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An anthony_stark and premonition RP

Previously -

Anthony Stark is now in control of the president of the United States through nano-Bot mind control. Not being a war criminal in law anymore due to an unexpected speech by premonition crafted by Stark - Boom - Now in control of the body, having "made" Premo forget about it through a parallel timeline switch using Premo's powers against him meaning only Stark remembers the mind-swap. ( Premo has no memory of the events, but it may be possible that they have been repressed rather than erased )Takeover RP....but something has happened, Stark is seeing a face - Who is the faceless man?...

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...Premonition is Slenderman?

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You are really busy these days, hm? ;) But looks interesting. have fun.

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@_the_ant_: Nope xD

@risky: Busy? Nah, this is tying up old affairs :P

Good, because I was going to have vine Slenderman be a black hand agent.

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@icarusflies: But I'll win in spirit if I use him in a major event first! D:<

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This should be a nice read and good luck on this.

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Posted....not my best. Not my worst. But posted after forever xD