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This team has five members.  It's great and our rpg begins Tuesday.  Just one problem I want more people to join.  Veritas Inc., N.W.A, and the Outsiderz are stealing a lot of good people.  If you think you have potential to be on this team or just want to join.  Post a sample of your writing here.  This is not a joke for people to laugh.  I'm trying to be serious here.  This thread is strickly for people who want to join.  If you have something stupid to say don't say it.  I want to make this team as good as Veritas and other great teams.  This thread is for people with potential not ass holes.  So, please join this team because I want members.


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i second this ...if you wanna talk Sh!t then i'll handle anyone who's trying to pick a fight. GWE has great potential as a team and i want to see it prosper.. good luck Kitty and Thunderbolt

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I would like to join.

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Good luck, but i tried a team about a week or two ago, and no one was available to join.

But maybe your story will be different! Good luck!

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Happy hunting