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-Day 1-

-Satyrquaze's personal lab, unknown location, somewhere underground-

The air was musty with the dust of old books and candle wax. It was well past 03:00 as the pan-like creature went over his notes again for the seventh time. Rage crossed his face as he slammed his fist down upon an ancient oak desk and shattered it into chips and flinders.

He swore a dozen curses in long dead languages as his wrist-bracelets began to glow. He instinctively sought to regain his composure as millennia of using the alien bands had taught him.

When he was finally comfortable with his level of control he picked up his notes and several old tomes from the floor. His mind reeled at the possibilities:

Impossible, no one has seen another satyr in over two decades and I've been wasting my time fighting other people's battles. I'm probably the oldest creature alive and here I have been until just recently part of the common rank-and-file of the Vine Villains. I have wasted my time. Have I allowed my race to go extinct? What if I am the last of my kind?

He squatted down on his haunches, staring at the scattered wood splinters his ancient eyes fell upon an open book. On its old pages it depicted a colossal tree which supports the heavens, thereby connecting the heavens, the earth, and, through its roots, the underground… The World Tree. The creature's eyes flashed as they read one phrase:

'Eternal life'.

For the first time in several hours the Satyr-creature let out a terrible laughter which almost seemed to shake the very earth under him.

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-Day 1-

She set the folders down on the heavy mahogany desk of the office. The room was laden with dark furnishings, and the walls were a deep red that reached up to the high cathedral ceilings. The velvet curtains were drawn and the only light emitted came from the gold crystal chandelier dangling from the center of the ceiling. Her eyes scanned the desk and she as and checked the time on the laptop computer. It was well past 8 and she had the Prime Minister's dinner to attend in half an hour.

Uncle, I have really no desire to go to some ball and mingle at this hour

Disdain sinked deeply in her voice as she brushed aside her necessary obligations, too enthralled in her studies to start getting dressed, she stood there gazing at the information in her black silk bathrobe.

Her Uncle Joseph Cotillard looked at her solemnly shaking his weary head as he ran an aged wrinkled hand through his salt and pepper beard.

I would not ask you to go if I was able to do so myself, but ever since the incident... His voice trailed off as his mind wandered reminiscing. Esther looked up at him from the folder she was studying. Her brow furrowed, her eyes filled with remorse.

If there was ever any doubt, to be sure, Esther Cotillard had suffered considerably. The death of both her parents at a young age was enough to tear her apart: she would never have the chance to experience a normal childhood. The imminent death of her mother and father came suddenly, and to her misfortune she bore witness to the bullets that took them from her. Her memory jogged suddenly as she was taken to a place she dreamed of only in the darkness of her mind, and the blood that seeped through their flesh staining the ground beneath them: she had witnessed the entire ordeal.

Then her Uncle. The great archeological wonder that she looked up to her entire life, the man that helped raise her, care for her: the man who eventually she came to love in the absence of her parents, and the man that taught her all she would ever grow to learn of who she would become. He wheeled over to her as he realized her mind had wandered once again, and rested his hand on hers. She snapped out of the dreamlike trance and gazed at him, an agonizing half smile creeping along her lips. She kneeled down next to his wheelchair, resting his head on her lap.

I will make you walk again, Oncle...I will fix this...and I will make things alright.

Her Uncle moved her away, lifting her chin with his index finger gently. At first confused, his stare was quizical and then he knew. He knew exactly what she meant and what she had in mind. His eyes widened in fear and he shook his head violently.

NO Esther. I will not stand for you risking your life over some legend...

A legend I know is truth, Uncle, she said with a smile taking his wrinkled hand in hers. I do not just want to give you life,...I want to give me life...life everlasting...

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Waves crashed along the shores of Greece. The Spartan walked out onto the balcony of his estate and looked down the hill towards the beach. The sun was beginning to set and was just barely fading into the horizon. Demetrius sighed to himself as he watched the nearly perfect sunset disappear before his eye. Picking up his glass of wine, he slowly walked inside. He placed his hand upon one of the Ionic columns and looked around. He was completely alone. As Demetrius walked through the halls, he ran his hand along the ornate engravings upon the wall - engravings that told his life story. For thousands of years, he had been alive. Throughout the ages, he had been through many struggles and tests, had seen nations rise and fall, and had lost so much that was dear to him.......

All along, The Spartan had one of the most advanced healing factors that had ever been known. It kept him in a somewhat ageless state for over two thousand years now. Combined with his incredible strength and durability, it made him the ultimate warrior. For ages now, Demetrius had relied on that unstoppable healing factor and durability to carry him through into immortality.

He thought back to the time when he lost his healing years ago - it nearly killed him. In an arena surrounded by the deadliest warriors, The Spartan engaged the eternal chaos known as Kain. This was the first time that Demetrius had encountered dark magic. The vampire cast several spheres of dark energy towards him. Finally, after being hit in the chest several times with them, The Spartan's abilities were beginning to slowly fade. Then, Kain erected a massive forcefield of darkness around himself and cast down meteors from the sky. Demetrius was crushed in the impact and lay in a pool of his own blood. Using his last bit of strength, he was able to make his way out of the arena; but his healing factor had stopped. Through a radical series of events, The Spartan's body was resurrected and returned back to normal. However, he never forgot how it felt.........

Now, The Spartan faced an entirely new dilemma. Somehow, over the years, his healing factor was slowing down. It took longer for his wounds to heal. Sometimes, his healing wouldn't even work. On one occassion, he had to be healed by another. Finally, the eternal soldier faced the concept of time. How much longer would he have his abilities? Even more pressing, how much longer would he be alive? Questions rang in his head constantly.

The Spartan walked through his estate and went into the library. When there, he took out a set of ancient Greek manuscripts. He had given up on science and reason. Could the answers be in some other place? Taking out an ancient scroll, he carefully unrolled it. Reading through it, he came to a place that said:

Βρίσκεται μια απάντηση στην αιώνια ζωή. or Brisketai mia apanteysei stein aionia zo-ey.

Translated, it meant: "There lies an answer to eternal life." His eyes opened wider as he read this. At last, there seemed to be a solution within the manuscript. Reading further, he went on. "Όλες οι απαντήσεις μπορούν να βρεθούν από τις ρίζες.(or Holes si apanteynseis mporoun na brethoun.)" which meant "All the answers can be found in the roots." It all seemed so strange at first; but as Demetrius read on, he discovered the true meaning. All of the answers to eternal life were in the form of a tree.........

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-Day 2-

-Somewhere in the vicinity of the Shatt al-Arab (River of Arabs), connecting the Tigris and Euphrates rivers-

The mid-day sun beat down upon him as he walked through an immense date palm forest, now he looked identical to a local farmer; the only difference was the bejeweled bracelets upon his wrists. They were simply too opulent to be worn by a man of his apparent social standing. Pan could change this eye-color, the clothes he wore, and he could even alter his scent if he concentrated hard enough, but the bands always remained. Still, he could bend light around them if he had felt like it, but why?

It had taken several hours to discover the existence of this particular convergence, but Pan was determined. He moved with a purpose as though he was directed by some unseen sign. In truth, he was. Most of his allies and enemies had learned to fear him because of his natural abilities and the powerful bracelets he wore, but not many knew he was capable of basic magic. Nothing fancy or destructive, just a few utilitarian spells for special occasions. You would truly be amazed what you can learn if given enough time, and Pan was ancient in the extreme. Pan’s eye gave off a faint glow as he walked, not that one could tell such things under the direct light of the mid-day sun. To him the world looked quite different. Glowing lines of power criss-crossed the forest and the sky above him. These were Ley-Lines, and in the distance he could see the glow of a large nexus.

He had come in search of the World Tree or Yggdrasil as the old Norse used to call it. Here he was in the fertile crescent, the region where man had ceased to be merely a primate and became the dominant species on the planet. To Pan, this was the site of a terrible crime against nature.

There were innumerable stories concerning the World Tree and there were nearly as many religions who subscribed to those stories. The Norse, the Mesoamericans, the Mongols and Turks, the Greeks and others... In one such story, the All-father of Asgard had hung himself in the branches of Yggdrasil and sacrificed an eye for great clarity and wisdom. To the Hindu, it was the Tree where Buddha achieved enlightenment while contemplating at its base.

Pan moved closer to his destination, now he could clearly make out a tree that when compared to the Date Palms all around him had no business being there. It was an Oak; given its size it was at least centuries old. Based upon his studies, he knew it required magical sight to see the tree at all. True immortality was within his grasp. He quickly climbed into the Tree’s branches, found a comfortable place to sit and began meditating.

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Day 1 -Later that evening-

She adjusted the diamond bracelet on her right wrist and leaned back against the wall of the leather upholstery. She closed her eyes in frustration and rubbed her temples in an act to subconsciously wish away the pain that had begun to develop at the sides of her head and trail down into her neck. She looked up from the corner of her eyes first to the left, then right noticing the black weapons shine from the holster's of the two assassins sitting on either side of her. The vehicle came to a steady halt and stopped at the front entrance of the museum. The car door opened and she stepped out, avoiding the crowd outside, making her way up the marble steps and through the glass doors; her black train trailing behind her as it swept the floor.

The Prime Minister stood at the doorway as Esther walked through, dropped the conversation he had been engaged in with the leader of the opposing political party and made his way directly to meet her.

Ms. Cotillard,...it is indeed an honor to have such a remarkable humanitarian here... He smiled at her suspiciously as he took her hand in his; eyes narrowed on hers as he brought her hand to his lips.

She gave him a charming smile. The pleasure is mine, I am sure, darling...How is the party rivalry these days... She said turning toward him, removing her hand from his grasp effortlessly, delicately clasping them behind her back. From the corner of her eye she glanced at the two men that had escorted her inside and nodded discretely. A five minute warning, and then it would be down to business as usual. Esther walked in the direction of the main ballroom following closely at the side of the Prime Minister as her two assassins split in opposite directions. It did not take long until the sensors within the museum halls began to ring and the alarms went off. In a panic, the guests of the Prime Minister's ball rushed out the doors of the hall and outside. In the commotion, Esther snuck away meeting back up with her two lead assassins walking through the main hall of the museum. They did not have much time. Through the second door on the left hand side and down the hallway until finally they came to a halt. There, in all it's glory was the missing link to that would bring the pieces finally together. The papyrus manuscript lay at an angle in a solid glass encasing. Esther walked up to it and pulled her hands through a pair of black leather gloves; her eyes widened at the sight of the ancient papyrus as she placed one hand on the glass in awe and exhilaration. After all this time she spent trying to understand where the missing link was that would enable her to depart on her journey, she finally had it. There before her eyes, was the manuscript well over 3,000 years old. She removed her diamond bracelet and set it against the glass. The device triggered a halt in the sensor detector within the encasing. Her assassin moved a glass cutter along the encasing creating a perfect "square" shape creating a large, gaping hole in the side of the encasing. With the aid of her two assassins, they lifted the glass square up and out of the wall of the encasing and set it cautiously on the ground.

Make the call, She said quietly, her eyes still in a trance as she gazed at the ancient papyrus. Her second assassin opened the metal case and Esther slipped both arms through, pulled out the ancient paper and set it carefully down in the suitcase. The sound of beating wind came from above as a ladder dropped down from the opening in the glass ceiling.

Mademoiselle Cotillard, The voice came from above and she looked up, realizing her next move. She stepped onto the ladder and was lifted through the air and out the window of the museum's great hall. Once on the roof she dashed quickly into the helicopter's cockpit and sat back into the plush seat. She leaned her head back and let out a low, level sigh. Gerard, she said to her lead assassin, Mon Oncle is going to kill me... They both laughed. She pulled the black leather gloves slowly off her hands; finger by finger, staring out the window. Gerard set the silver suitcase in her lap and she opened it slowly, gazing down in awe.

After all these years...I have finally managed to find the map that would lead me on my quest for everlasting life... Gerard was silent for a moment, gazing at her soft face.

My only concern Mademoiselle, he started cautiously, Is that we do not know what we are looking for...Neither do we know what perils we shall encounter when we get there. She looked at him solemnly from the corner of her eye, and then returned her gaze to the manuscript in her lap.

I am not worried. I've waited my entire life for this...Dedicated my studies to it... Suffered constant criticisms from my colleagues in my field...But I managed to strive forward and dream of this day without hesitation or regression. I have fought for this Gerard,...

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-Day 3-

-Somewhere in the vicinity of the Shatt al-Arab. (River of Arabs)-

His visions were unreal; he saw a distant land. He saw the faces of each of the beings who had come in contact with a... seedling of the World Tree and he knew he was in the wrong place, but he knew where he had to go. He flew straight up into the sky in a yellow bolt of light and in a flash; he was gone. Many of the locals panicked, not understanding what they had just seen.

He re-appeared in low orbit over the continent of Africa, he could see the entire land mass as though it were on a map. He examined the continent for a long moment, somewhere down there was the gift of immortality… waiting for him.

He had a rough idea of its location; he had gotten vague impressions of its location from his visions, but not enough to narrow it down to one locale. He summoned up a mystical incantation and cast the same spell that had led him to the Tree in Mesopotamia. A latticework of Ley-Lines super-imposed itself all over the world. The lines crisscrossed resembling a ball of yarn. They had an unearthly glow to them to Pan's sight, but they were strictly natural. There was a sizable convergence in eastern Africa… the cradle of life… He was so close now, but he needed more. He needed information. He set a course for the closest major population center.

Seconds later, he stealthily landed within the rich landscape near Arusha, and noted how striking it was. Must be a side-effect of its proximity to the convergence… the World Tree. He privately thought. He could almost feel its power here, even kilometers away. He took the form of a local traveler and slipped into the city. He walked across a street and narrowly avoided being hit by a land-rover. It was apparently tourist season in Tanzania. He looked about his surroundings once he was safely on a cemented walking path. He looked to the north and saw the "Mountain of God" in the distance. Truly he was so close now.

About an hour later, and after just a little persuasion he found the name and location a local archeologist/anthropologist who was purported to know a great deal about the ancient history of the area.

Dr. William Bruce sat in his office, his spectacles rest precariously on the edge of his nose. He dressed in khaki shorts and a white button shirt. He was merely 53 but looked to be in his mid-sixties. He spoke seven languages and was the foremost authority on the Olduvai Gorge and the nearby Ngorongoro Crater. It seemed that the gorge was home to the oldest human remains ever found. In his old age, the doctor had surrounded himself with books on mythology and the occult. He had become increasingly obsessed with the story of the Garden of Eden in recent months.

An unassuming local man entered in his office without knocking and closed the door gently behind him. Clearly startled, Dr. Bruce immediately closed his book. "Can I help you, young man?" he said in slightly accented Maasai. "Yes, doctor..." the young man responded in English accented in Dr. Bruce's own scottish brougue and an voice that sounded like dried leaves scraping across cold stone. "Ye can help by tellin' me everyting ye know aboot th' secrets o' th' Olduvai Gorge." Stark fear crossed Dr. Bruce's face. "N- No, I know what you intend…I--" The door to the office suddenly locked itself and any shades that were open suddenly closed, and Dr. William Bruce for the first time in years began to scream.

But, no one could hear his exquisite agony.

Roughly an hour later, a man of british decent in his mid-twenties quitely left Dr. Bruce's office. He whistled a happy tune as he closed and locked the door behind him, seemingly oblivious to the pool of blood that was slowly spreading under the door.

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