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The two mortal enemys had made a deal: They would meet in the streets of New York at noon fighting the final battle to the death. Today none of them would attempt to escape at the face of death and no mercy would be shown each blow will be meant to be a killing blow and there will be one winner or none. Sebastian and the cyborg Warsman had hated each other ever since Sebastian had taken that damn contract to kill him and Warsman took revenge by nearly killing him and destroying his mansion leaving months of work in ruin.

The street of New York was packed with people and two men who would cause great descrution: Platinumwarrior and Warsman. Sebastian shoved through the citizens and arrived face to face with his enemy and team mate Warsman. Cars beeping at both of them to get out of the road they both ignored. Sebastian was dressed in his upgraded armor with a katana held loosley in his right hand the tip of the blade touching the road. Sebastian brought up his left hand and whispered "By the end of the day these streets will be red with your blood" quietly to himself in his left hand was a small device as Platinum clicked the small button on the top of the device explosions instantly ripped through every single building on the street causing stone, metal and death to go all around the battlefeild.

As people began to run around screaming and panicked with smoke from the once great buildings and stores Sebastian raised his katana and grasped it with both hands and began to charge at his worst enemy at great speeds, as soon as he reached the cyborg Sebastian spun around then crouched sending a slash at the cyborgs chest then pulled his sword back and began to edge backwards with his katana raised ready for the counter the cyborg would no doubt send at Sebastian
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There was to be no mercy on this day. Red Dawn had passed in the twilight of the morning, signaling the arrival of blood to the earth.

Warsman literally threw people out of his way, bashing cars in the sides with his fists and civilians ran for safety. They would have life for a few seconds more with that plan of action. They met at a four-way intersection, Warsman staring down at his foe through the visor in his helmet, which provided a hood of metal rings that extended the length of his neck. Plated armor covered the face of his body as it remained intact after poundings from the toughest bastards in the galaxy and explosions that killed planets.

"By the end of the day, these streets will be red with your blood." Sebastian said, taking a strange detonation device form his pocket.

Smiling, Warsman scoffed the arrogance aside as the horns became silent, Sebastian's finger nearing the button. Time seemed to slow down as people raced away from the two, but all in vain. New York shined its last as the city went up in flames, the explosions planted near every building causing them to either combust entirely into hulking towers of twisted and marred metal or to crumbled over and crush those who ran underneath them. Cars plummeted from the air, blood pooling from the windows as their drivers and passengers died instantly. It was beautiful.

However, Warsman stood unscathed by the display, yet pleased that Sebastian gave him such a show.

Sparks flew from the chestplate as a katana left a new scar for it to hold. Warsman looked from the damaged armor to his foe and smirked wider.

"This is going to be fun."

Teleporting, he reappeared instantly within inches of Sebastian, throwing a violent clothesline to his foe's face, keeping a hand on one of his plasma pistols squirreled away in its hoslter in case of an immediate counterattack, which he was sure there was going to be.

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Watching the cyborgs molecules go through the phase of teleportation Platinum knew what was coming from the numerous times the cyborg has done a teleporting attack Platinum cartwheeled out of the way of the attack with his peak agility. Landing gracefully on the pavement with sword still in hand Platinum knew that guns would probably not have effect on him but that did not matter as Sebastians tactis were his greatist weapon. Platinum did a backflip landing behind a fire hydrant. Slicing the top of the hydrant with his blade and watching the top come to the pavement and water spray out in a large propelled line sebastian kicked the fire hyrdant causing it to spray in the cyborgs direction as a distraction.

Flipping in the air and landing near warsman with a small sound made on the pavement of the street Platinum used one hand to send his katana flying at Warsmans throat and another short sword a stab at Warsmans leg ending the movement with a heavy punch enforced by spiked brass knuckles at the cyborgs metallic face. Drawing back Sebastian heard the sirens of the police. "Dont worry they wont be inturrepting us this time" Sebastian said to the cyborg after clicking a button on his hand causing force feilds to come up blocking all entrances to the street that would now become a battlefeild.

Sebastian then raced into a nearby building with its power out darkness illuminated the building. Sebastian engaged his nightvison hiding in the shadows knowing they would be used as both a sword and a sheild not even the white slits that resembled Sebastians eyes showed. Sebastian examined the broken wooden building: Wrecked wood scattered all over the place along with metal and other items and some bodys with large holes blown in some of the walls. Sebastian knew this wouldnt be easy but hopfully he could make it a little less harder.

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Annoyed by the persistence of Sebastian, Warsman wasn't all too impressed with the stream of water that erupted toward him, which just collided with his armor and sprayed off his hulking form. The katana was to be the first thing to go and he grabbed the blade itself, jerking violently downwards in order to make the sword useless. He was punched by the brass knuckles, but his armor made the spikes bend and break into worthless scrap. Smiling, he tossed a punch at Sebastian as he left to run at the wreckage, tossing up a shield around the street so that it would become a killing field.

"Running won't save you!"

Taking his hand from a pistol's holster, the gun coming with it, he began to open fire at where he suspected Sebastian to be, in the heart of an old wooden building that was splintered by the destruction at hand. Five shots rang out in bursts at each motion of the trigger, blue plasma bolts piercing whatever they came in contact with.

As the last of the building fell into ruin, Warsman advanced upon it, his heavy boots clanking against the cement as he neared the broken place with intent to hunt down his foe. Placing his gun back into its perch, he began to dig for Sebastian, throwing aside pieces of wreckage that would've taken construction equipment to move, let alone toss several yards into the air.

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the hell... "AHHHH" *crack* *kroom*

The building came down instantly Platinums suit protecting him from the impact and rubble eventually collapsing into the ground "ARGHHHH" Platinum shouted as he threw the rubbled and wood off him dust circulating in the air pulling himself up from the rubble Platinum pulled a staff made of stainless steel and neigh unbreakable and sent it cutting through the air at Warsmans ribs then jumping it up and attempting it to smash it down upon Warsman's head then bringing it back in a arc formation and sending straight kick at Warsmans stomach.

Platinum retracted his helmet back into the back of his suit revealing his face "Whatever happens next I assure you i will win" Sebastian said before retracting his helmet back on blocking his identety. Sebastian rememberd back to the first time the two villains had clashed: It had been in an already war torn city and Sebastian would now have to live up to his name of one of the worlds greatest assassins Sebastian charged out of the ruins of the building doing a flip and landing on the scorched road now with water all over it because of Sebastians past actions.

The rubble had damaged sebastians force feild generator leaving outside forces free to pass through but they werent stupid enough to let cops in again and Sebastian expected that actual meta humans would combat the two today. Platinum stood ready staff in both hands ready to counter or block the expected attack from the cyborg.

"I belive your the one that has a reputation for running i hope you didnt bring that belt of yours again" Platinum said simply as a taunt
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Warsman eyed the assassin carefully as the attacks pockmarked his armor, but left little more than dents in his hide. The kick was painful, yes, but he shook it off as nothing more than a bruise and allowed Sebastian time to recover before his own onslaught.
"I believe you're the one that has a reputation for running. I hope you didnt bring that belt of yours again."

Sebastian would scurry away more, his shield weakening.

Warsman laughed a low cackle and charged at his foe with beastial fury, his fists raised to crush him into the pavement with an arching blow.

No doubt there was going to be blood, but this thought only excited the monster further as he would attempt to plow his knee into Sebastian's chin. Warsman was not known to be merciful and this day was to be only a landmark in this theory and preserve it into stone, the blood of his foe as the ink. Reaching to grab Sebastian's entire skull in one hand, he would hammer the creature's face into the pavement before bringing it up to his own.

"I am the hunter and you are my prey."

He would throw Sebastian into the heary of a fallen concrete building filled with twisted metal and hulking towers of rubble.

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Sebastian jumped spinning over the creatures head and life seemed to go in slow motion as Sebastian pulled out a handgun and pressed it point blank against the back the cyborgs head pushing the trigger back and echoing the most memorable sound to an assassin that comes when a bullet leaves the gun BLAM Sebastian landed hard against the pavement rolling and getting up in some pain "urk" causing him to cough up blood and nearly breaking his spine and shoulder. Sebastian hoped the bullet would at least deal some damage because of the pain he gained to implafy it.

Standing up again Platinum jumped in the air landing behind warsman and attempting to serve his spinal cord with a sword even though it would no doubt regenerate like the cyborg had done in the past it would still cause pain if it hit. Sebastian wiped blood from his mouth and yawned fakly at the cyborg "That all ya got? just proved that man will always beat machine. Hell without us you wouldnt exist you should be bowing down to me" Sebastian said as he spit some blood on the ground.

"Cmon dont hold back on my account" Sebastian said as he leaned against a nearby crooked streetlamp trying to look like he could take what the cyborg had to throw at him sword still in hand. "Or are you about to become the prey" Sebastian said to further taunt the cyborg

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Warsman's head jerked forward as the bullet cracked against his skull. He heard the scrap of metal against metal as another katana met with his armor, making another scar in it. Wheeling around, he would send a backhand to Sebastian before he would cause more damage, sending him through a building in the process.

Ignoring what his foe was saying, which was obviously dialogue meant to make him blind with anger, he charged again, teleporting after taking three steps forward. He reappeared behind Sebastian with his fists primed to collided with Sebastian's skull in the middle. Afterwards, he would teleport to the middle of the intersection before taking a chunk of the street, throwing it at Sebastian in the process.

"You will not beat me that easily!"

He would race at Sebastian again, a fist drawn back for fierce impact as it would be aimed for Sebastian's face, the immense armored piece of flesh backed by enough power to crush cement.

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The backhand sent Sebastian flying through the wall of the building and scrapeing the wooden floor causing splinters to fly into the air and smoke to rise from the collapsing wall. Because of this Sebastian was caught completly off guard by the cyborgs next attack as he got up he was instantly knocked back down by the force of fists colliding into his skull. Sebastian was able to avoid the chunk of street which tore a hole through the wooden floor by rolling away. Seeing the cyborg charge Sebastian attempted to jump out of the way but in mid air was hit square in the chest and sent straight into the nearby stairwell causing the staircase to collapse sending dust and smoke everywhere.

Sebastian pulled out a large custom E.M.P rifle made speacilly to beat the cyborg when fired the first thing the blast came into contact with would not only cause damage but also cause another massive E.M.P scatter blast which would effect whole areas. Fireing two blasts of the rifle before putting it back into his suit one blast aimed directly at Warsman the other aimed at a nearby wall to cause a bigger scatter blast. The blast tickled Sebastian since his suit was heavily insulated against electricity but if Sebastian knowledge of the cyborg proved right it would do more then tickled him.

Sebastian pulled out a small handgun and shot one bullet directed and Warsmans brain. "You give up yet dirtbag"

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Seeing the EMP launcher (he recognized it due to his colelction of them), he took out a plasma pistol and fired a shot that collided with the EMP bullet, making the two explode in midair. Shielding his eyes from the resulting electromagnetic discharge, he teleported behind Sebastian, thinking the show would provide an ample distraction, and made a move for his foe's head, which he threw a series of elbows at in an attempt to beat his skull in twain.

"Like I said before,"

He teleported again, reappearing in front of Sebastian, placing the barrel of his plasma pistol near Sebastian's forehead.

"Not that easy."

He pulled the trigger, the resulting blue energy bolt able to melt through concrete and detonate with enough force to kill an ox within 300 meters.

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The plasma bullet hit... Luckly Sebastians helmet was much stronger then any metal on earth but the plasma blew off the entire front side of the helmet and sent Platinum flying back into a nearby head with a bad burn on his forhead which was glowing red. As Sebastian got up many parts of his body were dripping blood on the floor. Luckily most of the fatigue that would have already sunk in was eased by the suit but once taken off or in the battle's case ripped off he would feel like hell. His E.M.P rifle rendered useless and broken on the floor Sebastian decided he would have to take a risk. Abrubtly throwing a disk shaped time bomb on the floor programmed to do its think in 5 seconds Sebastian raced to the window jumping through it pecies of broken glass cutting him on the legs and arms and crashing on the street hard 2 seconds before large explosion.

The explosion was quite large for a simple time bomb but never the less it sent the house Sebastian hoped the cyborg was in during the explosion: collasped stone rubble and heavy pecies of wood filling the smoke with a large fire blazing over it, the smoke could porbably be seen from miles and miles away as the last of the dust cleared away all that could be seen was a blazing fire, stone and rubble and large beams of wood surley if the cyborg was caught in the explosion and aftermath he would be in the least quite hurt. Sebastian grabbed a large bladed knife and began to approch the smoking remains of the house.

"That seemed pretty easy to me" Sebastian said right before letting out a small laugh

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Pleased by the effects of his assault, the cyborg wasn't all too pleased that Sebastian could still move, let alone activate and throw a time bomb. It clicked as it locked to the floor, at least giving Warsman knowledge to its whereabouts.

However, the timer clicked to a red "4", signaling that it had already started to count down. Frustrated, Warsman put up a shield against the resulting explosion, kneeling for extra support in hoprefully deflecting it. However, being so close, the explosion sent him flying out the opposite side of the building. He landed in a pile of burnt rubble on all fours, his feet and hands sticking to a broken wall of concrete like an insect's. The eyes of his helmet fluctuated and moved, as if they were living organisms themselves.

He was scouting out the smoke for Sebastian's heat signal, which was found within an instant. Throwing himself from the wall, which crumbled with the forced of his motion, Warsman landed behind Sebastian and drew himself to his full height, his fists raised high above his head primed for a crushing maneuver.

"How many times must I repeat myself?!"

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Hearing the cold metallic voice of Warsman Sebastian turned around instantly sending a slice flying at the cyborgs chest before drawing back and backing away from the cyborg and inserting the knife into its slot on his armor and slowly decending towards Warsman after grabbing a broken lampost cut in half to use as a staff.

"Its funny all these fights and i've never even seen your face" Sebastian said to Warsman right before grabbing the staff and letting it cut through the air at Warsmans jaw and bringing it back.

Sebastian then put the staff on the ground and used it to propel his body in a kick sort of fashion. If the kick hit Sebastian would land gracefully crouched on the ground. If it missed Sebastian would fall and be subject to the cyborgs attacks god help me if this dosent work Sebastian thought to himself before executing the attack.

"Time to die" Sebastian said outloud while in the mid-air

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His fists stuck in the concrete, Warsman lifted up chunks of the road to block the resulting slices from Sebastian's blades, which cut through each of the stones, enabling Warsman free motion in his hands again.

"It's funny all these fights and I've never even seen your face." Sebastian said, raising a fallen lamppost as a weapon.

Warsman stood unabashed by his foe's cockiness and arrogance, instead taking a relaxed battle stance with his fists at his side, his chest broadly open for an attack. Apparently, Sebastian wasn't as intelligent as Warsman had thought, as he attacked with head-on force and a brunt physical strike.

"Time to die!" the assassin said, launching himself from the ground with a kick aimed at Warsman.

The cyborg reached out a hand to grab the incoming foot and raised another in an attempt to snap the knee-joint in twain.

"You must have something in your ears." Warsman replied.

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Sebastian felt his leg grasped then a loud cracking sound as Sebastian fell to the ground in pain. His knee was protected by layers of armor but they were all shattered after the single attack and blood was pouring from Sebastians leg as hs knee writhed with heavy pains leaving a trail of crimson liquid as he pulled himself up. To ease the pain Platinum first took out a small heating device searing the major bleeding spots together but leaving bad burns. Sebastian then ripped some cloth from the hilt of one of his swords and tied it around the burns and any smaller parts that may have been left open. "Okay now im ready"

Sebastian raised two handguns and fired an assorment of 3 bullets from each at random points on Warsmans body. Each one of the bullets contained a miniturized E.M.P which would deliver quite the shock along with the reguler pain of a bullet of it hit its target And hopfully they would hit and actully damage the amazingly durable Cyborg.

Sebastian then aimed the two guns and let 1 more bullet from each gun fly one aimed at the cyborgs head the other at his heart.

"Times Up"

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The EMP bullets weren't that difficult to dodge alone, but in the barrages Sebastian sent, it was more than brutal. However, Warsman managed to evade all but one, which pockmarked the center of his helmet. The shock was short but painful as it heated up the major mechanical parts in Warsman's upper torso to such a degree that they nearly burned holes in his skin. However, it only lasted an instant and the cyborg still stood, steam escaping the cracks in-between his teeth.

"That hurt, mate."

He said, expecting Sebastian to strike again once his other attack was finished with - which he did.

"You're so damn predictable!"

As Sebastian pulled the triggers on both of the guns, Warsman had already dug his fingers into the road underneath him, ripping up a piece of concrete to act as a shield, throwing it at his foe after it served its purpose.

"And you pick the worst places to fight me."

After saying so, Warsman reappeared above Sebastian, a broken lamp-post in his hands and drawn back for maximum impact.

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The concrete was easily dodged with some simple acrobatics to the side and Sebastian was able to back away from the cyborg and throw some smoke bombs as a diverson. Sebastian then slipped on his gauntlets the gauntlets not only improved his punching and lifting strength slightly but were sharp enough to stand up to audmentium and cut through most man made metals and were Durable enough to be used as both a sword and a sheild.

Using the smoke bombs as cover Sebastian slipped on a pair of infa-red goggles to detect his target easily. Launching himself at Warsman Sebastian did a backflip in the air and while coming down let his gauntlet loose in a diagonal fashion along warsmans chest and once landed sent another two slashes at the cyborg one at his legs and another at his ribs. Sebastian had timed the motion to finish exactly as the smoke cleared and hopfully at least one of the strikes would be sucessfull. The gauntlets also held numerous stealth weapons but Sebastian did not know if any of them would actully help.

"Well so far you have not done anything to impress me etheir"

Sebastian said directly to Warsman who he was now face to face with and as police sirens got lourder and louder Sebastian could hear the foot steps of the S.W.A.T teams and its metahumans who were about to flood the street "Dammit i guess were going to have some more players enter this game"

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The smoke was thick and rancid and it would've stung the cyborg's eyes if they weren't partly mechanical. He easily saw Sebastian coming at him using heat-sensors in his helmet and he side-stepped the diagonal slash coming at him from the gauntlet - which, oddly, gave off a heat signature of its own as well.

Leaping to evade a second, Wars came back down with two fists primed to crush Sebastian into the pavement, but was unpleased by the nearing sirens of the metahuman force, which contained wannabe superheroes who used their powers more for annoyance than actually helping anything.

One of them had the power of flight and came at Wars with supersonic speed, knocking him away from Sebastian with ease. However, Wars was much less inclined to leaving his prey to be arrested and beat the pest into the dirt to fester in a pool of his own blood. There were several that raced at him after that, somewhat connected to the dead one by more than just a badge. A female - blonde and athletic - rushed at Wars with a fist drawn back for some form of punch. The cyborg merely held out a hand to catch it, sinking into a resulting crater with little to no effort of holding back the blow. With a swift motion, the metahuman was dead in her own crater, a snapped neck and a shattered fist her only injuries.

Several others there were, some with random powers like heat vision, shape-shifting, and elasticity. Though, they would all be dead for getting in-between the cyborg and his prey.

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Sebastian put the shield part of his gauntlets over his head hoping to block the cyborgs attack. It was partly successful as the pressure was too much causing the ground below to crack and eventually break almost causing Sebastians leg to snap like twigs. Sebastian began dodging fire that was shot at him from a nearby flying meta human before grabbing two uzi's from his arsenal and riddling the meta human with bullet holes causing her to fall to the ground like crumpled up paper with a loud thud blood squirting out of many points in her body with police officers and wannabe super heroes flooding the small street Sebastian and his cyborg nemesis were fighting on.

"I prepared for this"

Sebastian mumbled before taking out a C4 detonater and smashing his thumb against the button causing massive explosions (caused from C4 hidden right under the road) to rip through the officers. Killing many of them and destroying numerous amounts of the equipment and enviroment in the vicinity. Fires ravaged through the scenery with the remaining law enforcers running or calling for back up but the array of explosives was merely a distraction.

Sebastian tore another uzi out of his arsenal and began firing them both in a rapid sync at his cyborg menace while doing various acrobatics to avoid any attacks that might be thrown at him. Landing gracefully after a backflip Sebastian pulled out his two dual katanas and attacked Warsman. Sebastian let one of his katanas flying in an attempt to stab Warsman's kneecap while quickly spirling arounda and attempting to sever Warsmans spine.

"I promise you i will fight until my spine lies in two on the ground with me"

Sebastian said before taking one final swipe with both of his blades at the cyborgs chest then quickly drawing them back as too not give Warsman even a second to attempt to break the blades.

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"F&$%ing hell!!"

Warsman yelled at the onslaught of "superheroes" that came at him relentlessly, armed to the teeth with superpowers and squads of metahumans behind them. He punched one into the pavement and broke another in two with a headbutt that severed something important. He took out a plasma pistol and took the head off of a third, but was interrupted in the slaughter by a sharp pain in his knee. It was a katana and he traced the impact area of the blade to a certain Sebastian "Platinumwarrior" Painintheass.

Warsman roared veraciously and charged at him, swatting away the second katana as the resulting wound (as well as the one opened on his leg) closed within a few seconds. He leaped and teleported, reappearing below Plat with a set of fists primed to crush the bastard in-between the cyborg and a neighboring concrete wall.