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Centuries ago....

Earth was under siege by a montage of godly punishments and death. Inter-dimensional portals existed in nine realms of Norse mythology, scattered throughout the universe, all intertwined to each other. When one particular Norse god discovered the channels, he set his beasts to destroy the unspoiled and beautiful garden, home of the goddess, Gaia; where this Norse god came from, there was no peace, but only everlasting feuds and wars. Trolls, dragons, and beasts alike, attacked settlements throughout Terra. What was believed as myth and legends passed throughout the years in folklore, was in fact a reality. The godly invader began claiming territories from the native humans, even waging battle with other gods of Earth. The cunning god: Loki, God of Deception, crafted a twisted trick. He proposed a temporary allegiance, in order of removing the human population, as well as Earth's only savior: Gaia. In the end, the gods refused in a sacred meeting with Loki, but all had digested Loki's bewitched black wine at the table, corrupting the gods through Loki's enchantment. The gods were left to serve Loki against their own will.
And so, the Norse god of the ninth realm, Asgard,  lead and swept through human territories. When total extinction of the human race was nearly complete, Loki was met with a final uprising. Gaia, the Goddess of Earth, and creator of the Titans of Greek Mythology, led a small resistance to overthrow the corrupt gods; she was accompanied by five patrons gods, who were frankly left to oppose their fellow godly brothers. These patrons confronted the powerful Loki, but were no match for him. They were killed, but a portion of their souls were saved by Gaia, and were binded into their sacred weapons. With no other choice, Gaia summoned a powerful spell, sacrificing all her energy to remove the invaders, and seal the nine inter-dimensional gates on Earth. All, but Loki, was removed. Greatly weakened and shattered, but not dead, Loki was sent into a deep comatose. Despite Loki's defeat, his indoctrination over the gods are very much still in effect, since his soul is vaguely alive. 
Gaia's body gave in, but as she was dying, a portion of her essence was left behind on Earth in a tree; it was to ensure that if Loki ever returns, the protector and goddess of Earth would be present. However, she left behind the souls of her fellow, fallen patrons, entrusted in their mighty weapons. 
Present Time
A young woman has discovered the majestic tree of life, and when she made contact with it, she inherited some of Gaia's powers and memories. Sensing a familiar darkness slowly brewing in the shadowy corner of the world, she realizes it must only mean the return of Loki; however, the Norse prophecy,Ragnorak, is against him. Loki's fallen foes will finally be resurrected, to oppose the god. The time is against him, and the only way to prevent his death, is to open the inter-dimensional portals. The gates will open, and Loki's brainwashed allies will meet him on the other side, with a large army to rival his foes. Despite this reality, Gaia goes forth, and awakens her fallen patrons to fight for her, once again. She will need to choose five human mortals that are worthy to receive the mantles, and be gifted with their godly powers, in order to destroy Loki once and for all, and destroy his spell over the manipulated gods. These five will become the next mythological heroes. This is Power Rangers: Mytho Force!     


RPG Rules: General rpging rules apply. 

In this Power Rangers rpg, you are allowed to only select either a Power Ranger or a a monster. However, since the Power Ranger roster is full(for now), you'll only be allowed to roleplay as Loki's minions. If you decide to play a monster, make sure it is a creature from an established mythology(Example: Norse, Greek, Mayan, etc.)  *NOTE! The rpg begins with a single evil Ranger, but will later include more. In the meantime, we only need one opposing ranger.

The rpg will begin in school for the Rangers, while Loki's faction will begin at his hidden temple, where he commands those he controls; he will be a severed head, until all of his body pieces are found.



A bio should be filled for characters, that way we'll have an idea of what to expect from you in the rpg. 

(Rangers only)

Ranger Color:




Mythos:(Like, Greek, Norse, etc.)

Patron god: (Like, Athena, Isis, Zeus, etc.)

Animal/Beast:(Like, Phoenix, Troll, Kraken, etc.)

Brief Bio: 

Select three special signature power moves:

*Include pictures of ranger, your character in human form, and your Zord if you'd like.


   Rangers Heroes/Villains

    Players                                   Colors                                                    Mythology                                          Patron God                                     Beast 

  • 1. CPG                                            Red                                                  Greek                                                      Hera?                                        Phoenix
  • 2.The Wanderer                            Blue                                                 Egyptian                                                 Osirirs                                           Eagle 
  • 3. Bio Guyver                                  Black                                               Inuit                                                          Setna                                            Killer Whale 
  • 4.Sha                                               Yellow                                              Roman                                                    Juno                                              Meglandon
  • 5.Feral Nova                                   Pink                                                     ?                                                                 ?                                                      ?
  • 6. War Killer(Evil)                           Green                                              Chinese                                                        ?                                                 Dragon
    7. Clutch(Evil)                                 Crimson                                          Japanese                                               Amaraetsu                                      Beetle
    8. Constantine(Evil, reserved)      White                                               Celtic                                                       Ao-Kuang                                          Bear
  • 9. Talon(Evil, reserved)                   Gold                                                Norse                                                        Mani                                               Bat       
    10. Strafe Power(Evil, reserved)    Silver                                               Aztec                                                        Tezcatlipoca                                 Jaguar
  • Hero Allies:
  •  1.Gaia- NPC
    2. Aphrodite- Cherry Bomb
  • Loki's Faction and Monsters:
  •  1.Loki- Bio Guyver?
    2. Timo̱ría - Strafe Power 





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Sweet! :D
About to write a bio..by the way, how much do we need to write? O_o

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As much as you want. Go nuts.
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I'm gonna get started on mines as well. If you make an account, name it    "Blue Mytho Ranger."

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Sweet ^_^

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Name:  Matthew "Matt" Drake.
 Matt Drake, (in a suit for whatever reason).

Ranger Designation:  Blue Mytho Ranger.
Age:  17.
Gender:  Male.
Birthplace:  Los Angeles.
Mythos:  Egyptian.
 Blue Ranger.
Patron God:  Osiris.
Beast:  Bennu (Eagle).
Bio:  At first glance, Matt Drake would seem like a normal kid.  In fact, that would be mostly true too.  A few things about him that makes him stand out is walking on a crutch due to a permanent skeletal damage gained in a car accident; his quietness; and his tendency to scribble random images whenever even remotely within proximity of a pen and paper.  He doesn't have many friends in the beginning of the story, partly due to being socially awkward, but he gets by.  He has two little brothers (one of whom is constantly annoying him whenever given the chance), and two sisters, one of whom is his fraternal twin.  His dad is a paleontologist, and his mom is an astronomer.
 Eagle Zord.
Weapon:  A khopesh (crescent-shaped sword, not unlike this:  http://redneckjedi.deviantart.com/art/Raindrop-Khopesh-123958695).
Signature Powers:  Vine trap (the opponent is surrounded by vines and various plants keeping him/her in their place; however, it requires the opponent being scarred by the khopesh and their blood touching the ground), paralyzation poison (exactly what it sounds like, distributed by the khopesh), and the Grand Tsunami, which summons a giant wave of water of immense pressure at the opponent, however, it takes a lot of energy to initiate.  (How's that for signature attacks, Bio?  Wasn't sure exactly what they were supposed to be like.)
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Name: Mutuk Taliriktug     

Ranger Color: Black

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Point Hope, Alaska

Mythos: Inuit

Patron god: Sedna

Animal/Beast: The Killer Whale

Brief Bio: Born and schooled in Alaska, Mutuk was raised in a small village as an only son to the Taliriktug family. He assisted his father with their family business in fishing at a very young age, and was paid small wages. Eager to move to the States, Mutuk raised what little he earned, and bought himself a ticket to Solace City, where he had an older cousin living there. When he got to the city, everythingh felt out of place. Not being used to the big city life, Mutuk felt awkard being around citizens of an indifferent lifestyle. Shy and quiet, he planted himself at the back of the class, away from most of the students.  He was known for his slight-ish Native American accent, as well as his broad physique.

Weapon: Harpoon

Select three special signature power moves:     

Whale Strike: The ranger converts it's physical form into an astral whale spirit , enabling him to quickly thrust his immersive spirit energy towards foes.  

Killer Typhoon: By twirling his primary weapon, the Black Ranger can summon a powerful typhoon around him; while he is inside, he has full control over the deadly force. 
Black Geyser:When the harpoon is stabbed into the earth, the ranger may conjure multiple geysers from underneath enemies. 







Black Mytho Ranger


Orca Zord


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I need to make mine :P

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You're using Kuwaga Raijer, Wando? Nice.

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@ Wando That power set sounds fine and dandy.

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I'll start working on mine over the weekend. This looks great by the way! :D

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Thanks! Let's how it pays off.

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I want to join as a ranger...they are taken up though :/

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All the colours taken? :(  or is there room for me? :D

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Aw, I wanted to be a Ranger too... :( 
Still, I can take a bad guy if ya need me :P

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We may have a 6th ranger later, just as a tradition. There will be three other evil rangers later in the story, but we wanna focus some spotlight on the different mythological monsters first; or else, it would be "Rangers Vs. Rangers" every time.

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If there's any openings ..   I claim APHRODITE as my greek Goddess. ^_^  Goddess of Love.

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There are openings for villains right now.

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Could I be an ally? 
- maybe as a modern incarnation of Aphrodite. (: giving wisdom or something?

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Hmmm, that could work, actually. Our only assistance right now is Gaia, but we are planning on using her as NPC. We could use a person behind an account to assist us.

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Okay, fair enough, ^ ^ 
it's fine. :D

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Okay, cool! I'll add you to the opening Ooc post.
Just to let you know where the base of operation will be: it'll be in Gaia's lair. It's located through an inter-dimensional portal earth, which is where the rangers will appear. The inside looks like a "Garden of Eden" of some sort. There will be a giant tree in the middle of the land. Our zords will be wandering around, but in animal/beast form. When we call them with our Mytho Phones, they'll transform. Just a little description =p

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I'll have to wait then, I'm a horrible moster villain.

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@-Eclipse-: *In a dark and spooky voice* Join the Dark Side, Eclipse. Join us...*cough!* No really, join the evil rangers, it gets lonely over here xP
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@Strafe Prower said:

I'll have to wait then, I'm a horrible moster villain.

You can play a creature for a bit....before we may need to kill you =p Then, an evil ranger.
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@Bio Guyver:
Ok, I'll be a Centaur Monster. I will make up a name and appearance if you like.
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Sounds good. We kinda need a first boss when we inherit our suits.

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@Bio Guyver:
He will just be a Centaur with Armour and A spear with unique blast powers.
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Cool, so do I just label him Centaur?

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@Bio Guyver: 

Timo̱ría can be his name.
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All right, I'll hook it up.

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@Bio Guyver:
Sweet :)
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Gonna write something in a bit.

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Can someone hand me a cross or something? O_o
 Im sorry this just goes against everything i believe in :P 
have fun =D

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@G'bandit: Try holy water lol
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(Rangers only)

Name: Ra Sun

Ranger Color: Crimson

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Brooklyn

Mythos: Japanese

Patron god: Amaraetsu

Animal/Beast: Beetle

Brief Bio: A young man with an ambition to get an education rooted in music,on his spare time he is at the dojo as much as possible. Honing his capoiera and boxing skills as well as training under Shoalin Monks and balancing his life as a college kid while holding a close secret. No one really notices Ra, but he is fine on his own and enjoys being solo when it comes to companions.
Weapon: Katana

Select three special signature power moves:
Solar Strike: The ranger stabs the ground causing a blinding solar flash
Rising Beetle: The ranger leaps into the air and sends a serious of solar augmented energy slashes at his opponents.
Supernova: The ranger harness massive amounts of energy into his blade. Its energy are used to send devastating blast.

 Sun Zord


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Who are you? O.o

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@Crimson Ranger   Is your avatar a Kamen Rider? O.o

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The bad guy.

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Who are you, though lol? Can you PM me?

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Kamen Rider+Gundam= Bada$$ Ranger

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PM'ed back.

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Who's Zordon? :p

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@Precise said:
" Who's Zordon? :p "
Commands Orca Zord to squish you
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@Bio Guyver: What? :p You need a floating bald head damned :p
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Where am I gonna get my powers from lol?

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Just when i decide to quit; you put it up -_____-

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Can I be Hades and Cerberus? Cerberus as a grunt who you guys get to beat up in classic Ranger fashion and Hades as a bigger bad guy who might try to make a deal with Loki, or be one of his generals or something...

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@-Eclipse-: No, Hades can absolutely not be evil xP
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@~The Wanderer~ said:
" @-Eclipse-: No, Hades can absolutely not be evil xP "
It would be a pretty awesome twist if he turned out to be good in the end... xD 
I know Hades is kinda overused as a villain, but I'm better with Greek mythology rather than anything else. I can take a bunch of monsters if you need me, too... Maybe a Hydra? That could be an interesting bad guy...