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a swift breeze blew across ronin's helmet as he rode through San Fransisco the traffic was light considering how gorgeous the day was. not a cloud in the sky and the sun was at it's highest point as it bounced it's sunlight off of the water. ronin peered out on to the bay as he began to cross over the golden gate bridge. sea gulls flew high above the water calling out to one another as dolphins swam through the water just barely raising their dorsal fins out of the water.  ronin couldnt help but smile even knowing that a bounty had been placed on his head. 

as ronin made it halfway across the bridge suddenly traffic came to a sudden stop as the sound of screeching tires filled the air. one after another cars began to plow into one another. quickly ronin grabbed in his clutch down shifting into second and grabbing a hand full of front brake. the sound of his exhaust screamed through the air as once again down shifted into first. he wasnt slowing down fast enough quickly reacting by pressing down firmly with his right toe against he rear brake. ronin could already see what was about to happen as his rear tire began to slide. suddenly ronin's bike began to whip to the right side as he reacted by letting off of the foot brake. things just happened to quickly as the bike suddenly slid out from underneath of him and the sound of plastics scraping the ground made ronin cringe. ronin too hit the ground sliding across the pavement just behind his bike. his leather jacket aloud his body to slide without doing any damage. ronin's helmet also slid across the ground grinding it down. ronin watched as his bike slammed into a car about 20 FT in front of him and the direction he was sliding.

SNIKT quickly ronin reacted by extending his claws and forcing them into the ground. sparks began to fly as the claws cut into the asphalt. like nails on a chalk board the sound of ronin's claws screeched as they slowed him down and stopped him just as he was about to follow the same fate as his bike. whew ronin sighed to himself underneath his helmet. still traffic continued to slam on their brakes and began to slide. ronin could hear a car coming right at him. ronin could feel the ground shaking below him with the use of his enhanced senses. instantly ronin reacted by kicking his legs up into the air followed by him pressing off of the ground with his hands just above his shoulders. ronin used all of his strength and agility as he flew up into the air and the car went right underneath of him slamming into his bike. as ronin flew through the air he twisted his body making him land in the opposite direction as to see if there was anymore unwanted cars coming toward him.

suddenly the sound of rounds firing filled the air. this was a all to familiar sound to ronin given his background. ronin reacted quickly by turning around and running at full speed. the marine lept into the air landing on top of a wrecked car. ronin's body weight caused  the roof to collapse  as he continued to run and jump from car to car. there was footprints left in his wake as his adammantium skeleton pressed down on top of the car roofs. as ronin made it to the front of the traffic he could smell the gun power still in the air. body's were laid out all across the ground bleeding out that all to familiar color. ronin raised his face into the air as he began to sniff taking in the scent. Midnight ronin muttered as he once again took off running.

ronin could smell his enemy a mile away as he was once a former friend and allie. as ronin got to the end of the bridge he stopped just for a second once again taking in the air and following the scent. ronin ran as fast as he could no longer feeling the pain of his wreck. suddenly there he was. bent down onto the ground writing on the wall of a building with his blood soaked fingers. "MIDNIGHT" ronin screamed out trying to catch to fools attention. "this has been along time coming son and guess it's time we end this now" ronin said in an angry tone as he spoke to ML. SNIKT then sun stood behind ronin making him appear as a silhouette. there stood ight in front of ML his shadowy death.

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Midnight heard the hero approaching and so he turned around revealing his bloody master piece. The dripping red letters read
"Ronin, Did you miss me?"
As the villain made his way away from the wall, The king of crime lifted his cowl. Revealing a slimey grin that would surely revolt even the most brave.  Slowly he made his way to ronin, Dropping the empty pistols, He pulled a dagger from his left pocket and slowly pulled the dagger gently across his fore-head so as to make a bloody scar. Midnight was going to exploit fear in this battle, Showing how creepy and evil he truly could be.

Ronin shouted "MIDNIGHT" as he popped his claws. But Midnight was afraid.

As he put the dagger back into his hand, He threw it aimed at Ronins heart. It pierced the air with precision and speed, Whistling as it cut through the breeze around them.

Midninight upon hurling his weapon, He Back flipped, As he caught himself mid-air with his TK, He landed ontop of the same building he wrote on  earlier. Looking across the city landscape, The first thing he would notice was an 18 wheeler not very far away amongst the rubbage of destruction Midnight had caused. He utilized his TK once again and picked the truck up, Throwing it at Ronin.

Every thing was going according to plan.