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Wreckage of the Spirit of Liberty, Alpha Marathon Ring, Twelfth of June, 2013

A split wreckage of Mankind's hopes and dreams concerning the universe at large, now crawling and infested with aliens, monsters, and machines. And yet, it may just save mankind from extinction, or more correctly assimilation. Not in it's current state, or even in a restored one. But perhaps it's sacrifice could stop the plague unleashed on this station that threatened to spread into the stars themselves.

That was Carol's plan anyway. Everyone else had either died, become part of those...things, or fled. It was just down to her and her team to save the universe.

"Alright boys and girls, you ready? We've only got one shot at this so we need to make it count." Carol said as El Cid piloted the Cardinal closer and closer to the embattled wreckage of the dead capital ship.

"Go in, fight our way through the Masari Sentinels, Thoughtsin, and Hierarchy, set the core to overload after rigging it through the Masari ring's systems, then get the hell out of here before the whole place blows, got it." Tsunami Queen Said, the bright eyed Frankenstein feeling the vehicle shake as they started to approach the warzone.

"There's my girl." Carol said, smiling under her helmet as the Cardinal pushed through the turbulence to finally approach the vessel.

For a ship that crashed down after suffering heavy damage from it's engagements with the Hierarchy fleet, followed up by slamming right into the surface of the galaxy sized ring, the vessel was remarkably intact, but already signs of things going south were prevalent as waves crashed on the beach the ship's hulking frame lay near.

Alien vessels were depositing troops to battle hideous monstrosities of warped flesh while the angular Sentinel drones of the Masari, being dispatched by the Installation's monitor, High Horse 612 were busily engaging the warped monstrosities the Thoughtsin had regurgitated. The A.I had determined that to contain the thoughtsin outbreak, it needed to fire off the ring, as an undifferentiated pulse to foil any escapees, which would kill everything in for countless light years. Including wiping out the entire population of earth.

However, on the ground, a series of anti-air weapons, believing the cardinal to be bearing yet more Thoughtsin, began to rotate and turn towards the vehicle as it sped through the air. And with a single command the Jiralhanae manning the anti-air spook sent streams of lethal weapons flying through the air, Cid was an expert flier with excellent comprehension of every vehicle in the peacekeeper armada, but even he couldn't avoid the virtual carpet of fire presented at them completely.

After several shots clipped the cardinal, warning signs blared out through the grav-copter as it began to dive.

"This vehicle is falling apart!" Beneficus said, the A.I's friendly tone somewhat jumpy as they started to plummet.

"Then we'll have to jump pack out way over." Carol said, leaping out the door, followed by seven other Frankensteins, their jets flaring blue flames as they landed themselves onto a fighter's entry bay while the cardinal fell off to the side, slamming into a mass of Thoughtsin before exploding spectacularly.

"You really must be more careful with your entries." Beneficus berated as Carol snorted.

"In any case, with Guido's neural chip we can initiate an overload of the degenerate anti-matter core, which thanks to your linking of the ship's systems with the Ring's should provide enough juice to destroy the installation, and giving us seven minutes to fight our way to another transport and get us out of here. Of course there are sentinels, Thoughtsin, and Hierarchy forces all in our way." Beneficus said as the team nodded.

Moving out and taking a left turn, the team entered a maintenance corridor, a maintenance ladder's panel beneath them bursting apart as Thoughtsin infection forms started crawling out, swarming through only to meet their ends as a stream of projectiles from Carol and Katanga's battle rifles put them down, making them burst with enough force to rapidly neutralize the mass of infectors pouring out.

Seeing two carrier forms awaiting them beneath, Carol grabbed one of the rad-plas grenades she had taken from a deceased hierarchy trooper and hurled it down. "Fire in the hole!" She announced, the others taking cover as the sticky, glowing green bomb stuck itself to the closest of the bloated thoughtsin monstrosities.

Peeling back, the team of supersoldiers were awarded with a fiery and radioactive detonation that not only killed the carrier forms but the virulent infection forms that they nurtured inside of them.

Moving down the ladder, the eight were met with sweeping orange beams from sentinels that flash fried the last two infection forms remaining, the heat flashing by Carol's shields as she designated to Cid to neutralize them.

Moving in a bubble of altered time, El Cid came upon the angular, floating drones with his swords at the ready and saying some sort of challenge in spanish, the drones standing stone still as he carved them open with slices from his blades, their construction proving to be no match for the dazzling patterns created by Nova Tizonna as it cut through reality itself, leaving sliced open metal to clang to the floor as he designated an all clear order with a gesture.

Rapidly moving to take point, the Frankensteins moved forward, turning to the right as they navigated the corridors of the vessel, a trio of infection forms looking for new flesh being dealt with by a burst of bio-electricity from Operative Katanga, burning their cellular mass into carbonized ash as kill team Castle dashed as quickly as they could.

Taking another right, she was warned by Mindslayer of imminent danger through the telepathic link set up by the team "~Combat forms, right side, I can feel their hive mind.~" The Belgian said, with Cid nodding and angling his grenade launcher to bounce a series of implosion grenades around the corner, the infected Zolkri grunts gurgling before being torn apart by the detonations that sucked them into superhot balls of fused matter that could fit on a pinhead.

"Corner's cleaner than a nun's record." Cid joked as he took point.

"Easy cid, this whole vessel's crawling with hostiles." He was warned by Erickson as he turned left and set his battle rifle to shotgun mode while a series of infected peacekeepers smashed through an access corridor, laughing in inhuman voices as they clumsily fired off their gauss weapons.

The first few of the infected combat forms went down easily enough before Erickson lashed out with lances of kinetic energy that speared right through the "heads" of the combat forms, blasting out their backs and sending them crumpling to the ground.

"Other tunnel's blocked, we'll need to move this way. Bloody hell..." Jannet noted as she headed down the corridor, being met with a snarling Tank form as it shoved a blockade of crates out of the way, hurtling down the corridor before she punched into it's mass of sensory stalks and vibrated her fist until it exploded into ichorous green blood and motley brown gore.

"Yech." She grimaced, wiping herself off of the dying tissue as they took a hard right, being met with a swarm of infection forms quickly put down by Tsunami focusing on the coolant systems running through the ship and wrenching it out of their pipes before the ship sealed off the coolant flow to prevent flooding, spraying the hundreds of infection forms with liquid helium before bringing down water from the piping to ice them over.

"Nice work." Mindslayer said as he shot a single grenade from his tripart rifle to shatter the lot as the killteam advanced.

Going through an automatic door, they were met with a pack of biters, a pair of buggers, and a sextet of Riktal headmen exchanging fire with thoughtsin ranged forms and Jiralhanae combat forms, gunning them down efficiently while infection forms burst against their shields, with a sweep of radioactive plasma from the Bugger flash frying the lot of them, only for Mindslayer to let loose a psychic screech once they were done.

They fell to the ground, minds frayed apart before perishing, with Snowstorm flash freezing the bodies, chilling them to five degrees above absolute zero before shattering them with a grenade to render their biomass spoiled and useless to the Thoughtsin. "Clear!" The Brazillian said as they kept on advancing.

Moving into the mess hall, a storm of enemy fire from a menagerie of weapons, from homing needlers to green bursts of plasma, informed them that they had been spotted by Hierarchy forces. Rushing forward and kicking a table at a group of Lost ones, she nodded as the aliens made a satisfying splat when the table crunched them into the wall at supersonic speeds before going forth to slice at and then carve apart a trio of Grunts, dicing them to avoid allowing them to be made into combat forms while Katanga focused on the blood of a set of Tallonian pirates.

At first, nothing happened, but in moments their very life's essence combusted, their shrieks of agony being apparent as they were burned from the inside out, leaving nothing but ashes while Cid used his manipulation of time to grab some copies of himself from the Time stream, the new quintet of Cids then firing down a barrage of implosion grenades to take out the remaining enemies before he returned them to their proper place in time.

"Keep going, we can't let the ring be activated!" Carol ordered as she shot a Charybdis stalker several times through the gelatin, sending the tentacled monster crumpling to the ground, the Frankensteins already vacating the mess hall.

Approaching the bridge, where a Magus was overlooking the situation, leading a set of Lost ones and some Charybdis Assault units, after having slaughtered many of the Thoughtsin, but as they rounded the corner, before the Magus could start casting spells, each of the Frankensteins threw sticky rad-plas grenades that latched onto the Magus' shields, causing it's eyes to widen before it detonated with spectacular force, clearing out the bridge as a set of Thoughtsin stalker forms, hoping to sneak up on the aliens, were sent flying out the window for a good distance.

"Good, we're at the bridge, from here we can set the entire station into overload. Just...give me a minute to work with this..." Beneficus said as Carol placed him into the ship's uplinks, the team forming a defensive perimeter as they waited for whatever may have come there way.

"Ah the things that happen when I stop supervising..." Beneficus said, having decided to change his avatar from a Labradour to a nondescript Peacekeeper out of boredom.

"Ah...there we go, seven minutes...just like we planned." He said as his yellow avatar noted the sirens in the ship started going off.

"+Oh I am afraid that is unacceptable.+" Said a chipper, eerily british and feminine tone, with the Peacekeepers immediately drawing weapons and looking around for the source.

"+It's absurd really, that you would create A.Is so far in advance of your standard level of technology, especially this one with such a wealth of knowledge? Weren't you worried that it might be captured...or perhaps destroyed?+" High Horse Six twelve said through the installation wide intercoms.

"Oh this will not do...the Masari A.I has tapped into my Data arrays...she's copying everything." Beneficus said, clutching his armored avatar's forehead as the Masari A.I finished the tap.

"+Fascinating, that this A.I has so much information, human history, universal politics, black ops information on our uplifted children, oh the Imperium does well, though the fate of the Novii saddens me. I am pleased to see that the Primalborn have arisen, oh that makes all this so much more exciting! Think of how I could help them by eradicating not only potential thoughtsin hosts, but the black hand within a massive radius!+" She jovially announced, the A.I somehow reasoning that four children would appreciate her "help" in the form of one of the greatest genocides in history as she floated throughout the halls of the ship, the Sentinels mass produced by the ring's systems clearing away bothersome Hierarchy and Thoughtsin attackers.

"+Oh how I enjoyed every second of it's categorization. To think that you would destroy these records...and this installation. I am shocked...almost too shocked for words. But thankfully, I have saved all the relevant data onto my personal systems. And as for your self destruct it goes.+" She said over the comm channels to Beneficus' exasperation.

"Oh this won't do...I can't override his system's commands, they're...out of my league...I'm detecting taps throughout the ship, probably sentinels scrubbing for the last bits of data." Beneficus said, his A.I nodding disappointedly.

"Where's High Horse?" Carol asked, narrowing her eyes beneath her helmet.

"Engineering, probably trying to take the core offline...even if I could override his commands, I'm not sure what you could do..." He said, shaking his head before High Horse cut in.

"+Why must you continue to fight us retributioner? You should know it is futile by n-+" She managed before Beneficus cut her off by shutting down the comm channel.

"At least I maintain command over the communications what were you going to say?" He said, tilting his head.

"How much force will we need to overload the engine?" Cid said, thinking up something.

"A well placed grenade...but wh-Oh." Beneficus said, taking a brief while to comprehend what the implications were as Carol took one out.

"How much time will we have?" Katanga said, frowning beneath his helmet as the Congolese man swept his rifle across the room to keep a visual.

"Ten minutes, twenty five seconds according to my calculations." Beneficus said, the math being virtually instant for him.

"Plenty of time." Jannet said as she brought her grenade launcher into firing position and had the team move out, Carol placing him into her helmet again as Sentinels dropped down and immediately began filling the room with lethal energy beams, forcing them to fall back as they began a sweep of the vessel.

"The ship has had many holes ruptured throughout the structure following it's descent, a new hole in the structure exists in the Cryo-chamber, one that leads directly for the engine room." Beneficus said as the team, having just evaded the wrath of the Masari Sentinels, rapidly began moving through the ship's interior to find their way to the Engine.

As they moved through, a mob of infected Rikval soldiers and Peacekeepers, heads subsumed and displaced by the infection forms and off arms turned into large, clawed appendages, started rushing them, firing green gouts of Plasma and an inaccurate storm of gauss rounds after having dispatched their former Drones, many of them showing signs of damage from their robotic ally's firepower.

A series of slashes cut down the nearest Rikval and Former humans as they gurgled, their infection forms keeping their bodies moving dying as they hit the ground while Carol ducked down to let El Cid bisect the heads of many more incoming, he himself moving down to let a storm of gauss shotgun fire to rip apart the combat forms while Katanga activated his biomantic power, turning his body into living metal, greatly enhancing his strength as he swatted the remaining infectees out of the way, letting them splatter on the bulkhead to allow the killteam to continue their advance.

Running down and taking a hard left, a series of energy grenades fired by Aetherian grenediers prompted the team to take cover as the Hierarchy soldiers ripped apart an advancing mob of Thoughtsin monsters, incinerating their vile perversion of flesh and life in a series of red flashes and shockwaves, letting the team run dash on through the corridor to the next one over in the intersection, avoiding a potential firefight with the hierarchy.

Moving down, a flood of infection forms was spotted trying to mob past a series of Hierarchy machines and Masari Sentinels, which seemed to have formed some sort of accord as they lay down heavy fire into the infection forms, setting off chain reactions of explosions before a Juggernaut form bowled through, knocking aside drones until more incoming Sentinels started slicing it apart and then burning it's putrid flesh with flamethrowers, making the Juggernaut form writhe and scream a wet scream before expiring.

Before they could move on, Snowstorm sent form bitter waves of cold while Tsunami brought down water around the sentinels from the piping system, surrounding them with a flood of water that rapidly froze over their shielding. A set of sonic grenades from Jannet soon alleviated them of their frozen status, relieving them of their shields before a brace of missiles from the Major obliterated their chassis.

"Down, move out." Henderson commanded as her gun teleported in more ammunition from manufacturers billions of light years away.

Moving through the Cryochamber where another scene of carnage unfolded as Thoughtsin pure forms, combat forms, and infection forms fought a running battle against the Masari Sentinels and Hierarchy uninfectable assets, the two trading shots and fire all the while before Carol turned to Katanga.

"Hit me with a biomantic upgrade, more speed." She said, with the Congolese man nodding and sending psionic waves of biomantic energies into her, augmenting her already increasing speed with the warp speed technique, allowing her to rapidly sweep the room like a blur of motion, tearing apart every enemy in the room before they knew what hit them before stopping herself at the other end of the room, the only sign of her presence being the self compounding sonic booms that followed her wake and the dismemberment of her opponents.

"Come on." She said, the Frankensteins charging forward at Super sonic velocities into the next Room.

But no sooner did they ascend to the next level did a swarm of Thoughtsin try to follow them, the hive mind being aware of their plan after having absorbed some peacekeepers, eager to prevent the humans from slaughtering them and denying them a universe of biomass as they followed after them like devils and monsters.

Combat forms, carrier forms, and pure forms rushed at them down corridors while smaller pure forms, combat forms, and infection forms came up or down from ventilation shafts, swarming at them in hopes of halting their mission.

This time, when Tsunami, Snowstorm, and Raider tried their flood, freeze, and shatter trick, all that did was slow down the swarm of monsters somewhat before the next wave of creatures and abominations came at them, shoving their way through the impossibly cold surface left by the retreating frankensteins, many of the thoughtsin forms dying or freezing from contact or proximity with the impossible cold as the rear guard Frankensteins constantly kept firing, their shields taking hits from ranged weapons while those at the Front saw another swarm of monsters trying to close off their exits.

This time, Cid seemed to disappear, as one of the Cids he used was not from an alternate timeline, but a point in the future, forcing Katanga to slam the thoughtsin in the front with an enfeebling technique, sapping the strength and power of their biological forms away and then adding it to his own, making him more powerful before he hit the weakened thoughtsin in front with the same hemorrhage technique as before, literally setting all the fluids in their body on fire.

Using this now cleared path, Erickson shut the way for the Thoughtsin coming in from behind by shunting debris into a barrier with his kinetic energy, using frozen water, chunks of metal, crates, fallen weapons, shell casings, and corpses to make a barricade as the seven charged forward.

A virtual wall of tank forms impeded their way as they neared the end of the corridor, but a brace of grenade launcher and missile rounds soon made the wall of muscle nothing more than a pile of undifferentiated and very much dead organic matter spread across the corridor. Taking another left towards the engine room, a hellstorm of gauss rounds and ranged form bio-spikes immediately poured out the corridor making the shields of the front three Frankensteins fail and forcing them to hang back to let them recharge as the others sought cover.

Continuously firing, the Thoughtsin monstrosities only paused whenever their weapons needed cooling, having a rotating band of enemies continuously keep up the heat, even with Carol's enhanced speed, she couldn't get through to them, but she didn't have to. El Cid, having re-appeared in the time stream, advanced calmly and stopped time around him, and by the time the peacekeepers looked back, there wasn't a pile of thoughtsin, there was only a menagerie of butchered biomass and the immaculate white armor of the Spanish Frankenstein.

"Hola Amigos. Shall we advance?"

"Cid you nutty bastard." Carol smiled.

"I thought you needed some help." He shrugged, grinning under his helmet as Carol saw one last infection form charging at him, firing a spiker pistol round at it and nodding as it exploded.

"Got a maintenance tunnel, gonna clear it." Jannet said, letting loose seeker missiles carrying thermobaric warheads into the tunnel, the warheads streaking out to find the optimal amount of coverage before detonating, sending a massive wave of heat and overpressure outwards in all directions, the squeals of dying Thoughtsin forms informing the team that they now had a clear passage way as they rushed through.

"Nice work." Tsunami said, patting her superior officer on the shoulder as the killteam kept up their relentless, almost unstoppable advance.

Once they went out of the tunnel, a firestorm of death in a three way firefight between the thoughtsin, Masari sentinels, and hierarchy soldiers forced them back, with Katanga taking much of the fire which immediately depleted his shields and caused some damage to his armor, cracking his visor open and then burning off his right fore arm and hand, followed by Carol who actually her left flank blown off by heavy anti-vehicle fire, leaving only rib bones and organs her suit's reforming's shields managed to keep from spilling out, while Cid was forced back a few feet, the team holding back as Carol forced herself through the pain.

She was comfortable with the rest of her team and made no effort to hide her now exposed upper body as it regenerated while Katanga held down the boney remnants of his hands, letting it start to regenerate, first the muscles and cybernetics, then the skin, then finally the arm regenerated while Carol's own suit began to cover up her now fully regenerated body. First the nanoweave, then the armor formed over, fully sealing up the hole as a Juggernaut form ran around, with no less than ninety grenades attatched to it before it exploded, flattening the room and killing all the combatants, allowing the Frankensteins to move ahead unmolested as the maintenance path door buckled and bent, but nevertheless held.

With a kick, Carol sent the door down, letting Kill team Castle move on ahead.


You alright? You armor was compromised for a moment.

" Cid said with a frown beneath his helmet.

"We'll be fine." Katanga said as Carol took point, the team now so close to their destination and goal.

Filing into the reactor room, the team split up.

"+To overload the reactor, first we'll need to pull back the exhaust couplings.+" Beneficus said to the ground while Mindslayer ripped the still weak connection to their hive mind that an advancing wave of thoughtsin had while High Horse rambled on about some subject Carol didn't care about, the team activating a series of panels as the now aimless wave of Thoughtsin were quickly gunned down by the designated guards of each of the desginated activators, the reactor's armor opening up to reveal it's weak points.

"+Now to destabilize the system we'll need to hit it with explosives...I trust you're all in position?+" Beneficus asked as the activators took aim with their grenade launcher functions.

"+Roger doger+" Mind slayer grinned as he sighted the glowing orange reactor systems, each of them being targeted, fired upon, and then destroyed, with the entirety of the ship shaking once the reactor and engine began to throb and shake at the sensation, the damage to the ship being fatal as the Sentinels, Hierarchy, and Thoughtsin continued to fight, only now the Hierarchy started to withdraw and pull back, knowing full well what this entailed, teleporting off wherever possible as the Hierarchy fleet began it's retreat, leaving only the Thoughtsin to deal with as the A.I started to eject uncompromised systems into metaspace for an evacuation.

Before the A.I departed, it left one message on the commlinks. "+I am quite disappointed by your actions, but I can only hope you do not repeat them in the future Retributioner. As punishment for your actions, I have declined teleporting you to safety. You will need to find a route of escape on your own.+" She said before getting away from the detonation radius of the Ring, departing into metaspace.

"~That was the plan, wasn't it?~" Mindslayer said over the telepathic link.

"~You bet. Ooh-rah!~" Katanga laughed over the mind link as alarms blared all over the ship

"+It's a shame none of you are teleporters, in any case, we will need to access a service lift to the hangar, I trust you can make the necessary preparations for escape?+" Beneficus cut in over the commlinks as the group reconvened before running like hell.

With a quick sprint towards the elevator, the eight were met with a mob of carrier forms interspersed with combat forms coming down from the service lift, the enemy firing at them before the peacekeepers responded with their own hail of fire, incendiary missiles from Jannet setting the ugly bastards on fire while gauss rounds tore through their flesh, sending them hurtling down onto the ground in death, the infection forms nurtured inside the carrier forms shrieking as they died.

As the group moved forward, Cid spotted a Riptide ACV in the vehicle racks they could use and designated it to the ground, letting them pile in and place their weapons through the firing ports while others took the mounted weapons as he called dibs on the driver's position, the eight's shields being set to extend and wrap around the vehicles, combining to greatly enhance it's durability. "Alright, now for some heavy firepower." he laughed as the vehicle got moving, disengaging from it's clamps as it's engines roared to life, turning on a dime and firing the Gauss .50 caliber gatling gun at a blockade of thoughtsin, tearing through their flesh with ease as the vehicle got going.

Going up a deployment ramp and letting loose a stream of missiles to blow holes in a virtual wall of carrier forms, Jannet popped open a hatch and fired a set of incendiery missiles to fry the infection forms that popped out before Carol, with her enhanced reflexes, used the gatling gun she manned to hose some artillery forms, their spores detonating and violently rupturing their bodies while the vehicle moved forward and rammed a pair of unfortunate tank forms down as it crossed the upper portion of the downed vessel.

Crossing countless access tunnels and constantly pouring out fire from all sides, the vehicle rammed straight through a sea of tens of thousands of infection forms, giving absolutely no f*cks as they exploded against it, running through a trench placed into the hull of the vessel, the Riptide was hammered by fire from ranged forms, but a stream of shots from the gatling cannon soon shut them up, chunks of flesh raining down from them as those manning the fireports let out nearly constant streams of shots.

Crossing a bridge between two prings of the super structure, Carol swept the gatling cannon to meet a group of bomber, swarmer, and jetpack equipped combat forms, ripping through them with the gatling cannon, sonic booms rushing in all directions as .50 caliber rounds screamed at hypersonic velocities and sent green blood and gore flopping to the ground, the vehicle gunn the bridge at full speed.

"Hmm...yes...yes...there's a meso-fortress we can access. Oh and there's a gap in the trench from one of the shots the vessel took when it's shields failed...hit the turbothrusters and we'll be able to jump it." Beneficus reported as the vehicle was starting to be swarmed with fliers, prompting Carol's anti-aircraft fire to be joined by jannet sending out lances and lashes of sonic energy to whip and spear down thoughtsin fliers, anti-aircraft missiles roboteching out and hunting those she missed while the burning stream of gauss rounds never stopped, killing anything they could.

Diving back under the cover of the ship's superstructure as Thoughtsin hijacked turrets on the ship tried traversing down to fire at them, the cannons firing into the ship at low yields to prevent setting off the ship early, the ACV gunned it's turboboosters, blue jets erupting behind it as it prepared to make a jump. "Erickson, Katanga, we need a boost, Katanga, hit us with Warp Speed, Erickson, kinetic thrust, now!" Jannet commanded, and with that the two Frankensteins gave the vehicle a massive jump, ripping right over the ramp and smashing through countless flying thoughtsin forms, never halting it's wall of fire as the Riptide crashed through a Juggernaut and squashed it flat beneath it's wheels.

Firing missiles into a wall to break through it, the Riptide finally met a final thoughtsin swarm trying to make for the Meso-fortress, only for the Frankensteins to start pouring out as the Riptide smashed it's way as close to the Meso-fortress as possible, opening fire at the Thoughtsin with everything they had while Carol let rip with the gatling cannon. "There's the Meso-fortress! We need to evacuate immediately! But make sure none of them get on board!" Beneficus said, panicking a bit as the ship was rocked with more explosions and uncontrolled fires. But carol had an idea how to avoid wasting time keeping the Thoughtsin overruning the board away...raising the gatling cannon upwards, she fired into the girders and rafters above, sending them crashing downwards, crushing most of the advancing Thoughtsin as the eight Frankensteins abandoned their vehicle and rushed into the ramp of the Meso-fortress.

Now on board, Katanga flooded the ship with bio-electricity and blood burning keyed to the Thoughtsin's unique life signature to make sure nothing was on board, followed by a wave of cold from Snowstorm and a sonic purification from Jannet, their shields wrapping around and adding to the Meso-fortress' own shields, the vessel took off, it's purified parasitic fighters having their cockpits purged with heat and radiation just to be safe as the strike craft took off and lifted off from the ring, leaving it behind as it rapidly accelerated away from the Masari megastructure.

As the vehicle departed from it's mother vessel, a rapid series of explosions wracked the corpse of the Spirit of Victory, a virtual carpet of Thoughtsin advancing on it on all sides as some all too late Swarmers tried to follow, the combined efforts of the Hierarchy, the Sentinels, and the Peacekeepers having made sure that the Thoughtsin had no faster than light ships with which to escape. Seeming resigned to their doom, some made final, futile attempts to shoot the mesofortress down as fire blossomed out of the spirit of liberty, but it was too little, too late.

The massive, larger than a galaxy ring was then struck with a huge blue-white flare as the energies of the ring and the spirit of victory mixed from it's detonation, acting like a trillion stars had just exploded while all across the ring, explosions started forming, eradicating any and all things still on it's surface as it crumbled, fragments blasting apart while faster than light visualizers translated the scene for the relieved Frankensteins.

"Impressive isn't it?" Beneficus noted as Carol asked the burning question.

"Did anything escape after the uninfected evacuated?" She asked of the A.I, turning to face it.

"No, you've done well...I'm sure they'll reward you for this." Beneficus said cheerfully as the ring broke apart into massive, thousands of light years across fragments, all dead and devoid of life after being cleansed by so much heat.

"Much of the Hierarchy ships, crippled, and the Thoughtsin that could have spread to plague the universe, well I'm sure there's some grade of cooking above Well Done." He said, trying to console them for having to destroy something of such great beauty, that surely had to have been a life's work for the now dead Masari.

"I think we've about wrapped up this business with MARATHON rings, plagues and dead ancients." Mindslayer said, leaning back into his seat as the Meso-fortress hopped into metaspace, disappearing from sight.

"No compadre, it's probably just started." Cid said in response.

Hierarchy mining station, 413 billion light years away

Six Twelve High Horse passed through the clouds of the gas giant as the Hierarchy fleet began the process of disassembling it, the sight being one that always relaxed Hierarchy Grand Overseer Mu. He sighed as he watched the dying planet be pulled apart by the Hierarchy's ships, being turned into more material for the endless expansion of the Overseer's empire, but a blue flash alerted the grand overseer to the presence of something else.

Immediately his guards swiveled to meet this new threat, firing weapons that harmlessly pinged off of the Blue-white A.I's robotic body's shielding as the A.I studied the Lord of the Hierarchy, having ascertained his presence through reading files on Hierarchy ships that not even the Thoughtsin, so limited in it's form due to the small nature of the outbreak, was able to penetrate the encryption of. But for a high grade A.I of the Masari, such work was trivial.

"Hello Grand Overseer Mu of the Hierarchy, I have information that may be of use to you."

If Mu had the mouth to smile, he would have.

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