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Years after a brutal battle between the world's top Pokemon trainers; the governments over the lands of Kanto and Johto permanatly banned battling with Pokemon. Most trainers earned money through battles; they simply went underground with their training. The world's most notorious organization TEAM ROCKET has been placed in charge over the underground battling scene.

As a former Pokemon trainer, you are hired to infiltrate this underground network of trainers and shut it down from the inside. As you continue to battle your way through the network, a choice will have to be made. "Will you fight for the Government...or for the revolution"

  • This is an Open RPG
  • Three Pokemon only
  • No legendaries

You can join as a trainer already within the network and fight against the government. any other questions pm. Ziccarra


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I totally would join but I don't have the time. Vaporeon would have been my first choice

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Ooh, ooh! Zigzagoon! Linoone! And Charizard! The ultimate team for a thief/Underground Hokeycon battler.

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Sooo your In??

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Yeah I'll join with one of my pokemon alts :)


Btw if you haven't seen the realistic pokemon trailer on youtube it is a must to check out!!! :)

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@Joan: I have

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How did I not see this? O_O
Please tell me two weeks doesn't end something >_>

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Quickster would've been an awesome Poke'mon trainer.

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Can I join with a magicarp, ratata and pidgey

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@Gibbet: I see you will spend your life on route 1, try not to off yourself.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: Still open? If so can i join with Charizard/ Gyrados/ Snorlax.

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Nope, I'm not doing it anymore. You guys can use the idea, but I'm not doing it