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"Five minutes Mr Windsor, the stage manager wants to see you quickly before we go live." The prince of power looks calmly at the mirror ahead of him catching the runners eye as he finishes doing up his tie. "I'am on my way thanks" standing now in his elegant and rather exspensive Saville Road suit he walks towards the stage scanning through a note pad laden with his lines. "Eddy, you look great so sharp. That suit, your voice real classy feel I' am getting here. You ready for you big TV debut? " Smiling politely the champion nodded "Now go out there and knock um dead. I'am sure they will eat you up" . Walking slowly out onto the stage a polite but not overpowering applause came from the audience who most of them had already taken their seats. Gesturing slightly to the crowd to the prince walked over to his podium placing his notes down and putting in his ear piece. "Marvelous, will shall bring the candidates out in just a minute. Please now look into camera 1 and do your intro monologue ready for the start of the show 5,4,3,2,1"

"Welcome Ladies and gentlemen to this the second presidential candidate debate live here from the Watergate Hotel in Washington DC. I am tonights host Edward Windsor and its my pleasure to now introduce to you your candidates Atticus Blair (points at the left side of the stage) and Orpheus Ziev (points at the right side of the stage).

"Welcome to the Watergate gentlemen. Now if you don't mind i would like to start things off with a question close to my own heart and one i imagine that the people here are also concerned about. Where do you stand on the purposed meta human/super solider consignment program drafting powered individuals into the various branches of the national armed services?. "

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Atticus enters dawning an uncharacteristic suit, navy blue slacks, a white button up, completed with a yellow trimmed black suit jacket. He waved to the crowd, amped and ready to answer questions. This campaign season had finally caught fire when his opponent emerged from the shadows and released a campaign address. He figured that it was about time for Orpheous to make some kind of move.

Standing there, Atticus listened to the question. He answered.

"I feel as thought it is quite important for the United States government to embrace all factions of its populace. Accepting the truth and reality that supers are here to stay, is a step in the right direction. Rolling them into the folds of office is just another way of accepting their prescene and embracing their existence. So, yes, I would allow, and look for suitable cabinet members, as long as they are the best for the job, as any, they will receive consideration."

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Orpheus tapped his cane against his knee as he waited for his cue to walk onto the stage. He had had a small American flag painted right under the handle. He knew he was taking a risk with this...not the flag, but bringing the cane at all. During his presidential campaign, he had not brought the cane to any events, fearing that public would take it as a sign of weakness. Now though, he was taking a calculated risk...he was hoping (and had used his campaign propaganda to spread the idea) that the people would associate the cane and his own disability with FDR...the only president to have served four terms, and arguably one of the most beloved of all time. "Welcome Ladies and gentlemen to this the second presidential candidate debate live here from the Watergate Hotel in Washington DC. I am tonights host Edward Windsor and its my pleasure to now introduce to you your candidates..." Orpheus walked onstage, grinning broadly and waving. He used his cane casually, as if it was just sort of there and he didn't really need it (he technically didn't....he could use telekinetic pulses as a form of 'radar' if he wanted to), but he WAS trying to make a certain image for himself in the public eye; i.e, that his disability only made him stronger.

The first question was asked.

Orpheus responded: "I believe that drafting super powered individuals is for the benefit of the common people, the country, and for the metas themselves. So many super powered individuals injure themselves or others trying to control their powers, and even then there is rarely a true level of mastery. A draft could be used to teach these people how to control their powers, and use them for the common good. Now, there is no reason that they would all have to see combat..they could serve in one of the research, training, or medical branches of the military without ever having to raise a weapon. Imagine how much good could be done if an electrical meta worked with scientists to create a new type of battery, for example. And once these powered individuals learn how to use their abilities, they can return to civilian life without having to fear injuring those they care about."

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Edward having listened to the eloquent but in some cases evasive replies form the two candiadates was still quizicle about their approach to the meta human condition and possible military application. Looking down at his notes briefly, he found a connecting question allowing him to press the two gentlemen candidates a little more on this issue., hoping to spread a little more light by bringing up past atrocities on US soil. Knowing the timing wasn't best for such an issue he tried to be delicate as possible. "Gentlemen How would your presidency's be any different to previous presidents? Especially when it comes to attacks of mass destruction on American cities and her people. Will you for example be increasing nation defence budget?, Funding a rebuilding project in such such areas as New York and New Orleans?"

Edward sipped at his drink , bringing up terrorist attacks made him sick to the pit of his stomach the death of father still weighted heavily on him brought about by the same heinous methodology of sick extremist men.

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There was never any doubt that Orpheus Ziev was a callous and cruel man. But even he had his limits...no matter how he might scoff, there are types of men and women that keep the world turning to the absolute best of their abilities, and he respected that. Their wanton deaths at the hands of terrorists made him see red in the darkness behind his eyes. "I will not tolerate any sort of attacks against our country. In the event of terrorist attack, I will not negotiate...it will be war, pure and simple. And if they take our people from us, those who have not harmed a single soul in their existence, I will not worry about treading on toes, I will strike them in their hearts like they have struck at this nation's. If you think this is extreme..." He shook his head, projecting a telepathic image of the sorrow the families and friends of survivors had endured. It would seem to come from the depths of their own memory. He had made a promise to himself not to use telepathy during debates, but this was a special case. "And then we rebuild, and if we can we put our grudges away in honor of the innocents on both sides who have suffered." He smiles crookedly, mournfully. "So to answer your question, yes, I would increase defense budget, yes I would fund rebuilding, but I would try to privatise much of the spending if at all possible."

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Atticus was at heart a peaceful man. It was how he tried to live as much as possible, and it was how he would demonstrate his power as commander in chief. "I have always believed that peacetime should be default setting of our great country, and war should be the aberration. That being said, if we are attacked, I will as Commander in Chief, not hesitate to use the full might and power of our military. But, seeing as how these things have usually had precursors, I will work to not only improve the relationships with friendly and hostile nations with diplomacy, but create relationships where none have been before. Diplomacy is the first course of action. In an world where I am president, we will have a unity beyond division, and those who choose to attack will face not only us, but our allies as well." it was a little long winded, but it served the purpose set forth. "Increasing defense spending however will not be necessary. With my integration policies I place we will have created enough internal revenue to pay off our debts, balance the. Urgent and supply a surplus for generations to come." [See: A path to oneness: a manifesto] for further details.

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Absorbing the information presented to him the prince nods his head slightly as he the second of the two candidates wraps up his response. waiting a few seconds after Atticus had finished to allow for any audience response and to get his notes in order the champion once again read from his lines " Do your parties intend to recognize Godly realms such as Asgard and Olympus as political bodies and endeavour to form political relationships within said realms?. Considering the strong Christian based society that dwells within this country?" Edward could kind of guess the response from the candidates when it came to religious matters, they had to appear strong and righteous for the southern voters but not to hard-nosed for the northern territories. He expected middle of the road and potential evasive answers, what he had come to understand as being the standard polictical response. "The middle inoffensive ground" he called it.

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"They are political bodies, and should be treated as such. They should follow the same treaties and restrictions as all other countries. While I disagree with the claims that they are 'godly', and refuse to acknowledge any claims that they are, that is in no way a barrier to standard political recognition. Many of these 'higher realms' have forms of technology or materials found nowhere else, which would greatly benefit our nation. I have nothing against religious freedom, and if these so-called 'godly realms' want to practice their rites, as long as they're not imposing it on anyone else, that's their problem. If they try to force worship, appropriate measures would be taken to prevent this." Orpheus himself was an atheist, though he posed as a devout Christian for the sake of his campaign. Eventually he figured everyone would consider Zievism their religion, and that would be that.

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"I heartens me to say that for the most part, I can agree with my opponent. Senator Ziev and I both fully support First Amendment rights. But I do think that we may interpret them differently. My administration would cautiously but gladly open our arms to relationships with said governing bodies."

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"I would like to continue on the foreign relations angle gentlemen. How will your governments communicate with the worlds various organisations of meta humans both good and evil?. Will your governments seek to make ties and chase down nations and organsations that hide known criminals?, Will you offer organisations that defend your nations intrests specialist incentives such as tax breaks or legal protection of some kind?" Edward listens carefully knowing that the answer to the question could effect the way he would work in a few months.

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This was an issue that could be very, very dangerous to Orpheus if his identity was ever revealed. "The freedom to gather is one of the essential rights....but that only includes gathering peacefully. Many of the metahuman organizations gather only to set themselves on the warpath. Heroes and villains alike cause billions of dollars of damage in their petty squabbles or land grabs. Think of New York." He paused to let that sink in. New York had been utterly decimated, and was only now beginning to pull itself out of the ashes. "Metahuman groups must be given their own set of rules...the breaking of which would lead the immediate dispersement of the 'team'. However, if they agree to work with the government, metahuman organizations can be treated as defense contractors, and compensated accordingly. Rogue metahuman groups...so called 'super villains' would be hunted down and treated like the crooks they are." Or Orpheus might cut them a special deal since he had worked with many of them at one time or another. But the general public didn't need to know that...

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"In an administration run by me, I would assure specialized relationships with friendly nations and governments. I think that it is utterly important for those who try to protect us be given respect and even maybe a bit of leeway in their efforts to do so, as long as they are within reasonable US law. However, countries that protect hostiles will be asked first to do what is right, and if an agreement can not be reached, appropriate action will be taken." Having answered the question, Atticus was now free to diverge, possibly changing the subject so that he may be able to sway even more voters to believe in his message of oneness. "I'd like to address the different rules statement.." this was the first rebuttal recorded from either debate. "I can imagine why everyone would want others to be held to different standard than those without abilities. It is true that those with special abilities have to live by a different set of rules no doubt; but what constitutes a hero or a villain? Is it the amount of damage they can do? Is it the amount of lives they save. Both of these factor into our decisions about who we want to be out in the streets protecting us. But I ask you this, how many jobs have been created from the destructin of property, how many more will be employed to rebuild? How many more people will n
Be employed to engineer the technology that will virtually eliminate the need to rebuild? In death comes rebirth, and those who deny the evident cycle will be left behind."

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Listening to the reply of Atticus , Edward couldnt help but think whilst the candidate had a point talking about the jobs created by tragedy seemed quite cold to him. " Mr Blair whilst iam sure your fellow candidate and myself and the even the rest of the world can agree that jobs and work in genreal is the one postivie to take from a post trageic scenario, Its the human cost of these incidents and the effects on the nations pyche that are most important. Surely these jobs are far less important than the lives of your countrymen. Or are you saying that you believe that anarchy is ok as long as it has a positive dollar value on the economy ? "

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A follow up. "Of course not. I myself had a hand in the Ninjan invasion. I fought to protect the world from demonic invaders. I saw how the blood washed through streets like rainwater, I saw people torn limb from limb. I heard the most horrific screams, the ones that came just before infinite silence. What I am saying is actually quite inspiring. What I am saying is that even through destruction, death and and upheaval there has always been triumph. Always! And we as Anericans have become the symbol of what it means to triumph over adversity. The American spirit, it's soul and mind are one of perseverance and positivity. As the spiritual states, We Shall Overcome Some Day!" If anyone doubted his compassion for lives lost; if anyone doubted his love of his country and it's people, if anyone doubted his absolute reverence for progression... Let those doubts be put to rest.