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'My fellow Americans many of you do not know me. I am Lady Liberty, also known as Lara Kelly. In 1945 I was born as a result of our first nuclear test in Trinity New Mexico. From that day I was raised by the U.S. Armed Forces, and I served our country with all my will and to the best of my abilities for a great many years.'

'This summer I returned from a long and difficult mission into space. And upon my return I had many things to learn.'

'My countrymen and women those things disappointed me.'

'There was a day when our leaders were wise and dedicated statesmen. When we could look to them for leadership. When we could respect them.'

'But that day is gone. Our leaders now barely deserve the name. They scrounge for money, flood the media with their ads, and beg for votes like dogs for bones. They compromise their principles and ours. They have lead this great country down a wondering path with hesitant steps.'

'So today I come before you to review the presidential debates. My people you will be called upon to select the next leader of the free world. Each one of you who chooses to vote will know as you step into that booth that you will play some part in the course of histories great river.'

'I am here to help you, as I have always been, and will always be. You are a great people. You deserve a great leader. May this review shine light upon your path, as you elect your next President.'

Debate One

Question One: Stance on abortion.

Answer,Atticus Blair: I believe in the right for a woman to choose her own health care decisions. But I also would love to live in a world where they are completely unecessary. If elected I would work to ensure that by equal pay for equal work, innovative and effective health care and overall communal support, that no one fears the very real consequences of child birth and rearing.

Review: 'This is a difficult answer to understand. Mr. Blair supports the right to choose but he somehow wishes everyone to not make a certain choice? This makes little sense and seems to be an attempt to please everyone.'

Answer,Orpheus Ziev: Abortion should only be legal in cases of danger to the mother, rape, or when a parent or family is absolutely incapable of supporting a child.

Review: 'A much simpler answer. Ziev opposes abortion.'

Question Two: For what benefit would the people of this country have to have you as their leader?

Answer, Atticus Blair: I believe whole heartlessly in my ideas. I believe that our fundamental beliefs as a country must be augmented in order to wean ourselves from the destructive nature of our own past ways. With me as president, I will put forth an agenda of progression, and innovation. We will be a brand new people!

Review: 'Again, what does this mean? What changes to our fundamental beliefs would he like? What does he see as our fundamental beliefs? What kind of augmentation does he mean? What destructive nature does he refer to? Exactly what progression and innovation does he want? What kind of people? I am left with more questions then answers after Mr. Blair's answer.'

Answer, Orpheus Ziev: I know the plight of the people...from the gutters to the penthouses, I've felt their pain. I've searched my own soul in faraway places, and I believe I've found the essence of humanity. I know what we all want, what we all NEED. I mean to bring our country back to the basics...create jobs by cutting out foreign imports, improving military strength, and through this taking back what is rightfully ours, but which has been stolen away by foreign hands...I will bring us back the American Dream.

Review: 'Mr. Ziev plans to reduce imports, strengthen the military and take back things he sees as ours. I would like to know what he would do to cut imports, does he propose raising the tariff or acting against specific nations? I would also like to know what he believes has been stolen from us. But on the whole this is a fairly substantive answer, when compared to his opponents vague generalities.'

Question Three: To better understand the needs of the hero community how would feel about appointing a meta human cabinet member? That would work as a delegate between the government and hero community.

Answer, Atticus Blair: Ive always found, and have come to believe that experience is the best teacher. But as always the best person will receive a job, like in any workforce. Appointing someone without radicalism, or an over abundance of affection for the meta community is key. That person may be part of it, or a non powered citizen. Balance is the key that will forge my decisions for cabinet office choices.

Review: 'So he has no feelings about it at all? Again Mr. Blair leaves me confused as to his actual stance on the issue. Does he have a stance, or is he simply struggling to articulate his policies?'

Answer, Orpheus Ziev: Meta-humans are dangerous. They are dangerous, but that doesn't mean they cannot serve our country. I think we can all agree it would be disastrous if a telepath, say, was appointed in such a position. Or a radioactive, or explosive meta. But if a meta went through extensive training, and their loyalties were absolutely known, they could prove invaluable. It is well known that the hero community largely ignores the powers that be, and having one of their own on the inside might change that. And there are numerous opportunities for more dangerous metas to prove themselves and serve their country.

Review: Again Ziev offers an actual position. He sees meta-humans as dangerous and feels they should undergo a great deal of training and testing to ensure their loyalty. This is not unreasonable for a person appointed to the highest level of government, even those who have no powers. A reasonable position.'

'That is the end of the first debate. On the whole I feel Mr. Ziev is a conservative man, who upholds conservative values. As to Mr. Blair I know as much about him as I did when this debate started.'


Debate Two

Question One: Where do you stand on the purposed meta human/super solider consignment program drafting powered individuals into the various branches of the national armed services?

Answer, Atticus Blair: I feel as thought it is quite important for the United States government to embrace all factions of its populace. Accepting the truth and reality that supers are here to stay, is a step in the right direction. Rolling them into the folds of office is just another way of accepting their prescene and embracing their existence. So, yes, I would allow, and look for suitable cabinet members, as long as they are the best for the job, as any, they will receive consideration.

Review:'Perhaps Mr. Blair and I are listening to different questions. He was asked a question about drafting super-humans into the armed forces. Not about super humans serving in his cabinet. This does shed some light on an issue raised in the last debate, but tells us nothing about where Mr. Blair stands on the draft, and drafting meta-humans specifically. Once more he has failed to answer a question I view as fairly simple.'

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Hahuh. I like where this is going.

I feel like there is fun to be had in the midst of this election.

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@MasterofChaos: I hope so, its an issue my character would care deeply about and it was fun besides.

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@Lady_Liberty: Someone needs to make me campaign manager. I'll do so much good for them!

We've got to talk.

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@MasterofChaos: That we do! Tomorrow?

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@Lady_Liberty: I don't know. I was just going to find you whenever you were on one of your random fly arounds like you do.

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@MasterofChaos: Sounds good then.

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@Lady_Liberty: Be ready. It's about people.

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@Lady_Liberty: nice work , good idea to.

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@EdwardWindsor: Thank you :-)

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@Lady_Liberty: Nice. Something interesting could come from this.

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@Impero: Thank you :-)

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@Lady_Liberty: Welcome :) come to think of it, Impero will have something to say to whoever is elected president.

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@Impero: No doubt!

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This awesome lol.

I Just love how come she destroys Sojourn's vague answers

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@shadowknight666 said:

This awesome lol.

I Just love how come she destroys Sojourn's vague answers

He did speak out against Impero.
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@CurbsideProphet: 'I've tried to remain objective and criticize only the message. If, however, you feel that I have been unfair please show where I was wrong in my analysis of his answers.'

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This is amazing <3

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@Lady_Liberty: I'm not saying there's a cause and effect relationship, but he did. And I just remembered that.
You should get your own tv talk show.
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@Lady_Liberty To be totally honest, I did read that question wrong, granted, it was almost two in the morning and I was almost completely delerious, and comatose, that was definitely a gaffe on my part. Otherwise, I find this interesting.
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@Lady_Liberty: This is awesome. :D

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@Lady_Liberty: This is awesome. :D

So, that battery idea.... I guess Prems a better politician than I had thought.
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In an alternate future, Surkit got used like a battery.

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@_Sojourn_ said:


@Lady_Liberty: This is awesome. :D

So, that battery idea.... I guess Prems a better politician than I had thought.

Thanks! :D

Unless you're being sarcastic, in which case v_v

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@Sonnenlicht muhahahahah ideas
@Icarusflies 50/50 lol, I had came up with that idea months ago, had even implemented in Nippon, but it is classic politics to outrun your opponent, which is exactly what you did. I dont mean it Ina harsh way, just friendly jibb
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@_Sojourn_: In my defense, I never actually saw that. So I apologize for that, I would never ever EVER take anyone's ideas on purpose, but I like the outrun aspect because that's the kind of thing Premonition would try to do. >_>

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@Icarusflies Yes, I know you never saw it, which is why I don't fault you... In fact, I think it's quite amazing that you proposed it. Great minds think alike!!!!!
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>high fives<

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@Icarusflies. Church lady hum... Mmhmmmm