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This is a fight to help Deadpool understand how it works, As he is new.

The rules. Only Swords and H2H. No powers or Luck for Zaniel and vice versa for Deads. No healing factor etc..


Other people, feel free to comment in this if you want.


Location is in Dojo.


Zaniel looked at his opponent. Now - Zaniel had not been to this part of the world much. But he was visiting, just for fun. But he had roped himself into a sword fight ( possibly to the death ) with some assassin type guy. Time to test him.

"Good luck" Zaniel said as he drew his sturdy Angelic Spartan Style sword,

He took up a defensive stance and awaited his opponents move.

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[[ Cool, and good luck to you both :-) ]]

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@pyrogram After many years of training,Gray Shadow found a dojo where he could improve his skills,training there for some months,now an angel type opponent appeared and wanted a sword duel,he simply looked at the guy and said:

"Keep the luck to yourself,I have ability"

He unsheated his sword and stopped in a defensive position,waiting for his opponent's attack.

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@amaranth_strix: Thanks :P


Zaniel chuckled at that comment, In this Dojo all powers stopped. All abilities. Hell, even his Luck. This was pure skill.

Zaniel circled the man with his sword at eye level pointing outwards. He was going to test his strength first.

Zaniel burst forward with a simple thrust forward at the mans chest, then follow through with an elbow to the face, If the first attack was defended or not.

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@amaranth_strix said:

[[ Cool, and good luck to you both :-) ]]

Thanks =D


Shadow concentrated a lot,as he had no powers,he could take care of himself,that was when the man burst forward,he expected something less obvious "That's how everyone starts.Why can't thay see this is so obvious?" he thought while blocking the first attack with ease.

But his opponent,as quick as he could,used his elbow to hit his face,Shadow avoided that with difficulty and escaped to the left.He,swung his sword in a quick and light movement,trying to hit his opponents leg ,three times.

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Zaniel was not surprised the man dodged, that was a move to test his speed. This man was clearly fast, possibly dangerous - He had to access that. As his elbow missed he spun around , parried the attack to his leg before he could send another hit , then sent another thrust driving forward. But this time with more speed and aggression.

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@pyrogram As his attack missed,he was not able to block the opponents attack,so he just tried to dodge it.The attack,luckily,just scratched his armor.He smiled,but his opponent couldn't see due to his helmet.

"I hope that's not all you've got!" he mocked his opponent

Now that he knew that his opponent was pretty balanced with strenght and speed,he knew exactly what to do.He rushed to his opponent,trying to hit him with a kick in his chest,than he would continue with a quick serie of slices,aiming Zaniel's chest and head.Depending or not if the attack fails.

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Zaniel felt the kick connect with his chest - He placed his sword underneath the kick and attempted to bend his knee in the opposite direction of the joint, to break his leg. He moved his head out of the way of the sword but got cut in the cheek and nose a little. Not serious as the attacker had to now stop his leg being broken so he could not go for chest strikes. Zaniel only needed a few seconds more to break his knee..

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Shadow felt an extreme pain in his knee,but quickly thought on how to reverse it.He surrounded Zaniel's sword with his leg,in a position it couldn't cut or brake it,than he put both hands on the blade and simply fell,taking the sword with him and,maybe,his opponent.