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It happened so quickly.

The heart of Georgia, ripped away, still beating.

Still mourning the loss of its favorite son.

Tears will not bring back Barksdale, Georgia

"We live in an age of fear. We are uncertain of where our paths will take us. This, among other things, is what we - as a people - should come together and find solutions towards. Walking the road to the future with someone by your side is simultaneously the best as well as the most painful experience given to humanity,"

The broadcast whispered to an empty street.

"We are given joys such as love, life, and freedom,"

Twisted, burning hulks welcomed the shadows of vaporized corpses, turned into dust or shriveled up by intense burns.

"Only to be met by heartbreak, death, and tyranny,"

The city limits, frozen at 13,576, never to move again.

"But we must press on. It is human nature to find closure in darkness. We will endure,"

The only sound being a howling wail, pain unimagined, from the same body whose hands wrought this destruction. His mind had finally awoken, wracked by the actions he had involuntarily taken.

"We must fight,"


"We must strive to achieve,"


"We must be strong,"

Another blood-curdling scream, followed by several attempts to crack open his own skull - or, rather, what is left of it. His blood joins the ashes.

"We must stay focused,"

James Palmer, wearing no allegiance, forever a slave to Doom. This was the last remnant of his humanity. Here, he could find happiness again. Now, only shallow graves.

"We must learn to forgive."


So basically, James died, Luke stole his shield, Skjovald stole his body, and Doom remade him into a biomechanical abomination made to challenge/destroy The Champion. Also, for some reason James didn't wake up once the programming had been set in and he destroyed Barksdale, Georgia, because he was actually dreaming he was back there as part of his afterlife experience. This overrode his programming for a second and instead of finding and destroying The Champion, he found and destroyed his own hometown.

This all works out for Doom in the end, so hooray for torturing the Palmer family! Plan: ultimate god slayer is go! :P

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=/ Dang...

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@allegiance: Very cool dude! Can't wait to see where this goes

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@allegiance: I am sad. You are sad. We shouldn't be sad........

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Damn... Not 'Llegie...

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Damnit doom, what a waste of perfectly good food

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I want to keep one of them alive :U

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@allegiance: *__________________________*

I owe you one, my friend.

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(Jump in if you want.)

This world is evil.

Just one more step.

Growing bigger now, footsteps turn into earth-shaking stomps.


Heavy-handed, with the weight of a ten-car train crashing down on top of his head. Aaron Palmer - Formicidae - taking some small measure of vengeance, finally working up the courage to fight. To his surprise, the cybernetic organism doesn't fight back. Maybe this won't be so bad. He grabbed the bastard in his giant hand, pressing against hardened bone and enhanced flesh. He could never break this...thing. But he had to try.


What did it just say? It knows who I am? No, ignore it. Kill it! Do it! Hurry up!

"Oh God, you're really here! You're alive!" it continued.

"Shut up! Just shut up!"

"Aaron, I didn't mean to - "


Sick puppy eyes. Genuine. What's going on?

"Aaron, if you're trying to kill me, do it quickly,"

Whirring inside my grip. Automated defense systems? What's happening?

"Aaron, do it. Just end it already,"

I can feel him opening my hand. No, no, no, no! The creature escaped, and dove in for an instantaneous uppercut that bruised Aaron's enlarged jawbone, knocking him to the ground.


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I'll keep building this up, then.

Sadness explosion coming soon :P

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Eh? I said you're closer to the end of the story :P

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@skjovald: >_> You replace me, and I will be going after my sword-brother's head! =P

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I forget who that is at this point :P

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@allegiance: @formicidae:

As another fist would descend, rocketed by an adamant figure, the vindictive Aaron sprawling on the ground, anticipating an indubitable extermination of his life, an orbicular buffer would soar midair, the alabaster star emblazoned at its azure center. Luke had heard the news, a cutting-edge Hand of Doom, half human half cyborg. It was Luke's job to take it down, mainly after the news.... A city in Georgia, the same city where the stoic Allegiance was conceived.

Both feet hit the bedraggled ground, the shield's thuds reverberate as it rebounds into Luke's clutched fist, quietude and obscurity emanating from the ex-Hand of Doom's inscrutable stance. His respiration barely able to contend with outer noises, eyes eerily gazing the prey. There was no singular day Craig didn't regret murdering his best friend, yet now.... Now Doom had bypassed any lines between absurd and impracticable to forgive. James was clearly suffering and it was up to both to finalize his torment.

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A tooth the size of a volkswagen soared through the air, implanting itself in the earth like a freshly migrated ivory tree. A river of blood followed, squirting out of Aaron's enlarged veins and dousing the charred landscape a sickening red. All because of an uppercut, the meek scientist started to tumble and fall. His footing was lost in the hit and he started to see in black and white for a split second. It terrified him.

How could he do this?

What was the cyborg talking about?

How did he know his name?!

"Look buddy, I don't know who you are, but - "

The mechanical abomination continued his rampage, following into the defensive systems that kept him alive despite his distinct protests. Each fist that collided with Aaron's face brought about a new tortured scream from the automaton as he lost control of his own body. The biologist started to piece things together, bit by bit, in the twilight of unconsciousness.

What if...

Before he met the Reaper, Aaron's salvation came in the form of a ninja. Woah, what? Not just any ninja, by the looks of him. He carried all sorts of equipment and had the air of a superior combatant. He even had...Allegiance's shield?

"Luke, please, for the love of all that's holy, just kill me. I don't care how you have to do it, just kill me,"

Apparently they knew each other. Wait a minute, Luke? Luke Craig? The Spider vigilante? He died a while back, how was he here? But then again, this had to be an acquaintance of Luke's. Judging by the rate of decomposition and discoloration in the hair, he must have died recently as well. That left only one option...


"Don't call me that, Aaron, it's..." a thick gout of shame stopped him from continuing. "It's your brother. James,"


"I'm sorry,"


"I'm so sorry,"


A king-size boot landed on top of the cyborg, crushing him into the ground. Still, he managed to wrestle against the titanic weight and eventually prop up Aaron's leg.

"I'm better off dead anyway. This should never have happened. Just promise me that you'll forget all of this and live the rest of your life without regrets,"

In an automatic response, the juggernaut smashed his unoccupied fist into the sole of Aaron's foot, bruising the tendon and breaking some of the more fragile bones therein. Screaming in agony, the giant fell back down.

"Just end it Luke. The shield is strong enough to cut through my neck. I trust your throwing arm more than anyone else's."

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@formicidae: @allegiance:

Watering eyes scrutinized the tableau this encounter commenced to transform into. The alabaster pigeon soars, rocketing through clouds, courteous and buoyant, proliferating the path of peace. An obsidian crow, to who life was an unpalatable malediction, as the sagacious white bird endeavored to rescue its mind from obscurity, clawed its throat, evulsed the freedom and ensepulchred an antique friend. As the others lamented and appealed to the gods to be honest, the crow bewailed insulated, night after night, the blissful memories of an outstanding person. Sluggishly removing his mask, the scarred visage gone, now the same Luke Craig he once appeared to be. A singular tear rolled downwards, roaming his round cheek as he leaped forth. Starkilled, his primary blade, hurled against Allegiance's mechanical arm, its sole intention being to deepen the fissures, the second sword, Nighthunter, addressing James' human arm in order to prevent movement and dwindling gravely any hazardous counter due to its quaint properties. His right foot would meet his adversary's chestplate, attempting to pull it downwards, forcing a collapse as Luke, if triumphant, would descend the pompous shield, brandishing it with both wrists, aiming to accomplish what James Palmer inquired on his last gasps of life. "I miss you every single day, Alli. I will make sure you die the hero you are, not the monster Doom wants you to be."

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(Pick this up at Ronin's. Aaron is knocked the f-ck out. Consider him to be shrunk down to normal size so you can actually lift him up :P)