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I dunno why really I am not sure that accoring to my charecters actions in a recent RPG though they are bloody and down right vicious are in his mind evil or if he even understands that they are evil.

So perhaps he is more nutral than evil or more so his actions are only evil because he does not know any better

And although the Vine Villans have been very accomidating I wonder if nutrality is a wiser path for the time being.

Any thoughts


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Perhaps with the right mentor, CB could become neutral or even swerve toward good. What d'you think?

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Very few evil people think of themselves as evil. In fact some of the most evil are those who think they are more righteous than others.

200th post w00t
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Actually that's true. Think of Magneto, he considers himself righteous in everything he does, justified and honourable yet a lot of what he does is clearly evil.

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Well I guess we will just have to see how the story plays out wont we?

for now I am CB and that is good enough for me