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"Its been sometime since we added our newest recruits to the team, and everyday I feel more and more wanting to see them all...dead. Theirs something clawing its way at my soul, as if someones pulling from far away at my chest waiting for it to burst in bloody gore. The sleepless nights are the worst, I sleep for maybe fifteen minutes before they start the most surreal an vivid dreams I have ever had in my life. Many times  I'm someone else but at the same time the same, my name isnt Edward or even Figaro but its still me when I look at my reflection. Sometimes aged a great deal or sometimes in the slightest, and each time a man appears to me after my dream. I lay in bed sweating beads and then he stands their, the man is myself. He stares at me shaking his head an leans down patting my chest before mouthing something and then disappears as soon as I blink." 
I hear her ask what he said but I dismiss it as nothing and continue "Its been five months since the dreams an the feelings and finally I can see an hear what he says all clear." The image of a mirror reflection of himself stands in front of him repeating what hes said every night for five months straight "You are the nexus."  
Suddenly the heat in the room begins to rise as the electricity begins to affect the systems in the dark room. Suddenly a woman hidden in the darkness of the room leans forward as Figaro goes blank, his eyes go pure white and his hair levitates. The room begins to increase fast in heat, the plastic objects begin to melt as the thermostate goes haywire an raises the heat to desert temperatures and the room begins to shake violently. She slaps Figaro screaming "WAKE UP!!"  
Figaro shakes his head as the temperature begins to slowly subside and the sweat from Lady T's face slowly decreases in amount. The room stops shaking and he comes back to reality, looking at her he worries for a moment about her safety before she hushes him. "We need to talk to Donnie now, maybe he can figure out what the hell that was and what these dreams have been about." She starts to stand and Figaro grabs her hand an begins to squeeze "Edward....your hurting me....stop immediately." Figaros face turns twisted as a raspy voice echoes from his throat, someone else is speaking through him or he thinks he is someone else "BITCH!! You just slapped me!! YOU WILL DIE!!" Figaro leaps from his chair an tackles Lady Tlieso his hands wrap around her throat, hes forcing the synapses within her brain to stop in certain places, mainly the ones in which allow movement. He begins to squeeze her throat and then nothing....slowly his hands slip from her throat as she gasps for air. He scrambles to the corner of the room an screams within his mind "DONNIE!!! GET TO MED LAB FOUR NOW GET HER OUT OF HERE BEFORE I HURT HER AGAIN!!!"  
Donnie damn near falls over in his chair as he recieves Figaros message, he bolts to the lab and bursts down the locked door picking up Lady Tlieso who shoos him away with a flick of her wrist. Her voice is raspy from being strangled "NO!" Donnie is ready to defend Tlieso from Figaro. Tlieso stops Donnie and looks to Figaro breathing hard "That was not him....not even close. Theirs something going on inside Figaro, not mentally really I cant read it but theirs something if not someone else in their. Start scanning his power levels...." she breaths harder as she leans against the wall and then leaves the room Donnie follows. She looks through the window and a tear falls from her cheek to the floor as she puts the codes in locking the door. "Do not let him out...for any reason unless your studying him. Keep Sol away from him at all cost, if that happens again he wont stop with Sol. He barely stopped with me only did cause he lo...he almost didnt stop. Scan him now!" The last was an order but also said out of fear. Her team mate was loosing his mind...and that is scary for in this team.

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Insubordination: a cracked rib. 
Disobedience: a broken arm. 
Disgrace of a superior officer: death. 
All these and more were suffered by the guards of the Vis Vires complex. Figaro was injured, mentally scarred, and had attacked Lady Tlieso with bold intent on murdering her in cold blood. Many assumed it was intentional. Warsman could care less, and yet he felt for the people he had learned to call teammates. They were an odd group of fellows, whose sole purpose was to spread chaos throughout the civilized world. Nothing could stop them! Except an enemy from within. The armies of boys posing as soldiers accused Figaro of such a deed, of being that very leech and parasite. Warsman had a vague sense of respect for Figaro, only because he put up with Lady Tlieso's orders in a similar fashion as an honorable human being. Warsman dealt the punishments accordingly, the very mention of Figaro's name in vain resulting in the "reward" for disgrace.  
"At your feet, scum!" Warsman barked, his distinct accent rolling through the barracks. Everyone within its range would have stopped what they would have been doing. His voice just had that commanding quality. 
"You should learn from my merciful teachings, grow into blossoms of respect and admiration for your superiors for they guide your destiny to its better end!" he spoke perfect English, broken only by that thick and intimidating undertone.  
"You will listen to me, for I listen to Lady Tlieso. Do not think that because I am gone I cannot hear you. Your treachery, be it a curse or a perverted blessing, will be dealt with by my judgment. As you can plainly see, I have left most of you alive. Consider yourselves lucky." 
The Russian spent the rest of the day watching Figaro undergo mental breakdowns within his cell. He studied him, even when he was screaming to die and to kill against the door of his cage. Warsman stood only a few inches from the madman, unflinching. Cold. Deadly. Figaro would never openly swear in front of Warsman before, possibly out of respect or out of fear due to the closed doors of the meeting hall where they always met with the others for mandatory gatherings. Warsman, in return, would never openly strike him for insulting the presence of Lady Tlieso. This was the only time they interacted. It only served to insulate the fact they disliked each other. They hated each other. But still, Warsman watched his "comrade" slowly succumb to insanity. His clenched fists wrung in leathery strain behind his back, resisting the urge to quench the man's thirst for death. Whenever one of his superiors walked in for a status report, he would relax. Another voice to listen to, and he would speak openly. He said the same thing, however, no matter Figaro's condition. He said Figaro was alive, and that was all that mattered for the good of the organization. When they left, it was back to observing the man as a statue - absolute, unwavering, and silent.

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She knew it was there somewhere. Crawling further into the darkness she continued her search for her elusive prey. Batting aside a foot long dagger she reached out and her hand landed with a squishing noise. Something oozed between her fingers and clung to her palm. Bringing her hand to her face she sniffed it, finding the odor not unpleasant Dollface tentatively extended her tongue and licked her index finger. Smiling to herself she licked the rest of her fingers cleaning of the sticky unknown substance. Wiggling forward she felt her fingertips brush a smooth surface, could she have found it? Wrapping her hand around the rectangular object she pulled it close to her and began to scoot backwards on her belly. The dim light began to grow stronger as she extracted herself from the small space. As she was nearly out a large booming noise startled her and raised her head quickly only to have the top of her head meet the metal frame of her bed. Scowling she pulled herself the rest of the way out and kicked the king size bed that she stored most of her treasures under. The small bump on her head already receding she plopped to the floor and looked the book in front of her. Dreadmaster had given it to her. Her small hand lovingly stroked the cover, she had never read it, all the words bored her but she looked at the pictures sometimes. Her heart hurt when she thought about him, family wasn't supposed to leave. The floor vibrated beneath her as another resounding boom echoed through the building. Letting out her breath in a huff she rolled her brown eyes toward the ceiling. Pushing herself up off the floor she wandered out of her small room to see what Sol was up to now. It had to be Sol, it was always him or that stupid baby. They were both stinky and loud.

Her small stocking clad feet were silent as she made her way towards the source of all the racket. Turning a corner she was nearly knocked over by several of Tlieso's special ninjas as they rushed the Vis Vires leader past her. She could never remember what she was supposed to call them, something Japanesey she didn't know how to sign or spell. Special ninjas was easier. Muffled shouting could be heard from inside the Med Lab, her interest peaked she trotted down the hallway only to pause and wait for the magic doors to open for her. Rushing through them so they didn't close on her she ran into another wall and was knocked onto her butt. The wall turned around and looked down at her, amusement flickered in his eyes as Warsman extended his huge hand to her, the rest of his a stoic mask. Grinning happily she felt her feet leave the ground as the Russian easily pulled her to her feet. Still smiling she hugged him quickly, her short arms unable to reach all the way around him. Dollface had been very, very sad when Dreadmaster left but her sadness had begun to fade away once Warsman had joined her family again. Craning her neck she looked questioningly at him as she raised her hands with her palms up, wondering what was going on. Turning sharply he nodded towards the cell in the corner. Walking up to the window she peered in, her mouth dropping open as Figaro flung himself against the glass screaming and shouting. Figaro? Sol she would have expected or even the Martian he had captured but not Figaro, he seemed so normal. She looked back at man standing guard and made a circling motion near her ear. Nodding curtly he spoke in his deep booming voice, “He attacked Lady Tlieso.” Looking at her caged teammate skeptically she wondered what was happening to her family.  

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 As a new recruit, Cass knew how hard things could sometimes be. You were always trying to prove yourself and trying to live up to the potential of the veterans, always trying to make your leader and teammates proud, it wasn't always easy, being the new one. She walks down the hallway, testing the edge of her sword as she goes. Satisfied with the sharpness, she slides it into the sheath on her back. She starts humming to herself. She isn't usually this cheerful, she is all about the doom and gloom, but she's found reason to be happy lately, and is thankful for that.   
Cass suddenly got a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. She hated how limited her precognition was. She never got glimpses of what was going to happen, only this feeling of dread in the pit of her stomach when something bad was about to go down. It got quite infuriating after a while, knowing that something bad was going to happen, but knowing nothing more than that. She didn't know the when, where, why or how of the situation and as somebody who liked to know what the heck was going on, it could get really frustrating.  
She sees Donnie down the hall and grins. There is something about that man that always makes her so happy. She doesn't know what it was, but he always knew the right things to do and say and he was filled with old-school charm. She didn't know if it had to do with him being from another planet or what, but there were not many men like him left on Earth. She would never forget how amazingly kind and considerate he was when she came back from that dreadful night of attempted revenge. She was bloody, battered and on the brink of death. She couldn't even make it to the front door and before she could gather the stamina to scream for help, Darkchild had found her. She shuddered at the memory. He had started dragging her along the ground towards the compactor and certain death. Donnie had come to her rescue at the beckoning of a telepathic call for help. She would never forget the feeling of relief that she felt when he came to her rescue. Before she could say anything to him, he sped past her, running as fast as he could and heading for what she thought might be the Med Lab. She knew that he had a lab of his own and wondered what could have gone so catastrophically wrong in the Med Lab to have him running that fast. She thought about following him, but quickly realized that this was a situation best left to the pros. She might know her way around weapons, her abilities and a good fight, but she didn't fully know the layout of this place and the personalities of it's people just yet. 
She had gotten a status report from both Wars and Donnie as to what was going on. Apparently Figaro had lost his s#!t. It was a scary and frightening thing to see or hear about a teammate losing his sanity and attacking your leader. As somebody who had been through plenty of stuff in her life, she knew that it wasn't always easy to stay sane in this world, but she also knew that what had happened to Figaro was a step beyond somebody losing their sanity. He had almost killed Tlieso and, insane or not, that couldn't be left to stand. 
She made her way down to the Med Lab, where Figaro was being held in a specially made cell. She looked sadly at him. He was clearly not in his right mind. He was pacing back and forth, randomly throwing himself against the glass and screaming mostly incomprehensible sentences. She could understand about one word out of every five or six and the mostly had to do with death and killing. She arched her eyebrow and wondered if her teammate would ever be restored to sanity. 

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White light tinged with lilac seemed to drift through the window of the small play room Rina had created for her ward. The room sat in a dimension just left of Lady Tlieso's wing in the castle, a dimension Rina herself had created. The daughter and soul heir of Final Arrow was no small fry, her powers extended beyond even that of her fathers, but the simplicity of her magic was that she always stepped outside of what was "meant" to be, magic was not meant to bend the way Rina bent it, nor was it meant to be played with as she did. Only Lady T had ever appreciated Rina's true nature, her father had wanted her, tried to train her to be like him, until she tried to destroy the world... Only then did he begin to take notice of his powerful and disturbed daughter.  
Kaz scrambled for the ball she had plucked out the air, his chubby arms reaching out to grab at the shimmering ball Rina bounced around near his face, smiling as she lowered herself to his eye level she rolled on her stomach to allow the boy to climb onto it, he knew what was coming and he giggled with anticipation. Rina's body began to rise off the floor hovering, it transformed as she rose her back snapping out of shape as her arms dropped back and down, hooves pushing out through her flesh, the skin around Kaz growing out to clasp the child safely onto her back as she changed, the mangled form twisting into a pitch black fur, sweeping down and out across the powerful muscles that grew across her. A long pink horn grew from the horses forehead, its hair and tail bright purple. Where the small girl had once knelt a beautiful black Unicorn stood. Kaz strapped to unicorn Rina's back giggled as she leapt through the window of the room and cantered out into the air, grass and tress popped out of thin air as a field and forest grew from Rina's mind. The creature and Kaz bounded through the Forrest leaping and dancing over trees, the child screaming with glee as he clung to the purple mane.  
A sound shot through the dimension as the alarm Rina had set up to alert them of any danger in the Vis castle bounded across the grass, the horse froze mid leap as Rina's human form spun back grabbing Kaz as she landed and ran to the dimensions door, popping instantly as the door opened to the space where Lady T and Donnie stood. Kaz tight in her arms began reaching for his mother when he saw her, Rina reading the energy in the room handed the child to Tlieso and closed her eyes, reaching up her hands she ignored the others speaking to her as he read the shifting air, spinning back time she opened her eyes to the light on the wall that played out what Figaro had done to her Aunt. Frowning Rina's dark eyes shone as the air shifted around her, black air lifted the small tartan skirt she wore as it began to fill the room rising from her body her anger popping. Tlieso's hand rose the beautiful warriors mouth and eyes wide as she screamed for Rina to obey her and stay where she was, Tlieso knew Rina would kill anyone who dared to harm her, and Rina being new to the team had no love for anyone but Kaz and Tlieso. The girl just shook her head at her aunt smiling and winking as disappeared from the room, a cloud of purple smoke appearing inside the cell Figaro was held in

The Cell holding Figaro was small, the man stood with his back to her, panting slightly his arms braced against the wall. She could sense the anger and pain in him as she sat cross legged on the floor, he turned when he saw her. His mind spinning as he saw her, another new recruit to the team, Figaro and she had never met but he knew who she was, everyone knew who she was. His eyes blazed as he charged at her, swiping her hand across her face he smacked into a powerful force field she had created around herself. 
Smiling that huge Cheshire type smile, the smile that echoed her father Rina spoke "you have been a verryyyy veryyyyyy VERY bad boy"  

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Tlieso stood in front of the large mirror, the smooth marble walls of her bathroom reflected behind her. Pulling her kimono away from her neck she stared at the hand shaped marks that encircled her slim neck. Gingerly she touched the dark colors that were quickly blooming on her pale skin. It wasn't the attack that shocked her, Tlieso had come to expect a betrayal by one close ot her. The death of her father had been the result of such an attack. A cowardly assassination attempt at the hands of her own brother that had left the regal man to die slowly and painfully instead of the quick clean death he deserved. A death she had granted him after dispatching her brother for the dishonor he had done to the Bayushi name. She remembered it like it was yesterday, sitting across from him as he slurped down the shoyu ramen she had made especially for him. Watching as the poisons slowly took control of the muscles in his body. Watching as he suffocated in a room full of air as his lungs stopped pumping. His dark, dark eyes questioning as she walked over to him and kissed him softly on the cheek before whispering, “For Father.”  

 No, Figaro's attack had not been what had stunned her, leaving her unable to fight back. It had been his thoughts. He despised her very being but yet his love for her had saved her life. Tlieso had known that he was attracted to her from the moment he joined Vis Vires, subtlety was not one of the mans strong suits, but she had not expected that his feelings were that deep. Deep down she felt badly that she did not feel the same. Fig was a handsome man and extremely charming in his rare moments of lucidity but her heart had been stolen by a thief many years ago. Kaz chose this time to draw her attention with his happy coos and gurgles. Turning from the mirror she crossed over to his crib and lifted him over the wooden railings. Holding him close he tucked his head under her chin, mother and son sighing in contentment. “You know when I think of him don't you little one?” Gently stroking his soft dark hair Tlieso left her private chambers in search of Donnie. Something had to be done about Figaro and she needed her most trusted friends help to decide what.  

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The Vis Vires.....a team full of lunatics and murderers Darkchild felt at home here finally. One of the very few places the man known as Darkchild ever felt home, but soon his whole world was to come crashing down. Slowly he was reading Figaros mind over the past few months he had been on the team, the child like Darkchild found a great fascination with him. His powers werent the reason it was who he was, a man of regal and insanity he was never mean to Darkchild like some others he was gentle. And he cared deeply for Lady T, another reason Darkchild liked the man. But he always was caught reading his mind or peering into his mind, and over the few months he had been picking up unsettling vibes an thoughts that were not his. Thoughts of killing everyone were never out of the norm within this team but Figaros were....want an yearning for the death of each an everyone one of them. Darkchild even in his childlike mind kept his body on edge in case such things happened, and for months they never did just stayed in the back of his mind as he interacted with everyone...until today. 
It was soul shattering when Figaro screamed to Donnie telepathically it reached Darkchild first and he woke up from a slumber with anxiety filling his emotions. Unable to cope with this he was forced to be calmed by the sight of Guido Figaros dragon. The little thing was always an oddity an kept close to Figaro but recently had been distancing itself from the man. As the team rushed to T's side an brought her to her own room within the mansion members slowly went to Figaro for their own reasons Rina even. Each had their own reasons they all wanted one thing...to find out if one of them was actually more insane than they were. Rina was in the room with Figaro who was strapped to the walls he was gurgling slurs an other things not audible or understandable. Darkchild stood outside the door peering in Guido on his shoulder shivering, his master was loosing his mind an the poor creature couldnt figure why. 
Rina would not be moving from him for quite sometime, until she got her answer for why he attacked Lady T, an answer Darkchild needed himself. So Darkchild did what only he could, he waited for a moment of lucidity an peered into Figaros mind bringing Guido in with him. The place within Figaro's mind was full of screaming an violence, things were going on Darkchild couldnt figure out. But through all the screaming an noise one thing would echo through his mind one phrase "We Are the Nexus" and Darkchild followed the echo to a room with a deadbolt on it. Darkchild touched the door trying to feel who was inside, it was Figaro...or better yet it was Edward. Wasnt the man in control of his body now,. he was locked away. Edward was screaming to Darkchild for someone to help him, and Darkchild could feel his lucid mind fading so he did all he could. "Figaro once you get out...tell Donnie about the Nexus. Explain to all of us what is going on, we can help." With that Darkchild brought his arm back and slammed into the door it smashed to bits and the screams of voices all echoed at once at Darkchild. All screaming to him to leave. 


Darkchild was flung across the hallway and through the wall from the reverb of being forced from Figaros mind. As he stood an watched Figaro still fling himself around in the room he hoped the real Figaro would come home.
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 “I need some sort of metal allow that will resist penetration”   Sophie said to herself, while sitting backwards in her rolling chair. Her whole demeanor had changed over the course of a month time frame, going from an autistic teen to a genius. Probably what was more amazing was she wasn’t even the fact that she was autistic.   Her pencil moved from her forehead down to her mouth watching the prototype appear on the screen. “Maybe I can fuse adamantium and Vibranium together to make a new element alloy”. She said taking a glance at both metals isotopes, taking a long hard look she came to the conclusion that a fusion wouldn’t work. “The element would be too unstable; the amount of protons and neutrons in the nucleus would cancel each other out causing a semi explosion in the atom”. She said sighing. Since her “Transition” she stayed in her room so much she might as well been called a new recruit.  Since she had been retrieved from the desert; she slaved away at making a system similar to the one Sha owned, to channel her own inner strength. “I guess I better show my face…it has been a month”.  She said stepping over a bunch of pizza boxes; placing on a pair of boy shorts and a tank top. “I really need to clean up in here”.

Taking the 20 plus boxes in hand she generated a heat wave from her tips and burned the boxes into ash; that delicately fell into the trash can.   Walking down the steps to the main living area of the facility the halls empty bellow placed a feeling of anxiety in the deep bowels of her stomach. “Guys?”   She said looking around frantically. Homicide was her usual victim, she often picked with Homi since she knew it bothered her so much; then she would tease Fiagro   just to get him all worked up. However the living room was ironically dead.  “That’s not really normal for no one to be in here.” Walking into the kitchen this room seemed almost like a duplicate of the last; on top of the fact she felt abandoned she had the weirdest feeling that something was wrong.   “Well they are defiantly still in the facility because I can feel there body heat”.  

The feeling of anxiety quickly picked up, as she continued to step down the hallway towards the medlab she could feel every nerve in her leg shaking. It seemed as if her anxiety snaked its way through her body as went to grab the handle to the medlab, what appeared to be a mere 6 inches turned into 5 feet. Sweat poured from her face; and her breathing was hastened.   “Get it together” her whole episode happened to be a side effect of turning “normal”. Despite her prolonged stays in her room; if she didn’t see anyone when she went looking she instantly went into a fit.

Finally unlocking the door, she could hear the voices in the room, the weight of the anxiety had been relieved it was only shown by the large number of red “Blobs” she had on her face. Glancing around at everyone she started to speak, only for it to come out in an uncontrollable studder. She took a deep breath and then asked again. “What’s going on in here” She turned in time to see a pretty girl no older than herself Tantalize Fiagro; whom was being kept in a cell. “Guys what’s going on!” she screamed looking for answer only to be met with Fiagro’s intense stare. Whatever was going on with him change him from someone she tolerated , to someone who would instantly harm her.

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During my time with the Vis Vires, I had come to learn to expect the unexpected. However, as unpredictable as Figaro was, I had not expected this. Figaro's outburst was....let's put it this way, emotional. At Tlieso request, no, command I proceeded to scan Figaro. I was detecting some strange energies running through the man but further testing would be required to pinpoint the cause. Following the commotion many other members had begun to make their way to the med lab, one after the other. The first of which was Warsman who immediately took up the job of guarding Figaro's cell. I enjoyed the man's quiet and strong demeanor. Not to mention the fact that he followed orders, something I could appreciate. However, I simply focused my attention on the computer before me. I wasn't particularly in the mood to be social.

It was Rina who got my attention. Possibly even more appalled by Figaro's actions than I was, she quickly handed Tlieso her child before vanishing in a cloud of spectacular purple smoke. She promptly reappeared within the cell holding our “friend” and she acknowledged him with a smile that could only hide the evilest of intents. Perhaps she would simply kill Figaro (Or worse)and we could all be done with this little fiasco. A part of me hoped she would.

Sophie, the previously insane, had arrived and quickly questioned the situation. Upon not promptly receiving an answer, she screamed out.“Guys what’s going on!” Placing my hands on the edge of the sophisticated console, I proceeded to acknowledge her. “Sophie, our friend here seems to have lost his mind. In a fit, he attacked Tlieso, hence his confinement. You seem to be quite intelligent, now that your mind is now your own. Fee free to take up scanning Figaro. Me, I need a break from this room.” I rose to my full height and made my way past the bodies and out of the room. I placed a hand on Dollface's head, ruffling her hair. Before leaving I made eye contact with Dark Huntress to make up for running so swiftly by her earlier. I gave her a small smile before turning on my heel and exiting quickly.

My thoughts quickly wandered to Tlieso. Due to the nature of our relationship and the trust between us, each of us made an effort to keep our minds slightly cracked for each other only in order to ease communication and give the other the slightest amount of access to the others' mind. Thanks to this, I was able to discover that Tlieso not far from the entrance to her private chambers. In fact, she was looking for me. I strode quickly and within a few minutes I found myself before her. Despite all that had transpired she still remained as regal as ever.

My lady.” I crossed one leg over the other, giving her her small bow. I rose and m eyes met hers. I began to speak, being sure to keep my tone even. “Tlieso, the man's actions are unforgivable. You cannot stand here and tell me that you would let this man live, let alone remain part of this alliance, after what he has done.” My eyes drifted to the horrific marks upon her neck and I could feel fury boiling up within me. “My lady, this is treasonous. Surely you cannot expect to to somehow sweep these trespasses under the rug?” I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, calming myself. “Forgive me. The course of action is yours to make. Whatever you decide, I will obey without question. I only request that you remember that I have your best interest in mind.” I looked at her with soft features, awaiting her response.

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Day thirty-three.

It’s just you and me.

The clean-cut Russian is no more. He’s spent too much time away from the blade, alone here with Figaro. His head is a scraggly mess of hair, indiscernible from the previously strict and soldierly appearance. He jokingly thanks his alien heritage for such a change, whenever someone points it out. He watches Figaro in his cell. That’s all he does, is watch, and the results are the same. Figaro walks back and forth, left and right, the pattern becoming more and more monotonous as the hours tick by. He’s been doing this for the past few days, ever since Lady Tlieso last paid a visit. She’s been more distant. Hopeless. It was the word describing Figaro’s condition. It was the word describing the mood of the headquarters as of late. But Warsman’s eyes are losing their keen edge because he has been unable to blink for the past hour or so. He’s just been staring into Figaro’s cell. And he’s starting to unlock a second world.

There have been two Figaros in the cell for five minutes. Warsman is sure of this. They don’t talk to or even acknowledge each other, rather the second one to have materialized is more concerned with walking than pacing. The first Figaro is beginning to lose his will to do anything and sits, doing nothing. He starts to drool, out of effort of something, and moans in pain like a child whose scraped his knee and doesn’t want others to realize how weak he is by crying. The whole situation is confusing, but Warsman still doesn’t blink. He is too astonished now.

It is night, now, and the others are asleep. Visitors have stopped coming. This is the only indication Warsman has to grasp the concept of the curfew being enacted. Everyone is asleep, except for the two in the prison – or rather the city in the prison. Figaro has now projected his entire agonized psyche, or that is at least what Warsman could understand it to be. There are hundreds of Figaros, briskly walking through the left or right walls of the cell. Figaro is stuck in place, trying desperately to decide which way to follow the crowd. He is lost, merely existing among the preoccupied mirrors of himself. The other Figaros ignore him and move on in either direction.  There is no up or down in their world. There is no choice. Within Figaro, they found a home. A pattern. They feed on his sanity, slowly assimilating him into their society. He sees it now, the plane of thought that has been driving Figaro insane for over the past month. He opens the cell, and steps inside.

I’m your friend. Don’t you remember me?

First, the crowds throw him off. But then he shrugs off the feeling and tries to find Figaro’s shambling form where he last saw it, yet to no avail. The man in the straitjacket disappeared, never to have even existed by the smell of the air – devoid of the unwashed clothing’s scent – and Warsman follows the crowd. The buildings on either side of the street are featureless, except for one. He goes to the door and opens it, finding a store without products on its shelves. A boy is in front of the counter, holding a picture in his hands. He’s dirty, in denim overalls and a white shirt with orange stripes. He is crying. Warsman goes over to him and, to his surprise, the boy grabs his leg. Warsman takes a knee, giving the boy free grip of his other leg, and puts a hand on the boy’s tuft of thick blonde hair.

“No-No one ever comes in he-here,” the boy sobs. “Wi-Will you take me to h-her?”

He puts the picture in Warsman’s face and the Russian takes it in a hand, but the boy keeps his fingers enclosed on the frame. Warsman smiles and stands up. The boy lets go of his leg and backs away, head hung in silence.


Warsman holds out his hand and the boy takes the forefinger in his grasp, holding the picture close to his heart. They walk out of the would-be shop and back into the crowd. The boy whimpers, but remembers his giant friend and hugs close to Warsman’s leg. Warsman looks down, out of curiosity, and asks the boy his name.

“I don’t know,” he replies.

Warsman takes his attention back to the street, which is perfectly straight in either direction. No-one seems to notice his unique appearance among the endless ideas of different Figaros. No-one seems to be interested in those endless ideas. Endless. They just keep coming in either direction. And yet Warsman keeps this boy under his protection. He seems important. He seems afraid. He sticks out of the masses like a sore thumb. Warsman smiles as he looks down at the boy.

“How do you like the name Figaro? It belongs to someone I know, but you can have it.”

The boy looks up at Warsman, a big grin on his face.

“Wow, you mean that? Wait until she hears my new name!”

Just wait. The moment is closer than you think.

For the first time in their journey, there is light. Just like Warsman thought, the crowd turns away and goes in the opposite direction. The street grows as more Figaros pour into it. The light gets farther away, so Warsman and his little Figaro just keep walking towards it. The other Figaros are just waiting. Warsman fears that if he and little Figaro reach the light, the answer might come upon them quickly. The uncertainty eats away at the Russian’s heart. Somehow, he knows. Somehow he forgot. All that matters is that he returns the boy to his incarcerated teammate. Somehow, everything will go back to normal. He is sure of it. Eventually, they reach a portal of some sorts. Warsman stares at it, but little Figaro screams in delight and runs toward it, leaving Warsman’s side for the first time in what seems like ages. He motions for Warsman to come over, which the Russian does. He hugs the picture one last time, looking at Warsman hesitantly, before he gives it to his new friend.

“This place is dangerous. If I don’t make it, show her to your friend you named me after. He’ll understand.”

Warsman nodded, not liking the possibility of losing little Figaro. The boy reached out for his hand, and Warsman took it. Looking into the depths of the vortex, a set of stairs appears below them. Little Figaro squeals happily as they take the steps into the light.

See you later.

Warsman wakes up in the cell, Figaro in the corner beside him. He stands up and takes Figaro’s chin in his hand, expecting a counterattack of some sort. But Figaro is sleeping peacefully. Warsman lets his chin down slowly. He is confused by what has happened, explaining it to himself as stepping inside Figaro’s mind for a while. He had found something important that he had lost among the emotionless thralls of his counterparts. Warsman remembered the portal, and how the Figaros ignored it. There is a feeling in his stomach that something horrible is about to happen now that Figaro is back to normal. He observes the cell, seeing no remnant of little Figaro. He averts his gaze back to the wistful breathing of his teammate, who is resting like a child, and sighs happily. He remembers the picture, and turns his head to his hand to see if it is still there. He smiles.

Lady Tlieso never looked so beautiful.    

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Days have passed since it all began in a flash of light, he was grabbed from his world an thrust into a tiny hole within his own mind. The others had taken full control over his body and wanted everything, but they were unable to escape. Each Figaro from a different place an time each wanted through the Nexus but were unable to escape. Each man an woman known as Figaro knew within their own universe that they couldnt go any further with Figaro still in any form of control. Then Warsman interfered, his actions were meant to save his friend an team mate Edward but in doing so he opened a portal within the Nexus. The Nexus was a inter-dimensional portal that siphoned all the unused energies between the Figaro's in every system in every universe and dispersed it between them all. Now a portal to the Nexus is open for any of the Figaro's to enter, but only if each have something special...Edward. He is the Nexus itself, within him lies the true power behind the Nexus and his friend as given him away.  
  Figaro was awake through all of what has happened in the past 33 days, his team mates coming into the cell or near it to help or to scold. Even when Darkchild entered his mind he was awake, Darkchild was also a tool in letting the portal happen. The Figaro's had put Edwards voice within Darkchilds making the big lug thing Edward needed help, and in breaking the door to his cell open he cracked the first of many doors to the Nexus open. Edward thought if he kept himself hidden the others wouldnt get to him or the Nexus but to no avail, it was opened and he needed to stop it and all of his "brothers".  
Warsman stood above Figaro waiting for him to awake and soon he did. With a flash of blinding light Figaro awoke and Warsman stood on guard Figaro lifting his hand to Warsman taking advantage of the situation he paralyzed the big man with subtle words spoken "Yes you will be fine, and if you choose after this is done you may punch me for what I am doing but let me have this please." With his other hand he set it onto the computer against the wall, one keeping his vitals an scanning him. His eyes roll back into his skull as he speaks through the speaker system "Lady Tlieso and Donnie, this is Edward. Its me this time, please come to me now, I know what needs to be done.....also bring tranqs...Wars might be killing me for this." With that he let Warsman return to normal his eyes filled with rage and Figaro sighed for a moment before a solid left punch slammed into his cheek sending him into the wall of his cage a huge dent in the wall showed. "Okay maybe deserved that....." 

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Solenoid was depressed. There was something wrong with Figaro. He wasn't giving Solenoid good ideas anymore, like jumping into lakes, or sticking his fingers in the electrical outlets. When Solenoid tried to talk with him or tackle him, Figaro would just walk off. So Solenoid would go to Lady T, or Donnie, and spill pudding on their stuff, and they would ignore him too! At least Solenoid had his Martian. But the Martian kept locking himself into the scary dark book room, and Solenoid was afraid to follow him there. Before Warsman would go drag the Martian out of the scary book room for Solenoid, but he was busy watching Figaro.  
Solenoid decided that he wouldn't grace the others with his presence. He decided to snoop around Dreadmaster's old room. Maybe he had something interesting in there. The door was locked, so Solenoid broke it down. He poked at some stuff half-heartedly, but it just wasn't the same without everyone yelling at him. Solenoid sighed and went to his room. He poked at the pudding on the bed, and sat on the floor. A plan was brewing. He had to get Figaro back to normal. Somehow. That or he could go take all the neighborhood cats... 
At this thought, Solenoid perked up. There were cats! And they would be his! All his! He raced out the door, and angry yells echoed across the city.

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Icarus poured over the ancient tombs of the Vis Vires library. Dust filled the air, mingling with the smell of moldering pages. He ran a finger over a line, marveling at the other-worldly paper. There was a crowbar melted across the door to keep Icarus from being disturbed. It didn't do a whole lot to keep the huge Russian or the spinning maniac out, but it was better than nothing. And since Icarus couldn't leave, he might as well do some research here. Where had they obtained these books? 
A week ago, Icarus had learned that he was not free to leave this place. In a desperate attempt to escape, he had hit Solenoid in the head repeatedly, knocking him out of action for a few days. He thought without his magnetic powers (why did they even work on Icarus? His suit was designed to be non-magnetic.) he would be able to get out of this place. But their leader, Lady Tlieso told him otherwise. The building was put on lockdown and Icarus was trapped inside. A fight against them in their own hideout would be suicide. Icarus quarreled with them, but did not draw his blades. It was then Icarus realized, he had nowhere to go. The Carnivale had disbanded, evaporated on the evening mist like it had never existed. With Julius believed dead by the world, he had no job. This place...this prison...was as close to a home as he had right now. Depressed, Icarus retreated to the back of his mind. While Icarus was brooding, Julius negotiated the terms of their stay. A room on the top floor, plenty of sun lamps. 
Sighing, Icarus closed the book he was examining. IT was back again, gibbering in the back of his mind. He feigned disinterest to Julius, but this new personality deeply worried him. And when it appeared he...SAW. The one upstairs...Figaro was it? Was the key to something big. But then what? The world dissolved into something indescribable. Icarus' head slammed back against the chair, bloody foam flecked his lips. His arms were rigid, but they twitched nonetheless. It was worse, but he couldn't let them know...couldn't let them see. "It...will...all...collapse into...into gubbish" Icarus moaned. A moment passed that may well have been an hour. Icarus' labored breathing became normal, and he wiped the blood from his mouth. The library seemed dark and oppressive, so Icarus walked upstairs. The team, the Vis Vires, were gathered around one of their number in a containment cell. Icarus placed his hand against the glass, looked in with the eye of a scientist observing some sick animal. "Let me in." Icarus said, the first words he had addressed to any of the team since he learned he could not leave this place. He turned his blood-red eyes to the scientist, Donnieman. Despite his slim frame Icarus was quite intimidating, standing at over seven feet. "Let me in. Something in my brain is telling me that HE MUST DIE!" Icarus slammed his fist against the glass, his fingers twisting at strange angles. "No, that's not right, that's not right...he's the...he's the key. If he dies they ALL go free. I...I need to think." Clutching his head, Icarus retreated to the corner of the room, where he could see everything. "Julius, a storm is coming. And I don't know what to do."

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 “ Tlieso, the man's actions are unforgivable. You cannot stand here and tell me that you would let this man live, let alone remain part of this alliance, after what he has done. My lady, this is treasonous. Surely you cannot expect to to somehow sweep these trespasses under the rug?” Taking a deep breath Donnieman paused to regather his thoughts, Forgive me. The course of action is yours to make. Whatever you decide, I will obey without question. I only request that you remember that I have your best interest in mind.”

Her pale face devoid of emotion Tlieso simply gazed at him, allowing the tension to build before turning her green eyes to the smiling child in her arms. Pulling the silver chain from inside her kimono she dangled the Jade Scorpion and green gem in front of him, teasing for a moment before allowing his pudgy hands to grasp them. Sighing softly, she returned her attention to the man before her. “You are correct, the course of action is mine.” Frowning slightly as the as remembered the savage feelings Figaro had directed at her. “I do appreciate and understand your concern but we should not be hasty. You were not exposed to his thoughts as I was. I've never experienced anything like it.” Her long black hair swayed gently as she shook her head. “ The strength was unbelievable, if we could harness and direct that strength...” Her words trailed off as a devious smile lit up her face. “It would be Earth-shattering. If Fig cannot be employed to our advantage then we will talk of his termination.”

As she turned away from Donnie's questioning gaze the speakers hidden in the walls came to life. "Lady Tlieso and Donnie, this is Edward. Its me this time, please come to me now, I know what needs to be done.....also bring tranqs...Wars might be killing me for this." The voice coming out of the speakers was surprisingly lucid. Tlieso could her the soft tap of Donnie's dress shoes on the wooden floor behind her as they hurriedly made their way to the Med Lab. Pausing a moment for the doors to open before them they entered the sterile environment. Eyes widened in surprise she stared at Warsman standing over Figaro and the large dent in the wall next to them. “What exactly is going on here?”

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Pride swelled into his chest. To him, this seemed to be the final resolution to his mixed feelings about Figaro. The maniac was rude, vulgar, and insulted every meaning of "class" Warsman understood. But what little Figaro had given him...there was a connection between the man that lay crippled at his feet and Lady Tlieso. The Russian had suspected such. Tlieso paid Figaro more visits than anyone before hope began to slip away. There was no stopping the transmission, however, and Warsman merely stood over Figaro’s crumpled body. His face was bloody from the Russian’s quick and effective strike, the last thought racing through his head before unconsciousness probably being regret.   

Footsteps. They were bringing reinforcements, like Figaro suggested. Warsman sighed. This mess was getting worse by the minute. Like he planned, it wasn’t long before gun barrels were pointed his way. Warsman turned around. They were Tlieso’s personal soldiers, and in the midst of them was their master. She looked at Figaro and then at the man who had knocked him out cold. Warsman did the only admirable thing he could do at that moment and saluted his Lady, standing at attention after she shot a venomous glance at him.  

“What exactly is going on here?” she asked, confused and enraged at the same time.  

“Madame, Figaro attempted escape after I entered his cell. He seemed less manic as of this morning, but I cannot confirm his final degree of health,”  

He knew she wouldn’t believe him about the Nexus, especially not after seeing Figaro’s blood on his hands. One of her soldiers, most likely guided by Tlieso’s mental superiority over him, stepped forward and held out a hand for the photograph in Warsman’s hand. The Russian complied, disheartened and yet with a continuously rigid posture. The soldier hesitated at the sight of the picture. Tlieso was looking through his eyes, keeping her own glued to the scene in the cell. After a few moments, the man threw the frame down and ground the contents under his heel.  

“Contraband; no prisoners or wardens allowed personal belongings during imprisonment or duty, respectively.” This was all he said before returning to his post at Tlieso’s side.

“Of course, Madame,” Warsman knew who he was talking to, and it wasn’t the soldier who had taken little Figaro’s gift.  

Figaro was taken to the infirmary for his wounds, with Tlieso disbanded her private army to patrols across the grounds and leaving at the man’s side. Warsman was left to ponder his actions. He picked up the photograph, carelessly wrinkled, and looked at it carefully. He compared it to the Tlieso that he had just confronted. He concluded why she had destroyed it:  

In the picture, she was smiling.  

He took the photo in-between his hands and ripped it to pieces.


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"They needed to know that they are coming...they need to know. Please just wake up! "
Were the thoughts in Figaros mind moments before his eyes opened and he bolted up from the table he was laid on. Two soldiers stood up quickly as Figaro began to move himself off the table, one going for a weapon before the lights in the room flickered and Figaro stared at him "Please Carlos...just stop." The soldier stopped an returned to a relaxed position. Figaro held his head which was splitting they were trying to force their way through the portal and into the nexus within his soul. "Please Carlos get madame Tlieso. I wish to speak with her and apologize for actions...." Figaro stopped before he continued thinking it out clearly. The worlds that he saw while within his own mind kept hostage were beautiful an horrible at the same time. These men coming for the power within him were him but they were different, counterparts to who he was inside. Many were like him eager to have power, but unlike him he wouldnt go to lengths of genocide as he saw with one. He was the first that needed to be killed, he killed his own family in cold blood an millions of women an children in the climb up the ladder of power. " Carlos please...get the Lady we need to make plans." Carlos looked to Figaro and asked "Plans for what Edward?" Figaro calmly smiled at him and the other soldier "We are going to war, one that we will wind in a land slide. Also get the man known as Darkchild prepared hes the first we will need in this war. Now fetch me my armament's."  The other soldier did as he was told seeing that Edward was closer to sanity now.  
Slipping on his gloves he felt at peace with them on, flexing his fingers into the new gloves he prepared for the backlash of what he had done to Tlieso and for making her soldiers most likely disobey direct orders from her. He found a computer an began writing blueprints for things they will need for the trip to where they were going. Watching as the blue prints flowed from his finger tips onto the computer in the room. Foot steps were heard outside and he knew she was just moments from his room so as the papers printed from the computer he grabbed them and while standing up he held them out. A flash came into his mind as he held them out, a large explosion ripped through his mind as the one he was gunning for first realized what was going on. They were all connected within Figaro, he saw all they saw and could feel all of what they were feeling. Many at this very moment were feeling dread...something he enjoyed thoroughly because soon very soon he was coming after each and every one of them and ending every single one with his own hands.  
On the papers in his hand in large bold letters read "Multi-Dimensional Teleporters. Use to safely transport single or more persons across Universe(s)"
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Cass walked down the hallway. She knew that some bad stuff was going on, but she couldn't help being happy. She had spent so many years closing people out, making sure that nobody got close to her, making sure that she was always alone, that it was a nice and welcome change to open up her heart to somebody. Donnie. She couldn't stop thinking about him. He had finally got past his whole "I can't choose" thing, albeit with a um... push... from her. She knew, deep in her heart, that he would one day regret what he had done, that he might even come to resent her for pushing him to do something that he might view as dishonorable, because he was all about the honor. She was prepared to deal with that day when, and if, it came. Until then, she had made up her mind to live every minute to it's fullest and to enjoy every second that she had with him. She missed him, she hadn't seen him in almost a full day and for some reason it was starting to wear on her good mood.
She continued walking down the hall, heading for the main living area, she wanted to talk with Donnie and Wars about what was going on. As Cass was walking down the hall she couldn't help but feel something in the pit of her stomach. She knew that something bad was going to happen, she just didn't know what, which frustrated the hell out of her. Her telepathic abilities were progressing, thanks to the training that Donnie was giving her, she was able to communicate telepathically and was able to read the minds of others with progressive ease. One of the only problems was that her mind was always a little bit open, potentially leaving herself vulnerable. She held out hope that one day her precognitive abilities would grow beyond her getting a bad feeling in her stomach when something bad was going to happen. It was easily the most frustrating power that she had because it did very little to actually help her accomplish anything. Oh well.  

Cass stopped walking. She could feel something in the edge of her mind. She didn't know if it was from her mind being so open, or if it was her empathy picking up on somebody's very intense emotions. All she could sense was something or somebody very dark and sinister in the edge of her mind. She attempted to open up her mind to try and get a glimpse of what it was that was giving her this malicious taste in her mind. She attempted to follow the trail of whatever malicious thing had left a stamp in her mind, she tried following the trail back to whomever or whatever it was. Apparently they didn't want to be followed. Whatever it was sent a strong enough pulse into her mind to physically throw her across the room. She screamed out in pain, both physically and mentally. Donnie came running, he must have heard her, whether it be mentally or audibly. She was on her knees with blood dripping out of her nose. It stopped after a second and started healing. She got into a kneeling position and tried to regain her composure. He started walking towards her and she put up her hand, gesturing for him to stop. She looked up into his eyes, a haunted expression on her face. Death is coming.    
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Dmitri watched the cameras slowly. He had heard the order to be on red-level alert for the past week. He paid it no attention. Hardly anyone did. They just used it as an excuse to rough up the guards and carry military-grade weapons out in the open. But, even that became boring mainly because of two things:
Warsman continuously stood up for his troops, and nothing was happening.
And so, Dmitri has been sitting in one of the several security rooms for the last few hours. Mostly, his attention is centered on the construction of the "universe portal" or whatever Figaro has been obsessed with. How can a device used to travel space be useful against something right here on Earth? Tlieso mentioned war. War with what? With who? It all seemed pointless.
Another sip of black coffee.
Another midnight passed.
Another day wasted in red alert.
God, make something happen already.

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CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS! Solenoid raced down the streets, pursuing the highly irritated felines. Solenoid loved cats. Cats hated Solenoid. At least 90% of the neighbors around here had cats. Solenoid intended to obtain eleventy hundred percent of them. He even had his special cat-catching hat on! It had lots of feathers! Shiny feathers...actually, Solenoid was more interested in the hat than the cats were. Every time one of them would try to play with it Solenoid would pull it away and fume. 
Now, Solenoid was waiting behind a tree. He was very well camouflaged! That leaf on his head was sure to fool everyone! There! The cat was out of the house! Solenoid used his binoculars (backwards) to see where it was. How did it get so very far away? Solenoid dropped the binoculars in puzzlement. There it was! He picked up the binoculars again. Nooo! It was a sonic-speed super-cat! Solenoid waited a moment, then pounced! The cat easily side-stepped him but did not count on it collar being attracted to him. Solenoid found spinning often did get him what he wanted. Solenoid squeezed the cat happily (it unhappily scratched his face) and ran to his wagon. In it were a dozen cats, all yowling viciously. Solenoid put the current cat into the cart, and went to the next house. 
Dawn rose to the sounds of many people wondering who took their cats, and why on Earth there were pudding cups everywhere. It also found Solenoid wearing all the cats (live and unharmed) like a coat. He rushed into the base, where absolutely nothing had happened. Yeesh! Did anything get done around here without him? Solenoid walked over to Warsman, who was looking murderous and holding a cup of coffee. "Servant guy! Take these cats to my room!" Solenoid had not quite gotten the picture that a)Warsman could beat him to a bloody pulp, b)Warsman was higher ranking than him, and c)Warsman was mad. He left the cats and went to bother the Martian until something interesting happened.

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“I’ve never seen someone’s mind expand soo much” Sophie said sitting in her room analyzing her Fiagro’s brain patterns. “It’s almost like his brain is thinking someone else’s thoughts” Sophie slid across her room floor to a parallel computer and analyzed the brain waves of that. “No freaking way! Orange, Red, Blue” she said sliding back over to the previous computer and checking the patterns. Blue, Red orange!” she quickly got up from her seat and ran down the stairs.  “Fiagro’s mind expands past this universe…” she began pacing back and forth talking to herself. “There’s a bunch of paranormal activity, going on not just over this fortress but in Fiagro’s body alone”

She quickly rushed back upstairs to her room, and hacked into the camera’s that circumvented the room that was holding Fiagro. Her glasses surveyed every aspect of the screen, “What is he doing…?” she asked whilst twirling her hair.   Since his “metamorphosis” he had changed the overall mood in the house, Sophie who usually stayed to herself, had made frequent trips down stairs observing him and running test on strands of his DNA that she found in various places over the house.

Using her own powers, she was able to liquefy his Dna, she found testing it on Animals to be a very touchy subject with most so she figured to try it on her own.  “Data log this is Zatterinna Liafador also known as Sophia Lopez, I’ve obtained a vial of Fiagro’s DNA, I intent to drink it…so that I may understand what Fiagro is going through.” Without any hesitation she consumed the vial and instantly felt the effects of the mixture.   Her screams became more bestial, her graceful taps became thunderous thumps.   Her once brown skin had transformed into an vivid green women, When her transformation was complete, she knocked the mirror from the wall. It crashed down in front of her, allowing her to see her face broken into a thousand pieces...

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        The soft blue color of the walls and soothing scent of her baby boy did nothing to calm the rage inside her. As she paced back and forth she could feel Kaz's inquisitive stare. Stopping in the middle of the room Tlieso grimaced, “Mommy is just irritated, someone has been getting to big for their britches. “ Lifting the small boy over the wooden railing she cooed at him. “As soon as your Auntie gets here Mommy is going to take care of that.” As if on cue a sparkling purple cloud appeared around the antique rocking horse in the corner. Black platform boots thumped on the ground as Rina bounced over to her, making faces at the laughing boy as she approached. “What's up?” The magical teen chirped as she took Kaz from his mothers arms.

I need to you keep an eye on Kaz for a while Rina. Do not let anyone through that door other then myself or his father.” She looked pleadingly at the girl, “No one else. There are some things I need to handle and I need to know that no one will hurt him. Do whatever you need to do to protect him. ” Kissing her sons chubby fist she left the room. Five of her most trusted clan members waited outside, with her silent command they dropped into position around her. The tall silent black clad men remained in a defensive stance around her as the group entered the science lab. Figaro and several guard turned and began to speak at once before she silenced them with a seething look. Tlieso felt her nails cut into the palms of her hands as she saw the gauntlets that Figaro once again wore. Exhaling she centered herself and moved forward, the men in front of her automatically stepping to the side as she approached the trembling guard that stood next to surprisingly more lucid looking Edward.

Carlos, who gave you the order to return his weapons to him?”

He did Mistress.”

Feigning puzzlement she asked, “He who? Warsman?”

No Mistress, Edward did.”

Her green eyes flashed in anger as she stared at the guard, “So the man who has been in solitary confinement for the past month because he made an attempt on my life asked you for his weapons back and you, in your infinite wisdom, thought it was a good idea to do so.” As she stepped closer to Carlos, Figaro began to protest stopping in mid-stride she coldly interrupted him.

Know your place boy. You draw breathe only because I deem you worthy of doing so. Do not make me regret that decision anymore than I already do.” Using her teke she shoved him into the seat behind him before returning her attention the the inept guard. “Carlos, I am very very unhappy with you and you know that what that means.” The man paled at the calculating smile she gave him. “Luckily for you I have much more pressing issues to deal with so until future notice you will be placed into solitary. ” Clicking on the small round button on her lapel she spoke into the intercom, “Warsman, I need you to escort Carlos from the science lab to solitary. Feel free to punish him as you see fit.”

Tlieso turned to see Edward glaring at her, she stared back at him with the cool emotionless gaze of a snake. Reaching into his mind the subdued quality of this thoughts did nothing to diminish her anger.

I think we need to have a little chat Edward, there are just a few things I'd like to clear up. “ Sitting comfortably on the chair that slide over to her, she felt her clansmen move up behind her. “First of all you are in no position to give orders to anyone.” She spoke quietly and calmly, “Any rank you believed you had disappeared the moment you put your hands on me. Whether you regain your standing is entirely up to you. If I were to listen to some of the others you would be dead right now. Prove to me that I made the right decision.” Extending her hand the blueprints floated over to her. The words Multi-Dimensional Teleporters peeked her interest. Looking at curiously him over the top of the papers, “ These look like a step in the right direction.”  

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Just one more second. Just one more minute. Just one more hour.
This was supposed to be done a long time ago, before any of this happened, before Figaro became weak and his will disappeared into the depths of depravity. He was not salvageable, why couldn't anyone else see it? What was the reason, were they blinded by emotion? Most of all Tlieso. She was the mastermind, the brightest mind in the organization. Of course she would see how hopeless Figaro's cause was. But this was not the case. She still trusted, loved, him. She was hopeless as well. So, what was the point of helping them? If the world has gone to Hell, why follow it? Kaligar stared at his reflection in the computer monitors, thinking deeply. He had sold his own emotions long ago. His chest was empty, it was obvious he wouldn't understand. But that was from a logical standpoint. If there is no heart, there is no love no hate or jealousy. Yet he felt all of those and more. It was a taxing question he would have to pay mind to later, however, as the comm-link implanted into his brain broadcasted the voice of Tlieso, her tone almost venomous over the signal. She was conducting a search of Figaro's premises and had found something of a traitor. The word rang in his skull.
Traitor. Why were so many of his fellows falling apart? He needed to pursue the answer later.
Within a fraction of a second after Tlieso had finished speaking, Kaligar arrived at her back. His arms behind him and his legs fixed at attention, he quickly saluted his superior before digging his cybernetic fingers into the nape of Carlos' neck. He flew off without a word or even acknowledgment of his dismissal. Soon afterward, he called a meeting for his troops. Assembling them just outside the barracks, near the firing range, he held up Carlos by the same flap of skin he had held onto for the last few minutes. Carlos was visibly writhing in pain, blood pooling at Kaligar's feet from the open wound in the man's back dripping from his arm. He surveyed the crowd. Not a single flinch from the sight. They were strong soldiers, perhaps not strong compared to those making up Tlieso's bodyguard and certainly weak when put against the members of Vis Vires. However, they were as stone to the sight. Finding them to be totally unwavering, Kaligar spoke.
"Some of you may have forgotten that Lady Tlieso is supreme here. Some of you may have forgotten that when someone touches her with intent to kill," he squeezed tighter on Carlos' neck, making fluids shoot out of the wound. The man screamed, and yet there was still no mercy from his onlookers. They continued to stare coldly at the display.
"That person is no longer worthy of life. Figaro attacked Lady Tlieso and was removed of rank until further notice. In that absence of authority, there will be no orders accepted from that man. Not. A single. One,"
His hand balled into a fist, literally grasping pieces of flesh and skin like a makeshift noose, he let the unconscious Carlos drop to the ground. Nurses rushed to his side and took him to the medical tent with their goal of preparing him for the prison cell already in mind. 
"Am I understood?"
A unanimous "Yes sir!"
"Who is the truest enemy?"
A unanimous "The enemy within!"
"And who shall prevail?"
A unanimous "Only the righteous shall prevail!"

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Her disdain for his actions were obvious, she was infuriated that he had gotten Carlos to so easily hand over his gauntlets. A small thought popped into his head that he could end everyone in the room with a snap of his fingers, it was the thought of one of the many other Figaro's in another universe on another Earth. One he found quite troubling and wanted to be dealt with quickly, she scolded him an ordered him to sit but he disobeyed a direct order an stood straight up staring at the few of the guards who still saw him as honorable leave the room. Looking to Tlieso "Tlieso.." First time in a very long time that he hadnt refered to her in some romantic way (love, my lady, maiden of dreams an blood) "Your ninja do not disobey you, those were the men I brought in and even without rank or anything they are still mine. Please....keep Warsman from killing Carlos." Carlos's cries in pain were heard and Edward stood strong almost glaring at Tlieso "You should know what happen what I did...it was not me. You know FULL well the relation we have, that I would never purposly harm you in anyway."  
Walking closer to her he slammed the papers on the table next to him hard, the sound echoed hard in the room an her guards were ready to take action but she put a finger up stopping them "But if we do not act quickly many things beyond being strangled are about to fall down on you. I can see them all, all of the other worlds right now. I force your image into my view, and its a struggle. All the death..thats not what disturbs me its the thought that they acquire what they need to enter our place in this universe and condem this planet an Verse to their rule...when your beauty is what shall sit at the throne ruling this world. I want nothing more than to watch this rock burn to the ground but only if I watch it beside you and the others. Even Donnie and Wars will be in this dream of mine, even their hate towards me I want it nothing else. And no one will rule this world but us." Taking his com link from the table and dials into Sophie ignoring that he has no rank at the moment he calls for her "Sophie, My Lady wishes for you to look over something I have written and build it ASAP. We need it tonight." clisssh The walkie talkie turns off and he drops it to the floor looking into Tlieso's eyes he can see the hate for what he had done to her. He made her feel weak and helpless and he will never do it again if hes got any say in the matter he thinks to himself as he finishes dressing himself in the VV uniform/suit he made for himself. 
Walking over to the bed he was given he starts to talk to her as if the others arnt in the room. "Warsman....he helped me. What ever he brought from within my mind, it helped so he will need to be with us when we go. I think the others will have to be split up into other teams once we get to the first planet. I want to go after this one that has troubled my mind for months, he does things that even I find immoral. The children....what he does to them...its...its just wrong. Everytime he does it to a child in my mind I see your Kaz...I cant go on with his mind and soul roaming his universe let alone in my head. Along with the fact his evil make Arrow look like a cute little puss, and if he comes to this world through me using the Nexus this worlds in for alot of horrible things. We need to leave like yesterday, this all must stop because these voices I cannot do it anymore." Tapping on his temple "Even the quiet ones their unbearable." Then with a twisted sense of humor he turns his gauntlets on an smiles at Tlieso "Plus its been a very long month and I feel like killing alot of people." 

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 The former Ninjan Princess pulled herself from the floor, feeling energized but disoriented. “What…Happened to me?” She said feeling her green skin.   Glancing at the vial that had once contained Fiagro’s DNA she couldn’t form any words to explain what happened to her.   Instantly she went to her computer and placed a piece of her own hair inside. “This is amazing… he’s cells have reproduced with my own…I’m basically a Super Ninjan.” “By glance it would seem that his cells have double my natural Ninjan Abilities, with a small price of turning me Green” Feeling like she needed to record her results she picked her recorder up again to document. “Greetings again, it is I Dr. Sophia Lopez again, upon the consumption of Fiagro’s DNA, I’ve begun a physical change. My once brown skin tone has been changed significantly green. I know this sound like a bad thing but I’ve seen a surge of energy, I’m pretty sure all my former abilities have been doubled, tripled maybe. Let’s put it like this… I could knock Sha to Jupiter”. Something caught her attention not too far from her bed, peering over the edge of her cama, she saw her dusty comlink.

“Man if Fig’s DNA did this, I wonder what his sperm would do?” She said with her hands on her chin grinning. Picking up her comlink she was surprised that it was none other than Fiagro. “Speak of the devil” she whispered listening to his request. "Sophie, My Lady wishes for you to look over something I have written and build it ASAP. We need it tonight.” She nodded and then descended the stairs to Figaro’s chambers, she wasn’t completely sure that he was safe but her invulnerability would play a huge part if something did go down. The green giant placed her access code in the conduit and the doors to Fiagro roared open.

“Alright what am I looking at?” she said with her hands on her hips and her brow’s raised.   She ran her blue eyes over the schematics, they had a very basic design, and Sophie ran her hands through her head trying to decipher how she would go about creating something like this. “It looks like it can be powered by the same cells that runs my ship, if that’s the case then we don’t need much resources, I’ll get right on it.”  She paused for a moment as if she had been stunned; Before she started her cell phone rang it was her mother, she hadn’t talked to her since that day at the LOVE HQ, and for some reason she didn’t feel the need to.

Gwen didn’t like The VV because they were “Brainwashing” Sophie;   right before she “fixed” her Gwen told Sophie that these people made her do things that were “out of character” Sophie knew this was true, but this was her family, she was with them in sickness and they gave her 100% support, unlike her real family. She snapped from her day dream and hit the ignore button tossing her phone to Fiagro.

After retrieving her cells from her spaceship, Sophie constructed a teleported something like the one’s one star trek only powerful. “This can not only take you to anywhere in the universe, but during any time period in the universe”. She smiled feeling proud of her work.   “One problem though” and she made sure she gave off an adamant look to LT and Fiagro while speaking to let them know the seriousness of the situation.

“IT is Imperative that you guys don’t Violate any Civil Laws in these other worlds, Simply because if there are Gods then they are most likely Active and will seek to punish anyone who threatens their way of life.” She turned back to Fiagro. “You are a different case, for some reason you seem to exist in these other worlds, which is probably why your being effect now,” she turned back to Lt, “if there happens to be a replica version of the rest of us, it’s probably best to let him deal with it, that way the natural order of things won’t be changed”

Sophie knew that the first sign of trouble would result in somebody breaking one of the rules, but she told them to at least let them know the dangers.

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Sophies warnings were exactly what he had wanted, a warning for the others to act against anychance they got. Talking to himself as he prepared his gauntlets "Thats great give short bus and the other short tempered men an women of this damn team a reason to act like morons an screw with civil laws." Laughing hard to himself he thought of how Tlieso looked at him now, she saw him as an animal something he hated. She wont trust him for quit sometime and he hated that he wanted to have her as his own soon as possible. Kill that damn cajun and raise Kaz with Tlieso, make it all right in the world all peaceful within this crazy family they now live with. He was in the chambers of the weapons room Darkchild was sitting on a chair drifitng off into space. Figaro fastened his gauntlets onto his arms and strapped them around pulling the straps as tight as he could before he heard the mechanisms inside slice into his skin. Tiny needles embed themselves into his arms so that they cannot be pulled off easily. 
Walking over to Darkchild he took his teleportation device and put it onto Darkchids chest plugging it into a socket on his chest that they had created for Darkchild. They wanted the great man child tame for the moment until needed, Tlieso gave him one simple rule with great disdain for him in her voice "Keep him safe and calm, unless I give the orders to we keep him calm. Hes our out if we need one, I will give the command to set him off and then we stand back. Also Dollface will be with your unit. Do not disappoint me Edward....." her words were cold an callus. They were cemented into his mind as he fixed the great beats suit, snapping his fingers at Darkchild to get his attention "Come on big fella, time to go on a little vacation alright." Darkchild smiled "Vacation?" Figaro ignored Darkchild and signed to Dollface to come with them.  With his team in tow they made their way down to the hanger of their base, Tlieso was standing waiting for them and Sophie stared at Figaro with an odd look staring at his crotch an scratching her head, shrugging off her attention he asked " Are you all really ready for this? The first place is in my head now, I know exactly where we need to be my other self isnt making it very difficult to pinpoint the energy signature hes radiating." his family all stood side by side ready to take down the threat totheir world without a second question. Because if anyones going to bring his world down in a heap of burning ash it was going to be them. 
Grabbing ahold of the device on his chest the others did as well and in a flash they were gone an suddenly the heat of flames were felt against Figaros skin. An explosion rips all around them sending debris flying everywhere, Figaro reats without hesitation "Tlieso down!!" Bringing up a field of electricity around them they saw it all, it was an all out war and they were smack dab in the middle of it on this unknown world. Running to cover atop a small hill Figaro looks off and watches as a thunderous roar echoes through the armies as they collide, it was him...his other part. He stood taller than Darkchild and smashed into his enemies with a large club like a barbarian, forsaking the guns that riddle the battlefield he got into the real hands on approach. Behind him Solenoid found his counterpart and said "Well doesnt he look cheerful, you think hes got better pudding than ours does?" Figaro slapped him and looked at Tlieso "Whats the plan start into a war we are not involved with an take out the man who will be on our doorsteps soon along with others or...sit back and watch." Looking to the others Doll was fascinated with the fires an explosions going on all around as the others were looking like men an women ready to kill things.

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Months ago Lady Tlieso sent Alexandra off on a mission to steal something she said was so important that it would secure a long lasting foundation for the Vis Vires. Not asking any questions about what exactly it was, or how it could help the team she accepting the mission, knowing she would go alone. She left without telling anyone else on the team, one day she was sharpening her blades, the next she was simply gone. She traveled all the way to Moscow, Russia where her mission would take place. All she knew was that she was looking for a silver briefcase with a ruby encrusted Soviet symbol on the side, well that and that she was going to have to kill a few people to get to it.

One day ago

Her body screamed in pain with every step she took through the darken city. Her right hand was clutched on the handle of the briefcase she was sent to steal, her body covered in blood, not just her own but those of the one’s who stood in her way. The mission didn’t exactly go as planned, months of planning and preparing crumbled in less than a day with one screw up on her part, she let the little boy go.

Earlier that day…

Her eyes scanned the area around the building as quickly as possible, dropping small microchips every five feet, when activated any video cameras around the building will suddenly malfunction, giving her the opportunity to sneak in without having to worry about them feeding the information to the security guards. Dropping the last one a little boy suddenly slammed into her body, her back hit against the building wall as he fell to the ground. Dusting herself off her brown eyes looked down at the little blond boy with a cold stair. The boy quickly got up, apologizing in his language over and over again as he was about to run off in another direction.
She then noticed something… her back pocket… it was empty! Grabbing him by his shirt she slammed him against the wall of the building, citizens continued to walk as some slowed down, wanting to know what was going to happen. Holding out her hand the boy lowered his head as he pulled out what was her ballistic knife with a symbol of an old team she once was on, Murder Inc. The boy’s eyes looked at it curiously as she snatched it back and shoved it back in her pocket. Not wanting to make more of a scene she walked away from the boy, not knowing that he was already running off to the security guard explaining what he found.

Fourteen hours later...

Gun fire could be heard from behind her as she quickly looked behind her, the building she stole from was up in flames. The ambush that awaited her inside the building were now dead being cremated inside the inferno with the exception of maybe one or two that were now left in a stand off with the local police. With blood tracing behind her as she continued to walk, all she could think about was getting back ‘home’ to give the Mistress of Darkness the briefcase she asked for.


Her body phased right through the front door, her body slowly shuffling its way to her room, not stopping for anyone with the briefcase still in the same hand. Her black leather bodysuit was crusted with dry blood as she kept her motorcycle helmet upon her head to hide the exhaustion and pain on her face from everyone else, finally reaching her room she gently set the case on her bed as she sat down next to it. Peeling the helmet off her head she sighed as she dropped it to the ground, her head throbbing with pain as she looked down at the case. She knew the pain she endured would be worth it, hiding it in her room for safe keeping before she would hand it over to Lady T, she went to take a show to scrub the mixtures of the now the dry crimson fluids off her body.
Walking back out now dressed in her nanotech suite that Donnie had made for her and helmet upon her head, the visor un-tinted as she made her way to where some commotion was echoing from. The team stood together, as if they were ready to go somewhere. She stayed quit as she made her way to Lady Tlieso’s side, she seemed to have been upset about something… and Figaro seemed somewhat upset as well but excited at the same time. Following what everyone else was doing she grabbed a hold of a device before them and suddenly her body was engulfed in a fire. Dropping to the ground a bit disoriented from whatever had just happened. 

“Tlieso down!” was all she heard as Figaro suddenly created a field around the team. Finally getting everything into focus her eyes widen, bullets rained all around them as the Earth trembled beneath them. Getting into a defensive crouching position she stayed close to the team.
"What’s the plan start into a war we are not involved with an take out the man who will be on our doorsteps soon along with others or...sit back and watch."
Taking a sharp breath in she watched as what seemed to be an alternate version of Figaro zoomed right pass them, going in for an attack with the other world Sol right behind spinning away. “Seems like I came home at the right time.” she smirked to herself as she tinted her visor. Forgetting about her already bruised and exhausted body she was ready to go into combat when necessary, she was just waiting for her orders.
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     Stepping through the portal onto the trembling earth Tlieso surveyed the horizon, explosions flashed in the distance and the sound of battle rang in her ears. Somehow it was only fitting that Figaro would lead them directly into the middle of a war. Everything was a challenge with that man lately. Feeling Darkchilds hulking form straining to join the fight she reached out with her thoughts, calming his troubled and confused thoughts. “Tlieso down!” Figaro's voice rang out and she dropped to the soil and quickly raised a teke shield as bullets and debris ripped through the air and ricocheted off. “This had better be worth it,” she thought to herself, gazing at Figaro's retreating form as she rose to her feet. Concealed in her nanotech suit Homicide stepped up beside her and Tlieso felt the tension in her mind ease. She had come to depend on the deadly woman more and more lately. “Impeccable timing as always Homicide.” Her grateful smile hidden behind the white mask she wore, she moved their conversation to a private channel. “I trust your trip was a success?” The stoic assassin nodded, her expression hidden behind the helmet she wore. Tlieso found herself unconsciously touching the green gem that hung around her neck as her thoughts turned to the contents of the case. Soon they would truly be untouchable, the deadly predator striking from the shadows.

A deep masculine voiced purred in her ear, distracting her from her thoughts and bringing a faint blush to her cheeks. Back in their reality Gambler manned the control room, watching their progress and ready to port them back at her word. “All is well. It seems we arrived in the middle of a little disagreement.” Sol and Figaro returned from their brief scouting mission in a flurry of dust.

"What’s the plan start into a war we are not involved with an take out the man who will be on our doorsteps soon along with others or...sit back and watch."      

Having Homicide at her side and Gambler watching their backs Tlieso's confidence soared. It was time to test out the gem she wore around her neck and to see what Figaro's increased powers were truly capable of. “Take him out. Leave no one alive.”

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The warrior that Figaro was watching was a behemoth over the rest in his horde and those he was fighting and now he had noticed the new comers. He smiled and screamed at them "Look my warriors!! They have brought women!! FEAST ON THEIR FLESH!!!" Suddenly both armies stopped and stared at the Vis Vires and began to hurtle towards them. The hill was not going to stop them their momentum was too grand. Thousands of men and creatures battlecries screaming all over charged at Figaro and his team. Taking the front he screams "Sol, take point with me. We take down the first wave, Darkchild follow with Dollface and make a road for myself and Homicide.We will get close to the leader, once he falls the others will follow." Figaro turned to Lady Tlieso and ran to her whispering into her ear "Get Darkchild to do as I tell him, give him the trigger." Figaro turned around and stood at the very top of the hill an looked down. 
These forces were fighting for the hell of it, he was reading into his otherselfs mind. They are a warrior race, know nothing but war an death....they must be exstinguished "Such people have no use in life. You will all be." Bringing his arms out to his sides "DESTROYED!!" he screamed as he clapped his hands together the ground beneath him rumbled and cracked swallowing a good portion of the army. As the ground slammed shut the others behind did not stop charging and before Figaro could do anything thousands were atop of him. His gauntlets switched to life and electricity shot out off in bolts with every punch he landed. The warriors grabbed at him an pulled trying to rip him limb from limb, growling like an animal Figaro unleashed a wave of energy that vaporized any that were close to him, but as one fell five came in his place attacking the lone soldier. Figaro glared up at the top of the hill grabbing a soldier by the head an slamming his fist into his mouth an letting a bolt of electricity off frying him. As the soldiers body shook with energy it jumped from his body into others linking at least a dozen in the shock of a lifetime. 
Figaro screamed to the top of the hill "Sol what the f@#k are you doing? Get in here...." glaring an rolling his eyes "You help me the rest of the trip, I will supply you with a lifetime of pudding now get the hell down here NOW!!" Figaro continued his onslaught pushing closer an closer into the middle towards the leader.

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Solenoid had no idea how he got where he was, what he was doing, or who that dashingly handsome man who looked exactly like him was. There was pudding involved though. Much, much pudding. And that was all that mattered.  
The cause of Solenoid's amnesia was his trip to the mental world known as the Land of Pudding. It was also called Solenoid's frontal cortex. Which was more than a little mushy at the moment. So while he had been on 'autopilot' acting the same as always, he had really been pretending he had been launching cats with catapults into pudding pits. 
But now Solenoid was back in whatever his concept of the real world was!  " Sol, take point with me. We take down the first wave, Darkchild follow with Dollface and make a road for myself and Homicide.We will get close to the leader, once he falls the others will follow" Figaro yelled. What on earth did that mean? Was Solenoid supposed to go sharpen pencils? This didn't really seem like a good time for that. Or was it...were pencils really the super-secret weapon to end this battle? 
While Solenoid was pondering, Figaro was getting swamped.  " Sol what the f@#k are you doing? Get in here..." Solenoid glanced at him and decided whatever it was he was supposed to be doing could wait. He went back to thinking about quails and how to make them explode.  " You help me the rest of the trip, I will supply you with a lifetime of pudding now get the hell down here NOW!!" Those were the magic words! Solenoid immediately started spinning as fast as he could. In his mind, the Flight of the Valkyries played. "BADGER BADGER BADGER BADGER BADGER BADGER BADGER BADGER MUSHROOM MUSHROOM!" he sang. Then he charged into the swarming masses. Blood spattered everywhere as Solenoid cut through them. A pancreas landed on his head, and made a very jaunty beret. Figaro was saved! Solenoid would get his pudding! Hurrah!

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Darkchild stared into the fires an explosions as they rocked the earth around them, his team each wondering exactly how they even got to be placed smack dab in the middle of a all out war. But soon the tides of war turned towards the VV and Darkchild stared at the now monstrous single army raging towards them. Figaro acted before anyone else, Darkchild liked the shiny metal gloved man.He spoke of Darkchild and what he wanted him to do, but this information flitted through his ear and out the other. He knew exactly what he wanted to do "Make more fire fire?" he said to Lady T who stood atop of the hill as her team went into their selected positions. Figaro was slaughtering man after man and getting himself into trouble as he soon became surrounded, he hollered to Solenoid who only after a certain word was said and that he would have endless supplies of it did he actually get his hands dirty. 
Massess of soldiers went into the air in tiny pieces as Solenoid he spun down the hill making almost a tunnel formation as he moved through the swarm of soldiers. They screamed an attacked both Figaro an Solenoid, Darkchild began to tremble with anticipation. He wanted to kill and make fire make lots of fire, something deep within his mind was clawing at the chance of blood and by the gallons. Suddenly Tlieso put her hand onto Darkchilds shoulder, he stood up from his hunched position bending down slightly as she brought his ear to her mouth. She whispered softly "This man and all the others like him...they took your mind my friend. They took it all, they are the reason why your not whole and why we are stranded on this planet. They also want to do harm to me...." Before she could further manipulate his mind with her sultry words he shot up straight. His body began to tremble and then he burst into an inferno of fire his eyes filled with blood as he screamed. He aimmed his scream towards the enemy and let out an even louder deeper scream, it shook his entire frame. The enemy stood for a brief moment awestruck by his battle cry then the wave of sound hit them sending hundreds flying into the air screaming for help. 
Darkchild looked to his team mate Dollface, and lifting her up his back became empty with fire and he placed her on it. She looked confused and he bellowed "You...ride with me. We are going for a little ride." his speech was clear for that brief moment before he jettisoned forward. His body speeding like a bullet, a animalistic howl escaped his lungs as he soared into the air realizing his rider would not be able to breath if he went any higher he stopped survaying the land. Finding the man they came to destroy he was right in the middle, he tapped his own shoulder getting Dollfaces attention knowing she cant read his lips from her angle he pointed to the Monster Figaro and then using his hand and a whistling noise showed what he was planning. He also hugged himself then pointed to her, she got what he was saying and squeezed her arms around his wide frame as much as she could. For a brief moment as he hovered in the sky he remembered doing this same move at another time, exactly what happened and he was amused. Suddenly a orange energy surrounded him and Dollface then he dropped, he had created a field of energy with a low hum he was creating it using sound. As the two grew closer an closer to the earth below them, his hum was turning into a loud drolling, then they hit the shock of hitting the ground so fast didnt make anything move more of a ripple as they slammed into the ground. Darkchild stood up an Dollface tried to get off, he touched her pushing her back on an brought a finger up as if saying "wait" then it happened. The earth beneath their feet erupted as the energy from Darkchilds sound manipulation was sent into the ground just as they landed, debris shot everywhere and countless soldiers fell. Darkchild and Dollface now on her own two feet stood in the middle of a greatly reduced army, a path leading from the leader to the top of the hill. Darkchild looked off into the distance and pointed to Homicide and Figaro who both stood in awe of Darkchild. Then looking to Dollface he says "Left..side...mine..." while his humming stopped his body turned completely black as he created a Sword of Darkness he leaps to his left unleashes a flurry of attacks.