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Corona, Queens, New York - October 25, 2013

Noah stood perplexing still, his face riddled with emotion, very much unsure as to his next plan of action. It had been quite some time since government henchmen last apprehended him. "....." Within seconds he deduced physical contact would serve no viable purpose. Instead the compassionate chancellor adjusted his posture, calmly clasping his bare hands behind his back, and respectfully awaited the inevitable answer to his disgraceful detainment

"........"Soon enough the absence of sound began to irritate his heightened senses; the lack of communication only chipping away at his strong dependence on using conversation to deflect personal anxieties. "Ding!" Rather then focus on negativity the ostentatious optimist closed his eyes, an undocumented fear of closed spaces reaching the surface, and tried his earnest to imagine the people he loved.

"Ding!" Beads of sweat rolled down his chiseled chin; his emotional instability reemerging at the most unlikeliest of times.

"Are you afraid pretty boy?" A raspy voice trailing into his ear made the skin beneath form fitting clothing crawl. "Are you?" Truthfully disgusted by the lack of respect demonstrated by this stateside operation, Noah steps forward in hopes of dissuading violence. "Are you?" He felt a frigid hand slide down his back which only caused further disarray.

"Ding!" Infuriated by the increased disrespect so foolishly displayed, the telepathic mastermind momentarily shuts down the minds of those within close proximity. And as for the one who copped a feel the dapper dignitary wrapped his pulsating hands around his scrawny neck. "I should kill you." He malevolently muttered, tantalized by the idea of poetic justice. However, his sinister thoughts were immediately dispelled upon the entry of another mind withholding magnificently crafted telepathic barriers.

"Let him go." His off putting voice caused an instantaneous relinquishment, though the scrawny aggressor still gasped for forgiveness....claiming to have seen the devil within.


"Why am I here?" He walked along eerily familiar territory, quietly inspecting this finely designed infrastructure whilst ignoring whatever sayings his captor might be uttering.

"I don't care for your apologies. The fact that you didn't do background checks on your men is insulting enough. I entered your custody, because I was caught red handed. I'm considered an enemy of state and I'm prepared to deal with the consequences", he was already hatching an escape plan while conversing with the suspected government official, "I'm just not sure why I'm here. Why haven't I been arrested?"

Noah unwittingly smiled, discomforted by the uneasy predicament he had found himself in.

"Because you're not an issue. Public arrest of Chancellor Addams could incite war with a country our nation is unprepared for. Not to mention your dual citizenship which has given hope to the American people that peace is possible", the seemingly seasoned veteran halted movement and saluted his dishonorably discharged counterpart, "I want you to help me....help you. Which leads me to answer the question you have yet to question." He remained silent for a few short seconds before continuing, "How was I aware of your entry on American soil?"

An arched eyebrow indicated confusion, because the yellow eyed prince hadn't a single clue. As far he knew the only enemy he retained was Clarice Michelle, but even she wouldn't be as appalling as to enable government intervention. "You've been studying me...plain and simple. It doesn't take a rocket scientist."

"I hate to burst your bubble. Trust me, I really do, but you deserve the truth. You're supposed friend Kurt lead us straight to you."

His response was unnatural, unsuspected even, the chancellor chuckled as if he were on an episode of Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd. "You honestly expect me to believe that bullshit?" Noah walked inward, tapping his left temple, threatening to dig into his mind and spin it around like a bowl of spaghetti.

"I don't, but I'm sure you already knew. His constant questions about your life in Venezuela, his disappearances every time you stop by his home. Who do you think supplied him with that apartment? That man is a dead beat. He's been selling you out since day one." The strangely familiarity brushed off his shoulders, apathetic toward this yellow eyed mutant's brash behavior.

"Listen. I hate to shatter friendships, but it's my job to be blunt. You're friend has been trading information to keep his ass clean, but he's been betraying both of us. Rumor has it he's plotting something and it's something big. Diffuse it. Arrest him on behalf of the United States government and you'll be a free man yet again."


He sat on the couch cozily, legs crossed like an actual gentlemen, and blankly stared at an unopened door. Upon the entry of an unlocking noise the disgruntled dignitary would shift back into this rigid reality. "Where have you been?" He'd question his supposed best-friend, increasingly conflicted as to how he'd handle this delicate situation.

"Have you been hiding stuff from me?" His voice heightened, disorientated by the idea of yet another personal betrayal. "Have you?" His yellow eyes darkened, everything around him was literally twirling and then suddenly it stopped. "Have you.....?"

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Blissfully unaware of the ongoing emotional turmoil within his best friends mind having been maliciously deceived into thinking Kurt, his trusted ally, had simply sold him out. The Past Paragon assumed his recently requested presence in Noah's house was simply for a friendly meetup, assuming this would be nothing other than two friends happily going for a beers and talking about trivial matters Kurt had forsaken the need to take any external weaponry or body-armor simply wearing his civilian attire being an iconic green hoodie with green/grey cargo pants.

Walking through his palm briefly attacked itself onto the golden door handle slowly opening it, knowing Noah never locked his door due to his telepathy perpetually allowing for him to become aware of anybody breaking in. Upon entering the room the confusion on his face manifested itself simply in an almost dumb fashion, totally unaware of the mans imperative questioning, his figure noticeably mellow wanting to withhold nothing from his most valuable ally however not knowing what he was apparently holding back, or hiding.

Stammering, his words unable to be conveyed logically his worry piquing as Noah retorted his words in quick concession "H....Have I what?" The Paragon of Power squinted catching sight of the visibly disorientated chancellor wanting to know what was going on, keeping his calm refusing to show his increasing alarm, Kurt slowly looked over his shoulders and to the sides hoping nobody was laying in ambush, stepping forwards once his hands still by his sides, he reiterated his words, "Hiding what from you?" A single inquisitive eyebrow raised in anticipation.

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"How long have you been lying to me?" Chattering windows crackled as his unrelenting telekinetic prowess went to work. And he perfectly still, panting between accusations, exponentially agitated by the insufficient responses presented by his so called friend. Surely Kurt saw this eventuality coming. Surely he'd know his telepathic confidant would uncover the truth in one form or another. However, rather than focus on far more logical matters the brash Venezuelan hollered instead.

"I know! Alright, I know what you've been up too. Your thing with Abby, the questions about Venz, and now I see the truth. You're jealous of me. My power, my bank account, my life.....my everything." Even though he spoke with the purest of rage the venom that slipped off his sharp tongue left a sour taste in his mouth. Even with the information brought to his attention the dapper dignitary truly believed Kurt wouldn't betray him, but something beneath the surface spoke otherwise. A part of him felt inclined to speak with fists rather than words, and so the self-proclaimed mutant messiah did just that.

"All I ever wanted was a brother. I couldn't even have that." With that said, the often pretentious politician lifted his intersected arms upward and separated them with an insatiable ferocity. This single movement enticed the fabric of reality, swiftly calling upon his genetic telekinetic power, and would thrust the stupidly veiled visage known as the Paragon of Power through an already open window and onto the nearest roof.

Noah instinctively followed suit, but the charismatic chancellor was visibly distraught. Why would the Emerald Enigma endanger the well being of someone so close? It just didn't feel right, especially considering how personal they were with one another. Yet for some reason being rational felt unsettling. Nothing made sense yet everything made sense. For a few short moments he remained still, deep in thought, fighting with his morally conflicted predicament. "Dammit!" His eyes darted toward Kurt, sensing his myriad of emotional responses, confused as archer's dumbfounded perplexity. "You caused this. I did't want to do this. Trust me, I really don't, but you deserve this." He said with a smug smirk on clear display, already planning his next plan of action. An action of which would only ensue after listening to Kurt's surely weak rebuttal.

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Kurt's awareness was diverted from Noah's constant ramblings regarding betrayal which had never happened, instead, realizing the entire area was suffering due to his friends telekinetic prowess starting to ambivalently engage itself. Fragile lines started to form on the window in the shape of spider webs spiraling downwards with the windows weakening, the room frantically began to shake almost as if a type of earthquake was erupting, ironically, this was simply a volcano of erroneous emotions dwelling deep within the Chancellors mind.

Kurt swiftly realizing something was upcoming in the form of a telekinetic attack having the assurance even his athletic resourcefulness would not be enough to avert the oncoming might of Noah, instinctively raising his palms up trying to quell down the Addams strife, "Noah...Calm down, I've no-" Without delay his body was unceremoniously flown through an open window, possibly due to Noah's unwillingness to fatally injure Kurt, possibly due to knowing he'd get no information without a cognitive Kurt.

Landing down upon the window roof with a gigantic thud the Paragon was quick to spring back upright, raising his palms once more realizing peaceful conversation had literally been thrown out of the window, "I DESERVEthis?" Kurt's almost obsessive care for his friends was always evident, always being portrayed through his life, and to be question, bombarded and chastised for a false betrayal all gave provocation to the events which would follow. "You're insane" Maybe the best type of rebuttal would be a violent rebuttal. His body slowly started to glow emerald green his verdant visage manifesting itself upon his entire body along with his iconic weaponry.

Raising his emerald bow tightly gripping it within his left palm, his right hand swiftly pulled back upon a manifested string adopting the necessary stance for full drawback strength, "Noah. I don't know what's wrong. I don't know what you'e been told. But it's not the truth" Resting a single arrow on the string the Paragon awaited his friends final converse unwilling to engage in combat until he saw no alternative "Stop this madness....before you get hurt".

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Noah's indulgence with this dull-witted traitor had run its course. If he wasn't going to admit the truth than he'd have no choice but to use his tenacious telepathy. "If you're innocent; why bother fighting?" Prince Addams arrogantly retorted, starting to believe the rumors surrounding his supposed ally's unprecedented treachery.

"I didn't want this to happen. I tried to avoid this!" His yellow eyes blackened, an ode to a past best left unspoken. It even gave a clue as to his current mental instability. "You were suppose to be my family........." His entire appearance represented the battle between light and darkness; a legitimate observation once made by the greatest of Arcani. "....My brother." In spite of what's been said the precocious prince truly believed he was in the right.

It's this same self righteous belief that caused an instantaneous reaction to the manifestation of Kurt's emerald constructs. "Now it's time I learned the truth." Without prior knowledge to the shield he so tightly withheld (subconsciously created through telekinetic compression of nearby metal components) the casually dressed dignitary angrily propelled this inanimate object at speeds nearing the average bullet, aiming for the verdant knight's lower abdomen, with full intent of getting Kurt off his feet.

"Now stay down!" Uncaring as to the end result the cunning chancellor placed his hands against his temples, focusing his thoughts on that of the bumbling Paragon, hoping to invade his mind and scramble it instead of obtaining proper answers like an actual hero. Yet another action that called upon serious questioning. "Or you'll get hurt." Noah snarled,oddly enjoying this heated exchange, partially ambivalent to finding the god's honest truth.

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"I bother fighting as you just threw me out of a window - for no reason" Kurt bluntly retorted using logical sense for the first time in this entire fiasco, "Do you expect me to simply stand here and not defend myself? You're a Chancellor, you're meant to be diplomatic. Not some emotional baby who does not understand the concept of self defense...." Kurt angrily exclaimed during his "Brothers" emotional retorts simply ignoring them all, realizing something was up, somebody had been feeding Noah lies.

However Kurt's initial priority was to simply survive this ensuing battle without sustaining anything life changing, his emerald eyes caught sight of the oncoming projectile in the form of a cleverly connived metallic shield flying inwards at speeds approximate to that of an average bullet, Kurt's own reactionary prowess allowed for his weaponry to be discharged at a slightly faster rate going around 25% faster than Noah's own projectile, utilizing his ability to fully control his constructs due to them being intrinsically enshrined in his own biological makeup.

As his single arrow departed from the verdant string mid-flight it would break apart into three exact replicas all going at parallel speeds one aiming towards Noah's chest. A secondary (blunted) arrow flying through the air like a majestic eagle aiming for Noah's exposed neck hoping to, upon impact, deal the same amount of blunt force trauma a car hitting you at 50MPH would and simply cause a knockout effect, with the last arrow avoiding the Chancellor, flying upwards over his head and then with precise curvature swoop back around like a boomerang and then possibly smashing into the back of Noah's exposed head again with the same force of a small car.

Due to the close proximity of both attacks the shield was swiftly smashed into Kurt's abdomen causing for a cripplingly painful sensation to simply drop the Paragon onto the ground falling towards one knee with devastating consequences, breathlessness and sheer pain refuted his efforts to stand, his emerald bow idly toppled to the ground as he pressed his right knuckle into the ground trying to sustain any sort of mental stability. During this, the Chancellor performed a relentlessly damaging mental intrusion into the mind of Kurt.....Instantly falling onto the ground having his thoughts being scrambled unable to fathom any movements nor words, Kurt simply rolled to the side hoping his arrows would cut off the mental bombardment.

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Like a natural born bender the yellow eyed dignitary swayed with the somber, fall breeze. He instinctively utilized his telekinetic blessing to dismiss the initial emerald, constructed projectiles. "Impotent." He pridefully walked forward with a slight smirk, eyes as dark as the night sky, and shamelessly reveled at the sight of his bewildered friend.

"....I am the chancellor. I am the supreme! " He exasperated himself, clutching his own throat as a post traumatic response due to his targeted neck; a chilling reminder of an injury sustained by the murdered Xenon. "I loved you..." He murmured so lowly only a mouse could hear; increasingly perplexed as to his own predicament. Everything happened so fast. Nothing made sense. Why would Kurt lie? Enough! Everything he says is false. It must be. "You're dead. You're dead!" Conflicting emotions aside the clearly deranged dignitary salivated at his swift victory over the verdant knight. Hoping to m-murder...y-yes murder his s-supposed brother....the d-devil's favorite demon---

blacked out.


Addams Estate - August 8, 2013

"Baby, please." She tenderly caressed his parky skin. "Don't be mad at me." She pulled herself inward, tugging on his bloodied shirt, comforting his heartbeat with her own. "I did it for us. I did it for you." ----

"What did you do?" It's like an outer body experience, reliving a memory he had no recollection of. "What did you do!" He clutched her petite shoulders, violently shaking the frazzled beauty without a single qualm. "Noah, stop it!" She uncharacteristically cried out, frightened by the creature she had selfishly created.

"I saved your life. Okay? I saved your life. Shini....Shini killed you. He killed you when Andres and Shiho defeated the beast. It was an unforeseen circumstance. And I'm sorry. I am so sorry, but this isn't your fault. None of this is your fault. I did this. I'm the reason so much crap has happened in your life. That's why you're going to forget this. You're going to stay in Venezuela, make friends, find a girl, and make a life there. You'll stay away from America as best as you possibly can. Just know that I love you and I always will."


Noah begrudgingly awakened. "Kurt?" A striking headache resulted in blurry vision. "Kurt...!" He's taken back by the wreckage surrounding him. What happened? Blood protruded from his mouth as the demon within fought for control. "You've got to help me." Although unaware of his friend's position, his satanic subconscious manifested telekinetic daggers. "Before it's too late." Any form of movement would end up with three similar constructs following the same path as Kurt's emerald arrow trajectory.