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The Continuing Developments of: THE ETERNAL WAR

The situation is dire. Following the death of Kaligar Roxom, events have been set in motion that cannot be stopped. Aldeon is preparing to amass his armies into a Black Crusade, the magnitude of which can shake the foundation of the galaxy once unleashed. Daemons and heretics flock to the relics scattered in the Dead Worlds Sector in hopes of joining the carnage and to receive the gifts of their Dark Gods in exchange for blood and war. As the fires of hatred spread, the Imperium struggles to respond in time. The mainstay defensive system of Symaar Primus - the Ferravian Ring - lies in ruin after Aldeon's attack during the Great Reclamation. With only 53% structural integrity preserved, there is no feasible way for it to withstand the momentum of the inevitable Black Crusade.  
That is where a man named Ursark Brom comes into play.  
After "testing" the heretical forces by overwhelming one of their strongholds in the Dead Worlds Sector, Brom was elected to the office of Lord General of the Symaarian Guard. At his beck and call, five-hundred million souls stand ready to defend their Imperium. Yet he knows that Aldeon would be expecting the sluggish Hammer of the Imperium. Brom suspects all too well that the power of the Symaarian Guard will be sapped by daemonic incursions and the quickness of the heretic fleet. Even at forty years of age, he realizes all too well the danger posed by this otherworldly foe. That is why he gathers the House of Roxom, despite being not even remotely related to them. His word as Lord General is law, but he hopes to win the respect of these powerful individuals rather than casually ordering them around like common grunts. Through a combination of stern words and iron willpower, he has formed an alliance with not only Azrael and her Death's Wing but also with the Keresh warlord Ravek Val'Chan.  
The weight of the Imperium's survival is on Brom's shoulders as his first action as Lord General of its armies draws closer. As the ebbing tides of the Warp open to them, the warrior-rulers of two vast spacial empires prepare to strike at the heart of the Black Crusade before it brings its ravenous armies to bear. But there is another foe waiting in the shadows of distant stars for the opportune moment to strike... 

Additional Notes/Quick Information for New Readers

  • These RPGs take place in a sector of the Milky Way Galaxy far beyond the gulf inhabited by and familiar to humans. It involves a massive and aggressive alien empire ruled by the Symaarians, a highly-advanced and stubborn race of humanoid extraterrestrials who have dedicated their existence to serving their creator. Their creator is a draconian god called the Navigator who once spearheaded the Symaarians into a vast universal conquest known as the Great Crusade. The Navigator's siblings (the Dark Gods) saw fit to stop him and combined their efforts into paralyzing his body but not before being banished to the twisted dimension known as the Warp. The Navigator remains a powerful psychic presence to this day, even after ten-thousand years of slow physical decay, and psychically influences his people while still managing to protect the majority of them from spiritual decline into the worship of Chaos. 
  • The Imperium is beset on all sides by alien hordes and daemonic monsters. It is true that without the Imperium all of the Milky Way would be divided by alien factions and the Eternal War would even spread to Earth. 
  • Recently, an ancient warrior who once served the Imperium has returned from the Warp as a monstrous daemon prince in search of revenge against Kaligar Roxom. While not successful in killing Roxom, this warrior (Aldeon) succeeded in destroying most of Ferravius and was indirectly responsible for Kaligar's death when he coerced the Ork Warlord Bloodstompa into following Dathron's fleet. 
  • Ferravius is the keystone in the inter-planentary defensive grid known as the Ferravian Ring, which defends the most important planet in the Imperium (Symaar Primus) from invasion. Without Ferravius, it is in good possibility that Symaar Primus would fall into disarray; and without Symaar Primus, the Imperium would collapse entirely. 
  • Outside of Ferravius lies a turbulent area of space known as the Dead Worlds Sector, which acts as a buffer zone between Imperial territory and the Eye of Terror where the forces of Chaos spill from. The Dead Worlds Sector is a graveyard of old fortresses and relics, the most important of which is a monument erected where (presumably) Kaligar's father Jor'mun'der ascended to heaven. The planet with the honor of having this monument on its surface is called Vaul and is the Symaarian equivalent of Jerusalem. Currently being used as a stronghold by Aldeon, Vaul is the main target for Brom's crusade into the Dead Worlds Sector. Without it, the forces of Chaos would lose heart as the linchpin of their entire purpose in the Dead Worlds Sector would crumble away once Imperial flags are hoisted over Vaul.

Note Regarding the RPG Itself

  • This is a story between Azrael, Ravek, Kayle Rez, and any other participants we see fit to join such as Serenity and Aldeon Malpedon himself. 
That being said, this is the OOC and I'll have the first post up later tonight or perhaps tomorrow. I'll try for the former. 
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oooow space opera, I like!!!

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It lost steam as other things came up, I was given permission to end it right though to make it cannon and such. So after geting all the wants wishes and demands. I got to work, and am pleased to give you the end of Aldeon and Bloodstompa, the fate of Serenity, the vengeance of Azrael, death of Brom and a bunch of other stuff that hopefully I will get feed back on lol. I know theres now a few posts I need to do but it was worth it as this took some serious dedimication ^_^