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This is a non-Canon fight for practice in a dream sequence. Any non-battle talking do in brackets please! ( Like dis )

Can I just say thank you to For agreeing to take part! We begin ^__^ I am doing a short entrance as rumbles will be attacking first :)

I will be using Ethan.

Edit- Fight is now over.


Ethan walked through the car park , he had just come back from a nice little stroll to clear his head - The Car park was empty and it was getting late , it was also darkening Ethan used this route as a shortcut to get home. During his walk he was spinning a coin in the air for amusement.

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Dennis had placed sensors on the car park earlier because he heard news of a sporting event occurring only a few blocks away. Several gas emitters which will arm themselves at seven pm. Dennis exits from his Buick , his knife kept on his back pocket as he prowls for potential victims. There is a baby inside a locked car.

Seems like a good place to start.

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@Rumble Man:

Ethan looked at the strange man , he saw the stranger peer into a car - Using his power of awareness he realized a baby was inside. He turned around and stared at the man, was he the father? Possibly not, He flew into the air out of view to begin spying on him.

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Rome punched his fist through the window and opens the door while he forcefully grabs the seatbelt which holds the cradle in place, seeing vulnerable flesh. Flesh ripe for experimentation, he has a pygmy growth serum he wanted to try and what holds better potential than a live himan infant?

Then he saw a figure...

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@Rumble Man:

Ethan was looked down and saw his shadow was casting a figure next to the man "Shii-", He punched the air in the mans direction sending a shock-wave of Telekinetic energy down attempting to knock him over , He then flicked his coin at full speed at the mans chest.

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With superior agility Rome slips back and went under the car, legs first as his hands followed after. He did not see what was going on but the fact that the smoke from an exhaust is bent is odd, taking notes that the attack can be devastating the poisoner took a quick course of action. The infant is seemingly unharmed. The window is broken, yet Rome is on the other side.

His knife unsheathed.

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@Rumble Man:

Ethan kept his height advantage as it was obvious this was going to play in his favor, He gestured with his hands lifting the car up, He placed it on the other side of the Car park hopefully keeping the child out this, He gestured a flick at the knife to make it fly away before attempting to fly and punch Rome in the face.

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He did not factor in that the car would not be an obstacle to the man, his knife seemingly lodges deep into another car. Now a flying fist is about to make contact with his mask. Dangerous since he does not want to die anytime soon, thirty minutes is all it takes for the hidden canisters to detonate. Dennis needs to buy time, yet this opponent seems to not count on the fact that a self respecting serial killer would carry more than one knife. He rolls with the punch, taking damage luckily just a bruise from a glancing blow in that nick of time. Standing still would cost Dennis a head, yet at the same time he intersects a hidden scalpel from his sleeves to slash open a vein.

Exchanging the exact same time that he was punched across the floor.

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@Rumble Man:

Ethan flew into the man and gave him a punch, the man rolled with it - Ethan felt a sharp pain in his right arm he was punching with -he realized he had been stupid, he underestimated and now had an immobilized arm, He obviously had the Physical advantage in this fight, He attempted to grab the man and throw him into a car opposite them with his powers.

He then flew back into the sky and created a telekinetic bandage on his arm , But before doing so he squeezed [ with his powers, he located his actual vein and squeezed out the blood specifically ] as much blood out as possible to avert any poisons that had entered his blood stream - That however would prevent him using any of his stronger powers due to blood-loss.

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As he felt an invisible force that hoisted him up by the torso Rome reacted in a way that only he could, as with the teachings of the College or Arcanobiology the knife is the best friend of the scholar. His induction to the flesh pirates are also a testament of his blade skills and ingenuity, the poison is just his own finishing touches. Like how the neurotoxin from before that seems to be taking effect as seen with his immediate reaction.

In his right shoe there is a hidden scalpel hidden in the soles, witha movement from the toe he retracted the blade and flits his blade. Engineered to be light, the reflective surfaces contacted to the light on the parking lot creating a semi-transparent cutter flying to the neck. Jugular vein. This one packs Ricin. Then after his window closes a tremendous force slammed him back towards the car behind, breaking two ribs in the process as he hit the hood of the car then entering the back seat from the front window.

Coughing blood and kicking open the door swiftly as he needs to move, who knows this opponent might decide to implode or use the vehicle as a ballistic projectile?

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@Rumble Man:

Ethan thought to himself, what type of man throws a knife at somebody who has telekinesis? He simply threw the knife back at him with a thought. Even though Ethan was suppression blood-loss he still had enough power to pick up a car and throw it at the man, he then flew to the side and and used a telekinetic blast to try and cut right through the crazy man with a blast of power. He flew even higher to be out of another projectile's range, wiping the sweat of his head with his able arm - Suppressing this blood-loss was taking its toll on him.

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Knife caught between his own fingers, kept in a sleeve for later purposes as even Rome can surprise himself at how fast he can be. "Thanks" the poisoner hopped out of the car as it was smashed with yet another vehicle, nobody wants to die being crushed in-between a Buick and Prius. Sensing the killing intent Rome jumped above the wreckage as he noticed the shift in the smoke, to him acrobatic feats are as easy as taking a footstep. Then stepping on the ceiling above to make three steps away from the wreckage, far enough to land behind a pillar of sorts. Hiding behind a slab with 10E, he retracts his thoughts as he points by memory where dodges accordingly but not without getting damaged. He lost the sole to his left sneaker.

As he is getting compromised the timer is up as hidden bombs are emitting some invisible, odorless, colorless toxic gas. The toxin comes with a delayed effect of thirty seconds, where nothing will happen.

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@Rumble Man:

Ethan watched a little bit freighted how this man was dodging his moves, it put him a little uneasy so he decided that needed to get serious. His big moves were not possible with this injury he was carrying, He had to think smart - He flew a little lower and made an invisible telekinetic rope around the man, He attempted to drag him by force face first across the solid concrete floor , Like a cheese grater.

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Thinking of the move he pulled out several knives, his targets being the lights. With a flick of the wrist he created a black veil over a section which they were on. Not attacking directly but rather going on to take his advantages slowly, one move at a time. Something caught his foot, with force he pulled out which tore up his left shoe and heavily sprained his ankle. Hiding inside the dark while he massages the damaged area, no analglesic at the moment so he stood still.

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@Rumble Man:

Ethane saw the Car Park go dark, did this man think that would do anything? Ethan chuckled.

Activating his Telekinetic awareness he found the man in the dark and proceeded to send a wave of energy at him that should be capable of stopping a speeding car - That would cause some damage. If not, The lampposts he had just sent flying into the darkness would do anyways he hoped.

Ethan finished his attack but suddenly felt a little dizzy, this wound was getting him tired, He was building up a sweat containing the blood loss. He took a deep breath , How long could he go on before not being able to fly? - Flying and containing this blood was taking its toll on him.

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The pillar crumbled under the pressure of the energy wave, he did not. As he is still fixing his ankle with whatever resource he has available at the time which isn't saying much. The lamp posts were unaccounted for and the lantern smashed against his head, he is currently downed for the moment being.

To wait is his best friend and to remain calm is his savior, the undetectable gas should be one with the oxygen right about now. It has the same smell along with the same color. His face is lacerated from broken glass and he nearly went unconscious because of the lantern but he can hear fatigue and exhaustion in someone's breath.

The airborne toxin's effect should take place about...

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@Rumble Man:

Ethan laughed when he saw he knocked him out, He suddenly felt all his muscles tense up - He could not control his powers fully, Had he been poisoned? In-fact, His powers started to work on their own! He shot into the air wildly and back and forth, He was not able to control his flight, he crashed downwards into the floor, he managed to just lift himself up - A crater had appeared on the bit of concrete he had nearly crashed into - His Telekinesis was going crazy and sending outbursts without his control. It was as if every muscle in his body and his mind did not have an Off-switch. He had one choice ...He had to take out all his energy in one last attack before he collapsed of exhaustion.

It looked as if he was hugging himself but he was tying to concentrate all his energy, he began spinning, faster and faster until he brutally stopped facing in the direction of the unconscious man - He let out wide burst of telekinetic energy that should have had the power to destroy a whole building. He then dropped to his knees , clutching his sides and shivering, his right arm started to bleed as he no longer had power to contain it.

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Laughter abruptly ends with a telekinetic meltdown , his vision is blurred but he can still move his hands. His feet are also functional albeit one of them is slightly damaged. As this is taking place Dennis started to move towards the sensors on the outer reaches on the multi storey car park. All the while as his opponent struggles to keep control, seeing the spasms Rome makes an exit to trigger the sensors which will mix the previous Sarin with and additional VX gas. A mix of two deadly types to keep this opponent from moving again, since the man proves to be a bit too dangerous. Yet that wound is keeping him occupied.

He leaped out then the explosion began, smashed in mid air yet he manages to grab hold on a ledge, a broken side before going to the floor below. Three ribs gone and he was coughing blood, acidic yet the concussive force is nothing to joke about. Leaning on a car since standing is torturous the Poisoner takes a brief rest to recuperate while he keeps himself calm. Sarin took effect and the VX is triggered, lets see how this current adversary will react now.

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@Rumble Man:

Ethan got onto his knees , Holding his right arm trying to keep the blood in was pointless, His power's were not out of control anymore however. But he could feel himself seizing up as if paralysis was going through his entire body, This was all because he had been stupid , underestimated his opponent - Gotten too close and got cut. He should have stayed in the air and bombarded the man. Ethan stopped concentrating on that as he suddenly stopped being able to feel is fingers..He was losing his ability to move. The toxins were paralyzing him.

Ethan had one last trick, He closed his eyes and concentrated. Sending one of his Telekinetic waves out attempting to find the man. The wave spread across the whole vicinity, Ethan saw the man leaning on a car - He instantly knew how to do what he needed with his power of awareness as he studied the car's inside. Ethan concentrated further , His fists clenched , His nails dug into his skin as he could not feel his fingers. He concentrated harder than ever before due to the toxins, Causing a spark inside the petrol tank, the car exploded violently without any warning.

Ethan stopped using his powers as he felt his arms fail him, his mind was back in the car-park. He knew he was probably going to die. He levitated himself into the air as his arms swung limp - He flew full force into the distance, he could feel the wind on his face as he slowly lost consciousnesses. Falling out of the sky onto an empty street , His body smashed into the concrete shattering his bones. He closed his eyes for the last time - Safe in the knowledge he was too far away for the man to find his body.

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Dennis rome takes a moment to rest as he contemplates on the next course of action, pulling a knife meant to unhook organs he applies some of his signature poison on it. Then he tries it for a while, blurring his hand that makes movement nearly impossible to match with the human range of vision. Opting for a more daring approach of melee, in hopes that he can do a repeat performance of the wrist slashing. This time aiming to tear out the jugular as well as the man's larynx. The Sarin and the VX makes Dennis more at home, feeling reassured that the time is on his side.

He recognizes a faint killing intent emanating from above, a signal sent to below. The poisoner kicks away with the improving left leg, which got burnt in this recent explosion. Shards of glass and metal shrapnel embed at his back, splinters stuck to his burnt leg and his trenchcoat is torn to rags. The quarter second reaction hampered the lethality of the blast, staying there would lodge a hefty chunk of metal inside his throat. He is already eroded yet he maintains the ability to think, which is good in this situation. However underestimating the man is a bad choice, as he left the other specialized fumes at home.

He limps and vision is difficult as blod is obfuscating his vision, basic movement is impaired further after sustaining damage. However he got the knife out and is intending to get closer so that he can take an organ out of this TK user, after hearing a crash he makes several assumptions yet even if the man is down there is a chance that he may be alive. But the trip is slow as he needs to walk out with that condition, so he takes his time again by resting on a pillar, then stealing a car as he is on the 9th floor and that his foe jumped from the 10th.

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@Rumble Man:

(Ending it how you said mate)

Ethan shot up from his bed panting, He was in his room, He looked around startled. It must have been a dream...It was so real. Ethan rubbed his eyes and yawned.

He had learnt one thing from it though, never engage in H2H with somebody who you have never faced before.

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While driving the car he saw a giant purple statue of Barbara Streisand, it was monochromatic and it has watermelons for eyes. Dennis started to scream wildly as he crashed out of the ninth level to enter her mouth. It was pitch black, then he wakes up screaming non-stop for a full thirty minutes. Turns out that he fell asleep while removing a dragon's appendix for poison research, and that the radio was on.

Weird things happen...

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@Rumble Man:

Finished then I take it!


Nice battle man, Again Thanks for agreeing, It was really fun :) Hope you found it half decent :P

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Its all in good fun

both of us should do this again with

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@Rumble Man:

Good idea!

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@Pyrogram: since he can introduce us in dreams

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@Rumble Man: I got you... Interesting :O