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I'm partial to characters with well defined abilities. And I prefer there to be limits to the characters powers so that the character and ability of the character can play a factor in their successes.

Sling Shot reflects that preference for balance and theme.

I notice alot of Vine characters have a mish mash of many extremely potent abilities with rarely any rhyme or reason.

I'm curious do you Viners with these super-duper powered demi-god types prefer to read about those type of characters? Are those your favorites?

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I think alot of them do it for the rpg's. There's alot of battles that take place and if your powers arent on the level of say the Silver Surfer or bigger, you gonna get yo ass whupped. I prefer to try and build a story and if I get killed in a battle so be it as long as the story is good. Alot of the newer people to the vine just wanna win the fight.

As far as comics go I like a wide range of characters with all sorts of abilities.

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I hear ya. In comics I like all types as long as the story supports them. But here on the Vine I don't enter rpg's for the most part for that reason alone, a bunch super duper's boring up the place.

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Thats to bad to cause there are some really good writers on the site but there outnumbered.

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I don't doubt it. Reading the rpg's I run into some exceptional stuff occasionally, but when you're character can control everyone's soul in a 100 mile radius as well as shoot necra rays that instantaneously kill and fly at lightspeed backwards and tachyon speed frontwards there seems lil room for little ol Sling Shot.

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LMFAO, yeah but your only weakness is fat booty girls, damn we need some of those around here.

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There were a couple who posted I think, but they're not here anymore.

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Who? Fat booty girls? Where!?

I might be the only character who seeks his weakness out.

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One of these days I'm gonna start a hip hop thread.

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I don't remember any names but I know some had links to myspace pages. If you can find them you can have all the fat booty girls. Anyway, CV is not a dating service(though there is a thread for it...).

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Buckshot says:

"I don't remember any names but I know some had links to myspace pages. If you can find them you can have all the fat booty girls. Anyway, CV is not a dating service(though there *is* a thread for it...)."

I kinda agree, thats all we need around here is a bunch of pissed off ex-girlfriends lmao.

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I'm with Gambler on the point of building story and developing a character. My own character is just about the weakest going, I get very bored of writing the super-dupers, it's pointless. All the over-powered characters out there is why I'm cutting right back on RPGs.

For reading, I like the little characters, the under-powered ones who have to fight harder and longer to get there. I guess that's why, for the most part, I read the teen-teams rather than the adult teams, so Young Avengers rather than Avengers and Teen Titans rather than JLA. Though my exception to the rule is the Maximoff family, they just rock too much for me not to love 'em.

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My input before I get some sleep. Weak or strong, I like powers that are interesting, new and unique, if they can't be any of those, a creative use of common powers can be good, but they should work together, not just be there for the sake of being there. Jack Hawksmoor is one of my favorite characters because as far as I can tell, no one else has powers like him. From their weaker levels during his Stormwatch days to how powerful he is as leader of The Authority, his powers are his own.

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I don't rp, so I feel free to be as powerful as I like. However, I do have stories brewing in my head that I plan to write. That said, I think there is a place for powerful characters in an rpg based around superheroes, but you need to be a good writer to pull it off.

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If done correctly there will be a sufficient power gap between the hero and the opposition: Surfer has Galactus, Daredevil has Kingpin and his empire etc.

And if power is not what seperates them it will be strength of character: Bats and Joker

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Jack is one of my faves for exactly the same reasons.

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I've still gotta start reading the Authority. Keep being told how good it is, it's on my list. Right now I'm into Hellblazer because Constantine's such a cocky sod who still gets through by the skin of his teeth.

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Well my character is pretty powerful, But that mainly for any body who tries to wreck the RPG's , When I fight I try to make a good story out of it I think I have die alsoms as much as Gambler if not more, Also Arrow has a pretty deep backround to him, I dont see a problem with super dupers as long as people write them right.

In comics I prefer Nightwing and Green Arrow, But I also want to point out I have my normal Character Like Nano, His only power is his fighting style changes acording to the music he listens to, So he really just relies on skill.

I just feel sometimes you need a big bad just to throw down with every now and again, Most defantly on the vine, When we have some eople who can bring the moon crashing to the earth or drill a hole to the centre of the earth and blow it up.

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Don't get me wrong big powers have a place. But a theme, a logic, is necessay for a good character and a viable weakness helps with dealing with super duper's.

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Yeah I can see where your coming from there is a few that do not have weakness, But check out my page and see what you think, I mean I think arrow has a pretty big Weakness with light and all, but I always wanted to now what people think of the character, Is he to powerful, Is his back story anygood, It would be cool to get some feed back in him.

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i find one power thats useless in a fight in RPG is telepathy cause without the other players permission you can attack cause you cant dodge that sort of attack,m

and as for my character it all depends on what Variation im using at the time, the list of my powers is all of the variations like the lit of weaknesses,

i dont think i really like realy strong charecters cause their power dominates,like superman is always fighting aleins to save the galaxy, where as Batman is fghting ti save Gotham, i think Less power is better in a charecter

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Well the quick bio you have doesn't fall in the less power category. Not to be offensive but your character is kinda what I would consider super duper mish mash. And I'm sure it's fun for you to rpg with but it would dissaude me from wanting to be involved in a rpg with you. Nothing personal.

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i always thought that my absorbtion powers would mean absolute win but half the damn time they come around to bite me in the ass thats why i have an will never absorb powers from Gambler and Arrow because i know their powers are beyond my control

and i have some rather usful weaknesses but i tend not to get killed by people using them to their advantage just downright kicking my ass most of the time i.e. Arrow and Gambler tends to kick my ass but the fight we have had ended with me winning but i remember him about to kick my ass when arrow put a sword through me in the VV battle

but their are little turds out their with demi god powers and no weaknesses and they think its ok.

and i think i like all characters and their powers but im a fast and strength guy so i find i tend to read more with Colossus or for some odd reason Flash. But i do like energy based powers or the ability to create weapons

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My main character has no powers. He's just a petty crook who once managed to bring himself back from the dead. I find that characters like that are the most interesting. They realy have to struggle to achieve their goals and often get hurt. It makes them exciting to read about and allows for some good stories.
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Thanks for the feed back, Can totally see what your saying, Arrow Is super duper powerful, But I also think it should be based on writting in RPG's , See I have only pnce used Arrows full power and that was against another Power house, See I think were alot of people go wrong is that when they have a super Powered character they make him almost invincable, Which is totally wrong.

As for weaker characters making a better story I dont massiavle agree, I mean most stroies written on the vine has a super in it any RPG , But it always has a balalnce it is only when someone totally exploits there powers this causes problems, As I said before Arrow may be all powerful, But he always down plays his powers and holds back cause he enjoys a good battle, He is a warrior .

The thing that scares me is noobs that abuse this super power.

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Personally I like to give them one ability or power and work everything around that. Ruhi is my best example. His only power is electricity manipulation, but he can use that to do a number of things, like increase his strength and speed to huge levels. He can do magnetism at low levels. He can manipulate the metal in his body by sending currents through it to make weapon or tool he wants. So, one power a hundred different ways to use it.