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Users • Araghor Roxom

Account • N/A (soon...)

Cliff Notes • The ancient island kingdom of Nekhamis (not to be confused with Atlantis for future reference) was founded by Araghor the First, Son of the Comet. Nekhamis served as the base for Araghor's expansion into what is now known as the ancient Egyptian empire, but his colonization of northern Africa only caused a schism between his subjects. Those that remained in Africa went on to build the pyramids as well as form the bloodline of divine pharaohs. Araghor remained on Nekhamis before it sank into the Mediterranean through unknown and unexplained circumstances. It has recently reawakened with Araghor having been revived as a lich.

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This conflicts with the already established Egyptian mythology of CVnU. You should get in touch with Izaiah and see what you can do to bring this in line with the mythology he's written.

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Already done, thank you :)