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Ontario, Canada, 30th of August, 2013.

Reporters gathered around Aleksei Andreinov, a noted critic of the Peacekeepers for their interference in Earth affairs, and a strong supporter of "homegrown counter extra-terrestrial efforts" and a believer that the Peacekeeper's presence on Earth has now made it a target for alien attack, especially after the much publicized, and in his quite vocal opinion, heavily propagandized Battle of the MARATHON ring.

It wasn't often that the head of Antonov Incorporated press conferences on this scale at the Canadian capital, with Exemplaria currently being unavailable due to an affair involving Demons and Nazis that he predicted would resolve itself soon. But he believed that the events soon to come warranted his attention and his word given out to the public.

With the clear sky shining down on them, the bald billionare finally spoke up. "Friends, countrymen, fellow citizens of planet Earth, I've called this Press Conference for me to discuss what I think is an imminent danger that has been overlooked due to the mutant issue." He said, deep baritone voice carried through his microphone.

"Aliens. We know they're out there, we've all seen those Peacekeeper video casts or heard of some alien adventurers on the Earth. Now, this is not to say that all aliens are a menace, but there are powerful forces in the universe that I believe could have Earth in their crosshairs." He said, gesturing around when he spoke of the Earth, giving a sentimental look at his homeworld.

"The alien collective the Peacekeepers called the Hierarchy in their videos were not quite as inconvenienced by the destruction of the doomsday weapon as our spaceborne "allies" would like to tell us. As such, I've taken the liberty of collaborating with friends, allies, and those who would otherwise sit in the sidelines or were in need of having their eyes opened to the threat from beyond." He said, resting his hands back on the podium as he looked onto his audience, almost as if he was waiting for a response.

"We're looking to cooperate with humans, mutants, governments, corporations, and anyone who will listen to us about helping to protect our planet from external threats. We've entered a new stage of our planet's history my friends, we've gone beyond mere globalism, Earth is now a player in the universal stage and we are afraid that are going to put our planet in the crosshairs." He paused a bit, seeming to make sure no one among his audience was laughing.

"I am talking about facing a threat that would make the worst excesses of the Axis Powers or any of the terrorists who plague today's world look like children playing with Super Soakers. And I think that we need to take our planet's defense into our own hands. Now, any questions?" He said, receiving a virtual sea of notepads, tablets, and raised hands.

"Look, I'm not from this Liberal Utopia where mutants and humans live together in harmony, and I gotta ask, why should I care more about E.T than the mutants threatening my home today?" The man said, his new yorker's accent giving him away as an American.

"Mutants and Humans really shouldn't hate each other, I mean, look at nations like Canada, Sweden, Denmark where both live in harmony and racial tensions are nonexistent. The difficulties you face with mutantkind are entirely your fault for your abhorrent treatment of them. But I'm not talking about two offshoots of the same genus, I'm talking about something that doesn't see the third rock from Sol as anything but a target of conquest or a ball of resources." He said, putting down the reporter who sulked out of sight and earning approving nods from many in the crowd before he designated another reporter.

"Can't the peacekeepers handle it with their bases, ships, and defense lines across the solar system?" This one, probably from France by her accent said.

"I'm sure that our friends in blue have good intentions, but if I've learned something in the business world, it's that if someone gives something for free, there's always something they're not telling you. And the Peacekeepers have given out entirely too much "free" technology for me to be comfortable with them, especially when they have so much firepower hanging over our heads. No, I'd rather not rely on the good graces of people who only see Earth in strategic terms." He said, the woman jotting down notes as he spoke before he pointed to another raised hand.

"Do you think that we could form a beneficial relationship with some Aliens?" Another asked, this one probably from his native Canada.

"Oh of course. It's a very big universe out there and I highly doubt that all alien polities will be as hostile as the ones the peacekeepers beat up in the Syndicated television shows they use to lull you into trusting them. Why, I believe we could one day even be doing business with them and have them act in prime time dramas." He said to the soft but widely spread laughter of the crowd.

"What do you propose to deal with the threat of non-terrestrial beings?" A man with an accent Aleksei could identify as being from London said, raising a hand up while holding an Antonov Inc tablet in the other.

"I've spoken to many of my friends, allies, and contemparies and we've decided to begin the formation of a special task force in cooperation with the governments of the world once we get their approval. This task force will consist of the finest minds and bodies we can recruit and will be dedicated to the protection of all on this planet from external threat." He said, smiling as he spoke as if visualizing what it could do already.

"And what will this task force be called?" The reporter asked.

"X-COM." He smiled.

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Awesome job Vracky!

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Awesome job Vracky!

Thank you, wasn't exactly the longest worked on of my projects, but now with only a few days left to MARATHON 2, thought I better pick up the pace with the build up.

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@aleksei_andreinov: That's one of the things that really helped it, this is just pure build up to M2

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@acolyte_d: Still got more build up and blogposts to do.

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@acolyte_d: If you want to join I could add you to the PM, unless you want to wait for the OOC.

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@aleksei_andreinov: so when can we converse about our deal?

cause it seems your busy giving press speeches :P

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@cara_hunter: Now if you want. Just PM me or set it up in a location..

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@aleksei_andreinov: which location would he most likely be in?

(also what you recommend getting sneaked upon or direct confrontation?)

p.s: does he know about Cerberus right?

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@cara_hunter: Aleksei keeps tabs on all "extraterrestrial interferers"

And honestly, anywhere but Exemplaria (due to reasons of invasion) is fine.

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Nice teaser

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@the_last_arashikage: Thanks, it was a quick thing for me to make but, but 'twas a fun ten minutes.

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Cool :-)

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Damn that look was a post away from gettin snatched lol

Like that dialogue

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@_animus_: Someone had to use Luthor's look.

May as well have been me.

You can have Osborne though.

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@guardian_of_gravity: Fawk dat, might as well of been me. Don't want those ginger dreadlocks >:( lol

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@_animus_: You're gonna be Osborne and you're gonna like it!