed? Yashima's plans for Marc would be put on the back burner, maybe even ruined.    

"Heal only his spine, nothing more", Yashima tersely ordered, standing against the wall. Ryo nodded as he stood over Marc's stiff body. He kept his eyes sharp with little lighting. Only a slant of moonlight beamed down on Marc's sweaty chest. "Maya....", Marc whispered. Marc's damp face twisted violently in pain. This sent a chill down Ryo's spine. Yashima leaned off the wall and nodded, encouraging Ryo to continue.      
Ryo kneeled beside Marc and bowed his head, whispering a Bhuddhist prayer. Yashima stepped closer at the front of the bed and watched Marc repeat Maya's name in three minute intervals. He counted. This happened every night, it seemed like Marc only replayed a fragment of his dream. It always consisted of him calling out her name. Things were looking sour for Yashima, but only what happened next could mattered.             
Ryo finished his prayer and lifted his head. "Here I go", Ryo nodded, hovering his hand over Marc's sweat glossed neck. A white aura radiated from Marc's resting body along with an airy whisper. Ryo's face brightened in the dark room and he looked unsatisfied. "Don't do it", Yashima angrily demanded, glaring at Ryo. The white aura faded and Ryo locked eyes with Yashima, "Already did..." Yashima clenched his teeth and filled his eyes with anger, "YOU!--". Yashima saw Marc's brown eyes slowly open, ".....Thank you.", Marc whispered, smiling with relief. 

Marc calmly sat up and shook Ryo's hand with gratitude. Yashima walked to his bedside, "Thank you Yashima, you've been like....a father to me, words can't express how thankful I am", Marc confessed, softly smiling. This stirred Yashima's heart, Marc expressed the anticipated respect Yashima wanted from him. His plan worked was working. "Get rest and we can--", Yashima was bluntly interrupted. "Sorry, but I need to finish things in California...my...", Marc interrupted.
"Your what? Girlfriend? ", Yashima cut in. Marc reflected on the last thing Maya said to him and stopped at the edge of the bed. Pushing all his emotions aside and using his brain;  he wasn't sure if him and Maya were together anymore. After all, she created this reality. Marc figured this is how she wanted it. Kyoto was an escape from it all and he was with his brother, finally.   
Marc's bare feet touched the wooden floor and he stood tall,"I'll stay here...".  Out of nowhere, a large robotic hand crashed through the roof. The heavy debris knocked Yashima unconscious to the floor, while Marc managed to protect Ryo and himself.....

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"My name is Amadeus Finn, five years ago, I discovered I was the son of a Demonic guard known as Medaen. He showed me what I was, and my reality died around me. Today, I have seen another reality die..."
Finn had been following the trail of the demonic entity known as Asmodeus, the same being that had planned to dominate hell with Medaen's help. Finn knew full well the power of Asmodeus; he was the demonic personification of Lust. A power that had only increased once he arrived on Earth. Finn had found out that Asmodeus had found refuge in a New York strip club by the name of XXXtreme. Finn gained this information after torturing one of Asmodeus' drug dealing servants. Strange that demonic entities were still so worried about money. Amadeus chuckled to himself as he thought about what was considered "the route of all evil". After getting the intelligence he required, Amadeus had taken the train into New York. As he boarded the train, and at every stop after, he noticed that were fewer and fewer passengers, until at last there were none, heading toward the Big Apple. "That...makes no sense". He thought to himself. Alas, common sense did not take precedence over the desire to eliminate Asmodeus, and Finn continued on his way.  
As soon as the doors to the carriage opened, Finn felt a sudden urge of panic. The station was destroyed, debris everywhere. He furrowed his brow in confusion. "I don't understand, I didn't think any demon had this sort of power save for Lucifer himself." He ran to the first carriage and opened the door to the driver's chamber. There was no one inside. Looking at the controls, Finn's enhanced eyesight could only slightly make out a small distillation of what appeared to be stars. He placed his hand inside the miniature nebula and felt a tingling sensation followed by the unmistakable touch of human flesh. The driver was still there, only he was no longer here. "This is bad" he said to himself, before an imaginary elf appeared next to him bestowing upon him the coveted "Understatement of the Year award". Finn moved away from the driver's seat, finally deciding that it indeed was a convergence point of realities. Of course, such things were absurd, but this was coming from a man who sprouted spikes from his wrists and killed his own father after finding out he was a soldier for Satan, so absurdities were something Amadeus had learned never to rule out.  
He ran up the stairs from the underground station and gazed upon the open world; a world come undone. Buildings were flattened, bodies littered the streets...but a Starbucks was still there. "Reality dies, consumerism lives" he grinned, finding his wit to be amusing, even if his only company was death and mayhem. He did not mean to be callous, but rather, Amadeus was struggling to justify the existence of this physical impossibility. He had heard rumours of something called a "Multiverse", but he had seen no evidence to suggest it more than a dream. Suddenly, a deep, robotic voice bellowed from behind Amadeus. 
"Target identified; species; organic, non-human. Directive; terminate." Amadeus turned to see a gigantic humanoid machine standing behind him, it's emotionless face and enormous size were alone enough to cause dread in any being, but the open palm with the charged plasma cannon was just gravy. Amadeus leapt into the air, narrowly dodging the blast; he landed on the diagonal rooftop of a nearby shopping mall. 
The machine's words were running through Finn's mind "non-human" it said. It did not say Demonic. But the arrival of demons was public knowledge? How could this robot's programmer, an obviously intelligent creature, have not known about it? Then it struck. Amadeus Finn did not pass through a crack in reality, he walked into it. Dodging the robot's next blast, Finn ran back to the train; only to see it twisting and turning inside of its own Black Hole. The train continued to contort under the immense pressure until it finally imploded; and then, vanished. Finn ran to the place where it had disappeared, hoping to find a door back to his Earth; only to find naught but the train tracks themselves. Finn was stuck here, but more importantly, Finn was mad. 
All Amadeus Finn had desired in his life was to have a purpose; he had found one in caring for Elena, he had found one in fighting the armies of Hell. Now; he was alone, without purpose, without a reason to go on. He was hollow, he was nothing. Perhaps there were people to help here. Other types of demon to fight. He looked up at the giant machine which had once again aimed its palm cannon at Finn. " Unknown Target; surrender or be destroyed". 
"Well, that gives me something to do" he said. Finn charged forward and leapt toward the machine, gradually getting closer by jumping from alternating pieces of debris. Knowing his pistols would do little against this technological behemoth; Finn extended the spikes from beneath his wrist. As he flew through the air, with his spikes aimed forward he screamed; "my name is Amadeus Finn, robot, but you can call me-". He pierced the machine's head with his spikes, and then used his inhuman strength to tear it apart. Thrashing wildly at the various metals and circuitry, finally the remnants of the robot's head exploded; sending Finn crashing to the ground. After a moment, allowing his body to heal, Finn stood. 

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The sentinel towered over Tessa when he stood at his full stature. His eyes gleamed yellow-orange and Tessa anticipated his next attack. "Come on...", Tessa anxiously grumbled while shocker pistol's developed in her hands. She raised her thin arms to aim her pistol's at the sentinel's large head. The sentinel raised it's arm back and slammed it on the tile floor; Tessa leaped into the air and ran swiftly along it's arm like a squirrel clawing up a tree. 

Her fingers pressed down the pistol triggers and shocking bullets pierced the sentinels head. The sentinel didn't flinch or acknowledge Tessa running up it's arm; The bullets had no effect. Instead of switching weapons, Tessa fired more bullets than her last time. And with her persistence, the sentinel stumbled back; Tessa jumped off it's arm as it crashed loudly on the McIntosh's backyard, shaking the ground below them.

Pointing her guns at one of it's large yellow eyes she fired off five more bullets. Doubletap, the sentinel was destroyed. There was no time to celebrate her success, she ran through her destroyed house and dove out the window; she athletically rolled to land safely on the Brooklyn streets. She sprinted north following the mind link she set with her parents. 

Echoing explosions and skin crawling screams sounded in every direction Tessa looked. The street she sprinted down was empty and ruined; building structures fell in the street, cars quickly abandoned as is and sadly Tessa ran past and tripped over a few bodies. The longer she searched for her parents, the more images, voices and scenes relating to her parents death played in her head.

Continuing straight at the street intersection, Tessa spotted her parents out the corner of her left eye. She stopped running and turned their direction. "MOM! DAD!", Tessa yelled easing back into her sprint towards them. Jolene and Earl turned around in utter shock. Tessa realized this and slowed down into a jog, a walk then she simply stopped, letting his chest rise to catch her breath.

Her pink lips quivered and two tears ran quickly down her rosy cheeks. Tessa realized her parents didn't expect her to survive. Her mom rushed to Tessa and squeezed her arms around Tessa's slim body. Tessa closed her eyes and rubbed her mom's smooth brown hair, "I'm ok...", she whispered. Stronger arms wrapped around Tessa and pushed her Mom closer. "My little lemon...", her father softly said.     

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"NoYou are coming with me, Mutant. We do not have time to waste running around in this outdated and heavily damaged piece of trash."     "I will explain everything on the way to gather our next set of allies: Tessa McIntoshClue and Zariah Miles-Liafador. By my calculations, all of the aforementioned individuals should currently be in conflict with a cadre of Yellow Lanterns and an army of Sentinels in the New York of Reality "M", now climb onto my back, if we are going to avert the destruction of the Multiverse entire then we need to go at my speed, not yours. Normally, while in B!itch mode, Slight would have given Gray Fox an earful, but seeing as how he was right, Slight was willing to let it go. But still he had been insulted by a computer, none the less, and he would have to take a slice of revenge out on him, or whatever he was thinking at the time... Slight declined to mount Gray Fox, his revenge, and said that he would fly alongside him, and that he was more than able to keep up, not knowing the full speed capacity the machine had.  
So of they went, using the Omega Haven deck as a take off point, the enemies now allies sped off to defend the world once again. Gray Fox spoke once they were out of vicinity of the Haven. His monotone voice was not was Slight wanted to hear, and so he drowned him out, focusing on the wind racing past his ears. His mind became a strategic board, placing pieces of the puzzle together, and replacing them so that they fit perfectly. He thought of ways to deal with the Lanterns, which he had faced before, one of the reminders of his dead family. Even if Darkchild, or whoever caused the Reality "M" blackout was not there to atone, the sheepish flock of fear mongers would suffer ten fold. The Sentinels, which he had dealt with on numerous occasions. The things that tried to at first wipe out mutants, then, wipe out super powered beings all together, and now in conjunction with the Lanterns were wiping out everything. Slight had a special place in his heart for those minions of mechanized evil. But for now the main task was to help his team, give them the support the probably needed. Plus it would have give him a chance to check out Zariah. He wanted to see her progress in his absence.  
Before he could even see the carnage, the echoes of explosions and booming frays could be heard. Breaking through the cumulus barrier, Slight was amazed. Everything was lit under a hue of red, orange and yellow. The colors of fire. Its burning passion, its destructive drive was beaten into the city like the illustrious and astounding glory that was New York never existed in a state of pristine structure. "Your team mates are close by. I'm pinpointing their location as we speak...There." Gray Fox spoke again, this time, what he had to say was important enough to hear, and they both sped downward to the scene of the crime. 
So far, there were only the left over signs of damage; no real presence of the two attackers, lead by whoever. Slight walked the street, allowing Gray Fox to amble next to him. "Continue scanning the area for signs of life. I'm going up ahead to check. I don't think it should take you long, so I'll expect to see you within five minutes." And with that, Slight flew off, kicking up dust from his spot. Deeper within the city, near Brooklyn the fight still waged. Taping into his link, hoping that the rest of his team had them as well, Avery spoke triumphantly. "I'm here guys... Just kick as much A$$ as you possibly can until we can meet up. Something tells me this is just beginning, so we'll need a plan in order to deal. We meet at the Empire State building in an hour." As a leader, Slight had to take responsibility into his hands. He had to own the risk, and danger, and face the fact that not all of Omega Justice possibly wouldn't make it out alive. But he had faith that they were well equipped, and would make a way when there was none. 
Gray Fox soon appeared, with three minutes to spare. "Omega Justice is meeting in an hour at the Empire State building. When we get there, I want you to explain why all of this is happening since you seem to have it all figured..." A yellow blast of light cut Slight short. It whizzed past his face, right between him and Fox. Turning to see the source was a Yellow lantern. It's sight was like a match to gasoline, lighting a fire in Slight belly, one that could only be satiated by blood. Forming a telekinetic barrier between him and the Lantern, he flew toward him, wanting the Lantern to attack again. His anticipation was correct, and he fired another yellow blast, which was easily deflected by his telekinetic shield. The Lantern then formed a buzz saw from the light construct, in and attempt to sever the bonds of his mental wall. Almost as if they were on a synchronized team, Slight defaulted the shield, and both him and Grey Fox split, and spiraled forward in flight, encasing the shaft of the light saw in their back drafts. Speeding past the Yellow Lantern, Slight stopped just short of fifteen feet away, and collected water vapor into a small sphere. Holding it out, it elongated and formed a water spear which pierced cleanly through the Lanterns' lumbar and abdomen. His ring dimmed for a moment and broke free of his hand.  
At his current height, Slight saw over to his left a sentinel falling from grace. He wondered, and knew that it could be only one thing, and Omega Justice member had kicked ample a$$. He directed Fox to follow him over to the victory. Looking down, he saw a head of blond locks running down the street, and he yelled out, because he knew the heads name... "Tessa...Wait..." He flew faster to catch up to her. With this meeting, only a few member were left to gather. 

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When Slight had declined mounting his shoulder and declared that he could keep up, every fiber in Fox's being was demanding that he show how inferior organic life was to machine life by racing ahead of him, but he denied the "urge" to do so and kept at a steady pace just several feet ahead of Slight. As they flew Fox began to speak, not to Slight in particular, just to speak. 
He stopped after finally reaching the burning city of New York "M". His sensors immediately locked onto Tessa McIntosh's signature as well as those of Zariah Miles-Liafador, Clue and a couple he did not recognize. "Your teammates are close by. I am pinpointing their locations as we speak...there." Fox said, using his index finger to point out a position somewhat deeper into the heart of Brooklyn.
"Continue scanning the are for signs of life. I'm going up ahead to check things out. I don't think it should take you long, so I'll expect to see you within five minutes." Slight responded; Fox nodded and teleported to various places across the city, hoping to find anyone else who could be of assistance. All he found was a Sentinel actively searching for something to destroy. It turned around to face Fox and locked eyes with him. "Target Identified, Species: Technological, Sentinel. Directive: Return to scanning for applicable targets." It bellowed.
Fox watched as The Sentinel turned its back to him and went back to searching for things it could destroy and teleported to Slight's side. "Omega Justice is meeting in an hour at the Empire State Building. When we get there, I want you to explain why all of this is happening since you seem to have it all figured..." Slight found himself cut off by a beam of concentrated energy as it cut through the air between them. Above them, a Yellow Lantern prepared himself for a second assault, Fox raised his Dark Matter shields just as Slight raised his telekinetic ones.
The Lantern formed a buzz saw construct from his ring and struck at Slight's shield first. Anticipating what Slight would do now, Fox defaulted his shield as Slight defaulted his and the two split in unison and spiraled forward in flight, encasing the shaft of the light saw in their back drafts. Fox broke alignment and moved back as Slight dealt the finishing blow. Their attention was suddenly drawn to the destruction of a Sentinel in the far off distance. The victor had been Tessa McIntosh, who apparently had not broken free of the fever dream effect created by Reality "M"'s instability. He could see her embracing facsimiles of her parents, soulless doppelgangers created by the architect of this mad reality. "Tessa...wait..." Slight yelled out.
"Avery Spottswood...halt. Something is not right. I believe...Tessa McIntosh's mind is still trapped in Reality "M". If I am correct...she cannot see nor hear us right now and will be of no use to us until we wake her from the nightmare that is Reality "M". A problem I have already created a solution for. We must kill the soulless entities posing as her Parents." Fox explained as he fired fistfuls of Dark Matter energy at Tessa's "Parents", steadfast in his belief that their "deaths" would wake her from the fever dream Reality "M" had placed her and others like her in when it ensnared them.

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The sentinels decapitated the upper half of the house letting the night air take it's natutral space. Marc watched Ryo duck for protection then he burst into the air. A radiating green cosmic wrecking ball formed when Marc clasped his hands together. The motions of Marc's hands directed the wrecking ball into action; He smashed it relentlessly across the sentinel's mechanic body. Metal fragments were thrown off the robot's face and chest, this caused it to stagger backwards. Marc grit his teeth and drew his hands back across his body then swung them outawrd. His cosmic wrecking ball beheaded the sentinel, and sent it's head rolling across the grass field ahead of the guest houses. 

While the headless sentinel sparked and malfuntioned, Marc spotted another sentinel attacking Yashima's mansion. "What the f#ck is Maya doing!? When she said go away did she mean die?!", Marc thought angered. As Marc approached the second sentinel, he had his hands already pulled back. He swung outward and beheaded the sentinel knocking it on the floor crashing into the backyard pond along with it's head. Levitating above the mansion breathing heavily from the adrenaline rush, he snapped back into reality. 

He spun around just as Ryo timidly stepped out of the destroyed house. "I need help with Yashima, he's conscious now--but I'm not the strongest guy...", Ryo yelled urgently. Ryo only saw Marc as a shadowed figure pasted against the full moon. Marc's floated motionless then his shadow shot towards the ground inside the mansion. 

"Jimi?....", Marc dropped into Jimi's destroyed bedroom. His brother lay on the sprawled out on the floor. He wore a powder blue t-shirt and grey pajama pants. The horror. Jimi's brown eyes were wide open with his mouth parted. "JIMI!...", Marc kneeled by his brother and lifted him up. He shook in terror as  felt his body bend to gravity. His hands slightly swung and Marc knew. Marc squeezed Jimi and cried, nuzzling his head into Jimi's black hair. As Marc cried uncontrollably he smelled Jimi's childish shampoo scented hair. 

"WHO'S RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS!!!", Yashima's voiced boomed from behind Marc. All Marc could do was turn his head and look at a blurred Yashima and Ryo. His mouth moved, but he could say anything. He only squeezed Jimi tighter and kissed him on the head. Marc trapped himself in a moment, a moment when Jimi was alive. The memories rushed him, only a few days ago at their house he playfully pranced around Marc trying to cheer him up. Heal him

He shut his eyes and sought out someone responsible and he found Maya. "I'm going California...", Yashima soured his face, "After this you decide to leave!?", Yashima whispered angrily, in disbelief. 
"No...I'm going after the b!tch responsible for this..."

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 After the time stream opened RL found himself in front of Sha. She was a diverse thinker and warrior. With a quick move she was able to escape the fiery shower of green energy he had thrown at her by going through a portal.

As she reappeared her body spun vigorously making a tornado of debris from the wrecked Times Square which was complimented by an additional tornado made out of dark energy. RL saw the tornadoes but before he could react a dark energy monster that was also manipulated by Sha emerged. RL made a monster of his own to combat the dark energy monster and as they engaged RL was caught by blast that Sha had sent his way. It sent him into debris tornado which slung him into the dark one. He twirled around in the dark tornado for a few seconds until he finally managed to break free slamming into the ground and tumbling in the ground 8 complete times.

He stood and threw up from the the devastating motions. The Renegade ribs were now feeling the toll and quickly need repair. RL stood frozen and scanned the area using his the electromagnetic properties of his ring and was able to locate Sha on top of a building.

"Enough cough is enough" said the Hero of Heroes and he began to focus on his target. A green ball developed around his body with his green light energy. It grew larger and larger until it superseded the size of the building that Sha was sitting atop. RL fired a blast from within his ball towards thebuilding  that once it hit it caused a chain reaction that began to bring the structure down.

Not a second later the ball imploded back into RL's body forming an aerodynamic envelope around him that sent his engulfed body flying towards Sha reaching his top speed of Mach 10. Using the momentum of his speed and a spark of light energy that was settled in his left cybernetic arm RL swung a cataclysmic blow with vitality towards Sha's mid section.

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 Zariah stood with the scared citizens of New York trying to cover them from the falling debris; coming from the onslaught Sentinel attack. They were scared…she could feel it; every time one of those gigantic robots blew something up, they just knew someone else had lost life. They could see Sentinels coming left and right; however each would only take one step before falling. Zariah’s Ninjan eyesight was able to catch glimpse of a Red and Blue streak smashing into a sentinel. “It’s Sha…” someone close by said with a touch of enthusiasm in their voice. Zariah smiled…her mother didn’t exist in the 31 century however she’d get a chance to fight alongside with her here, in this time. “Everyone stays here” Zariah said taking a step into broad day light; as she did so everything went white.

Hayden finally had the time she needed to launch her last attack, feeling the blood dripping down her breast she tried to stay awoke for her final attack. “One of us won’t make it…”  Hayden flew into the air, up enough so that she wouldn’t be subjected to the winds below. The rain smacked her shoulders, while the deafening lightening lit the nightly abyss behind her. A blue energy emanated off her body this was her chi, using the force of the hellfire, she shot what appear to be a dome of chi energy towards Nova, using her magnetism to collect in metal alloy’s in the process, the huge attack swirled around with the hurricane like wind, as it did nothing but assault the already relentless terrain. “sui…cide attack” Hayden said falling to the ground, landing with a loud thud, one that could not be heard thanks to the sounds of the massive power storm. She was alive, just lying on the ground completely drained of her energy; she couldn’t even tilt her head to see what became of Nova. However as she was searching for the Fire Nymph time seemed to open, and Hayden was snatched from the battle and sent to the same exact place Zariah was.

  Zariah could feel reality separating her body from its self; she and both her mother shared almost the exact same genetic makeup and with that Reality “M” bonded them together creating one person.   There was a silvery surge that made her thighs quake from the supernatural force. As the electricity burned through her body, it restructured her whole mindset, encasing her body in a thick veil of light. When it subsided she was once again in New York city. The city continued to breakdown around her; however she didn’t care about that, her Ninjan blood; pumped for blood. This craving wasn’t a usual Ninjan craving but Reality “M” made her this way…she didn’t care whose blood dripped from the tip of her fingers as long as she could feel the warmth of the crimson life force between her hands. She flew over what appeared to be a group of heroes. There was a robotic humanoid, which began to charge some energy; Zariah was able to catch this and land in between the humanoid and the man whom claimed to be the king of the Sea’s.

She herself had never known of him; however Hayden’s memory knew him; when she returned as the leader of the illustrious Vine Villians she and her crew were set to take on Slight and the Outsiders. Landing in between Slight and the other two members.

“Hello Beautiful round 2” Zariah said slamming her fist into the ground trying to send a shockwave towards Slight. 


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One moment he had been firing upon the soulless entities who had been modeled after Tessa McIntosh's parents, the next he fell to distraction and missed his intended targets as a woman who looked like Zariah Miles-Liafador came between him and Slight, however all systems indicated that the woman standing before them was Hayden Miles, a Ninjetan tyrant and Zariah's biological mother. Unlike Tessa's parents though...scans proved that Hayden was real. Fox could only theorize that she or rather her soul had been pulled through a rift in time/space at a moment when she was on the verge of death and merged with Zariah, corrupting her soul in the process, with help from Reality "M" of course. "Hello beautiful, round two!" He heard Zariah shout just as she slammed her fist into the ground, sending a powerful shockwave crashing towards Slight.
Fox teleported from his current position behind Zariah and reappeared in front of Slight, deflecting the oncoming shockwave with one created by the slamming of his own fist against the ground. "Avery Spottswood, would you kindly awaken Tessa McIntosh from her dreams whilst I deal with this abomination?" Fox asked, keeping his back to the young hero so that he could keep an eye on Zariah. "Hayden Milesof Ninjeta, I know you can hear me, leave your daughter's body at once, the whole of Creation is on the verge of annihilation and we cannot afford to be sidetracked by pointless conflicts such as these." Knowing that his demands would very well go unheard, Fox charged his fists, eyes and even his mouth cannon up with highly concentrated Dark Matter energies and surrounded himself with a honeycomb-patterned shield. He was about to go to war with a living force of nature and he needed to be fully prepared for what was to come.

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Pure chaos ruled the streets now. Carnage and Destruction had bore children and their names were Fear and Sentinel. Everywhere he looked, all around was nothing but ruble and memories of what used to be a place of power. Gray Fox had informed Slight that Tessa was under some sort of mental delusion in which she thought she was in a different reality, perhaps she had not woken up from Reality M. It was not even two seconds after speaking to Gray Fox that Zariah appeared from a blinding flash of speed. Landing between them she only uttered "Beautiful Round Two" Slight had no idea of what she was talking about, because him and Zariah never fought to begin with, they actually got along. Gray Fox however read deeper into the situation.  "Avery Spottswood, would you kindly awaken Tessa McIntosh from her dreams whilst I deal with this abomination?"  "Hayden Miles of Ninjeta, I know you can hear me, leave your daughter's body at once, the whole of Creation is on the verge of annihilation and we cannot afford to be sidetracked by pointlessconflicts such as these."  
Slight thought back to years ago, Hayden Miles. The woman that had attempted to take down the New Outsiders while he lead them, and the woman that had played a part in the destruction of Ninjeta. But at the same time, he held back. Part of him wanted to immediately gun for her, to resolve the issue of Hayden and Zaria as quickly as possible, the other saw Zariahs face, it's once innocent demeanor tainted by the evils of a mother that cared nothing for the life her daughter had. Slight did what he was told however, while Zariah/Hayden punched the ground sending a shockwave toward him. Gray Fox had his back though, and he would have to thank him for it later, as painful as those words would be to say. Slight flew toward Tessa, attempting to snap her out of the stupor she fell into. "Tessa listen to me..." She did nothing. "Marc needs you...He told me that he needs you right now. I can take you to him." Slight was lying blindly through his teeth. But, in the hope that his words would ignite her concious self to return to this reality, he did it anyway. Hopefully she would hear him, and understand what he was saying, and that her love for Mercury was a stronger insanity than the one she was in already.

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A sole bolt fell down the gargantuan form of the Sentinel.
"Uncertain of assessment." The Sentinel said, it's eyes flashing as Mr. Clue sat on it's chassis with his Yellow Lantern ring, undoing it's armor. 
"What do you mean you're uncertain, you toaster oven?" Clue asked, poking his head up from his work, the Sentinel's AI was questioning itself. Clue knew exactly what the Sentinel was going through, it's two main objectives was to destroy anyone who commits crime without discrimination and to protect the Yellow Lanterns that oversaw their operation. In order to uphold one it had to disobey the other, one objective automatically assumed that it couldn't be broken by the second, and the Sentinel was forced to prioritize two objectives that seemed completely unrelated. Clue was currently exploiting the advanced AI by convincing it that if one Yellow Lantern could be a criminal, they all could, and by priority, killing crime came before it's inherent need to protect it's watchers. The Sentinel ultimately agreed and Clue offered to reprogram it so that it could do what it needed. But it was all a ploy to get inside the Sentinel without a fight.
"Uncertain. Logic sound. Sentinel-4374 uncertain." It's robotic voice moaned.
Why would one want to get inside of a Sentinel, though?
"Oh do shut up." Clue muttered, popping the chest plate open with his bare hands and flipping it over. While the power ring came in handy when he needed tools, Clue wasn't really fond of having powers. He didn't particularly like his imagination taking form, every so often a woman would pop out of the ring and stand next to him when his mind was racing. Sometimes she would appear behind him, rubbing his shoulders or caressing his face. If anyone had the reins to their mind it was Clue, so it wasn't an uncontrollable thing in which he wasn't conscious that he was doing it, he just didn't want her to go away again, whoever she was. So whenever he could help not using the ring, he wouldn't. He stood within the docile monster's breast, sifting through the plethora of machinery. There was something he found interesting sitting within the titan's chest, a Yellow Lantern's power battery powering the Sentinel at it's core. Something he would of course take with him later.
There was something specific that he was looking for, he whipped out his cell phone that was tapped into a number of nets, he'd been receiving distress messages for meet-ups for a while now which he had been for the most part ignoring. Omega Justice and whoever else who knew the world was wrong would live for the time being without his help, daddy was at work and couldn't be bothered with whatever threat whoever was facing. Unrolling a chord, he connected one end to the phone and the other to a port inside the Sentinel.
"Unauthorized. Unauthorized. Unauthorize---" With a stroke of his finger on the touchscreen, the Sentinel's voice was deactivated.
"Enough chin wagging..I said shut up." Clue grumbled, the Sentinel panicked, it stirred before it's AI was was deactivated and it's brain function was ceased. He didn't need the Sentinel online for what he wanted. Deep down the child in him felt like he'd betrayed the automaton, but he knew that he was nothing but a pile of scraps and silicon. It only took him a minute to find what he wanted, a blip, a signal being beamed from space. That would do. He balled up his fist as he emerged from the Sentinel's chest wrapped in a yellow light, his fist balled and the ring flaring with bright yellow energy and the battery that acted as the Sentinel's core clutched tight in his other hand, bubbling with yellow.
He streaked into the sky, through the clouds, high into the stratosphere. In his wake he left a thunderous boom as he reached hypersonic speeds and within moments he was closing in upon what he was looking for. A satellite that orbited the Earth, it unfolded and from it spilled dozens upon dozens of Sentinels. How the unforeseen could put a damper on the day, Clue thought. Repulsors were lit fired recklessly at him, weaving between the agitated rays and streaking through the mechanical monstrosities, he sprayed yellow light on the satellite which quickly bloomed and blossomed into explosions, but not before being struck by a repulsor blast from his blindside--
The satellite was still operational and there were much too many Sentinels guarding it for him to get any sort of real damage in. The direct approach wouldn't work so instead of wasting his time pelting the shielded satellite with blasts he circled it while sticking on the inside of the Sentinels. That way the infernal monsters would tear through one another and that which they sought to protect while trying to hit him. It took him all of thirty seconds how to effectively wield the ring, but he still hadn't mastered it, he had to play this safe, the thought of losing control or running out of energy and being stranded out here was one that dawned on him and not a thought he was particularly a fan of.
One of the repulsor blasts finally depleted the shield that protected the satellite which triggered an emergency protocol, cannons extended from it's sides and went off like strobe lights, destroying everything in it's immediate vicinity.
"Dammitall--" Clue muttered, covering himself in a field just as he was struck with a volley of lights. The orb he wrapped himself in extended, punched through the satellite and forming into a number of hands and tearing it apart. The Sentinels that remained around him went dead, and all over the planet they went dead as well, simultaneously slaying the source of every killer robot that was patrolling the face of the planet. The thought of how many people he saved just now ran through the back of his mind as he re-entered the atmosphere, Clue wasn't a bad person, but he never really had an interest in saving people. That wasn't what he did, at least he hadn't done it in a rather long time. There was always something to it, this was the first time he'd actually gone out of his way to do so...then he realized that being around these people was changing him.
"I'll be wearing tights by the time this whole ordeal's over and done with." He thought to himself as he crashed into the Hudson.

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As Fractured made contact with Solace grasping her around the waist, he launched himself into the air. “Ninjan…” Solace spat the word like a curse as she struggled against Fractured's steel grip. “Let…Me Go!” She screamed, a becan of light shot forth from her and the woman Fractured had been holding was gone. “I FEEL GREAT!” Exclaimed the masculine man who now stood before him in dark garb. “You want to play hero!?...Fine!” Solace said, pointing his hands down toward the mansion below he released a wave of energy toward the mansion below. "NO!" Freactured screamed, he soared toward the mansion racing the blast his eyes fell upon Maya helpless below, he reached for her the world spiraling out of control around him, then everything faded black.

Present Day

A doorway opened, blinding light poured out of the door. After a moment the silhouette of a tall slender woman filled to entrance. "Fractured of Farwick." A beautiful voice beckoned. "Know that you are not responsible for your actions in the fall of Ninjeta. A parasite plagued this universe Ninjeta, it was destined to fall." The woman spoke in a reassuring tone."If you will allow me I wish to send you to another universe."

"Why?" A man asked his voice strained."There is a team of heroes there called Omega Justice, I believe a relationship will be mutually beneficial to you and this team." The woman said."They will be able to remove the parasite which still infects you." She explained."The Planet Earth is about to be in dire need, Omega Justice will be at the center of this crisis. Help them Fractured." She finished.

Fractured awoke in what appeared to be some type of medical facility. Sliding off the bed, he stumbled the first few steps he took, catching himself on a desk. He got this sudden feeling of deja vu, then it all came rushing back to him.

Reality distorting, his fall to Earth, meeting Paragon and the grief stricken girl holding her father. The girl had split in two, leaving part of herself defenseless. In an effort to protect young Maya Fractured had charged Solace, the next thing he knew he had woken up here.

"Maya." Fractured said. She must still be on the planet, at the mercy of Solace. He felt this need to find her, to protect her. "Guess I'll have to take the door this time." Fractured thought as he navigated the halls of the space station. Turning the corner Fractured found what he was looking for, ahead of him a sealed door read 'DANGER AIR LOCK' Fractured placed his hands on the locking mechanism took a deep breath then rotated.

The oxygen was expelled from the hall and alarms began to sound. The hatched behind him sealed cutting him off from the rest of the station. Determination in his eyes Fractured launched himself from the Omega Space Station.

Once again he found himself sucking into the gravitational pull of the Earth. However this time he found he had more control of his decent. Willing himself to go faster Fractured shot forward, he found when he focused he was able to use his extraordinary vision to find New York City, looking for the mansion he had last seen Maya. However the sky view of New York had changed dramatically, half the state was simply gone. Buildings, homes, parks everything had just been burned away. With a thought Fractured decent ceased in an instant, he hovered above the desolate state surveying the damage.

In the back of his mind Fractured realized that he was in fact flying, but due to the distract before his eyes he could not focus on something so trivial. The things that captured his attention first were the enormous robotic men, they loomed over city firing on the populace, “Surely they had some part in all of this destruction.” Fractured thought. Before he could take any action however the colossal machines seemed to power down. The ones that were in motion dropped to the ground causing the Earth to tremble for miles, those that were stationary simply stood where they were.

Fractures eyes proceed to New York City where it seemed the majority of the fighting was taking place. Men and woman wielding yellow energy as a weapon were locked in combat with other airborne beings. Fractured began to soar through the air once more, he circled the city looking for any sign of Maya. When Fractures eyes came upon a man hovering near one of the tallest buildings in the city seemingly unperturbed by the war zone surrounding him, the question “Who are you?” came to Fractured's mind. His eyes focused on the mans features he possessed a strong chin, black hair that was slicked back, his attire was all black include a long cape and there's was an emblem accenting his chest, a large 'S' the vocal point. Suddenly the hero was bombarded with images. Two warriors one in blue, the other in red they looked identical to the man except for their hair and eye color. It seemed the two were constantly at ends with on another. Either locked in fierce combat or arguing over something.

Fractured's head was pounding, the information flooding in to much to handle. He still wasn't sure who the man before him was but he trusted his heart, which told him this man was behind all the horrible things taking place. He hovered over the war zone like a general gauging his troops ready to make a change in an instant if needed. The determination still present in his eyes Fractured launched himself toward the man in black. Pulling his right arm back he aimed a punch at his opponents jaw, he would follow it up with a jab to the enemies midsection.

Fractured's body seemed to be familiar with this feeling of on coming battle even if he couldn't remember his life before a few hours ago. As he soared toward the man ready to attack Fractured's mind went back to the dream he had experienced the first time he awoke aboard the Omega Space Station. The beautiful woman, her eyes fixed and stern prepared to die fighting. Clenching his jaw Fractured's angry swelled inside him and he screamed in defiance. Just like in the dream his vision was clouded by a red aura as a beam of crimson energy shot toward the dark figure.

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 The Ninjan Queen landed in time Square; there was nothing but the stench of destruction littering the whole Time Square Area. Looking up into the sky, Sha could see the gigantic sentinels looking down upon the leveled city; however there seemed to be no life in them anymore. “That’s awkward” she said standing with her hands on her hips. Taking a moment to gaze at the massive amounts of carnage; the death toll was staggering, it seemed like every time the world was being threatened a massive amount of people perished. Sha did notice one thing; one thing that would have a lasting effect on the United States. All of the people evacuating New York City looked to be very young, with the oldest being maybe 55 years old. Reality “M”’s presence was not only merging with the Real world it was also turning back time; people were literally De-aging.   “Yeah…Maya I’m so telling Mom on you” Sha said jokingly whilst running her hands through her golden locks. Despite her demeanor this was no joking matter, anyone whom stayed in this area whilst the realities were merging began to de-age, maybe 5 to 10 years; throw in the fact that there was widespread damage throughout the city a joke made from one of the world’s greatest heroes seemed like the actual insult.

Something caught her Ear however the sound of an electric laid crackling; mixed with a loud and forceful push of energy. Sha’s golden hair was pushed forward as the wind from the time vortex opened. Her Ninjan Keen eye only identified the being as a shadow he was an athletic muscular; her ocean blue eyes widened as the veil of darkness that was once over him subsided. Her hands became shaky it had been ages since she last saw this man… the time where he had to be airlifted.

No sooner than he emerged, Tornadoes began to spout up around her twirling the wreckage and what not. “He’s not real” Sha whispered to herself as he demeanor was that of threatened. He came close and then Ninjan Queen fired a beam of energy towards his chest knocking him back. The force from her attack sent him flying through the Debris tornado; which then pin balled him to another tornado. She stood with her fist balled still trying to shake off the shock of seeing Renegade Lantern in this modern world.

She went up higher to try and escape an attack from him, but it was like He saw this happening; from his power ring he fired a titanic amount of energy engulfing the Ninjan Queen in a thick veil of Cyan light. When it subsided she felt to the ground with her whole shirt blown off. Her cape dangled from around her neck just barley…it was tattered and rapidly flapping in the wind. Sha ripped the cape from her shoulders and slowly pushed herself back to her feet.   Before she could actually locate him; she felt a powerful and almost fatal impact from his cybernetic arm slamming into her stomach which knocked her through a already knocked over builing… she skipped across the ground until she came to a rolling stop. Her golden hair had been painted by the debris of the building.

“I’m not a princess anymore RL…I’m the muthaf!king QUEEN!” Sha’s eyes lit up in a rage filled light, and with that she pushed her hands forward; unleashing a titanic force of energy herself, which pushed the streets with it causing huge almost trenches in the streets. From her point of view everything was far worse with that attack. As her Bra strap on her right side finally broke, she stood in rage looking around for RL. However her attention was taken by the sound of another opening portal…”What am I in a gauntlet she said ready to direct her attention to the next apparent foe.

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After Tessa had her hugging moment with her parents, they continued running through the chaotic streets. “Marc…needs you…” Tessa’s parents began to fade as she heard the familiar voice. “Marc?” Tessa questioned as she watched her parents disappear. It made more sense to her now, “This isn’t real”, she whispered, parting his lips. When she understood that, sounds of warfare rushed her ears.

Laser beams, crashing buildings, cracking concrete, bomb explosions, screams. Tessa squinted her eyes and covered her ears. Someone grabbed her hands; she jumped and opened her eyes. It was Slight. “He told me that he needs you…I can take you to him right now”. Tessa widened her eyes, shook her head and put her hand over her mouth. “This isn’t real either...” Tessa edged away from Slight, and then suddenly a body crashed into the right side of her body.

Tessa fell on her back and managed to break her fall, but the body was still on top of her. In an instant, she let out a sharp scream. She rolled the body off of her and kneeled over him. “Marc….!”, Tessa screamed. Marc was drenched in sweat, his white shirt was ripped and he was sunburned. “Marc!” Tessa tried to lift his upper body; she managed to set get his sweaty head in her lap. Marc slightly shifted and groaned. “Marc! What happened!?”, Tessa yelled at him again, worried. “Slight! HELP HIM!”, Tessa demanded. 

“Kill…”, Marc opened his eyes weakly. “She killed Jimi”. Tessa dropped her head lower to his face in tears. “She killed Jimi, Maya killed Jimi. She did all….” Tessa cried, “She did what?..."Marc tried to smiled and gently rubbed Tessa cheek.  Tessa panicked, Marc was being too nice to her. "Don't die on me Marc", Tessa cried. Marc laughed weakly and closed his eyes. The explosive battle surrounding her went silent. Her mind went wild as she hugged Marc in her thin arms.  

 Besides Marc's critical condition, Tessa wondered where he came from and why Maya killed Jimi. Tessa glanced back and saw the man, with the S on his costume, claiming to be Solace. During this entire ordeal, Tessa hadn't seen Maya anywhere. Then the basketball court fight flashed in her mind; Maya's daughters took Marc.  All theses negative thoughts were dismissed when Tessa read Marc's mind. She saw Yashima, Samara, Sentinels and a dead Jimi. Tessa saw the desperate measures Marc took to get here, she empathized with his betrayal, anger and exhaustion. "SLIGHT SAVE HIM!!!”, Tessa screamed, her face glossed in tears. 

Tessa wanted Marc to survive , she wanted him to get his revenge. 
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 Everything was to his liking, there was nothing but total destruction of New York City; he’d purge this city of its citizens and set up shop. Florian was gone, he had other things to tend to, not that it mattered to Solace as he could handle the heroes himself. Time was changing, the population was de-agining, and there were people crossing over from different tie periods.  There was death all over and yet he had sort of a cocky confident smile on his face. What no one knew is he himself was his own separate entity; from a time period known as Earth “M” a time period that actually existed, somewhere in the Multiverse. On this Earth there was no Maya Lopez, there was simply Solace a being that poessed; people who had weak emotions.   On Earth “M” Solace was inside a being known as Professor Gray, he was a world renowned Scientist and a student to the Multiverse.   From Earth “M” he was able to see certain components of other Earths though an Emotional Corridor, which is how he found Maya Lopez. Eighteen Years old, Two kids, her original mother and father killed, Her adoptive mother missing, and her adoptive father killed; she was simply the perfect subject. Using his emotional powers granted to him by Solace of his time, he entered this emotional corridor and awaited until, Maya’s anger got the best of her.

He himself hated what he did exploiting the life of someone who had it so hard, but this was for science; His encounter with Fractured changed him though; the Solace scanned Fractured’s angry and brash personality which in fact altered him.   He now had a new purpose, to create something better for himself in this world; something he would not be able to achieve on Earth “M”.

He levitated High in the sky watching as most of his sentinels and lanterns lay waste to the city, where now and then knocked down only for his satellite to replenish them. “Sweetness on a stick…this is grand!” he said laughing hysterically in the sky. It only took a few moments for him to realize the sentinels had now went off line. “No…No…nO!!!!!” He screamed which caused a loud boom in the sky. “You ruined everything!!!!” he screamed looking down at the Gray Fox, Slight and Tessa; his anger was quelled just slightly as Zariah Miles appeared on the scene; but he continued his tirade. Balling up his fist and landing on the ground, a huge wind gust pushed his cape violently behind him.   His eyes turned red with hate and anger but; he soon relaxed there was no need to be angry; he couldn’t be defeated anyway, his plan was too full proof!”   loud booms could be heard coming from times square, Reality “M” was merging with Earth again and it brought forth Renegade Lantern this time.

He had managed to extract the attention from Omega Justice; but there was something…or someone who managed to capture his attention. Fractured; he was a being also from another Universe; his crossover was allowed for some reason; as if someone purposely brought him here, much like the older version of Zariah. He was fast, a huge masculine Ninjan Fist came screaming across Solace’s fact knocking him a few pegs back, which opened him up for a punch towards the midsection.   This knocked Solace off his feet; his skipped across the ground breaking it in the process tumbling a few time before stopping. “YOU! STAY AWAY FROM ME!” Solace screamed as Fractured had the strength advantage over him; that wouldn’t last long.

Solace’s body began to glow a pure white, drawing in the fear from those still in the city, the confusion from Maya Lopez and Sicily Boss on Ryker’s island, The Anger from Mercury, The Anguish from both Slight and Tessa; thanks to the Emotional Corridor he was able to increase his strength over ten fold. “I’ll bury you with your Ninjan Sisters!” Solace screamed as he shot across the pavement breaking it in the process, he charged Fractured   sending a barrage of punches towards his face and a series of knee’s towards his stomach. “Awww hell I’ll just kill you all!” He said turning his attention to Fox, Slight, and Tessa pushing his hands back he fired a titanic wave of ion energy towards them in the form of a huge flash, not meaning for it to actually hit them.   He came through the flash with his eyes screaming a bloody red shooting a huge beam of energy one that would engulf them all.

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One moment Fox had been about to engage Hayden Miles in battle, the next he was protecting her, Slight, Tessa and Tessa's fallen lover with one of his honeycomb shields from a colossal beam of energy. As it slammed into his shield, Fox was forced to dig his feet into the road to keep from falling off-balance. When it was over, Fox looked up to see what he could only surmise was the one responsible for this madness. A dark, twisted Übermensch with blazing red eyes, jet black hair and a spandex suit to match. "You! You are the one responsible for all of this! Do you even realize what it is that you have done? DO YOU?!" Without hesitating, Fox launched himself at Solace, his eyes blazing with Dark Matter energy.
He was going to do his best to ensure that Solace didn't get another shot off and then...then he would grab a hold of the bastard and enact his ultimate solution. He would force Solace through the Continuum and drive them both into The Void beyond The End of Time. He would erase his own existence to save everyone else's. It was a heroic act, sure, but this was a special occasion and it wasn't like anyone was going to remember him for it if he succeeded. They wouldn't remember him at all, in fact, because he would have never have existed. But neither would Reality "M" or its mad creator, if Fox did this...the Multiverse he cherished so much would return to a stable form and life could keep on going on all those Earths.
With his mind firmly set on completing this task, Fox soared towards Solace at Mach-5 and attempted to knock him off-balance, which would give Fox time to seize Solace by the arms and drag him into the crack in time and space Renegade Lantern had left behind.

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 Before she knew it, two portals opened up, one in front of her, and one behind her. Her eyes focused on the hands of Chaos as they came downward. The sky suddenly seem to split open as a powerful sonic burst crashed upon Nova’s body, causing her to fly towards her opponent.
The Fire Goddess screamed in agonizing pain as the magnetic shock ran through her body, Chaos’ hand slamming against her chest were her sternum was, which was directly in front of her heart. Her body flew back into the portal that was behind her, causing the once desert scene around the two, to be turned into a city apocalypse. All she could do was assume this was Chaos’ doing. Getting to her knees, she grasped her chest with her left hand, her heart beating out of control from the massive shock, her breathing rapid. Blood began to drip down from her lips upon the red dirt, because of the metal that was inside her body, the shock did double the amount of damage it would to a normal human.

Spitting excess blood from her mouth she slowly got upon her knees, her hand still upon her chest, her vision so blurry from the attack, she could barely make out who was standing in front of her, it didn’t… it didn’t look like Chaos, it looked like… Sha again. But why would she go back to her normal form? Didn’t matter… she had to keep going.
“That’s right… don’t hold back…”
her voice shaky and showed pain with every word spoken. Everything was coming together, just a few more minutes and it will be done, or she hoped it would be that soon.
Her body began to glow, struggling to gather up enough energy to make her flames she grit her teeth in frustration. Digging her fingers into the blood soiled ground she began to draw a symbol upon the crumbled pavement, at the same time, whispering the demonic chant that Darkchild taught her.
“From the depths of the pit, I call upon thee to bestow thy power unto me. That your mightiest power shall grant me a fraction of thy power….” She paused for a moment as she looked up at Sha, the symbol on the ground glowing an eerie red and her eyes becoming a charcoal black. “BRING UNTO ME!” She yelled out as the ground rumbled below them. Where the symbol laid on the ground, a stream of hellfire shot into the sky, lighting up the darken broken city. Finally making it back up on her feet she rose her right hand into the sky as she then brought it down forcefully, balls of hellfire suddenly raining down like meteors from space, smashing into the Earth with a rumble with every impact, attempting to smash Sha in the process.
With her eyes still as black as night, she looked up into the sky, spreading her arms wide apart. It was then the hellfire stopped falling down to the ground, and instead began to run across the sky above them, and forming a dome around the two fighters. A dome of hellfire now encased the two fighters inside. Stephanie gave a smirk as she rose the temperatures inside the dome to the extreme, she wanted to see Sha sweat, to feel the same thing she did when she was stuck in hell for all that time.
She could feel the raw energy rushing through the hellfire around them, taking a deep breath she held it in for a few moments as she then pushed herself forward, taking off in a dead on sprint towards The Ninjan Queen, the palm of her hands began to glow as she thrust them out towards her at the last minute, attempting to press her left hand against her chest if she touched then she would be injecting pure hellfire heat into them, in hopes of making it too painful and almost impossible to breath.
She would then attempt to use her left fist to plant an uppercut right under Sha’s chin, if her fist makes impact a blast of fire would escape from her fist, to burn the Ninjan Warrior even more. Her heart began to ache again by this time, stumbling back she held tightly against her chest, never since they’ve fought had she felt like this before… this couldn’t be good.

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 Sha’s eye’s almost burst from her already closed eye as Feral Nova came through the time warp; she too was also a creation of Reality “M”. After Renegade Lantern’s assault she wasn’t really in the condition to handle a full on fight with Feral Nova. “No…” Sha groaned in pain as she watched her friend take on her once dark demeanor.  Sha could just faintly hear Nova mumbling something; it was that same chant from when Nova had destroyed Solace City! Despite all but maybe 3 bones in her body being broken the Ninjan Empress stood on her feet; watching as the gigantic geyser of pure hellfire erupted from the broken New York streets.   From the sky…a volley of gigantic fireballs rain down upon New York…some were so hot that they melted steel structures before the even made impact. “Let’s…try something new…” Sha said pushing off the ground going into the sky her cape was gone, her shirt was gone, her bra was tattered but Sha knew her appearance was the last thing that she needed to worry about.   She got close enough to where she could repel the fireballs in her area, and then began to fire a loud but consecutive Sonic Burst. The heat from the fire ball caused her own sweat to mix with the blood that dripped to her face from her hair. “GRK…” straining to keep the fireballs back she kept going until they were gone…out of the atmosphere.   While Sha was tending to the fireballs she had noticed Nova flying around; while she was in the midst of a huge sonic burst she hadn’t been able to keep tabs on Nova; Sha watched as the sky in front of her seemingly caught on fire.

“A dome…” she said turning around with her only good eye still focused on Feral Nova; Nova had done this exact same attack almost 8 months ago during their fight in Solace City. The half naked Empress landed on the ground her arm was nearly broken; and now Nova was on the attack. Sha began blowing as hard as she could, generating a small sonic burst one that would repel Nova’s attempt a burning her exposed chest. However what took the Ninjan Queen down was a punch from Nova, it was like a burning uppercut, it hit the Ninjan Queen under her chin and caused her to fall. She lacked the will to get back up. “Nova…bear…No” Sha said trying to rise to her feet, but she was bleeding profusely, her eye was almost locked closed; there was blood all in her golden hair; Multiple cuts all over her stomach. Sha had been beaten.   However there was something that caught her eye…something that changed the whole playing field; something so huge something so terrifying it gave Sha the strength to at least stand up. Nova turned around too, which stopped her assault, the two women stood with the heat blazing in the Dome…looking at…a planet.

“It’s back…” Sha said looking at the planet she used to call home, the planet that birthed her…the planet Ninjeta.   Sha tried to exit the dome but she realized she was still in there with Nova. “Going somewhere” Nova said, which pissed Sha off. “BACK OFF!!” Sha said pushing her good arm down to the ground channeling the Earth’s magnetic Core; since they were in a dome it was pretty easy to condense the attack, In doing so a gigantic eruption of energy   went off in the dome; causing it to shatter.   The effects caused Nova to go streamlining back through the time warp; but it left Sha for dead.


She was sitting in her room with her feet dangling off the side of her bed, countless maid's and butlers came in to tend to her but she didn’t want their help, She had been taken away from her mother, and her sisters and moved far from Farwick, Ninjeta, where she was born, She guessed she was in Celadon the Palace city. She heard footstep coming down the huge hallway. It was that of King DerekKen XVI he had to be about 6 years old, but he had a mustache and a beared. He greeted her but she did nothing back, he tried to reassure her that everything was going to be fine. She knew everything was about to change for her now. She would go from being poor and happy to wealthy and sad. She felt as if some type of dark essence was calling her from far away, like there was more than one world, other than the ones inside her star system. Stellaria's wondering prompted her to fall asleep. The following morning she was awakened by the sound of bells and birds and the sound of her maids coming to get her for Breakfast. She slowly slipped out the bed, and out the door. She was a bit confused by where she was. She walked the long corridor, looking in each room as she walked passed. She came to a huge dining hall and all she heard was: “INTRODUCING THE NEW PRINCESS OF NINJETA , Stellaria Liafador. People stood up and clapped as she walked towards the dining area and took her seat next to "her dad" The big difference about eating with the rich people and eating with her family is, her family actually talked with one another, this table was quiet. Stellaria dropped her spoon and her dad gave her a sharp look and she bent down to pick it up. Looking under the table she saw that on his feet he had gold slippers, she raised her head above the table to see that everyone was leaving. “EVERYONE REPORT TO THE STADIUM FOR THE SWEARING IN OF THE PRINCESS”. Everyone walked towards the stadium; she was in her pajama's there had to be at least 70,000 people in the arena. She took a seat on the royal stage and the ceremony began. As she looked around in the Stadium she could see both her mothers, Ziccarra Liafador, and Stella Hamasaki watching on with tears in her eyes.   As much as she wanted to run out to them, she knew things would have to be different; she was chosen by the Ninjan God Zephr to be the New Princess of Ninjeta. As she was standing up to go to the podium, a shift in time opened and she was pulled from the podium into the vortex, no sooner than she was pulled in it closed.

Present Day New York City

The vortex opened, and let Stellaria out into the streets of the ruined New York City; she could see the colossal sentinels laying all over the place, and even sounds of struggle were still persistent over the city. Looking up she could see a mammoth of a planet; it was almost a replica of hers, but it just seemed oddly different. She walked through the streets, looking around at the destruction until she came upon the body of a brutally beaten naked woman. “M…Mother!” she screamed rushing to Sha’s side clutching her within her arms. “What is all of this!?” she screamed pressing her face into her mother’s chest.

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Sensory overload. It was all to much to handle for one person, and yet, everyone was. Any normal person would have died by now, as seen with the body count that would unfold after this ordeal was finally over. And yes, maybe a few tears were shed, but nothing compared to what each person should have been going through. Tessa, the woman that he had once hated, the woman that had taken what he wanted so badly, asked now for his help to heal her wounded love. And Mercury appearing from almost nowhere. The man that had given him glimpses of wholeness, and repossessed it. For a moment, there was a glimmer of evil he felt to brew out of him. For that singular moment Slight wanted to turn from them all, and allow whatever happened to happen. Who was he to interfere with the divine plan? A hero that's who, someone who above all else put everyone before him. So he got to work, but still wondered what had given him such intense hatred, even for the minuscule moment. It would be revealed to him shortly though... 
Kneeling down in front of Mercury, he watched Tessa as she stepped back to allow him room. A lot of thoughts ran through his mind, and a lot of emotions came along with them. Jimi was dead. He knew that it had to have killed a part of Mercury, because Slight knew that Jimi was the world to him. After this he'd need a shoulder to cry on, and Slight wondered who's it would be. Collecting water from the surrounding area, which was close to nil because of all of the heat The King of the Sea began to heal Marcs extensive wounds, and there it was again. That ounce of mal-intent. He had to stop himself from finishing Marc off, so he stopped for a few seconds and began again after the episode was over. This time there was a physical reaction, his hands began to quiver and his breathing became heavy like something was trying to escape and every gulp of breath forced it back down only to have it try and escape again. 
"There...You're good to go."  Slight announced. And then there was a very recognizable voice. The little whisper beginning the story that would unfold. The whisper became a shout and the shout became a bellow. "It is time for me to feel again" Is what kept one repeating. Echoing over and over, increasing in decibel. Slight grabbed his head cupping his ears trying to drown out the noise, the voice, but it persisted like no other foe he'd ever faced before. Soon his body began to react, that breath feeling extended to all of his limbs. Call him stupid, but this was the time that he finally realized what was going on.  
The Oracle was trying, to escape again. And he, it was winning. Without words, Slight lay on the ground writhing, attempting to keep the force within him. But he felt himself falling into its power. For so long Avery bottled away his feelings about everything, and just as long the Oracle had been feasting on them, building up an appetite that had finally gotten to insatiable for normal means. It was going to break free, and experience life, and feel once again. With his last thought Slight spoke again..."I failed again"  
And with that, the Oracle took over. The vessel rose into the air without moving freely, consumed by a bright blue energy light. The energy wisped away from him as if he was enveloped in a flowing river. It's brilliance shone brightly denying the fire light its notoriety. A bright red energy rivaling Oracles own in luminescence ripped through the streets toppling the remaining sculpted giants. The Oracle sensed immediately the fluctuating power levels between each person within miles. He could feel them, and see their energy patterns as colors streaming off their aura's. Sending a telepathic message to everyone, including Gray Fox, the Oracle spoke "It has been so long since I last could feel so much hatred within this one body...I want....more." And wit that, Slight's body inhabited by the little known force balled into a fetal position, and expanded in an blink sending out a combination of telekinetic and hydrokinetic waves. The spherical attack was meant for them all, a force 3 energy projection, enough to hurt badly, but not to kill. Being such a fanatic for riling, the Oracle liked to toy with it's victims before it finally ended them, for the more they suffered the more he had control. Oracle fed off of raw emotion, and this place was full of it. 

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Marc heard the erratic sounds of the epic battle occurring around him. Like waking from a nightmare Marc woke up from his sleep sweating and breathing heavily. "Come on...". Tessa pulled at his arm as he watched a expanding energy dome rumble towards them. Watching the dome come closer to them he grabbed Tessa and flew into the air. He was racing the dome; Get higher than the dome before it got to them. By an inch the dome roared under the sole of Marc's feet. The force shook his flight path off a bit, but he hovered above it's destructive path.  
Scanning the area, Marc squinted at the bright overcast sky; Looking longer he realized the brightness came from portals. Marc locked eyes with Tessa, "What's going on..?" Tessa gazed at him, still shaken up at the situation then finally responded slightly shaking her head. "Th-this guy calls himself Solace now. Maya's nowhere to be found...", While Tessa broke away from his eyes and gazed at the ruined New York City streets, Marc noticed Sha below looking at something with a trapped gaze. He turned around and saw the planet Ninjeta. The planet he fought the Intergalactic Games on. "What does this all mean?", Marc asked rhetorically.  
All the death, screams, fire and destruction allowed Jimi's death to haunt Marc's mind ten times stronger than it already did. He analyzed it all from a panoramic view; His lips parted and his eyes watering. Tessa gasped when he dug his head into her chest and hugged her. At first she hesitated then she hugged him just as tight and cried. "This is hell, this is the end", Marc said softly, with his warm cheek against her chest.  "Marc we'll be okay", Tessa cried, letting her tears pour on Marc's wet shirt. Marc hugged her silently for a moment then spoke, "I'm doing this for Jimi, I'm still Marc..." 
"Marc...", Tessa rose her head from his shoulder, "you don't have to be that thing anymore." Marc gazed into her eyes, intoxicated on revenge, depression and anger. "It's apart of me, it's always there. It's who I am."  Marc didn't care if Tessa disagreed; Marc wanted to kill somebody. He wanted someone to suffer--to feel how he feels and feel how Jimi felt. The ruinous dome dissipated and his eyes glowed green as he watched a girl caring for a beaten Sha, one of Maya's relatives. Tessa followed his voided green eyes and gasped at the thought, "Marc don't!" Marc squeezed Tessa's arm with anger, "YOU DON'T F#CKING UNDERSTAND!" Marc screamed descending to the razed New York streets. "You shouldn't be here, your not thinking straight Marc.", Tessa's concerned words boomeranged back to her. Marc pushed her to the side and marched angrily towards Sha and the girl.  
Letting the anger take over him, he charged forward across the New York city hell-zone street and expelled a cosmic wave ahead of him. This wave dissolved the surface concrete and quaked towards Sha and the girl. When the cosmic wave closed in on the two girls, Marc continued charging towards them creating cutting cosmic disc. These disc can slice clean through metal and effortlessly through human flesh. With one hand raised in the arm, he held the spinning cosmic disc above his palm. When the cosmic wave hopefully blasted Sha and her child aide, Marc would frisbee the disc in his hand followed by another. 

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Like worker bees they buzzed around the city that was going to ruin.
Clue was perched on a rooftop, figuring how his ring worked, testing the material that the yellow light could replicate. He found it fascinating how it could imitate almost all matter. Glass, steel, even the most densest of minerals. Of course he was working out how to change the hue from it's usual yellow, but that was a minor detail. He tossed his shades aside, using his ring to wrap his face in bandages, for as much as he enjoyed not having them on for once, they were his face. It wasn't just a way to mask his identity, it was his identity. The bandages made of yellow light quickly took on the texture and look of tea-stained cloth while algebraic equations began displaying themselves before him, painted on the air. 
Forgotten mathematics swirled around him, secrets of ancient societies, technology of lost civilization began assembling out of thin air. A contraption that appeared to be a rifle, a weapon of a favored lost kingdom of his, and a long bullet-shaped shell in his other hand. The skeleton of the shell began to appear through the translucent walls. It whirred, spun at high speeds, and in the well of the shell formed a singularity. A miniature black hole housed within a bullet that wouldn't collapse inward, all created and willed into existence in less than a minute. He took hold of the rifle, loaded the shell into the chamber and peered through the scope that was mounted atop of the rifle at a lone Yellow Lantern who was still confused as to why the Sentinels were dead.
He squeezed the trigger.
The bullet tore through the man's arm, sucking it into the gravity well and disconnecting him from his ring. He smiled as he watched the man plummeted from the air and fell out of view behind a tall building. Taking off flying he continued finding more patrolling lanterns, picking them off one by one, then he started picking off groups until there was a buzz among them, until they started banding together and hunted the hunter, until he instilled fear in the fear mongers. With their fear came the rings he disconnected , from across Manhattan streaked several rings, heading straight for Clue. The Lanterns followed the abandoned rings to the Clue, and while Omega Justice and company waged war against the Solace parasite on the ground, Clue did battle with the Lanterns in the sky. Streaks of gold brushed across the apocalyptic horizon followed by explosions that shook the heavens. They battled with imaginary war machines and fictional weapons of mass destruction. One after the next, Clue managed to sever connections from rings, but not without a toll. He was overwhelmed, outnumbered, he was but one man with a plethora of rings.
A fist swatted him from the sky.
His light flickered while plummeting, the impact he made with the parking complex below completely leveled the structure, and after the dust settled the once hunted Lanterns scoured the wreckage for a body and the rings he'd snatched from the corpses of their brethren. Haphazardly they burrowed through the ruins of the parking garage with an assortment of tools conjured from their rings until they came across a bright yellow light that was seemingly trapped on the very last level. They sifted through the earth and into the subterranean levels of the complex to find that the yellow light was one of the many confiscated batteries, left as a decoy.
"Oy, up here." Clue called down from ground level. "What do you call a bloke as undeniably bright as me with a weapon of mass destruction on his finger?" Clue asked, lifting one of his hands in the air, his fingers were covered in a number of yellow power rings.
The men in the pit began to form weaponry to re-engage Clue--
"You'd call him your daddy." He said, revealing a bloodied grin, his usually pearly white teeth were glazed with red. He balled up his fists, the rings on his fingers flared up and with just raw strength he hosed the remaining Lanterns in yellow light. By the time he was finished, the fear he had instilled in the Lanterns only moments before their deaths caused their rings to relinquish themselves to him. While holding his bruised mid-section and spitting blood upon the razed asphalt he muttered something about making a necklace of them. He had no interest in keeping them, while most would kill for the type of power he had wrapped around his fingers he was certain that this type of power corrupted, that and he wasn't very fond of zipping around, it just wasn't his style. If he wasn't certain he would need them in the immediate future he would probably have taken them all off and thrown them into the river.
He could hear the sound of chaos in the distance. Then he noticed something amiss in the sky, a planet sitting in the sky, and for the first time since the world went to crap Clue actually questioned whether he could get it back to what it was, back to what it should be. He'd come this far, though. He'd taken the Sentinels offline, he'd crippled the Yellow Lanterns that were patrolling and now he had the means to contend. So he took off in the direction of the destruction, injured but not beaten, and when he arrived he found Slight losing control and launching an assault on anyone and everyone in the vicinity. There was a robotic fellow attacking a strange black-haired man, and another stranger who was also contending.
"What a mess..." He muttered while remaining just out of view and harm's way. Clue had no idea which side was which, the only person present he knew was Slight who was very much out of control. It was clear that no matter which side he was on, Slight wasn't helping, and if he wasn't helping in the state he was in then he needed to be removed, at the very least temporarily. Streams of light shot from Clue's rings as he circled above and once they drew close enough they would expand and enclose the young hero in an orb. Being the man of information that he was, he'd heard of the power inside of the lad, he was just hoping that his acquired rings could hold him long enough to extract him from the battlefield and possibly get him back to his senses. Maybe even a sitrep as to what was going on.

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 Her mind was distracted, due to the battle she was engaging in the astral plain. But something was calling to her, a faint voice... "Mommyyy... mommy... help me.." a memory of a dream that felt so trap and box had reached it's return, "Ahhh!" Stella scream, while still holding her own in the astral plane against five other telepaths, who were trying to break through her defensive sphere she placed around herself. Focusing all her mental energy and manipulating the psychic energies of the astral plane to hold up the shield. As in the real world, she teleports away, "Ekat em ot eht seciov ni ym daeh!" she shouted, couldn't bearing the pain from the battle and from the mental screams in her head, clutching her head, she then vanish from the room due to her magical spell.

As she arrive, winds swirled around her and then disperse, she began breathing deeply hard, inside the astral plane she felt them breaching her shield. But something else was coming, Stella had sense it. She quickly looked around, she was in New York, looking ahead she saw Sha and a figure, a little girl, strangely and odd Stella recognized her and felt her to feel familiar, "Help!" she screamed, "That voice!" Stella said in her mind, shocked, rushing to their side, her black heels click to the ground. A cosmic wave attack was surging towards them, using every spare concentration she had, she created a shield, "Tcetorp su!" she shouted as she aimed her hands in front of her, soon a force field surrounded them with a tint of light pink and electric sparks. The shield formed just in time as the blast hit them, but the attacker wasn't done yet, he hurled multiple cosmic disks, still maintaining her shield she continue to focus, "You guys know him?" she struggle to speak, "Can't do this, can't hold this shield up..." her legs began to shake, her nicely done curly hair rose to the air, as she exert more power.

The little girl held on to Sha tightly and closer her eyes while whispering of the unknown. More disks were being projected and launch, blood leaked down from her noise, the warm liquid ran down to her pink lips, "Ot Acirfa!" she screamed as she coudn't take the strain. In a white flash, she teleported them away. Back in Africa they were, as she made it back to the hotel room where the brain dead lady who remained still on the bed through her teleportation spell, she began coughing, then her body fell to the ground, her eyes shut. Her body was drained, but her mind was still in war with five others.

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The uncertainty from everyone around him was making him stronger by the second . “ You! You are the one responsible for all of this! Do you even realize what it is that you have done? DO YOU?!"   He heard coming from the right of him.   The being was robotic; he had a dark energy pouring from his eye sockets.   “SHUT UP! I’ll DO WHAT I PLEASE!” Solace screamed back ; even as the man managed to hook himself too Solace the parasite managed to talk crap. “I’m going to rip you limb from limb!” Solace dug his feet deep into the ground and stopped himself from going into the portal. “NO!!!! YOUR NOT TAKING ME BACK” However something happened that made him stronger… Feral Nova’s hellfire conjuring gave him more power. He was able to fly into the air, shaking The Gray Fox off of him.   He went back high into the air and then landed in the place he started from; he seemed to be real anal about his spot.  From the Corner of his eye he took note to Slight’s mental breakdown as saw a potential way out. “These have to be the most emotional heroes I’ve ever seen….” He thought too himself which was what professor Gray was probably thinking.   "It has been so long since I last could feel so much hatred within this one body...I want....more."

The telepathic message; that had been sent from Slight; did nothing but tick the parasite off. “Shut up you Butterfly!” As Slight launched his attack; Solace repelled with an attack of his own. Had he still been at the base form he would have been easily engulfed by Slight’s supreme form…but he wasn’t with the amount of anger and confusion running rampant…nothing would happen to him…he’d only get stronger.  He didn’t understand it though…why were they so quick to attack each other; he wrote it all off as hormones; but once he moved away from Slight’s attack range, he felt himself getting stronger yet again; he was aware of Sha’s collapsing, but there was a little girl at her side not too far from where they were, Mercury whom came from nowhere attack both Sha and the Child in bloodlust. This is what gave him the strength.

He flew into the air and began surging; almost as if he had maxed out; sending a huge telepathic wave out over the city; it took mere moments for broken parts of the Sentinels to come at his call, like an episode of the power rangers the pieces fit themselves on his body until he stood as the tallest thing for miles.   The whole body was ran on his own mind waves, telekinetic energy; his very presence called Reality “M” Hayden Miles soul to depart from Zariah Miles;However he needed more.

The master sentinel set up a perimeter in Times Square; it did a retna scan of the entire New York area, it was looking for any humans that had been left in the area. The scan had picked up 9 individuals they seemed to be trying to flee the area, The Master Sentinel changed its settings from destroy to Self preservation. It slipped into some Trance, the earth began to shake finally the machine released a huge invisible Current that drew the remaining sentinels to its location.

A light began to shine pieces of the idle Sentinels began to attack them self’s to the main sentinel. After the light faded a huge monstrous Machine stood in the New York City Skyline. It could see into New Jersey and even into Parts of Pennsylvania.  From all over New York, huge globs of energy began to get sucked into the machine; these were the lives of those who didn’t make it out of New York. He removed his arms and pointed them down at Omega Justice, and allies and charged it’s Omega Cannon…it would take a while to fire…but with all the fighting they were doing amongst themselves…it would surely kill them all.

Actuality’s last stand was here…

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He almost had him. Almost. And then the time-displaced Feral Nova made Solace stronger, strong enough to casually shrug Fox off and send him crashing to the streets below. As Fox slowly began to recompose himself, he found himself in the presence of idiotic fleshling trash. Slight and Tessa's lover had both gone insane and were trying to kill everyone while everyone else was either hurt or trying to bring order to this rampant chaos. All of them, every single one, had become oblivious to the true danger above because of distractions like the return of Ninjeta. 
It was then that all of The Sentinels went back online and began fusing with Solace to form what Fox would, in any other situation, call a masterpiece but in the here and now called an abomination. Solace had created a Master Sentinel...no...become a Master Sentinel so immense that it took up the horizon and blocked out the Sun. Fox turned back around to see his so-called "allies" still fighting amongst themselves. It was obvious that they were going to be of no use to him whatsoever. He was alone now, facing an entity more powerful than any he had encountered thus far...including Final Arrow. 
"Do you think this changes anything?! Do you think taking on such a form as this will dissuade me from taking any further action against you? Don't be so naive!" Fox shouted up towards The Master Sentinel, despite knowing it could not hear him, as it raised its palms towards the entire group and began charging up its Omega Cannon with power gathered from the souls of those who had failed to escape New York. Fox immediately took to the skies and aimed straight for The Master Sentinel's left eye. Fox placed a shield around him as he grew nearer and braced himself for the inevitable collision that would hopefully open a path to Solace's true form, which Fox knew had to be hidden somewhere deep within The Master Sentinel.

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Beams of Lantern Light projected at the Oracle. But he had seen it all before, and knew how to evade them with ease. He turned translucent, enough for the light to pass strait through the vessel, and then formed a telekinetic barrier between it and the source so that the nuisance would not be so anymore. And now only the strong would survive this ordeal. As the night went on more and more it looked like, New York would be wiped of the face of the map, almost like it had never existed in the first place. And the Oracle was taking part in its depletion happily. His bright blue energy tasseled along, as he floated effortlessly upward into the clouds. The clear sky began to darken, as The Oracle commanded the water within the winds nearer to him. From miles and miles away, from every direction stormclouds combined into one massive super cell, charged with positive and negative ions. Within the cell vortexes of wind swirled ragingly, and the black mist turned gray from bolts of lightning, and all silence was destroyed with cacophonous booms of thunder, enough to shatter glass. Looking down at the current situation, a struggle began to take place within the mind of Water Guardian. "You can't do this" The Oracle scoffed at the thought of a human telling it what to do..."I can and I will" It said with an over bearing voice. "I'm not giving you a choice... Either we work together or you find a someone else than can handle you..." There was a short pause, Slight had played the one ace he could play against a entity that surpassed even gods. He knew that the Oracle needed a host of likeness in order to survive and exist on the living plane. And so capitulation was natural. Fusing mental states, Slight was now in control of himself once again, with all of the power of the Oracle at his fingertips. 
The Atlantic Ocean began to rage, as the massive super cell grew evermore. Waves met lightning halfway in the sky as they began to crash on the ports of the state. Soon enough, swells large enough to engulf entire football stadiums began to move inland. Carry buildings and cars, the frigid and saline waters would wash away the abomination that had formed. The creature noted as Solace had gathered the scrap metal remains of the Sentinels, combining them to create one mass heap of mayhem. As the ocean swell ripped through the streets destroying whatever remaining property there was, lightning bolts began to crack the sky. The timing had to be perfect, for when the water crashed into the statuesque creature readying itself for an annihilus attack, lightning would hit the water which surrounded base of the amalgamated sentinel, creating a voltage only known on Jupiter. 
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Sha and the girl were on the ground preparing to be blasted off the ground, followed by slicing from cutting cosmic disc. But out of nowhere, another familiar Civil War face jumped in between Marc's attacks and protected the two helpless girls. She summoned an sparking pink barrier and held her ground. The witch repelled the cosmic wave, so Marc tossed an onslaught of cosmic disc at her. He could see the struggling in her scrunched face and continued tossing more disc. Then suddenly, the three disappeared. Marc, still aiming to kill, grit his teeth frustrated. He scanned around the devastated New York City streets for someone to destroy. "Where the f#ck is Maya!", he screamed.  
Nobody seemed to pay attention to what he said. Slight battled something inside himself, A cyborg was flying around in the sky; when he looked back at Tessa she pointed up in the hellish sky, holding her hand over her mouth. Marc turned back around and saw an evolved form of the normal sentinels. It was built much taller and wider, there were sharp shoulder and arm pads extending farther than normal guards. At the top a small head glared down at the super humans. "The head hancho of these sons of b!tches...", Marc whispered staring up at the hybrid sentinel.  As Marc said this the Cyborg buzzed around the monstrous sentinel. This must have irritated the Sentinel because it pushed out it's hands, charging a droning energy in both palms.  
Green eyed, Marc turned around screaming at Tessa. "RUUUUN! RUUUUUUN!"Tessa looked at Marc then sprinted down the demolished street, constantly looking back. Marc pressed his palms together and the green aura around him expanded. This flowing aura transformed into jagged pixelation; the full transformation created sleek cosmic samurai armor. A green transparent katana gleamed between his pressed palms. Like the Warrior Prince he was, a helmet with baphomet horns crowned his head. With the armor transformation complete, Marc pivoted back on his left foot and gripped his cosmic katana below his waist.  He bent his knees and burst into the hot, still air; creating a crater in the ground below him.  
Before anyone could blink, Marc floated in front of the Sentinel's chest plate. He glanced at the cyborg then charged forward for the Sentinel's head. He stopped and made a 180 degree turn then dash sliced at the Sentinels arms. Yellow sparks sprayed as Marc sliced into it's thick arms. Cutting through would take time, so he shot towards the Sentinel's head. His katana was pulled back and he attempted to stab into the Sentinel's head.

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It was only when the skyline of New York City was completely bare did the corridor that Omega Solace used to get to Maya closed. Her psychic abilities that were directly in sync with her emotions and memories were now gone. Getting up out of her chair she could do nothing but look around the total destruction caused by the Sentinels and various other threats, her initial thought was that she was in some sort of Chaos realm but she would’ve remembered how she got there. Her Pacific Blue eyes gazed up at the gigantic structure that took up the New York City skyline. “What the hell…” She said watching as the huge machine readied it’s self to fire at something, She could see what appeared to be specks flying around looking as if they were in combat with them.

Standing and watching for a moment she looked at the sky to see that it was completely eclipsed by another planet. “By God…” she said looking up into the extremely close heavenly body. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it; it was beautiful and oddly terrifying. It didn’t take long before the danger to become wide spread, Maya’s live was spared from the Omega Sentinel because of the walls of the prison, however now she was exposed to the rising, Hudson River. The water was at her ankles; fearing that she would be washed away she ran towards the back of the island in search of higher ground.   “How the hell did I get to New York anyway?” She said climbing up a ladder accessing the top of the security prison.

Lightening boomed across the sky; it was normal lightening, it seemed like it was summoned because it struck down in the city. “That…thing turned the whole New York City into a parking lot” She said trying to shield herself from the rising waters of the unruly Hudson River. Glancing down at her arm, she saw what appeared to be a white device; it was her sethosphere; one of the first ones; however because of her memory lost she was completely ignorant to its importance. She removed the device and tossed it into the river; it was then she caught glimpse of Sicily Boss barley alive in the river. “OMG” She said jumping from the cliff into the ocean; trying to swim over to the struggling woman.   “Maya…” Sicily whispered which completely through the blonde off guard but she didn’t have time to discuss how Sicily knew her, she tried to secure her around a huge boulder so that they wouldn’t get swept out to see by the huge waves.

As she held on Maya’s mind quickly began to flashback.


She was seated at her desk in professor Gloom Class, waiting on the day to end, to her left was her best friends Ferro Vida, to her right was her best friend Contessa Frost, in front of her was Light. She heard a loud knock at the door, it was Sha and Andy Summers, she was a bit shocked at first but when they told Gloom that they had come for Maya she was even more shocked. “Hello Maya Lopez I’m Andy Summers I’ve been monitoring your progression for a while…let me get straight to the point... in a few years I’ll be reforming the Group ICE and I want you to be apart. Just think on it. Remember Maya  ...”The world needs better good guys”. Maya watched him walk away with an intrigued look on her face she called out loudly to him “No Mr. Summers the world doesn’t need better good guys…it needs better good girls...”

Maya’s flash back ended; with her and Sicily secure and stable on a huge stone in the middle of the river. “Come on…we won’t die here…” she said, bending down and holding Sicily by the head.   Little did she know, but her Sethosphere had a self preservation system on in; once she tossed it into the water, it activated.   From the sky she could see the gigantic ship coming down to them, as it descended she knew exactly what it was. “Icebird…”

She could almost hear Andferne in its engine’s:

This baby is like nothing any of us have ever seen . She goes beyond state of the art. It is capable of reaching mach speeds while in orbit, suitable for travel through deep sea, not folding under the pressure of the deep blue yonder. Has force shields like something stolen right out of a star wars movie. A alien cloaking device with a build in stealth system that dampens the sounds of the jet engines. Suited and ready for space travel, and in those zero gravity environments able to hit light speed. This is My pride and joy Dragons, please be careful with her, No crash landings, she is one of a kind"

“Miss…Lopez it’s a pleasure…” the jet said; which caused Maya to wipe the tears from her eyes. “I’m sooo happy to see you…” she said picking up Sicily’s body and placing her into the jet. “That’s a change…” the jet said dipping a bit so that Maya may enter, and with that the jet took off. It circled around New York City which was literally toppled…there wasn’t a building standing it was now literally a parking lot. The jet circled around the damage and then took off into the sky; with the Himalyas destination.

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It was built on the horizon of New York, towering over the flattened city like a god ready to lay down judgment on the remaining mortals. Tonight was the apocalypse, not only of their world, but every infinite universe that ever existed. He knew that if this happened here, if this was allowed to stand, if this world died tonight, then the entirety of the multiverse would begin to unravel. He kicked himself in the ass for not acting sooner and just plowing through both Omega Solace and Gray Fox as they tussled, he was certain that one of them was behind what was transpiring and whoever wasn't would have been a sacrifice he was willing to make for a world he thought he no longer cared for. But he did, he knew that back on his world there were people he cared about, even with his self-imposed exile that he was pulled from for reasons he hasn't yet come to understand.
"Oy! You done bleedin' throwin' your hissy?! Can we fight the giant monster that's threatening all of reality now, wanker?!" Clue cried out to Slight, he didn't have time to waste standing in awe at their deaths. He had to act and he had to act now, this was their last stand, he was sure of it. The thunderous booming and sound of tidal waves crashing onto the large sentinel was deafening, through the cascade of rain that the Oracle created he noticed Gray Fox trying to work into it's eye. Using the power of his multitude of rings, he streaked across the air straight at the Sentinel, his imagination was made into actuality by the weapons on his fingers, and those weapons bore the weapons trapped in the back of his mind. Mechanisms that man was never supposed to hold, guns that created black holes and rifles with shelling that burned as bright as the sun, all sculpted in secret civilizations untouched by man. All adapted into yellow light and clutched tight to his breast as he closed in on the Omega Sentinel as it charged it's Omega Cannon. 
"Form up on me! I'll get you inside! Kill the source!!" He cried out to Gray Fox particularly, but it was a rallying call for anyone who would hear him, for anyone who was willing to save the world from it's seeming fate that was chiseled in stone. He took aim with his translucent yellow pistols in hand, he took aim, holding them akimbo as he fired off singularity shell after singularity shell. Black holes that led to pocket universes soared through the air, the singularity propelled the bullet, pulled it through the air at speeds that damn near touched light speed, sucking any matter that managed to draw close enough to it's event horizon inward and tearing it from the material world altogether. He was certain that it's armor would be torn through before the bullet dispersed, pulled into the gravity well and crushed as it was discarded into the pocket universe on the other end. Hopefully it would make a hole large enough to grant the mysterious robotic creature entrance past the amalgamated armor of the Omega Sentinel.
His eyes darted to the globs of life being pulled into the Omega Cannon, he pursed his lips as the pouring rain cascaded down his imaginary bandages, dropping from his nose and stubbly chin. He lifted his arms, released the pistols which dissipated into glowing yellow fumes mechanism by mechanism and pulled the rifle that was strapped to his back by yellow photons and placed it on his hip.
"S'funny because you made those Yellow Lanterns. You willed them to exist...and now..." Pulling back on the trigger, he unloaded a heavy volley of bullets that lit the night air and exploded with staggering force. Seeking to tear and damage the cannon enough to at the very least slow it from firing, but the real aim was to stop it from functioning altogether. "These rings that you made them wear, the ones you wished would exist are gonna' contribute to your downfall. Almost poetic, yeah?" His gruff voice growled under his breath, the recoil made it feel like he'd broken his rib all over again after every shot, but he couldn't stop, he wouldn't stop, and how valiant it was of him, the poor sap.

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"Form up on me! I'll get you inside! Kill the source!!" Fox could not believe what he was seeing, he had thought the fleshlings lost to their own emotions, but they had thankfully proved him wrong. Doing as Clue suggested, Fox formed up on Clue and watched as the Omega Sentinel's left eye blew wide open, giving Fox a straightforward path to its core chamber where Solace was controlling the beastly Omega Sentinel from. Without a moment to spare, Fox made his way into the Sentinel's head and maneuvered his way into the chamber. Upon arrival, Fox found the core devoid of Solace's presence, despite this fact Fox could feel a presence within the chamber.
"And so the hypocrite of our story arrives." A disembodied voice, one hauntingly familiar to Fox, began. "We knew that there would be heroes gunning for us but never in a million years did we think the most loyal puppet of Earth-1's Darkchild would be following them into battle. The entertainment your presence has provided us with is priceless and will be cherished by us both, even long after you and the rest of this Multiverse have been cleansed."
"Enough. Show yourself." Fox replied.
The fabric of time and space began to ripple, turning the core chamber into an extravagant ballroom with two sets of stairs leading up to a balcony and upon that balcony stood a man dressed head to toe in a dirty, tattered gray robe with a hood that completely hid every aspect of his face behind an impenetrable veil of shadow. In addition, the man's arms, hands as well as the lower half of his torso going all the way down to his feet, the feet being the only lower components of his body that could be seen, were completely wrapped in old, filthy Makulan Healing Bandages.  
"Happy now?" The Hooded Man asked.
"Who...are you?" Fox asked as he scanned the ballroom around them both, which proved to be genuine and not an illusion of any sort.
Underneath his hood, hidden from Fox's sight, the man smiled. "Who am I? You mean the Irish accent failed to give it away? I was almost certain that you of all people would have recognized it seeing as it is your accent as well."  The Hooded Man's words struck a cord in Fox. He began matching up sound files of his voice from the archives with that of The Hooded Man's.
"Match Confirmed." A feminine voice rang out in Fox's mind. "All voice files belong to..."
"...The Gray Fox or in my case Professor Dorian Gray of Earth-M, the real one that is, not the corrupted dream world we plucked from the mind of Maya Lopez." The Hooded Man finished with a hearty laugh as he lifted down his hood and revealed the wrinkled, dirt-speckled and sinister-looking face of a 62 year-old man with crimson cat-like pupils; black, scholarly hair; gray sideburns, a full black mustache and a full black beard with a thick line of gray hair running down the middle underneath it. "This is the end for you, my friend. The end for you...and everyone else."
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The Omega Sentinel Core - Now

In a single instant, the Professor was upon his counterpart and with a single flick of his middle finger, dented his armor and sent him flying into a wall at unimaginable speeds. Fox seemed to recover rather quickly and rushed at the Professor with a fistful of raw power but when the time came for Fox to unify his fist with the Professor's face, all the machine ended up hitting was an invisible barrier made of folded space. Professor Gray smiled at Fox and backhanded him away. "Give it up, Fox. You don't have what it takes to defeat us. No one out there does. Not Slight, Clue or even that "Cosmic Samurai" hacking away at the arms of The Omega Sentinel. There is no being, save for the Almighty himself, in Creation who can stop us from achieving our ultimate goal."
"And what, pray tell, would that be? What is the point of all this?" Fox asked as he got up to his feet.
Professor Gray shot Fox a curious look as he began scratching his beard "Hmm...since you are already doomed to failure, I suppose there is no harm in giving you the 411, but the story must come first. On Earth-M, I was born a Mutant just like you...except I was born into the Omega Class. I was gifted with the power to manipulate time and space. I was only five when I discovered the existence of The Multiverse and I became enamored with it. When I was twenty, I became a student of The Multiverse and unlocked many of its secrets. By the time I was thirty, I became the foremost leading scientist in the field of...well, The Multiverse. But like all beings of my caliber, my power began to gnaw away at me, and thus I grew hungry for more. But back then I was still bound by petty notions of decency and morality and thus couldn't bring myself to act against those who possessed power and take it from them."
"What changed all of that?"
"The Soli. Sensing my frustration and desperation, a Soli known as "Solace" approached me with an accord. If I fed it, it would feed me and so we became as one. For a time, it was good...but all good things must eventually come to an end and when the two of us were no longer able to keep the hunger at bay...I decided to cast all sense of decency and morality aside and descended upon Earth's heroes and villains without mercy. ICE, WAL, LOVE, The Vine Villains, etc. all stood against us and fell before our hunger. But it still wasn't enough. So we went to war with the Ninjans and sent them the way of the Dinosaur. But it still wasn't enough. So we moved on to consuming celestial bodies. Planets and such like Earth, Ninjeta, Xantro and hypergiant stars like Rho Cassiopeia, Zeta Scorpii and VY Canis Majoris. We even went so far as to consume The Pinwheel Galaxy."
"But it still wasn't enough."
"No, it wasn't. Our hunger only became stronger as a result of consuming such power. So...we ventured into The Multiverse and fed on the exotic temporal energies that flowed day in and day out through the Continuum while Solace used The Emotional Corridor to find a "stepping stone". It took centuries for us to locate the "stepping stone" and at some point during all those years the temporal energies we had been feeding on and were continually exposed to had turned us into an anomaly, I'll elaborate on that later. And then Solace found our stepping stone: Maya Lopez of Earth-1. Solace had located her when she was most vulnerable and easy to corrupt, without a second thought we merged with Maya and slowly but surely drove her mad. I felt bad about it at first but Maya's encounter with Fractured changed all of that. It inspired my ultimate solution to our hunger problem."
"Where does destroying the Multiverse...factor...no." Fox trailed off as the answer slammed into him like a bullet train.
"Oh, yes. As I mentioned before, Solace and I had become an anomaly during the time we spent in the Continuum. An anomaly that could never be destroyed or erased, when we found this out I realized that even if the entire Multiverse were to collapse on top of us, we would be unaffected by the catastrophe whatsoever. We will be able to feed on the energies of every single Universe that ever existed and finally sate our hunger as we ascend to Godhood! Once we have achieved this goal we will remake the Universe in our image! All will worship us as Master and Creator!" Professor Gray began to laugh hysterically, a laugh that boomed across the Heavens for all to hear, that caused the merging realities to shake violently. As a result, more tears in the fabric of time/space began to open up, bringing forth demons from the pasts of those outside specifically for the purpose of forcing their attention away from The Omega Sentinel and onto them.
"NO!" Fox lunged at Professor Gray and managed to force his way through the barrier surrounding his other self and deck him as hard as he possibly could. Professor Gray went flying back, just as Fox had, and crashed into the wall below the balcony with such great force that the balcony itself began to split apart and crumble. Professor Gray deflected the crumbling balcony with ease as he got back up onto his feet and rubbed the spot on his face where Fox had hit him.
"Impressive. I know not how your mock bout of rage gave you the power to bypass my folded space barrier but it did and never shall again." Professor Gray muttered as he fired a powerful, space-slicing beam of cosmic energy at The Gray Fox, who actually managed to deflect it with with a Dark Matter honeycomb shield. "How...how did you..." Before the Professor could finish Fox was already upon him, trying to beat him into submission with all his might. But his apparent success soon turned to failure as the Professor grabbed a hold of Fox's right arm and tore it off with ease and then blasted Fox away with his atomic heat vision. 
"ENOUGH OF THIS! YOU WILL INTERFERE WITH OUR PLANS NO LONGER!" Professor Gray roared, his voice now mixed with Solace's in dual-tone fashion and his entire body glowing with raw power, which he unleashed upon Fox without mercy. "DIE, HYPOCRITE!" Seconds later, Professor Gray found himself standing in the ballroom alone looking at an ashen imprint of Fox's fallen form on the wall across from him. He let out a large sigh and created a chair for him to slump down on.
"I am glad I brought extra bodies to transfer over to." The Gray Fox's voice rang out from above. Professor Gray stood up and turned around to see Fox hovering above the broken balcony, good as new. "I cannot afford to die at such a critical juncture. Time for Round Two." With that, Fox flew straight at Professor Gray, both fists charged with raw power.
"Bring it on, hypocrite."
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It’s gaze broke out fart past the mountains; it stood as the only massive “skyscraper” still standing in New York City. As Omega Solace he had brought forth, Renegade Lantern, Feral Nova, brought Sha back from the chaos Dimension; allowed for Stellaria to crossover and de-aged most of the northeast; now as the gigantic god of a being he was bent on destroying it all. The Atlantic Ocean’s boundaries; boundaries that had been set during the book of genesis were gone; the mighty waters rushed through the city flooding every street and every block.   As the water continued to push through the city, it began to rise hitting the mighty sentinel at the ankles.  Gray fox had managed to penetrate the left eye, it wasn’t a huge concern as Professor Gray would deal with him; however the huge sentinel froze up momentarily as a gigantic lightning bolt hit the water and sent a huge electrical surge through the body cavity of the sentinel.   Even in the frozen state the cannon still began to build, even getting bigger; the chamber on the gun became so unstable a persistent shake could be seen; as Mercury and various other members continued their assault on the chest and various other places on the sentinel.

The damage was slowly and surely weathering away at the huge armor; the electricity spell ended and finally Omega Sentinel could move, pushing its right hand forward he fired a gigantic last of energy at the ground hoping the after quake from the attack would render most of the Omega Justice team useless.  The cannon was ready it finally ready, the gigantic sentinel had used most of its dormant energies to power the cannon; pushing his cannon forward he heaved and fired the titanic blast of energy not at anyone in particular but at the ground. With the raw power behind the blast and the ocean’s boundaries gone; New York City would be submerged along with the Omega Justice team; granted they didn’t die on Impact.

The Seven Day theory tells about the coming of the end of days. The lord created the world in 6 days if 1000 years is like a day to the lord; does this mean the appearance of the Dark Utopia; the appearance of the Omega Sentinel Beast; is this the coming of the lord; or just another precursor to more events. It was written that in the Seven Day Theory an event will happen; in all of creation.

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For what seems like an eternity, Fox and The Professor keep going at it hot and heavy, unleashing everything they've got on one another. Punches, kicks, feints, parries, energy blasts, bullets, blades, poison darts, the works. Fox's armor is broken apart in several places, his faceplate is partially shattered, and his vision is going dim in his left eye. His counterpart, the diabolical Professor Gray, is drenched in his own sweat and blood. His body is covered in burns, bruises and gashes, some of his fingers, a few ribs and a shoulder bone are all but broken. But for all the pain and bothersome system malfunctions, neither version of Dorian Gray refuses to give up, and so they ready themselves into position once more.
Fox comes in fast, refusing to give Professor Gray any breathing room, he wails on his fleshy counterpart landing punch after punch after punch on a being that seemed impossible to overcome at first, but everyone has their weaknesses, even those who stand amongst the Gods. A kick to the stomach, an elbow to the ribs and the breaking of his nose sends The Professor to his knees. "When we began fighting, I found myself fighting a God, an undying anomaly who could bend reality to his whim but during the course of our fight you have grown weaker and weaker."
"Nggh..." is all Professor Gray managed to get out.
"And I know why. It's this doomsday device, isn't it? Thanks to the damages caused by Clue out there, Solace has been having to constantly empower it with your combined might in order to keep it running and now...now your power is completely diminished."
In a single instant, The Omega Sentinel's head splits wide open, Dark Matter energy surges forth and begins eating away at the rest of the doomsday machine, Fox emerges from within holding the barely conscious form of Professor Gray/Solace Omega in his arms. He knows what he has to do, simply beating them will not stop the destruction of The Multiverse, he will have to do something more drastic. He will have to go through with his original plan and with their power diminished, he must do so now before they can regain any of their strength.
Saying nothing to those that have escaped the wrath of The Omega Sentinel, Fox soared directly into the portal Renegade Lantern had left behind, not even bothering to look back as the oceans consumed what little was left of New York City because he knew that none of this mattered. It didn't matter because what he is about to do will undo that which has occurred. Almost all of it, that is. Would that he could, Fox would undo it all, he would wipe the canvas clean and return things to the way they were. But he can't, the damage is too extensive, his solution will heal only portions of the timeline. Many will remain dead, castaways from other realities and timelines are more than likely to remain trapped on Earth-1 for the rest of their days and Ninjeta...
It's return was no doubt a predestined one, it was going to come back whether this crisis had occurred or not, it is a shame he will never get to see what happens next. But this sacrifice is a necessary one, this deep dive into the Continuum is unavoidable, it is his destiny. The Continuum had become more turbulent and crowded with debris left over from multiple collisions between alternate Earths and worlds now trapped in the maelstrom, but Fox's resolve to see this mission through did not waver. He would speed up, slow down and teleport out of the way when needed all the while keep his good eye trained on the darkness at the end of this long tunnel.
The darkness, the everlasting darkness, The Void beyond The End of Time...his destination and the only prison in existence or rather non-existence capable of holding beings like Solace Omega/Professor Gray. He would enter and then cease to exist, they would enter too but not go away, only their actions would be undone. Things would be, for the most part, set right. The healing would begin and those who could would go on with their lives.
"Here it comes...so let's go and let it all go. This is..."

The End?
Or Just The Beginning?
"Now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the great story which no one on Earth has ever read; which goes on forever; in which each chapter is better than the one before."  - C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle.

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As Gray Fox, an enemy turned ally soared off into the abyss that was left when Renegade Lantern reentered the rip in time and space and despite all that he'd done within the Omega Sentinel, it fired a blast to end existence, Slight tried to stop it all. He tried to wield the cosmic power that lay at his fingertips, but the Oracle would not allow it. He tried to alter the reality just enough so that he could have a better chance and still the Oracle would not allow it. Finally, in a last ditch effort, Slight tried to save Gray Fox from entering the unknown, the Oracle would not allow it. 
 Why? Slight asked hurting deeper and deeper by the moment. Imagine a box. Imagine you put every memory, every thought and every dream and nightmare you've ever had in your lifetime. Now imagine that box on a shelf alongside other boxes of various sizes. Take a step back to see, and yet still more boxes. Take another step back, run back, run forward. You find yourself in a warehouse with nothing but boxes full of memories, thoughts and dreams. Such is the human mind and it's constraints. All of those boxes no matter how big, will always be trapped in that warehouse stored away for an eternity. But for things beyond humanity, beings who's thoughts were like that warehouse, full of smaller cogs and bobbins, the ability to imagine and make tangible those thoughts was something the human mind could not due. Taking the impossible, having thoughts beyond genius, was what was happening. What is happening now is too far beyond your comprehension, and if I allowed you to interfere, I I allowed you to change what is supposed to happen the ramifications would be devastating, beyond repair would be this time and all time. Space would unravel itself and strengthen in the wrong places causing untold catastrophe. Avery...I sense something coming. I can not tell you what now, but if you interfered here, this world would fall. Simply put, we have to wait until the time comes, so that when it does we will be ready.  

The cyan light emanating from Slight's eyes, nose and mouth ceased to beacon out, as the Oracle reseeded within his vessel. Once again Avery was himself. The world around him looked nothing like civilization had ever existed there. Fire and water the opposite elements destroyed in harmony. The Atlantic's waters had now risen up to almost sixty feet from the everflowing swell, Slight had created. Shaking his head, he refused to any longer be part of the problem. Not thinking however, or those who may have been hurt due to the stunt, while having the effect he wanted, there was no telling where Tessa was. Instantly that weighed on his heart. He hoped against hope that she had escaped or at the very least gotten to higher ground.  
Taking action, the Water Guardian lifted his tired arms, and the murky liquid below began to reseed into the ocean, carrying debris and blood with it. The storm clouds began to lighten and were finally erased from the sky, revealing the sun. The glorious sun. As the night had gone, day broke, but just barely. The golden sol was peeking halfway on the horizon. Such raw beauty shining light on complete carnage; true poetry. Pieces of the Omega Sentinel began to fall of into the wash below, swept away by the waters that had been used to help kill it. With one final heave, Slight gathered a massive blast of telekinetic energy and bolted it forward, dead center into the Omega Sentinel. The blast was so great that it split the metal into shards upon impact, resulting in the rest of the armor it had gathered to piece away. 
Landing on top of a building, Slight collapsed on the cold hard concrete. He breathed heavily, but smiled. The sound of rushing water, knowing a cleanse was being done, gave some solace to his wounded state. There could now be peace, and he would enjoy it.