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June 2013 - Estate Background

  • Reality Powers - Control over everything with just a simple thought.
  • Side Effects - Nausea, head aches, dizziness, blurred vision, death.

Overwhelming applause. Her knack for mocking hadn't faltered in the last twenty-four hours. "Congratulations, you've figured out the truth." Her sarcastic air quotes weren't at all comforting. And after hours upon hours of staring intently into a book of spells, Bonnie Wu Song instantaneously screamed in typical scream queen fashion. "Don't be such prude." Clarice couldn't understand the horror emitting from this hormonal teenager. "I thought you already knew." She shook her head disappointingly. "I mean you've had that book glued to your ass for the last thirty days."

I'm not human. The book says so. I'm something that shouldn't be discussed, but like any real woman I forget the negativity in my life. And even though I should dispose of this witch, she's my only witch.

"You're the reason your father Nick was killed. Once the founding fathers figured out your existence, they planned on ending--" She's unable to finish her sentence as the vindictive vixen latched her hands around her precious throat. "I'm so sorry!" Clearly damaged by words so harsh the estate's proprietor uncharacteristically sheds a tear.

She's going to kill me. Oh my god! I cannot deal with her crap anymore. I did everything she asked. I've spent an entire month away from my friends just to practice this stupid hocus pocus. I don't care about these favor Fan and Clarice share with one another. I want out. I want out. I want out right now!

"Get off of me!" Her powers restricted her mentor's movement. As a result the mysterious madame fell to her knees. "I am not your puppet. I am not someone you can just step all over." Against her better judgement, Bonnie vented out her various frustrations. "I am the sole reason your powers are no longer in a flux. And if you continue. If you even try to end my life...know your plans will never succeed. From here on out I'm to be treated as an equal. Am I clear?", she hesitantly uttered as beads of sweat rolled down tense skin.

"Agreed." Clarice muttered through parted breaths. "I apologize."

She's right on the money. I haven't been nice. I've been so caught up in my own misery, but I'll change. I'll change everything. In fact everything will soon be mine. I've got my dearest Atticus waiting in the wings. I've got Orpheus in the palm of my hand. I've got Anthony in my rear view. I've got my latest acquaintance, Ginju at the ready. And now my witch has restored my gift. All that's left now....is the purest of hearts. Mi amor....

  • Regain Powers - Succeeded
  • Test Loyalty - Succeeded
  • Complete Final Phase - Pending....

Next: Son of Thunder

"Noah, I love you. I've always loved you. Don't you understand?"

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Hmmm, I think I like Clara. Not sure though.

(awesome writing)

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@clara_mass: If this **** Ends up killing Stark I am gona...laugh.

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Very cool. ;)

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Again amazing can't wait to see how this plays out. ^_^

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Am I the new aquaintance?

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Another awesome job, looking out for more

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@clara_mass: I told you i would read your stuff if it was here lol, as i said not just flattery.

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