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If pretty much everyone has sort of switched to the cvnu, does that count as desertion canon wise for prime? I just wanna know.

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@_Sojourn_: Some of us still use the PrimeU

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Not everyone has switched to CVnU. In fact, I'd say barely half have completely transitioned, if even that.

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I would assume that if they've gone CVnU, that means they are abandoning their part in Prime canon, but the canon itself remains untouched beyond that. At least, that's my understanding. That's why some people are creating alternate versions or completely new alts for CVnU, rather than porting their main over.

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If people desert CVU, fine. Then we will have the KOV and they can stuck it :)

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My understanding is that all things that were made for Vine Prime is still canon to Vine Prime, including any and all characters.  Simply reinventing your character for the CVnU doesn't entail that your Vine Prime character is suddenly rendered non-canon.
For my part, Vine Prime Izaiah is missing, but he still exists.

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In Vine Prime DC is still Sicarius_ just havnt played with it in ages now

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Like everyone else has said, nothing has happened to Vine Prime. Whatever happens with CVnU, it'll never affect Vine Prime. Moving to CVnU only means that whatever you had in Vine Prime is currently inactive, but it'll never affect its canon unless you decide to alter your own character's canon or whatever. So basically no, nothing has changed.

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I still find it amusing that people are still confused by this

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Locke please

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The answer is 42.