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Sebastian sat crouched kneeling on a small building scanning the area for his target. A man called G'bandit: Sebastian had no idea what the mans powers were and what hes completly capable of but hopfully he could take him out before his target knew what hit him. Sebastian nearly wondered off on what the mans powers would be put caught himself and began to peer through his binoculers again. Sebastians employer said that the man would be here any moment and Sebastian stood ready to take him by suprise. Spotting him in the dark city landscape Sebastian engaged stealth mode before leaping and landing on the sidewalk without a sound. Sebastian then glided without a sound across the concrete and pavement brandishing a knife.

Reaching his target Sebastian moved the knife onto the mans throat ready for a quick assassination and hoping to leave little trace of the blood that would be spilled if his opponent held true to the rumour of the power of regeneration. Sebastian moved the knife closer to the mans throat making little sound then saying quickly "Times up" before moving the knife quickly along the mans throat in a attempt to slice it open then pulling the knife away hoping the man would be dead after Sebastians actions.

"Sorry kid just part of the job" 

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G’bandit, who out the sudden seem worried after hearing the phone ring he receives a call from he’s boss, it must be something important normally all the “jobs” are sent by satellite into he’s computer. Apparently there was a contact one of Bandit’s Boss’s clients holding a hot ticket on hands, a briefcase that is believe to be holding inside Naval technology information, codes, top secrets, new weaponry, hidden locations, Etc.

He’s mission was to wait for the contact to deliver the briefcase to him for protection hold the briefcase until further notice, and they would pay handsomely for it. The client gave the address to a specific location witch made Bandit shake, specially all this so sudden it made Bandit feel like something was wrong.

Grabbing a civilian brown over coat to put over he’s Kevlar full body suit, he was also doing what he have never done, going in the mission unmasked only whit green night glasses, he grabs he’s common arsenal and gets on he’s motorcycle and heads to the drop out spot thinking on the way why the sudden call, he’s boss just calling like that, and such a hot ticket been just thrown around to a mercenary.

Something smelled fishy but Bandit just kept on just been very careful he gets to the drop point scouting the perimeter and thing where looking bad already everything was too perfect for something like this to be going down. Bandit looked and saw something on the roof but seem not to pay mind to it.

He stands on he’s post, waiting inpatient whit he's arms crossed. It seems that he had something in mind, bothering him about that roof quickly he looked up while reaching for he’s gun, but then he is surprised out of nowhere like a ghost a unfamiliar hand makes its way reaching for Bandit’s throat as he heard the words “times up”  *GASP* Bandit surprised whit he’s eyes wide open he flinches raising he’s shoulders and arms the blade is railed away from the throat but as the man pulled he's hand back the painful blade slices bandit’s face from he’s left nostril all the way back to the ear. ones again Bandit hears the man’s voice saying,

“Sorry kid, just part of the job”

The man retrieves the knife. Bandit falls knelling on he’s left leg holding he’s blood dripping face whit he’s right hand thinking,
 “how he made it behind me so silently? I must have been too distracted” Bandit whit he’s left hand draws one of he’s guns while he desperately rolls on the floor, having visual contact whit the Assassin, he *shoots* at the man four times in desperation, while dragging himself away on the ground trying to get distance from the Assassin, he quickly rolls backwards and lands on he’s feet holding he’s wounded face.

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Sebastian saw his target fall to the ground blood dripping from his face then begins to wipe the blood from the knife before inserting it back into its slot in Sebastians suit hearing four shots echo in the air Sebastian is able to dodge all but one bullet by using one hand to do a handstand letting the bullets zip by yet one entering his leg. Sebastian knew worse was coming so he bit back on the pain. Sebastians target was probably shooting in desperation so Sebastian expected it would get harder and harder to dodge the bullets. Seeing the man crawl on the pavement leaving drops of blood before rolling and standing up ready to engage in the hard part of the night. Sebastian saw clearly now that he had missed Bandits throat but had sent a slice ranging from his left nostril all the way to his ear.

"heh looks like i got ya pretty badly kid, theres worse coming trust me"

Sebastian said before grabbing a automatic pistol and firing it in a small burst at his target the bullets went fast and their was about 5 of them before ditching the handgun and using the force feild generator on his gauntlet's palm to push the bullet out of leg it hurt like hell but the bullet would hurt more if left there. Sebastian was up for a challange today so he pulled out a bow and placed 2 arrows on it both aimed at his target twing the sound the bow made before the arrows went flying at his target.  Sebastian then walked over to his target after breaking the bow on his knee and looking at his unmasked face.

"By the way I bet you pissed about me knowing your secret identaty, Well when your dead it wont matter."

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“Wow a headhunter just for me? I’m flatter” says Bandit after seen the man’s skills dodging three bullets doing a Handstand. He thinks, “I got he’s leg already, even if it seems not to bother him, or maybe he does not wants to share weakness” Bandit looked up and down at he’s enemy trying to identify he’s arsenal. The Assassin speaks,

"heh looks like i got ya pretty badly kid, theres worse coming trust me"

Quickly after he’s tough talk the assassin quickly grabbed a Automatic pistol shooting a quick burst at Bandit.  Quickly rolling out the way, this time out of instinct he says, “sometimes is better to coward out of the way, cause bullets hurt like hell, I’m sure you know that”

Bandit notice the man threw the gun away after just shooting a small bursts, Bandit seems puzzled after this action thinking, “why would he ditch the gun so quick?” Bandit puts he’s right hand on he’s long bleeding wound holding the wound close, he then notice the man somehow extracting the bullet out of he’s leg Bandit smiles saying, “ouch! that looks painful,blood gushing out kind of like my face, but there is one difference, my friend!” Bandit wipes he’s face cleaning the wounded side out of blood and just like that! the wound had disappeared. Bandit smiles yelling “TA-DA! Good as new, got any more tricks?”

The assassin after hearing Bandit’s bad circus joke stands grabbing a bow; placing two arrows and shooting them straight at Bandit, *arrows* Bandit quickly draws he’s two blades stopping the arrows by slicing them, then crossing he’s arms in a X position showing off falling in a cool pose,after that act, bandit was ready to talk but then he sees the crazies thing. The assassin split’s the bow in two and starts walking toward Bandit looking at he's face saying,

"By the way I bet you pissed about me knowing your secret identity, Well when your dead it wont matter."

Bandit ones again is puzzled O_O thinking, “why in the hell is this guy throwing and braking he’s own arsenal round?” Bandit then replies at the man's victory statement,

“Secret Identity? Seems like your boss don’t know much about me huh big guy, I’m dead to the world. but don’t mind that cause I see you are skilled and I bet you where testing my skills as well, but now the real fun begging’s Ready or not!

Bandit whit he’s two ninja blades in hand runs straight toward the assassin, a obvious attack but is all part of he’s plan. He runs toward the assassin trying to get the man’s complete attention, he runs close enough to him and swings he’s blade at the man’s chest hopping he would fall for it, whit the intension of using he’s teleporting abilities after the outcome, he would teleport behind he’s target and try to decapitate the assassin slicing he’s head straight off he’s shoulders.

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After listening to his targets "talking skills" Sebastian saw a sword flying at him. As a tactician Sebastian always trys to look a few steps ahead and watching his target teleport away was nothing new to him after some of his previous encounters with teleporting enemys. Ducking Sebastian was able to narrowly avoid the blade and returned the attack by send two fingers under his targets ribs. If it hit and worked correctly his target would vomit leaving an opening. Etheir way Sebastian would sent a spine shattering kick at the mans back before moving back and equiping his gauntlets the guantlets fingers were sharpend to great heights and were capable of cutting through nearly every kind of metal and near invunerable to most forms of damage meaning they could be used as both a sword and a sheild. The guantlets claw like finger tips were extremly deadly and as Sebastian coated them in some poisons their threat level rised.

"Lets see how good you really are kid"

Sebastian said with his gauntlets still equipped and fitted onto his arms as he sent a swipe flying at Bandits chest and another at Bandits knees in order to cause some momentary pain. His last attack was flipping in the air and sending a slice at the mans back.
After the move was finished Sebastian drew back and threw some smoke bombs down in an attempt to get back into the shadow and attack quietly like he had at the beggining of the fight and like a true assassin

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The assassin after Bandit used one of he’s tactics was able to pull up a fast one evading the Bandit’s deadly blades. Seem that the man was not surprised at bandit’s teleporting skills “what the heck!” shouted Bandit as the man ducked before the edge of the sword could touch the assassin’s neck, as he ducked the Assassin planned to deliver a attack using two fingers the man attacked Bandit seemed too late for another solution, in middle of the attack Bandit tried to avoid the technique by shifting body mass to lower the attack’s damage but the fingers made it’s way into he’s abdomen area causing the damage, “I know this!” thought Bandit, the attacked seems to be powerful it provoked Bandit to puke uncontrollably leaving a open space bandit then is stroked on he’s back by a powerful kick the sound of Bandit’s spine was heard loud as bandit dropped on the ground.

Bandit after been kicked on the back he quickly teleports from the ground to a wall trying to use it to keep himself on he’s feet thinking, “I didn’t use teleportation to avoid the bullets to catch him off guard whit it, but I underestimated he’s experience seems he have faced others whit that ability, and that hit to my abdomen I didn’t expect it. no one had ever use that kind of techniques on me before at least not a enemy” Bandit’s spine seem to be harmed by the kick but he was more concern of what he was seen, the Assassin after delivering the kick backed away equipping some razor sharp gauntlets they seem powerful at plain sight.


Bandit shifted he’s body mass ones more while jerking he’s back trying to nurse the pain naturally as he could, he’s back was not shattered seems the shape shifting ability paid off in a way, the assassin after arming himself whit the gauntlets seems to be confident of he’s experience, he attack Bandit swiping he’s bladed gauntlets saying,

"Lets see how good you really are kid"

Bandit showing he’s agility dodges the frontal attacks by the assassin who then suddenly flips over Bandit and tries to slice he’s back but as the man swipe he’s claw bandit retreats teleporting seven feet away getting some distance then he was running on to the assassin whit both swords on hands but the Assassin used a old escape method to avoid been seen, “Smoke bombs?” ask Bandit in a amused tone as the smoke goes off. Bandit smiles as the man seem to have disappeared, “now your going to find out why I don’t use smoke bombs, whit out mentioning that is a vintage over used trick” bandit’s body begins to vanish to a dark figure like a shadow he stepped into darkness making him practically invisible, been careful in every move looking around he spotted he’s target whit he’s night vision ability he thinks, “there you are, time to give you the surprise of your life, well actually of your death”

Bandit threw two ninja stars to a opposite direction in order to confuse the assassin’s senses in order to make him look away, then in a quick play he teleported trying to give the man a taste of he’s own medicine sneaking from a opposite direction. Whit the blade on he’s right hand grabbed whit the handle and blade going south for a messier killing strike, bandit’s turns visible again as he dash coming whit a smirk on he’s face swiping he’s blade straight for the man’s throat.

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Sebastian saw the ninja stars come sliving through the air and caught one in each hand are you kidding me Sebastian thought to himself he then saw his targets true intent as the blade came flying at his throat. Sebastian lived by rolling with it and letting the blade hit his shoulder causing blood to sprout out of the new wound "damn" Sebastian said clasping the wound with his hand. One thing was for sure his target loved to talk and it gave away too many of his attacks and his position. Sebastian bandaged up the wound but it didnt cease the uncontrollable bleeding in any way. Grabbing a metal staff Sebastian edges towards his opponent.

Sending 4 quick hard strikes at bandits skull in an attempt to bash it in Sebastian then drew back and replaced the staff for a sword "Ya know i can talk alot but for now lets just see how good you are with a sword Sebastian knew now that the man seemed to like using distractions before doing his man attack that could be used against him with serious ease.

Sebastian edged towards his target sword in a stance ready for a fight. Circling the taget Sebastian was the predator and Bandit was the prey. Sebastian let loose a quick slash at his leg to wound him before sending another to his stomach and awaiting what his target would do next  "Cmon unless you all words no action" Sebastian knew he was just running his mouth off to a man who had powers: That made him dangerous much too dangerous for the fight to carry on and Sebastian's chanches would decrese if his suit was damaged letting fatuige enter later in the battle.

"Unless of course you dont know how to use a sword"

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Screeching he’s feet stopping from the speed of he’s previous attack while turning and falling into a cool ninja pose, showing off as he accustoms, after wounding he’s enemy’s shoulder he smiles at the outcome of he’s latest plan, “not exactly as I planned but it’ll work for now I guess” say Bandit after seen the assassin gushing blood from he’s wounded arm.

The assassin after trying to cease the blood flowing by mummifying he’s arm as Bandit says whit a big smile, the assassin grabs a metal staff going straight toward bandit, apparently bandit’s psychology have got to him as he comes running bandit yells

“a staff you going to brake that one too?”

the assassin tries to hit four powerful strikes bandit could hear the whooshing sound of the wind as the staff got close to he’s skull he manage to dodge the first two swipes but the third he was not so lucky getting a powerful stroke on the cheek bone so strong he briefly lost he’s sight as if he had been blinded by a flash but it was all in the power of the staff hitting he’s face, he falls to the ground dropping he’s swords, quickly randomly teleporting whit no knowledge where too before the assassin could hit he’s fourth strike witch would have been fatal even to the Bandit. Bandit re-appeared around fifteen foots away on the ground trying to pull himself together after they almost bat he’s head off he’s shoulder he can hardly move and hears he’s enemy talking saying,

"Ya know i can talk alot but for now lets just see how good you are with a sword

Bandit he’s vision was slowly coming back to normal he could see the assassin was closing in but he’s voice to bandit seemed as he was far in the distant. Bandit in he’s mind was still trying to align himself, he could listen to a machine like if it was talking to him in he’s mind, awkwardly he stands up facing he’s enemy repeating the name Elian Allen he’s real name once, he kept repeating it to center himself he could see he’s enemy whit a sword on he’s hand coming at him Bandit kept repeating he’s name as he saw the assassin attacking but he’s senses where not in the best condition he’s nemesis swings he’s sword at he’s leg bandit manage to move the leg out the way but the assassin suddenly makes a second attack bandit hops back but it was not far enough he blade slashes he’s abdomen whit blood dripping out bandit drops to the ground and crawls backwards away from he’s enemy as he heard the assassin talking,

"C’mon unless you all words no action"

Bandit after crawling back he’s right side of he’s face was swollen but he could see and hear enough he thinks to himself, “I didn’t wanted to do this but that last shot got me good, it has my nerves all rattle, this guy is a tough nut to crack” Bandit was been challenge to a sword fight but he couldn’t fight in he’s condition he’s hands wouldn’t stop shaking this is when he decides to use one of he’s other ability. A green visible aura emerges from bandit’s body he’s face returns to normal, he’s back is fully restored he’s newly wound was restored. Bandit’s common smile in he’s face was gone, he teleported away and grabbed he’s two swords putting one in he’s back and swinging the other on hand as he teleported circling along whit the assassin, bandit swings he’s sword he gets ready and runs at the assassin throwing three ninjas stars first to distract then whit he’s blade on right hand he swings trying slash the assassin then he would try to spin and attack the assassin’s right side aiming for he’s head.


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 Sebastian snickered as he watch his target crawl away and get up leaving a trail of blood only watch a shining green aura surrond the man only leave him unscathed by any of the wounds previously inflicted. Not to mention his targets usaul smile gone from his face and as Sebastian blocked the three ninja stars with his sword he tried to get his enemy into a rage.

"ha ha whats wrong smiley not so-----"

Sebastian couldnt finish the sentance as a barrage of slices come down on him. Hit by the first two which barley cut through his reenforced armor and able to block the last one with his sword. Wrapping his hands around the katans hilt Sebastian charged sending a stab directly at the mans heart and then sending another in a diagnol fashion along his targets chest Sebastian was suprised at his targets newfound seriousness but so comes with war which this was the best man would win this battle powers or not and as the mans attacks became more serious and more deadly it was time for Sebastian to get serious too.

Running is finger down the large slicing dent left by the mans blade Sebastian turned to his shoulder which had stopped bleeding as badly but was non the less spurting crimson liquid across the battlefeild. the kids good he must have had some good training but it dosent matter powers or not Sebastian thought to himself although he could barley notice anymore as blood raced out of his shoulder and thoughts through his head.

Sething his sword Sebastian went for his staff again as a massive hard fast strike at his targets ribs although the man would probably regenerate it would hurt like hell. Sebastian also let another staff swipe loose on the top of the mans skull in an attempt to smash it in.

"Anyway like i was saying before kid smiles and jokes never win fights like this so how about we take this seriously" Said Platinum to his target while sending a snicker at him to just piss the hell out of him.

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After the intent of slicing the Assassin’s head off launching several strikes at the man, all bandit was able to do is scratch the surface of the armor “reinforced” thought Bandit as the man gripped firmly on the hilt of he’s katana intended to stab Bandit’s heart but bandit manage to railed it away but whit the same impulse the Assassin then swiped he’s sword in a diagonal motion this time bandit hop back as he had before this time getting enough distance as the blade misses he’s chest bandit feints a slice to the man, just working on psychology on he’s enemy.

The Assassin then changes weapons once more to he’s devastating staff, Bandit was now more alert, more serious focus thinking “that last hit whit the staff could have been my last, he knows that, and its probably why he traded back, whit the staff he has range advantage is also more unpredictable since he can use both ends to attack” Bandit grabbed he’s dagger is around one feet' two inches long swifter build whit a stronger material than bandit's swords, also unpredictable, he hold it on he’s left hand whit the back of the dagger's blade touching he’s fore arm; he’s sword was in the same position this way he could block whit no damage and strike whit quickness the assassin attacked the bandit whit he’s staff whit the same powerful strokes Bandit blocked whit he’s right hand the one coming at he’s ribs then the second coming from up top Bandit blocked the second intent whit he’s left hand leaving the staff marked by the blade of the dagger, bandit skip twice backwards getting distance as the man now became the stand up comedian,

"Anyway like i was saying before kid smiles and jokes never win fights like this so how about we take this seriously"

Bandit just changes he’s pose, glaring he’s crimson red eyes at the assassin maybe to intimidate he’s opponent but not speaking a word. Bandit simply skipped twice forward feinting and attack as he had done at the beginning pretty obvious bandit recognize he must become a opportunist to defeat this armored assassin is how he manage to wound him before making he’s move he again teleports appearing behind the assassin, it would be dumb to repeat the same move, bandit just yells “Ha!” to confuse the assassin into try and defend himself, bandit then teleports ones again to the man’s right side feinting a attack but teleporting away once again he does this two more times around the assassin and finally he seem to have disappeared for a brief moment, nowhere in the street. Bandit this time was using a new angle he silently was falling from above targeting the man’s skull whit both swords on he’s back and both hands on he’s dagger he would try and penetrate the armored helmet by stabbing he’s dagger into it. At any outcome he’s next move as accustom would be trying to get distance from the enemy by teleporting.

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"The hell are you doing"

Sebastian asked rather confused at the spontainues teleporting and feinted attacks of the man Sebastian wasnt ready for the dagger jamming into his helmet. Luckily it wasnt enough to badly wound or destroy the armor but it left Sebastian with a annoying headache and a nice dent in his helmet. Seeing the man get distance by a smooth transfering of molecules from one spot to the next. Sebastian wasnt at all intimitated by the previous flashing of red eyes he had seen much worse during his training and jobs. Sebastians target was going seriously at this surveying Sebastian's moves and keeping his mouth shut. Sebastian couldnt help but let out a small laugh.

"My turn"

Sebastian rushed at G'bandit and sent a slash at his face with his gauntlets mostly as a distraction before Sending a flurry of staff attacks at multiple spots on Bandit. 6 strikes to be exact all cutting through the air with diffrent ends of the staff. "Lesson number two kid: A sword kills your enemy a staff breaks them. I want you broken before i leave you a bloody mess on the ground" Said Sebastian as he sent his staff flying at Bandits jaw in an attempt to break it.

Like Sebastian had said before each one of the staff attacks were ment to hurt and break his target the kill would come later when it was called for and was sure to strike and like a true assassin. Hopfully it would be Sebastian who made the last joke out the end of this fight.
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Bandit’s hopes to penetrate he’s foe’s armor had backfired seems the like the armor’s material was harder than he thought, seems like he had no more option but to get even dirtier as he’s choice narrowed to the ultimate option. Whit he’s smile totally vanished from he’s face he kept focus on he’s opponent’s next move thinking, “if I let this go further I will be out of options, time to endure a Japanese warfare tactic of world war 2, this might kill me, but I prefer dying by my hand than by some other”

The assassin seems amused laughing whit confidence, bandit was already thinking on a strategy one he has fame for he might have to use he‘s intellect to stop this opponent but what most concern him was the deadly staff, he could not allow himself to lose conscience if he wanted he‘s plan to work and act of unpredictability was in order to finish this, one that no opponent would expect, already putting he’s plan in order bandit shape shift he’s body and enhance in muscular mass the change in he’s body was noticeable at plain sight, standing in middle of the dark street waiting on he’s opponent’s move.
“My turn”

Was heard coming from the assassin’s mouth as he rushed after bandit who quickly ripped off he’s over coat and threw it backwards it landed around five feet behind him, Bandit glare at he’s enemy yelling while flexing as if he was pumping he’s body, whit he’s dagger and sword on hands.
The assassin feint a swipe whit he’s gauntlets bandit hops back eluding the deadly gauntlet’s swipe, right after the swipe quickly the assassin attacks with he’s staff bandit thinks,“is now or never” bandit used he’s dagger and blade to try and block the enemy’s attack as he retrieves perfectly blocking the first stroke whit he’s dagger then tries it whit the second stroke with he’s sword on he’s right hand and succeeds the assassin then launch a third from left to right disarming bandit from he’s sword hurting he’s wrist maybe shattering it from the force, bandit yells remorse yelling in pain as a four swipe lands from the lower end of the staff hitting upward on bandit’s chin bandit spitting blood into the air, then a fifth mercilessly landing on the abdomen, Bandit’s plan seemed to be history as a sixth thunderous stroke lands on the side of he’s neck, throwing bandit to the ground, the assassin having the upper hand gets a grip on he’s staff as bandit is getting on he’s knees holding he’s pounded body the assassin’s words are heard,

"Lesson number two kid: A sword kills your enemy a staff breaks them. I want you broken before i leave you a bloody mess on the ground"

The assassin ones again quickly assaults bandit whit the staff shattering Bandit’s jaw the world seemed in slow-motion as bandit’s teeth and vital liquid flew from he’s hanging mouth thudding on the ground, bandit’s face was disfigure, the blood just dribble out he’s moth he seemed senseless ones again for a brief moment, he’s body then seemed to have responded out the sudden he came back to himself panicking he couldn’t talk he’s jaw was broken he just dragged he’s body farther away from the assassin yelling gibberish he seems to have lost he’s mind, he’s body returns to he’s normal state bandit looks around him seem to be coming back to sense whit he’s eyes wide open breathing heavily looking around the street he then sees he’s coat on the pavement and he remembers what he was doing before.
Bandit’s arm seems broken he’s jaw is broken he’s neck is damage he’s abdomen pounded, bandit in a agonizing pain whit he’s left hand feels he’s broken jaw he flinches cracking he’s jaw trying to put it together as it is regenerates so painful that tears fall out off the heartless mercenary, he’s jaw seems to be nursed but not completely it is noticeable since teeth are missing, Bandit then gets up putting he’s left leg on the coat he is not completely focus he’s right arm is still wounded swollen after the assassin disarmed him. Bandit holding he’s abdomen and breathing heavily wheezing as he laughs manically whit a smirk on he’s face he yells,

“Time to end this! You wizard of Oz tin man reject!”
Bandit seems not to care of the outcome he seemed as he had lost he’s freaking mind laughing for no reason drooling comming from he's mouth along whit blood spilling on the floor, he grabbed he’s dagger on he’s left hand waiting on he’s opponent’s next move.
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It seemed most of Sebastians hits had made it too Bandit all seemingly causing great pain. Sebastian at first noticed an old World War two tactic about to be used but seemingly thwarted by Sebastians numerous strikes. The kid was good he had blocked some of Sebastians strokes with merely a dagger and a sword a great feat for blows so hard. "Time to end this you wizard of oz tin man reject"

"Again with the jokes?" Sebastian though to himself before groaning.

Sebastian retracted his staff and placed it back on his belt before reaching for his two dual katanas that spread across his back in an X formation. Both of the katanas were sharpend to the point of enedgeing near anything. Even one blow of the blades could carve Sebastians armor like paper making them many times more deadly to human skin. Weilding two blades at once caused even more suprise then the staff Sebastian had used before.

Sebastians target seemed to be a maniac and crimanally insane. For he was laughing as his blood formed a pool at his feet. Sebastian did not care the money was good and thats what Sebastian was in this for. Sebastian twirled his blades before going in for the kill. Letting the blade in his right hand fly at Bandits leg in a sideways slash and his left hand blade fly at the bottom of bandits chest Sebastian was confident this would not take long. But then again Sebastian was not the one who was teleporting and regernerating.

Sebastian drew back before sending his two blades in a stab right at Bandit if the stab missed or hit it did not matter as Sebastian instantly drew his blades back not willing to lose any of them too a mear disarming trick. Sebastian was hurt and would not deny that the man probably had much more in store for him but with a headache ringing in his ears and blood flowing from numerous cuts all over his body Sebastian was in no mood to continue the fight.

Sebastian knew if even one of the attacks hit the poison that had been coated on his dual katanas before the fight would work its magic. The poison was made mostly to invoke heavy fatigue and cause one to feel great pain. It only killed the weak so Sebastian doubted this man would die from it even if his regeneration didnt push the poison out of his system first. Sebastian made one final attack sending a slash along Bandits arm to attempt to disarm him with his right hand blade then using his left hand blade to send another slash at his leg before bringing his leg up and attempting to kick bandit in the chest.

"Had Enough?"

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The Platinum warrior knew that the bandit was to he’s limits, that he was in agony pouring blood even if he had a healing factor If he is able to regenerate and heal why is he suffering must be the obvious question, there s only one answer to that. Bandit is a master of unpredictability and he loved playing mind games with he’s opponents he have been planning this next move ever since he dropped he’s jacket, calculating he’s moves Bandit was a combat genius if it actually worked.

Another joke?”

Said platinum Warrior as he puts away the unforgiving staff and drew two razor sharp sword Bandit could stop he’s manically laugh it was not mockery they where product of the pain that the bandit was feeling from the strokes given to him the past, he’s arm was in bad shape but it would come to a final move it was apparently flawless, after effect could be death to both but more risk to the opponent depending on how powerful the warrior’s armor or he‘s abilities.

The warrior was on the move and bandit’s thoughts where running wild, "
this is it Bandit holds he’s dagger in defense position but the platinum warrior seem to have know more that he seem to have acknowledge he’s first attack was to Bandit’s foot, what the he-?”  Bandit quickly makes a somersault kick backwards trying to get some distance from the attacking Warrior it would seem that he’s plan had backfired in the somersault he used he’s leg and the somersault impulse to  throw he’s jacket in the air falling right behind bandit and it was revealed the jacket was hiding something, something heavier than just a simple jacket.

 Platinum warrior again attacked bandit sending he’s razor sharp swords bandit took a quick look behind him for a second looking at the coat in the floor then he looked back at he’s opponent and evaded one of the swords but the other had made its way through bandit’s abdomen. As fast as the sword went in it was drawn out by platinum the cuts was deep blood gushed out of bandit’s abdomen a bit upper to he’s hip a loud painful cry was heard coming from bandit’s mouth. Platinum was confidence of he’s victory which was assured after that stab by a poisonous sword. Bandit seem to be fainting as the platinum warrior again was aiming to attack but bandit in a slick move evaded the attacks maybe out of instinct for surviving,  

 bandit’s body demanded to be healed literally demanding to be heal without bandit’s command sparks of green aura where already flying out of Bandit he’s body was trying to heal, “No, not yet hold it like a man!” the spark began to fade while platinum warrior rose he’s leg and deliver a clear kick at bandit’s body so powerful blood was sprayed out bandit’s mouth slamming to the pavement

“Had enough?”

 yelled out the platinum Warrior as bandit fall on he’s knees on the ground. Bandit was finish other than the punishment that he had taken he's body was not feeling well out the sudden he felt weaker like a sudden downfall he's breath was beginning to harden he was struggling to catch breath
"what is this?" (cough, cough) bandit's body was already in pain but then he's wound began to feel like burning as he talked to the warrior "the sword must have had something, ninja technique the weapons where dipped in poison, and seems like yours are no different tin man" bandit started laughing maniacally whizzing and coughing as he looks to he's side the coat was in good distance,

 "well the truth is that.. I've had enough and it seems you have won the battle my friend but I will return for the war!"

Bandit grabbed quickly he's Coat and threw it to Platinum warrior's face in a act to both obstruct visibility and to use it as distraction the coat was hiding bandit's bag of explosives bandit activate them and quickly threw them to Platinum Warrior's feet this Explosives where powerful meant for demolishing, five seconds was all they had to escape the blast
"Good bye!"  shouted bandit as he laugh maniacally, after any outcome he would teleport away from the blast to safety and quickly get on he’s motorcycle and run for it and try to heal..
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Sebastian watched Bandits blood gush quickly out of many wounds in his body. Sebastian was about to finish it but suddenly Bandit threw his jacket in Platinums face. At first Sebastian thought the man was desperate (Which at this point he probably was) but the thought lasted for only a second as Sebastian was knocked through the window of a nearby store because of the massive explosion caused from the numerous explosives in his targets coat. The explosion hurt luckily Sebastians suit was meant to help Sebastian survive things like that.

Sebastian picked himself up only to watch Bandit quickly teleport a distance and ride away on his motorcycle. It didnt matter Sebastian had been hired to send a message and there was no doubt he had done that. Sebastian cleaned the blood from his two swords before lifting himself up ontop of a building and using the window as base supports until he was at the top. Sebastian then began on his way back to his mansion next time the two met neither would be so forgiving.

Sebastian walked the stone path up to his mansion and removed somthing from the fight he had kept a torn peice of Bandits clothing green and black in color. Sebastian always took trophies from fights he won and as Sebastian decended upstairs and entered a password into a security pad on the wall a large room was revealed which housed Sebastians trophies and equipment. Walking over to a glass Case Sebastian placed the cloth into. It next time the two met he would hopfully be able to collect the mans mask...

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Bandit Drives in he’s hideout seem to still be out of focus he’s healing aura had healed he’s wounds and he’s regenerative ability had taken care of the internal damage but this two could not get rid of poison. The platinum warrior would be one of bandit’s most memorable opponent the experience would teach Bandit to be even more unpredictable and not to sacrifice he’s body as much as he did in this battle and to lay low he’s ego of been the world’s best mercenary, even if it was unsure how long would this lesson last since bandit possesses a ego of steel.

(breathing heavily)

"where is it Damn it!"

Bandit have great knowledge in medical treatment specially in herbs because of he’s training but he never expected to encounter a powerful opponent or a opponent with knowledge in poisoning herbs Bandit’s body was heal but it still felt like it was on fire he was sweating uncontrollably and out of breath but he believed he had what he needed to elude the poison he injected a bottle of a liquid into he’s body and tried to make he’s way to he’s bedroom but didn’t make it as far he just dropped in the floor fainted it was all mater of time as the antidote works on he’s body.  It was a powerful battle between two great Assassins but in the end one had to fall and another to emerge victorious but one thing was for sure that eventually Their paths would cross once more in the future.